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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 7AM  ABC  January 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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they get postponed again. our own glenna milberg is live in haiti bringing you the latest. >> live, the one and only local ten news starts right now. >> neki: good saturday morning every one. it's saturday, january 23. i'm nekiki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. thank you for waking up with us as millions across the country are waking up with blizzard warn oosmghtz the storm takes over rginia. the snow plows are out and ready to tackle several feet of snow that are expected in that arere >> neki: travelers croos the country seeing the effects of storm. thousands of flights delays and some canceled as the frosty temps roll on through. in someplaces they have ice and they can't travel on the roadways. the record storm expected to hit 22 states but even here in south florida. we won't be see anything snowfall but certainly feeling the effects. >> todd: that's right. our live team coverage begins with weather authority meteorologist jennifer correa to talk about how cold it it will get right here.
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well, south florida, good morning to you. happy weekend. i'll talk about the temperatures that we're expecting for sunday because that is the story this weekend. the chilly cool down that we'rere getting because of that system. here's a live look out of fort lauderdale. beautiful start to our saturday. it is 60 degrees and good morning to you fort lauderdale.e. still a couple, a lot of cloud cover up there. high level clouds though. 60 degrees as a mentioned with a west breeze pick up at 17 miles per hour so winds will be bsk today. if you take a look at the temperatures out at the rest of soulh florida. you can see we're only in the 60s. upper 60s for the keys but check it out. in key west. wind gusts up to 33 at this hour. so pretty windy for the start of ou disacht meanwhile lots of cloud cover ride riding across south florida and do to the brisk breeze. helping provide showers ant west coast as well for us. only a 20% chance for a light drills.
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and it will stay windy for the rest of today. boaters bale gale warning in effect thing. all ththdetails on those temperatures for sunday coming up ouc >> >> neki: thank you jennifer. already houses of flights across thcountry have been canceled as the with winter weather makes flying conditions too dangerous. >> todd: you just heard from jennifer. now we move on to livingston who is live with those stuck in the travel nightmare. lauren, how is it looking out there. >> reporter: busy. we talked to a couple passengers today trying to get out of philadelphia on their way tie vacation? st. lucia for much clearer skies. we're looking at the arrival word and we're seeing 17 from my count of theselights canceled out of baltimore. we have them out of charlrlte here. down here in greens boar ro north carolina.
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canceled board. not a lot going to baltimore. we have stuff canceled going to charlotte. again these area are in the states being hit by this winter storm and will be for some hours if not days to come. >> >> we spd the all night long trying to get an earlier flight and we got a nine 2k4r07b. >> brian cane and his doubt injuries got off a cruise perhaps a few days too early. now headed back home to the dc area. the original flight to baltimore canceled. >> we got an earlier flight i io reagan national for a 920 departure. we hope we're on time. the cold man from north carolina though couldn't of replanned their grand cayman vacation better. rescheduling their flight to leave before the cancellation began. >> we made it thank fully. we got out where the storm.
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>> it will all be gone bit the time we get back. >> reporter: and airlines sent out note indications trying to to get passengers to rebook and reroute. >> we have long jongz on under here. a lot going on under here. >> all o- can so you're already layer erd up. >> the miami high school students and his family were headed to colorado for a ance in a lifetime experience. have you seen snono before? >> no. first time. >> that mans in for an interesting experience seeing snow for the first time. and checking things at hollywood international, 369 flights from the same cities are cancelled seld right now. nine de par toured from these hit by the storm. it's something we'll continue to monitor for you. reporting live in livingston. local 10 news. >> neki: a miami gardens police officer recoving in the hospital after being ambushed in his police cruiser. the man behind the attack is
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>> todd: and we're now hear being concern this may have been a terror related tack. >> neki: local 10 news reporter sa mel a what sa bo vick live with detail this morning. good morning sa mel a. >> reporter: good morning >> neki and todd. the officer was ambushed in his suv patrol car. but starling you see a picture of him there. he has been with miami gardens police department for about eight years. he wases shot while filling out a report on northwest 183 street and 7th avenue. officers a a black bmw suv passed byis patrol car and backed up before shooting at the officer. one of the bullets struck starlingn the back side. they say the one who shot is 24-year-old andre mahi a. he was eventually caught nay backyard near northwest 183 street and
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miami gardens police chief antonio brooklyn talks about the senseless tack and whether or not it was terror rate ood could of paid the ultimate sacrcfice and a know he is very grateful. >> reporter: a mia gardens police of officer recovering in hospital this morning following an ambush that could of cost him his life. officer david starling was sit fg in his patrol car on friday mornininfilling out a report when shots rang out. i heard a shot like eight shots. >> one of the bullets striking hiin the back side even after the shooting he manag to call for help. they caught up to the alleged shoot whoar has been identified as 24-year-old david andreas ma see hee a. turns out during a pursuit he he fired back at officers. he was caught in a backyard near three # avenue. vee proud of him. starling's father who is a retired police o oicer says he
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profession lately. >> police officers have having their vehicles shot into and shot a. i just don't understand the thinking of people snoot fbi is joining the investigation. just a few weeks ago the officer from philadelphia was also ambushed in a similar fashion while he was sitting in his patrol car. in that case the suspect claims to have carried out the tack in the name of is lap. is friday's attack terror related? the chief of police he was in. >> it's not my believe. >> and the department thinkshe same? >> yes. >> and they say the senseless shooting will come together collectively to n- order to rid our community of this senseless violence. >> reporter: now mejia is facing a slew of charges including attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. he is expected to appear at courthouse for a bond hearing at some point today of the we'll keep you posted.
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sabovic. local 10 news. new this morning miami-dade police arer sching for a man accused of sexually salt age woman while armed. it a happened on sus nightmare southwest 183 street and southwest avenue. the man approached a vehicle with a knife and forced her into a wooded area and committed a sexual assault. >> for a crime like this, for one person to be sexually assaulted, it's too many. and we take this crime seriously. it violates the privacy of any woman and we consider this individual very dangerous. >> todd: police are searching for a 40-year-old male who was riding a black mountain bike at the time. 5 feet, 2 inches tall and dressed in black. any one with information call police. >> todd: a suspect in custody after the shooting ave o 40 years old. he and he is facing several
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felony murder and aggravated assat way firearm. >> jie. >> todd: a scare on the vegas strip after shots were fired in front of the bellagio last night. they ordered the man to drop the gun. he refused. they opened fire but the man was not hit. he did surrender and taken into custody. we're told a bullet did gra a child nearby but what injury was considered minor. >> neki: a tragedy in wisconsin where a 5-year-old boy has died after being shot last night. police this young boy was in the car with the father when mull feel shots were fired from ananher car. the boy was hit in the stomach he was rushed to the the hospital where he died. unclear why that boy's vehicle was shot up or if it was even the the target. the gunman is still on the loses. >> >> todd: at least five people killed and two others injured
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it happened in the small town of la luche. >> the community is reeling and all of us across the country's hearts are going out to the families and to this whole community. >> todd: police are now trying to determine the motive behind the shooting. >> neki: city official and water experts in flint michigan believe they may have a solution& to the water crisis. the preliminary plan that involves using a chemical to coat the water piens pipes and contain the lead that has contaminated the water eevment fiction shalz say that solution would make the the water safe enough to drink until they make improvements to the system. >> in one week along 39 pythons have been tururd in during the python challenge in the everades. they have 'til mid february to track down the species. prices will be given out to those who capture the longest
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this weather is making it easier to track down the snakes. >> a shocking strike and caught on camera. look. that surveillance footage showing the very moment lightning strikes a treatment we'll tell you about this w wn we return. >> and south florida, it's quite but windy out there. winds will stay brisk out of west today. live look out of miami tower cam. no rain out there but it's a cloudy start. i'll have the detail on our weekend chill down when re we return.
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with todd tongen and neki mohan. >> neki: a washington state woman fighting for her life this morning after being shot inside a movie theater on thursday nights inside a bizarre incident. police say the shooter wasn intoxicated and fumbling with a pistol when it accidentally went off strike the woman in front of him in the chef. the 29-year-old shooter told police the gun went off after he dropped too. victim in serious condition. >> todo: unbelievable footage coming out of texas and showing us why it' best to stay in doordz during a lightning storm. we know that here in florida check out.
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outside a school in tyler texas. the tree exploding after being struck by lightning. see the lightning there. it was all record as the storm moved through the area on thursday. luckily no one hurt. neki. >> neki: i know. i love washington.i go twice a year but i'm not going this weekend.>> todd: no. >> neki: 2 feet of snow has already fallen. tht city is pretty much shut down as they try to deal. stay inside the wind is pick up a lot out there jennifer. >> todd: a beautiful picture of the capital dome. >> neki: it is still under construction but it is always a gorgeous site he especially when you don't have to go to work. we always have to go to work. >> todd: but we're getting a actual cold front here. >> neki: every one wanted it december not now. >> jennifer: and funny how things work. it was a late start to winter but you know, what el nino has a
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weather we've been having so far this juary here in south florida. yes, the cold front that went through yesterday or last night is associated with that major win storm buvment the cool down isn't here just yet. at teast the chillier weather, however, this morning it is a windy one. check it out. look at those trees. the palm trees and other trees are just swaying against that breeze. the winds out of wissments key west get ready for a windy day. already winds at 4 miles per hour. you head up into miami-dade and broward. winds are already between nine to up to 17 miles per hour. it is basically increasing throughout the morning hours. it will eventually reach 20 to 25 miles per hour today plus, wind gusts up at 35 miles per hour in ke west. 28 in marathon. so brisk breeze today. temperatures starting off in the 60's. upper 60s down through the keys and along that west wind we are seeing a couple light showers developing over the gulf
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coast of florida along with the cloud cover as well. so we will have high level clouds today. meanwhile plenty of snowfall to talk about. from washington dc to new york. now, heavy bands of snow are stretching now intoo northern parts of maryland. southern parts of pennsylvania. harrisberg is about to get heavy snowfall. aln down light enough a bit and new york a crongs long island, you're seeing heavy snow right now. don't get out there. blizzard warning in effect. three maj cities under the blizzard warning indicated bit the purple, new york, philadelphia and washington dc, that will ee re main in effect through today as the system continues to wrap around right along the east coast and pull out over the atlantic. tomorrow morning. so any snowfall amount that's have fallen already thvment is the forecasted amount adding to what has already fallen. so expecting another possiblyanother foot of snow today in
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that's a lot o o snowfall. meanwhile for us, brisk breeze will keep us cool today but chilly tomorrow. temperatures are dropping into the 40's. south florida. 45 degrees tomorrow morning. mick neki. >> >> neki: at all right. thank a lot general. keep t e sweaters out longer and hang out f. you're looking for something to do check out sacred art exhibit in coal spring. the last day of this a maig exwhat bismghts the event at coral springs museum from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. real monks there for this one. at miss is $10 for adults and three for children under five. if you're cold, you can get inside. >> and today a farm distribution at the police head warters in miami. food distributed to a thousand families in the area. they are there for 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. they need help, so go down there. >> todd: a crash caught on camera.surveillance video catches
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and it's a here her rowing scene and the driver just leaves her for dead. >> neki: police say the driver is suspected behind the wheel is thankfully now behind bars. details behind the arrest. which became plor he b- bizarre. >> todd: a quat a rare deformity blessed with a second chaps at life thanks to an a mol lovers. reel we'll have club by's story next. >> but first a look at the winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> neki: right now a cat with a very unusual disability ti is recovering after surgery.
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was born with behind legs turnedbackwards. >> todd: a rare deformity and now money is being raised to help him out i think he deserves a better chance at light. he is young and he has had a real tough life. >> todd: his name is club bit kitten and at six weeks old he was rescued from an illegal cat breeding house living in filth and squall lor. >> no signs of life. living in their own feces. some had to be euthanized. i heard a crying like this and a went in there and found a tiny kitten andealized his legs were twisted. >> todd: since then he was murs nursed back to health but he has a rare e form tivment his back legs rup side down sow wa had to walk on them like this. and hes an out going cat that
7:20 am
vet fell in love with him. >> he seepped to have a will to live. he was eating well and ambulate on his de formed legs so we `thought we would give him a shot. >> todd: they started a go fund me page to raise the $4000. instead of waiting for the money to help club by, they decided to prison. >> we need to relieved the tendons and relient foot and hold it in place. >> todd: club by haseen sedated and in cue baited with a breathe tiewfnlt the doctors he is it will take an hour to perform the surgery and several weeks of recovery before they'll know just how well club by can walk an if he can get around on his own. then he'll be up for adoption. >> the operation did take much longer than thought so the surgeon only did one leg but club by's prognosis is good. >> you see, this is what i'm saying to you. once he gets the hang of t he
7:21 am
le do fine. i expect himimo be hopping around pretty soon. >> todd: now surgery for the ototr behind leg is straight ford a few weeks. if you want to help club by, find theite on local ten-point com. >> neki: a man rurk running out of his noam name ed as police try o reas him. >> tod all part of a bizarre story ave hit and run. police say he struck a woman and left her for dead and that entite crash was caught on cam racht it's pretty mazing individual yosm we'll show you more coming up. and. >> jennifer: and windy. check out the wind speeds 24 miles per hour out of west and key west. and then head to fort lauderdale. 17 miles per hour winds do west as well ande're expecting a major cool count for us. i'll be talking about that when we rurn. >> remember, local 10 news is
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>> local 10 news starts right now. >> todd: a gorgeous picture from the florida keys. this is key west and conk republic looking splendid there from theallory square camera. looks like a good size cloud but it's offshore. >> jennifer: and check out those palm trees. >> todd: they are blowing. >> jennifer: yes, the wind is blowing. right now out of west northwest at 24 miles per hour.
7:25 am
that brisk bree it feels cooler than that. also, by the way this west wind is a cold one. the air loss is cold so it's riding over the warmer waters of the gulf of mexico helping it produce that cloud cover you see in the disdance but also light showers. they are smart. the keys could see some in norning and slight grills. that check out wind gusts up at 35 miles per hour. wind gusts of 24 being reported in forttlauderdale out of west as well. gale warning in effect through thing. boaters, best not to hit the water today. tatking about seas ten to 14 feet beyond the reef surrounding the keys. >> and are you ready south florida for the 40s? >> jennifer: that will be tomorrow morning. the forecasted lowsfor miami-dade and brord wall. and the keys, down in the 50s. remember, bring your pets, people stayen in coors and bring
7:26 am
affected by cot cold weather. todd. >> todd: all right jen, thank you. a miami gardens police officer recovering in the hospital this morning after being ambushed biin his police cruiser. that gunman behind bars after he ambushed the miami gardens officer. the officer named david starling. he was sitting in his patroro car filling out an accident report what i man driving by backed up and opened fire. it happened yesterday. a man driving a bmw drop of passed starling who was sitting in his car and then he backed up and opened fire on thatfficer. the officer was struck once in the back side but a able it to get on the radio and call for help. police officers were able to tch the shooter, 24-year-old david@ pla hee a who fired at them as well as he was race waismght he is nowow facing mull feel charges include ago tempted rder on four law enforcement officers. aggravate assault and battery with a deadly weapon. this is something that we're goin to have to come together
7:27 am
community of this senseless gun violence. >> police officers are having their vehicles shot into, they are shot at and a just don't understand the thinking of people. >> todd: starl ling was taken to aventura hospital but expected to recover. the fbi is investigating to figure out the motive behind the shooting. >> neki: now tie story you first saw on ten clo, a gruesome hit and run caught on camera. >> todd: the car taking off after hitting the the ped in the street. and erika ra could at the hospital where the victim is recovering. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that we were here at scene.. >> they are in the hospital recovering. i heard boom and thought oh my god.
7:28 am
a warning before though, this is not for the feant hearted n. slow motion watch as white car lose control. the person on the sidewalk, hears t sees it coming. jumps on to the fence but not fast nuvment the impact tends sends her flying. loong look at the damage left be hiefnlt firefighters hz to pull her from in between the parked cars in the car lot. >> it was about 4:00 in the morning. >> this is the cameras at west 79th street and 4th avenue. police say the driver is 29-year-old jackson. he was drink at a club before getting this white chevy impala and running into this man who identifies as a a woman. the security guard nearby saw everything and e- the driver then took off. drove a half mile way on rivmentz the car now missing tires and ban donned the car here.
7:29 am
tryiyi to get the car to go but it wouldn't go anywhere. the car found outside this apartment building and miami court are where police say jackson's girlfriendly. they say jackson ran out of apartment nick ed. officers caught up with him and took him in to custody. ee being checked out for mental health at the hospital. >> people do crazy things these days. >> and he has a bit of an arrest. he has been charged on child molestation charge. his trial for that is coming up. once he is released from the hospital after being mentally evaluated, he could be facin more charges here in miami-dade as it connects to the hit and run crash that happened yesterday morning from. jackson memorial hospital this morning. erika rakow. local 10 news. >> todd: and now to a one and only local ten. >> ee exclusive. haiti's presidential election has been postponed again as violence
7:30 am
gunfire erupts as police try to restore order as protesters fill the streets of porta frifnlts opposition candidate refusing to take part in the election say thrg was to too much fraud in the process. >> every political party has someone outthere. a and you have people just trying to ago tate things month much worse than what the situation is. >> todd: protesters believe the results would have been rig bitd go. unsure when the election will be held. >> neki: and the 4th year resident from jackson hospital who taikd uber drive her name is anjali ramkissoon. sheaz since been suspended from her position as a neurology resident and she is in danger of losing her job. >> todd: weather woes causing quite the headache for travelers. the snow storm is trick delling down to south florida. taking a live look at washington
7:31 am
has fallen. >> todd: still copping down. >> neki: that's right causing a number of flight delays and cancellations for us. >> todd: meanwhile a group of high school students under fire for a controversial photo they posted on line. we'll reelly? we'll sthie picture when we come back and it may shock you.
7:32 am
the one and >> neki: a group of high school sky dents in arizona in hot water after posting racially motivated pictures on social media. six of them. they spelled out the n- words on their shirts after a larger class picture for the the year book. the high school and school district made sure this would not happen again. >> just outrage, discuss and
7:33 am
we'll be addressing sensitivity training and it this willl not be tolerated. >> neki: a specific punishment has not yet been handed downut the girls are likely facing a five day suspension. >> todd: and good news out of south carolina. a good samaritan tried t t to help a driver who slid off the roadad neighbors tried to to help him after he skid off the road. they noticed he was drunk and so they called police. that's when lee shot and killed one of the good samaritan trying to hech. he was a arrested a and charged with murder. >> neki: now a live look at washington dc where it's white out there. two feast snoacht you can see the white house. everything still as they try to head out to clean up. right now thousands of of flights in the u.s. have been canceled and delayed because of the big snow snormt north east. here's how we're being feactd at mie international. we're hearing 77 delays. 44 cancellations.
7:34 am
right now we have three delays and 41 cancellations. >> todd:women wicked weather impact millions of people really across the mid atlantic. the storm hitting people even in the south and now has a bullseye in parts mid atlantic as wellll as the northeast. several will deaths being blamed on the weather which ranked the worse in nearly a century. not over yet folks. 30 million people n- feactd bit blizzard. >> neki: and the storm wreaking havoc o cross the country. at o'hare airport in chicago after arriving from san frfrcisco. there were 179 passengers and x crew members on board. thankfully no injuries reported. airport had toring in buses to take passengers to the gate. >> todd: 7:41. we want to get to jennifer correa whos as a lot it talk about here.e. >> neki: and jennifer, if
7:35 am
>> jennifer: not bad to be stuck here but even us, we're dealing with high winds today and a cool down that hasn't arrived yet. this sal do to the same storm thaw can see wrapping around that northeast coast. so heavy snowfall occurring in thth major cities. i'll get to a little closer to. that right now s s washington dc heavy bands of snow are now ift together north and west. hager's town and up into southern pennsylvania as well. and then i head out to all an town, light enough a little bit as this ban has pushed off not rth stors strat on. and new york city long island off are you seeing the heavy bands of snow that. moisture being pushed in along the coast and into that cold ir air mass. so yes, this is going to be a long morning for our friends up in the northeast. winter storm warnings still in effect all the way down to tennessee and even the carolinas could see a little bit of snow as this system wraps around that
7:36 am
but those purples, you see right there, those are blizzard warnings still in effect for washington dc philadelphia and new york. and any snowfall amount i've had reports that already washington kc has received a little over a foot of snow so far. but 'til the storm ends, we can expect another foot of snow in washington dc. check out this forecasted amount in new york city. it might be over dog it but no, a lot of of snow going on right now. you can easily pick up a foot in addition to what's already been accumulated. meanwhile back here at home waking up to a lot of cloud cover out here. especially over the keys, a brisk west wind. a boat outer there. please stay say. gale warning in effect. small craft advisory. best thing to do today is just not hit the water. it is nasty out there. seas ten to 14 feet. anyways winds at 4 miles per hour in key west. gusting up to 35. gusting up to 24 in fort lauderdale.
7:37 am
reported out of miami and homestead. but still breezy out there. temperatures in the 60s across the board weemplet staying in the 60s today. highs topping 67 degrees for miami, fort lauderdale and again, gale warning will be in effect through today. our miami marathon runner. get ready to bundle up. tomorrow morning 45 degrees at the starting line. >> neki: all right. thank you jennifer. today's report car repairs can be cost lirks don't we know it? even small things can add up. >> todd: have you ever heard of a hidden warranty. >> christina vasquez uncovers way it to sawf money and keep you safe... >> and hidden car an tease i don't know anything about hidden warranties. >> hidden warranties sayerm to talk about tex nadal service ll tofnltz automakers use them to let deelders know about a wide spread defect that may not
7:38 am
but could impact car's performance. let's tai pairt that fails prematurely oofnltd we h hi nice qulong lady who was driving a hyununi and it was shake. >> and he found a way to have it fix ood.saving the customer one sthow dollars. >> if i can save money, you know, that's great. >> the national highway traffic safety administration post freee summer reez of service bull tons p from minor problems to leaky sun roof to things that turn out to b b a bigger safety issue. for instance, general motors, before rerecalled millions of their cars do to an ignition switch. it issued a bulletin about the problem to it's dealers in 2005. >> i can tell not tell you why it took so long for a safety defect to be announced for this program.
7:39 am
advocates say federal regular lay towards should doo more to get the word out about these reg bull tofnltz calling it a gray area. some believe a aomakers should notify you about a problem. >> have you ever heard of a hid eb warranty. that's why we're here leaghgh you know about the technical service bull tons and where to find them. it could sawf big money on your next car repair or catch a potential safety issue. >> it's good information. >> with when i checked my car for these so called hidden war an teechtz i found more than a dozenervice bull tofnlt i'm printing it them out for my next service checkup. you can could the same by heading to the call christina page at local just enter the make, model and year and hopefully you too can save money. ro christina craz scerksz local 10 news. >> neki: and wade is figig thriewg injuries. >> todd: and he is a tough player. playing through injuries with you in payne still plenty of
7:40 am
we have it coming up in the local ten sports wrap. >> take local 10 with you
7:41 am
>> good morning everybody ch i'm clay ferraro with your morning sports wrap. give wade credit. even t tugh the heat announced would miss the game in toronto because of shoulder injuries. he fought through the pain it to play anyway. the bad news is the reason why he played is becausehe heat had so many other guys out with injuries. watch here. ball goes out of bounce and lays a big old kiss in the expensive seat. >> oh laugh agent the. that no laughing here though if you're a heat fan. ter johnson on the break. they needed that too. chris bosh played well in his old stomping grounds. leads 26 points for the heat. foors wade he fought through that injury for a good night scoring 22 points himlf. the heat did not have enough last night. time winding down in the second quarter. louis scol la in the third quarter. raptors way six-point lied in the half and this man unstop
7:42 am
ca marar draining three to lead. heat fall in the 4th loss in a row and 7th in the last eight games. >> it's the toughesthing as player. one you want to be out there competing, a two, you when you see your brothers out l. you want to get out and play. i told g are imor arntion i might miss him more than his wife misses him right now. with you don't rush it. don't rush back. >> and assistant coach ty lieu takes over as the full-time head coach. on the the ice last night the panthers hosting the stanley cup champion black ho hawk. cats come out firing in this one. riley smith giving them a one to nothing lead. they are not done. later on in the period. how brian campbell fighting that in the net doubled two to nothinin and time winding down in the first pore per yo. panthers a three to nothing lead and in the second it's air ek ek
7:43 am
making it four to nothing. cats roll by that final score. mother shut out for low ber to. any problem he was throwing that stick to the fand just can't quite get it over.r. still getting the shutout. and with where he count counting down now. it is the eve of championship sunday in thefl and the panthers will be ready. whatever the w wther calls port. here they are practicing yesterday in the snow out of their showdown ants arizona car carld nal in the nfc title game and that is your local ten morning sports wrap. everyby, have a great day. >> todd: don't go anywhere we'll have a look at what's coming up on good morning
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> todd: coming umm next on "good morning america." major snow storm headed north after pounding the mid allan tick coast for 36 hours.
7:46 am
the first votes are cast in iowa. this morning a new national poll shows donald trump on top. an following outrage and back a lash oaforts lack of diversity over this year's nominee. the cad my plans to make big changes. >> >> jennifer: and for us here, we're feeling the breeze. a windy west wind out there but first a live view out of brooklyn new york right now. that car trying his best or the driver trying his best to drive in that. not aood idea. it is hard. i've done it. it's scaca. >> todd: hopefully he has four wheelrive. >> jennifer: and even ??? four wheel drive. when yououe in a blizzard t doesn't matter u. need die giant tires. but our weather here tracking a few light showers heading into the keys. and the stroke west windelping produce some of those showers and clouds this afternoon a high of 67 degrees. again t is windy, boaters gale warnin in effect at least through this evening.
7:47 am
put out a cold weather advisory which means bring i your pets tonight, people stay inside as with well. bundle up and cover any plants that could be damaged by the cold weather. the reason for that is because temperatures are going down into the mid 40s. but there could also be a wind chill lower than that because the winds will stay breezy out there through the nighttime. so bundle up and miami marathon runners. take a look at. that 6:00 a.m. >> but no rain. >> no rain. thth is what would make it worse. a cold rain. >> bunune iewp. >> todd: keep it here on local 10 for "od morning
7:48 am
minutes with a news good morning, america. happening right now, the blizzard of 2016. this is a storm for the history
7:49 am
>> it's just going to get worse and it's going to get worse
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