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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  January 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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shyann malone is at the scene. >> shyann: we are confirming it is indeed an 18-year-old high school student. let me step out of the way so you can see the scene expect you can still see the yellow tarp@ covering the body here as investigator continue to work this scene. several evidence makers surrounding this body. let's look athe scene from above, from sky 10. you can see offers dropping evidence marker after evidence markers they investiuate this scene, that yellow tarp covering the body of an unidentified teen. this deadly shooting happened just after 1:00 this afternoon. concerned community leaders tell me this is a scene we are s sing all too often. >> and i feel that it's very sickening that this will be done in the broad daylight, i mean, 40 rounds? who deserves to take 40 rounds of ammunition? and somody saw something, and if community really needs to step up and speak out so that these kind off things can stop. >> shyann: more video of the scene from the ground.
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5200 northwest 26th avenue. we're still gathering details. know two nearby schools, brownsville and erlington middle school have been placed on lockdown. th lockdown has been cancelled. back out here live you can see a horrific scene. the miami-dade police department talked aboutp crowds of people being surrendering this area, so they thinkedded indeed there are witnesses. they do tell me, though, there was a what can vehicle seen leaving from the scene so if you have any information they want to hear from you. reporting live, shyann malone, liberty city. >>anine: caught on camera, a teen targeted held up for his goldman and hugged right in the middle of the street, that victim just 13 years old, and tomake the situation even scarier it happened right outside of hisschool. local10 news reporter liane morejon live at the scene of the crime. lian >> liane: and, janine, you can imagine administrators here at the slam charter school, they
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in fact, they sent all of the students home today with a letter for their parents, telling them that they're deeply concerned about what happened, reminding parents to tell their kids to be vigilant and of course keep an eye on when they're walk can outside of the school. as you mentioned, this happened right outside of the school, imagine how ter fugue for this 13-year-old boy, and today we're hearing from the two kids who were also with him. we are concealing their identities. a 13-year-old boy falls victim to an armed robber, and the entire crime is caught on camera. watch asthe victim and his two friends oss northwest 6th street near 12th street with main in a white hoody jogging to catch up. >> he was standing at the corner. i think he walked us when wee walked to 7-eleven and he ran across the street. >> liane: as soon as they get to the other sidi, the robber lunges, pulling at the victim and yanking his gold @hain. >> and the guy pulled it from his shirt. at first i thought twos family
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>> liane: this was no f fend. the man then demands the victim give up his gold bracelet and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't. >> he said, if you don't give me your bracey let, i'm going to shoot. you he showed h'm a gun he was hiding in his pants. >> liane: this robber becomes impatient and pulls the bracelet right of his wrist before running away. the victim's friends let the grownups i iide know what happened, but it was too late. >> i told him to go outside because he is was getting robbed. once they went outside, he started ruing and he was gone. >> liane: the crime happened just after 60 p.m. yesterdays just outside the sports and leadership academy charter school where this victim is a student. police aren't sure if this baddiey guy is preying to children b b they want to get h'm off the streets as soon as possible. >> we do need someone to call us with information as to who this man is and where he is at this time, so he doesn't pull thi over again. >> liane: you can see those surveillance cameras mounted on the outside of the school.
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this investigation. now, besides what you saw on the video of that white hdy and those jeans, police say that this robber was also about 5'10", 200 pounds with brown eyes. anyone with information should call miami police or miami-dade crimestoppers at the number on your screen. we are live in little havana, liane morejon, local10 news. >> of course we did, and, yes, he is remorsel. >> janine: all new at iv we are hearing from the attorney of so-called affluenza teen. ethan couch made his first appearance in court after being extradited from mexico. you remember the end ya-year-old was arrested there last month a violating his probation by leaving the country. for now he'll any in a juvenile detention facility until a judge decides whether his case will be transferred to the adult system. couch fled the country no to avoid punishment for possibly avoiding his probation. he was 16 when he drove drunk and killed four people.
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one of the inmates who escaped from a jail facility near listening last week is now in custody if l.a. sheriff's department announce that c he flagged down a person the on the streets of santa ana this morning and told them he wanted to turn himself in. also today, a woman who taught those unmates was arrested in connection with the jail break. she.english as a second language ininde the jail. she allegedly provided the men with google maps and other information central to their escape. the men, who are all accused of violent crimes, ran for their freedom last friday. police believe the other two men are likely still in the los angeles area because of their ties to local gangs. we have breaking news now, the u.s. state department announcing new detetls about emails hillary clinton sent out whenee she was secretary of state. let's get to michael putney right now in our newsroom with more onthis breaking news. michael. >> michael: this certainly is not going to help hillary clinton in the iowa caucuses or further down the road. the obama administration
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for the first time hillary clinton's unsecured home sever contained closely carded governmenty secrets censoring 22 of her emails that had material that required the highest level of classification. so we will see what happens with that. no reaction yet from the clinton campaign. now, on to iowa in vote 2016, you probably noticed last night donald trump was missing from the debate stage. he refused to take part. but even without trump, that debate drew a good audience, 12.5 million viewers and they gogo an earful. with donald trump boycotting, the candidate center stage last night was ted cruz. >> i would note that t e last four questions had been, rand, please attack ted, marco, please attack ted, jeb, please attack ted. >> [ booing ] >> it is a debate.
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more mean question, i waive to leave the stage. >> michael: cruz was just kidding. hey wasn't about to leave the stage, neither was marco rubio. >> first of all, don't worry west nile not leaving the stage no matqer what you ask me. [ applause ] >> michael: moderator megyn kelly who scared trump away ransom video chips rubio advocating for a moderate immigration reform bill that included a path to citizenship. now he's against that. >> that is the book where you chanand your position on immigration because you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> well, but you changed -- >> so did you, marco. >> michael: bush had his strongest performance yet in a debate. ted cruz rung ii in iowa had a rough night. >> i don't think you can have it both ways. >> michael: cruz goats hammered for nsa data collection. >>ness the lie cruz's, that's
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and everyone else a rhino. the truth the is, ted you've been wing to staih or do anything to get votes. >ichael: marco rubio usually excellent in these debates. i thought last night he was good but perhaps not his best showing. it was a best showing for jeb bush. we are into the newsroom. calvin want back to you. >> calvin: our own glenna milberg is in iowa as we continue to count downto the caucus on monday. she'll join us for live reports starting att 5:00 at the top of the hour. and right now rush hour getting started. let's get a check on that traffic. >> janine: let's check in with jenise fernandez who is watching the roads. >> jenise: you said it, we are basis this afternoon. the palmetto at northwest 74th street there is an accident. we are seeing some delays as a result. again, palmetto heading north. that accident right around northwest4th street. speeds right now are clocking in at 21 miles per hour. staying on the palmetto expressway, this time as you're heading south, there is an accident at flagler street.
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lane and speeds here clocking in at 29 miles per hour. dolphin expressway heading west, northwest 27th avenue, some pretty heavy delays as we're seeing a lot of red on our maps. speeds a 15 miles per hour. i-95 northbound as you're approaching the airport expressway there's a crara there as well, looks like traffic is picking u. a bit. we are going to see delays at 34 miles per hour. and as we cruisto broward county we do have one accident on i-75 northbound, this is right around indian trace but as we look at our maps we are seeing the green so it doesn't look like that's impacting your commute. speeds this at 66 miles per hour. janine. >> janine: good stuff. let's take a look at thelosing numbers, and this is good, too, we like to see, the dow jones is up 396 points to 16,466. the nasdaq is up -- 107 points, and the s&p 500 is up 46 points. >> calvin: still ahead, accusations against a lawyer accused of sleeping with a suspect while he wasp behind
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coming up at 4:30 we'll hear how she was aegedly caught having sex with a man accused of attempted murder and we'll have her spons. betty. >> betty: finall no rain on the radar but it is cool out there. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. i'll let you know how chilly those temperatures getting. >> janine: still ahead, death at disney? how a family says a snakebite involving his son led to his grandmother's death. >> calvin: first a brave bank manager's jump into action going viral, how he stopped a would-be robber from getting insides next. >> janine: all new at 5:00, a much needed cleanup at the
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>> janine: breaking news outf miami garden where a shooting investigation is underway. let's get straight out to amy viteri with the latest.
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trying to get more information with miami-dade police tellings they are investigating a deadly shooting there, and we have sky 10 overhead providing a cture of what we're looking at. miami-dade police tell us this is at 18483 northwest 52ndpath. that's in northwest miami-dade and at this time you can see investigators there, they have the front of that home taped off as they try to get more information about what happened here. you can see the rest of that street. several investigators' cars parked in front of this location. now, we did see a short time ago a woman coming out of that home. she appeared to be in distress, grieving, and we did see herbeing comforted by another woman there. but at this time we are working to get information on who was killed, potentially, inside that home and what all led up to this situation. right now we can tell you we do have a crew on the ground heading to the sne and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. back to you. >> calvin: caught on camera here, a brave bank manager
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by locking the front door. no surprise here. when you see that dramatic rveillance video from inside the bank, you will understand why it has gone viral. >> janine: and it turns out the manager's quick action is all because he i was in the right place at exactly the right time. what started as a typical morning at a pnc bank in zebulon, north carolina quickly became one this manager won't soon forget. >> in manager of the bank happened to be standing in the lobby looking out the door. >> janine: the manager sees a man depressed hall black running towardrd the door of the bank. >> the manager grabs the door and kind of enters a little came of toughing are was. >> janin the door opens a little bit but the manager holds on. >> the suspect produces a small black semi automatic handgun and begins to strike the window of the door with the handgun, and the manager doesn't give up. >> janine: the suspect does eventually give up. >> and he runs offithout ever making it into the bank. >> janine: bank employees had
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and police were there in under a minute to find people inside the bank frazzled but safe. >> if the suspect had made it into the bank, you never know what's going to happen then. the guy is obviously agitated, obviously has a gun, so it could have been much worse had he made night the bank. >> janine: the police chief says there is one an to thank for this. >> i consider the manager a hour, and i've already told him so. >> janine: and that masked manis still on the run tonight. >> calvin: and right now here's a live look from our fort lauderdale -- make that our hollywood beach cam and what a gorgeous view that is. fort lauderdale, hollywood, still a gorgeous picture on this friday but a little on the chilly side. >> janine: you see some people with their flees on but they're still wearing their shorts but they want to be out there. it's different. >> janine: getty, what do you think? >> betty: it's at a lot better than we have seen the past couple of days. fort lauderdale we'll take this
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clouds. here's the view from our mount sinai medical center tower camera, just soak it all in. miami, we want take you out on a date tonight but you will want a sater. right up temperatures in the mid-60s. 64 in homesad and pompano beach at 63. it has been a struggle for temperatures to get@ to 70 degrees so they haven't made it there and aren't going to make there it. we've been on the school side today and we're on our way and a really chilly night. by 8:00 tonight some of you will be grabbing a sweater a temperatures drop off into the upper 40s, and by tomorrow morning wear expecting lower 50s. miami 53. hialeah 52. homestead possibly walking up around 51 degrees. th cooldown cutter sift cooler air riding in a northwest wind. courtesy of a cool air. winds flowing in the fro the northwest sustained 10 miles an hour right now. times they've gusted a little higher than that. so we've managed to force the cold front through.
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the messy weather yesterday has cropped down to our south out over the atlantic waters, northwest t nd behind it, but we do still have the clouds flowingin over south florida. so in the mid to upper levels the atmosphere those winds driving in from the southwe pushing those clouds over our area, but our atmosphere is stable and we're not going to see rainfall from those clouds. what we will have, though, is a chilly start to saturday. we'll expect to break into more sunshine tomorrow, although that southwesterly flow aloft is still going to be in play so we could stifle high cloud out there. we're chilly saturdada morning. the afternoon is going to be pleasant. once our winds start to flow in from the east we'll notice ortemperatures getting milder and milder. by sunday we'll call it warm cause we'll see highs closer to 80 degrees. in the morning get they sweaters ready. maybe the kids will have a
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the shorts as wet as over the shorts. here's the forecast for sunday starting the morning in the mid-60s and highs in the upper 70s. by monday we have to introduce a chance for rain. i know. i know. it's just that type of pattern. by groundhog day rain should be out off here, rain chance at least a the lot lower before we introduce our next cold front on thus. >> calvin: a lawyer under investigation, accused of having sex with an inmate, and now we're hearing from her attorney about the accusations. it's all new at at 4:30. >> victor: -j plus an update on that health alert, more than 30 cases of the zekea virus in the united states, now worried it could affect the olympicic >> calvin: and why pregnant women more at risk of melanoma p in our health cast. >> clay: good afternoon. a sight for sorey eyes for the heat. hassan whiteside is out and why the heat should be full strength
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>> clay: heat fans, help is on the way. we'll get the not so goodews out of the way first. big man haan w wteside will likely miss his fourth game in a row because of a hip injujy but it's good news from here on out. do goran dragic and josh mcrobert should each be back in the line-up tonight in milwaukee. dragic has miss eight straight games because of a calf injury, and at one point the heat from 1-5 without him before winning their last two. meanwhile mcrobert miss awed lot of time with injuries since they signed him a couple of years ago. meantime dwyane wade took a little bit of time to return to his old stomping grounds. of course with wade played at marquette in milwaukee and spent a little time with their student
4:21 pm
pat riley is making headlines today after ming a prestigious honor. riley was honoreds an american icon last night by the joe dimaggio, and he talked about a lot of things including former at star lebron james. rile said among other things he never tried to get head coach erik spoelstra fired, and riley compared lebron's current situation to his own when hee left la and new york. >> from from him to mever, no. you know, so, look week i'veve been in that situation twice. i left lososngeles and a lot of stuff followed me out the door to new york, a a obviously when i left new york, a lot of stuff followed me down here toiami, and it took about ten years to sort of get out of that storyline, and so a lot of stuff is following him out the door, whether it's write right or wrong it's just the nature of the game. >> clay: and it's media day at the nhl all-star came. jaromir jagr of the florida
4:22 pm
the oldest player in the league and still playing in his tenth all-star game. we will hear from him at 6:00. and a great gesture by dee gordon, giving out food at the ronald mcdonald house all for seriously ill children and their families. gordon just signed a big contract extension with the fish. coming up at 5:00,uys websites clalas clowns. do you remember this from last week, high school fans hang out ooh live birth to try to distract a free throw shooter? we may go one further this wk. >> how can you top that? >> calvin: oh, my. >> clay: olympian, that's all i'm going to say. >> calvin: focus at the free-throw line. >> janine: we have a lot of ns to get to. here's what's coming up all new at at 4:30,ex with an inmate, a lawyer accused of having sex with a suspect on jail property. who is now investigating her and her response ahead. >> calvin: and a family suing disney over their loved one's death.
4:23 pm
popular part's kingdom led to a fatal heart attack. >> janine: and a making a d dut today, we're going to introduce you to this tiger cub. those stories and more all coming up on local10 now at 4:30. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna.
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>> janine: right now at 4:30 this lawyer is under investigation, accused of having sex with an inmnme on jail property. jessica david was apparently caught in a compromising position with aan she was supposed to representing. >> calvin: lorne todd tongen at the%jail with the story, and could she possiy lose ore job jo over this? >> todd: he already lost a job shu had about a month ago and there are allegations swirling that that could be related to another incident but we'll get to that later. first let's talk about this big story everybody's buzzing about here in broward. it is real talker. i spoke with tortious that have over 40 years in practice, and they say they've never heard about a kies like this ever before.
4:27 pm
county jail, you'll see a large poster with jessica's face on it posted at the security chececoint because she's been banned from all broward jails. a bso incident report from last wednesday states the 35-year-old married lawyer was caught having sese on an interview stable inside the jail where client ysreal granda who is up on four felony chargesncluding two for attempted murder. today through her murder and his partner, mi shalle is fighting back. >> it's completely false allegatitis. we believe there's a ulterior motive byroward sheriff's office. >> so you believe that the incident was fash rated. >> absolutely. >> todd: she wouldn't speak during her interew but her attorney said this has been embarrassing and it's hurt can her career, so they have spent a memo to b`o to ban it. >> she is all over the news. she's a private attorney. she needs to see her clients. their retires being violated,
4:28 pm
they're not being allowed on see their counsel. >> todd: she used to work for howard finkelstein. she said he was hard-working young lawyer with no complaints but he's concerned about the allegations. >> i think you're going to see more investigations. i think ty're going to start to look to see whether orot any ton con tra band may have introduced into the facility. i think this is just beginning. >> todd: michellei is not facing his criminal charges but the matter has baby referred to the florida bar. meanwhile, bso just released a a statement staying granda is not being denied access tois legal counsel. he can still speak with her and correspond with her, but due to the alleged misconduct, physical contact has b bn restricted. at the broward county jail in fort lauderdale, todd tongen, local10 news. >> calvin: tot $ todd, thanks a lot. now too a health alert as officials are trying to get control and stop t t spread of the zika virusesmore 30 dates
4:29 pm
all from travels overseas. at least three of the cases are pregnant women in illinois and in new york who are now under close watch. the fda is also revieng the policy on blood donations as more zika ses are being reported, and the virus has reached pandemic levels in brazil with more than 1 million cases so far. if mock borne disease can impact pregnant women and their unborn babies. more than 4,000 babies have now been affected inside brazil and the virus is spreading t rough south and central americas and now to the u.s. is not contagious from person to person contact. and right now a traffic alert on i-95. >> janine: jenise ferndez has how the track of is looking. >> jenise: i-95 northbound right at broward boulevard, there are reports of a rollover accidents. crews are their way to respond to this, buthe big fishing is here we are seeing heavy there is a. sees zoom on ito our maps this
4:30 pm
northbound at broward boulevard, speights right now are at 22 miles per hour. and as we zoom on out, though, you're starting to see those days from 595 and it looks like they're going to last for what seems to be three miles so suspect heavy delays if you are heading in that direction. got a couple of accidents in dade county to talk about, though, also i-95 n nthbound as you're approaching the alberta expressway, a crash there with speeds at 1414iles per hour. and we are still waiting to get the all clear on this accident on the palmetto expressway. this is as you're heading north right arounun northwest 74th street with speeds at 17 miles per hour. you may notice some delays in southbound lawns as well. that's your stop-and-go traffic. speeds thereat 12 miles per hour. calvin, janine. >> janine: developing right now, an investigation into an apparent murder/suicide in the clubhouse e a homestead housing complex. we're told that i gunman shot a wowon and a man at the isle of oasis west of southwest 152nd avenue last night before then turning the gun on himself.
4:31 pm
that male victim is in critical t stable. police do believe it victim's knew one another bt not released their identities. and a suburban discovery aboard a boat still under investigation. a decomposing body was found on the boat docked near north river drive at northwest 26th avenue in miami last night. the medical examiner is working to figure out how this person died. police say it is possible that that body had been there as long as a week. >> calvin: a florida sheriffs deputy now facng criminal charges after he shot a man at a traffic stop. timothy virden said after pulling a car over for suspected you dui he place and unruly passenger in handcuffs. hey then said the handcuffed manned grabbed his gun forcing him to shoot him. but the pinnell's county sheriff said vernon lied and there was never any struggle. crews work to repair after a tri-rail train went off the tracks in pompano beach
4:32 pm
the train hit debris between mcnab road. it spilled 2200 gallons of diesel fuel on tras. only one of the 56 people on board had to go hospital to the hospital with minor injuries. at this hour we're working to find out if anyone was injured in a school bus crash this morning. sky 10 was oaf the keen near southwest 58 ath have avenue and 23rd athlete. the firefighters were there but damage to the vehicles appear to be minor. >> janine: a spokesman for the u.s. navy said that iran acted in an abnormal and unprofessional way after they flew over a drone -- flew a drone over a u.s. aircraft carrier. the navy evaluated the drone and determined it was unarmed and posed no danger to the ship, but the potential for problems was there. the carrier was placed in the persian gulfo conduct airstrikes against isis. navy officials say no airstrikes were you know way at the time. this comes about three weeks
4:33 pm
troops who reader into iranian waters inside the persian gulf. >> calvin: an update out of michigan. help is on the way for t t people of flint as they deal with a major water crisis. governor rick snyder signed a bill providing $58 million in emergency funding. the money throwing repair damaged pipes and to o lp pay for the plymouth emphasized drinking tainted tap water. flint's water crisis began when the city shifted its supply to the flint river which contained iron and alalaing levels of lead. last week you might recall president obamampassed a bill to give $80 million in new funding to help michigan improve its water infrastructure. a court appearance today in chicago for the police officer accused of shooting a black teenager 16 times. this was only a status hearing for jason vandyke who has pleaded not g glty to laquan mcdonald's' death. he's due back in court in march. video of the 2013 death was released back in november lead
4:34 pm
>> janine: today president obama made another p ph to advance equal pay for women. he proposed a new rule thatt would require companies with 100 employees or more to report pay data by gender, race and ethnicity. the president says that the d da will help investigations on ployers that are shortchanging workers. he hopes it will be one of many sts to change. >> this won't solve every problem. we've still got to get more women and girls into high-paying fields like science and technology, engineering and math. we have still got to make sure women not penalized o held back in the workplace simply for starting a fily. >> janine: today's event marked the seventh anniversary of the lilly leadbetter fair pay act. it was the first piece of legislation he signed as esident. >> calvin: a southwest florida man said he is suing of ay ecigarette exploded in his face last year. y was hospitalized in october after being badly burned lie that explosion. he's now suing the retailer and manufacturer and seeking more
4:35 pm
his tortious argued that the ecigarette was defective. >> janine: also today, helping hands volunteers spending their friday packing lunches for children in haitind latin america. the group plans to pack more than 5 mlion meals in the next few days. local10 news reporter ben kennedput on a hair net and caught up with them as they worked. >> ben: u can hear all the noise behind me, odds are this story will make you smi. take a look at. right now volunteers are very busy scooping, measuring, and pack can food for kids in n@ed. volunteers rolled up their sleeues and even put on a hair net to help those in need. >> there's a lot of children who are note eating and i wanted to help them. >> ben: sixth grader jackie morelle is just one of 30,000 south florida volunteers that will pack more than 5 million meals in five days. in each bag is six meals. it costs about 22 cents per meal. and if you flip it around, on back side, inside is 20 vitamins and minerals.
4:36 pm
is behind t`e event that will feed 15,000 kids for a year. in haiti and latin america. >> this is not an understatement. this is truly the difference beeen life and death for these kids. these are kids who are starving, who are malnourished in haiti, in energy, in el sal -- nick rauk waugh, el salvador. we give this food to missionaries. they're caring for the children directly. >> ben: you add rites and water d heat a a you are all september once this does leave the warehouse it will arrive in haiti in the only two weeks. reporting in miami, ben kennedy, local10 news. >> janine: we are getting our first look at a rare tiger cub recently born the at z z miami. this is satu, a sumatran tiger. he was born in zoo miami back in november but the cub missed first public appearances this week as the staff are working to get h'm acclimated to his new habitat. >> it's so important that t
4:37 pm
lehes how to be a tiger, so we took a big chance, our team worked incrediy well to acclimate the female to allow to us separate the cub so we could give it a bottle around the clock. she accepted the cub back, continued to groom and it teach the it to you to be a tiger. so that was a huge huddle for us. >> janine: there are only about 400 sumatran tigers. satu is only this second born in the united states. >> calvin: satu is gorgeous. >> janine: cute. when they're small. >> calvin: from a distance. >> janine: we have mild teachers. >> calvin: on the left, teacher of the year, she teaches creative wright a miami new orleans senior hh school. >> janine: and then leah esessito in mime, she wasamed rookie teacher of the year. >> calvin: new at 4:00, death a disney. a family suing, claiming a
4:38 pm
kingdom led to their loved one's death. we have this bizarre story and disney's respondents. >> janine: and a new study finding pregnant t ega whelming are at serious risk for mel noema. theancer concerns ahead. >> betty: hi, everyone. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. looking great along hollywood beach. iiave the beach forecast coming up after the break. >> janine: and all ahead at 5:00, a "call christina" investigation 13th had a much-needed cleanup of a miami waterfront.
4:39 pm
success story all new at 5:00. >> calvin: a frightening fire ripping through a high-rise in mexico.
4:40 pm
building in the voter steph acapulco. authorities say there is some sort of gas leak that ignited the palm leaf roof of the building's entrance. the fire was put out before anyone was hurt. no worth severity damage. >> janine: large crowds seen streaming out of disneyld paris. someplace a 28-year-old man had two guns and a copy of the quran when he triggered a melt detector the at the park hotel last night. nobody was hurt t park did not close early, but with recently terror attks in paris many park-goers were not taking chancing meanwhile an incident at a florida disney park promhting a lawsuit. a couple claims their son was bitten by snake at the kingdom. >> calvin: a`d they say it led to the death of another loved one. beyond the well manicured lawns, a danger one alabama family said tuined their trip and led to their grandmother's death. attorney matt morgan said his clients plan to sue after their
4:41 pm
they say a large snake escaped and entered an area reserved for the general public. the snake fell from a tree onto and biting an eight-year-old would i. his grandmother saw what happened, went into cardiac arrest and died. the attorney said the grandmother started having symptoms of the heart attttk at the park, went back to her hotel and died shortly afternoon. disney responded sharply. a spokesperson said no ambulance was are cacaed for the grandmother at the park. disney went on to say the boy was bitten by non-venomous wildsnake that was not part of the park's collection of animama. the child was treated by park nurse who put a band-aid on the boy's finger and then disney said the family went back tone joy the rest of their day at the park. a disneypokesperson slammed the allegations as an utter mischaracterize of the facts. the attorney held as a news conference earlier today. he said he plans to file the formal lawsuit despite disney's denials. >> janine: some out of this
4:42 pm
new star formation. the show of called smith cloud is outside of milky way but exrts say it's going to boomerang back toward the galaxiy and when it does it has enough hydrogen it was to make 2 million suns. the smith cloud is traveling at nearly 700,000 ills milem an hour but even at that speed it won't return to the milky way& forbout 30 million years. >> calvin: wow. >> janine: bk to earth right now, let's take a look at this live picture from our mallorie mallory square. cam. >> calvin: in our newsroom we call that fralick country. this is their spot. >> janine: our viewers don't know what from a f fralick. i am a huge fan of the keys. i love seeing that tower cam. betty, are we going to see that throughout the weekend? >> betty: we are, but our viewers know allbout duel street. i'm sure it's going to be packed out there tonight. you will need longer sleeves or a sweater because that chill is going to be with us for the r rt of the evening.
4:43 pm
the people are back out there on the broadwalk. it was bare yesterday because of all the rainfall. the difference today, everybody's got a little layer going on out there because temperatures are good and exam 62 right now in fort lauderdale. miami 63. key west actually had its high temperature around 10:00 this morning. they were at 70. and look at you now, 67 degrees thanks to that north-northwest wind at 10 milesn hour. so, yes, a chilly night. by 10:00 we'll start to see our temperatures dropping off into the 50s, landing in the lower 50s in many of your neighborhoods by tomorrow morning. doppler radar nice, free, cle from broward and miami-dade through the keys, on the other sike of peninsula, too, collier county looking fantastic out there tonight, fantastic if you like dry weather. what we do have going on as we inspect the cloud and radar imagery from coast t coast is that south westerly flow a lot of, so that is why we have seen some clouds today in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere and could see a few mow tomorrow
4:44 pm
not a lot of active weather across the south. forhe northeast some snowshowers there and for the intermountain west we are talking a wintery mix for some of that to rain. the story for florida if you're going to stay local tomorrow, the weather is going to be nice. it's all about the temperatures for tower area. if you're heading through central florida, too, too, is no l. no rainfall in the forecast if you're taking the kids to the theme parks. we'll chilly in the morning, orlando 52 degrees. maybe visiting baby boy in tallahassee, 48 is where the temperature starts there tomorrow m mning. highs me that climb toward 70 in north florida, maybeitting 73 in miami. so we are on the cooler side as we step into the weekend. but at least we're on the dry side,,too. if you're heading to the beaches, it still may be a little cool for some of your tastes but by the afternoon we'll start to get in a northeasterly wind.hopefully they'll make i feel a little milder. the kip writ current risk is low.
4:45 pm
the bays a light chop out there. so in the morning we're being to plan on lower 50s. we'll p pn on our high temperatures reaching the other lower 70s. sun and clouds for your saturday. and getting warmer on sunday, too forecasting a high of 78 for miami. byonday a little disturbance brings rain to the hear. groundhog day, the arena chance is lower. beyond that our next cold front comes in here maybe thursday night. calvin. >> calvin: okay, betty, thanks a lot. here's a check on traffic right now. some backups on i-95 near fort lauderdale. this is the view near state road 84. you can see track of is slow going. a rowingover accident in the northbound lawns a bward boulevard adding to the typical traffic we see on fridays. jan says is keeping an eye on this one for you and all of your traffic delays. we'll have an update at the top of the hour. >> janine: in today's health cast a recent rise in melanoma in young women, and a new study is shining light a particular
4:46 pm
pregnana ore have recently been pregnant are at risk. doctors belief pregnancyy hormones are change in the immune system t tt happened during protection may fuel the cancer. >> the results showw that a woman who had been diagnosed with melalama either during or within one year of her pregnancy had a much higher rate of either recurrence, metastasis or death. >> janine: also in today's health cast some good news for parents who turn to in vitro fertilization to aid in pregnancy. the latest research from the national institutes of health show that infertility treatments do not appear toontribute to developmental delays in children.scientists found no differences in the developmental assessment scores of gore than 1800 children born to become -- to women who have become pregnant to that ivf versus children born to mothers without medical intervtion. and those findings may actually help to've a. alleviate longstanding concerns that fertility treatment could affect
4:47 pm
resulting in lifelong debit. >> calvin: an online mistake accidental allowed a man to own the domain for just $12. the google glitch happened last year. when the man saw the famous site being sold on google domains, his ownership only lasted about a minute until google cancel the purchase. google paid the man more than $6,000 for the mistake and doubled the amount when he donated his earnings to charity. great for him. a younger victim in a gold hold-up. a 13-year-old robbed outside of his middle school, and it's all caught on camera. you see there. we'll have more of this dramatic video coming up at 5:00. >> janine: put first, remember thatat fiat pope francis made famous? it is goingp for sale. how you can get behind the wheel of popemobile, after the break. >> calvin: plus, the queen of soul getting into the food game.
4:48 pm
line of t tty treats, next. how do you stay on t of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have an choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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>> janine: star tetey washington becoming the latest celebrity to weigh in on awards diversity in hollywood. she spoke whilel accepting an award of woman of the year bri harvard theater group. she has been nominated by the screen actor guild, golden globe and emmys. washington sayss there's more barriers to break. >> we need more voices at the ble. we need for our art to reflect all of us. >> janine: l lt week the academy of motion picture arts and sciences announced it was making an effort to increase the number of female and minority members in response to backlash over oscar nominations. and by the way, new episodes of "candleco" return february 11th on local10. >> calvin: a man was stopped in saudi arabia after allegedly trying to smuggle liquor inside the country. the man was r turning from
4:50 pm
customs andnspectors found 14 liquor bottles strapped to his body. this story has bee all over social media. alcohol is banned in saudi arabia and the penalty for being caught with alcohol includes a prison term andnd possible flogging. decades after her famous hit some of the r-e-s-p-e crime specialist t legendary circumstance aretha franklin is lurching for profit. she said it will include her own brand chili web gumbo and chicken. >> janine: a classic car is coming back. delowerians will no longer be a thing of the past if company wentankrupt in 1982 but its texaxa plant stayed open and apparently it had enough parts to make as many as 300 replica rides. it plans to make 12 in nex year but those iconic cars are expected to have a price tag of about $100,000. and while we're talking cars, how much would you pay for a poe mobile?
4:51 pm
place your bid on one of pope francis' res. one of the fiat 500ls that was used during his visit to philadelphia back in september, it is up for auction those cars typically retail for about $20,000. but who knows how much people are goioi to pay to sit in that same seat as the pontiff. >> calvin: i have no doubt it will be very expensive. well worth it, by the way. >> janine: i may be more a de lorean girl but i end of kind have a feeling that neither of those ridely be able to afford. good stuff. we can only fantasize candlelight vigil at 5:00 we're following breaking news in northwest miami-dade. ooh. >> janine: shocking surveillance camera from mime where a robber stole a bold chain from a 13-year-old boy. >> calvin: and our own glenna milberg catches up with hillary clinton at a campaign event. >> janine: and we will introduce
4:52 pm
miami. this a adorable tiger club. >> calvin: good evening. i'm calvin hughes. >> janine: i'm janine stanwood. local10 news starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> janine: and we begin with breaking news out of northst miami-dade where there was a deadly shooting today. sky 10 over the scene as police collected evidence. >> calvin: the victim's body under a tarp right in the middle of an intersection. let's go to local's shyann malone live now with this developing story for us this afternoon. shyann. >> shyann: calvin, just talking with membebe of the community, they're saying this is a scene they're seeing all too often. let me step out of the way so you can see what's going on. right now you can still see investigators swarming the scene. on the other side of that suv, that is where the body remains. they have also brought in a k-9 on the scene. still investigating, looking into what happened here and what caused this teen to die. a piece of yellow tarp covers the body of an 18-year-old student gunned coun in the middle of the street. for thisommunity it's a scene
4:53 pm
>> something has to bee done
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