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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  January 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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hard and this garbage can lifts up. >> michael: a confirmed tornado dearing through broward college's campus right inner in coconut creek.>> someone came if from outside and said, oh, my goodsness there's a tornado that came through the parking lot. there's cars stacked on top of each other. >> michael: dozens of students took cover inside the library. this cell phone video shows how the unfortunately this powerful storm scattered debris across the area. >> it flew everythin around, so we lock ourself in the bathroom. >> michael: outside, an absolute mess. palm trees stripped naked, some snapped in half. outside of the health and sciences buildings, the parking lot turned upside down. this twist lifting cars off the ground and tossing them on top of each other. so as soon as the national weather service gets here, they're going to start surveyi this damage, and one way they're going to determine if this was a tornado is they're going to look at these vehicles. usually when you see vehicles
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other, that is indicative of a -- of some tie time of a tornado. tonight no reported injuries or significant damage to school buildings but classes have been cancelled, giving students and teachers a chance to catch their breath. again, national weather service confirming an ef-1 tornado did touch down. they say it staed south of this campus, as you can see the debris. as far as classes on north campus, we are told by officials thth right now classes are cancelled, but we are in coast contact with them, and if anything changes, we will let you know. for now we are live in coconut creek, i'm michael siphoned. >> calvin: take speaking of ncelled classes, broward schools cancelled all outtore acts of today because of the storm threat. no word if they will resule tomorrow. >> laurie: our chief certified meteorologist betty davis is right here to take us through the path of this tornado because for folks down in miami-dade
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storm, betty. >> betty: i has been such a quiet day for miami-dade, all the action centered ove broward. as you just heard breaking news a few moments ago it has been rated an ef-1 tornado with winds anywhere from 90 to 100 miles an hour. that's what we herd from the national weather service official a few minutes ago. now the enhancedujita scales goes from ef-0 to e-5 so we are on the lower end of the spectrum with this tornado that cut across coconut creek and with an ef-1 the winds go from 80 miles an hour to 110 mile-an-hour, so definitely something significant and something a lot of people noticed as it came across early this morning. our meteorologist julie durda was on the storm tracking this storm. we're revisiting the doppler radar and what it looked like as this rotating storm came across coconut creek between 9. 20 a a 9:38 a.m. and, of course, we know the damage.
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college hoerth and also a semi philanthropist turnpike. currentltli am stip keeping watch on doppler radar. still some showers left over for parts of broward county at this point, no severe thunderstorm warnings to pass along, but northeast broward around fort lauderdale under a flood advisory as we still have rainfall coming in over areas that have received two to three issues already today. no severe thunderstorm warnings out there for now but definitely keeping an eye on the situation. miami-dade, i know it's p ptty quiet now but we do have the potential for more stormrm heading into tomorrow, and i'll be back in a few minutes to give u more information were that. >> laurie: and our team coverage continue with local10's neck next apartment bui suage during negligence laurie, end of this w see the by the badather. thiss the broward college, it's called the windmore residential community. let's take a look at the video
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it was right in the path of this tornado, building 1605 got the roof peeled off of it, its clubhouse got severe damage, also a lot damaged cars tossed around, trees cuttown. it was right in path as this storm left broward college. we actually ran into folks from the national weather service there earlier mapping its path so they could come to the conclusion they have come to right now. from the ground when we did make it into thedevelopment, we could see people walking about, looking at the damage in amazement. they said the rain was heavy but that the tornado came out of nowhere, telling a similar story of hearing the noise and then feeling the impact of the storm. they said it definitely was terrifying. >> it was a storm initially and some sort of wd gusts coming across the area. you don't realize it until, you
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you see all the damages, and basicallyk oh, mod, this i w through. cross is curreneny on s o find those displaced in that b roof was. th no there was oyee that was was minoruries, but consid went throughone knows th're very you canan see, it'so so they'll def ta thatding. coconut creek with neki mohan. >> calvin: n to the roads here. what a big mess this caused. check out this truck that flipped over. lots of concern as you can mack for driveve during the severe weather. >> laurie: the wet roads were hard enough let alone if you mitt hit one of these accidents. our reporter derek shore is out the roadways. how has it been the on roadways? digits,y either been an especially dangerous day in broward and in conut creek.
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but there was also a ton of debris flying across the roadways, increasing the risk that it could hit a motorist. luck will you everybody everybody got away with their lives. from the@ coconut creek park way to the turnpike, cars with construction and evenuses were no match for wicked winds that whipped through the area. >> just got like a piece of paper. >> derek: tow truck driver johnny sullivan talking about this coconut creek community bus tossed onto its side. the driver escaping with minor gips. no one else was in it. >> i can't tell you how fast it was going but to do the damage it did from hopping to hopping to hopping, it was bad. >> derek: the rain heavy on the expressways but then those in the area knew it w something more. >> a lot of loud bangs you know now that i see what the destruc was, it made sense of the sounds definitely the wind knocking over trucks and send a car flying on the opposite4side of the road with some even reporting the wind cauaud their 'hoods to fly open, an
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mother nate, especially considering all of the debris that was sent shooting through the roads. sheared off branches, a street light, all projectiles that could have been deadly. >> i think we're surprised we didn't see more injuries and certainly more serious injuries. it had the potential. >> derek: and incredible -- listen to this -- fhp saying there was only six collisions or accidents on their freeways or their expressways because of this tornado specifically. still, there could be debris on the road and you'll want to watch out for it as the night continues and as we lose the sun you may not see that debris on the roadways. we're live in coconut creek, derek shore. >> laurie: from coconut creek we know the tornado mood of topompano beach. a trick-ororreat yore turned. >> calvin: we're joined by -- a tractor-trailer overturned. >> todd: that national weather service meteorologt here confirming that this place, this industrial park in pompano beach
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tornado skipp through and touched down. right now you can hear the hawaiiananf chainsaws and the -- whine of chain sauce and the growl of wood chippers a crews work to clean up the mess left behind. >> it just sounded leek the whole place was coming ting a end. palm trees were bending over. you didn't know whwh the hell was going on. all youear is sirens and the next thing you know all kinds of lights and assssiates from the police department coming by. it was a madhouse. >> todd: workers from this industrial park whole foods warehouse in pompano beach staih the twister touched down without warning, and theierce force of mother nature it was evident after it moved through. >> saw the topped pass through here. >> todd: luis was in his car the in parking lot when theheornado passed directly in front of him. >> it sounded like a train. everything shaking. >> todd: that tractor-trailer was picked up, slammed into the warehouse, andmpaled a on a cement-filled parking post, spearing a gaping hole in the
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meanwhile, trees in the area could not withstand the winds. luckily there was only property damage in this area and no one was hurt? i saw a big thick 12-inch round one, twinnies that laying on the side, i seen that thing snap like it was nothing week like it was a toothpick. >> todd: and even more downed trees in this area in the 1700 blblk of block road. you can see that parking lot, the moving company called my car li car had damage to vehicles waitinw to be transported. >> laurie: and plenty of stor that's where local10 news reporter terrell forney is live with some of the damagee to homes. >> terrell: this neighborhood is nicknamed south creek. it is still in the city of coconut creek. it is just to tht west of the turnpike and east of lions road, but take a look at what it did for a fence that literally used to sit right here.
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fence at the end over thehe, the middle section.. most of it has been ripped away as that tornado pushed through. take a look at the back of the home right there. you'll letters notice that it is missing its screens. that is -- also notice. that is because that whipping wind pushed through ripping literall\ just about everything away in its sight that was not really tied down. let's show you some video because we know thatesidents have also been out here clearing away a lot of the debris. trees have been the biggest problem for the most part. we know that a good portion of the morning right hereafter that storm pushed through, a lot ofthose broken tree limbs and some downed trees were blocking the roads, but the neighbors really have been working together to clear away thaha whole mess, even stacking it all in one place. yo saw a chainsaw there just a few seconds ago, one of the residents pulled`that out to sort of help clear away the things. now, we also in addition to that fence that we sawaw tossed around, we've also seen a number of
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windows and some patio furniture also tossed around as well. we heard some reports of some other debris literal being pushed across the street. let's listen to one resident in this coconut creek neighborhood, what he says that he came home to right of a getting word of this storm. rub usher everywhere, big tree in front of the house down across the driveway, a neighbor's basketball hoop camist flying across the street and took out two windows on ther side of the door and just a lot of trees, a lot of stuff in the road, a lot of neighbors out, wondering what happened. >>terrell: so a live look now at this coconut creek neighborhood. the residents here really still the working to sort of get thing back in order in front of and behind their homes as well. we've soon a number of repair crews also out here so we see mere. it says at&t on the side. obviously looking at those phone
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electrician workers from fp&l also working on those lines as well. so a lot of still yet to do to get this neighborhood back to 100%. that's the latest here in coconut creek, terrell forney. >> calvin: and let's to go jenise fernandez with a look a how the roads are after that big storm in coconut creek. >> jenise: we had an corps turned trashing trailer, downed power lines, it was a carry scary moment forhose on the road wades. i-95 southbound, the view from southwest 10th street, there is an accident around hillsboro boulevard. as we zoom on in closer to see those heavy delays again i-95 southbound, hillsboro boulevard there is a right lane blocked, speeds at 19 miles per hour. an accident on 5955 eastbound, this is right around hiatus road. now, there is a leftt lane blocked, looks like that should be clearing up soon with speeds ththe at 42 miles per hour. now, i want to take you to coconut creek parkway. this is an area that was closed
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reopened, eastbound, webbed bothopened but do just -- westbound usee caution because there could be debris out there. to dade county we do have one accident to talk about on i-95 southbound in the express lanes at northwest 125th street. there are two planes blocked and speeds are there clocking in at 23 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. we'll get back shortly. do stay with local10 throughout the afternoon and evening for the latest on this tornado terror. wild weather in broward county causing a big mess earlier today. so what's in store for all of us tomorrow? betty will have the latest forecast. >> calvin: a un doctor caught on
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is caught on camera and she is >> calvin: caught on camera, available video just released of a shooting in opa-locka from earlier this montn. two shooters stormed into a store to january 5th at lincoln avenue and duval street. police believe they took off in a gray dodge charger.
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23-year-old. his family says he leaves behind a wife and a three-year-old daughter. the second victim 28-year-o-o matthew williams was taken to ryder trauma center after that shooting with critical injuries. >> laurie: breaking news now, a plantation father we're told is under arrest. let's get to janine stanwood in the newsroom. >> janine: police have arrested the father of a plantation boy who has been missing since late december. let's show you dad's picture pness bruce jorgensony. he was arrested a miami international airport last nighd after police learned he had purchased a one way ticket to new zealand. he was handcuffed and arrested. jorgensen was in bond court today in a charge ofesertion of a child. the judge is looking whether or not he qualifies for bond. his son 16-year-old ace jorg end zen is still missing last seen along northwest 136th salve in sunrise. right now. right now police did not suspect foul play in his disappearance
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he is a student at american heritage school. police want to assure hum he's not in any trouble but they're urging him to call plantation police. >> laurie: janine, thank you for the latest. >> calvin: we can't talk enough about the wild weather across south florida earlier today. cars and trucks flipped over, lots of damage you can see there. that tractor-trailer flipped over near the turnpike. that append at 9:30 this morning with those strong winds coming through the national weather service, laurie, saying that at its strongest, at its highest point at 100 miles an hour, that ef-1 touched down in coconutcreek. >> liane: was in broward at 8:30 this morning. there were big squalls rain, betty. we all felt it but you had no idea what what is happening right there in coconut creek and pompano beach. >> betty: and it's not over. there is the potential for more stormy weather leading into thursday. we're looking outside the a miami right now and not looking great, miami, but you are actually on the better end of weather as it stands for now,
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tonight there will be areas of wet weather around especially in broward. the national weather service has now issued a flood advisory for most of broward county because this area has seen so much rainfall today, and there are still some showers and downpour storms in the area. i do want to take you in right around fort lauderdale. this is where some heavier rainfalls have set up over saturated ground where we're seeing those course of red, we know the rain is coming down at a pretty good clip. let's talk about some of the rainfall rates for this area in particular. near fort lauderdale where we see that spot of red, rainfall rates 2 inches per hour. that is significant. and near model wheel of rainfall rate 2-1/2 inches per hour followed up by more out on the west. this is all moving toward the east-northeast so we do see that flood advisory in play for good reason. ] between coral springs and west-to-be more wet weather ahead for you, too. miami-dade not a lot happening right now but i'm concerned about some of the storms'm seeing just off the keys on the
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track up tort the northeast in shower or storm rolling into your communities a little later tonight. i'll keep an eye on that. and then there's more rain aimed at the west side of peninsula. so the bottom line for this evening, still watching for storms. possible. we still have to push a cold front through, and when that front comes, it brings the potential for more rain and afternoon. so damaging wind gusts and cannot rule out a tornado as w w move through tomorrow so just be aware of that. more ugly weather in the forecast. once we get through thursday, drie cooler air comes in just in time for friday. that's going to roll in on i northwest wind. so by friday morning lows in the lower 60s, highs in the lower 70s, and a much betetr forecast for you heading into the weekend. calvin. >> calvin: many took to social media today during the big storm. >> laurie: local10's amy viteri is in the newsroom with some of the images and reaction being posted. >> amy: laurie and calvin, as soon as that severe weather
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many of our viewers caught off-guard on the roads or out in the community started taking video and sending it in, and here's a loo at what we saw today. >> we're in it. >> amy: the storms moved through fast wednesday morning, and when they did many took to instagram and other social media to share what was happening. kyle mac a fee posted this video of the turnpike at cypress creek. he said several cars and trucks were tossed as they took cover near an overpass. you can hear the forts of the wind and rain in this cell phone video taken at the broward college's north campus in coconut crk early wednesday. >> this is crazy. >> amy: in instagram shows the aftermath in campus parking lot. campus employee posted this video right after the storm passed showing several people meaning the dame of cars overturned. dark skies in this cell phonevideo sent in by a local10 viewer which show heavy rains and large trees blowing in the force of those winds. and take a look at this
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an entire playground toppled by the storm. over 2,000 people shared this facebook pose share go the damage and took to the "comments" section to warn others but severe weather in our area. remember with we always want see your weather pictures if you can take them safely. please send them in. email your photos and videos to and deseste all of the damage you saw recorded there in those videos, at this time we have heard no reports of any serious injuries. for now we're live in the newsroom, amy viteri, local10 news. >> laurie: thank you. >> there's absolutely no excuse for m m actions. i am ashamed. i am so sorry. >> laurie: the um doctor caught on camera attacking an uber driver in brickell is out of hiding. that's her right there. she appeared on "good morning america" that airs right here in the morning on lal10. speaking out for the first time about her actions in that now viral video. dr. anjali ramkissoon was recorded fighting with an aub driver in brickell aut two weeks ago and go witnesses say
4:21 pm
driver refused to take her home. ramkissoon saiaishe had a bad night and made a huge mistake. >> i see a person that is not me. that's -- i'm ashamed. i still can't watch the entire video. every time someone brings it up or tries to aske what was happening at this point, i just -- i can't. >> laurie: ramkissoon says since that video lead, she and her family have been targeted at her home. shhopes that taking responsibility for her actions could help her keep her job. >> calvin: coming up at at 4:30 our top story of the day, wild weather in south florida, mother nature spinning up trouble, our live team coverage continues at 4:30. >> laurie: plus a heartbreaking story. a principal dies while saving
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>> calvin: a dramatic robbery and a shootout in a south carolina barbershop was caught on camera. >> laurie: in the end a an legend gunman would be shst to death. >> victor: this all happened last bring in columuma, south carolina p it was definitely a scary moment for the people inside that barbershop. two armed men wearing masks came in. they started robbing victims which included children. moments into the robbery police say two of the victims shot one of the gunman and one of them were killed. chauncey harris said that everyone was terrified. >> oh, it was hollering and screaming. the kids was in here. i thought he was definitely
4:24 pm
the head because she told me to get down. so i got down on my knees cbos his hands up. he smacked neat back of my head. >> victor: the man who shot bk both had concealedy weapons permits the second gunmama was able to run away. and that's going to do it forr local10 news pa fort. >> janine: coming up at 4:30 we will continue to follow the news of the day, ab ef-1 tornado touching down in broward.
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rerert plus >> janine: right now on news10 at 4:30, tornado terror causing chaos. this video from the p pking lot of broward college in coconut creek, cars flipped over there. >> victor: and part of a roof at a nearby apartment building was torn apart booty strong winds. >> jane: and check it out this video sent in about a viewer as the w w picked up. >> victor: here is more incredibib video sent to us. >> janine: let's begin with local10 news reporter andrew perez. >> andrew: t t national weather service spoke here alive lie on local10 news about a half hour ago saying that this tornado
4:26 pm
it kept going up, coming back down. we were walking ding the commercial break to this area. these trees appear to be breachers that are wrapped around this tree on the campus of broward college, broward college one of the hardest h t areas. i wanted you to take a look at this first vees piece of video. this brought the rain and wind, 90 to 100 miles per hour. we've got so many videos from local10 news viewers, many videos posted online as well. if you take a look at our second piece of video, this is over broward college. one of the times the tornado came back down and touched down, it hit the dc parking lot, tossing around several cars, we're told damaging many, many more nearby. if you take a look at, it damaged a roof at a apartment complex, took out trees. the national weather service said this was one of the harder hit areas as well, right next door to bc. crews had to survey this whole
4:27 pm
they hadtology through a wide area, send photos. over in pompano beachchou had a tractor-trailer that overturned at a whole foods warehouse and the truck was speared by a parking lotost. witnesses are saying that this whole thing sounded look a train wasoming through the whole time. we hear that a lot witit tornadoes. back out here live if you take a look at we're touring around he damage here on the campus, a lot of downed trees and stuff like that, the national weather service saying that this is normal for this time of year and you can actually expect to see a
4:28 pm
couple of months. in that one particular area with indeed more than an inch per hour. so if you are out driving around parts of broward county, just know that you could be struck in the rainfall. as soon as we get one little band, so to speak, moving through, that's followed up by another and another potentially. so between weston, coral
4:29 pm
advances over on top of the s sawgrass sawgrass-dayxpressway. miami-dade, in your area now mainly quite conditions from hialeah to miami throughout tamiami trail. already wewere noticing a storm over the middle keys, the marathon in the thick of it. as this storm moves up toward the northeast s ould it survive the journey, we could be talking about the potential of rough weather rolling in later today in portions of mild county. but the bottom line is for night and tomorrow more stormy weather is on possible. i'm on top of it. >> victor: there's a lot going on out there. to continu team cove rporter hatzela in coconutk. >> hatzel: i can tell in youeighborhood i spoke to man who lives h said whenng, it felta jet flying over his house. is the result intensity, and mass ficus can roots were pulled fr
4:30 pm
really fast and it was very scary. bob spin are shows us where he lives as we walk along the road where you see this, two massive ficus trees uprooted. spin are says it was a mixture of rain from the east, wind from th west that only lasted a few seconds. >> and then kababm, and all this furniture and garbage cans bounced off my tile roof, and it was so loud that i was sure the tiles had peeled off. >>atzel: hernandez shows us how the winds ripped out wooden beams holdingp the roof on his terrace. both from top and bottom. he thinks thors would of the storm came right through his backyard. he sws us how the things on his backyard were tossed from one sididto the other. pipes in his pool filtering system broke in half. and outside, the top half of this sturdy tre ended up on the other side of the road. his daughter remembers getting the warning hor cell phone. >> and not even a minute after, passed my
4:31 pm
here in this now to up. pulled from th backyard, and this basketetball post als garbage.. it this is what part it the the wind wher wt we crossed theo we canow you the kind damage that caused. reporting in coconut creek, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> janine: back to broward college, here's another look at that parking lot. cars flipped over. let's get straight out to local10 news reporter shyann lone. >> victor: she's live at a broward college. >> shyann: janine, victor, want to give you an idea of how all this went down ape car was parked in this spot. imagine mother nature coming through, the winds so tough lands on it top of another car but then it gets worse. see this parking spot right there, faculty? a ford pickup truck was parked there when mother nature pickled it up and blew it into the field. >> really crazy.
4:32 pm
>> shyann: darrell ferrera is not exaggerating february broward college student saw the winds that literally picked this up silver honda accord. >> i have never seen anything look like that in my life unless i go to the movies. >> shyann: and dropped on it top of terry coakley's t tota camly. >> some of the students said a car was on top of another car. when i looked out thend with, it was my car whut is under the car. >> our classmates said it was a honda accord on top of a car, and i thought it could have been my car and i was right. >> shyann: the storm also forced the ford picksp truck onto the field turning it over on its side. >> i couldn't belve it. >> >> shyann: crews spent most of the morning dislodging the two cars and clearing out the other damaged vehicles in need of extensive repairs. students, though, relieved no one was hurt. >> cars are replaceable but not a life. >> shyann: back out here live, lots of debris still scattered throughout the parking lot. it's incredible to know no one was hurt. a lot of the professors here on campus talked about how it was raining so had a lot of people
4:33 pm
they think that actually helped save people in this situation. now, as we get more updates, we'll get them to you. report live in coconut creek, shyann malone, local10 ns. >> victor: incredible. all that nasty weather out there. let's get a quick check on traffic. >> janine: jenise fernandez is here with how the roads are looking. >> jenise: 's messy and scary morning, and we are still seeing some accidents out there. let's start with the palmetto expressway. this is as you're heading north around use of 27. looks like traffic is moving bucket see in the distance where cars are start can to hit their brakes, all of that again due toon accidint. this is the palmetto northbound around us-27 witit speeds at 19 miles per hour. dolphin expressway an accident there as well as you're heading west around northwest 37th avenue. it does look like traffic is moving though with speeds at 44-mile-per-hour. i-95 northbound,d,his is actually in the express lanes root around northwest 62nd street. there is is on the debris there so be aware of that with speeds a 27 miles per hour. and we are still waiting to get
4:34 pm
iny deed of on i-95 under -- deer field of argund hillsboro boulevard, i-knife southbound. we are seeing heavy delays with speeds here at at 23 miles per hour. >> janine: we have an update at 4:30 to a story you saw first on 10, a king of a jew has made its way home -- kinkajou has made the way home. it is an animal usually found in a rainforests of central america, and today it was reunited with its owner. local10 news reporter erica rakow was there for the reunion. >> reporter: listen to this. this is this is the sound of a kinkajaj, what a 99-year-old woman woke up to the other night to find sleeping on her chest. this our story led the owner of kinkajou to south south dade animal hospital to be reunited with his pet. >> i got my baby back. i thought hoe was lost forever. >> reporter: it is raymond's buddy, a kinkajou he h had for
4:35 pm
>> you can see she's pretty comfortablblwith me. >> reporter: for ten days she's been missing. >> i was tenting my house and had to move to my brother's house in a@temporary cage and she found a way to open it up. >> reporter: energetic and found but where ba in an you a was found in the middle of the night and by who is a whole other story. we are waking banana up. kinkajous are nocturnal and don't like to ev have her sleep interrupted although she did have this woman's sleep interrupted. >>y she is fast asleep, 99 years old and she felt something like on they are face, and she's been widowed for a while so, hey, and she looks down and this creature is on her chest, she has` no idea what it is. >> in the old lady had grabbed the kinkajou and the king of a jew had bitten her we'll be right back could have been a serious injuries. >> reporter: no injuries, just screams sending massachusetts banana in the attic. >> he peeked out of attic at
4:36 pm
into the attic opening andeft it there. >> reporter: once lured into a cage, kathy brought banana to dr. don harris. looks like banana knowshere's credit due there. >> she came in, she was tired, ld, hungry, traumatized, and all she really wanted to do was curl up in a ball and hide. >> reporter: so this elderly woman actually expressed some sadness when the kinkajou was leaguef her house asking kathy where she is bringing and it will it be okay. so now the plan is for raymond and banana to go meet that woman in coming days. of course, this time the visit will be planned and it certainly will not be in the middle of the night. from south miami, erica rakow,, local10 news. >> victor: poor banana. still ahead coming up our top story of the day, tornado terror. betty davis will have another update, plus our team coverage continues at 5:00. >> janine: and ahead in our health cast, the latest research into glaucoma. >> victor: and caught on camera,
4:37 pm
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very little of right now two women recovering in the hospital after they were injured in a possible drive-by zoology shooting in coconut grove. police say they were shot last night along goes to of a near plaza street. both were taken do jackson memorial hospital in i will be stale condition. >> janine: now to a heart breaking story in indianapolis. >> victor: an elementary school principal decide in a bus accident but she died pushing students out of the way. laurie has the story from production control l and thut elementary school now mourning the death of their beloved principal and marching at what a hero she was. >>hank you, mrs. jordan. thank you, mrs. jordan. >> laurie: there's nothing that shows the impact principal susan
4:40 pm
youtube video posted by her school's amy beverland elementary tanking her for her work. >> she is the definition of wonderful. >> she is nice and she helps other students. >> laurie: jordan, who died outside the very school she loved, was the principal for 22 years, and a part of that school since it opened. >> the entire school broke today. >> laurie: her last act came at the end of school on tuesday. jordan was helping load up kids for a ride home when one of the buses suddenly jumped t t curb. that's when she pushed several students out of the way. parents adam and rachel bakeyer moved to the area five years ago because of the school. >> it was for all the goog things we had heard about principal jordan and everything that was going o o >> laurie: their son witnessed the accident while sitting on a bus nearby. the sixth grader says his principal visited his classroom every day. >> she would just come and sit down on ono of our chairs for a little bit and see what we were learning. >> it was like tohere were five of her because shes was everywhere. she was at the event at night
4:41 pm
>> laurie: parent regina simpson also said principle jordan made an impact on her son. >>y son has downs and she connected with him and always made sure he was in his class, and she was very, very cake toward me and my family. >> laurie: a sentiment echoed across the community as so many mourn the loss of a woman w w gave all of of herself and who was loved for it. >> we love you s san yorks yes we do when you're not with us we're blue we love you susan we do to saabs we are true >> laurie: what a huge loss for that comnity. the two students that the principal say are ten years old, taken to hospital in serious condition but they are going to be okay. their injuries aren't life-threatening. as for the accident,t, the bus driver tells firefighters she just doesn't know how she lost control of that with us. meantime, the school as you can
4:42 pm
today and they are mourning and remembering. >> janine: and a touching ibute to such a great woman. thank you. >> victor: we have a special storor to bring you here. the local10 family is growing. we prowled introduce to you parker adam palma born last night. >> janine: his dad is local10 url jist dan palma. you you may not know his face but you see his work every day. park is eight pound, three up on and 2 with inches long. stan say he and mom nicole are doing great. >> victor: what a cutie. i w working with dan the other night and he said he and nicole didi not know the gender of baby until it was born. >> janine: what a surprise. >> victor: parker looking good. >> janine: lovit. let's go from parker to betty davis who has been super busy today in the weather center. >> betty: yeah, we're about to do away with thehe cuteness factor because we have to focus on the rain and storms in the a aa. i hope you're doing okay out there. hollywood beach just a mess right now. dampingy up the hollywood broadwalk. rainfall has come down there.
4:43 pm
fort lauderdale where the temperature is 69. miami sull at any ratat80. spotty storms in the forecast for the evening. in fact, was as we're checking out the doppler radar it's not quite over for broward county. we take you straight in and talk about what's happening in west proud. we do have some showers closing in on weston. we'll have more rainfall potentially coming in around miramar, too. a flood advisory in effect for a lot of this area from coral springs to weston, back out to the west. you get one little area of showers moving across followed up by another. we have we have been chipping this storm clinging to the coastline of broward. this storm the balance of it start to go jet out over the atlantic waters and should be pushing away from fort lauderdale, so what's left of it trying to hang on, at this point just bringing rainfall. but with the general trend for these showers to push off toward the east-northeast i would expect this to move away the in next few minutes. now let's take the view
4:44 pm
tweaked the rainfall in portions west broward. i'll zoom in around weston so you can see how close the leading edge of all of this is the weston area. it should start to move right on top of you momentarily, weston. you're into lighter rains now but that raiall is going to pick up in intensity. no severe thunderstormmarnings or anything like that going with that but we won't root owl a little bit of gutt u. gusty wind with that particular rainsrm as it moves through. miami-dade, you're in the clear. we are monitoring the rains rolling over marathon right now. that lifting up toward the northeast, and some of this may come into south miami-dade as we're heading through the night. so the bottom line is if you are going to be heading out, keep your rain gear handy, and pay attention to how the weather is changing in your area. we have yet to push a cold front through, and ahead of this front you can see how much weather or rain there is even moving in north of us and on the west side of the peninsula. so the atmosphere is very unstable, and will continue to be so.
4:45 pm
as we go from tonight into early tomorrow, we may have some individual showers or storms rolling across sections of south florida, followed up by potentially a line of rain and& storms tomorrow afternoon. this model maintaining a pretty nasty picture between 2:00 and 6:00 tomorrow before we finally have some drier with cooler air working in on a northwest wind. so here's our weather plan for thursday. rain and storms, the plan for friday drying out and cooling down. friday morning lows in the lower 60s. jajane. >> janine: betty, thank you. investigation. popoce are t ting to figure out why a man with a machete attacked's georgia couple vacation can in grenade with you killing the i have wife. the husband said the two were walk along a secluded beach sunday when that man with a night of head. he managed on get away and run for help. police then found jessica's body about an hour flaherty woods nearby. the danger is putting
4:46 pm
>> people are afraid to exercise in morning. there are communities that are living in fear. and soon visitors will not be able to enjoy the peace of grenada we are boasting about. >> janine: police say they are questioning a man in custody. he has not been charged. just last month a canadian woman was killed while going for a run on the island. >> victor: in today's health cast new reseaeah about glaucoma. it is the most common reason for irreversible vision loss affecting about 2.7 million americans. more tha a dozen genes have been listeninged to glaucoma, and now researches have discovered three more. optometrist barry kay said the more makers we can identify, the greater chances of someone developing graw coma i have to stress to everyone that doesn't stop us fro doing a good job of screening for glaucoma. we screenn everyone. it's just that if we know you have extra risk, thenn we're going to watch you extra close. >> victor: when it comes to protecting your eyes from glauco make sure object to get
4:47 pm
atudy found an increase of nitrate and leafy greeee was associated with a 20 to 30 percent lower risk of of glaucomaly related diseases. it comes on slowly so it's important to get those annual exams to flash flooding changes. >> janine: former tv children's show host means mr. wonder is behind bars for allegedly scheduley abusing young children during a many caking retreat. police say 76-year-old frank salas who was on the run for 37 years is accused of absolutely sexually abusing the children nearly four decade ago. he was arrested on monday. police say sale as would go on the run with his entire family and change his name but he didn't change his wades. >> even as recently as today we looked at an application that he had been putting out in bonita, california where he was arrested, soliciting and askingg young boys to come be a part of some camping trips and swimming excursions and things like that.
4:48 pm
charged to two counts of obscene behavior from a juvenile. >> victor: coming up at 5:00 tornado terror, wild weather across south florida. our live team coverage koontz 5:00. >> janine: also at 5:00 miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez saidhe state of the county is strong. our senior political reporter michael putney will have the mayor's state of county speech ahead. >> victor: plus, a cat in need
4:49 pm
we'll tell you about the rescue. >> janine: a power pole in arizona. neighbors in the area told rescue crews that it had been up there for several tase, but as soon as workers tried to get it down, the cat curd down the pole by itself. and then ran off. oh. three guys in new york tried to cash in on that big blizzard over the weekend victim of theybuilt anig loew and tried to list on it air b&b. it took almost eight hours. it had blankets inside, can build people, and they say they learned how to build it by watching videos on youtube. it was listed for 200 aids night but air bnb quickly took it down. they say they try to attract the ladies. >> they get pretty giddy when romantic it is. stuff touch.
4:50 pm
igloo as long as a bad idea. they were thinking about list p it on craigslist. >> janine: that's one strategy. they could work on making the entrance a little bit bitter so they don't have to climb on their hands and knees. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> victor: laurie and carnival back with what's next on 5:00. >> laurie: next on local10 news a fight of a tractor-trailer was on its side. >> calvin: and the driver of this transit bus lucky to be alive when the twister threatened to i represent apart. >>ettytyand everything you need to know about the forecast is next. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: off the top at 5:00, cars tacacd stacked on top of each other like toys today a brard college in coconut creek after 90-mile-an-hour winds ripped through the park can lot. >> laurie: a severe storm knocking over this huge trailer at a a warehouse in pompano beach. >> calvin: and take a look at
4:51 pm
caused the the roof of an apartment building in coconut creeee >> laurie: and live todd has more on the damage in pompano beach, derek shore is speaking to drivers costa up in the storm. >> and our terrell forney has more and michael at browardllege.neki at tdamage and weeks theng that's the worst of theore neieighborhood. residents are goin place to callight, the red cross assisting. as you can see behind a lot of cleanup, ea to clean up, but this building took a dead on hit. the path of tornado cut right by the buildings 1605 in the windmore residential community ripping off part of the roof. it also knocked around cars, cutting down trees in its path. >> it was only a stopper initially and some sort of wind gust coming across the area. you don't realize it had until
4:52 pm
see all the damages, and that's
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