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tv   Local 10 News Sunday at 5PM  ABC  January 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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cold snap gripping our area. >> trent: we've got one more cold night. we'll give you all the details. >> anchor: cleaning out of the nter up north. the record cold fall leading to flooding. >> anchor: a small plane forced to make an emergency landing on the side of a major highway. what went wrong up ininhe air? >> shyann: we start with a cold snap that has south florida bundling up. temperatures going as high in the 60s some areas. some places will even feel the 50s. >> anchor: that means it's time to break out the jackets and sweaters. michael is live with how everyone is keeping warm. hey, michael. >> mike: this morning, went into the closet and had to dig to pl out the sweater. not happy about that. no, iall seriousness, it's been a cool day.
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not stopping peoplele from coming out here. all afternoon we'vbeen talking to people. people have been hoping to get a beach day, but they instead found themselves shopping. as millions on the east coast continue to dig out of this mess, thousands in south florida are enjoying the blast of cold air. >> in turkey, it's a lot colder. so this is good. i still get cold, but i'm rtunate i live here. >> he lives it. >> mike: they spent sunday afternoon walking around linln road with family. were you hoping to get beach weather? >> no, i mean this is nice. i like this weather. >> mike: thousands of runners braved the cold temperatutes competing in the miami marathon. miami, beautiful weather, wonderful course.
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after the race. >> mike: this winter blast hasn't been fun for everyone, especially travelers who are trying to fly home to new york and new jersey. >> i tried to go yesterday a i tried to my house to newark. >> i didn't think the s srm was going to be that bad, so that's why i caught this flight out here to new jersey and this is where i'm at now. >> mike: travelers at m.i.a. forced to wait in long lines for customer service are left with no choice but to stay the life. >> where have you been sleeping? >> on the floor like everybody else. >> mike: obviously, not ideal conditions. you know, just talking about the airlines again, we've been trying to update things on but the best advice, check with your airlines. i'm looking forward to trent's forecast. pefully, we're getting warmer
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local 10 news. >> carlos: our coverage moves indoors where it's warmer. studio. trent is here to tell us how long the cool down is. it's not too bad. but it's good to change up the wardrobe >> trent: you jusus have to go back a few weeks ago, temperatures were running in the middle 80s. now, we're getting the cool down. here's a live look at the hollywood beach cam. it's all cool skies as we've got one more cool night on the way before we warm up in the middle of t t week. highs today only 60 in fort - lauderdale. that's 17 shy of the normal of 77 degrees. miami climbed up to 61. and key west hit 64 degrees, ten shy of theirormal high. the winds continue out of the north between 10-15 miles per hour. some of the highestst readings,
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as far as the current reading, 61 southwest, and this is where we're going to slide for tomorrow morning as we start the week we'll get more of a spread tonight as the winds have calmed down. 51 from deer field down to hollywood. miami-dade, some of the cooler spots, red land and homestead. miami, 50. the florida keys, the upper 50s. the full forecast in a few minutes. >> carlos: the northeast is recovering after a blizzard. the number of dead, is 18. there's still havoc across the skies with 11,000 flights cancelled. all along the east coast, the diligent hum of digging can be heard. there you go. plowing, crews are trying to clear roads, cities like baltimore, philadelphia and washington#are trying to get
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>> this will be a long term plowing and cleaning operation. >> carlos: in new york, the travel ban has been lifted and most trains are official, officials are still urging residents to stay off the road. >> leave your car where it is. don't try to shovel it today unless an emergency. >> carlos: the coastal flood warning has been lifted in new jersey where cities were inundated with high water. inundated with high water. officials say the worse appears to be over.
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this storm. and we have no concerns about flooding or damage from flooding any time soon. >> carlos: drivers in at least three states stranded for hours during the peak of the blizzard. while the storm has moved in, we're not in the clear yet. >> it's still very dangerous. some of our highways look great. it's down to pavement. and you might be cruising along at 50 miles per hour and then you're going to hit snow. we've been lucky with no fatalities, and we want to keep it that way >> carlos: in new york, subways are open. the commuter rails including the long island railroad should be open for monday's morning commute. >> shyann: a man suspected of shooting a miami guard and police officer remained in jill. his bizarre behavior in court yesterday making headlines todada andrew is live.
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starling is still recovering. meanwhile, david mejia, the accused nman, he's going to be staying in jail, especially after his bizarre behavior. he's still in jail and he's not going anywhere. >> how does a kid who shot a terrorist get a bond. but i can't get a bond. i you practice my second amendment. >> reporter: he continued insisting he's the victim in all of this. >> i was in threat for my life. >> reporter: but he didn't elaborate how officer david starling was a threat after the officer sat in his patrol car writing a report. david mejia is accused of ambushing the officerer and shooting david starling. the motive still unclear. a defiant david m mia kept
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>> don't talk about the case in cares. >> h h about you don't talk you ku klux klan member. he's your attorney. >> you got more blood on 'ya all than i got blood on my hands. what have about my little brother trevon. >> reporter: the judge sent him to a cell insisting he may be ill. david mejia faces several charges. we're live, local 10news. >> carlos: a small plane made an emergency landg. the pilot brought the plane dn on u.s. 27 south of i 75. the pilot experienced mechanical issues. two passengers weren board. no one was hurt. a hazmat scare in fort lauderdale ended with a refighter in the hospital 4:30 this morning at northwest th avenue. firefighters and crews contained the pesticide leak, but not before a firefighter was exposed
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hospital. no word on how the firefighter is dotng. >> shyann: new fallout from the presidential runoff vote in haiti. now, there are calls for the president to step down. local 10 news reporter is live in port au prince with the latest. >> reporter: you know that has been the demand of the frenzied protest all weekend. today, for the first time, we country. there are people w are very supportive for this government who took to the streets to call for the election that was postponed today to be put back on the schedule. now. late afternoon, call to the streets. >> the president cannot solve the problem anymore and that's why we asked to have a
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>> reporter: this time the port-au-prince protesters asking for a transition. this time, they have competition. this photograph from the north coast is an example of a new voice, progovernment gatherings with calls to go ahead and schedule the runoff that was cancelled for today between an opposition candidate who boycotted that and the government back runner. >> the people that are in charge, they should hurry so people can vote for me. >> reporter: he's been campaigning through the internet, ignoring the mob scenes in the stets. the u.s. embassy, though closed today, put out an alert to americans here. notice of gathering protests and locations and warnings that even peaceful demonstrations here can escalate quickly and even turn
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also today, the u.s. state department put out a statement calling for accountability for anyone involved in violence or destruction of property. we did see people being arrested on the street during protests. but it's really not clear what kind of accountability they are beinheld to at this point. that is the latest today from port-au-prince, haiti, reporting live, local 10 news. >> carlos: a leading figure committed suicide. the sheriff's office said dr. nabil el sanadi shot himself at his condo saturday. doctor nabil el sanadi oversaw operations and served as the medical director of the broward sheriff's medical department.
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health said "we are deeply saddened by the loss and our prers go out to his family at this time." nabil el sanadi was 60 years old. >> shyann: former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he may join the race. we have reactions from the candidates.
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why>> shyann: people in alaska are cleaning up after an earthquake hit there this morning. you can see items in this video knocked off shelves. usgs officials say it was a 6.8 rthquake that hit the region. the epicenter is along the coast. no reports of injuries. >> carlos: now to vote 2016, the ever-long list of candidates running for president could get
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former new york cici mayor michael bloomberg is considering his name in the race. bloomberg is said to be taking a serious look as run running for an independent. bloomberg i willing to spend $1 million of his own. >'ll wait until he become as candidate. if he's just someone out there talking running for president, there's a lot of people that have done that. as of now, he's just a private citizen who owns a big company. >> mike bloomberg is a good man. we disagreee on a whole lot of things, but he's a good person and he wants the best for the country. but we have differing views and i want to be the conservative candidate to lead the conservative party into the general election. >> carlos: a protester that was wear ago turbine was escorted out of donald trump's campaign in iowa. trump mentioned the san bernardino shootings, that's
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a sign reading "stop hate." trump then askeke "he wasn't wearing one of those hats, was he? " trump's speech came after he attended church. >> trent: we've got another cold nig here across south florida. some locations will be back in the 40s in this line of work only the freshest t ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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>> anchor: taking a look dogn here, shyann has her -- >> shyann: boots are warm. >> trent: if somebody missed my forecast, justheck her boots. definitely a cold, cold morning, asocations woke up in the 40s. upper keys, the low 50s. blue skies across miami where it's currently 60 degrees. the fort lauderdale tower cam was much the same. miami tower cam, all blue skies as you look at the port. one l last stop in key west. mallory square cam showing a few clouds down there along the lower keys. it's a satellite view clear along the main land. these are the streamers on the key west tower cam. but the radar is going to be quiet the next fewt days. big changes with rain fall
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today, we woke up to 44 degrees. 43 in pompano beach. 58, key west. 53, marathon. the winds will be calmer tonight than overnight yesterday. what's that going to do, even with gusty winds in the keys, it will allow a temperature spread for dade, broward and the florida keys. if you missed it, this is the break down, warmer along the coast in broward county, 50 degrees. areas westand and coral springs, the low 40s. miami-dade, red land and homestead, around 50. 50 in key west. and 52 key larg the temperature trend will be 50 degrees tomorrow morning. look at the jump tueay into wednesday, as it's going to be
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and also the rain chance, low monday, tuesday. but it starts to shoot up wednesday afternoon and by thursday, we're looking at about an 80% chance of wet weather. the blizzard is pulling away. you can see the spin on the satellite imagery. you have to go well into the rockies to pick up on significant moisture as we're now under the area of high pressure. your forecast foror tomorrow, mostly clear, a beautiful day, temperures in the low 70s. tuesday, partly cloudy, warmer with temperatures in the upper 70s. here's your forecast over the next three days, gorgeous tomorrow, rain likely on wednesday. and it's really that time frame from wednesday to thursday, where we'll be i ifor another round of thunderstorms. >> carlos: former heat star shaquille went out of his way to shoot hoops with kids in gainesville.
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play basketball with the kids instead of reprimanding them. it showed the officer responding to a noise complaint, but instead d getting into it with the kids, he decided to play with them. it's been watched over 13 million times on facebook alone. >> shyann: i love that story. >> anchor: a member of the
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dance he's been wanting to do. . >> anchor: miami dolphins are not playing today that we know but they'll be well represented next week in the pro bowl. this one was long oversue, the sasaty jones is headed to hawaii. you can do the hula dance all you want.
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wi 130 tackles, since 2003. no doubt he deserves to be in this game. jones will join landry and offensive lineman and albert headed to hawaii. as for the a.f.c. championship game, the score is the broncos leading at home against the patriots, 17-12, surprising is the stats that peyton manning has thrown two touchdown interceptions. the heat practicing in chicago for tomorrow night against the bulls. they're all listed as questionoble, so everyone, there's no question about it, the heat have been strugglg of late. the game against the raptors was one to forget. miami lost by 20. their fourth straight loss. still right now despite the
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spot in the eastern conference. they're getting ready for the show down. duke coming here on monday night. they just lost three straight games before winning yesterday. they have the late force, 77-6three yesterday. that should be a fun won to watch tomorrow night. >> shyann: goodness, the heat, oh my. >> reporter: we'll turn it
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