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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 6AM  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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morning? >> todd: yes. >> neki: good morning every one. it is sunday january 24th, i'm neki mohan. >> todd: and she is shot out of canyon waiting for that marathon to start. >> i'm todd ton of gone. thank you for waking up with us. we want o o get to jennifer to find out how long the cold weweher is sticking around here in south florida. >> jennifer: it it is stickingg around for at least all of today and maybe another day or two. we'll get to that in a second but today good morning. good morning south florida. and dark and early. runners are ready starting to run at this minute right now. by t t way, it temperature have dropped into the 40 eachts so for the coldest air torrive to south florida this season so far. now 48 degrees out there in miami with clear skies. what does it feel like on that skin, 43 degrees. swrai northwest wind lighter today as far a the winds go. no longer a gale warning out there. just a smama craft advisory but
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per hour in miami. in the 40s all across broward, miamamdade. the 50s in the middle keys andlow 60 eachts here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. it has changed up to 15 keys in the past 24 hours. neki. >> neki: all right thank a lot jennifer. we go back to the sta of the march thoofnt it has grown to 30,000 people from all over the world. over a hundred countries& represented here at the miami marathon. you can see all those guys in the@front. they are the hot pacers. >> todd: they are the serious runners? >> neki: yes, ery one is serious. i think the elite runners already start. we sought handicap go up today. a it will take them to the beach and back and through t t grove and through brickell. >> todd: you can't just get out there and run a marathon. >> neki: some people do. >> todd: but these people have trained for years, a long time. >> neki: yes, you train for
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training imriewchtz a lot of marathon trainers train for a ye. they come from all over the world. i have a girlfriend with her team and they call them one a week. group of runners from trinidad. >> todd: the boston is onef the best known but isn't this marathon becoming a name in itself. >> neki: it is fast growing. ing one of the most internatioiol marathon because of our proximity one of the nicest weather. this is unusually cold for us. >> todd: look that the guy shivering. just standing there you're going to get cold and youou want to move in this weather. >> neki: they will start any second now. >> todd: run rubbing their knees. >> neki: they have got get it right. we'll have this four later on in the show and la von livington, our reporter out there on the show and we'll have all the excitement for you as miami marathon takes over our streets.
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right out of las ca wre usgf officials say a 7.1 quake has struck that region. the epicenter along the thehe state's southern coast. no reports of injuries or damage just yet. we'll bring you updates as they bebeme available. >> todd: well, of course our top story thatt massive storm clobberiri the east coast on saturday dumping more than three feast snow in west virginia as we as maryland. >> neki: this storm has proved deadly claiming the lives of 18 people. from the carolinas to new york tens of thousands are without power as a result of the storm that was heading out to the atlantic. >> todd: an epic and slow moving storm knocked out power for thousands shut down cities and emptied airports and grounded flights. what is worse this historic scorm has become deadly. killing people from north carolina to new york. >> neki: this is bad and getting worse rap it idly.y. >> todd: drivers in several
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even emergency vehicles having trouble.>> this is a historic snow storm and a huge challenge. >> todd: hundreds of scars stranded on the turnpike. including buss of high school students in centralentucky. some 3000 drivers stucken the interstate for 19 hours. having sto dede side whether to stay warm and keep their@ cars running or conserve gas. >> in new york the govenor posed a travel ban for parts of the state to encourage people to stay inside. >> this is getting worse. >> todd: the city that never sleepspsill be dark today. all broadway shows canceled. brbrges leading in and out of sit 2eu will be closed. and the police department enforcing blans bans. looking a the blizzard from outer space, you can see how massive this storm is and it will continue churning throughout the weekend with more people in it's path. >> mean piel while not even florida was immune to the snow. this is jacksonville.
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you do see a few flakes falling on that campt the temperatures were not cd enough to make the snow stick to the ground but mate for a nice sight. >> a major blizzard has left in m- stranded. thousands of flights canceled yesterday as the snow was dumped on the east coast. dozens of people stranded at the airport thecht waited in long lines for customer service help and then some left with no choice but to stay the night. >> i didn't think the storm would be that bad so that's why i booked this flight out here to go to new jersey and this is where i'm at now. >> >> todd: blizzard conditions are expected to ease up this morning but some people told to to they might he to wait a couple days to fly out because of the back up. >> this morning at mirks a the airport has canceled 40 flights. meanwhile in fort lauderdale at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport, 14
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three delays scwhrie the m m accused, oh know, live pictures right now. we're gogog back down. >> todd: there they go. >> neki: they are o. the miami marathon has begun. over 25,000 runners going this morning from so many different countries. exciting start. a cold morning. you can see them bundled up. the tough people are in tanks and shorts. they know it will warm up for them. rung in marathon. 49 is cold. now f you've trained in 80 degree weather all year. it's a shock to the system. >> todd: it's cold. have you to keep in mind you are running for that long. you could cramp up and your muscles rea to the weather. some people wearing hoods and gloves and hood degrees. the problem with that i'm guessing. i've never run a marathon, only a half. >> neki: you'll get hot. >> todd: you get hot and what do you do with it. >> you wear clothes and people are cheering on the road. i'm sure they'll have people picking up their stuff.
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people run for many different reasons and we're going to get back to them later in the the show. good luck to every one. the to more news, the man accused of ambushing a miami gardens police officer and shooting him inside his cruiser faced a judge yesterday. >> todd: that suspect had plenty to say to t judge as she read his charges. >> neki: he spoke outer radically at times make accusations and speakver his court appointed defender. we go to sanela sabovic for o more on this story. he she is live in miami. good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. mejia. he was angry and spoke out against his defender and spoke out against the judge. let's get to the courtroom video. mejia appeared in ah suicide vest are before a miami-dade county judge on saturday. he is accused of ambushing miami gardens police officer.
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on friday while in court mejia was visibly angry. he lashed out at pasthootings. he held nothing back. take a listen. >> don't talk about the facts of the case. how about you don't talk. you work for them you klu klux klan member. sir, you should listen to your attorney. he is representing you. >> i'm representing myself ma'am and a have a lawyer. >> reporter: mejia never referenced why officer starling was a threat to him. coming up at :30 more on that courtroom appearance and how that officer i doing this morning. reporting live in miami. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: tragic news this morning b oward sheriff deputies say the president and ceo of broward health took his own life yesterday. 60-year-old na bill el sa na ti was found in a con could build.
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in 2014 where he over saw one of the largest public health systems in the the country. late last night broward health released a statement saying we are deeply saddened by this loss and our prayers go out to his family at this time. >> neki: a kendall man accused of threatd ening to kill co workers now facing charges. according miami herald. 20-year-old do minute go brought a shot gun to kill his boss. he planned to carry out that tack while dressed up as the joker. and police say they have photos of dinguez dressed as a clown way large night he if he post his bopped, le have t remain under house arrest. >> todd: and as we just showed you thousands of runners in marathon for the race. the race kicking off moments ago. >> neki: about 24 how runners preregistered for that race. >> todd: many of them traveling from outside the united states. many coming from different
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>> neki: he yes, an exciting one. >>. local 10 news reporter le le von livingston out there in miami. how are you doing out there and how are the runners feel being this weather? >> reporter: you know, the runners are exciting. they are jumping and keeping warmed up. this leg just got on to the race course here. now you can see them passion by right now but they are excited. we've been speaking some people here this morning and as you said all across the country, across the world. some have ma tick you lated in new york and they are glad they live in miami now and glad they are able to participate in this very international marathon. i heard the announcer there morning refer to this as one of the most international marathons across the county. you all were speak being this early this morning and this is miami and a place lots of people come to from lots of parts of the world and now here together sharing in this passion of running.
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people here we're told representing i think more than 60 countries around the world. so that just give you a sense of the culture and people here and the excitement here from literally around the world here. and there's a lot of stuff going on of the lots of music. lots of porta pot teaee. hundreds of them lined up on the other side of this start line here. and we'll be here all this morning keeping tabs of the marathon the people participing and we spoke to people who farchg thankfully made it here before that nasty winter started moving up thehe east coast. here running from the dc area and baltimore a aa grateful they are here. some runners did not make it to the marathon because of the wintery with weather mess and these folksre here excited to represent their home, their country and clearly off on the race dz and like i said, we'll be here to talk to more of them as the race progresses.
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ston tofnlt local 10 news. >> todd: and lawyer ens is smart. he is sailing behind the still photographer because he didn't want to get mode down. >> neki: yes, i have you someone running out there and send in your pictures too. >> todd: and three convicts breang out of california jail and now on the run. >> neki: we'll tell you how they pulled off the prison break when we come back. >> todd: and the largest newspapers in iowa announcing their endorsement of the president of the united states a few days before the iowa caucus. we'll show you who they chose chose after the break. >> jennifer: and hey runners good luck a. and if you're not running you can go cheer them on. it temperatures right now 48 degrees. not really warming up that much and we'll see plenty tiff sunshine once that sun rise but temperatures staying in the 50s through the late morning hours.
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forecast when we return.
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with todd tongen and neki mohan. >> todd: authorities are searching for threenmates including a suspected murderer who is scaipped from jail in southern ca call. they escaped pray county jail in santa ana southeast of los angeles. they cut through bars with plumbing clippers and then they repelled count the r rf. >> and 23-year-old jonathan and 43-year-old back long were raft seen friday morning. official say all three men are considered dangerous. >> each of t t three should be viewed as very dangerous. again, we don't have specific information that they are armed but i think the public should expect the worse if they are encountering them. >> todd: the fbi is offering a
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information leading to their arrest. with just eight days left in the infnfential iowa caucuses. the state's largest newspapers, the des moines register has now announced it's endorsement. the paip ser now endorsing hillarar clinton on the democratic side and marco rubio on the gop side. they called rubio the republican party's best hope. >> obviously we're concerned about the direction of america and i'm frustrated btd directions of america but we have to have solutions too about how to get turned around. that's why i'm proud abouthe campaign on that and i think the board has recognized that. >> todd: for clinton the paper says she is a sthawt full servant who has respect for leaders around the world. clinton asked what the endorse meant meant to her. >> the des moines register. your reaction.
6:16 am
it means a lot@ to mean. >> todd: donald trump n- still on the campaign in iowa. unphaseed by the de moiz register's decision to favor rubio over him. and the peopl here. vit the most loil pevment mpany stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, o k it's incredible. many of trump supporters have told reporters and pollsters nothing could make them change their mientd about sphroargt trump. >> neki: all right. snuggled under the covers this morning. >> todd: wouldn't that be ce. >> neki: oh my goodness. it it was hard to gipt this morng. i love you pevment i love my job but its it t- was old out there eye hey secondlanket on. >> todd: you know what is in neki's closet? nothing. she wore all her clothes. >> neki: i wore many layers.
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easily l like neki you may want to bundle up. enjoy the cold could weather if you wafnlt woi say at least a light sweart. wear the winter clothes we don't ghetto to use often here in south florida. and good morning. rk and early out there. 46 degrees right mow with way northwest breeze at 10 miles per hour. so what it feels like out there, four 1. i don't think we know the difference between 46 and four 1. but the point is it feels chilly and also it is chilly across south florida as temperatures have dipped down into the mid 40s already for pompanan beach. 46 as a juns mentioned in fort lauderdale. pembroke pines same. upper 40s in hialele and southwest miami-dade cooler than. that 61 in key west. winds are out of northwest right now ten to up to 14 miles per hour from fort lauderdale downn to key west. now, winds are definitely lighter today and they will stay lighter compared to yesterday
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per hour for the rest of today. out of northwest as well. nice and clear skies all across the southern peninsula. just a batch of clouds that are lingering over the lower keys. keeping that temperature in the low 60s for key west. key west you can still drop. it feels cool out there and you can see that there are clear skies stretching acroro the southeast. quite a different story from what we were dealing with yeyeerday. especially for the northeast. finally that snow has ended. the storm pulls way towards the north atlantic. high pressure bidding in a across the southeast providing for that northwesterly flow and temperatures dropping below freezing from gainesville on up and then we're at 41 degrees in tampa. 36 in orlando and you could tell that that was quite a change. the past 24 hours. temperatures have dipped 15 to 20 degrees. today's high only 62. neki ievment. >> neki: thanks a lot jennifer. looking for something to do today?
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these vintage war planes at an event happening. the freedom tiewmplet displayed at the pilot shop in fort lauderdale from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. tickets cost $12 for adults and $6 for children. and if you have a sweet tooth? don't we all and you're not on a diet like me. the fair child tropical gden in coral gables. the event from 9:30 to 4:30. tickets are $25. always a good one. >> todd: a florida police department became an over night sensation after posting a individual yoof an officer playing basketball with local kids. i saw it on line and it is pretty cute. >> neki: that officer catching attention of a famous athlete and said you know, what this is so cool. i'm going to stop by. >> andel show you who coming up. >> todd: and dakson lovers. the fastest one in all of o south beach. a check on this next.
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>> neki: an exciting kay for dachshund lovers in miami beach yesterday. they imearnlgd for this. 14 ng annual dachshund race. our own an a na mall advocate jacey birch was on hand and there is her hub by trent aric and the fastest weiner dog on south beach. she posted this picture of her with one of the racers on instagram. very cute. all the proceeds go to the dachshund rescue of south florida. a charity that benefits the dogs. >> todd: and i gainesville police officer video went vie wral when he responded to kids
6:24 am
>> neki: instead of break it up he said he would come back with backups and he jumped right ncht the officer showed up with nonother than shaq. shaq sought story and was determined to meet the officer and those kids. >> todd: you might remember, this was the dashcam video from a few days ago when the officer responded to that noise complaint and then after talking to the kids. let's throat ball up. let's have some fun. it made the rounds on social media. >> neki: h hs got game. >> todd: he later in the joyed dunks it. every 13 million views of this on facebook. so it really did go viral. >> neki: don't he want the kids to play outside more? >> todd:- of course. maybe they can clear some land to have a real court. >> >> todd: at the end of the video he is nice and says hey guys, have fun, keep it down. >> neki: in f fnt of someone's house and they are tryin nap and work vaiz craiz disi hours like we do.
6:25 am
>> todd: and a rescue continue in haiti. >> neki: and many asking michelle martelly to resign. we'll bring you the latest up next in a report.
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>> local 10 news starts right now. >> todd: here's a peek out the window of our miami tower cam, the magic city and it looks sleepy and no one support andaround. that's not true. 30 thousands of your closest friends. >> neki: 24 or 25,000 and then you add in the spectators and it's probably 40. four degrees out there. marathon says you're a marathon shape when you you you arere in super shape. >> todd: it it gets bill bier every year. no winter wallop wut temperatures have dipped lower here in our south florida standard. >> neki: that's right.not the kind of weather tourist were planning for when they
6:28 am
miami thierks. 4> these folks on a1a are a all bundle up. it is better than every where else. >> td: just ask vice president joe biden. he came back from flying from turkey and couldn't fly to dc so where did he go. >> jennifer: miami. >> neki: that's right he went cold turkey on that kc trip ievment. >> jennifer: good morning to you south florida and good morning todd and neki. we're talking about temperatures today and tomorrow and then rebounding. but this has been the story so far for the the month of january. very active and we will continue with that pattern in the next few days. we will expect another cold front. so we'll get to all of that but i have to talk about what's going on today. it's chilly. that's for sure and a huge drastic change for us the past 24 hours. temperatures have dipped 15 degrees in kendall, 13 miami. 14 fort lauderdale.
6:29 am
ten to 15 degrees compared to this time yesterday morning. so quite different story right. i told yout will be cold today and temperatures certainly have dropped down into t 40s just as we were talking about. 50s down through the keys. still the low 60s in key west where there's thisatch of clouds clo clouds here. scheer skies every where else and a batch of clouds over the central west coast of florida keeping temperatures slightly warmer. but below freezing temperatures from gainesville northward into the panhandle. high pressure building in croos the eastern u.s. here's a look nationwide. there will be this to, some pulling across once again. the southern section of the u.s. that's the next cold front we'll be looking for in the upcoming week. more on your seven day forecast coming up. neki. >> neki: thanks a lot jennifer. the bitter cold extending down to scht we won't be seeing any snowflakes but dropping temps are a problem for the homeless.
6:30 am
helping hand. they opened their doors last night offering a hot meal and warm place for those in need to stay. >> at times like this when the temperatures drop extremely low, we open up our facility so every space can be available. not just the beds we have available now but we placeats and blankets and any open space that we have. >> neki: temperatures dipped count to the 450es last night. the warm shelter at salvation army facility was definitely appreciated. any one seek shelter from the cold snorng asked to follow the standard protocol. >> todd: we have live pictures now out of new york city. this is times square. yesterday it it was just c cered with snow. they have got ep the shovels out and plows and managed to clear the streets. >> neki: they got hem o out early. they are getting ready for monday. the financial markets must go on. last night broadway was still open. >> todd: the massive storm has airports running on limited
6:31 am
the ripple effects here in s. as well as dozens of travelers at miami international airport are being told they can not fly out until tuesday. until then they are calling the 4th floor of concourse d their temporary home. >> neki: this morning at miami airport, 39 flights so far are canceled. five delayed a. at fort lauderdale hollywowo international, 25 flights canceled. three delays. garntion check your flight. a man accused of shooting a miami gardens police officer wentefore i a judge yesterday and had several out bust during that meeting. >> todd: and he h several out bustncluding one at his attorney. >> neki: sanela sabovic has more in miami snie. >> reporter: and good morning. it was a heated exchange. and he had comments about past events.
6:32 am
>> my life was in danger by crooked cops. >> reporter: speaking out of contents and disobeying his public offender. >> don't discuss the facts of casese >> how you you don't talk about them you klu klux klan member. >> sir, you should listen to your public defender. >> i am representing myself and i have a lawyer. >> reporter: david starling was shot by him and the suspect appeared before the judge visibly angry and wearing a suicide vessle while spewing wild actcon accusations. >> you all have more blood on you that i have on my hands. >> what abo my brother trayvon martin. >> sir, these are non-bondable offenses. >> how does a kid in church get a bond but i can't get a bond man.
6:33 am
a shooting in south carolina church last year but he kept speak about a threat. >> he didn't elaborate how officer starling was a threatt to him assist sat in his car wright a report on friday. the judge having enough and sending mejia back to his cell making this final remark. >> w wl he is mentally ill clearly. >> reporte those out bust making a judge question swl mentally stable or not. as far as the officer is concerned, he is in aventura hospital this morning where he is expected to make a full recovery. reporting liven miami. sa nel ha sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: and now fo a one and ofly compliew sicht local 10 is the only station in haiti right now where there is a call for michelle martelly to resign. >> this comes as a presidential run off was canceled yet again and protesters took to the streets yesterday continuing the violent dome o on straition. that was the reason for the run
6:34 am
with they are demanding martelly resign after claims that the election was rigged. >> it's that empowering that technique to continue. >> ab souout lay not. >> it's time for the president and prime minisr to get out of february. >> the 7th of february is the ends. it it is unclear at this time if he will leave or retain power until a replacement is elected. right now thousands of runners from all over the world are competing in the miami marathon and half marathon. >> neki: yep, they have taken over the streets of south florida. the race is off. it will take runners from downtown miami over the macarthur causeway and coconut grove and back upo brickell to the finish line. >> todd: this is the second year in a row where runners will experience c cder than normal temperatures as well. >> neki: and local 10 news
6:35 am
he is trying to warm up. where are you going? >> reporter: look, you run in place when you can't go with the runners there. ruk righw now. this last batch people. i don't have anywhere to go right now expect to talk to you fine folks this morning. but these folks are throapg make good time in this marathon. i'm going to stop because i'm already tired and they have farther to go than i do. but it's a good way to keep warm. we have seen lots of people bundling up as you can see. scarfs going on and hoodies an and it is a chilly morning here in south beach but not nearlyy as chilly as it is in other parts count of tri. in fact we spoke t t a young lady and young man who came here from dc and are rebooked their flights to get here early so they cou be here for this once in a lifetime experience. her first half marathon. his first marathon and this is what he to tell us this morning. so how did you make it here and
6:36 am
of this weather. >> and we wanted to get out so we left thursday morning instead of friday afternoon. no de lays. we don't know if we'll get home but we're here now. >> reporter: so hopefully they make it home just as safely as they got here for t ts raise. of course thousands of people we've been talking about this morning. more than 20,000 runners here. those folks lucky they were able to rebook their gliets fliets and get here for this event. many of the the runners registered to be here could not make it it because of the weather but we're glad all those folks w were here still coming up and lining up to take part of this mathon. able to get here and experience the wonderful excitement here in miami in miami beach and this area. i'll tell you right now, lots of streets close here in this downtown area if you need to come down town, woi wait 'til much later this afternoon. of course they'll be opening up
6:37 am
croots finish line and get a better idea and sense of the pace of this race as it it goes forward for the rest of the morning. we'll about be here hoping to speak to mororof the international inn peem here in this marhon. for the now reporting downtown in miami lay ron livingston. >> neki: thank you ray ron, people send in crur pictures. >> todd: we got your back lay rofnlt we have to run >> neki: and a teen shot charged with four counts of murder. we'll have more on that. >> todd: and we do our best to look older but how about our ear loabz. we'll tell you about that next
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get the discover it miles card. >> todd: police do not have a motive yet of the worse shooting in can saturday. one student said he saw his friend storming out of building and yelling that someone hey shotgun. prime minister justin tiew do called it every parents worse nightmare. >> n ni: all right. time now it to take a look at forecast again a you know, nice cool temperatures out there this morning. in case you missed the forecast from yesterday. we'll. >> todd: about we'll give it& to you again. >> neki: when you're going church wrir twhair thicker hat. >> todd: don't wear that spring bon next you're looking at a beanie this morning. >> neki: and definitely a coat. >> jennifer: oh yes and if you get cold easily, we're not used to the 40s especially of course here inouth florida and plus, rest, december was super wawa. all of a sudden january became active. we've been gettinghis cold front so far. this has bnt coldest air to arrivehis season. remember, wednesday, this past
6:40 am
reached down to 52 degrees that was the lowest so far but now lower as temperatures have dropped to the 40s this morning. radar. no rain. >> >> and the keys. broward and miami-dade waking up to clear skies out there. here's a look across the southeast. high pressure in control and that willrovide for nice dry weather today in the start of the workweek. meanwhile nationwide a low pushing over the four core nears and into the rockies and that will be the next system we'll have t track because eventually the trailing cold front will make an impact here in south florida. not until the end of the week. so we don't have to worry about that just yet. a few case. if you were wondering where's the rest of the snow. well, it's almost over. just a little bit of light snowflakes left over in cape and the islands so finallyome quiert conditions for the northeast but it is frigid out there. temperatures are in the 20s across the northeast.
6:41 am
the appalachian mountains an 20s and 40s in the northern plains and 50 degrees in san francisco. west coast you'll be seeing rain enter today as the new cold front prooches the area. >> for south florida here, of course, we're in the 40s. uner 40's. mid 40s out there. 45 degrees in march thoofnt feels like 43 in miami. northwest breeze at 12 miles per hour. by the way the winds are righter for today. bur it will remain chilly out there. now, as far as boating conditions, gale warning no longer in effect. small craft a advisory l- remain in effect today. high 62679 todd. >> todd: all right jen. thank you in today's health cast as we get oirld many of us lose fat in our faces an hands which can make you look older. plenty tiff treatments out there to plum up up the lines and smoothout wrik edges as our kristi krueger learned first
6:42 am
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6:44 am
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>> good sunday morning i'm clay ferraro wa your local 10 morning sports wrap. let's start on the ice. the panthers taking on the red holt lightning and what a second
6:47 am
jonathan rubidoux i giving them the the lead. a few secretaries later they make it two to nothing cats. they are not done. how about really smith sliding that into the next all of a sudden it's three to nothing about and how about this vincent. looping it it into the next the panthers win it five to two. another impressive victory. >> we got to stay very, very positive. the up beat. i need the bench that way. >> that's hurricanes basketball coach jim lawyer nay ga making sure his guys were ready for wake forest. laquan throws that down to get the three-point lead. and angel rodriguez driving in two. his 14. cane rolling this 177 to 63. next up the hurricanes take on duke monday night as for the heat they get a couple nights off to get healthy tyler johnson making height light real for the wrong reason.
6:48 am
heat lost by 20 to raptors. miami plays at chicago on monday night i'm clay ferraro. that is your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> neki: you can't walk on water can you. >> todd: are you sure? >> neki: have you checked. >> this fish is able to.
6:49 am
he was on vacation in new >> welcome back. we're just getting started here on the local 10 morning news. >> neki: and here's what we're working on for the next hour. that winter wallop in the northeast statese several feast weather and cold weather make wailts down to sunny south florida. how long will it stick around? jennifer will have the answer at 7:00. >> todd: and a man accused of
6:50 am
miami gardens officer. we have the video of his bizarre courtroom outburst ahead. >> neke: and get set a and go. miami marathon officially under way. the race is one hour in. we're in downtown miami. we'll tell you the road closures to watch out for. >> todd: local 10 news at 7:00 is next. >> neki: another check of the forecast after the break. as we go to break a look at our fort lauderdale tower cam as the sun comes up. good morning.&
6:51 am
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>> neki: right now on local 10 morning niewchtz a record break storm slamming into the east coast. at least 18 people are dead. we'll tell you when they can expect a break from mother nature. >> todd: in south florida, we are feeling the cool weather ourselves.s. temperatures have now dropped count to the 40's.
6:53 am
weather authority jennifer
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