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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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north states. >> will show the impact of the storm is having on our major airports. >> anchor: and right now we are watcng this blizzard as it continues to go off to the east coast. behind it some very cold air for south florida and will update you on the forecast. >> a man expected of you to shooting a police officer goes before a judge and the references he made. delays spark a new protest today. local 10 news, the wille in haiti with a live update. >> off the top at 5:00, a wintererwallop in the northeast. there is a live look at washington d.c. you cannot even make out was there. it is one of the hardest hit areas. >> and this is out of new york city where a travel ban is in
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you can see the travel ban did not keep new yorkers from coming out. drama and then this shows how many feet have fallen in -- officials were caught with snowplows trying to get roads reopened. this is called a major mess. >> and states under state of emergency while the snow is still coming down. mary maloney has the latest. >> reporter: snow, snow and more snow!- an epic and slow-moving storm wiped out power for thousands, shutdown cities and grounded flights. drivers in several states stranded in cars andndrucks on the road. even emergency vehicles are having trouble. in central kentucky some drivers are stuck on the interstate for as many as 19 hours, having to decide whether to stay warm and keep their r cars running or conserve gas. in new york, thgovernor posted a travel ban for part of
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to go inside. >> the situation is getting worse. >> reporter: the city that never sleeps will be a little quieter. all broadway shows canceled, bridges and d nnels leading in and out of the city have closed. >> the reason we're doing that is to protect people. >> reporter: but some have taken advantage of the winter weather. this dog pulled it lead with two delighted children. panda at the smithsonian national zoo tumbled in the snow. but looking at the blizzard from outer space, you can see st how massive the storm is and will continue turning throughout the weekend with more people in its path.mary maloney reporting. >> this is a look at the storm from space. astronauts tweeting this picture from the space station. nearly entire east coast blanketed by the blizzard. >> the huge storm is traveling -- carving travel problems. we even have delays and cancellations here in miami. we're live at miami
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>> reporter: i was just commenting to my photographer that it is getting surprisingly cold out. the wind is really picking up and that is what is making it a bit chilly. that is as far as it gets down here in south florida, the real bad weather is to the north of us. and that is causing a ripple effect as far as travel goes here in south florida. tonight a blizzard goes to the east coast. it is s w impacting more than 80 million people. >> they are saying to be the snow, it icoming at three inches in our folks are worried about the wind. >> but asked in south florida are spared from the worst of it. it is wreaking havoc on air travel and dozens of flights are canceled through both of our major airports. this woman was trying to get to st. lucia this morning after first flight from philadelphia was canceled.
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luckily will still make it. mimii international airport is now littered with a place to go home for travelers whose flights have been canceled. >> it would not have been so bad if i had my clothing. but my luggage is already in the air. >> a pillow and blanket. >> for some passengers have been able to get on their plates only to have to get back off the plane with their flight being canceled. >> they said the next flight out to miami to new york would be on monday. >> now that the blizzard is fully upon us, travelers have no choice but to wait it out. >> havto join this long line of about 150 people and we waited like two hours in the line. >> when i last checked more than 70 flights were canceled at the aiairport and mia was more than 80. be sure to checm your airline before heading to the airport. we're live at miami international airport. local 10 news. >> anchor: boy it has been
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northeast. here they live look from washington d.c.. you cannot even make out what we are looking at. >> is it guys? we don't eveneknow it looks like snow. blanketed with snow and and so many different areas we hope everyone is safe. there have already been subject reported. weight is cooling down a little bit in our area. >> anchor: this is what happens, they are paying the price up north and we usually get the beautiful cool weather. tonight we watch as it pulls up the eastern seaboard bringing avy snowfall from washington, new york and all of it to providence and boston. they are anticipating yet an additional 10 to 12 inches of snow in some locations of the northeast before the storm moves all of the way off to the coastline. you can see the snow band d om norfolk all the way back to dc, new york and just south of boston towards cape cod. a closer look, the blue showing up on thradar are the intent all areas where it could be coming dowas much as three
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you can see the current line between albany and hartford, right now no snow up to syracuse, albany or buffalo but the heavy snow through philadelphia, washington and writer richmond. now, here locally the cold front is through. it had been a breezy day, we watched the wind gusting in the low 40s at times. you can see our tower cam shaking about. it will be in the mid-20s for software and you can see the got at 29, 35 pompano beach i went to 41 miles per hour just an hour ago. right now we are in the low 60s, night bundle up because we're going down to 43 in kendall, wind chill of the upper 30s. we will have your full forecast coming up grade b1 new details about a minute miami gardens at school please officer that was ambushed. the suspected shooter -- derek sure is live with the story. >> reporter: tonight at miami gardens police officer remains here at the hospitalalfter the
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a man accused of putting him there, appeared in front of a judge in court today in a bizarre exchange telling the judge he wants to represent himself and that he is the victim. >> we're calling now mister david undressed mejia. >> anchor: ththree 24-year-old david undressed mejia's does he spoke to the judge after he heard the charges against him. >>. [indiscernable] >> do not talk about the fact. >> is my second amendment, my life was in danger by a crooked cop. >> reporter: he was making his feelings known about the police officers after today being accused of the miami gardens lease offers a shooting. as the officer sign his s trol suv. the man holding nothing back in a bizarre exchange despite urges from his public defender to stay quiet. >> talk about the facts in the case.
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attorney here is your public defender -- [indiscernable] >> i was representing self ma >> reporter: he was upset not forgetting a bond for his numerous charges. the claim somehow he was the victim and had not nationwide he thought so. >> i was in fear for my life, they were trying to kill me now. what about my little brother treyvon martin a. >> reporter: the judge sent him back to himself and made this comment here's clearly mentally ill. your arguments are excessive. >> reporter: so it is clear there may be some questions overermental competency in this case. officer david starling continues to recover but he is still hospitalized. if you want to see the raw video from today's bond hearing you can go to our website we live in avatar,r,david shore,
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>> now in exclusive, haiti has an election and is crafting a new protest in the nation's capital. we're live with the latest. >> good afternoon, hello everyone. from port-au-prince first some headlines today. there have been closed-door meetings today going on for most lf the day, different meetings from the different stakeholders and is now postponed election trying to figure out what to do next. also today, one of the members of the electoral council, that is the counselor actually stages these elections that are so under scrutiny. where one that resigned already and now we hear another may be resigning today. wait and see on that one. but by far, the most visual headline of the day is the as promised protest against -- very late this afternoon. in fact he just got back a couple of miles in here in
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you what we saw. the protests that were fiery, tires burning, we sasaw rocks on the road as we made our way following this otest, we saw things burning in the street like cardboard and just what i would call a mob mentality. people just joning, running in. this was a protest that was plned by the opposition but the violence is not supposed to be planand. these are supposed to be peaceful rallies calling for at was the cancellation of the elecon with these people got. and now they are powered by the success and wanting the president and the prime minister of haiti to reresign. that was the topic on the radio also today. radio as you may know in haiti is the prime source of news and information. today, we visited one of the radio stations known as the opposition voice. he represented the president
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but most at the found at the roundtable were failed candidates for president. two are now in a runoff if that ever happens. and so on the radio today, there was a big topic and we learn one of the representatives for the president said that michelle martelli was not part of the decision to postpone the elections. it sounds like he had nothing to do with the decision, it belonged solely to the electoral council who as the council has ated he did so because they were afraid of the violence of e torch polling places and the fake people might meet if they went to the polls on sunday. so, as it stands now we have no more information what may happen to an electiononhen we did when it was postponed yesterday. seseetary-general of the united states and -- of the united nations talk about concern for democrat accuracy and the process in haiti.
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forward and that is what is going on right now. what about the voters you ask? coming up in an hour, you will hear from some very bright and engaged young people about what is happening to the election process and their perspective on what is going on. so we will see you then. >> anchor: the one and only reportrt over in haiti in popo-au-prince, we look forward to your report to six. we had to the break, here is another live look at the winter weather up north. check out the toll it is taking a course the northeast.
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make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this stfood critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> >> anchor: a man appeared in a court this momorning after a 14-year-old was shot in florida city, 41-year-old adrian harris
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yesterday. he is facing several charges including to attempted and felony murder and aggravated assault with a firearm. he shot someone three times yesterday and they are recovering at thehildren's hospital. >> is now a safety alert, the search is on tonight for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman after getting off the bus. -- police said the man forced the woman into a wooded area with your rod and actually assaulted her while he was armed with a knife. police are looking for in man in his 40s he is looked att -- described as being a medium build with dark clothing ana wearing riding a black mountain bike. ifou have information on this call miami-dade crimestoppers. >> and coming up after the break, we will talk about the cool weathth because tomorrow we could wake up in the 40s. oh boy, we will let you know
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for the work week coming up. >> >> anchor: check out this video from jajacksonville, if you look really close you can see the snow falling on a car out therer nothing like a snowstorm of north of course but still in florida is a rare sight. >> not even close eric is here to tell us how we should look, we will have a cool down at least. maybe some boots and a sweater? >> meteorologt: boots for sure, i know ladies are without power when they can wear their boots. tomorrow will be one of the days as we will go down into the 40s. i want to look across the stata here. we showed you the snow up in jacksonville, right now in the upper 30s gainesville around 43 and he could see gets a little warmer as you head towards south florida. in the last 24 hours check out
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cooler here in miami but as we go through tonight, boy our temperatures are going to drop. radar, do not worry about it. rain chance very low the next couple of days we have all these guys out there today. but the sun does not feel all that warm because the wind is really kicking around the town. right now our tower cam is shaking about. looking at the beach, it is 62 degrees and when does west northwest 14. humidity is low. that is a big difference you feel when you step outside and currently our reading is around 52 in pembroke pines, 61 kendall and the warmest five qs at a ahilly 66. there temperatures are not going to move much before the morning, we wake up around 64. around broward oler towards the west 43 pembroke pines as we will keep some @clouds moving in on that breed which right now is sustained at 70 miles per hour in fort lauderdale, 86, 18 and key west. we've been watching the wind got here and right nonow pompano
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hour or so ago. rerely windy here and it is all associated with this big winter storm and blizzard moving off the east coast. very high pressure building and behind it and th heavy snowfall continues here from washington new york all the way up to boston and providence. overnight they're expecting to have an additional eight to 10 inches of snow in these heavier blue banded areas. locally we will see these cards continue to filter and, the breeze will start to relax tomorrow and at the winter storm continue to move off the eastcoast, here are the snowfall totals. you can see tomorrow morning picking up yet additional snowfall. what we are looking at here for south florida tomorrow, we wake up to 45 degrees, we will start to climb each and every day by the time tuesday rolls around, our temperatures will be around 64. let's walk through the extended forecast, chile tomorrow, we both attended degrees to start the work week and the overnight
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have got to watch wednesday and thursday of this week. it looks like we could be in for another stormy stretch
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>> a big showdo >> and now local 10 spsports. >> american investable team seem to figure out what was ailing them during the brief today's game last week after bouncing back with a win at boston college, they had a chance to make a statement against wake forest before the showdown with the defending champion duke on monday night. >> we've got to stay very very positive. that way. >> the coach getting them going today, they kept us close for a while. after a turnover throwing them down to get a 3-point later in the later in the half they drive inside. the 77 53 the next up, the
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as for the heat, have a couple of nights off to hopefully gew healaly. johnson had the highlight reels for all the wrong reasons. they lost by 20 to the rafters. -- a big night on the ice here in south florida tonight. thanks darnell pending the blackhawks, welcome to tampa bay lightning to town their 17 in a row themselves. we did this on fridays usually but we ran out of time this week so we're bringing playgrounds to the weekend. we start with number five, last night -- he gives a big related. number four, the hornets journey has some crazy here and it hit double bayless got called for a foul on the play. number three, during the cavaliers were his game, that i
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i don't think he knew he was on camera. that's the reason they buy the car just. we will have number two and number one coming up. [indiscernable] >> how about
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i kn i >> they say $1 million doesn't buy what it used to. maybe, but it still is a pretty good paycheck for 30 minutes of work. are you ready? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire."
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