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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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unexpected delivery. do you call them lookie-loos? what's happening? oh it's a baby. >> then they are not mad. there's a new birth coming in. we'll wait until the traffic clears. it's wednesday. i'm jacey birch. we'll gettraight over to julie. it's a mess out there. >>he one thing we're all dealing with is the windy conditions and warm weather. look at these winds moving in anywhere between 10 and 20 miles per hour out of the south southeast pumping in t t heat and humidity. temperature 14 degrees above where we should be this time of year. our ft. lauderdale tower cam showing dry conditions. where the showers have already started to move in is inlana broward and inland miami-dade. we're increasing that chance of showers hour per hour throughout the morning commute. showers and storms will be possible. not everybody will deal with the rain at one time throughout the morning commute.
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get to work this morning. make sure the kids have the rain gear. currently you can see the worst of the shower and thunderstorm activity over northern broward and well to the west husband. collier county is dealing with a tornado warning until 6:1 there is rotation indicated on our radar. we have plenty of instab bill in the atmosphere. the national weather service says the winds are precise for the ingredients for a tornado for them. the reason i'm mentioning that is those storms are headed our way. moderate to heavy rain right over deerfield peach, promise, coral springs, right over the sawing expressway. right over hialeah dealing th moderate to heavy rain. these showers will be headed towards the north. i'll have more coming up. >> you mentioned the rain and i want to show you guys alligator alley. the roadways are already getting pretty wet.
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the rain drops covering on the camera here. >> use c ction this morning as you can see with our traffic data here. i wanted to show you on our traffic data system here where wee do have reports of slowdowns. 441 with those folks headed towards the glades. both the northbound and southbound lanes. so if you're traveling in this location, use some caution here, some stop and go traff. speeds between 13 miles per hour and 22 miles per hour both northbound and southbound lanes. cruising on down south we have delays reported off the turnpike. looks likike it's near the don schula expressway. if you're traveling in the spot, looks like our southbound laned are affected here. if you're traveling south of t t turn pike approaching the don schula. that's the slowdown i'm talking about. new for you this morning, a fst look at the mug shot of a man for driving under the influence.
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marked police car. that man just moment ago spoke to local 10 news moments after crawling from his overturned car. police announce that man was drunk when all this happened. sorting this all out for us this morning, sanela saboboc live outside the jail where he was booked overnight. sanela? >>reporter: good morning, eric. he was bood into the jail just a few hours ago. we managed to speak to him last night where he says he simply panicked. he doesn't remember too much of that crash and he was just scared. you see david marini there, he's facing multiple charges from d.u.i. to reckless driving. they say he was heading eastbound on southwest eighth street when he lost control o his car, swerving into oncoming traffic. the force of the impact caused his car to turn
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marini sd his brakes malfunctiojed. >> i had to push it all the way down to work and right here it wouldn'twork. it wouldn't work. >>reporter: now one driver and an officer was taken to the hospital. that officer sustained injuries to his wrist. reporting live in northwest miami-dade, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. deveveping overnight, one person is dead, eight others are in cususdy after a shoot-out at the site of a week' long staoff in oregon. we know gunfire began after a confrontation between federal agents and those militia members who refused to leave refuge in those 21 days. overnight we learned the group's spokesperson was killed. he is the man who has been vocal about being ready to die in the protest of federal authorities being in control of local lands. we've also learned the brother of the group' leader has been injured.
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standoff is not over. breaking news this morning, live pictures from new orleans where crews are fighting what is a huge fire. this just blocked from the french quarter near the city's central business district. as you can see, it looks like that building is burning. no word yet on whether or not therere any injuries right now. but again new orleans by canal street near the french quarter is burning this morning. we're going to keep an eye on this situation, find out what kind of contract this is, find out whether anyone was hurt. we'll have the details later on local 10. police say a woman is in critical condition, the other two in serious condition and police believe the victims were targeted. they are searching for two people of interest in this case. and developing pack here in south flotida, we're waiting on board of the conditions of two women shot in coconut grove, a 63-year-old and 27-year-old injured near thomas avenue along plaza street last night. we'll bring you update
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we get them. a police officer ambushed in his patrol car is now out of his home this morning. police say he wass attacked in a parking report. he's facing charges murder of a law enforcement officer. new this morning the president apologizing to anger. the man accused of stabbing a police officer was given bond. jose lopez granted $20,000 bond. union president ortiz says that was too low and sent a scathing letter to judge mindy glazer requesting that bond be row revoked. but the bond was made because of a mistake made on paperwork. ortiz release aid second letter apologizingor the confusion.
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from a gunshot wound in the hospital. the office are he legedly stabbed has been recovered. would you like to waive and take the 15 days or contest and take 90 days. >> i'll take the waive for 200, judge. >> okay. >> an accused escapee trying for humor. but you'll heard it, he will stay behind bars. he's accused of busting out of a p pice cruiser and busting out on monday. we'reeold he is a fugitive from georgia who was hiding out in south florida and he allegedly used prostitutes to lure victimto hotels and then rob them. and now to the test on historic change. another round of changes to make travel and trade easier. under these new regulations, cuba will no longer be required to pay for imports of cash
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airline co-sharing and the opportunity for leasing deals with cuban airlines will also be allowed and more americans will be allowed to travel for cuba for business, art tick or humanitarian reasons as well as athletic competition. this is the third time the obama administration has loosened regulations onuba. critics say the big winner in all ofhis is the castro government. >> right now police are searching for the thief who stole botox and syringes from medical offices. that was right around 2:35 y@sterday morning. they found the back door pried open and soon they discovered the botox wasgone. call police if you know anything about this break-in. 8the search is on for a man who police say tried to rob a 7-11 at southwest eighth street. this is on sunday. he gave the clerk a note saying he was armed and didn't get away with anything at all.
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you recognize him. call 911. >> the miami d dtor who lost her cool on an uber driver coming out of hide. a one and only preview at the exclusive interview this morning. plus potty patrol. high school students say th need a security escort to use the bathroom. we take a look at the new policy that's getting parents involved. worst of the weather right now over central collier county. tornado warnings in effect unt 6:15. national weather service has indicated rotation. there could be a possible tornado on the ground. the reason i'm mentioning this to you is this is headed towards the northeast. a new igloo has popped up on air bnb. how much it will cost you to represent this
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next. checkt out, cleanup is under way after a weekend blizzard. schools remain closed for a third day in a row. in washington, d.c. federal offices are finally open but they are on a three hour delay. workers have the option of working from home. can we get in on that? >> unlikely. >> northerners are finding way to see cash in on all that snow. instead of making money shoveling, some clever es are being used. >> a guy in brooklyn spent eight hours creating this place and posted their creation on bnb offering up to $200 a night. >> $00 to stay una giant ice cave was not the most out of the question thing. >> true. >> before you go booking your flight, air bnb
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the creators plan to use it until it melt. >> here's the crazy part, people did want to spend the night there. >> that's not my idea of@ a good time. >> and neither does what julie durda is seeing on the radar. >> that'srue. >> indeed. we're seeing showers and storms moving and shaking. it's because it's preparing for some strong, possibly severe weather headed our way. the ingredients are all there. look at these winds moving in anywhere between 10 and 20 miles per hour. the humidity is in place. the winds are in place. now we just need the rotation from the radar and eventually we will see the rotation west of us headed towards the northeast. i'm going to be watching all morning long. the wonk thing you need to be prepared foror obviously watching local 10 all day long, make sure you havave your rain gear. you're definitely going to need it it. currently temperature are in the mid 70s in pembroke pines, hialeah.
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already reported in the 20s and they are onlygoing to get stronger. wind gust reported from homestead up to ft. lauderdale. i want to remind you today is n the day to head to the beach. currently the heavy rain over portions of broward starting to move into parts of miami-dade. the worst of the weather still to the west husband over central collier county. a tornado warning sin effect until 6:15. rotation hay been indicated on our radar. the ingredient of the warm humid air and the winds all come together and that's what we're worried about as those showers will head our way. moderate to heavy rain from boca raton, deerfield beach towards i-95 and 595. the turnpike soaked, sawgrass expressway soaked. in towarar i-95, hollywood, a1a, aventura, opa-locka right over portions of
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hallandale park. not everybody dealing with heavy rain quite yet but eventually those showers will be moving into your n nghborhood if you haven't seen any yet. you're all dealing with the winds though. once the culprit, a cold front moving into the northern portions of the state and an area of disturbed weather in the gulf of mexico. where we're located we're the target for the showers and storms. that will draw upper level winds in from the gulf of mexico and there's plenty of available moisture situated over the gulf headed our way. moderate rain at times, stormy a breezy. gloomy, rainy. the severe weather threat is marginal but because wee seeing the severe weather threat just to the west it us, we can't rule out a chance of a tornado, storms. i'll keep you posted. by the time we wake up on friday, the shower and thunderstorm activity will start to diminish. we'll have a beautiful
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i-95 northbound at 151st street, we have reports of an accident there. you see those headlights heading towards us. you know what, you see this little weird action over here, maybe some rain drops as they are causing those issues. the rain's coming in but you can clearly seeith their intergraded weather trafficc data. so those reported in our northbound lanes over therer causing some minor delays but agaga miami-dade and broward counties the roadways will be wet this morning. right past 138th street we have an accident scene there. those speeds are pretty slow at 27 miles per hour. broward county, despite that rain that's coming through, we are accident-free, as soon as any accidents come up, guess what i'm updating twitter at wplg local 10. you may snug wellyour dog or cats but how about snuggling with a kinkajou. >> this is what a kinkajou is but an
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coming up we've got the story. how local 10 helped track down its rightful owner. >> cute too. our facebook friends of the day. you guys are ready to go. >> send some of those our way. >> looks like new orleans. mae a little mardi gras action there. happy wednesday to both of you. but first a murder mystery after an american woman is killed on vacation. now the fears are growing about a popular
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right now murder mystery is under investigation. police are trying to figure out why a man with a machete attacked a georgia couple vacationing in grenada killing the wife. she says the the two were walking along the secluded beach on sunday when the man attacked them and hit his wife in the head. he managed to run away for help but the danger is putting vacationers and locals on edge. >> people are afraid to exercise in the morning. there are communities living in fear and visitors will not be able to enjoy. >> police say they are questioning a man in custody but he has not been charged. just last month a canadian woman was killed while going for a run on the island. the so-called
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back to the u.s. when couch is back in the united states he will be facing charges. couch and his mother aallegedly fled the country, headed to mexico when a puck tour showed him allegedly drinking, violating probation on-line. six cleveland police officers have been fired in a shooting that left two people dead. it all started with a high-speed chase sparked by a backfiring car which officers say led them to believe they were being shot at. dead. one of the officers went on trial for manslaughter but was acquitted. a tweet about chicken nuggets going viral. this is not a yelp review. a local teen tweeted out a message saying now this is all about understanding how we think in social media. john correia claimed he quit burger king last month and took all the
6:20 am
says the tweet went viral and proves the culture is obsessioned with social media. >> they are follow whatever trends they see and lose all of their individuality. >> he says none of the media outlets that ran the story contact him to see if it was true or not true. it appears all the chicken nuggets are still safe. >> they are safe. you can sti buy them. i don't think you needed obsessioned with social media. that. traffic in new york city is nothing knew. >> the unexpected delivery and how an nypd roadside rescue. you have to see the story next. and still ahead out of hiding. the miami uber doctor is speaking up.
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preview. traffic backups unnew yorkity, nothing new, right? but the reason behind yesterday's gridd lock on the fdr is alittle o o of the ordinary. the traffic jam caused by a baby who just couldn't wait to be born >> babies, are you kidding me? i'm trying to get home. >> tweeting out photos of the brand new smyrna born. >> it turns out the dad was on the phone with 911 learning what t t do when this baby arrived and helped it. >> the baby already crowned. the head was out. >> the operator instructed mom to push one more time. me and dad helped catch the child, wrapped it in a bunch of blankets. very detailed rundown. >> need help catching the baby. >> yes. hand ready. >> the baby's parents did not want toe identified.
6:22 am
are doing just fine. constance called them lookie-loos to see what's going on. >> now is the time. >> when a baby is coming, a baby is coming. >> this is i-95 northbound at pembroke road. i'll have details on this and what we're watching for you in miami-dade countyyight after this break. look at that. at doesn't look good. it is going to head our way. julie has been talking about rain on the radar all morning long. in fact in the western part of the state there is a tornado warning right now. julie says that sort of activity may be headed our way a little bit later today. i'll bring those umbrellas and rain jackets. you're going to need
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10. new for you this morning, d.u.i. crash arrest.
6:24 am
after causing six cars to collide ande spoke with us before he was handcuffed. call 911, oh, yeah. >> plus a miami doctor is coming out of hiding after a video of her assaulting her uber driver goes viral. potty patrol, why the school said this is necessary. it's and adorable exotic animal but what if you found is on your bed, on your tummy. good morning, south florida. look at the radar here th wednesday morning. it is warmer than it was earlier this weekend and now we know the road also started to get you wet. good morning. we've got you covered. i'm eric yutzy m i'm jacey birch. we're sending y state over to weather authority meteorologist juli durda who is going to be busy all day long.
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the beginning of very strong storms in south florida today and tomorrow. currently you can't see the rain but you can see the camera movg around. that's how strong the winds are. it's auge part of our forecast because the ingredients are starting to be there for the possibility of some severe weather. temperatures are 14 degree above where they should be in the mid 70s. wiwi in mrs. and all we need is the strong storms a aociated with the rain which will possibly move our way. currently we're cloudy with some showers and storms around.we are going to increase the chance for showers flute the afternoon. make sure the kids have the rain gear as well. it. the rain is moving from southwest to the northeast that is and i've been watching the very strong storms the gulf of mexico over the western half of our state. this tornado warning has now s setched over
6:26 am
collier county. they have indicat on the radar. this leading edge of these showers and storms are headed northeast at 30 miles per hour. that means they will be headed towards parts of broward and miami-dade. currently rain over portions oboca raton, deerfield beach, pompano beach. finally seeing shows isles. the worst of the weather is to the west of us.& lots to talk about. i'll have to for you, don't worry, i'm right here all morning long. > two crashes on the i. let's start in broward county. you don't see the accident here because it's on hollywood boulevard. from this locion you can see the backup. so obviously you've got at least a me and a half of delays from this accident scene. again, this is i i5 northbound at hollywood boulevard. if you're traveling in the s st this morning, not only are you dealing with this accident scene but you're also dealing with delays because of some of thatt rain that's
6:27 am
those speeds at 48 miles per hour. all right. we've got another crash, hopefully in its clearing stages. this one reported about 20 minutes ago. i'm talking about i-95 northbound here att 151st street. this is happening just south ofof the glades though. just use caution this morning because, as julie mentioned, it's going to keep raining throughout the morning. i was scared. >> new this morning a driver telling local 10 about how he escaped from a car after he skidded on a miami street. one of them a miami-dade police car. overnit he was booked into jail for driving under the influence. local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic is live outside the jail this morning. it seems like there's two different stories going on here. right, sanela? >> that driver, he was booked into jail behind me just a couple hours ago. before his arrest he did speak to us saying he
6:28 am
he doesn't remember too much of that accident. a half a dozen cars including a miami-dade police cruiser all crashed and mangled along southwest eighth street and 32nd avenue. police say this man causus it all. he spoke to local 10 right before he was arrested on a d.u.i. charge, not really remembering the crash. >> i didn't know if it rolled over. i don't remember. >>reporter: he he also said something was wrong with the chevy malibu he was driving. >> i had to -- like i couldn't stop. the car hit me and it rolled over. >>reporter: police a marini hit several cars when he failed to stop including a police cruiser. >> the vehicle that caused the accident was traveling eastbound on soutest eighth street. apparently he lost control of the vehicle going into oncoming traffic clipping several
6:29 am
causing it to go on to its side, impacting the two cars that were still awaiting at the intersection and finally coming to a rest on its side. >>reporter: police say the officer sustained a hand and wrist injury.marini shaken up and visibly nervous is thankful he's alive. >> i was really scared, really scared and nervous. i panicked a lot. i can't believe i'm still here like alive. >>reporter: it's a miracle that the other drivers involved in the six car pileup were not seriously injured or taken to the hospital. as far as marini is concerned, he's facing a slew of charges from reckless driving to d.u.i. sanela sabovic, local 10 news. i'm a foote girl that weighs 100 pounds. i'm getting really like belligerent. >> a miami woman whose drunken night went viral coming out of hiding. you probably saw this
6:30 am
dr. anjali ramkissoon beating an uber driver. the rant may have cost jen herrera job at jackson memorial hospital. an update and preview of her interview in "good morning america." do we know whaha she says, ben? >>reporter: no, not quite yet. we will find out up a uple hours. she won't be seen right here behind me at jackson memorial hospital today as she will be live on "good morning america." taking in a view from her miami apartment, dr. anjali ramkissoon is ready to tell her side of the story after her violent outburst made nation headlines. >> yeah, call 911. >>reporter: she was caught on camera at a chaotic confrontation with an uber driver in brickle. it's a video that went viral and got the 4th year neurology resident suspended from the jackson health system. >> i'm a five foot girl
6:31 am
i'm getng really like belligerent. >> she attacked me. i have bruises all over me. holy [bleep] >>reporter: it's reported the uber dririr was there to pick up somebody else when witnesses say she demanded to be driven instead. an abc news crew was inside her home before she flew to o w york for the exclusive interview. as she prepares to talk live on "good morning america." and the uber driver did not press charms, so there will not be an investigation but stay with us live here on local 10 as she will be giving her side of the story coming up on "good morning america." reporting live in miami, ben kendy, local 10 news. mayday, mayday, mayday. we are sinking. we are sinking. we are sinking. >> that is the call for
6:32 am
with 13 people on board started taking on water and sinking rigig near lauderdale by the sea. that yacht is long gone, now sitting at the bottom of the ocean. the captainin and six member crew were on the way to the bahamas on monday night when the boat started sinking. >> saw the water inside the boat and most everything was so fast. >> the coast guard now believes the sunken yacht may have hit the ground while heading out to sea but the official cause is still under investigatn. now to the latest in vote 2016, donald trump is shaking up the republican campaign once again. this time he says he will not take part in tomorrow night's debate on fox news. >> let's see how much money fox is going to make on the debate without me. i'm going to have something else in mind where we raise money for the veterans and t t wounded warriors. >> tomorrow's debate is the last one befefe the iowa caucuses. trump now stands with
6:33 am
that more than doubles the support of his nearest comet -- competitor, ted cruz. now to the democratic side, hillary clinton is topping her bearest rival bernie sanders 52-38%. by the way, iowa is the first state to chose the presidential candidates. glenna millberg will be there as we count down to the iowa caucus. look for her live reports from iowa benning tomorrow night. president obama calling on national health leaders to speed up research in how to treat the zika virus. health officials suspect zika linked to a wave o of birth defects in brazil. that virus could s sead to almost all of the countries in the americas and they urge suspecting mothers to stay away from countries where there are infections. new this morning traffic stop trouble. dramatic video of a florida officer shooting at a teen after pulling him over just for a seatbelt violation. we'll show it all to you
6:34 am
south florida high school say that@ is now school policy. we're going to take a closer look at why ahead. showers and storms already affecting parts of broward and miami-dade. the worst of the weather still to the west of us. national weather service is stating that that tornado warning were watching over portions of mop row county and collier county will be aded our way over inland broward and miami-dade possibly affecting us around 7:00 and 8:00. i've got you covered. don't go anywhere. and we've got a 99-year-old woman, an exotic pet, 2:00 in the morning at a cuddle session. put that all together and we've got one crazy story. coming up we have the kinkajou found qn a miami-dade home.
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quick question, what would you do if you found this wild animal on top of you in the mimile of the night?
6:37 am
what if you woke up and chest. yoyo see it right there? you may have never seen it before but what i'm describing is exactly what happened to a 99-year-old woman in south miami this week. she was shocked, obviously, had no clue what it was. ica rakow is here to tell us more about the kinkajou. >>reporter: listen to this. this right here is the sound of a kinkajou. that alone is enough to scare you but imagine waking up at 2:00 in the morning to find that on top of you. she doesn't have a dog, doesn't have a cat so she was very, very surprised. it was this video right hehe that helped friends of hers lure the thing out of the house. this creepy crawler stunned the woman living insi. >> they sent me photos. they wanted me to i'd
6:38 am
with her son and realized they were dealing way feiy, furry kinkajou. >> i start it had thinking how am i going to get this animal out so i googled kinkajou sounds and lured out the animal. >> it was a nightmare literally for the elderly woman who lives here. >> 99-year-old woman is sound asleep. she feels something. she wakes up and this kinkajou, this furry, big animal, is curled up asleep on her chest. >>rerter: the woman and animal both screamed. the frightened critter ran fast up in the attic. canalie wa eventually able to coax it up. >> i picked it up, took it home for the night. >> you weren't scared at all? >> no, but i have respect for it. >>reporter: kinkajous are nocturnal, normally never seen
6:39 am
>> they don't make good pets. >>reporter: they are feisty, that's why. the vet says this woman was very lucky this kinkajou was a pet and was domesticated. he says it's a cross between a monkey and raccoon and they can be dangerous. this one got away from its rightful owner. they had the rightful permit, got away with a week ago and they arere coming here to pick it back up. >> erica rakow played that sound. i said that sound like the sound of abject terror waking up to find that thing on your chest. from kinkajous to some nasty weather. julie, you are busy. >> this is exactly what we forecected, south florida. we warne you about this. you've been prepared at least for the last 12 to 24 hours that the possibility of strong to severe storms a headed our way. it's currently happening just to the west of us
6:40 am
portions of miami-dade. look how windy it is out there. the breeze moving around all of our cameras this morning. that's one ingredient that we need for some strong to severe storms. the next is the temperatures beg 14 degrees above where we should be. the heat and humidity will help fuel for the instab bill in the atmosphere. the tornado activity we are watching that to be possible j%st west of us. in the matter of seven to eight this morning. currently you have temperature in t mid 70s, pembroke pines. 74 kendall. 75 in homestead. wind gusts in the 20s all morning long up and down the east coast. elevated rip currents for you beach-goers. let's get straight to the radar. you can see where we're still watching that tornado activity. looks as thoughhe weather service has indicated the tornado warning we're watching with the cluster of thunderstorm activity has been able to expire
6:41 am
this because that is the exact area that we'll be moving towards the northeast. again, it's going to take slme time to gets towards the metro and coastal are of miami-dade. current what we're concerned about this morning is already damp roadways. moderate rain all the way down to ft. lauderdale. coral springs, the sawgrass expressway. pembroke pines, miami gardens, a shield of showers and storms from portions of polk all the way south into northern miami-dade, aventura, hialeah and more like a drizzle over downtown miami and kendall. cutler bay and homestead, you're like what rain, jules? i haven't seen anything. the worst of the weather actually is just west of you, so i want you to keep it tuned to legal 10 throughout "good morning america." i'll keep you updated every 15 minutes. as we take a look at what's the culprit for these showers and storms, we have an area of low pressure really moving along a cold front that is over
6:42 am
florida. instability of the atmosphere in the surface is helping to aide to our shower and thunderstorm activity today. it will be dreun right breezy and window at times. the front will finally start to push through south florida by thursday night into friday. so that we're weather threat will hang into the forecast until tomorrow. damaging winds, heavy rain a a storms around. not a day to head to do any boat. please use caution as you're driving this morning. we'll keep that chance of storms tomorrow in the forecast. the front clears tomorrow night into friday morning and we'll see attempt much more comfortable as lows will be back down to the 50s. drier weather for this weekend. the rain likely affecting the roadways here off of i-95. you see the congestion here, i-95 northbovnd at pembroke road and you can see the reflection of the lights right there. it means it's wet.
6:43 am
blocked off of i-95 northbound and hollywood boulevard. we are seeing a slowdown obviously to our drivers. those speeds at 38 miles per hour. also with our integegted system here, we've got the their data and traffic data together. the yellow shows us it's raining. use`caution this morning. this is not the morning to sleep in. another crash i-95 northbound just south of the glades also ptty wet out there and finally okeechobee road an earlier crash still causing some delays. this one affecting our west-bound drivers here on the approach to 138th street. a new policy about using the bathroom is getting students at one high school really worked up. >> they need a security cort to go do their business. details on the so-called potty patrol still ahead. a man is accused of driving drunk and causing a six car crash including a police officer's cruiser.we'l'llet you know what
6:44 am
arrested. what you're watching and hearing is a traffic stop quickly turning violent near orlanan. an officer shooting at a teenager as the teen tried to get away. the 17-year-old behind the wheel decided he was not going down without a fight. this is what happened. it turns out that car was stolen. the teen tried to drive off. this is what the officer fired his weapon. >> everything happened so fast. i jt froze, went in a state of shock because i wasn't expecting him just to pull out guns and open fire. >> during the shooting that driver struck in the shoulder before ing arrested. two other passengers were in the car. they did manage to get away. a man accused in this armeded robbery in a mobile gas station caught on camera is in jailil the man seen on this surveillance video found
6:45 am
scene of the crime. police say he showed a clerk a handgun at a north university drive mobile station, then took cash from the register. and also caught on camera four thieves break into a little havana home. now police are hoping you can help them find these burglars. thieves took more than $1,000 worth of jewelry. this happened on saturday. the burglars are between the ages of 18 and 20 years old. give officers a call if you know anything. 6:52 the time right now. >leaders at a coral springs high school are taking action after fights. officials and leaders say these fights at the end of last year exposeed some real security concerns and this change creates a safer learning environment. >> it does provide a little more security for the students knowing that everyone is supposed to be in class so you can kind of pick
6:46 am
try to weed out the bad ones, b, no, it's just getting more problems, maying more problems, not a solution. definitely not one. >> students are upset they made a petition to stop the new poll. that petitio has hundreds of signatures. well, a doctor of may lose her job after attack an uber driver is coming out of hiding. >> we're going to have a previewf her exclusive interview with "good morning america." >> it's busy and nasty. julie durda is watching all of the storms for you. they could be
6:47 am
don't go anywhere. , south florida. on this hump day most of you waking up to west conditions. uth southeast very strong. not looking good if our hollywood bebeh cam. you can see the broad
6:48 am
do not get oututn the water today. we'll be wet at times. heavy rain and gusty winds continuing to filter in from our upper level wind flow from the gulf of mexico. please keep it tuned to local 10. can you seep us in the palm of your hand. i'll have all the cut-ins from "good morning amera" as the strong storms will be approaching soon. i-95 northbound and hollywood boulevard we have a cra reported there. heavy delays all the way to pembroke road. major issues there. you can see the rain is falling in that location and we're seeing the speeds at 41 miles per hour. as julie mentioned we're going to be with you throughout the morning. obviously as rain moves in the positive bill for more zen increases. a man is in custody for allegedly driving under the influence causing a six car crash in miami. david marini arrrrted after his car overturned
6:49 am
he originally claimed the brakes of the car malfunctioned but was later arrested for d.u.i. an offduty police officer also comped minor injuries in the crash but nobody was hurt. one person was killed as federal officials moved in to ke those arrests. the group had been camped out at the refuge for several weeks. two women are in the hospital after a shooting in coconut grove. the contiononof the 27-year-old and 63-year-old who were shot have not yet been released. stupid for "good morning america." they will have that exclusive interview with this miami doctor under fire for attacking her uber driver. that doctor live here in just minutes on local 10. we'll keep you up to date. you definitely need to hear about everything breaking in the weathth and traffic department. download our f fe wplg app. you'll get weather alerts, traffic updates
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anything changes as you ad out the door. >> have a great
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