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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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have a great wednesday. let's talk about it with our weather authority meteoeologist, julie durda. >> it's not just the temperatures. it's the rain we're dealing with over parts of inland browawa and miami-dade. so far theain hasn't made it to the east
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of broward are already soaked this morning. currently we have attempt in the mid 70s. south southwest windd anywhere between 15 and 17 miles per hour. this is all due to an area of disturbed weather moving in from the gulf of mexico. we talked about it yesterday. showers possible all morning long. with that said, make sure the kids have the rain gear. you're going to need it throughout the day. so temperatures will only reach the upper 70s because we are expecting a blanket of cloud cover to continue. as you're walk out the door over portions of pompano beach, coral springs, 441 soaked. you're soaked oveve weston, alligator alley, miramar. all these showers are moving in from thehe southwest to the north. down by the keys you're dry for n n but this line of storms i'm watching from collier county into the gulf of mexico is going to bee your concern for the
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developing thismorning, two women sent to the hospital shot in miami. the two victims were 63 years old and 2 2 years old. they were t ten to the hospital. right now their condition is not known it. we'll keep lookingor updates. a man is under arrest after a six car crash in miami. police say 33-year-old david marini was driving under the influence whehe he served into several cars and that crash triggered a collision. police say one driver was taken to the hospital.the other officer suffered a hand and wrist injury. hammond bundy has been arrested after a shoot-out that left one person dead. an outspoken member of the group killed after police say he refused to surrender, shots were fired. police say a highway near that refuge has been shot down by law
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bundy has occupied this refuge since january second. now just on the one and only, she lost itt on an uber driver, and now this south florida doctor who gained note right on social media will soon be breaking her silence. the doctor out of hiding and on a plane heading to new york city. >> she will tell her side of the story right here o o "good morning america" on local 10 after the violent outburst that got the students suspended may have ended her career. victor oquendo has the ststy. >>reporter: there she is, taking in the view from her apartment. it's the first time we've seen her. the miami doctor who went off on an uber doctor in brickle will speak to "good morning america" on wednesday. her family didn't say much last week, although
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nicecehings to say about her. >> sometimes you are a beautiful person but one day you have a bad day. >> that's construction of property, you're crazy. >>reporter: that dad day unfortunately for her was caught on camera. the uber driver was reportedly there to pick up somebody else when witnesses say she demanded to be driven instead. >> i'm a five foot girl that weighs 100 pounds. i'm getting really like belligerent. >> she attacked me. i have bruises on me. >>reporter: the video quickly made the rounds andnd the four-alarm year neurology resident was suspended from jackson health system. >> i guess that's it. >>reporter: but there's moror to come as an abc news crew was in her home. remember the uber driver decided not to press charges so there's no
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now we get her side of the story. victor oquendo, abc. >> don't miss t t exclusive interview. you can only see it right here. remember that luxury yacht sinking fast off the south florida coast? it stunned the passengers brought to safety. >> we're getting a closer look at justt how scary one of those can bebe >> mayday, mayday, may day. we are sinking. we are sinking. we are sinking. >>reporter: it's an urgentt call for help as the luxury yacht was sinking and quickly. >> so quick. saw the water inside the boat and most everything was -- >> one of the first boats to respond to the scene in addition to the united states coast guard was sea tow and conditions were a lot like this, dark and choppy. >> this is pretty much the same type of
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last night. there was no moon. i can't imagine both sides taking on the water. you're 15 miles offshore. it's dark. i'm sure it would be a very terrifying situation. >>reporter: the crew of the serena three on its way to the bahamas had to work quickly to make sure all 13 were safe. >> the passengers got into their lifeboats and the crew tried to dewater the boat. >>reporter: all that could be salvaged was a life raft. the coast guard suspects the yacht rana ground. this sea tow captain said at least it's 1,000 et down. >> the yacht is not worth the time or effort or money to salvage. meanwhile the u.s. coast guard is investigating. i'm janine stanwood, local 10 news. and now to the police officer shot in miami gardens last week. he's now out of the hospital.
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officer david s starling. it all happened here. a 24-year-old man was arrested for that shooting. he's now facing charges including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. a touching tribute for a man killed. a sec procession where the agent's body was moved once again. here's video from sky 10 of that second procession moving along the turnpike. as you can see traffic temporarily shut down. the agent died sunday after being struck in miami beach earlier this month. he and other ice agent were reportedly hit trying to flag down a cab. she was arrested after police say she struck those agents and drove off. now that the agent has died, she will likely be facing much more serious charges. donald trump's campaign manager says he
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the final g.o.p. debate before the iowa caucus. trump stands with 41% of iowa republicans. that's more than double of his nearest competitor ted cruz. rounding out the cnn poll senator marco rubio landed at 8% and ben carson at 6%. on the democratic side hillary clinton is topping her nearest rifle -- rival bernie sanders. clinton's lead is smaller than it's been since the field narrowed to three candidates. glenna millberg will be there as we count down to the iowa caucus. look for her live report beginning on thursday night. now to a story you saw first heree on local 10, we hope when you woke up this morning it wasn't like this. a 99-year-old woman wokok up to find a rare exotic animal on her chest.
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with this bizarre story. >>reporter: the creepy crawler lurking in a southwest miami-dade attic stumped the people living inside. >> they sent me photos and wanted me to identify it. >>reporter: they soon realized thty were dealing with a feiy. >> i googled the sounds and found the video. we held it up to the ceiling and came out. >>reporter: the terror started in the middle of the night for the elderly woman who encountered the animal in an unusual way. >> 99-year-old woman is sound asleep. she fee something and wakes up. this furry, big animal
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her chest. so they freak each other out. >> which sent this frightened critter inside the attic. >> i picked it up. i took it home for the night and took it to see the doctor this morning. >>reporter: you weren't scared at all? >> no, but i have respect for it. >>reporter: they are knock tour l, rarely seen in the day and only in south america. >> this is a cross between a raccoon and monkey. it's in the raccoon famimi, so they are very dangerous. >> the vet here says the exotic animals just don't make good house pets because of their unpredictable nature. the opener contacted this clinic and has since made plans to come to be reunited with his pet. that will happen in just
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be there. terrell forney, local 10 news. >> what's the proper reaction to seeing that animal? >> that's so cute. >> she lived 99 years. i think she is officially say she's seen it all. grab the rain gear. you're going to need it it. a wet wednesday is expected. already seeing some showers over northern broward. the line of storms i'm concerned about is just offshore near the gulf of mexico and moving in toward collier county. that is headed our way.
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don't want to misstt2w`t2n`qt" bt@q,m8 tt2w`t2n`qt" "a@q
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carlos suarez in southwest miami-dade to explain. >>reporter: he offered up a self-obsessed culture commenting about everything in our lives no matter how mundane it is. >> i feel like what everyone is doing is llowing whatever trends they see. >> everyone has the same reaction. >> exactly the same reaction and people are just following the samam exact trends that they say instead of embracing themselves. >>reporter: he figured he would receive plenty of attention for a tweet when he pretended to walk out on his job in epic fashion. quote eoday was my last day working at burger king, so i tookll of their nuggets, expletive, e. the story has john predicted went viral. >> all of a sudden it blew up and i'm getting tweets from people in
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legend and others saying you're an average fat american. >> cleared out his lockerernd a whole lot more. >>reporter: more disturbing was the story found its way on the news including this broadcast in chicago. he said no one tried to contact him to see if the story was true. >> i realized media just jumps on everything they see to try to getattention for the network and it's pretty pathetic honestly. he told his boss and co-workers about the stunt. he said everyone had a good laugh. reporting in southwest miami-dade, i'm carlos suarez, local 10 news. search is on this morning for a man caught on camera trying to rob a coral gables 7-11. police say the man walked into the store on ace street and ponce de leon street. they got nothing. he was last seen wearing
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sweat pants. a bogus bomb scare in guantanamo. turns out it was a broken car battery left inside a shopping cart. the navy exchange was evacuated on sunday and it was all cleared out hours later. the cuban government reports 32 quakesince january 17th. yesterday morning a 4.4 magnitude quake shook the eastern part of the couny. another one reported there on monday. both could be felt as far out as the province of olgeen. here's picture sleeping out in parks out of fear their delicate home structures could come crashing down. on the w wt side severe flooding is a concern.
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that rain is headed r way. we've already been feeling it over parts of oward, especially over the west coast of florida. curreneny we're dealing with showers and storms for parts of south florida and mainly the breeee. if you're not waking up to the rain you're dealing with, the wind and the temperatures. much warmer this morning. 73 in miami. 75 ft. lauderdale. 76 key west. look at that breeze moving in from the south southeast. 75 muggy degrees in pembroke pines. 74 in kendall@ and homestead as well as marathon. wind gusts already reported again because of how strong the winds are going to be today. we do have that elevated risk of rip currents for beach-goers. today is not going to be an ideal day. wind gusts reported in the 20s in miami as well as marathon. let's get straight to the radar so you can see what's going on. the worst of the weather right now over naples. we have been seeing some
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portions of u.s.-1, expressway. 75 a bit wet as well. more like a drizzle by hollywood beach, aventura near gulf stream and sunny isles. pocket of dry conditions over homestead that won't last long as the rain will be headed your way over the last few hours. make sure the kids have a poncho and umbrella. as we get through the morning we're going to see the showers and storms continuing. we have a front over northern florida and the southeast. an area of low pressure developing over the gulf of mexico. we are completely saturated. there's nothing but moisture across the state of florida. that's going to increase our rain chances today throughout the afternoon and evening. look at this, temperatures in the 30s right now in texas. 40s in houston and that cold air making its way as far south as mississippi.
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likely. another low pressure will develop along the leading edge of the cold front that will eventually be pushing into south florida by thursday. we'll be gloomy. we'll be wet. we'll be rainy. the next two days are not looking good. once this front clears by friday morning we'll keep the chance of an a.m. shower. lots of sunshine, cooler, drier for the weekend. residents s a california apartment building are living on the edge. >> now they are toldthey've got to get out.
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situation. brazilian officials working to inspect and fumigate olympic venues to help rid the areas of the zika virus before the 2016 olympics. it's a relatively new
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two floridians recently contracted t t virus while visiting colombia. people in cliffside apartments ordered to get out. deite those warnings, some tenants say they arnot budging. officials say those who ignore the orders could face criminal prosecution. the python challenge is proving more and more successful. in all 61 burmese pythons have been caught since the hunt began. theory are two pythons caught by the hunters right there. the problem is they don't know if there's tens of thohoands or hundreds of thousands. >> i guess you get them out as fast as you can. >> it's all relative. al golden may no longer have a job with the canes. he may be moving on to another team. >> the rumored job he
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wrap. >>reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. let's start on the court with the heat and nets in brooklyn. sometimes you need a little luck. look athis, no idea how that ball got tipped into the net. justise winslow, he downed two. then in the third quarter the heat are going to have a five point lead when dwayne wade picksp a steal and maybe the easiest two points in his life. heat up seven with that point. later in the third get out of your seats for this one by gerald green. man! ononis 30th birthday, that's a monster slam. wade goes to work again.
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luol deng. wade just breaking ankles on his way to another smooth jumper. 27 points for him. the heat win it 102-#eu, their second road win in as many nights. >> as i said earlier in the season, this is me playing healthy. no one is 100%. my body's not going to do some of the things on the c court. >> we have to make sure we encourage guys just to play with confidence anddeverything will work out. i want to say, daddy loves you. i'll be home soon. how about the panthers taking on the maple leafs last night. must have liked that new six year contract he just got. ties the game up at one. later on giving the cats the lead for good right there.
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score of 5-1 in their st game before the all-star break. the hurricane football schedule is out and take a look at october. talk about a tough stretch. they played five games playing coastal virginia and carolina. we have the complete schedule on our website al goaoan may soon have a new job. he's in line as an assistant after a humiliating loss to clemson. i'm clay f%rraro and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. a man behind bars following a mul-car crash with a police officer. we're learning he was allegedly under the
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new this morning, a d.w.i. cash arrest, a driver that caused a chain reaction accident
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car tells his side of the story.
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