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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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down and more rain, more severe weather could complicate things today. let's head straight over to meteorologist julie durda. >> so far we are sing those showers and storms effecting parts of browardd that do not need any rain. no surprise because yesterday we received anywhere from four tosix inches. coconut creek all the way to portions of boca raton so with that said that flood watch will be in if he can until 10:00 p.m. we don't need anymore rain but that's exactly where we're getting. some light to moderate rain over coral springs, these showers are lifting towards the northeast. as you c see boca raton still dealing with some light to moderate rain. an isolated drizzle over portions o ohialeah. again, i'm watching the leading edge of this area right now. this is basically a
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the national weather service is indicating that there's strong thunderstorms embedded in these showers and that's unfortunate because we could be dealing with the possibility of tornadic activities. i'll be here for you today just like i was yesterday. stormy at times. don't leave home without the rain gear. we can't rule out that chance of tornado activity. regardless we'll be dealing with heavy rain, gusty winds and a few storms today. constance? of course when t weather is bad, the roadways are bad. i-95 northbound off of pembroke road. folks zooming by without any issues but remember, you guys, when the roadways are wet, do not sleep in, get going. we don't want to be to be rushing into work and gettttg in these little fender-bender out here. i-95 northbound at pembroke road. when we saw the picture
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affecting our travel speeds. i-95 northbound at 6 street has cleared up. a really bad crash eastbound west-bound shut down at pines boulevard. this at 114th avenue. so if you live in the pines area, you normally take this east or west-bound, guess what, you're not going to get bruised. take sheridan street or pembroke road. a deadly crash involving a police officer shutting down pines boulevard and this is right near pembroke lakes mall. >> we do know a driver has died. sanela sabovic is at that scene. what happened? do we know h this started? >>reporter: good morning, jacey and eric. it's still a very active scene out here in pembroke pines where a crash involving a police s.u.v. cruiser, you see it right there, has turned fatal. we learned the driver of the gray infiniti has passed away. the crash happened along
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southwest 114th avenue around 2:00 this morning. this is near the pembroke lakes mall. police say a veteran male police officer who was on duty at the time of the crash was heading eastbound along pines boulevard. he did not have time to stop when the gray infiniti drove into the officer' path. six different witnesses told them that the woman driving the infiniti ran a red light. both the officer and the drdrer were taken to memorial regional hospital. again the driver of the infiniti passed away if her injuries there at the hospital. we got an update on the officer's condition just moments ago. >> the officer, thank u for asking, he's in stable condition. he's currently being treated at hollywood regional. >>reporter: back out live now, jacey and eric, police tell us they are looking to see whether
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crash from different witness accounts. they say that alcohol might have played a role but again that's very preliminary. also want to let you know pines boulevard heading east and west is still shut down. if you take this heading to work or school, do take a different route. sanela sabovic, local 10 news. also for you this morning a tornado touching down in broward county leaving behind a path of conststction. trucks are overturned, some trucks even. >> local 10 news reporter ben kennedy is lili in coconut creek for us. i know you're there and there's still plenty of construction to clean up. >> we're talking about a lot of damage this morning. you can still see signs. this fence has been bent after a tree came tumbling down right on top of it. take a look at those
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they are literally jutting out of the ground. the tornado touched down cutting a path of damage nearly two and a half miles long. parts of the roof were thrown on to the ground, windows busted out and even cars were moved around. across coconut creek parkway the twister took aim on broward college. students and protesters heard the sirens and took off for cover. a truck was flipped on its side. a honda was sent airborne ending on top of a toyota. this cell phone video was sent to us by a viewer showing the ef-1 tornado with winds up to 100 miles per hour. nearby on the turnpike, trucks were tossed dround like toys. this truck was turned on its side and blocked traffic. back live to coconut creek, and in fact this homeowner cuts down a lot of the tree here for this to be shipped away. as for broward college,
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resume as normal. th are set to kick off close to 8:00 a.m. ben kennedy, local 10 news. and we do want to see your photo and videos when bad weather comes your way. send them to us at remember to tell uswhere you are and make sure you take those pictures. who flfl a drone into the path of a plane as it was landing at miami international airport. we're told the plane from chicago was just about one to two miles away fro the end of the runway when the drone was spotted on wednesday morning. th boeing 737 landed safely and the drone never c ce in con tack with the plan. it happened earlier this month, two gunmen storm into the storm on january 5th. thth is at lincoln avenue and duval street. police believehey took off in a gray dodge charger. in the endne person was killed.
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leaves behind a wife and three-year-old daughter. the victim was taken to ryder trauma center after the shooting with critical injuries. accused of trying to kidnap a three-year-old girl at miami international airport. a judge set $500,000 bond for the 42-year-old yesterday. police say he approached the girl as she was walking to her water fountain with her six and seven-year-old siblings. he grabbed her by the wrist andnd tried to leave with her. ted cruz challenging drum top a one on one debate. trump says he will be holding a fundraiser for veterans in iowa at the same time of the debate. he says in the past he hasn't been treated fairly b) the fox network and their moderator megyn kelly so he decided to sit this one out. you can bet our local 10
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covering it all for you. michael putney will break down the debate tonight, his analysis. glenna millberg live in des moines, iowa previewing the debate and donald trump's event here a a 6:00. medical marijuana back on the ballot. the amendment now has enough signatures to be included on the ballot again. it will require a 60% vote. if you remember last time medical marijuana was back on the ballot and it received 58% approval. we are now seeing video of a botot bandit burglarizing a coral gables plastic surgery office. the break-in took pce at the coral gables medical office off of south dixie highway. surveillance cameras were rollingt miami plastic surgery capturing the thiefwearing a santa hat filled with botox, syringes and needles. you can call policif you recognize the man in
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developing this mornin missing teen mist. this student disappears and now his father is in jail, accused of trying to leave the country. sandusky showing the moments a car overturns and skids into an intersection on its side. we want you all to be prepared because there will be the possibility of strong to severe storms today. heavy rain, gusty winds, we can't rule out a tornado all because of what's going on in the atmosphere. all of you are asking what'sausing all of this. i'll have that coming up after the break. dan marino in the spool, not in the game but the ads.
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appearance. >>reporter: good morning. topping america's money. >> under a proposal from the fdc, cable and
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see purchase the devices. >> right now everyone must lease the box from thei provider. the fast food chain said it has reports unusual activity on cards that had recently been used at some of itslocations. >> so customers are asked to check their bank statements. >> diet coke is hoping to refresh its brand. >> it's teamed up with a computerer giant to create the its mine program projecting color on to cans and bottles. no two cans will be alike. >> if you say so. >> that's cool. that's america's money. have' grate day, displerch a tri-rail train has bee railed. 40 people were on board. right now we know no injuries have been reported but they are continuing to evacuate passengers.
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reports of debris on the track. tri-rail recommending you find alternate transportation this morning. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll have a live report from you. a tri-rail train derails in broward county. no injuries to any passengers on board. we continue to fete a look at a tornado that damaged parts of the county. >> ef-1 tornado nothing down power lines and trees outside o@f a whole foods warehouse. workers were inside of the warehouse at the time. they knew something was happening because they can hear the chaos outside and that's whatyou hear people say all the time, you hear that train rumble. >> of we were first hearing about tornado warning, a lot of people think not in south florida but yesterday proved us wrong, julie. >> indeed. i don't say it so you don't listen.
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tornado warnings. we've been under this weather pattete for about two weeks. last sunday we had that issue, actually two sunday ago. we had a watch where tornado warnings popped up. when we tk about those warnings, we want to you heed what we're trying to tell you because it's very dangerous conditions out there. and with a tornadodo that can pop up in a matter of minutes or secretaries. we do have that flood watch in effect for broward because of all the rain that's moved in and the tropical moisture all over portions of the gulf of mexico in the southwestern half of the state for now, but that will all be headed our way. the other thing you need to know too is when you hear us talk about a thunderstorm warning, that's your first connection there could be the possibility of tornadic activity. that's where the brief little warning of, hey, we see something going on on the radar. en we talk about a severe thunderstorm
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to pay attention. you can see it's all on the radar. these pictures tell the story, moderate to heavy rain. deerfield beach getting a little l ltle bit of rain. all the way in from hialeah and north bay village and aventura. we are seeing dry conditions over kendall and cutler bay. the leading edge of some very strong storms, you heard me menon the leading edge over the gulf of mexico heading towards rtions of collier county. i wouldn't be surprised if the national weather service has severe thunderstorm warnings for the half of the state. we have a stalled-out front over lake okeechobee. this is exactly the same thing that happened yesterday. where that low is cated, we see a downer clockwise wind. therefore the wind are moving in from the southwest to the north east. that insta ability of the atmosphere with our wind at the surface could collide together
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shower and thunderstorm activity. good news is by tomorrow this will be a thing of the past. this front will clear south florida. it will be drier. north breeze will take ace. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. can't rule out the chance of a tornado, damaging wind gusts. heavy rains and a few storms possible as we go into the afternoon. we are expecting drier, more comfortable condions. speaking o o the weekends. lows will be in the 50s saturday morning and upper 50s to low 60s sunday morning. >> brrr, cold. roadways are wet in both counties so we have been busy wh the number of accident. let's get to i-95 on commercial boulevard where we have an earlier crash. you can kind of seeee the roadways are a little damp out here. you obviously see the rain just pass thrgh that location. so if you're traveling in this spot again, this is affecting our northbound lanes and i-95 at commercial boulevard but t tse
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60 miles per hour. cruising down south looks like i-95 looking good, turnpike, 441 without any issues. cruising into miami, okeechobee road seeing some sloloowns there right inside the palmetto expressway. let's zoom in a little bit to see what i'm talking about here. northbound, southbound lanes looks like once you pass the palmetto expressway is where we'ree seeing those issues. maybe there's an accident scene or road debris. and finally a reminder of this really serious crash, a fatal crash involving a police officer. pines boulevard eastbound-west-bound shut down at 114th avenue. take pembroke road or sheridan. >> constavce, thanks for that. new surveillance deo for you showing a man being robbed while he was witrawing. >> how to pro tech yourself from thieves like this when you're at the atm. that's ahead. constance has told us about this.
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near 114th avenue. that right in the area of the pembroke pines mall. the officer was stable but the driver was killed. avoid pine east and
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i-75. got out of the car. he's like arrest, he's like just shoot me then and they did, they shot him dead. >> a person is dead, 11 other in custody this morning after a dangerous counter with law enforcement,
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coming three week after our militia members took over a federal wildlife reserve in federal oregon. seven of the 11 people arrested including the group's leader were in court yesterday. they are facing felony charges. bundy pleading with the reminding members. new information about that man hunt for threre california inmates on the run. at least five people have been arrested in connection to the escape. the orange county sheriff says some of those arrested are a part of the vietnamese gang there. the three escapees are still on the run. deputies say t ty broke
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through sea turtles fromcape cod are safely resting here in south florida. they believe the turtles were feeding in cape cod bay for the summer but became trapped as they tried to swim south for the fall. a kinkajou finally making its way home. >> after causing quite the scare in a 99-year-old woman's home. it curled up nice and cozy and comfy on the woman' chest. they kind of scared the heck out of each other, right, but now the animal which is native to central and south america -- it's kind of a cross between a raccoon and it's been reunited with its owner. they s s the story about his pet was found right here on local 10. that's how the reunion happened. >> i was at the pointing my house and i had to move to my brother's
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temporary cage and she open it up. happened. >> i was going to say a cross between a raccoon and monkey. but that cute little ce will not be scaring anyone in the midst night anymore. >> constance, you know you want to play with it. >> i wouldn't have it on me l le that. a broken down car, looks like it's a pretty big accident scene. road rangers are there. we continue to follow breaking news. a deadly crash involving a pembroke pines police officer shutting down pines boulevard at 114th avenue. that's right in front of pembroke lake mall. the other one is the one who was killed. are still getting updates from sana. we will keep you updated all day long. a ve look at the radar. as you can see another stormy day on t horizon.
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set with what you need tonow about another
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severe storms right here we have breaking news this morning, a deadly crash involving a police officer. pines boulevard shutdown. we're live with the details and alternate routes. totnado touchdown, the wildest videos from wednesday's stores and the cleanup that is now under way. and fortunately, my friends, we are going to see some more strong to severe storms possible. i'll have the forecast you don't want to miss coming up. developingight now, a man arrested after trying to leave the country a month aftewhen i son's disappearance. let's get right back to our top story this rning, that wild weather hitting south florida. the tornado tossing
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we're talking aboutcars, trees, we're talking about all kind of damage throughout broward county. >> we're showing you some of the vehiclele right here and the system is not over yet. radar right nowery busy. let's get back to weather authority meteorologist julie durda. >> we were concentrating on the showers and storms just to the west southwest of us because those storms will be headed our way. we saw so much rain yesterday over parar of broward, anywhere between four t six inches of rain plus six to eight inches. therefore the national weather service is not taking any cautions because you knowing. we need to have this flood watch in effect until 10:00 tonight pause we're expecting even more rain currently. we've been seeingthese showers tuning in from the upper level wind flow. parts of broward, mainly it looks as though the heavy amount of precipitation has pushed offshore but still a
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raton, coral springs. a light drizzle over aventura. the bad news is, it looks like it could be coming in for the later half of the morning. something i'm going to keep you posted with. don't worry, i was here yesterday and will do it all oveve again today. it will be stormie so make sure you have the rain gea and we're expecting the possibility of a severe weather threat jt because all of the ingredient are there. i'll have more coming up. >> thanks, julie. i-95 northbound at commercial boulevard, we thought it was just a broken down car but it's an accccent scene. right. they are off to the shoulder. not really affecting traffic because it's off to the shoulder. all of our main travel laned are open this morning, so that's a good thing. we have a new crash to talk about, this one off the dolphin expressway west-bound. let's see when our drive speeds are this morning. not too bad at all, right, if you're headed in that location. the continue pike not
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looks like in the area is where we're seeing the slowdns. this is north of the intersection with u.s.-1 and those speed at about 33 miles per hour. that's 29 males per hour, right. one of the things to get to, a reminder of the fatal crash involving a police officer affectingeastbound an west-bound lanes off of pines boulevard. instead take sheridan street or pembroke road. back to that breaking news, a woman killed in a crash with a police officer. that collision constance just mentioned shutting down parts of pines boulevard east and west-bound. nstance giving us a traffic update. we'll go right to that scene where sanela sabovic has been there all morning long with an update. sanela? >>reporter: good morning. more than four hours after that fatal wreck involving a police cruiser, workers are still here on the scene
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this is near pembroke lakes mall. police say the officer was on duty at the time of the crash, heading eastbound on pines boulevard. it was at that time witnesses sawaw a woman who was in her 20s driving a gray infiniti driving southbound, ran a red light and drove right into the officer' path. both the officer and driver were transported to the hospital. we know the officer is in stable condition this mornrng. the driver of the gray infiniti passed a ay from her injuries at the hospital.. we got an update on how the officer is doing. >> thank you for asking. he's in stable condition. there's no serious injuries and he's being treated at the hollywood memorial regional. >>reporter: based on these witness accounts, police are looking to see if alcohol was a factor in this crash.i just wanted to mention police updated us a
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boulevard heading east and west-bound will be shut down for the next two to three hours. rotting live in pembrbre pines, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. a train derailment in pompano beach. >> this is involving a tri-rail train. erica rakow is live. was anyone injured? >>reporter: no reports of injury yet. i'm told tri-rail has some of the railroad crossings shut down south and north of pompano beach. right now we're on cypress creek road and the arms of this crossing just opened up. we have police here blocking off the intersection at andrew avenue and cypress creek road. the public information officer tells us there were 40 people on a northbound drain. the crew says they dow
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they derailed. we're told at this point they are evacuating that train. agai 40 people on it. there are maintenance crews out here working on the tracks and police at several different intersections. tri-rail has said they are setting up a bus to take people. both sides effected at this point. tri-rail advising that if you are relying on the trains to get to where you need to go this morning, you're going to run into some pretty heavy delays. we're going to move on and try to find exactly where that train is. i'm told it's just south of atlantic. you can tomorrow for update momently. erica rakow, local 10 news. the tornado right now, oh, whoa. >> you heard it right there, tornado toucucown. new video showing the moments a car flipped over on a highway.
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to cleanup. it appears coconut creek and pompano beach hit the hardest. we now know it was an ef-1 tornado that moved through on wednesday morning. while it moved out very quickly, it left behind a lot of mess to deal with today. ben kennedy live for us in coconut creek with more on the destruction and the cleanup. >> good morning, jacey. you can still see signs of the tornado. this fence has literally been knocked down after the tree behind me was torn out of the ground. take a look. the roots now are now sticking up. reporter: battering homes and toppling trees, a tornado cutting a path of damage nearly two and a half miles long. a confirmed ef-1 tornado touched down with wind up to 100 miles per hour. >> wt down, touched down, lifted, touched
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what we call a very discrete path. >>reporter: a video posted on instagram shows a car being turned on the turnpike in coconut creek. it's nearby that more cars are t tsed around like toys. >> neighbor's basketball hoop came flying across the street a took out two window. >>reporter: a scary sight for students. >> i think this wind blow out off nowhere. terrifying. >>reporter: there are piles like
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neighborhood, trees and limbs gunpoint. it all happened at an atm in pompano beach. bso set up surveillance
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a third suspect still on the run. new video this morning showing a crash on the streets of miamimi we see a car clipping nome, then flipping on to its side into oncoming traffic. this happened at southwest eighth street, 32nd avenue on tuesday night. amazingly only a police officer suffered a minor injury. no one else was hurt. david marini, the driver of the car that flipped arrestst for d.u.i. and reckless driving and he's still in jail this morning. joaquin el chapo guzman being booked after he was captured. remember this it. the video describes in detail how the drug lourdes cape cod from the mececssen prison he was in last july. > the united nations
6:34 am
haiti must resolve its election runoff. the top u.s. representative to haiti recently spoke about all the unrest. >> i t tnk it is very important for the ongoing electoral cycle to be completed as on as possible, and i think it is very important, given the tense moments that the country is living right now. >> protestors blocked the street and set fires in port-au-prince. thth country will soon be left without a leader if voting is not rescheduled. current president martelly is said to leave the office on february 7th. a man is accused of dressing up as a doctor and killing a patient. broward you're under a flood watch until 10:00 p.m. miami get ready, showers and stormss are on the way. we could see some strong to severe weather going into the afternoon. lots to talk about. i'll have it comi up
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but first dan marino back in the super bowl? a preview of his add
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ahead. we are still seeing shots of the devastating damage left behind by the tornado yesterday. it was right near broward college, one of the hardest hit areas. >> the severe weather had a significant impact on drivers in the area. take a looooat the aftermath on the turnpike in coconut creek. some even flipped over. but right now let's talk about broward county is under a flood watch for today. >> b busy, be vigilant and be prepared because you say we could see similar conditions yesterday. >> yesterday at this time no surprise, talking about the line of storms that sparked tornadoes. those were the storms
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we've been talking about the severe weather threat for about two and a half days. so you have been watching and hopefully you're listening and heed the warnings we're providing for you. currently we have a flood watch you heard everybody mention this morning across parts of broward. yesterday some isolated areas about eight inches of rain. more rain moving in from the southwestern half of the state and that will continue. right,000 we are seeing dry conditions over parts of broward and in toward portions of miami-da. i'm happy to tell you a little bit of a break where more rain just starts to move in. everything starting to develop mainly over mainland miami-dade and inland broward. uppelevel winds moving in from the southwest to the north east. so with that said, heavy rain, gusty wind and severe weather will be the possibility today. we have an area of low pressure developing over the gulf of mexico, very similar situation to
6:38 am
the one that brought us the tornado activitit is right here over the atlantic. so this morning we are expecting another round oftorms. some of these storms could be strong to severe. we are expecting the possibility of heavy rip throughout the day. by tonight, pay attention, the front will clear. we'll have high pressure building to the north. we'll say good-bye to the showers and storms and hello to lots of sunshine and beautiful weather for the weekend. even cooler an leses humid conditions. until then we have to get through the positive bill of some severe weather over broward, miami-dade and the keys.& we can't rule out a chance of a tornado embedded in the shower activity we're expecting. we are going to see temperatures much cooler once this front does clear. we are going to see temperatures tomorrow in the low 70s for highs. lows will be back in the
6:39 am
it will be overwith by the weekend. happy to tell you that. >> hey, before i get to all these accidents, for yo folks who take tri-rail in the morning. maybe you travel north into west palm beach, erica rakow is on the scene, the train is derailed. so, hey, i would avoid tri-rail at this point, at least for the next hour or so. they are going to wait for the sun to come up, clean the area out there. you know what i'm saying. take alternate transportation. palmetto expressway eastbound here, we@ have an accident scene. this is near lejeune road. see those flashing lights. all of travel lanes are open. the lookie-loos are going to slow you down. eastbound drivers right here this morning. speeds around 20 miles an hour there. if you're traveling west-bound at the dolphin expressway approaching 27 m avenue,
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an hour, heavy delays there. another final reminder, pines boulevard eastbound-west-bound shut down due to a fatal crash at 114th avenue. instead take sheridan street or pembroke road. the woman who sued casey anthony for defamiliaring a, she's en arrested accused of using a stolen credit card to buy hundreds of itims. they went on a shopping spree after stealing the ca when the victim was in the hospital. the defamiliaration suit against anthony was thrown out. michigan's legislature iss about to approve $20 million in additional funding to address the emergency in the water supply. the governor says more water tests will also be conducted. retail giant amazon is making a super bowlw commercial debut.
6:41 am
upcoming ad, dolphins star dan marino stars alongside alec baldwin. the two are discussing plans for a super bowl party. >> i like it. from that pricey ad to a pricey photo of a potato. >> how much would you pay for a snapshot of a spud? you'll be shocked for how much it's worth. >> and i'm irish so i get it but still. we have to say following the breaking news following the crash, we do know it will be shut d dn for hours, at least for 9:00 or 10:00 a.m.s what sanela is saying at the scene.
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and avoid paying a fee of $695 or more. this is your last chance to enroll. - someone helped me find a high quality plan and financial help to pay for it. - narrator: sign up at the deadline is january 31st. a homeless man being blamed for a fire at a new orleans building. remember we brought you
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that future inside a building to keep warm but the flames quickly spread out of control. there were no injuries reported but the suspect was taken into custody. now to a developing story, american airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing after several people on board seriously fell i@l. the flight departed for london-bound for los angeles. the plane circled back to london where those people were evaluated. it's still up clear what happened and why that mysterious illness. police in puerto rico are on the hunt they say for a man who roamed around a hospital dressed as a doctor. police say the man is the suspect in the murder of an 18-year-old woman recovering after givi birth. she was found in a room with two puncture wound to her neck. how much would you pay for a print of this potato?
6:45 am
it sold more more than that. celebrity photographer said he sold is for a million euros. >> they say it was a big deal because it represented the irish famine and irish heritage and it's supposingly meaningful. i'm irish. >> would you pay $1 milllon for a photo of a toe at the same timeos. not a million euro state police gerber has crowned aid new baby of the year. >> if you love dimples and a tiny smile. look at the winner, seven month old isla from t ty, michigan. she was one of 170,000 entries. the mysteriris panel said they look for happiness and expressiveness. hair. >> it looks great. >> 50,000 bucks can get
6:46 am
gerber baby food. mom and dad, you know of i' saying this morning. miami-dade police department's largest graduating class ever will walk across the stage. >> the officer trainees completed three different levels of classes. congrats. we so appreciate you working for us. >> absolutely. we do continunu to follow breaking news. >> the officer hospitalized and we have all t t details and at that the routes because that drive is still shut down in pembroke pines. remember what the radar looked like yesterday at this time. another severe line of storms headed our way. don't worry. we've got you covered. everything you need to
6:47 am
right here hi there, sosoh florida. we are watching some strong storms on the radar. there is a flood watch
6:48 am
p.m. for broward because they've seen the worst of the weather. showers and stotms continue to dampen our area a line of storms we continue to watch. it has this con sift ency of being very strong. we're finally seeing a little bit of a break, broward and miami-dade but don't leave the rain gear at home. you're definitely going to need it today and we will see the possibility of severe weather all morning. i'll be with you during gma. no one wants to see this in the morning. this is i-95 southbound at griffin road. a crash here obviously blocking at least one lane of traffic. miami-dade county county eastbound lanes here road. we're seeing stop and go traffic there for the foakd heading towards the big curve. the dolphin expressway west-bound at 27th reminder, pines boulevard eastbound-west-bound
6:49 am
take sheridan or people broke road. a woman is dead, eavesser in the hospital after a crash. police say the woman ran red light. the officer could not stop in time. that officer is expected to recover from his injuries. tornado cleanup continuesscross coconut creek and pompano beach today. an ef-1 twister touched down yesterday. no one was seriously hurt. the fath of a 16-year-old son charged with abandonment. they say his son auggie has been missing since december 18th but did not report him missing until januaryth. keep it right here on local 10 because michael putney will have analysis and glenna millberg is already in iowa. >> we're having a really busy thursday morning. a lot going on. the tri-rail as well.
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on that derailment. stay safe, stay dry
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