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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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julie durda is setting this table for a beautiful weekend. >> indeed, mother nature came roaring in with the showers and thunderstorms. severe weather for a good two days and now
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i'm happy toell you i-75 southbound at miramar parkway, all lanes are shut down. this is ohly until 6:00 so do seek an alternate route. as always don't forget we're constantly updating our twitter page. check us out at wplg. >> thank you for that. two people dead, another in the hpital this morning after a shooting here inside a ted community in homestead. this morning we're learning what may have started this. ben kennedy live at jackson memorial hospital. what do we know exactly
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clubhouse? >> good morning. let's talk about our second condition. he is in critical but stableondition. police stopped short of releasing more details about him. we know he was air-lifted to jackson memorial hospital's ryder trauma center. miami police there was some sort of an argument and a 41-year-old man pulled out a gun, shot and killed a 28 yearly woman and then shot a man in his 30s. officers say the gunman turned the weapon himself. it happened at the isle at owe says is. police found two dead andhe man in his 30s in very bad shape. >> so we positively id the yods. >> very surprised. we were surised when it happened. i've never seen this kind of stuffefore. so, yes, it's very shocking.
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after 8:00 thursday night. so only about nine hours ago. police say that surviving victim is a key witness and you bet they want to talk to him. there is surveillancevideo from that clubhouse. they are working to release that to us, so stay with us here on local 10 as this story develops. reporting live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. americans accused of murdering a south koreaen in 197. arthur paterson accused of stabbing a 22-year-old from a burger king in seoul. he was later freed in a special amnesty deal. right noanother tornado touches down in the del ray beach, coconut creek area and heheas an ef-0 tornado with high winds throughout the area. you can see tables and
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a delivery man waited outside a church. the church owner opened the door for him just inn time. >> it took the two of us. >> we came back and saw all the fire engines. >> people in the area are now cleaning up all of that mess left behind by not one but two tornadoes. overnight officials say highly-advanced chineseship has state of the art sonar will join that search by late february. last week debris thought to be part of the missing airliner was town in thailand but officials say it doesnot belong to the missing plane. the flight disappeared two years ago on itsts way to beijing with 239 people on board. climate change and foreign travel, factors
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diseases like zika spreading north. researchers say people in south florida need to be ready. for years they've been studying climate changng and its effect on moss monthses. >> if the m mimums go up and maximums don't go up as much, as has been the trend over a number of years, that means a worse situation for people because the mosquitoes are more likely spread. >> the world health organization says the virus is spreading explosion i feel with up to four million cases in the past year. a bookkeeper who stole more than half a million dollars from the business she worked for. after pleading no contest a judge sentenced jkie roberts to two and a half years in prison and probation. she also must pay& restitution. and the florida nate passed a bill thth would have expanded the stand your ground law.
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deadly force if they feel their life is in danger. the expansion will prove that sell-defense was not a factor. >> a 13-year-old boy, hanging outside with some of his friends. he wasn't involved with anything and he gets shot three times so whoever did this needs to be caught. new this morning miami-dade mayor carlos gymen says just one of many community leaders calling for an end to the senseless violence. the emotional meeting called to address the shooting last month and the recent rash of gun violence thais gripping the community. watson was shot three times in the chest while playing with friends near his grand mother's home. he was rushed in critical condition to the hospital. police upping the reward for any information that leads to an arrest in the shooting. $10,000 now.
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contact miami-dade crimestotoers. there's the number on your screen, 305-471-tips. there will soon be a new top cop in miami. perez who is being promoted from deputy director expressed his gratitude. >> i'm very appreciative on the mayor for the confidence that he has in me and the trust to manage this apartment to lead this agency. it's an agency of great men and women currently, and in the past i'm certainly just another piecof the puzzle that will hold it together. >> perez will take office on monday, february first. he is stepping in for director jd paterson who is retiring after more than 30 years of service. tri-rail passengers hoping their commute will get back on track today. >> we told you about this derailment suspending service for much of yesterday. the latest on tri-rail's efforts to get things
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how a bank manager stopped a robber right in his tracks. something really rattled the nerves of people living in new york and new jersey. find out what it was and where it came from. that's next. after a wild week of weather, the storms have publicked offshore. we're waking up to lingererg cloud cover. cooler and dryconditions expected for your friday forecast. what about your weekend?
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coming up. 5:11 the time right now. and the manager of a bank in north carolina being called a hero this morng after he taught
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customers from a would-be robber. here's cameras cating a masked man running through the parking lot. it just so happens themanager is standing at the door and sees what happened.he grabbed the door, pulling it closed. he would not let go. they taught over the door for a moment and eventually that robber gave up without ever making it in. the so-called affluenza teen waiting it find out if he will be moved to an adult jail as he awas a hearing. he took off to mexico with his mother after allegedly violating his probation. couch was serving a ten year probation sentence for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. >> i wasikeunder we evacuating, why do we have to get in. >> a texas it,t,iddle school forced to evacuate after students and teachers mysteriously fell ill on thursday morning. nearly 800 students and
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school and we now know it was a carbon monoxide leak which was the proble emergency responders say it all worsened even so because the school@ has no carbon monoxide detecters. more than 170 students and teachers were treated for symptoms related to carbon monoxide poisoning. new this morning a myststious box turned up in downtown san francisco. residents wondering what is this. the department of homeland security installing the sensor for super bowl security preparations, also part of a bio watch program which cost the taxpayers more than $1 billion. >> my family and friend, it's s exciting for them getting ready for the big super bowl game. for us here in south florida, you know what's exciting? it's friday, one and two, that nasty weather is a thing of the past. we had wild conditions for a good two days h he in south florida. going into the weekend you can plan some
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be prepared for a lot of sunshine. already a shift in the wind direction, helping to bring that cool air right here into parts this south florida. 64 degrees in miami. 63 ft. lauderdale. 69 in key west with a west northwest wind, that's our cool air nnection anywhere between six and nine miles per hour.63 for you in pembroke pines. good morning, 65 in marathon and 63 in pompano beach. these temperatures are ywhere between four and nine degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. you're definitely going to notice a change as you walk out the door. one, it's drier and left humid. those clouds are not producing any precipitation. all of the rain assosoated with the leading edge of the front that finally cleared south florida is over the alabama and florida straits. high pressure just to the north is going to provide for that northwest breeze, an absolutely gorgeous weekend. we have to talk about that tornado that did touch down in pblm beach
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of minor roof damage and trees down there. remember we brought it to you live. i broke in during rachel ray. thanks to the national weather service crew getting out thehe so fast. providing for such a beautiful start to what's going to be a great day. as we go into the weekend weekend we'll start to see a gradual warming trend. overall enjoy. i want to warn you, we do have a small craft advisory for you boaters. we are expecting the seas to reach anywhere between five to seven feet so dangerous conditions as we do go into the afternoon. this morning we're waking up to attempt in the 60s. tomorrow we'll be talking temperatures in the 50s for overnight lows. highs will be reaching the low 70s. we'll see dry conditions saturday and sunday but then you'll notice a bit of a warming trend going into monday early next week. happy friday, everyone. good morning, sanela. >> good morning, julie.
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only some construction woes. if you're on 87th avenue, the ram season closed there so that's a no-go. also we want to tell you about sorry, some drive times there for you. union drive, no major delays there. broward county is accident-free but i do want to remind all of my friends out there, if you need to navigate on i-75 hding southbound, itit going to be closed at miramar parkway. this should open up about 6:00 once the construcon clears. jacey, eric? >started out like a freight train, like a tornado was coming. >> it may have sounded like a freight train or tornado but actually it was a series of sonic booms that shook the jersey coast yesterday. nine separate sonic booms heard as long away as rhode island and connecticut. the navy did confi it
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those booms caused by a navy plane. apparently ts was a test flight of a fighter plane based in maryland. look at this, the oregononepartment of transportation believes that sink hole developed back in middecember but started to move just yesterday because of a severe storm. a detour is set up for drivers and is expected to be in place throughout all of next week depending on the weather conditions and when they can fix that. that is deep. >> that is deep.& when we come back this morning, mattel gives america's favorite doing a big makeover. >> how the revamps to helplpeach girls to love the skin and the body they are in. >ove that. and do you love this? miami tower cam, good morning. looks like it will be a beautiful weekend after severe weather the last few days. birthday girl julie
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here on local 10. good morning. 5:19 right now. the co-founder of jefferson airplane has passed away. he died at a san francisco hospital yesterday after a heart attack just days before. the guitarist and songwriter just 74 years old. the band was set to receive a lifetime achievement award at the grames last month. >>reporter: hylo. , the periscope feature allows useers to broadcast video on their phone in real time to their news feed. >> previously it was only available to verified accounts of
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tinder has jt added jiff, the new feature is only available for ios device and uber is going up against amazon and other same-day delivery services launching what it calls uber rush. >> customers wanting instant ratification. of course they will have to pay an extra fee forthat service. >> i can see my credit card bills adding up. >> yes, your husband won't like that. those are your tech bytes. have a great day. barbie getting a makeover to look like the rest of us,s, curves and all. i like this. the doll will come in three new body types, tall, petite and curvy with different skin tones and hairtyles. the company says the revamped line comes after criticism after unrealistic pro portions and standards of beauty.
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i love this a a i had barbie dolls when i was a kid and i thought i don't look like this. >> we talked before, my three-year-old dealing with some hair issues already so having a curly haired bash bee with realistic body proportions, fantastic. >> good job, mattel. a baby born weighing less than a pound. can you believe this. let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> donald trump's prence still felt even though he did not show up to the g.o.p. debate. the latest on the campaign trail. it's ahead at 5:30. this is i-9 southbound. traffic is moving smoothly on this friday. you can see car off to the side with flashing lights, certainly not slowing down that flow.
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5:22. a baby born weighing less than a pound finally goingome with her family. >> so beautiful. last september see ana rose was born 15 weeks early and s s only weighed 13.7 ounces. now she weighs seven healthy pounds which is about the size she would have been if she was born on time. doctor says silence and darkness really helped create the womb an increase her chances of survival. your organs are immature we do the best we can to
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environment. >> the baby has a 50%& chance of survival or sometimes even less than that. >> how happy that family this morning? congratulations and fantastic work to that hospital. >> how tiny she was. >> beautiful. now to our top stories here on this friday morning. two people dead, another person in the hospital. this following a shooting in homestead. we're told a man shot a woman and struck another man. police say this may have stemmed from an argument. the national weather service confirms a efivment-0 tornado. this comes after an ef-1 tornado struck in coconut creek. eric watson survived being shot three times in the chest. last night a town hall urging the community to start breaking the silence. local news on this friday morning is next. >> we have another check
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weekend and we have your tri-rail troubles, a derailme causes big headaches for train passengers. will theheervice shut down continue today? trumping the debate, the leading candidate hosting his o debate. what really happened betweethe fbi and protestors during a deadly traffic stop.p. welcome to friday. we are looking at our mt. sinai cam. what your weekend has in store. that's next. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey bir. it's friday and we have taken a break from all that ugly, ugly weather. >> finally. >> because it's even cooler already, in the 60s. >> julie durda's been promising more pleasant weather.
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happyirthday. >> thank you so much. it came at a great time because it's friday and we're leading into the weekend so my birthday wish camam through. thank you, mother nature. you actually listened and cooperated. that never happens. usually she's the one that brings the rain and you all yell at me. temperature in the low to mid 60s. a north northwest wind in place. that shift in the wind direction nowhat that cold front has cleared south florida making a huge differencncin the forecast. look at this, you're waking up to 63 in pembroke pines, palm beach, 62 in kendall, 65 in marathon. these temperatures are anywhere from four to nine degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday.& nice, breezy conditions as you walk out the door this morning and through the morning we'll keep temperature in the 60s a great start. highs will only reach the low 70s today and we'll continue the cool air filtering in throughout the evening. we're expecting temperatures to be even
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i'll have a lot more on at going on. happpp birthday, constance jones. >>reporter: good morning, south florida. 5:30 on julie' birthday morning. palmetto expressway looking fantastic. a live look here at 122nd street. earlier this morning ongoing construction in the southbound lanes between 154th street all the way down to 36th street but since then things have cleared up at this spot. ongoing construction herere southbound at the dolphin expressway west-bound. the ram season closed but should be reopening in the next few minutes. let's get to broward county where we're also accident-free this morning. if you're traveling eastbound starting at i-75 cruisingver to u.s.-1. average for this time of the morning. you'll be spinning along at about 90 miles per hour. right now we're working to find out if tri-rail service will be restored in pompano beach after a train, you see this right here, derails. that derailment caused a
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all of yesterday. our own erica rakow brought it to you as breaking news and she's still on the story with all of the updates. >> what's going on? >> this was during a morning commute that this happened but it spilled in the evening. people yesterday evening were stuck as well and this morning the same situation. you canee several shuttle buses prepared to take people around this train that derailed because it is still stuck on the tracks. >> you're just riding and them what? >> big bang and that's it. then the train stopped dnd it was stuck in there for a couple hours. >>reporter: local 10 news,s, the only station to catch up with people stuck in the mess, actually riding on this train car yesterday morning when it fell off the track. >> they walked around. they checked us all out. >>reporter: one person fell to the ground and a bike fell on p of him. he was the only person injured when the crew
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the track and derailed, moments later catching fire. the confusion continue mood yesterday eveningas all trains were affected. people traveling north forced off a a cypress creek, coming south off at pompano beach and shuffled on to shuttle buses to get around the trouble on the tracks. >> nobody really knows. they just started dumping people off and i don't even kw where this group was going now. >> i woke up at 3:30 this morning to already be a half hour of late and not even near close to getting there. >> the shuttles are free and they will take you fr station to station so you can get around the train stuck on the track. at this moment tri-rail still working to bring in heavy equipment working to rerail that train. as soon as that process is done, we'll let you know. live in cypress creek this morning, ica rakow, local 10 news.
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found on a boat and now police are trying tofigure out how he died. authorities say that body could have been there as long as a week. and a 90-year-old man, right here you see him, he was rescued after firefighters found him clinging to a floating marker in biscayne bay. while out on a small boat hee jumped into the water to get something that had fallen. while he was in the water strong waves pushed the boat away from him. it may have been& debate night in iowa for seven of the eight g.o.p. candidates but we know donald trump was not there. >> the republican front runner instead held his own event just right down the street. trump had the stage all to himself at an event this raked in $6 million from the veteran. protestors that found t. way inside chanted trump loves war as they were
5:27 am
demonstrators waited out side. >> even if he doesn't win a nomination after the preredential election, the individuals still hold those judges against the immigrants. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> now trump chose to boycott last night's' debate host bid fox news. the latest move and lengthy feud between the g.o.p. front runner and the netetrk. donald trump might not have been on stage but he was certainly not ignored in last night's republican public debate. the remaining candidates jostling for their time in the spotlight last night. in his absence trump's closest competitor ted cruz showed off his best trump impression. >> and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly, and, ben, you're terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> throughout this
5:28 am
willing -- >> it wasn't all laughs for cruz last night. the texas senator took meet from marco rubio and ted cruz. >> i was for legalization, so was ted but now he says it wasn't so. that's not true. >> we led the fight against amnesty. >> the truth is, ted, throughout this exine you've been waiting to say or do anything in order to get votes. >> i have an announcement to make about the presidential race.democrats will win in november and we will have a democratic prez succeeding me. >> as you can see, president obama speaking at a retreat. he says the economy has improved since he took office. the president also said that allowing a litician to pit americans against each other will not make americans stronger. >> a throne reportedly flew over an aircraft carrier. the fifth fleet which overseas the persian gulf working on
5:29 am
iran warns the u.s. warship to leave the area. the u.s. navy denies being in iranian space. the fbi releasisi video of a traffic stop that led to the arrest of several oregon militia members, one of them shot and killed during this confrontation it. we have video of that. we do warn you, this is disturbing to, you can see officers follow that white s.u.v. driven, slowed down, floored it and nearly slamming into law enforcement right there. then he got out of the car, his hands up, appearedl authorities say that he reached for his coat pocket. agents take no chances, they open fire, they kill him there. his supporters said he was unarmed but the fbi said he did have a .9 millimeter gun in his pocket. the fbi says the situation is far from resolved. right now boil water advisory has been issued
5:30 am
testst are expected to be completed by tomorrow. and in lauderdale lakes, a boil water notice has been issued for folks in lauderdale oaks apartments. that notice includes anyone who lives between the blocks of 2111 in northwest ohio. today scheduled to appear with u.s. senator brown at a news conference. request to reverse his discharge status after president obama repealed the military's don't ask-don't tell law in 2020. just ahead, saved from flames. how an officer stepped in to rescu a man living one of his darkest moments. we'll explain next. and riley unfiltered. the key coach. you can see temperatures are in the
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5:40 the time right now. showing him saving a man righthtere dragging him away from the car that is on fire. chief corey, a first to respond to the fire, found him lying a few feet away. he ran to the map, dragged him away to fire. police believe the driver was attempting to commit suicide. south florida still reeling from heavy downpours. in downtown miami local businesses felt the force of the flood as water enroached right
5:33 am
streets already extremely vulnerable to any kind of flooding looked like rivers as slooshed through standing water. zoo miami expected to open later this morning having to shut down because of the wicked weather. if you plan on visiting the zoo today, the park opens its doors at 10:00 a.m. we have a couple fridays in a row the last couple of weeks, it's been drenched. the field has been devastated the last few saturdays but hopefully the weather today will help that. >> definitely. we'll have some time to dry out. st showed pictures of the zoo and from fort myers and miami-dade.we actually had record rainfall in ft. lauderdale, miami. no surprise with the rain so we did go down in the record books yesterday as well as adding another tornado to parts of south florida. nasty weather that's been around for the last two days, it's finally at the end of the pass.
5:34 am
out there, if you have some outdoor activities this weekend, you can plan to have dry conditions. i'm happy toell you that. currently temperatures much cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. 63 in ft. lauderdale. 69 in key west. all thanks to that cold front clearing south florida last night and a north west wind behind it. that's our cool air connection.. you're going to feel it. 63 comfortable degrees in pembroke pines. our coolest spot, kendall. 62. these temperatures are between four and nine degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday we still have that stubborn cloud deck in place. even some patchy fog could develop overinland broward and miami-dade. all that rain has pushed towardsshe south associated with the leading edge of the front and,000 we have high pressure building from the north. our cool air conneion providing for a beautiful friday. we are expecting coooer, drier weather in the forecast. it will be june right breezy though and because the breeze is
5:35 am
strong, we do have advisories. that high will eventually push over the western atlantic. bringing your winds in off the ocean. a gradual warning trend, so we have that small craft advisory in effect. hazardous seas expected all day long. so this morning we're expecting temperatures in the low 60s. by tomorrow that cool air will sink all the way into south florida so we'll be needing the sweaters and jackets as lows will be in the 50s. boaters is the big concern today. going into tomorrow we'll see temperatures waking up in the 50s. highs in the low 70s. beautiful weekend both saturday and sunday. the rain returns sunday and temperatures warm up as well. good morning, julie. i-75, miramar parkway, all southbound lanes are shut down because of ongoing construction. at this point i see the clearing. some flashing lights in the distance. they are supposed to be out of there by 6:00 a.m. this morning.
5:36 am
this one right off of northwest southwest 107th avenue between bird road and coral way. actually reported right off of 36th street. so still trying to work out the details whether it's northbound or southbound. if we're seeing any delays at all, it's only 28 miles per hour. traffic getting by. we're still working the details with this new crash. outside of that, let's get to some drive times this morning. traveling into miami going to take you about 15 minutes but obviously as the morning progresses, , will the congestion, between 7:30 and 8:00 is where we're going to see a big difference in our travel speeds there and our times to get there between 23 to 27 minutes. >>reporter: good friday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. we have heard plenty of talk in the past few days about lebron james's relationship was coaches. thursday night pat riley waited about lebron's
5:37 am
riley was in h hlywood, diplomat hotel being recognized as a diplomatic icon. now before accepting the reward, shot down the report that lebron james had asked him to fire head coach eric spoelstra while he was here in miami. lakers and the nicks. >> you know, so, you know, i've been in that situation, you know, twice. i left los angeles and a lot of stuff followed me out the door to new york, and obviously when i left new york, a lot of stuff followed me down to miami. it took about ten years to get outp of that story line and so a lot of stuff is flowing him out the door. whether it's right or wrong, it's just the nature of the game. meanwhile the nba making it official last night, well-deserved honor for chris bosh,
5:38 am
the eastern conference all-stars. bosh is 11th all-star selection in this game. emotions should be running high for him. ambushsh had a great comeback season, 46 games. >> i'd have broken a few locker room doors if he hadn't done that. i think he's had the best season. dependable, durable in the e et. there's a couple other guys too but i think he has been there and i thinkk he's so deserving. >> right about that. meanwhile coachnderric spoelstra, all indications are goran dragic will return. he went to a full practice yesterday and said he's ready to go. on tuesday night they won two straight on the
5:39 am
the bucks tonight in milwaukee, after a disappointing road trip. dolphins brain trust prepared for the draft. offensive coordinator christiansen said he enjoined work ryan tannehill play. he says he hopes to be an aggressive style a and offensive coordinator for thdolphins next season. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. when we come back, making a difference. >> we're going to introduce you to miami-dade's teacher of the year. it's a littltl breezy, you can certainly see that. 5:47, 64 degrees.
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cooler temperatures. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. r amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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haleigh, i wasn't ready. i don't think i'm winning this tug-off-war. hi, guys. i'm jacey birch. we're at the humane society and i have a dog that likes to play, don't i? welso have a bonded pair. >> this is a lab and some german shepard and they are three and four years old. they were an owner surrender. you're not going to win this one. >> i am not but he wants me. try to take it, try to take it. >> we also highly encourage adopting larger dogs. in this area it's very difficult because of all the condos and restrictions, so if you have home and you can take in a bigger dog, these two would make a great addition to any family.
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we have to find you guys a home. go to and there you can check out the pet sec. this is the deal, you guys get the ball, i get \ou homes. all right. go. whoo. good job. new for tho morning, a man showing what it means to be homeless. he's been on the streets for ten years but recently he's tried a new way to get cash, putting up a website where visitors can contribute with donations and even hire him for odd jobs. >> i've done paint and i'i' taken friends of mine that are homeless out on jobs. >> he has a tech background. he's hoping the new platform will help him continue to lock up some work. we need more voices
5:43 am
we need for our art to reflect all ofs. >> new this morning you see it right there, scandal star kerry washington receiving the prestigious woman of the year reward from harvard hasty pudding theatricals. they say they chose waington because she's talented, socially engaged and continuesto break barriers in hoild. by the way, my favorite show in hollywood, scandal, continues here on local 10. isn't shehe gorgeous? >> gorgeous, gorgeous. i'm at the point where i can bin believe through it and hit it in full stride. also n this morning miami-dade county announcing the winners of one of their most prestigious awards. >> they announced the rookie teacher ofhe year awards.
5:44 am
writing at miami new orleans senior, high school. congratulations. thanks for what you do. >> amazizi. where would we be without the keepers who molded us? >> they give it their all. they push kids to be their best. >> i'm inspired by you every day. congrats can teachers. >> we'll bring you plenty more when we come back. >> deputies seen kicking the suspect. this morning the message the sheriff has` for the entire community. you're going to hear from the people who
5:45 am
time just ahead.. welcome back. it's about four minut until 6:00 a.m. and you have to see this. caught on camera a robber armed with a knife and threatening a worker at a family dollar store. here's that video right now. surveillance video taken
5:46 am
you see the man hop over the counter and demand crash.the clerk finally gave in to the demands and handededver the money. the crook then took off. you can see him pretty well, so if you recognize him, please call crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. new this morning, ocala sheriff s saking out after v olating an an arrestee's civil rights. they ordereded price to stop resisting arrest. in the video you can see he's not fighting back. now the sheriff's departmentnts working to regain the sheriff's trust. >> don't let a few actions destroy. >> price also asking the community4not to jump to conclusion and to await the outcome of the federal proceedings. a virginia police officer getting a lot of attention in virginia.
5:47 am
what he did to help an elderly man. he was shoveling the snow. just when he thought he couldn't do it anymore, up. >> that's where his car was parked like that. >> and you had the shovel in your hand and then what happened? >> he said give that to me. >> there's the officer right there completing the last of the show shoveling. the best part says the police officer helped several people with their shoveling as well throughout the entire day. >> love that. >> he didn't have to go totohe gym. >> love to see those stories, doing the right thing. love it. we do have to get to our developing story on this friday morning. >> a deadly triple shooting in homestead. what police say happened
5:48 am
were fired. developing right now at 6:00 a deadly shooting. what officials believe it would be a murder-suicide. right now cleanup continuing after another tornado touching down. a look at the weather destruction. we're going to let you know how the rest of your day and your weekend weather will b b like because your weather authority has all the answers. plus a big bust made to reduce crime in our communities. a big step to keep south florida safe.
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