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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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armed kidnapping, and multiple narcotics charges out state, out of georgia. >> michael: the manhunt f f this fugitive ended monday morning but not before a wild chase. the chaos began just before 10:00 right here on the exit ramp of the palmetto expressway at northwest 36th streett in doral. andy ulyssesy was in handcuffs when he made his escape. >> > he decided to start king out the windows, the back windows of police vehicle. he was able to climb out or exit the vehiclele somehow, and he decided to flee. >> metetologist: from there the 33-year-old who was preparing to flee the country stole this white van from the quality inn leading police on a short pursuit, coming to andy in the parking lot of this walgreens at northwest 31st street and 97th avenue. >> while goioi northbound on 97th avenue, he attempted to strike a florida highway patrol vehicle. >> michael: witnesses stunned and shaken by what was going on.n.
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everybody coming this way. we stay behind the car, you know. >> i was really scared. i was speechless. >> michael: wanted on charges of human trafficking, armrm robbery and kidnapping, this rapper who has been known to show off his tattoos on instagram will now be extraditededo face charges. and right now we are working on a story for 6:00.we're going to take to you just outside atlanta, georgia where you're going to learn more about these heinous crimes he is committed, and also we want toll you guys that we were the ones, local10, called up the swani police department just outside atlanta, broke the news that he was in custody, and let's just say they were ek extremely happy that this man is now behind bars. i'm michael seiden. >> calvin: now to the search for an arm robber caught on this surveillance video here holding up a deal store in west park just two days before christmas. local10 news reporter neki mohan live now with more on this really frightening video. neki.
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have been asked not to talk about their night of terror but when you see this video, they don't need to staih a thing. the armed gunman holding the gun on the women after a big day of business here at the deals plus. it happened two days before christmas at the deals plus store to state road 7 in west park. you can see the men entering the store with the red hat police say around 9:30 p.m. they say he i hid in that store until closing, and when managers were counting the money, he banged on an office door with a gun drawn, accosting the two women handling the day's receipts. pushing his way in, he terrorizes them until they give him what he wants, cash, thousands of dollars of the pre-christmas shopping profits. >> it sad ends me to see what you just show me right now. i see the scare on their faces. it's sad to see anybody going through this. >> neki: his parents of owned
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three decades. they have never been robbed, but he says watching this video reaffirms his worst fears. >> it is scary because, i mean, it just happened right down the street, not even down the street, just a couple of stores from us and it could happen to any of us, so they've broke into next door, broke into next door as well. i mean, it's just scary, just hoping you the never happens here. >> neki: the video goes on shough at the suspect raiding the safe as the women are terrified, visibly shaking. corning to the report as he left he asked them to count to 1 unhundred before they left. and police believe this is the car he left in. this red suv infinity fx. 22. they take a good look hat this car. if you recognize that car or you recognize the suspepe, please give them a call. live in west park, neki mohan week local10 news. >> and and a man is in the hospital afterereing shot by a homeowner in hollywood. sky 10 was over the scene on
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this happened earlier today. the shoototg victim rick o'dell jumped a wall that divides the reservation from theheity, and that's when seminole tribe someplace homeowner as a result john-show shot owe yell. this is a mug shots of o'deal from a previous arrt. the homeowner john is being charged with one count of battery with deadly weapon. it's unclear why rowe'deal was on the property. >> laurie: florida state university has reached an multi-million dollar agreement. the total payout is $950,000, but per florida state the former student will receive $250,000 while her tortious get more than twice that amount. in the range of $700,000. this all started in 2012 when the woman accused winston of raping h%r. winston denied that ac race, and after a short investigation was no charged. fsu is also committing to five yearsf sexual assault awareness programs and greater transparency. >> calvin: a chilly start to the weekend here in south florida.
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morning, lots of jackets and coats being worn at miami international airport. >> laurie: and then there's this live look outside a hollywood beach right now, and electric be loo week shorts are back. the sun is out, the breeze is going, so it has warmed nicely but will it stay this way? >> calvin: let's check in with our chief certified meteorologist betty davis about w. the chance. >> betty: on the short term, yes, it's going the stay on the warmer side but there is another cool mt. forecast. i'll have those numbers coming up later in the seven-day planner. for now, miami, look at you peek can at 73 this afternoon at this hour, at a lot of lower 70s still out there including pompano beach sitting right at 70 degrees. the overnight lows won't be as chilly as they were last night, in fact, a lot of you will wake up with the low the to mid-60s with our winds flowing in from the east. southeast. that will tends to keep teteeratures up tomorrow. in fact, this forecast model showing a lot of upper 70s come tuesday afternoon. so for now we're warm. calvin. >> calvin: betty, thanks a lot.
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digging out from the blizzard of 2016 which buried some cities and more than in more than two feet of snow. air travel across the country is still being affected buy the thousands of cancel cancelled flights. east coast city roaders major weekend blizzard in new york here. the mayor encouraged residents to avoid driving and use the subways and rail lines, and the mayor of dc also asked people to continue to stay home. and then philly, the city of brotherly love, the airport sumed service subjected at least 27 people we understand have died inp connection with this major storm. >> laurie: start heart stopping dash cam 75 florida highway patrol trooper being hit by a drivererho didn't follow the law and move over a lane. that crash happened last october video. janine is in the newsroom to show us more of the images and tell us most importantly, janine, how is that trooper doing? >> janine: he is still recovering. florida highway patrol is releasing this video now as a reminder because january is move over month.
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move over a lane if you see cops or emergency vehicles on the side of the road. if you can't, slow down. well, in the video you are about to see, troopers staih the driver did neither of those two things. the trooperss say. this startsut like most traffic stops on the side of the road. trooper mac mickens walks back to his cruiser after pulling over a driver on the turnpike in palm beach county. but then this takes an awful turn. watch again. another car loses control, slamming into the trooper, his car, and the other car. we're told toper mickens pelvis is shattered. but watch. he climbs up to the hood of his car to radio for help. florida highway patrol saya that other driver should have moved over but did not, and they say close calls happen way too often. the trooper suffered serious injuries, but his condition since this october crash are improving slowly.
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not returned to work. another good reminder for everyone to be so careful out there on the road. laurie. >> laurie: all right, janine, thank you. let's turn to ve 2016 now. a lot going on with just a can week to go. presidential candidates are working hard to shore up support ahead of the iowa, andndou there's now speculation that a second billionaire could join the royce. sources say former new york city mayor michael bloomberg man's to make a decision on whether he will run for president on a third party ticket by the first can before march, not that i i matters too much for the two most well no one candidate. >> i could stand in the middle voters. >> the way i read that was i i i don't get the nomination i'll consider. ii'm going to relieve him of that. he doesn't have to. >> laurie: recent polls find frump and bernie sanders in the lead. >> calvin: only local10 is live in haiti bringing you firsthand theeated demonstrations and protests that erupted when
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postponed yet again. >> laurie: now many are wondering what's next since the current from the's term expires in just kayouple of weeks. local10's glenna milberg joins us live from port-au-prince. glenna. >> glenna: good evening, laurie, calvin. today relative quiet after what we've seen this weekend sporadic mayhem not only here in port-au-prince but all over the country. today we learn that the church is actually playing the mediator in this talking situation for both sides getting together for the last couple of days behind closed doors to try to figure out way to end this electoral mess. back to business as usual h he, if there is such a thing. but at haiti's parliament, national police guard the fore door where lawmakers meeting private to figures out a plan b should their election be invaldated. haiti eats minister of communications confirms today the church is in the role as mediator, as president michelle
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the collective opposing politicians figure out how to go forward with the cancelled elections and who will lead the country until the results of that voting. that role does not come without concn. >> it's very risk tow compromise the result of what is to happen. >> glenna: the stakeholders fear risk of intimidation and pressure following a weekend of dueling protests that turned frightening and damaging. >> the president cannot solvlv the problem anymore, and that's why we ask to have a transition government. >> glenna: the opposition wants rtley to resign now up martelly wants to turn over the reins on the mandated date february 7th, less than two weeks, but to whom with no election? a a oix compromise is a delicate political dance in a place where politics historically is framed by corruption and coup d'etat. imagine so much people wanting to vote, wanting to make their
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stsrting to learn that there is virtually no way any election can possibly be held with the results coming in before that february 7th date. so what are the options? that's something we're going to tackle for you when wee see you right back here in an hour. i'm glenna milberg reporting live in port-au-prince tonight, local10 news. >> calvin: and right now it's time for to us get a check on the afternoon rush with traffic jenise. >> jenise: let's take you right oh i-95 southbound. we've got an accident right around pembroke r rd. here. we are seeing some heavyvy delays as you're approaching that accident and passing that accident at 32 miles per hour. and we are also still waiting for this accident to clear up. this is i-75 southbound right aroundheridan street. even though that accident is off to the shoulder, we are still seeing those heavy delays at 23 miles per hour. and it looks like those delays are starting at griffin road. as we cruise on down to dade county we've got a few incidents there. let's start with i-95& southbound. there is some police activity
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this is on the on-ramp right eastern northwest 151st street. the on-ramp is closed. the good news is the regular lanes running just fine with speedshere comfortably at 53 miles per hour. and we've got an accident o the turnpike. this is as you're heading south. this is southwest 152nd street. there are two left lanes blocked and also some heavy delays with speeds here clocking in at 13 miles per hour. >> laurie: and we have dramatic video of strangers helping to rescue a woman trapped under a car. the victim was screaming for help as they managed to lift thatatar off of her. don't miss this live report at 6:00. >> calvin: and many local10 viewers are getting letters asking them if they want to opt out of hurricane coverage by citizens insurance. should you take the offer? consumer investigative reporter christina vazquez has the answer fof us. don't miss her report all new coming up on local10 news at 5:30. >> laurie: but first, it was tough for anyone tow get around during this weekend's blizzard but emergency workers, they had to make to it work up.
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our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can beours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy paymen of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've godeborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. what? >> calvin: no one can stop these wig big wheels from rolling. >> it takes a lot to get our
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weekend these four members of the virginia national guard be on a mission. they're trying trying to keep emergency services republican so thth workers don't riggs driving through the snow. >> we're able to help people. somebody's on the side of t t road and they're scared and they're able to talk to me because i'm able to get to work. >> calvin: in their two h hvees they've been transporting nurses and doctors back and forth to work at hospitals and even transported blood to the american red cross. >> it keeps your critical workers, your first responders, your dispatchers, state troopers, keeps they safe, keeps them out of harm's way. je it does put us in harm's way but that'shy we all vonner tear. >> calvin: they were activated with when governor declared astate of emergency. >> he adds us into his realm to keep the state running safely virginia safe. >> and on saturday they 24 hours. >> as far as i'm concerned,
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neighbor, and i'm out here helping my neighbors the best of my ability, and my fellow soldiers are doing the same thing. >> calvin: he says it wasn't a typical ride from work, duty but can be. >> it was cool. yeah, it was cool. it even had heat. so it wasn't coo too cold. >> calvin: got love that. the virginia national guard will continue to run transport missions until the state of emergency is lifted. >> laurie: and around wewe are here we are just watching a beautiful warm-up. it's gorgeous out there.. >> calvin: but we needed the heat this morning, there's no doubt about it. let's find out if form's bus stop von going to be the same way. >> betty: not exaly. you may want some longer sleeves in the morning but theatre going to do 48, fort lauderdale. that is where you were this morning. it was plenty chilly out there. but just like that, we rebounded nicely, making it up to 72 degrees out at fll, 70s all around. in fact, right now still checking in at 71 in fort lauderdale, miami at 70. sunshine and east-southeast
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today, helping to pump our temperatures up. the forecast for the evening looks nice, partly cloudy and mainly dry. slipping down into the mid-60s in some your neighborhoods by 9:00 tonight. but as long as we keep a little breeze up at the coast that's going to help keep deference from hitting rock bottom, from getting really, really low, so we're modifying the air mass over us already we have that east-southeast ind with coming in around an area of high pressure just off the carolina coast. a little low pressure system coming across the mid-mississippi river valley that not really our canter this moment, but by the middle of the week there will be a storm system making a run at us and driving our rain chance up. soso between tonight and tomorrow we're going to be warmer and mainly dry. so if you he something to do outside, weather should bodes well for that, winds flowing in from the east-southeast. wednesday here comes that next frontal system, and a little wave of low pressure along that, plenty of moisture flowing in ahead of it, and our skies will start to ipen up again.
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the days where you're your outdoor plans, you may have to cancel or just plan accordingly with the rainfall that's going to be coming into the area. let's focus now on temperatures and he's what's normal for this time of year. our normal low is around 60 for miami, and the normal shy 77. well, guess what? we're going to be prey close to those numbers come tomorrow so it will be nice to get back to what's average for this time of the year. we will start the you day around 63 in miami, highs climbing toward the upper 70s, partly cloudy skies. rain chance no higher than 20%. but by wednesday the rain chance shooting up to 70% and then 80% on thursday, and there come some bouts of heavy rain in all that, too. so even though the temperatures are milder over the next several days, we have the rain in there to complicate the forecast. we have pushed the system there, though, so by friday we'll expect to get drier air moving in, cooler air, too, so the numbers will start to go down a bit this weekend but not taking
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past weekend. >> laurie: good stuff. all right. >> betty: betty, thanks a lot. >> laurie: we can deal with that. swinging for the fence takes on new meaning at marlins park. fish fans are going to see moror home runs, and it's all thanks to field changes taking place in the thehe off-season. we'll explain at 6:00. >> calvin: plus we have shocking video that illustrates t t power of a lightning strike. we'll show you much more of this dramatic video coming up at 5:30. >> clay: good evening. i'm clay ferrero. fo a guy fighting shoulder problems, dwyane wade certainly is carryini a lot on them. how the heat star plans for
5:20 pm
team twin in the windy city. >> clay: dwyane wade joked last week that he may be missing goran dragic more than drag itch's wife right up. with him out wade is hoping to play point guard a little less. he'd rather get the bl and score. dragic ruled out for tonight's game in chicago as he recovers from a calf injury but there is good news for heat and wade. they know you'd ri is back. be you'd is back. hassan whiteside is back. the good news luol deng is expected to play tonight. as for wade, there's no doubt that he is hurting right now, too, his shoulder injuries were so bad that the heed heat had initially ruled him out for tomorrow night'same in toronto bought they they had too many other guys hurt. at this the point, man, i don't
5:21 pm
around to get -- to feel great, and with so many bodies down, you know, we want to get out can. >> clay: on campus the buck will be rocking tonight. they welcome the defending champion duke to town. they are the higher range offed team, their 15th bile the blue devils at 24th. to football where dolphins new head coach adam gase has add aid few names to hisoaching staff one familiar to dolphins fans. lou anarumo finished last season this is teams' defensive coordinator. took over when kevin coyle was fired. he will be rushing to h@s old job as defensive backs coach. you about the marlins and moving in the fences. andrea brody will report live from marlins park and show you folklk >> calvin: any luck for someone
5:22 pm
>> clay: i don't think it's little league range. >> calvin: go hazy on me. clay, thanks a lot. >> laurie: more activity at t form home where the world's nose notorious drug lords. >> calvin: victor and janine with a look at what's happening in the bottom of hour. >> janine: we're talking about the demolition prprect that's happening at pablo escobar's mansion in miami beach, escobar known for stashing drugs and cash on his properties. we'll tell you what was found safe and sound today. >> victor: did you get a letr do you go switch your hurricane coverage from citizens to another prorider? then you want on see today's "call christina" before making a decision. >> janine: and all new at 6:00 we'll show you how stranrs
5:23 pm
trapped under her >> victor: right now 5:30, a major fight today at the former -- find at the home of pablo escobar. a second hidden safe was unearthed. the drug lord was known to have hidden drugs and money hate homes around the world. >> janine: they are filming the
5:24 pm
local10's carlos suarez is with more on what's bean found. >> carlos: victor and janine, the safe was removed from the home and taken on another location about an hour ago. it's there we're told someone will open that safe. a construcucon worker came across it after he demolished the last wall of the home just beyond the rubble there. it's unclear whether the safe belonged to escobar or his cartel. that, of course, is still very much a mystery. the discovery of another safe is the latest chapter story of a home that once belonged to pablo escobar. construction crews found it monday after knocking down one of the remaining wallets of the waterfront amalgamation. miguel mato snapped a selfie after making the mysterious find. >> i i saw mlion gray, and i told him, hey, there's a safe. he said, no, you're messing with me. i said, no, there's a safe. he said grabbed it. >> carlos: he said it's safe and heavy and when he tipped it over
5:25 pm
>> this house has aerated floor not whole house. >> carlos: the property which& which sits to north bay road is believed to have funneled drugs into the u.s. in the 1980s. the horn of the house razeed the house. >> a lot of people ask me ontario keep the house and make it not an museum and all this. i don't think we want to celebrate the criminals. >> carlos: escobar bought the home for $762,500 ap though a paper deed shows he paid just $10 for it. a bag of cocaine was also found at the home last week. >> we've still got the pool. the pool, which i think if wees was really going to hide something good, he wouldid hide it under a pool charges of and that construction worker tolol neat pool is set to be taken out at some point later this week. now, the possibility does exist that the safe could belong tie previous owner who lived at the house fo several years. that house was then sold, and then the current owners, they have demolished the place and
5:26 pm
they are, of course, letters shooting a documenen brit series. live at this hour in miami beach, i'm carlos suarez, local10 news. >> janine: an armed and dangerous plan is on the loose, and police need your help finding him. take a good look. jamal smith is wanted to several counts of first degree murder and attempted murder out of polk county. there's a $15,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. >> victor: payroll questions capital gations of a cover-up at fort lauderdale city hall. why were some employees being paid much more than than they were supposed to receive? investigate of bob norman is on the case. >> we found out that someone was cooking the books bonk doing books. that's how fort lauderdale commissioner deen trantalis describes it. >> and i feel ep bared as a city that we would engage in such practices. >> bob: he's addressg a city investigation investigation that found the department of sustainae development engaged in a scheme to overpay workers in the department by nearly $200,000. some of them being paid nearly
5:27 pm
contract with an outside employment firm called albion staffing solutions. >> thi was all done under the table. >> correct. >> bob: the investigation found that the money for the employees ran out, leading to unpaid invoices. according to the report, management here tried to, quote, cover up the shortfall by delaying the payments to the following fiscal year. >> good afternoon, mayor, commissioners, jenny morehon sustainable development. >> bob: i tried to speak with director jenny today but city employee erin staley said she wasn't commenting. >> she's gone for thehe day but you can contact us. >> we need to asas you about your investigation. >> andrea: adding to the trouble is a lawsuit filed by albion against the city alleging it stiffed the company $187,000 in unpaid invoices. >> the staffing company has now sued the city and and is looking for compensation, and the whole ththg blew up.
5:28 pm
we don't need this nonsense. >> bob: in fort lauderdale, bob norman, local10 news. >> victor: and bob else us the that commission is expected to discuss this special investigation at a special meeting tomorrow at city hall. citizens property insurance was dropped below 500,000 policies, that is its lowestlevel i imore than a decade. this all comes on the heels off an aggressive campaign to reduce the rolls. >> janine: some of our cureshave called con tumor reporter christina vazquez asking for adviser getting this asking if they want to drop the state-backed coverawe. christina dug into the issue for you and here's her report. >> to the person i got. >> christina: in just four years, sunrise retiree ronald smiley says he's received morethan ten letters. >> said we're going to the end you a for from an insurance company that will allow to you switch over to that company. blah, blah, blah. out if you want to. this is the up at up on the. >> christina: each t te he had to sign an opt-out document to keep his citizens policy. >> i've got atrophy have proof
5:29 pm
>> christina: but the takeout letters keep coming. >> to me what it meant was they were tryinto get rid of me out of citizen. they wanted to custody down their exposure. >> christina: that's exactly what's happening. the state is trying to limit the exposure pie reducing the rolls hoping policyholder by small i. smileyy will have a so-called takeout company instead but being inundated with is also one of the facets ofhe so-called depopulation program prompted by republican governor rick scott th hasas this democratic lawmaker worried. >> you can shrink citizens maybe but don't d d it by tring homeowners. >> christiti: state represent hiv jose avier of responsible is the co-sponsor of hb 229. it would standardize the way you see the peakout take otto letter, limit the number of takeout offers to one every six months. >> probably most important is in the premium goes up by more than 10% over the next 36 months, you have the choice to go back to citizens and you don't have to stay withh that takeout company.
5:30 pm
legislation mirrors what the legislature passed last year. a bill, however, vetoed by the governor.. >> livan, the overwhelming support to that that's basic measures have in the legislature give us hope that the governor would change his mind. >> some of the these companies you never heard of, huh? >> neverheard of them before. >> know that these companies have been voted. >> christina: we spoke with chris hackett of property/casualty insuressers of america to tracy yourr other question into the hall christina hotline, how to evaluate what is the best option cousin once you get the offer. he says compare the coverage options and stay in contact with your agent. >> i would just recommend looking at the am best rating for that particular company. that would give you a i good snapshot of the finincial health. >> citizens seemed to be good company. >> christina: as for smiley, he's sticking with citizens.& >> when wilma came through, i saw so many people with insurance compani i had never heard before fighting to try to get their benefits.
5:31 pm
i wanted to stay with citizens about. >> governor's objective is to shrink the size of citizens. you have to give consumers confidence that they're not basically ing scammed. >> christina: that house bill had its first reading last week. a spokeswoman for the governor's office said he reviews any legislation that make it to his desk. the next takeout period is in march. in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> janine: thank you. a miami gardens police officer continues to recover after he was shot in an ambushlast week. meanwhile, the man accused of shooting humming put on a bizarre display in court. local10's hatzel vela is live to explain. >> meteorologist: janine, this momoing i spoke to the father of officer starling who tells me he coinues to recover, as you mention dollars, he's doing well ana that he continues to get visits are throughout fromhe community can be visitors, folks who are concerned about his well-being. the officer, we're told, could be out of the hospital in the
5:32 pm
>> i'm very proud of him. >> hatzel: its his parents are by his side, telling local10 officer david starling is getting better. it was friday when the eight-year veteran was shot in the back side ambush stiehl sitting in his cruiser on the confirm northwest 1 third street and northwest 7th avenue. police say the gunman, 24-year-old david mejia, took off and crashedhis own suv as officers chased right behind. >> we're calling now mr. david andres mejia. >> hatzel: a day later we hear from the suspect in what tushes noon an odd back-and-forth after the judge decides he has to stay in jail. >> sir, these are non-bondable offenses. >> we're just going to argue there's no probable cause -- >> h does a kid that shot a sheriff gets a bond and i cannot get a bond? i practice my 2nd amendment. i. my life was in danger by crooked cops. >> hatzel: strainings allegations from 54-year-old mejia who compares his case to that of a man who shot and killed several prisonersers at ay charleston, south carolina church.
5:33 pm
they were trying to kill me, man ya'll got more blood on your hands than i got on my hands. mejia does not hold back. listen had to-to-this bizarre exchange. >> don't talk about the facts of the case. >> how about you don't talk? you work for them ku klux klan member. >> should listen to your public defender. he is here to represent your rights. >>'m representing myself, ma'am, and i got a second lawyer. hatzel: the judge during that hearing alluded to the fact that mr. mejia could be mentally ill, but he is nevertheless charged with attempted murder and will remain in jail. for now reporting live in aventura, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> victor: also at 5:30 a north carolina man is accused of shooting and killing a good murder crge. a group of men say they stopped to help marvin lee after they noticed his car slid off an icy road on friday and when he began acting vangly they told h'm they
5:34 pm
that's when the 27-year-old allegedly jumped out of his car and opened fe with shooting one of those men several times. that man later died and lee is now charged with murder. >> janine: right now it's time for to us get a check on the afternoon rush w wh our traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: a busy afternoon, janine. leles start with i-95 northbound. check it out that accident it is blocking a right lane and causing some major delays. this is right northwest 135th street. as we zoom on in it's going to be slow for those of our i-95 northbound again at northwest 135th street with the right lane blocked. speeds there at 24 miles per hour. another accident on the julia tuttle. this is across leaving miami beach trying to ramp onto i-95 with speeds there at 9 miles per hour. so hardly moving at all. i've got a couple of accidents in broward county as well. this is i-95 southbound right around copans road. this accident is actually blocking the exit ramp with speeds there at 32 miles per hour. and staying on i-95 southbound, this time right around pembroke
5:35 pm
all due to an accident with speeds there at 14 miles perer hour. and we are still 28 for this accident to clear up on i-75 southbound. this is sheridan street. the accident off to the shoulder, but look at all those delays with speeds there at 17 miles per hour. janine, vic. >> janine: thank you. strangers rush in to help when a woman suddenly gets trapped. she was pinned under a car with precious seconds ticking away. we'll show you her dramatic rest kuhl new at 6:00. >> victor: a dedicated teen celebrating a major accomplishment after rowing across the pacifif of course a team. coming up you'll hear some of
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>> janine: first the manhunt for in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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>> victor: a $50,000 reward now being offered for the recaptur of three inmates who broke out of a jail in southern california, and authorities want anyone gets hurt. the all-out manhunt for these three escaped inmates now expanding in southern california with the fbi and u.s. marshal's office joining the search. >> each of thesenmaters extremely dangerous and should >> victor: investigator beve have believe friday's beakout from this orange county maximum security jail happpped just after the 5:00 a.m. body county e men cutting through this
5:38 pm
and went to the roof. >> victor: that's when police say they used bed sheets to create a rope like this repelling down p it's believed this shadowy surveillance video is the men on the loof. >> the immediate thing that jumped out to me was they had help and probably inside help. >> victor: the next prisoner county wons until after 8:00 p.m. giving them a6-hour shorten. one was charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly member and jonathan tieu charged with murder. >> i want my son back. >> victor: his mother now begging him to come home while authorities plead for the public's help in vietnamese. they say two of the escscees with ties to vietnamese gangs may be hiding in the community. and there were two other escapes from the same jail 27 years ago. one of them also from the rooftop. detectives gotten to don't believe that anyone within the sheriff's department was involved but they are investigating. p>> janine: we have some e-opening evidence of why you should always stay indoors in
5:39 pm
take a look. do you see that? that was a lightning strike caughtn a school security camera iny tiler, texas. that bolt struck a tree as the storm moved through last thuxsday. as you can see it shattered the tree sending huge chunks wood flying in every direction. the good news, no one was hurt. >> victor: the north, eastern united states is not only area being slammed by a huge winter storm. cord temperatures have wreaked havoc in several asian countries with 45 people -- and tens thousands stranded at airports daus because cold snap. tens of thousands have stranded in south korea because of this winter weather. northern 90,000 passengers had their flights cancelled in the a southern island. more than 1,000 had to stay at the airport. the airport has since resumed normal operations. in japes meteorologist agency confirmed that a city on
5:40 pm
time -- listen to this -- since 1966, while the had its first snowfall in 115 years. at least three deaths were a there be oded the to the snover over the weekend. >> janine: makes us realized how kind of wimp we are when it got down into the 50s and we were freeze. >> victor: i had to go to two wedding this weekend. the brides were beautiful but they were bold. >> betty: were they beach weddings, on the beach? >> victor: they were close to the water. >> betty: at least we didn't have r rn, right? >> victor: yeah. >> betty: it was beautiful out there, especially sunday. and already temperatures are bounding. it's 70 in miami, key west 67. so still a top of the cool side with, it is flowing in from the northeast. partly cloudy skies tonight. we are expecting mainly dry conditions, so if you are getting marted on beach tonight, the weather should hold up nicely to be the rain chance really slim and temperatures won't be as chilly as they were last night.
5:41 pm
for 66 degrees around miami beach. high pressure just off the carolina coast, clockwise flow around that. that is how and why we're seeing our winds flowing in off the atlantnt. end ma-time, a couple minor systems ripping across the midddd of the country, a burst of snow coming in around iowa, me of that spreading over to portions of illinois and wisconsin as well. we don't have to worry about those systems so much as we head toward tomorrow, but was we will find is an increase in our low level moisture heading over the next several days, in fact be with between wednesday and thursday deep moisture and outright rainfall is going to return to the area. so our dry air, that is going to be eroding, and y y'll need your rain gear by the middle of the week. before tomorrow if you're heading to the beaches should be nice although the rip current risk is high. wind from the southeast 10 to 15 miles an hour. the raut temperature near 70. miami-dade and browawa your seas running about three to five, southeast winds 10 to 20, small
5:42 pm
moderate chop on those bays. we'll wake up tomorrow w wh temperatures in the lower 60s in a lot of neighborhoods. this morning fort lauderdale made itt down to the upper 40s. there were a few inland spots in e more 40s, won't quite that nettle morning but you still may need some longer sleeves. and then look at what happens during the afternoon. our temperatures are set to beyonce back into the missed to upper 70s thanks to some sunshine and winds flowi in from the east. southeast. wednesday, thursday ter numbers are mildn terms of temperatures but we are introducing a lot of rainfall into the area so that rain chance getting really high. and then notice on friday, saturday we're drying out and cooling down aga. friday morning sending our lows back down to the 50s. saturday morning, too. so cool but not cold as we were call it this morning when we started in the 40s in some ighborhoods. the ja gene. >> janine: thank you. these british resource, they are celebrating after completing a marathon journey from san francisco to queensland, australia. the four w wen set off from the
5:43 pm
year.they spent 235 days at sea. they rowed 24 day day in two-hour shifts stopping only in honolulu and samoa for a week at a timeo restock their supplies before getting off again. >> it's been amazing to see them, and i'm sure even more amazing for them t know that we're here and we're not going back on that boat. like touching distance from the bay, we have had sharks circling. we have had a couple of sharks that followed us for a few weeks. >> janine: just a few sharks, right? the san francisco to australia journey was 9,718 miles long. the team set two world records, becoming theheirst all-female team and the first team of four to row across the pacific. oh, by the way, they also raised moy for the charities walking with the wounded and breast cancer care. so they're tough, they're charitable. >> the videographer : casually some shark only a few weeks. >> janine: makes you feel you
5:44 pm
>> victor: when some of them got off the boat they wobbled a little bit. and secretary of state john kerry is touring asia thihi week. he fritted the largest buddhist temple in laos today a one reason for his visit is addressing the tons of unexploded bombs dropped by u.s. warplanes onulous. an estimatat 30% failed to detonate which has led to the deaths of tens of tusands of people in the years since. kerry said the u.s. was consideringncreasing the $19.5 million it currently provides top laos redeem mining. laos is the first leg of a three-nation tour for kerry that will include stops in cambodia and china. >> janine: fans of david bowie gather today remember their idol yesterday in atlanta. some were carrying his poster with pictures on them. other others were carry wearing costumes and carrying guitars. they marchedown the streets listening to bowy's greatest hits and singing long. bowie died on january 10th two days of hiskind birthday. >> victor: it's a busy start to the week in the local10 newsroom. here are some of today's top
5:45 pm
strangers rush in when seconds counted count. we'll show you how the health cress couey workers rescue a woman pinned under a car. >> janine: marlins fans may start teeing more home runs. >> victor: and we'llhow you more of this dramatic dash cam video which shows you why you spould always move over a lane when you see police or an
5:46 pm
the road. from the palm of your hand, you can arm m ur alarm system, lock your doors, control the teteeratururof your home, turn on your lights, and get notified of all eventn. the slomin's shield is world class security. get a free slomin's shield security system professionally installed. call now and slomin's will include your choice of an indoor camera, thermostat or door lock. shield your home,
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>> victor: isis has released new video praising the terror attacks in paris p this video is too gruesome is on show, almost 18 minutes long and shows the
5:48 pm
the video also shows news footage of the attacks before identifying the nine men who they say carried the out. 130 people were killed in that violence in november. >> i've never seen two people happier to go to jail because thee knew that they were do it dry and warm. >> victor: and in california, two fugitives realize that they needed police after trying to escape during a snowstorm. the two men had active warrants out for their arrested when they were pulled over outside of sacramento. they tried to escape on foot, running across a river and through the snow and then hours later nearly froze to death. they called 911. both men were found, treated for hypo thermia and frostbite before being arrested. >> janine: thy and malaysian officials trying to determine if a large piece of debris that washed ashore off the coast of thailand could be from missing menasha airlines flight 370. a fishermanound it on friday. analysts are already arguing about whether the debris even came from a plane. flight 370 vanished in march of 2014 while flying from koala pum
5:49 pm
beijing. 239 people were onboard. and peopleiving in anchorage cleang up after major earthquakeover the weekend. you can see items were knocked off shelves and walls inside of this grocery store yesterday by 6.8 magnitude earthquake. the epicenter was along the state's southern coast. two smaller earthquakes struck within 30 minutes after the first one. the good news is, though, no injuries were reported. >> victor:r:retty scary. >> janine: that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. >> vtor: here are laurie and calvin back for local10 news at 6:00. >> laurie: and right now at 6:00 only to local10 a woman suddenly trapped under her car. a good samaritan rususs in to help. >> and a wanted man literally king his way out of a cop car after a great escape from police but didn't get very far. >> laurie: terror on tape, storeworkers ordered to the floor but the ruthless robber left behind one critical clue. >> calvin: and the path to danger. >> laurie: and marlins park, did yo know it's hated by the hitters? the changes the fish are now making.
5:50 pm
the news at 6:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: off the top at 6:00 race to the rest curfew a woman suddenly becomes trapped under her own car, and a total stranger jumped in to save her. the good samaritan said he heard that woman screaming for help and had to act fast. >> laurie: and thaha is when we jumped into action to do all he could before fire rescue arrived. local10 news reporter andrew perez is live with the story you'll see only on 10. >> andrew: laurie and calvin, this good samaritan really did rush in, and this is whate used. he took this exact jack, put it under the car and he got the car up enough just to levee some of the pressure.he says this woman was screaming in unimaginable pain. fire crews worked frantically to free this woman pinned underneath a car. in the background you hear several people praying. >> protect her in any way possible, father.
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