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tv   Local 10 News Sunday 11PM  ABC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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provided by u.s. captionin company. we're all breaking out the jacket sdps scarves for another day of the cold snap gripping our area. tonight we're going back in to the 40s. we've got big changes ahead. we'll detail it all in your forecast. the number of dead climbs. the record snowfall. two kids are in the back seat. . he incidents caught on camera and tonigig she is speaking out. supporters of the government taking to the street as calls mount for the president to resign. good evening, south florida.
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one minute awawa captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. south florida is shivering. a cold snap has the temperatures plunging. some areas i in the 40s. jackets and sweaters had to be pulled out
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we've got team coverage on the chill. we start with our meteorologist, who is going to tell us something warm is in store. i hope. i hope >> tomorrow it will be warmer in the afternoon. just as chilly in some locations in the morning. this afternoon we only managed to climb up to 60 in ft. lauderdale. look how much below we were. 17 degrees. key west was ten below the normal. miami, . what's happening tonight? the difference is the winds are lighter. we saw relatively clear skies. with the lighter winds, which are below ten miles an hour. they're calm in kendal. we'll see a little spread. no gusts being reported across south florida. that's important because the temperatures spread will be a little greater tonight in coastal areas warmer in locations cooler. right now temperatures have fallen in the 50s down to the florida keys.
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morning, this is typically what we'll see. low 40s. as you move closer to the coastline, deerfield beach, ft. laudeale at 51 degrees. in miami-dade some of your typically cool spots -- miami is expececd to go down to 49 to 50 degrees as well. down in the florida keys, low 50s onceagain. as we start the work week the wind starts to come back off the water. what this means for us is we'll see a pretty beautiful day. computer models showing a few showers over there. i think it's ovdoing it. the rain chance that's going way up as we go through the middle parts of the week. stick around. we've got a lot to talk about in the forecast. team covera on the big chill moves to how people are keeping warm. a lot of tourists probably weren't planning on this. local ten news reporter is live in miami beach with that part of the
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>>reporter: this is now become my new best friend. my photo journalists and i have been huddled around this. it's kind of a coastst town. earlier today it was packed with thousands of shoppers who came from other places. they were hoping to get a beach day in. instead they found themselves hanging out down here. it's a winter storm for the record books. historic snowfall from washington d.c. to new york city. nearl 27 inches paralyzing the city. the blizzard also kwauzing headaches in south florida, where this weekend we saw hundreds of stranded passengers inside mim. many trying to fly home, now forced to sep heir. >> where have you been sleeping? >> on the floor. reporter: tonight on lincoln road in miami beach -- >> it's way too cold. >>reporter: shoppers are braving the chilly temperatures, bundled up from head to toe.
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i'm not used to it at all. >>reporter: even the restaurants are packed. this table having a blast, thankful to be in south florida not on the east coast. >> i love it. we have a heater. >>reporter: earlier in the day, more than 24,000 runners competing in the miami marathon. >> beautiful weather. wonderful course. >> the runners had blankets and were still shivering. that was odd to see that in miami. >>reporter: many thankful, telling us it was idea for a long-distance run. this woman visiting from boston couldn't be happier. >> were you hoping to come down here and get some beach weather? >> (unintelligible)no. this is nice. i like this weather. e perfect in between. >>reporter: back out here live, some of the stranded passengers at mia were telling us they
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least another 2 or 3 day we're trying our best to keep the flights updated. your best bet is to call your airline before you head to the airport. live in miami beach, local ten news. people are trying to get to normal after a blizzard paralyzed parts of the untry. some cities are dealing withh flooding. >> millions of americans are digging out from all that snow. a bird's eye view from this droen providing a snapshot, which crippled the mid-atlantic and major northeast cities. pennsylvania feeling the effects as authorities skrament bell to open the turnpike near pittsburgh, where hundreds of cars were left stranded. new jersey also getting slammed. the major issue? flooding. chunks of ice and water line the streets. a mom and her
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>> i try. my nephew try try. the p pamedics try. those people worked so hard. >>reporter: a celebebtion after a couple was forced to make a special delivery inside their home after they were buried inside. a ghost town at one of of the city's busiest transportation hubs. pen station almost empty. cancellations seen all over the boards. >> i do not remember ever looking this empty. i wanted to remember how empty it was. >> 29 deaths are being blamed, including a man in pennsylvania who died after the car he was in was buried by a snowplow passing by. with two kids in the back seat, she leapt in to action, fighting off two armed bandits. she is speaking out. loan local ten news reporter is in
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>> the carjackers picked the wrong mom to mess this. she's opening up on "good morning americ how she took down these crooks to save her children. you never get between a mother and her chrng. or she'll come after you. >> i didn't think about the guns or what they could have done to me. i just thought about getting the kids out. >>reporter:: that's her first interview since she fought off aa couple of armed carjackers. she was pumping gas when a gunman runs at her. another gugu runs for the driver's side door. >> he got in the car. >>reporter: when yelling didn't work, she went after him with her bear hands. she's able to drag him out of her car while the other one runs away like a coward. they both end up running away. she calmly walks
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off. it wouldn't take long for police to spot those involved. they were caught and arrested nearby shortly after. >> i wasust thinking that he's going to take it and the kids are in there. >>reporter: this mother said her instincts kicked in. meanwhile our suspects are facing multiple charges. >> unbelievable. the carjackers allegedly went after another driver first at that gas station. that driver managed to lock herself in the car. this ser mom, that's what we should call her, saying she would do it all over again. if you want to hear more, tune i i to "good morning america" tomorrow morning at 7:00 after local ten news in the morning. following a developing story. an american airline's flight was forced to make an emergency landing in cannad a. the airline said the plane
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the pilot described the most serious injury in a call to air-traffic control. >> the most urgent one is a flight attendant bleeding. (unintelligible) that's the most urgent one. the others need attention, but are okay. >> the airline said 192 passengers were on board that flight. now to ane and only exclusive. dualingrotests in the middle of an election krooisz and a looming deadline to pick the next president. local ten is live with the latest. so many people have a stake. a lot of people are watching these protests. they're frightening to watch and be part of. most of it has
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change the administration. no election. they do want the elections to go forward. >>reporter: the demand for resignations became violent. police responded for the first time so did supporters of the president's administration with protests of their own in several cities. the dualing and damaging crowds give new urgency for stake holders in the aborted presidential runoff. a time factor besides
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to transfer power. government-backed front runner kept campaigning on social media, insisting the election process was fair and valid. the opponent kept boycotting, insisting fraud and manipulation. behind-the-scenes meetings all weekend result in no public plan confirmed for either a rescheduled selection or a transitional government to pave the way for it. the u.s. enbias put out an ert. notice of gathering protest and locations and warnings and each peaceful demonstrations can escalate quickly. for the third time in a week, concern abouou disturbances led royal caribbean cruiseline to divivt cruises from haiti's port of call. the u.s. state
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today, calling for a compromise and a speedy conclusion. the united states is absolutely been a player in all of this -- very supportive of this government and calling for those elections even though contested to go forward, which obviously they did not today. we'llee what happens tomorrow. reporting live in haiti, local ten news. it's one of the best days of the year iff you're an nfl fan. it's championship sunday. he is here to show us who is going to the big dance -- the super bowl. dolphins' fans will like what happened in the afc championship game in denver. in typical patriots' fashion, a nailbiter. they needed a two-point conversion. 20-18. they will go to the
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his way to face the winner of this next game. the nfc title game -- takes the -- scores. the panthers first touchdown of the game. the panthers blow out the cards. 49-15. this was really the moment of the night. tweeting out this picture a proud dad. his son is the offensive coordinator for the panthers. he was making his way to see the pthers and the broncos clashing. they'll meet in san francisco on february 7th. two weeks from tonight. a major manhunt on the west coast. coming up... the three prisoners who escaped and who is being done to track them down.
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a manhunt is in full swing for inmates who were last seen on friday. investigators think they crawled through a plumbing tun and he will repelled off throof to escape the maximum-security prison. these inmates are considered dangerous. there is a 50,000 reward -- $505000 reward for information leading to the capture. former miami heat star shaq went out of his way to shoot hoops with kids in gainsville. tonight's gesture came after shaq heard about a police officer who played basketball with kids instead of reprimanding to them. he decided to end up playing with the kids. the video made the rounds on social media. it has
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million times on facebook alone. cool story and cool % weather. >> very cool weather, especially for our standards. we've been waiting for this big cooldown. this is not going to last. another day or so. here's a live look across the magic city. boy, it is cool. we are at 511 degrees in miami. most locations have already fallen in to the 40s around town. part of theeason is we have relatively clear skies. a few clouds in the bahamas. they're faint. they are out there. that means miami-dade and broward are clear. so are most of the florida keys. lows this morning, we woke up to4 in ft. lauderdale. 46 in miami. 46 homestead. in the 50s down in the florida keys. tonight the difference will be the winds are lighter. they're less than ten miles an hour. seven in key west. seven in marathon. threeee miles an hour
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gusts being reported. that is important because the clear skys and lighter winds will see larger of a temperature spread around town. already we are at 47 in kendal. 48 penbrook pines. 55 in marathon. the temperatures spread cler outwest. 44, coral springs. 50 along the coastline. even the florida keys will get down in to the 50s tonight. the temperature trend when we wam up in the mornings, boy is it going to change in a hurry. rain chance stays low. 65 tuesday morning. near 70 degrees by wednesday. look at that rain chance. 60 percent wednesday afternoon and evening. by thursday and especially overnight in to thursday we'll see that rain chance shoot up between 70 and 80 percent as we've got another wet stretch across south florida. it is very quiet from the central plains acrosshe
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is moving away. we have a few light showers. have e u to go well back over the rockys to see scattered snow showers. it is quiet from the mississippi towards the atlantic otherwise. what we can expect tomorrow, pretty nice day. a few passing clouds at times. by tuesday afternoon we'll see a few clouds and warmer as we get close to the 80-dege mark. headed to the beach tomorrow -- that light east wind 5 to 10 miles an hoho. there's the big change after a gorgeous start to the work week. it i going to be wet and stormy as we get towards wednesday and thursday. the race for the white house could get a new contender. coming up... fororr new york city mayor said he might join the race. we have election from current candidides. your construction update.
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expect some northbound closures in miami-dade county. 2 to 3 lanes of traffic will be closed. also those express lanes will be closed until 5:00 a.m. don't forget you can
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morning with take a look. you can see the items knocked off shelves and walls inside this grocery store. officials say it was a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the region. the epicenter is along the state's southern coast. two smaller earthquakes struck within 30 minutes. the good news is no reports of any injuries. now to vote 2016. the long list of candidates could be getting longer. former new york city mayor is reportedly considering throwing his name in to the race. the decision could come as early as march. he reportedly said he would be willing to spend $1 billion of his own fortune on a bid for the white house. >> if he becomes a candidate then we'll have a conversation about our differences f. it's someone talking about running for president, there's a lot of people that have done that. right now he's a private citizen that owns a company.
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of things. he's a patriot and wants the best for the country. i want to be the conservative candidate to lead the conservative partyn to the general election. >> a protester was escorted out of a rally for donald trump. the donald mentioned the terror attack in the shooting and that's when the man reportedly stood up and revealed the sign that said "stop hate." in reference to the protest, he pointed to a supporter in the audience. trump's speech came after (unintelligible) next in a mercedes benz sports report, we already showed you who is going to the super bowl. we'll have much more. two dolphins' players should feel like doing the high schoola dance as they get the
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