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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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constance jones live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> constance: a live look from our hollywood beach cam, a lot days. >> eric: the weather is drying out. weekend. get the answer from weather authority julie durda. rthday. >> julie: thank you. happy birthday to everybody on this friday. bringing you great news with the weather forecast because,
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the shower and thunderstorm activity. the two tornadoes we had touch down. a wild week of weather. the past. as we look to the future, right now it looks chilly. temperatures in the low 60s miami, ft. lauderdale. 69 degrees in key y west. in the wake of that cold front, a strorong northwest wind and this cool air connection and out the door. not only that, it's dry. mid and high-level clouds around blocking us for that full sunshine, it still feels rerely nice. again, people can finally head back to the beach even though we are not seeing too much sunshine, and at least it is dry. if you want to ejoy a beach day or a walk on the broadwalk. temperatures in the low 60s in pembroke pines as well kendall. 66 degrees in marathon. our temperatures have dropped two more degrees since this morning and dropped anywhere between 10 and 14 degrees cooler than with a we woke up to yesterday and leading into the afternoon. so pretty amazing what a shift in wind direction will do. becaus of that, i think we will have to drop our highs today. i don't think we reach the 70s.
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comfortable. refreshing and a nice change. you can open up those wiows and enjoy and see a break from the rain. keep that stubborn cloud deck in place for the next six hours or so. by tomorrow, we expect more sunshine in the forecast. do want you to know we set record rainfall totals yesterday in ft. lauderdale. we received over an inch and a quarter -- almost an inch and a quarter. the record over half an inch. miami we set a record with two inches of rain. key west didn't hit the record but worst of the weather over miami-dade and broward. lot more on the weekend forecast you don't want to miss, constanceen. >> constance: thank you. a teen tragedy in an armedrobbery. >> a man threatened a 13-year-old boy with a gun, robbingng him of his gold jewelryrobbing him of his gold jewelry. the whole crime caught on camera. local 10 reporter liane morejon is live in miami with a look at that surveillance video. liane, what es it show? >> reporter: eric, sh shows the entire crime because police think if you see it, you might know the person r sponsible.
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as you said it, this guy was rgeting the victim's gold chain and bracelet. it happened at northwest 6th avenue and 12th street right outsid of the slam charter school. the flick is this case just 13 years old. as you said, the entire crime was caught on camera. let's show you the video right now. the victim was walking across the street with some friends. and this bad guy, he spotted his target and followed this group. you can see he actually picks up his pace to make sure that he stays behind them. now seconds ter, he strikes, yanks that cold chain right off that 13-yeaeaold's neck. then he threatened whim a gun thahahe had in his waistband and demands that the victim give him his bracelet as well. the victim tries to comply, but apparently he was taking way too long for this bad guy. he yanks that bracelet right off his wrist, and then he runs eastbound on northwest 6th street making his getaway.
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scared but startled and within seconds this man was able to scream at him, demand and fleeten whim that gun he was sporting in his waistband. >> reporter: now you can see what that bad guy yas wearing in the video. police also believe he is about 5'10"in height, he weighs about 200 pounds, has brown eyes and last seen as you saw him wearing a white hoodie, blue jeans or joggers. if you see him or if you know anything about this crime, perhaps you were in the area. there were a lot of witnesses, people at the school at the time after hours. you have any information that you think police can use, call them directly. you can also call miami-dade crimestoppers 305-471-tips. we are thrive afternoon in miami, liane morejon, local 10 news. right now at noon, two people dead and another in critical condition after an apparent murder-suicide in homestead. police fountain two people dead
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diterranean and pacific boulevard. it all started with an arguunt that escalated to gunshots. >> untnt we id the party we can't say what the relationship is but appears to be domestic related. possibly husband and wife. >> eric: the victim who survived was airlifted to jackson memorial hospital. he is critical. a train off the track 24 hours after this triyou rail train derailed. dozens of people stranded. sk10 was over the scene as workers worked to clear it ou the debris causing all these major delays this morning. at this point, it is not clear how long it will be out there. debris on the track caused that derailment in the first place. an attorney accused of having sex with an inmate inside of the broward county main jail. a worker caught jessica david having sex with an inmate inside an interview room wednesday afternoon. she was told to leave the room and deputyand deputies were called in. she was interviewed and releaseshe was interviewed and release. david having sex with this man
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you trial for charges including attempted murder. the community helping to help this abandoned dog dumped by his owner on a coroner miamiby his owner on a coroner miami. lara livingston live in more on this touchchg story. how did it come together, layhow did it come together, layron. >> reporter: it camtogether very well and the neighbors thus dubbed this dog jo and he is living it up on miami beach in the vet behind me. hopefully we will never forget the home in which he came, this cardboard dog house. >> reporter: perhaps a bit skittish around news cameras, nothing a bag of treats can cure. we met joey at his new digsinside alton road animal hospital. his old digs looked like this, abandoned five days ago on a street corner in miami's spring gardenspring gardens neighborhood. >> thing was probably thecoolest thing on the coldest day. >> everyone found him the next morning shivering, scared, he was just t mess.
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for the neighborhood blog to fill with posts about its new canine neighbor and -- >> everybody in this neighborhood are dog lovers and little by little i started to see a box, a tarp, food, ater. >> he was very toasty and warm in his -- inhis -- until it got wet, of course. >> reporter: those neighbors contacted animal recoory mission a rescue group to get squloe to the vet. >> one of the reasons i love spring gardens. a community where we all stick together. >> that includes the humans and the animals. >> reporter: a go fund me page for j@ asking for $500 to help with the medical bills. so r people have donated more than triple the amount. >> we want to get anymore a loving home and an opportunity just be cared for. >> he is going to make somebody really happy and bring a lot of love into a new house. >> reporter: he is a good boy too. last night we are told that jo got antibiotics and free and tick meds and the vet here hope
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check-up an one step closer to hopefully get him adopted. we hope to follow jo's story as he moves forward, layron, livingston, local 10. the show went on without donald trump. skipping the presidential debate over a conflict with fox news. lana zack with a recap of the debate and a look at what is happeneng on the democratic side. >> reporter: with donald trump boycotting the debate, the new candidate at center stage was under fire. >> i would notice that the last four questions have been rand, please attack ted. marco, please attack ted. jeb, please attack ted. and mrs. attack ted. >> it is a debate, sir. >> if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: after a strong start for ted cruz. >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. now that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: the night got rough.
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by iowa's biggest paper the des moines regier. >> i don't think ted can have it both ways. >> reporter: a few miles away the national front runner held his ow event. >> usa! >> i didn't want to be here. i have to be honest. >> reporter: here in iowa he isn't anymore. the only republican to leave the state today campaigning now new hampshire. around. >> reporter: you a boone for marco rubio. >> i am not leaving the stage no mter what you ask me. >> reporter: many iowans say they will be take`they will be taking a second look at rubaina. remember, a strng third-place finish here will position him of the campaign. moines. >> eric: local 10 reporter glenna milberg is in wa as we count down to the caucus. look for her live reports later today right here. haiti's presidential election is still in limbo. the current president won't step down until the country holds an election.
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and in the streets, more demonstrators for the country to hold an electiti. some marchers were campaigning in the cityfor the first-round finisher, but opposition protesters say they want a fair election or a transitional government. now the latest on the zika virus. that new estimate says between 3 million and 4 million people could get infected within the next year. the disease is on the rise with cases right here in south florida. pregnant women are on igh alert. >> reporter: the battle against the zika virus and the mosquitoes carrying the diseasemosquitoes carrying thet disease. a major concern for pregnant women including a new york mother to be who has contracted the virus >> the level of alarm is extremely high. >> reporter: more than 30 people have zika in the united states. all brought back from travel abroad. the virus that could cause brain development issues in fetuses is spreading through the americas, mostly brazil, home to the summer olympics is
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abc dr. richard besse r is in rio de janeiro. >> 4,000 babbies born with severe brain damage. >> reporter: pregnant women are to to postpone travel to those affected areas. it is not transmitted person to person but a risk. >>if someone is bit by a mosquito, that mosquito can bibi others and be infected.>> reporter: in the territory and puerto rico, 20 you cases f zika. they are warning people to use bug repellent and mosquito nets over their beds. >> mosquito control is pretty difficult. the mosquitos that are spreading zika bite during the daytime and they are pretty aggressive biters. >> constance: many airlines and cruises to latin america are offering refunds to pregnant women, people who travel and have mild symptoms, fever, rashes and joint pains are being told to go to the doctor immediately. many of you will be headed out to lunch, running errands
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you want to get there as quickly as possible. sanela sabovic has a look at the roads. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. the roads are looking good with a few incidents to report. let's begin on i-95 by thelet's begin on i-95 by the golden glades interchange. earlier accident have the speeds slow. 31 miles per hour. take you further snoout miami-dade county, 836, the dolphin expressway, a crash in the westbound lanes after northwest 12th avenue. right lane is blocked there. speeds here clocking in at 26 miles per hour. now broward county, you are looking good for the most part. let's get you now to a drive time. now if you are headii from i-75 to u.s. 1, a nice commute therer at 61 miles per hour. 13 minutes. and as always, don't forget, you can follow us on twitteryou can follow us on twitter@wplg local 10. all the latest traffic updates. >> constance: all right, sanela, thanks so much.
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we love to see the grenn arrowswe love to see the green arrows. dow up to to 310 dow up to to 310. nasdaq up 67 nasdaq up 61 points. snp 500, those numbers changed to 27 points. at noon, putting a stop to human trafficking. >> constance: the event to raise awareness th our area leading the nation.
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new for you at noon a huge gathering to address a maor problem in south florida. you see they were marching against human trafficking. miami second in the nation for these crimes. cray is live in hialeah where that march was held. erika,what did you learn? >> reporter: these signs say it all, florida number three in the u.s. for human number two u.s. city in human trafficking incidents. these epecifics right here. the reason for the fight. >> little girls are not really thinking of being a prostitutesthinking of being a ostitutes. [chanting] >> reporter: they want to get this message across. in miami we have children being sold for sex at age 12. >> now know about humuman traffic something the fastest growing crime in the world.
12:17 pm
>> reporter: here at florida internatatnal university in hialeah this morning, police officers, elected officials and those who see and know the devastating effect of human trafficking rally to make it stop. >> you are a victim of human trafficking. >> yes, in miami. >> reporter: a walk to help people who are walking in the shoes diana once wore, abductand threatened by a boyfriend at 16. when she ran from him into the stets, she learned how mean the streets could be. >> i just wanted a place to stay and food to eat. and a guy came along and not only promised to be so nice and help me soo much, and he didn't. and put me in a room and men raped me on a continual basis. > reporter: message for our youth tod. >> to stop human trafficking. and they exploit people. >> reporter: the hope is to ild upon this village of people already working to end
12:18 pm
and promising lives.and promising lives. >> reporter: the rally continues here at florida international l university. january was human trafficking awareness month. state attorney katherine arundel was here a few minutes ago talking ababt her commitment to prosecute those victims. live in hialeah, erika rko, local 10 news. you know, ust hanging out with some of his friends. he wasn't involved in anything and he gets shothree times. that can't happen. so whoever did this needs to be caught. >> constance: miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez one of many community leaders calling for an end of violence. the emotional meeting was to address the shooting of 13-year-old eric watson jr. last month and the recent rash of gun violence that is now gripping our community. watson wasshot three times in
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his friends near his grandmother's home near southwest 263rd terrace. he was rushed to nicholas children's hospital. he has a long road of recovery ahead but he is expected to survive. police have upped the reward for any information@that leads to an arrest in the shooting up to $10,000 for information. if you know anything, contact miami-dade crimestoppers, 30miami-dade crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. developing at noon, a decomposing body was found on a boat in miami. now police are trying to figure out how that person died. that t dy was found on a boat right near northwest north river drive. now authorities say the body coulhave been there for as long as a week. more cleanup this afternoon after another tornado touching down yesterd in delray beach. this time an ef 0 tornado. high winds and heavy rain causing damage throughout the area. you can see the cleanup continues here. chairs and tables flying around as a delivery man waited outside of a church. fortunately someone opened the door and lt anymore.
12:20 pm
the mess left behind by two totoadoes this week. the tornado yesterday damaging trees, fences, power lnes. almost sunk a boat as well. >> constance: we don't even from tornado season. we have hurricane season out he and you never know when that severe weather comes through, you got to be preparedthrough, you got to be prepared. >> a couple of straight days of real drama and color on the rar with julie great to see blank this morning. >> julie: you take deep breath and enjoy. i have got to tell you constance, i have been here for eight years and beside us tracking tornado activity during the hurricane coverage in the last ten years, this has been a year, a very special year because of the strong ell nino we are under. it has been very unfortunate for us to havee the severe storms that have produced the tornadoes, but i am so happy i was able to get through to all of you at home watching our continuing coverage to keep you safe. that's what we do here on local 10 news and brings me so much relief to end the workeek on a high note th temperatures in the low 60s and dry conditions, to provide for a fabulous
12:21 pm
we all deserve it. it has been such a rough week. that northwest wind is our cool air connection and keeping our temperatures in check. we are struggling to get out of 60s across parts of south florida. lower 60s that is in miami as well as ft. lauderdale. and 63 degreesesin homestead. 66 in marathon. this is anywhere between 4 and 14 degrees cooler within thatwe saw yesterday at this time. you notice the reason that we saw the severe w@ather threat is because we had that heat and the humidity in place, and then the trigger mechanism was the frontal boundary with the area low pressure that moved through. the good news is, that is all the thing of the past. with the new change in the forecast, especially on northwest wind, we do have wind gusts reported in the 20s. that is causing risk of elevated issues for you boater. if you head d t today and tomorrow, plan on doing any boating, i suggest you wait it out at least until sunday until the winds calm down and a small-craft advisory in effect. if you were headed to the beachif you were headed to the beach, well, lack of sunshine,but at least we will see dry conditions out there for this afternoon. here is what is t looks like for our hollywood beach cam.
12:22 pm
broad walk. you might need a sweater or jacket. and stubborn cloud cover will be around blanketing south florida, but, again, not produce producing precipitationproduce producing precipitation. why? because the cold front has cleared south florida and took all the rain with it. we now have high pressure in place in the mid- to upper levels of the atmosphere and att the surface, and that is providing for a dry stable atmosphere. the air is sinking to the surface and that's why it is refreshing and comfortable out there. enjoy it. it is going be too cocl, comfortable day. much drier conditions what we have seen quite some time. as we go into the weekend, high pressure will push toward these so slowly, but the later half of saturday into sunday, we will see a shift in the wind direction again provide for a warming trend. before we get there, tonight will be the coolest night of the weekend as we are forecastthe weekend as we are forecasting lows in the 50s. so, again, i wantto remind you we are expecting wind gusts at around 26 miles per hour.. we see it between 5 and 7 feet with that said, dangerous conditions for you boaters. this morning we woke up to the low 50s. tomorrow we will be talking temperatures in the low 50s
12:23 pm
this morning we woke up in the 60s. and you will notice in the forecast going furth, we will see that warming trend as the winds start to involv@e off the ocean and increase chance of showers by monday. what does that mean? enjoy your saturday and sunday, it will be beautiful. our chief certifiedour chief certified meteorologist betty davis will be back at 4:00. >> eric: julie, thank you. happening right now a mission to help children in need. >> constance: tens of thousands of volunteer plan to pack more than 5 million meals in five days that will feed starving children in haiti and latin america. you. >> eric: local 10 ben kennedy at the miami-dade expo and fair where they are bagging meals. what an effort, ben. >> reporter: good afternoon, eric and constance. odds are that you will see this activity behind me. this story will make you smile. crews wrapping up. vovonteers done measuring, scooping and packing food forkids in need. volunteers rolled you have their sleeves and even put on a hair net to help those in need.
12:24 pm
eating, and i wanted to help them. >> reporter: 6th grader jackie morel is one of 30,000 southflorida volunteers that will pack more than 5 million meals in five days. in each bag is six meals that cost about $.42 per meal, and if you pull it around on the back side, inside iis 20 vitamins and minerals. feed my starving children is behind the evennt that will feed 15,000 kids for a year. in haiti and latin america. >> this is not an understatement. this is truly the difference between life and death for these kids. these are kids who are starvingthese are kids who are starving, who are malnourished in haiti, in nicaragua, el salvador, other countries here and we giveve these food to the missionaries. they are caring for the kids directly. so goes directly from us to them. >> reporter: and back live, that bag ofof food kind of cooks like rice with water and heat and you are all set.
12:25 pm
and alive in nate get in, onlytwo weeks. how cool is that. eric? >> constance: where is your hair net, ben? your hair net? >> reporter: i was wearing one earlier. we are now kind of on thedge of the processing spot, so i had to take it off. >> eric: south florida wouldd like to see. thank you very much. >> constance: a great story. 5 million meals, fantastic. >> eric: another interesting story for you. barbie -- legendary barbie getting a makeover. >> constance: about time. changes to bring it in line with more realistic body
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look, i know you're a cow and all.
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but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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a recallalet here at noon. 84,000 nissan altimas are being recalled between 2013 and 2015, actually correct a problem with hood latchess that may fly open when the car is moving. paint flaking off the latch causes the metal to rust and
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fly open. the subject of two prior recalls. the latch will be replaced for free in mid-february. and a warning if you bought an iphone, ipad or mac in the last five years outside of the united states. apple recallg wall plugs in brazil, argentina, south korea and new zealand during that time. the pins can break off in the sockets that t can cause you to be shocked. there are incidents of this happening. apple will change it a any apple store or authorized service provider. do you need someone to talk to? in his dr. oz moment, he tells you how to find a good therapist. >> hi, i am dr. oz. talk therapy is help envelope treating minor or moderate depression. are they licensed? how long have they been practicing? what is their area of expertisewhat is their area of expertise? what are their fees, many have a sliding fee policy.
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dr. oz show every weekdayafternoon noon right here on local 10. barbie you look goowith a brand-new body. >> constance: that tell has revealed a new line of barbies with body,, skin tones and hair styles. the doll comes in tall, curvy and petition teelt sizes and seven different skin tones and different eye color andd hair styles. trying to bring barbie in line with realistic body standards and reflect the diversity of the kids playing with the dolls. >> i think that is fantastic. a little less pressure of them to conform to unrealistic standards. >> constance: mattel will still sell the original barbiestill sell the original barbies, but these will have a new look and hit store shelves on march 1 rick love it. >> constance: you got a daughter, does she play with barbies yet. >> eric: not yet, but we find it challenging to find curly hair dolls conn i know, growing
12:31 pm
i have big curly ir and super happy that barbie is making changes. a student's appetite got anymore trouble. >> how much a teen was fined for takefor taking a second lunch coming up. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean n th a tour guide that's a ton of fun. rara like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your aenture, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or` visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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join laurie d calvin for local 10 news at 11:00. rick a gaping hole lierick a gaping h hle lying right in the middle of a oregon road. a sinkhole that began crumbling for the second time. the first sinkhole in december and got worse yesterday with rain. it made the ground be unstable causing it to give away even further. a cpinese you ship joining the search for the missing malaysian airliner. the ship has state-of-the-art sonar and debris last week was found in thailand, but officials say it did not belong to the missing plane. flight 270 disappeared on its way o beijing with 239 people on board. 18-year-old ethan couch may learn today if he will be moved from the juvenile detentioncenter in texas to an adult jail. couch deported fr mexico yesterday where he and his mother allegedly fled in early december after video show couch
12:33 pm
probation. he was put in ten years probation after killing four people in a drunken driving crash. officials say components of a hydrogen bomb may have been tested by north korea earlier this month. this comes first from an analysis of the data to debunk north korea's claims that they successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the u.s. says based on the data they have a partial test or a failed test may have taken place. lebanese media is accusing israel of useisrael of using a vulture as a spy. yeah, the vulture was held by lebanon, and they said it had israeli tags and other devices onon it. as it turned out she disappeared from a nature preserve in israel earlier this week. a gift to the country from spain about two m@nths ago. it is not the first time an animal has been suspected of spying. in the past is has been accused of using sharks and even a dolphin. listen to this, a 16-year-old wisconsin student
12:34 pm
reports initially that the head cook pressed charges for theft but the perintendent says that is not true. he says cases are reported to school administrators. >> some cases that police -- referral to police departments happen and police make a decision based on statutes or what no. rick the superintendent said the school sets up free and reduced lunches. a go fund me page to help pay. the e woman that started this said in it will help other students in need. pat riley weighing in on lebron james' departure >> what he has to sayay about the
12:35 pm
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>> the already, 12:40 on a friday afternoon. maybe heading out, got errands before picking up the kids from school. whatever you got going on check in with the traffic. hey, sanela.
12:37 pm
eric and nthwest 125th streeteric and northwest 125th street, there was an earlier crash in the express lanes, bubu it has slowed traffic down. you could see the yellow here.get you now speed times. 46 miles per hour. not too adand keeping it with i-95, again, in the northbound lanes. a disabled car by northwest 6a disabled car by northwest 62nd avenue causing some delays there. speeds clocking in at 30 miles per hour. and we are ststill monitoring this crash on the dolphin westbound at northwest 12th street. it does have the right lane blocked. constance, eric. the oscars announcing their first group of presentors and entertainers. the awards show by chris lock have performances by lady gaga and sam smith. you presenters tina fey, kevin hart. you can watch it right here and our covovage starts at 7 p.m. we need more voices at the
12:38 pm
we need for our art to reflect all o us. >> eric: "scandal" star kerry washington the recipie of harvard university hasty pudding theatrical. the underground drama group. they chose washington because she is talented, socially engaged a continues to break barriers in hollywood. by the way "scandadal" wruns february 11. right here on local 10. people are still talkingabout tina fey's performances a sarah palin. did you see that? that was on"saturday night live". not everybody is laughing aboutit. jeannie moos tells us howbristol palin is firing back. >> reporter: you may think think that tina fey has nailed her sarah palin. >> heads are spinning. media heads are spinning. >> reporter: but one critic that sounds a little bitteter. >> right winging and bitter clinging. klingers of our guns. >> reporter: sarah palin's daughter is clinging proudly to
12:39 pm
that tina fey sounds nothing like my mom. bristol compared tina fey's you fake accent to nails on a chalkfake accent to nails on a chalkboard. >> the gravy train. >> reporter: bristol thinks snl has been slurping off the palin gravy train. "saturday night live"and tinafey has been clinging to this impersonation a little too long. it is getting pathetic. >> you rock and rollers andholy rollers, pushing strollers with an abscessed molar. >> reporter: the glitzy sweater>> reporter: the glitzy sweater. you bristol said it was fun thank you nfl couldn't get heir hands on the same top that her mom wore because it is sold out. the costume department had to re-create it which they did in less than a week. snl proudly trumpeted. >> trump and his trumpers. >> reporter: when bristol took a poll, who wore it better you sara or tina, it was fey all
12:40 pm
that sounds what bristol would like to do to tina. jeannie moos. >> god bless the united states of america.>> reporter: cnn. >> god bless some of the united states of america. [ laughter ] laugh. >> constance: but you know, you got to defend your mama. question. >> constance: it was so funny. that was funny. friday afternoon a music mystery in an empty apartment building. >> constance: the song being played there for hours and hours and no one could figure out where it is coming from. >> e ec: so weird. >> constance: we will explain.
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tell your doctor your dical history. victoria secret facing a lawsuit. a new jersey designer suing the company over bra. she said victoria secret stole
12:43 pm
state-of-the-art insert after she pitched the product. her lawyer asking for damages and profit for the sale of the bra. no comment from victoria secret comment from victoria secret. a million people expected to be in the bay area for super bowl 50 events. ththfbi is preparing to respond any sort of emergency. they say teir submission to prevent any act of terrorism. the fbi is working with dozens of local, state and federal agents to prepare for their top concern, an active shooter. now south florida super bowl bid committee will be at the big game, of course, while they are planning to meet with nfl organizers and attend super bowl-related events. sunlife stadium with one of four nfl stadiums being considered for bid for 2019considered for bid for 2019-2020 games. it last hosted a super bowl back in 2010. the stadium is currently undergoing major renovations to be more competitive for the event. a partial roof will cover the stadium in 2016. we heard plenty of talk in the past few days of lebron
12:44 pm
pat riley weighed in what he saw from lebron while james was in miami. >> at thee diplomat hotel being recognized an an arican icon during a fundraiser for joe dimaggio hospital. riley shot down the report that lebron asked him to hire head coach eric spolstra. he compared the waves of lebron leaving miami to when he left the heat himself and the lakers and the knicks. >> not from him today, never. you know, so -- you know, i have beeeein that situation, you know, twice. i left los angeles and a lot of stuff followed me out the door to new york and obviously when i left new york, a lot of stuff followed me down here to miami. took about ten years to sort o@ get out of that storyline. and so a lot of stuff is following him out the door, whether it's right or wrong. it is just the nature of it. >> eric: the nba is making it
12:45 pm
chris bosh will be a reserve for the all-star. hihi11th all-star selection. the game being played in toronto where he played his first seven seasons. you can expect emotions to be running high. he played in all 46 of the heat's game and averaging 19 points a game. and according to coach spoelstra, alhl indication that dragic will return after missing eight games with a strained left calf. going through full practice. dwyane wade's shoulder was looking much better for the heat as s they beat brooklyn tuesday night. miami won two straight. they beat the bucks tonight, they will finish with a winning record on this roaad trip. and this afternoon out of new york for eight hours a day, the university iowa fight song has been play from anmpty building. alex tate tels us no one can figure out where that music is coming from. >> reporter: the university of iowa fight song, a state your name of pep rallies and football games in iowa city and most reernly on 3rd street in niagra falls. confuseded
12:46 pm
>> i am not sure what started it. >> reporter: wine 307brd owner says over the past six months, an instrumental version is played frm a vacant building across the street from his restaurant every gray 3 to 11 p.m. for the first few weeks, he no idea what the song was. >> our manager decided to use s hazam and identify what song it was. no, we never really paid attention to it. >> reporter: the noiseseidn't serve as a few san sans inside of the restaurant. it affected customers that ate over the patio over the ssummer. people who live above the restaurant have also been bothered by >> the special tenants upstairs have filedomplaint. and the police have been here. >> reporter: niagra falls police have responded to the location several times over the past few months, but they say they have not been able to get a hold of a representivefrom smoking joe's which owns the building. >> even if they did, to be honest, they don't think any laws are being broken. >> they have not violated the law because they play between 3 and 11.
12:47 pm
really -- again, what violates the decibelrdinance and noise ordinance. >> reporter: 3rd street got a reprieve from the music tuesday afternoon one day after a niagra gazette article on the phenomenon got attention from dead spin and"sports illustrated". he thought the coverage stopped the music for good but it returned at 6:00. now they hope whoever is behind the music finds something else to play. >> on one hand, music on the street wouldn't necessarily be bad, but i don't know having the same iowa fight song repeated every 50 seconds is necearily a positive thing. >> eric: they want them to find something else to play until they play something much more be a noxious. get that thing knocked out quick you. >> constance: in new york a little strange. a little spooky for me. from new york to the medical center tower cam. a look at how we see things. a little congestion on the bridge, but other than that, no rain, no wind, a beautiful thing. >> constance: finally
12:48 pm
ooh, i am going to have to put
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. >> the fiat car became hot around the country when pope francis made that his pope mobile in the u.s. >> constance: you can actually own the pope mobile. the black 500 l that carried him around will be auctioned off tonight. it retails for $20,000, but who knows how muchit is going to go for.
12:51 pm
charity, and guess what- >> eric: let's just doll like it is, we don't have a prayer. >> constance: we don't have a prayer. i know. how cool is that. a special blessing sitting where he sat. and driving all that. >> julie: and driving the car. you can sit in the back and put your hand out and wave at people. i mean, come on, that would be an amazing opportunity. we all wish that we could afford that. it is probably going to go pretty high up with those bids. and well deservedly because everybody for the charity, it's great. for us here in south florida, we are njoying a nice change in the forecast. it looks beautiful. cloudy skies and we will take these temperatures and dry weather any day compared to the teather the last few days. 61 degrees in miami as well as ft. lauderdale. and as you take a look along the coast, you can see the breeze moving our palm trees around. a west northwest wind will keep temperatures in check and low 60s from pompano beach all wait to homestead. 68, key west. 66, marathon. anything between 4 and 12 degrees degrees cooler what we saw yeyeerday.
12:52 pm
at 4:00. >> eric: thank you, julie. that does it for now "the chew" coming up next. >> constance: you we will be back at 4:00. remember you can get the latest breaking news at >> eric: have a great friday, south florida.
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