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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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took the two of us. >> hatzel: st. mary's anglican church in delray reach bey, the& wind taking down power lines, multiple trees snapped. >> there were branches all in the middle of the street out here and the big palm trees across the drive the way. it couldn't get in. bishop bill pererns mussed it by minute. it touched down in a neighborhood southwewe of the church, then moved northeast. >> you weren't here when this happened. >> hatzel: grace level thought inititlly it was damage at her neighbor he's house. >> we came back and saw that all the fire engines and the guy next door. she was partly right, but it was damage that spilled into her yard. the tree came crashing down, bringing down her fence and smashing into her pool screen. tonigh church leaders are telling us they could have los a couple thousand because of the damages, but the good thihg is that no one was injured, one, d, two, the structure church
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for now reporting live in delray beach, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: and neighborhoods in pompano beach were also hit by another r rnd of severe storms today. fences were moweded down and tree limbs snapped like twiggs. a shed blew across the street. the w wds were so strong that some people thought a tornado hit but national weather service said straight line winds. is and wild weather for a sea tow to be called, crews had to save this sinking 20-foot strat us in pompano beach. the problem is one outboard motor was already underwater. >>alvin: and a flood watch is in effect for broward county, and miami-dade is dealing with flood waters suspect streets in and around downtown miami still have lots of standing water, and the streets of miami beach that are normally prone to flooding were even more difficult to navigate becau of today's storms. local10 news reporter shyann malone joining us live now with update for us. shyann. >> shyann: still l ls of f ter out here. psyc the curb submerged with water b b then we step down to
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the reason we tell you not to drive through nudded waters. check out this vehicle right here. it stalled just about an hour ago. it's been here every since. it's unrequest of the dangers of driving through deep flood waters. streets saturated with water. cars cautiously cruising through. persist precipitation causing all of this flooding throughout miami-dade, and downtown miami the rain was so pad bad, mercko had to catch an aub. >> i didn't want to drive my car because i have a car. have to get a canoe, i guess. >> we complained about it sever times and no one has come out to assess anything. i don't know ifft's the drains. i don't know if maybe the floor is saturated with water. i don't know what's going on but it's pretty bad. >> shyann: andy said the water is so high it's tough for drivers to maneuver through it. >> it's really bad when people try to take macha left turn at the corner.
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flooded you roll through and we hear of accidents. >> shyann: a local10 news viewer sent thus video showing cars make go waves. just off all theton the roads look like more like rivers than roads. >> we went to the shop to buy some food. >hyann: in brickell traffic backed up, cars makiki their way through the overflowed streets. another live look out here now. that car that stalled, likely water getting into the engine there. the owner has deserted the vehicle, waqting got it towed away. bucket still see people driving through the water very slowly, but i will tell you, though, we went around south beach looking for flooded areas, and lots of areas that are more likely to flood during these heavy rains actually didn't show us much flood. ing. that's a good thing but this neighborhood still flooded how the. reporting in miami, shyann malone. >> calaln: auto mechanics are going to busy tomorrow. >> laurie: everyone just wants
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it appears to be getting better but is that really the case? >> calvin: let's check in with our chief certified meteorologist betty davis. >> betty: hi everyone. this is still another round in the forecast town even though it is quiet out there in so many of your neighborhoods. broward county by the way, still officially under that flood watch until 10:00 tonight. the doppler radar showing us that our first round of rainfall has pretty much pushed offshore over the atlantic waters. you can see even some of the more intense s swers now starting to move away from bimini, brand bahama being impacted by some of those showers as well so. round one, it's out of here but look at what's coming into naples, more rainfall, and that's the next band we have to watch out for. miami, recororrainfall today, more than an inch and a half officially out at mia. nice to finally catch a little t of a break but as i mentioned there could be more to come as we pay attenenon to what's happening with this band movinglin toward naples. earlier pras models can be had been indicating that by now that
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that's not the case, so it's going to be a little later tonight, m mbe around 9:00 when we will have more rain, can't rule out a gusty storm moving through. by tomorrow morning we're turning drier and c cler. tomorrow afternoon should be great. it's setting ups for a nice weekend. but we'll be here for you through tonight. >> laurie: we look forward to tomorrow. thank you, betty. today's rain really didn't help all the people trying to clean up after yesterday's tornado in coconut creek. local10 news reporter terrell forney is there live for us to gives sense of how soaked everything is today. >> terrell: and lale in the afternoon, laurie, some progress among residents here but still i can tell that you everywhere you go, you still see downed tree branches and downed tree limbs as well because of what that storor did yesterday. if you look close his in some yards you see this, more serious signs of some tornado damage. >> this is the aftermath of a rnado. >> terrell: it's the calm after the storm, and another appreciate time that homeowners like cindy p.a.w.s. are using to
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>> took us until 5:30 last night to just take all this down. trench up and down city's block heavy lifts rolled in to haul away harming pieces of debris. >> it's been pretty widespread. we have had aaot in this area of coconut creek. >> all of this is the avocado tree. ve been in this house for 18 years and it was a big tree whenen i moved in. >> terrell: city's avocado tree is no more thanks to the tornado. the wind tommed a bus and even ripped part of a roof off a nearby apartment building. and take a look at this. a motorist recording as the tornado moved across the turnpi, and picked up a car in its path. >> oh! [bleep]. >> terrell: 1 homeowner recorded this intense wind as it pushed thereon his own backward. >> oh, that is a mini tornado coming by, ladies and gentlemen. >> terrell: blowing everything not tied down.
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whipping winds not far away. all creating a trail of damage that could run into the millions. today we saw insurance adjusters out and about tallying up the destruction. >> weave been extremely busy. we've got a lot of calls from people with damage to their roofs and structural damages, to the soffits and driveways and trees falling on houses. it's been's pretty busy day. >> glad that the house is safe, people are safe, you know, nobody has was hurt. >> terrell: no injuries to report, but we can tell that you that storm certainly did quite a number on this neighborhood and especially this block at northwest 43rd avenue and third court, but we spoke with quite a few people who had those insurance adjusters come to thei home and they are certainly waiting on that check to arrive from their insurance carrier. we are live in coconut creek, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: a pembroke pines police officer is recovering in hospital hereafter an accident that killed another driver. the officer was traveling eastbound on pines boulevard
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a red light southbound 114th avenue, crashing into his patrol car. 24-year-old jessica lee bonilla was the dri@ver that unfinty and she died of her injuries. this is the picture of her following her arrest had to new year's eve after allegedly assaulting a officer. officer olayemi okegbola was rushed to the hospital where she is recovering from his injuries. >> laurie: eight minutes after 6:00 so let's get a quick check on the evening rush. it's been wet and busy. jenise. >> jenise: you said, it lauer, busy and slow. this is the view of i-95 northbound, northwest 151st street. this is a disabled tractor-trailer off to the side. the good news is track of starts to moof as you pass that disabled truck but you are seeing those heavy delays a you're approaching it. this is i-95 northbound northwest 1 first discrete. as you're approaching that -- 151st street. i-75 southbound right around the palmetto expressway. there's a crash there, seeing
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expressway at 8 miles per hour but it louks those delays are not going to last too long. i-75 southbound at sheridan street. that accident is off to the shoulder but still seeing pretty heavy delays at 25 miles per hour. and i-95 southbound, a crash there as well, this is cypress creek road, stilleeing heavy delays as well with speeds clocking in at 25 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: we'll check back with you. thank you. and caught on camera a man armed with a knife threatening to stab an employee at a family dollar store. this is surveillance out see taken of the crime in november at the store onorthwest 27th avenue. you see the man jump the counter and demand cash the from clerk at the register. when the clerk finally hands over the money, that man runs out. but here you get a really close look at his face. if you recognize this suspect, pleaseseall crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. and check out this video that fort lauderdale police want you to see. it shows a burglary in progress. the suspected thieves numbing a
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a generator on a trailer to the back of the truck and they drive away. cameras were rolling at the business on 33rd court on january 16th when this theft happened. >> calvin: there is a new top cop. mayor carlos gimenez named juan perez the next director of the miami-dade police department. rez was promoted from deputy director and is this very safely. >> i'm very appreciative of the mayor for the confidence that he ha in me and the trust to manage this department, to lead this agency. it's an agency of many great men andomen currently, and in the past. i'm certainly just another piece of the puzzle that will hold it together. >> calvin: perezs taking over for director j.d. patterson who is retiring after more than 30 years of servivi. haiti's president michelle martially said today in a rally wheaton be stepping down unless the country holds an election but so far no new date has been set for a presidential runoff with a constitutional deadline
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and in the streets today more demonstrations calling for the tri country to hold an election. some marshers were campaigning in success for if first round top finisher, but the protestors say they want a farar election or a transitional government in place and for martially to resign. >> laurie: and back in the u.s. what pay big night in iowa. >> calvin: it is the final republican debate before the iowa caucus but it will be missing its frontrunner. glna. >> glenna: well, because the frontrunner will be right here. hello from des moines andf donald trump anti-debate event, and you see the line islready around the block. in a couple minutes come right back.
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story for you. >> calvin: history in the making. all eyes on iowa tonight as the last republican presisintial debate in iowa takes place before the caucuses on monday but the frontrunner won't be there. donald trump has declined this invitation from this debate. >> laurie: instead he's going to be holding his own news conference at the very same time, and our own reporter glenna milberg is ready. she's live in des moines with the crowds. glenna.
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full-on-event. this is not a pity party. oh, no, this ising n. aur face trumpness event, a fundraiser for veterans but absolutely the anti-debate.there are a new protesters here at drake university in des moines, very few. we can count them on one hand, one, two, three, four, but take a look at the line to get into the trump eveve which starts in about an hour. it is already around the block. the doors haven't even opened yet, and all the supporters you see here are ready to take on the night. the line started before lunch when donald trump arranged an anti-debate event supporters followed. >> i think this event is really a microcosm of trump's campaign. he's saying f the media, f the rnc. we're going to talk directly to the people. >> my father is a trump without the millions of dollars so i'm used to that type of mentality. >> what type of mentality? >> that's a business owner, very
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integrity. >> glenna: trump supportrts are convinced their number one has trumped the debate host fox network, stolen the spotlight but others, especially supporters of number two ted cruz, thought trull has an execution to meet the debate. we found dr. ben carson's wife of the plane to des moines polls. >> the town halls that he's been having, people havee been coming out for, usually it's twice as many people,e, and so they -- so he does two of them back to back because the fire marshals won't let all the people nothing one room. >> glenna: iowans have been bombarded by political messages this week as they become the first in the nation to weigh in, some for the first time in their lives. >> to be more involved, i've got thoughts, emotions about what's
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part of the solution. >> glenna: so i couldn't resist that interview on the plane. apologies for the audio. but here's someone so excited to be a part of the caucus for th first time in his life and really make a difference. just hike all of these people that you see here at the trump event, they're here because they feel like they are making a difference. two candidates will be here. former senator from pennsylvania rick tan santorum and mike huckabee arey both in the pre-debate, the undercard debate. they'll do that. mike huckabee asked for a spot in the big debate tonight to take the space that donald trump left, but the organizers declined, and so he said, makers hey, i'm going tohow up here. is this an endorsement for donald trump from these two donates? at least mike huckabee has told cnn, no, not an end dosement. we're just going to come and listen and see what hey whose has to say. apologies. my lips are frozen over and i can hardly talk.
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place but a hot time tonight. i'll send it back to you. >> laurie: and all those people are waiting the in cold. it's amazing. >> calvin: absolutely. it's a big debate. >> glenna: they're waiting in the cold and ty don't seem to be bothered by it at all. that's the beauty of it. >> calvin: just the south florida girl. >> laurie: you get inside. and you can bet our local10 political team will be covererg the donate michael putney will have his analysis and perspective, and glenna is live in des moines, iowa, with all the reaction town for you on local10 news at 11:00. >> calvin: no disrespect to hall these people who had to deal with the twister from yesterday and today, but i'll take this over that. any day of the week. >> laurie: it's pretty serious. >> calvin: no sub-zero temperatures lunch betty, tell us what's in store tonight. >> betty: we could have more gusty showers moving through. we're hoping that won't be the case but we cannot rule it out. we've already had so much rainfall today between miami and fort lauderde, record rainfall for the day at that. miami more than 1-1/2 inches, fort lauderdale more than an inch of rainfall, measurable,
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almost 2-1/2 inches of rainfall. nice to see we're catching a little break for now in most many. nose neighborhoods through the the keys, broward andnd also miami-dade.winds from the south-southwest near 15 mile-an-hour. by 8:00 tonight we could have more rain moving in, some gusty showers can't be ruled out as well. and hopefully after 10:00, whatever gets in here will clear out. now, the initial round of rainfall, you can see where that is right now, over the atlantic waters, and that's where it's going to stay. so as broward coty is under that flood watch, we are at least getting some dry time from weston to tamarack, coconut creek, fort lauderdale, hollywood, watching out for you as well. hehe's the view aroround miami. i think i see one little shower starting to develop around miccosukee, and that is about it. we are going to have to wait for that next round to finally come on thrgh before we perhaps start to see things filling back in and impacting more areas. to a few residual showers up around key largo. here's the band.
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side of peninsula. pouring over naples. the question is what time is that band going to get here, and that's a very good question because the forecast models haven't exactly nails the timing. but probably some time afr 8:00 we'll start to see that line getting a little closer to us. of course, your weather authority will be here through the night tracking. it how strong will it be when it arrives, still question mark but there is that outside chance for strong storms as it moves through. the actual col front that is not sliced across our area, and that band is associated with the tront. it's just ahead of the front. so that's going to help lift up the air as well. but once the front passes, cooler, drier air working in for friday on i a northwest wind. is that the a north-to--- east to northeast wund and that wind shift means more planetseather on the way for saturday afternoon and sunday. we've just got to get through tonight, work on drying out as we head through tomororw. tomorrow morning a lull on the
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60 to start, a high around 72. by saturday morning lower 50s, so a chilldown in the forecast after our nexround of rain. we'll be right back. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. thisighly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giging it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously,] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's likee they're always on television.
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will full practice week said he's ready to play tomorrow night. grade looks better. two straight wins on the road. dnd if they beat the bucs tomorrow night if milwaukee they'll finish the road trip in a winning record. meanwhile the nba announced they will go north of the border for the all-star game. dwyane wade is a starter for the east. question, will chris bosh follow. bosh has played in all the the heat's games this sson averaging over 19 points a game. according to reports out of atlanta tonight bosh will make the cut, but we will find out officially from the nba. the dolphins brain trust prepares for the draft, the team addressed the media today. clive christiansen said he i was impressed withyan tannehill when he spoke with him in person. the bad moments not so much enjoying that. but he's good he's got a guy on his side. >>alvin: c.b., you will get in. >> laurie: betty, do y think this next wave of rain is
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>> betty: it should be here probably after 8:00 tonight so we're still counting on a gusty line of showers. we'll be here tracking it for
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