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tv   Local 10 News Saturday 11PM  ABC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live. the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> and now at 11 o'clock, a winter wallop making a mess of thee northeast. here's a l ook at washington, d.c. where you can see an ambulance there joid hundreds on roads. >> the storm also causing major power problems. crews in north carolina were called out to get electricity in homes in raleigh. >> some of the drama was even caught on live television. also in north carolina, a driver spun out on a highway while a reporter was delivering her report. the weather is being blamed for several aths. >> major cities like new york are virtually shut down and more snow is still expected. tonight, millions of americans in the northeast are socked in from a crippling snowstorm. >> didn't expect to beaught in the middle of snowzilla. >> even the d. c. police chief shoveling to get police cars ststk.
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>> floating ice running by and water levels reaching 8 feet. governor chris christie praising residents who heeded the early warning to evacuate. >> this is my 17th snow emergency inin six years. so we know how to do this. >> reporter: further west in pittsburgh ... >> it's just been one after another trucks stuck. it's just n nstop. it doesn't seem like we're getting anywhere to be honest. >> reporter: the pennsylvania turnpike turned into a long stalled snake. many spending 15 hours in their frigid cars. >> w w haven't had any food since yesterday. >> reporter: a a new york city a full travel ban. bridges and tunnels closed with virtually no cars on the streets. people are walking right down the middle. so far, three people have died from shoveling snow here, bringing the total to at least 18 weather-related deaths across the northeast. >> and this is a look at the storm from space. astro ?awt scott kelly tweeting out this picture from the international space station. nearly the entire east coast
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>> air travel has also been crippled from the weather. thousands of flights were canceled some of them right here in south florida. and even vice president joe biden has been affected. liane morajon is live at miami international air port with the latest, liane. >> liane: carlos, that's right. not even we are immune, the vp. vice president joe biden was supposed to come from turkeyo the nation's capital. that of course did not happen because of the blizzd. he is instead going to be stopping here at miami international airport until the weather in d. c. gets better and then he can continue back to washington, d.c. and you can see rig here flights to airports in our nation's capital see them right here on the board. same goes for flights to new york, jfk and la guardia, of course newark in new jersey, all canceled have and this is affefeing a lot of travelers here at miami international airport. some of them having to set up shop right here at the airport
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it's a blizzard ofhistoric proportions, snow blanketing parts of the east coast with some airports running on limited operations or shut down altogether. and the ripple effects are being felt here in south floda. >> i tried to go yterday to go to my house to newark.>> i really didn't think the storm wa going to be that bad. so that's why i caught this flight out hereo go to new jersey. and this is where i'm at now. >> reporter: travelers forced to wait in long lines for cusmer service help or left with no choice but to stay the night. 4> where have you been sleeping? >> on the floor like everybody else. >> reporter: the fourth floor a concourse d of miami international airport now serving as a shelter of s rts for dozens of stranded travelers. >> last night it was full to the max. >> this is amazing. so many people. i haven't seen this many pple ever. >> reporter: row after row of cots, blankets and pillows. some folks passing the time
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any rest. >> i can't even sleep. i just sit like this, talk, you know. >> reporter: and though blizzard conditions are scheduled to ease up sunday morning, the passengers we spoke to say they expect to be stranded couple more days. >> one is the earliest that they told you that you can fly out? >> tuesday. >> tuesday night. that would be 9 p.m. >> reporter: so is this home until then? >> yep. >> reporter: all right. so we did the math for you. right now at miami international airport, there have been 157 flights canceled, 27 delays. at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport, 137 cancellations and 38 delays. so remember if you're planning to fly to any of these blizzard-blasted cities, make sure you checkith your airline to see if your flight has b bn affected. for now we're live at miami international airport. liane morajon. local 10 news. >> carlos: even port of florida saw some snow.
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jacksonville showing a few flakes flying on the carar it wasn't cold enough to stick to the ground but it made for quite the sight. >> bizarre behavior of a man accused of shooting a police officer. the sus mect made reference to past high profile shootings. local 10 news reporter derek shore is live in aventura with the story, derek? >> derek: tonight, that miami gardens police officer remains here at the hospitata in aventura as the man accused of shooting him appeared in f fnt of a judge. he made some bizarre claims, brought up some high profile cases, and made it clear he is no fan of the police. >> we're calling now mr. david andres mejillarks. >> reporter: accused in the ambush shooting of a miami gardens police officer snapped at the judge after learning he will be given no bond. >> sir, these are non-bondable offenses. >> your honor, there is no probable cause. >> i was the kid who -- how does
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don't get a bond. i practice my second amendment. my life was in danger by crooked cops. >> apparently mentionong the mass church shooting in charleston, south carolina last year and insinuating he is the actual victim. >> i was if threat for my life. they were trying to kill me, man. >> b b he didn't elaborate how officer david starling was a threat as he sat in his car writing a report. mejilla holding nothing back in the bizarre exchange, despite ges from his public defender to stay quiet. >> don't talk about the facts off the case, sir. >> how about you don't talk? you work foror them, ku klux klan member. >> you should listen to your attorney. he's your public defender. he's here to. >> i'm repsenting myself, ma'am. i'm representing myself, ma'am. i got a lawyer. >> agitated todd accusations continue. >> y'all got more blood on y'all than i got blood on my hands what about my little brother trayvon? >> a reference likely to trayvon martin.
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>> dismiss? >> he's, you know. yeah, he's mentally ill, clearly. so mejilla's mental status may be a question in this case. if you want to see his full edited version of his bond hearing, you can go to our website at as for the officer here, he is expected to make a full recovery. we're live in aventura, derek shore,ocal 10 news. >> carlos: now to a one and only exclusive. calls are mounting for the president to resign. crowds took to the streets for another day of protests as a presidential runoff was postponed once again. glenna has the details. >> all day, behind closed door meetings with all the stakeholders, government, private sectots, everybody looking for a way forward out of this crisis, not only for the elections to be held but for the
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and the protestors you're about to see, their whole message is they want it done without michelle martelie as president. >> martelli has to go. that's the new demand for the protests. burning tires, hurling rocks. all that continued even after the violence became the reason the election council canceled the presidential runoff. >> is that empowering that technique to continue? >> absolutely not. >> it's time for the president and prime minister to get out of the country before the seventh of february. >> the call to the streets came from this radio broadcast. at the table,everal losing presidential candidates now part of the patchwork of opposition insisting the elections were ried in favor of president march shell marteli's president. >> they are organized as the voice of the people. the violence that goes with it at times is not condoned by the
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>> the fresh round of protestsp spilled through the streets of port-au-prince as the international community and united nations secretary general urgedll sides to compromise on a plan and a speedy reset to the runoff. >> so much pressure from the outside, this country is feeling, as it has since the beginning. there is so much pressure to put these elections in place. indefinitely at this point. we have not heard from the president, michelle marteli, is an avid tweeter, tweets several times a day, has not even been on his twitter feed in two days. maybe tomorrow we see some semblance of a proposal, a plan. stay tuned. that is the latest from port-au-prince tonight. i'm glenna . >> thanks. back to our big story tonight, the winter wallop hitting the northeast. here's what happened in philadelphia. many people stayed inside.
11:11 pm workers are now making sure streets and sidewalks are clear when the storm passes. >> we're going to talk about some of those impressive snowfall totals in the northeast and we're going to talk about some impressive cold temperatures that will be sliding in our direction tonight. we're going to wake up in the 40s. stick around. your forecast after the break. good evening, everyone. and welcome to ameriri's favorite game. we're coming to you from the florida powerball studios. i'm lexa. tonight's estimated jackpot is up to $ $.4 million. so get out those tickets, folks, and let's play powerball. your first number for tonight is going to be 32 followed by the number 22. congratulations to judith new come from golden, colorado. she won $1 million. your remaining wte ball numbers are 40, 69 and that last number some night is going to be 34. now, remember, if you match this poterball number you're always a winner.
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and good luck, everybody. >> a man accused of pledging the allegiance to allah and threatening to kill coworkers while dressed up as the joker is now facing charges. enrique dominguez was for the arrested late last night. according to the miami herald. the 20-year-old said he bought a shotgun to kill his boss before showing isis ex e cues videos. police also say they have photos online of him dressed as a clown with a large knife. now, he was granted a $5,000 bond in order to remain under house arrest if released.
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spotted in the city of miami earlier today. witnesses say a tractor/trailer truck knocked down the fiberoptic cables near northwest eighth avenue and 77th@street. one man who lives nearby tells us the police, the pp & l and sevel phone companies in the area but none have claimed wires. he says the wires are still spread across the street and tomorrow. new at 11. president and ceo of bward held has died. the sheriff's office said he died of a gunshot wound and foul play is not expected. he oversaw the public health system was elected chair of the florida board of medicine in 2014. he also served as the medical director of the bso's department of fire rescue. last fall broward health agreed to pay $70 million to settle claims that they overpaid doctors millionon in exchange for referrals.
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statement saying we are deeply saddened by this devastating loss and ourur prayers go out to his family at this time. the salvation army is helping the homeless find shelter during this weekend's cold snap. the charity group is using its location on broward boulevard near northwest 15th avenue as a hub. the first 50 people to arrived will be sent to the homeless assistance center. the r rt will be able to stay at the location. forecasters say temperatures will be in the 40s overnight. >> well, back to our big story twinter wallop hitting the northeast. this is a live look at new york city times square. looks like a lot of snow in that area, at least. we know they had at least or more than 20 inches today. the good news is it is stalled. that's good. maybe people can get back to normal tomorrow. >> here's hoping. check out this time lapsed video of snow falling at the white house. the weather kept vice president joe biden from returning to d. c. after his trip from turkey. he stopped at miami.
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the weather >> all right. your weather authoriry trent eric joins us now with the all important look at the forecast. >> indeed if you are stepping outside, 55. >> it is going to feel colder tomorrow. we're talking about wind chills in the up 30ers here in south florida. we will fall in the 40s, by far the coldest we've seen this season. >> that's snuggle. spooning. >> people have been tweeting snuggle alert. >> chili. >> easy, easy. warm thing up. 55 degrees here in m mmi. the radar is quiet. you can forget about this the next day or so as we're going to be dry. we'll see a lot of sunshine. as far as that wind speed, 13 miles per hour now in fort lauderdale. 15 marathon and key west. it is beginning to relax and it will do so overnight into tomorrow. couple of wind gusts here in the high teens in fort laudetdale and out in the florida keys in the mid 20s. we had wind gusts in the northern parts of broward in the low 40s.
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day. pompano beach and kendall lower spots. key west hn't moved much since 6. and tomorrow morning we'll wake up to 42 degrees coral springs, westham, a little bit warm ear long the coast. the temperatures will stay a little more uniform thanks to the wind blowing across. when we get the clear skies and calm winds that's when we see biggest difference between inland and coastal locations. look at miami dade, 43 red land and homestead. down in the keys we could hit upper 50s in key west. 54 in marathon. the temperature trend the next couple mornings, torrow mid 40s. we slowly start the climb but by tuesday we'll be back around 64 degrees, rain chance low through the earlyly parts of the week. so what's going on with the blizzard? it's finally beginning to pull off the eas coast. snow beginning to taper down from washington all the way up throh new york. this radar loop is about 6 hours long. so you could see that snow finally starting to taper off. but even with the snow beginning to lessen and the snowfall
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there's still expecting a couple inches here overnight. look at what has fallen so far. west virginia, 40 inches of snow. you move down to virginia, 39 inches. baltimore e .2 and here's a couple of airports. dulles and newk, 28.3, 21, most of the new york airports are sitng just a touch above 20 inches. a massive, massivev storm. so here's what they're expecting overnight tonight throughd the early morning hours. still about 3/4 of an inch expected around new york and you could see those lesser amounts stretching back towards d. c. they'll finally begin to get a break. if you're heading to the beach here locally tomorrow, wind relaxes, 10 to 15 miles per hour out of the northwest. your rip current chance slight, it will be sunny but cool. 45 tomorrow morning. that's the big story. we warm things up and then as we go through the week, we're going to have to watch wednesday and thursday as we'll see some very wet weather move back into town. clay? >> all right, trent, coming up next in our mercedes-benz sports report, the panthers do it again.
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the cats take down one of the hottest teams in theeague.
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all of a sudden it's 3-0 panthers. and then how about this shot by vincent? somehow loooo it into the net. take another look at this one. the panthers win 5-2, another impressive victory on home ice. hurricane's basketball fans have had this coming monday night circled on their calendars for a while. that's whe the canes welcome defending champion duke to town. but fir things first the canes couldn't look past a showdown today with wake forrettest. >> we've got to stay very, very positive, be upbeat. i need the bench that way. >> the coach making sure his guys are ready for those demon deacons. it was close for a while but off the turnover, newton throwing it down.hurricanes with a 3-point lead there and then later on it's angel rodriguez driving in for 2 with his 14 points. cats roll 77-63. ne up, the blue devils at the buck on monday night. as for the heat, they get a couple of nights off to hopefully get healthy. tyler johnson, oh, boy, he's
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from last night in toronto,
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