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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we still have that potential for more rain in the area iff not a gusty line of showers and storms, which is what we're expecting later this evening. so more rain, can't rule out gusty storm perhaps pushing severe limits. we'll watch out for that. in the morning we're turning drier and cooling down, and by tomorrow afternoon cool breeze, njce day on the way. but before we get to that, more stormy weather potentially. calvin. >> calvin: thanks a lot, betty. another twister hit south florida today. take a look at the damage. this is at atlantic community high schoo in delray beach. > laurie: a heavy metal fence ripped from the ground and large trees uprooted. we want to get you right to local10's hatzel vela. he's live were a look atll this destruction. >> hatzel: laurie, we wanted to showowou the back end of the church because there's still a lot of act of out here. u see crews right now cleaning up some of the mess left behind. these are all limbs, part of that massive tree that we're told brought down one of the power lines. thankfully these folks arere staying that a lot of the damage
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did see one of the fences that was pretty much toppled, but no real infrastructure damage, and the best thing about this whole thing is that no one was injured. >> this t ts is the office where i work. >> hatzel: j.p. lipstick shows you how it happened it. >> got very loud, and as i opened the door, i opened the door and said "hi, ryan," there was a sheet of water behind and us the patio furniture was going that way. >> hatzel: and church surveillance video is there to prove her storyry ryan is a delivery guy they know well, 6'2", a big guy who i was porful winds. you can see the furniture being background. >> ryan grabbed me, and i grabbed the door, and then h h grabbed the door, and then it took the two of us. >> hatzel: what a mess. at st. mary's anglican church in delray beach, the winds taking down power lawns with multiple trees snapped in half, the fence bent like plastic. >> if i had been here a little
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the tree that fell in the parking lot. >> hatzel: that's bishop who feels fortunate, spared, he says, from the dangerous winds. when he ra rived at his church, ha he said i had reminded h'm off war zone. >> you're rattle not thinking. you're saying their, god. >> hatzel: it's that cross, her faith and her grandmother who passed she feels were at her side. >> he lived to 100 years old. she gave me this cross, so she's with me all the time. i'm very blessed. >> hatzel: so you can see cleanup crews continue to do their thing. they have been here since about noon earlier today. it looks like what'sgoing to happen is that this tree is going to be completely taken down because it's possibly in the the way of power lines. but again, no one injured and we're told that power was losos for a couple hours but eventually restored. reporting live in afternoon in delray beach, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: counting their blessing out there. for a second day neighborhoods in pompano beach
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was packing v vy powerful winds. local10's-to-todd is back on storm -- todd tongen is back on storm duty to show us more of >> todd: calvin, some super scary moments for residents of this pompano beach neighborhood that is just north of copans road just west of federal highway. it came up v vy quickly, strong winds knocking down this entire fence line, and power out to a large portion ofhe neighborhood. >> it was bad, man. it was crazy. never steen anything like it before. >odd: long lengths of fensioning mowed down and largey tree limbs snapped bike twigs. the storm plew the about 10:30 this morning. some thought it was a tornado but the national weather service says it was straight line winds. >> what are you holding, larry >> the exhausts fan from the next door neighbor's house. >> where did you find it? >> >> backyard. the tornadic c nth mccrone said it was fast and furious lasting less than 30 secondsy. >> looked out the window, heard a humming sound. twoecond later you could see it coming through.
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went this way. tree went down, luckily missed my truck. >> the noise was crazy. my could go dog jumped up on t t couch, looked out the window and it ran into the bedroom and hid. >> smart dog. >> yeah, i should have done the same thing. >> todd: the winds are so strong there used tribe shed where i'm standing covering these be paints, but it blew offer t ts fence, over this house, past the front yard, across the street all the way to the corner of northeast 25thh skort court and northeast 13th avenue. just east of here along the intracoastal water waugh sea tow was called in to say this 7:00 27-f-ft stratus. downed tree limbs took out the power at this home when it got a little dicey when this window mew out during the chaos thankfully no one was hurt. >> you got a big old lizard right behind your head. >> you got a hitchhiker here. he's a server, though, look at him. >> todd: local10 employees n
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chemical of photojournalist donnie dallas. the good news is the lizard w fine, the gentleman that was removing those tree limbs is fine. the owner says he can fix the fence. ananthe power should be on soon. in pompano beach, todd tongen,local10 news. >> laurie: isn't donny used to those geckosyet? thanks so much. from many po beach to coconut creek what a big ness to clain after yesterday's tornado toed around cars, pushed over a bus. local10 news reporter terrell stell is live with a cleanup effort. >> terrell: is and theest case scenario, they had branches and trees down in their yard but the worst case scenario was much more serious damage like you canan tell with this bent fence and this tree that is uprooted from the ground in this front yard. this heavy lifting and carting away of the excess debris has
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coconut creek neighborhood. where homeowners like cindy pause are still trying to get things back to normal. >> all of this is the avocado tree. i've been in this house for 18 years, and it was a bug tree when i moved in. >> terrell: cindy's a caudo tree isis thing of the past. have a caudo tree thanks to the tornado. >> when the biggest gust of wind came, i thought it was going to suck my sliding door right out of m kitchen. >> [bleep] >> terrell: one homeowner recorded this intense wind as it pushed through his own backyard. >> oh, that is a mini tornado coming by, ladies and gentlemen. holy [bleep] >> terrell: blowing away everything not tied down. another resident capture the whipping winds not far away, all creating a trail of damage that could run into the millions. todada we saw insurance adjusts out and about tallying up the destruction.
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gowten air lot of calls from people with damage to their roofs and structural damage to the soffits and driveways and trees falling on houses. it's been a pretty busy day. >> terrell: busy, but from a storm where neighbors here can quickly rebound.>> glad that the house is safe, people are safe, nobody was hurt. >> terrell: and for the first time since yesterday's storm, the sun trying to peek through the clouds. so this is really a lot of the homemeners around here to get out and walk around thehe property to get the full gist of the damage done there. we've ev spoken with one homeowner who thought she walked away unscathed yesterday but today realized that she had some damage outside of her home. but again, no injuries to report here. we are live in coconut creek, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: now to politicic republican presidential candidates will face off tonight in they are their final debate before the iowa caucuses without frontruner donald trump. he's skipping tonight's debate and holding his own compete be event. r senior political reporter
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to talk more about this one. michael. >> michael: donald trump sure knows how to drive his agenda, right through the mainstream media, if necessary. he says he is skipping tonight's debate because megan kelv fox news just hasn't been fair. >> thank you. >> michael: it's the final republican face off before the iowa caucusese and frontrunner donald trump is bicycling the event, telling bill o'riley oh fox news the network has treated him unfairly. >> i said how much of this do you take? i have zero respect for megan kelly. >> michael: megan kelly, tonight's m merator, sephardi with trump in the first debate showdown. >> you callele women you do not like fat pigs, dogs, sbs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosy o'donnell. >> michael: the latest poll shows trump leading in iowa, seven points ahead of ted cruz
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>> one-on-one debate,ano amano amano. >> michael: with trump out cruz is now center stage which could also make him a target. >> marco rubio is starting to gain moment um in iowa, and is if he isn't careful marco rubio could up and finish second. >> michael: the republicans lowest in the polls will be part of an undercard debate. at the very same time trump is holding a rally nearby for veterans. >> there is a lot of money for the vets. that's what we're going to do. >> michael: each candidate doing what he can to stand out with just four days until the first votes of the 2016 presidential candidates wille on the main stage tonight for the debate but most attention may be paid to the one who isn't there. in the newsroom with michael local10 news. >> calvin: our political team was both the debate and trump event covered. local10's glenna milberg just arrived in des moines, iowa, and bringsgss a preview of her coverage tonight.
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very cold des moines in, iowa, but this is hottest place in the political universe right now, and ming up in an hour we begin our caucus coverage gung with tonight's gop debate and the anti-debate donald trump event. we will see you then. >> laurie: we'll all be watching. in other voting news, medical marijuana, it will be back on the ballot this november. the petition for a constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana has more@ than enough signatures to be included. it will require, though, 60% of the vote in order to pass. the last time medical marijuanana was on the ballot back in 2014 we'll be right back only got 58% approval from florida voters. >> calvin: and rients it's time for to us get a check on the afternoon rush with local10 traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: still watching this accident on the palmetto heading west, northwest 67th avenue, seeing really heavy congestion. was we zoom on inn to our maps again this is palmetto expressway heading west web northwest 67th avenue with
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some construction on the palmetto southbound northwest 122nd street that's causing some problems. there are two right lanes blocked and speeds are at 15 miles per hour. now, checking out broward county, we've got an off-many ra blocked. this is on i-95 southbound, right around griffin road. we are seeing those heavy delays start at state road 84, and speeds there are at 31 miles per hour. calvin, laurie. >> calvin: there is more on today's tomato strike in delray beach coming up at 6:00. we have the dramatic surveillance video of the moment that twister took shook. >> thom: ak47 is one of the most dangerous assault rightful onthe market. >> calvin: first, communities across the country and right here in senator concerned with the spread of the zika virus. up next in today's healthcast we'll show how local researchers
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stop the spread of it for years. >> reporter: there today's health cast a newie report predict as many as 4 million new cases of zika virus. our medical specialist kristi kruegery says south florida researchers have working on ways to stop an outbreak of the virus for years. >> kristi: for years scary
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gay, chikungunya and now zika were mainly found in and around the jubs of south america, but climate exchange an increase in foreign travel that is these tropical diseases quickly and dangerously moving northward. >> so we have to be alert. we can't ever say anymorere oh, that only happens there. whatever happens there is going to happen hereren the u.s. >> the last ten or 15 yeaea. >> kristi: and corked to researchers at the university ofmiami, south florida needs to be ready now. that's why they've been studying climate exchanges effect on mosquito for years. >> if the climate raiments rather moderate and in fact the minimums go up and the maximum don't go up as much as has been the tortured a aumber of years, that means a worse buyers people because the mosquitoes are more likely to spread. >> kristi: but the change in temperature is not our onlyproblem. >> the same mosquitoes that spread chicken begun yea,
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americas we have here. >> kristi: how can we prevent an coyote break right here? experts say aerial sprayings an ineffective way for combat mosquitoes so researchers as um are looking into ways to bait thenetting areas where mosquitoes breed and slope. also under study, how the zika virus is feign expectant mothers and what can be done to protect women and their unborn babies. >> when it infects a pregnant mother in in the first tri mester we'll be right back looks like those mothers are having children that have very tiny brains, essentially microbrains. >> kristi: which is indeed very scary stuff, which again is why the cdc is urging pregnant windstorm even women thinking of getting pregnant not to travel to countries where the zika virus has been found. there is no treatment for this virus and no vaccine against it, either, so for most of us it
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label fever, but for pregnant women in that first tri mester, the results can be absolutely devastating. >> calvin: everyone is talking about it, kristi. thanks a lot. >> laurie: we have a flood watch in effect in broward until 10:00 tonight and we are seeing record rainfall. >> calvin: absolutely. double the amount of what we had on this amount date ever inn history, i guess, or since record keeping began. >> betty: for this particular date fort lauderdale one of those plalas almost doubling. i think it was .62 inches on this date in 1924. i'll recheck that, make sure you don't have my cities mixed up but i either way record rainfall not only for fort lauderdale but also for miami today, and there's still more in the forecast, by the way, even though we're notice a little lull around broward county, parts of miami-dade, too. this is what we're looking right now in and around miami. winds from the south-sweat of 11 miles a hour, lots of clouds still hanging tough and depending on where you are, there may still be some rain showers in your neighborhood,
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have more rain moving in if not some gusty showers with that rainfall. so let's's take you straight to the doppler radar and show you what's going on out thehe. so we did have one round to pushh through, the balance of that now heading out over the atlantic waters. so looking a lot better around broward county if you have to run out and get those groceries, this would be your tomb to do it. broward, by the way, official still under a flood watchful in 10:00 tonight. miami not under that flood watch but we still do have symptom rainfall in your area. stow it's not quite over around rfside as we're looking north of the city, even over toward hialeaea maybe a little rain, too, around miami shores, morth the bay village getting a little rainfall as well. here's is the the view deep south miami-dade. there's still rainfall stretching out toward the upper keys, just waiting for that back edge to push through that has been so slow to do so. but the view looking better from marathon into key west. and now we focus on what's happening on the west side of the peninsula.
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this band bea watching because it will be traveling eastbound. the big question is what time will it get here and how strong will it be when it starts to move into broward, miami-dade county and the keys. we still have to push the cold front through, and this band we're noticing moving in toward naples, that's closely associated with the actual cold front so there is still the chance that those showers or storms with that line could be strong. this forecast model trying to bring it through we'll say between 6:00 and 7:00 tonight, maybe a little too quick with it and maybe around 8:00 when we have passing gusty showers out there. so just be aware the that weather still is changeable tonight. buns we are settling in too to sleep tonight, the weather should be a lot of quieter, and that leads to us a northwest wind flow on friday, drier, cooler air flowing in. start, tomorrow around 60 in miami. some of yal inland may wake up to the upper 50s. highs in the lower 70s. a much have much nicer day and a
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to how we're wrapping up the week. rain returning to the forecast, though, on monday. >> calvin: just mauk it through today, tomorrow. >> laurie: and we'll dry out a little bit. >> calvin: a good weekend. today's storms led to flooding problems in they ever areas of south florida. >> laurie: streets were swamped on south beach. were you there? we're hearing from drivers who tried to get around all of this water. >> will: t e nba all-stars will be announced tonight and chris bosh deserves strong consideration.
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>> will: in just a few hours the nba will announce who is going north of the border for the all-star game. while dwyane wade will be the starter for they eastern conference, the question becomes will teammate chris bosh be joining him. bosh has had a solid bounce-back season for the heat.
5:21 pm
all-star break on with blood clots in his lung. he has returned to his old self. the gas for boime attacking the baskets. at times he is the heat's lead p scorer and one of the best stretch 5s in the nba. here look at the numbe that chris bosh has put up this year. you see he's averaging a team high 19.2 point per game, grabbing around 8 rebounds and game. no question picking bosh would also be good theaterer c.b. played his first years of the that theater. he would be booed there.. he's got my vote. we'll find outsoon enough. >> laurie: wouldn't that be awesome, what a way to finish his wild year. >> calvin: and also for his kids who he gave that shout-out to. >> will: he's always thinking of his kids.
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he's been the forts for the heat this year to keep them stable. >> laurie: and trouble to the tracks forcing tri-rail riders to find another way to get around today. >> calvin: let's get to janine andictor with what's next at 5:30. >> janine: imagine riding on the train when it suddenly goes flying off the tracks. that is what happened to this tri-rail rain in pompano beach earlier this morning. >> victor: more severe storms sweeping across south florida today, swamping streets in several coastal communities. >> janine: and all new at 6:00 we'll show you more of this surveillance video from another tornado that touched down today in delray beach. local10 news continues right after this. taking control of your health isn't easy. bucigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna.
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>> janine: right now 5:30, tri-rail trouble in pompano beach, a train full of commuters knocked off the tracks by debris. those pasngers had to be put on buses and driven to other stations to get where they needed to be. >> and we're still waiting to find out what caused that train
5:24 pm
let's get to local10's michael seiden. he's let's with the investigation, michael. >> meteorologist: i have. >> michael: it's an ongoing investigation. they're trying to figure out what that debris is when where it came from. talk about a frustrate go morning, many of these passengers telll us they were three hours late to work, and as you can see right now they aren't on the train. that's because we're waiting for ose buses to pick them up and take them to their next stop. from the diet ground, investigator at the scene of is an early morning crash. this tri-rail train full of commuters slammed into debris. the violent impact knocked it off the tracks. >> they told us to stay calm a be patient about it because nobody knows what is going on really. >> it just hit something and we stopped and the lig went on, and that's it. now i'm stuck here. >> michael: one engine erupted into flames, spillinin 22 gallons of diesel fuel onto the tracks, a dangerous situation for the 56 passengers and crew members onboard.
5:25 pm
the aftermath, the accident happening between the cypress creek and ppano beach stations. >> were you injured? >> no. >> no injuries. >> michael: 56 people were onboard. one man suffered minor injuries, taken to the h spital as a precautionary measure. investigators interviewed the members of the crew. an official claiming he saw debris on the track but had no idea what it was or where it came from. tonight an aerial view from sky 10. investigators collecting evidence assessing the damage, all this creating a massive headache, delays for hundreds of passengers. >> i think they could orgrgize it a little better. i'm not complaining. i'm just thinking they cocod organize a little better. >> michael: andd again, northbound trains are stopping right here at the cypress creek station. the southbound trains, they will not be farther than pompano beach. but remember at both stations there is a free shult that will pick you up and take you to the
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we are live tonight in fort lauderdale, i'm michael seiden. >> janine: thank you. another tornado touched down today this time in delray beach not far from atlanta community high schools west of interstate 35. we saw a metal fence damaged by the high winds and several trees and power lines brought down. >> victor: and a little closer to home, the story all day has beenenhe rain. here's a live look out of our miami towow c cera. yesterday miami didn't see too much rain. today, though, dififrent s sry. and for broward county they remain under a flood watch until 10:00 tonight. >> janine: chief certified meteorologist betty davis is all over it.she is here with a look at our radar. >> will: hi, everyon we're going to get through this together. already record rainfall across the area, now miami going up to 1.6 inches today, fort lauderdale 1.06 inches, and so forth and so on. we are noticing a lull in the rain over broward county, even though youemain under that flood watch until 10:00 tonight. one rou of rainfall, that is pushing offshore, still a few
5:27 pm
north of downtown miami, around aventura and, say, north miami, still some raindrops there but nothing too terribly heavy at this point although a a bit more persist than i'm sure a lot of you would like. then as we're looking down southeast miami-dade, southwest keys, key largo not quite in the clear but we're going to see this round push off toward the east, the back edge getting out over the atlanta waters, and that put us in line to focus on our next round which is already taking autism naples. we see a round of rainfall, a band setting up here, and we expect that to move into our vicinity later on this evening, probably around 8:00, 9:00 tonight. more rain, can't rule out a gusty storm in that, sohat outsidings chaff maybe a ponder tornado spinning up or damaging winds still is therere tonight. wy the morning, though, we're turning drier and cooler. and then tomorrow afternoon is sunshine breaking through. nice weekend on the way. >> janine: off the that rain causing flooding in some parts
5:28 pm
just take a look at the streets in this south beach neighborhood. this is just off of alton road looking more like rivers than roads. people catching ubers instead of their cars because of the major flooding. >> victor: andndetters at 5:30 the state attorneys office announcing a big bust today. dodds dozens of people arrested on drugs and weans charges. let's get to local10's liane morejon live in the video port with more. >> liane: victor, we're talking that this was the result a major collaboration, federal, state and local law enforcement coming together for a violence reduction partnership, targeting what they are calling high crime hot spots in south florida to bag their bad guys. >> we are here together to combine our resources and to ma sure that we hold accountable those who dare bring these guns and illegal drugs into what should be your safe havens. >> liane: in a joint news conference at miami's police
5:29 pm
office a aounced a bage major bust targeting south florida tease most dangerous illegal drugs and arms dealersrs >> these hard-working law enforcement partners used wiretaps, surveillance, search warrants and undcover operations in order to capture and dismantle these extensive distribution networks. >> liane: federal charges have now been filed against 55 people involved in various crimina@ activities. of those 40 are now in custody. police also seized 10 kilograms ofowdery cocaine, 9 grams of heroin and 500 grams of crack cocaine. they also collected over 500 rounds of ammunition and nearly 50 firearms. some of them were on display today ubaldo including a homemade machine gun. >> this is built to kill people with plain and simple. >> liane: they say there'still more to be done to keep south florida safe but this big bust is an important step. >> all these arrests, tall these
5:30 pm
going to have to lock herself in her bedroom tonight. >> liane: and the state attorney's'sffice said there are still 17 fugitives at large. we have just received photos of them. we're going to put them up for you on if you have any information on where they might be or on other crimes in south florida that you think they will want to know about, go ahead and call crimestoppers. the number is on your screen, 305-471-tips. live tonight in the video port, liane morejon, local10 news. >> janine: liane, thank you. >> victor: local10 investigator bob norman is digging into a legal peter mental health records. case of broward sheriffs deputy charged with manslaughter for shooting and carrying a man carrying aun unloaded bb gun. >> janine: a hearing was held today. >> bob: the lawyer for suspended broward sheriffs deputy peter peraza argued in court today for the reliefs medical records of jermaine mcbean who peraza shot and kilild in 2013 while on duty. >> no one wants this information
5:31 pm
this courtroom, whether it's in front of the court. >> bob: attorney eric schwartz wright claims t t records will show mcbean was unstable and possibly suicidal when peraza opened fire on mcbean while he was h hding an air rifle in his hand in his oakland park apartment complex, but the family and state attorney easers are fighting to keep those records from the defense and the public. family attorney david schoen. >> their argument essentially at the end of the day is that this deputy had a license to shoot and kill jermaine mcbcan because he suffered from bipolar disorder. that's offensive to the 50 or more million people around the world who suffer from bipolar disorder. >> bob: mcbean was hospitalized after he exhibited strange behavior at work. his boss jeff murano said that health care records are crucial to peraza's case. >> that's what we believe, is that his mental state is that he wanted to die. it was a classic suicide by cop. >> bob: i. evidence point to the
5:32 pm
mcbean never pointed a gun at anyone. >> very distinct from a suicide by cop. it is give them an easy out. >> bob: now the judge has set a new hearing to hash out what's ing to be done with those medical records. it's set for february 11th. at thehe courthouse, bob norman, local10 news. >> janine: and bobobells us that mcbean's family intends to fight the reliefs thoseecords not to the public but even from the judge's view. >> victor: now to the sheika ars of running rampant in venezuela. the mosquito-borne virushich has been linked to several birth defects in brazil is also a health concern in venezuela. 700 cases of potential zika infections have been reported and venezuela's health inspector is promising fumigation efforts and training for medical personal it was unclear how many pregnant women have been infected with the virus. >> janine: right now it's time fours to get a check on the rainy afternoon rush with our traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: let's take to you i75 southbound around sheridan street.
5:33 pm
that accident has moved off to the shoulder butted we are still seeing delays as we zoom on in to our maps. again this is i-vivedown southbound right around sheridan street even though that accident off to the shoulder, we a still seeing so many delays with speeds rat 36 hours u. miles per hour i-95. checking out i-95 southbound around sample road there is a crash there as well. looks like you are seeing those delays as you pass that crash with speeds at 34 miles per hour. and another accident on i-95 southbound, this is right around cypress creek road, seeing some really heavy delays as you're approaching that crash with speeds at 16 miles per hour. and as we cruise on dowowto dade county, this accident on the palmetto expressway heading west, this is northwest 67th avenue, that accident has carried cleared up but we're seeing heavy delays, a lot off red on our maps with speeds hardly moving at allll, 8 miles per hour. janine. >> janine: this just in fromm fort lauderdale. the sentence for a bookkeeper
5:34 pm
million dollars from the family-run business that she worked for. local10 first broke the story in december. jackie roberts was accused of embezzle end emotional over a period of several years. she worked for mr. electc, owned by the catrati family. the family says they became friends. robert even took them on vacation, but she was using their money. after pleading no contest with roberts has sentenced to two and a half years in prison followed by 20 y ars probation. she also has to pay $350,000 in restitution. v more severe thunderstorms swept across south florida today and we're now seeing surveillance video from a church inelray beach when a tornado touched down. >> janine: and a police officer caught on camera ordering a driver to shake out her bra right in front of him. coming up, hoey his actions could lead to a lawsuit. >> victor: plus, we'll tell you who a high school wrestling match turned into a lesson in compassion for everyone involved. >> janine: first as we head to break a life picture from our mount sinai medical center
5:35 pm
doesn't look quite as rainey was
5:36 pm
coming. >> victor: gunmakers kalashnikov ussa is gogog to start
5:37 pm
rifles h he in south florida. the company began producing them inennsylvania last year. genuine ak47s, the most popular assault rifles in the world, have spiked in value. the new factory will be built in pompano beach. >> janine: a grand jury has indicted a police officer for his violent arrest on a city councilmember in prairie v vw, texas. that councilmember was tased and it was all caught on camera. this incident happened last october. cell phone vid shows prairie view city councilman jonathan miller bng hit with a taser, and accused ofnterfering with a police investigation and resisting arrest. miller and some friends were outside practicing a dabs routine for prairie view's a&m's homecoming. here's what miller told reporterat the time. >> i put my hands up, you know, and i backed up and, you know, just was wondering what did i do, how am interfering, and that's when i was slammed to the ground.
5:38 pm
police officer. >> janine: a grand jury decide diet police officer michael kelly for official oppression. miller's attorney hopes the district attorney's office will consider dropping charges of resisting arrest and interfering with the police investigation against him. >> victor: a woman in michigan is now speaking out about a traffic stop in which she says ha an officer asked her to shake her bra. the rueebow turned not a search for contraband with a dr-sniffing dog being called out to the scene after a passenger admitted had to something small a marijuana. the woman says that the experience left her feeling degraded and she believes that the officer should have handledthat situation differently. >> i feel like i was sexually intimidated, humiliated, violated and very embarrassing. >> i would agree with our client who feels that after the first time it got to be too much. i think if the officer suspected that she had contraband in her bra and it didn't comeut with the first shake, you needed to get a female officer nearby or
5:39 pm
>> victor: and she is she is now asking for $50,000o settle her complaint against the officer. >> janine: a man stopped for a traffic violation in oklahoma ends up stealing a state trooper's patrol car, and this was all caught on camera. the 23-year-old was pulledver for following too closely and unsafe lane changing. the trooper decided to search his car andound seral large bags of marijuana in the trunk. while the driver was cuffed and t into the patrol car while troopers continued search his car, and that is when he managed to slip his hand cuts of from back to front, slide over into the driver's seat and take off with the trooper's police dog still in the back. he crashed into a fence and took off running but he was ready about a half hour later. and a picture of compassion from pennsylvania where truckers and other drivers, you're going to see this, they ford a human chain to rescue a tck driver who had lost control on the snowy turnpike, his rigeja off the road when those strangers caca to his recuse coupe the
5:40 pm
taken to the hospital to get treatment. >> victor: let's bring in our chief meteorologistetty davis. perhaps the busiest woman in the newsroom the past few days. not sure if there's enough cuban coffee to get us through this weather. >> janine: i don't know if there is. what can we expect in? >> betty: tomorrow is from you and we will have more more showers and storms tonight. meanwhile we're in a lull. hollywood beach, i've seen that one perso and that's about it. we can understand why. it's so very wet out even thoug the rain has stopped. 72 degrees in fort lauderdale and miami. key west, we see you down there. 77 is your temperature. our sky cast m mel showing that we could have a few more showers coming through this evening, so gusty showers, that's what we're calling for, maybe getting here just after 8:00 tonight. so far that line hasn't actually advanced in our direction, but we're hoping it doesn't do what happened with what happened earlier today around delray beach in palm beach county.
5:41 pm
touchdown there, a weak tornado, an each vo winds 65 to eye of miles an hour with this one. some church roof damage as that storm traveled toward thee northeast, tree damage as well along its path, it started all around 10:32 this morning. we tracked it on the doppler radar as it continued its journey. also some tree damage reported in boynton beach before it finanay moved off shore toward boynton inlet. an ef-0 today and yesterday in broward county an ef-1 tornado. not wanting to see more of that but we cannot rule it out once get our second round moving through later tonight but at least for now we are catching a eak around miami as that big batch of rain and showers has now shifted off over the atlantic waters, just a few sprinkles still down toward the upper keys. we're in the clear for now harn investigate. but here's that next band taking aim at naples, and that band occurring just ahead of a cold front, a colol front that has to
5:42 pm
ususinally clear out. we know the front haas hasn't moved through. number one we still have arena ahead of it and our winds are still coming in from the southwest sustained about 10 t t 20 miles an hour. so we're waiting on that wind shift to move in from the northwest because that will allow some drier, cooler air to work into the area, and once the front pushes through and we get in a northwest wind, temperatures will fall. so the cool air, it's going to return as soon as friday, so friday morning temperatures around 60 in miami is where we will start, and then look at the lows we're forecasting around saturday morning, lower 50s. so we'll be back the in jackets and sweaters come this weekend. high temperatures tomorrow, lower 70s. that's about all we'll make. yesterday, miami topped out at 82. so what a difference. so some drier weather withp cooler weather in store for the weekend. should be nice. victor. >> victor: you might want to stick around for this one because this baby ijust adorable. this is seven-month-old isla,
5:43 pm
baby photo contest. this little baby beat out more than 1 vive thousand lther babies. she lives in troy, michigan with her patients and older sister, and the family will now receive $50,000 in pri money and gerber will share her photos on inagram and facebook through the the year. she also has the option of appearing in ads. notice the diplomats? >> janine: and the full head of hair. >> victor: wow. >> janine: she'll sell om -- ifd she decides to be in the ads she'll d sell some strained peas. >> janine: yeah. >> janine: have you heard hear about this? she has become an online sensation thanks to his piano playayg. a high school student in michigan. take a listen. he's really good. and he's never taken a lesson. 18-year-old montel west does not read music, he doesn't have a piano at home. he tell actually says he learned to play on an electronic keyboard and from wating videos on youtube. since this video has posted he's
5:44 pm
piano lessons and even free pianos. also been contacted by record label in los angeles. >> victor: and there are hundreds of animals in need of loving homes right here in south florida. today our animal advocate jacey birch has a couple of boughser buddies who would love to play with you. >> want this tennis ball? i wasn't ready. didn't throw it yet. give it to me. i don't think i'm winning this tug-of-war. all right. hi, guys. i'm jasey birch with the humanan society of greater miami, and i have a dog that likes to play, don't i? all right. we also of a bonded pair, laurie. >> yes, this is morty and marlon. marlon is a lab retriever and this one is a lab, also, but with some german shepherd and they three and four years old and they were a bonded pair, they came in together. they were an owner surrender and they're so deserving and playful and as you can see lots of fun. you are not going to win this one. >> i am not but he wants me. come on, try and take it. >> we also highly encourage adopting larger dogs.
5:45 pm
because of all condos and the restrictions, so if you have a home that you can take in a bigger dog, these two would make a great addition to any family. >> jasey: we've got to find you guys some homes. first, to go there you can check out the pet section. this is the deal. you guys get the ball. i get you homes. okay? all right. go! whew! good job. a lot more news still ahead at 6:00. here are some of the top stories that we are working on. we have more on today's tornado strike go delray beach including this surveillance video of the moment tha twister struck. >> victor: teed storms storms also swamping streets all oaf south florida. we'll show you some of the worst hit areas. >> janine: plus we are hearing from frustrated riders after a tri-rail train went off the
5:46 pm
beach.` >> victor: now tie heartwarming story from massachusetts where a high school wrestling champ helped into the student athlete's dream come true. that other wrestler is a special needs student but you would never know it once he steps onto the mat and the match begins. >> went out there, he wanted a match, i wanted to tangle with him. >> victor: norton high school wester devin i is undefeated or at least he was until he took on randy from a rival high school over the weekend. >> when you get a story like this, and you have a fine young man like devin can s sp up and
5:47 pm
in for a tussle. >> devin chucko is a class act. >> victor: a top-ranked wrestler kucko is also a team captain known for his leadership skills so when howe lynn came looking to compete he nevern >> he had a good move. i couldn't stop it. >> did he surprise you? >> yes. he is a strong kid. >> you have a good move. did it feet good? >> je. >> victor: it was one of those quiety moments that came out without fanfare but an alert parent r@corded the match knowing it was worth recording. >> ditch h a natural respect for any wrestler such as andy, and i think devin dispred there that it's never wrong to do the right thing. >> if i had to lose tingsome, i'd like to lose to andy, you know. like it was a win of win in my vote. >> think you're both champions. >> yes. >> good job. >> thank you. >> victor: that was actually a good move there. >> janine: it really was.
5:48 pm
>> victor: and that's going to do it for local10 news at at 5:30. >> janine: coastal carolina at a calvin and laurie be back. >> calvin: a chester targeting a south florida church. >> laurie: and wednesday brought terror to drivers on the turnpike. >2 calvin: and the rain just keeps on coming. will it ever come to an end? betty. >> betty: and the chance for more rain and gusty storms tonight. your weather authority is watching the radar. >> lauaie: dangerous derailment, the udrih rail train going off the tracks with dozens of people onboard. >> calvin: plus, glenna milberg in iowa for tonig's debate. she talked to someone very close to a leading candidate. the news auto 6:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioninincompany >> laurie: right now at 6:00, another day of wild weather, and another tornado touching down in south florida. that twister targeting a church in delray beach this morning. >> calvin: and p pple there have spent the day cleaning up the damage the twister left behind. local10 news reporter hatzel
5:49 pm
our top story at 6:00. hatzel. >> hatzel: and, calvin, some of the damage you talked about has now been cleaned up. you see the debris here, lots of limbs from those trees that came toppli down because of the wind. the wind also responsle for what you see here on your right, that fence now on its side. youan see the bricks below it tere uprooted, all of these folks at this church wondering or hoping or praying, really, that nothing else worse happens. >> this was my office. we don't have powerer routine but this is my office. >> hatzel: this is where j.p. lipstick was sitting when the door well bell rings. >> it got very loud, and as i opened the door, i opened the door andnd said "hi, ryan," there was a sheet of water behind campmp the patio furniture was going that way. >> hatzel: church surveillance video shows ryan, the delivery guy they know well, 6'2", a big guy, who you can see was having trouble with the powerful winds. >> ryan grabbed me, and i grabbed the door, and then he
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