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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> something has to bee done about this whole thing. something has to be done. >> shyann: sky 10 up above as officers markedd evidence marker after evidence marker. we counted to 38 cones surrounding the unidentified body. >> more than one is too much, and the outcome doesn't change, whether it it was 40 rounds or whether it was one round we still have a deceased 18-year-old male lying behind us. >> shyann: miami-dade eolice department called out to the scene on northwest 22nd street and just after 1:00 this afternoon. investigators think the shooter took off in a dark colored vehicle and say dozens of wiwiesses were in the crowd. >> as a community we're not going to stand for this anymore. >> shyann: pastor eric red object hopes that someone will come forward. >> they need to stop the no snitching policies p this is a trend going on, and if we don't start speaking out you're days away, not even minutes, days, hours with minutes,y seconds away from it being your family as the next person crying.
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here right now, it appears that officers are getting ready to move the body here. again, a k-9 was just brought on the scene investigating what went w wng here, and the community, lots of members of the community say they were out here, there were lots of witnesses, crowds of people, so the main thing here, police officers want people to come forward. the. if you s something, say something. reporting in liberty city, shyann malone, local10 news. >> janine: take a look at this dramatic surveillance video showing a 13-year-old boy being robbed on the streets of miami. that victim was targeted for his gold chain and bracelet. local10's liane morejon live on the scene with more of this video. >> liane: and, janine,e, even more unsettling is that this crime took place right outside of the victim's own school. we are at northwest 12th avenue and 6th street in little havana right outside of the slam charter school, and that is where this armed robbery took place. in the video you will see victim as well asp his two friends. now, we did speak to those two
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happened, but we are keeping their identities private. a then 13-year-old boy crosses the streeeewith his friends. little do they know they're being followed by ab armed man with bad intentions. >> he was standing at the corner. i think he watched us when we walked to 7-eleven. while we were walking back, he ran across the street. >> liane: as soon as they get to the other side he lunges, pulling at the victiu's neck and his gold chain. >> he was pulling at a his shirt. i thought he was a family member or ariend. >> liane: the man demands to give up his gold bracelet, too,. >> h he said if you don't give me your bracelele i'm going to shoot. you he was hying his gun in his pants. >> liane: this robber is impatient and pulls it is off and runs down northwest 6th street making his escape. >> i told them to go outside because he was getting robbed, and once he went outside he was running and he was gone. >> liane: the crime happened
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outside the sports leader leadership. the school sent home a a letter remind p them to be lidge vigilant. police are hoping the video helps drum up leads. >> if anyone does recognize him, we're asking them to phone us with information. >> liane: and you can see there that armed robbery was wearing a white moody hoody and jeans, he is believed to be about 5'10", 200 pounds with brown es. anyone with information, go ahead and call miami police or miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. we arere live tonight in little havana, liane morejon, local10 news. >> janine: caught on camera, a man caught with his pants pulled down a little low during an alleged robbery. this surveillance video is from august. police say two men robbed two victims in fort lamderdale on north federal highway near northeast 26thtreet. those two were able to drive up off, if you recognize them call fort lauderdale police. >> calvin: we're following breaking news right now about
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i ever ever sever, the one story of,y when she was secretary of state. she has repeatedly said she put knowing classified on that server but there is late news out of washington today that contradicts her. our senior political reporter michael putney in the newsroom now with this developing story for us. >> michael: calvin this is the kind of news tha no candidate likes to hear right before an election, and the iowa caucuses are just three days away. bad timing. bad news for hillary clinton. in the last hour, the obama administration said 22 classified state department emails were found on hillary clinton's private home server. we do not know their exact security classification, only that they contained, quote, closely guarded government secrets. that contradict the story clinton has told for the past year and even as recently as monday night that a cnn democratic presidential forum. take a listen. >> i -- i had no intention of doing anything other than having a cocoenient way of
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not to be so convenient, so again, we've answered every question and we will continue to do so, but, you know, maybe being faster, trying to scramble around to find out what all of this means, i probably should have done that quicker. >> you're twilling say it was an error in judgment? >> no, i'm not willing the say it was an error in judgment because nothing that i did was wrononon it was not -- it was not in any way prohibited. >> michael: it took mods for hillary clinton to admit she should not have used that private home server in that sound clip, as you know, she's not apologetic at all. the associated press is reporting now seven emails chains found on her server will not be released in full because they contain top secret information. we are waiting for reaction from the clinton campaign. in t t newsroom, michael putney, local10 news. >> janine: more to come.thank you. meanwhile local10's glenna milberg is in iowa following the candidates as they crisscross the hawkeye state before monday's vote. today she did catch up with
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recent revelations about her emails. glenna joins us live from des moines. glenna. >> glenna: good afternoon, janine. it's exactly those kind of revelations that are fueling this distrust in hillary clinton as a candidate that you hear so often from her opponents, and this is something one of the things she's going to have to address and overcome now going forward at these little meetings and gatherings and rallies. up close and personal that mark what the iowa caucus is. all of the candidates have been doing that today, crisscrossing the state in different cities. hillary clinton did no in des moines this morning. what's a voter in a trump t-shirt doing at a hillary clinton appearance? >> i'm more republican than i am democrat. it's just i what happened to see the democrat side of things and what she has to say. >> glenna: des moines is a college town and young voters we
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even three days out from the caucus that will show the country the first signs ofpresidential preference. >> before it was called obamacare, it was called lil care, and i tried really hard to get universal coverage passed. there hillary clinton was at her most passionate today talking about universal health care butost of her speech targeted the gop. >> repeal the affordable care act. defund planned parenthood. trickle down economics. >> glenna: the democratic frontrunner is statitiical tied in the iowa polls with vermont senator bern sanders. she took care to draw a distinction but did nothing to go negative on the populace senator. >> he's newer to most of us a hillary ha a long legacy of politics here in america. >> glenna: really interesting popo out from the des moines register todayayalking about iowa voters who are democrat. four in ten iowa democrats
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socialists. so that puts hillary clinton in a really interesting position. she can't really go negative in front of iowa voters onernie sanders, which is why you heard the sort of tone sha that she had today. all day every day for the next three days these candidates are going to be crisscrossing the state at the smaller meetings, up close and personal, face to face, trying to sway votes until the very last minute, and we found many of them are still swayable. i'm glenna milberg live in des moines this afternoon, local10 news. >> janine: more to come on monday. we have late b baking news from orange county, california where, one of those three escapee escapees has been taught. also today a woman to taught english to one of those inmates has been arrested. the inmates sawed through a metal grate over a plumbing tunnel, accessed an unguarded section of roof and rappelled down a rope made out of bed speeds. the teacher now behind bars accused of helping three
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escape from this california jail, and now one of them-back dugan has surrendered. >> i hear from you guys. i'm shocked. >> i'm very surprised. >> janine: duong and two others were on the round 4 a week after first save the one who taught englisas a second language at the central men's jail provide em them with google maps and other information essential to their escape. form fbi agent in charge steve gomez says the maps may have helped the three get to a specific careers given them a better understanding of the surrounding buildings and the jail roof. authorities say ravagi denies providing anything beyond the maps >> she was always a sweet, kind person, never hahaa bad thing to say about nig anybody. she's the last person i would think would be involved with those guys. >> janine: the other two escapees are believed to be
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stolen saturday in south los angeles after duong responded to a for sale ad. >> he took it for a test drive, came back, and then drove the vehicle away. >> janine: police believe those two other escapees mite maybe in the area because of their ties to vietname gangs. >> calvin: the so-called influenced teen is back in the u.s. in texas in juvenile detention. ethan couch who is new year's old could have his case moved to adult court, though his attorneys are fighting against that. the judge has ruled couch will stay in juvenile detention until a final decision is made. couch was convicted in a fatal 2013 drunk driving accident. he's back in u. after being taken into custody in mexico after crossing the border with his mother for allegedly violating his probation. >> janine: it is friday, rush hour. you know what that means. it is time for to us get a check on track of w wh our traffic
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broward boulevard, roller crash is causing heavy delays. this is they view from state road 84. you can see traff getting by. we are seeing those delays stretch for a while. again i-95 neighbourhood, broward boulevard, left lane blocked due to that rollover crash. things get better as you approach the crash, 39 miles per hour but we are seeing red with speeds 30 a 15 miles per hour. zooming on how the it louks the delays are starting at sterling road and they're going to last for about five miles. you may want to consider your alternate us-1 or us-441. we've got this accident in dade county on i-95 southbound ives dairy road. 21 miles per hour. and we are still watching this accident on the palmetto expressway southbound, left lane blocked right around flagler speeds are clocking in at 31 miles per hour. janine, calvin. >> janine: we have's shocking story from the broward county jail that has led to a lawyer being banned.
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with an inmate and it may not to be first time this has happened. a live report coming up at 6:00. >> calvin: ouj local10 consumer reporter christina vazquez is gets results of a viewer called to complain about all the trash stuck in the sea youall at bayfront park. find out what's being done to clean up the problem all coming up in today's "call christina" report all new on local10 news at 5:30. tty. >> betty: no rain on the doppler radar. check it out. this has to mean great things
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break. >> calvin: a know you can't wawa but just more than a week away from super bowl l, and the fbi is gearing up for the big game as well. there will be many layers of security surrounding the stadium, the players, of course, and the fans. while no threats are known the elite merge team has been training for a aolid hostage for any possible incident at super bowl events. their rescue vehicle can be intimidating. >> we're not going to be overbearing. you're note going to see a police state where officers are hovering over people with rifles but we are going to be present and won't be f away from large crowders anything we could consider threatening. >> i think the achilles heel for sus either an active shooter or a lone wolf terrorist event on a soft target. >> calvin: the fbf says 90 k-9 units will be on duty, including these from san jose to check on explosives. the fbi has set up a joint operations center at a secret
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monitor threats and coordinate response to all nfl sanctioned events in san francisco and sant clara. dozens of local and state and federal agencies will join them, including the faa to watch for drones operating in closed air space. one could be vandalism to the region's fiberoptic cables. 12 such incidents of happened in the past years. >> even if the fiberoptics go down it shouldn't affect the game at all because we have redundant systems crunching the fbi said 80 bomb squads will be working. this is a mobile commandnd vehicle and they will have remote controlled robots that can analyzed chemical threats using thermal cameras and sorns. 12 additional bay area bomb squads will also bee standing by. all of this will be 24 hero, seven-day operation to ensure the public's safety. >> it's a significant target and we've we've dedicated the time,
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resources to make at a safe event. >> calvin: sheer one more example of security measures for super bowl l. the maters box that turned in downtown san francisco thi week turns out to be a sensor that can detect a biologicall attack. the device is an air sampling unit, part of the biowatch program installed as part of the department of homeland security's super bowl security preparations. >> janine: so the rest of us >> calvin: absolutely. considering all of that we just saw, that might be the safest place to be. >> janine: what about this weekend, betty? it looks like maybe time to not be on the couch. it look like it's going to be nice out there. >> betty: this right here is everything right now. we lof this. it's so great to get back to skies that aren't comped with clouds and rain. some high clouds still linger can but breaks in those clouds tonight as we look out at the magic city, just beautiful, maybe cruising the causeway or spending some time in downtown miami tonight. it is cool out there,
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between miami, kendall, hialeah, pembroke pines at 63 degrees, so you probably started the morning with a sweater, you've been in that sweater all day, and you will want that sweater tonight as by 9:00 some of your temperatures will start to drop off into the upper 50s before landing in the lower 50s in the we are going to keep it dry. that is the good news. but the chill will be in the air. we're expecting to start tomorrow morning around 53 in miami, 52 in fort lauderdale. hialeah a few clouds and 52 degrees for you. kendall, nice and dry starting the day around 50. if you hpen to be weakening up around key west, likely to start there near 61 degrees. we have our winds flowing in from the northwestoday, and that is making the difference, allowing the drier, cooler air to come in at the surface even as the southwest flow aloft is delivering those mid to high level clouds. so those clouds aren't going to be rainmakers. our atmosphere is dry as we have pushed our front through and
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so recapping our saturday, i gets off tie chilly start, a chilly morning but pleasant by the afternoon. by the afternoon hour winds will start to become more easterly, that means some milder air coming in sucuc that by sunday we'll be featuring temperatures thth are even warmer, not in a terrible way but definitelyy warmer than what they will be tomorrow because,emember, we start saturday in the lower 50s, and then our highs will climb toward the lower 70s. sun and clouds in forecast for saturday. the rain chance low between saturday and sunday, but it doess creep up by monday as our high temperatures start to go up into the upper 70s. so some rain on monday. rain chance lowering on tuesday. tuesday, by the way that's groundhog day and how does it something if the groundhog sees its shadow, six more weeks of winter.. so i don't know which of those things we want to have. >> janine: i think the groundhog should just come down here. enough with this punxsutawney phil. get out of there.
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>> janine: still ahead, there's a heartbreaking stowre from miami beach where someone just abandoned their dog. that poor pooch was just waiting there, hoping that its owner would come back. coming up we're going to tell you how people living in that neighborhood are heaping that dumped do. >> calvin: and a woman recovering from a severe brain injury is redefining thought ofness. find out how she's helping others with a very generous donation. >> clay: happy friday, everybody. time for clay's clowns. do you remember our number one lasd from last week, high school
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distract a free throw shooter? >> clay: things are trending up for the heat. they've won back-to-back road games and should be almost back to full strength tonight in milwaukee buthat doesn't keep them identity clay's clowns this week. nunuer five, isle a johnson all alone ready for a slam.
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another view of it and then waste what's even better his reaction. oh,,oy. but he wasn't alone this week. at number four aubry dawkins of michigan goes for a durk. look where it lands. 56-1/2 feet away on the other side of the court. i guess at least it was a powerful miss, right? number three, the spurs ecoyote manning the t-shirt canon shoots it right into the spurs' huddle.theirs beckham ond in the the purple, an assistant coach she's going toned up with the shirt and she does the right thing with it, shares with it a fan in the expensive space number two, the line judge at the australian open on the wrong etched a serve. hits him in the worst possible place. 121-mile-an-hour serve. yocan only hope that he had a little support there. and finally at number one, let's to go arizona state. the fans there have something called the curtain of distraction to tract frfe throw shooters.
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it's michael phelps, olympic champion michael phelps shirtless wearing gold medals. does it work? yeah! misses the first free throw. they have a second, though. rips his pants off going full speedo. do you think he's going toiss this one, too? i think so. michael phelps, two for two. cocoratulations. that may be just as important, just as big ab accomplishment as winning the gold medals. he's there to train for the olympics because you do not want to train up in michigan. calvin, janine, i'm not sure how we top that one next week. if yououave any ideas, feel free to let me know. q. i would have missed the free throw at looking through a would-be chippendales. >> jenise: feel like we need to work our abs. >> reporter: not after looking at the guys besid him. i'm doing all right. >> janine: clay, t tnk you. a lot more news still ahead at 5:30 here are some of our top stories. a march through the streets of hialeah today to@draw the
5:22 pm
which authorities say happened here in south florida more often had an the rest of the country. >> calvin: hundreds of helping nds bagging up meals for starving children in haiti and latin america. we're hearing from some of those young volunteers. >> janine: and all new at 6:00 we are speaking with 2 woman for an a attorney accusedd of having having sex with an inmate at the broward county jail. [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am.
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>> calvin: right now on news10 at 5:00, more gun violence today in northwest miami-dade. sky 10 over the scene of a deadly soting just a little while ago. the shooting happened at a development off northwest 57th avenue. >> janine: lococ10 he's terrell forney, he is on the scene of this developing story. he joins us live with what he's learned. >> terrell: and this shooting scene, is right off of red road and northwest 1 injured street inside of a home here in this gated development called monterey. let's take you back up to sky 10 where you can see video reported just within the hour. you can also tell by the video,
5:25 pm
front of a home where someone was shot to death. at this point the circumstances surround tech shooting are unclear but we did see a woman on the scene being confident and escorted away from the scene no agencies or identities have been released at this point. no aches ages or identities. miami-dade police confirm one person deadnology a shooting inside the monterey gated community. any new details, you'll hear it here first. >> >> calvin: dozens of people marched through the streets of hialeah today to call for an end of the tension and growing problem here in south florida. we're talking about sex shives slaves. miami rank upped near the top for cases of human tfficking. local10's erika rakeo has more. >> reporter: they were holding these signs. these signs site. all.
5:26 pm
miami number 2 in miami human trafficking incidents. >> i will they're littleirls. they're not slaves. thinking about being a prostitute. >> reporter: banners to help get this medical center across. in miami we have children being sold forex at age 12. >> what we have to know about human traicking is it's the fastest growing crime in the world. >> stop human trafficking. >> reporter: together florida national university in hialeah this morning police officers, elecd officials, and those who see and know the devastating affects human trafficking rally to make it stop. >> you are a victim of human trafficking. >> yes, in miami. >> reporter: it's a walk to help people walk income the shoes she wants those abducted and threatened but pay boyfriend at 16. when she ran from him into the streets, she learned how mean the streets could be. >> i just wanted a place to stay and food to eat, and a guy promised to be so nice and help me so much, and he didn't, and
5:27 pm
mattress and men raped me on a continual basis. >> rorter: they're appealing the our youth today. >> pimping is not cool. a pimp is a human trafficker,and they exploit peep. >> reporter: the hope is to build upon this village people already working to end something ruining young and promising lives. >> education up.. >> reporter: and january was human trafficking awareness month. state attorney katherine rundle reiterated her attempt to prosecut >> janine: a group of volunteers spent their friday packing lunches forung are you children in haiti and latin america. that group plans to pack more than 5 million meals in the next five days. feed my starving children is behind the event and they have
5:28 pm
volunteers to make this effort happen. this event is expected to feed 15,000 kids for a year in haiti anddatin america. >>ness not an understatement. this is truly the difference between live and death for these kids. these are kids who are starving, who are malnourished in haiti, in the nicaragua, in el salvador, other countries here, and we give this food to missionaries. they're caring for the kids directly so the goes directly from us to them. >> janine: once that food leaves the warehouse it will arrive in haiti in just two weeks. >> calvin: local10 consumer investigate of reporter christina vazquez is getting results. one of her investigations now leading to changes at bayfront park. >> janine: christina's in the newsroom with this follow-up friday update coral springs you may remember go hearing from "call christina" viewer gus oring on oh. she called to complain about unaccept a aal levels of debris and trash along the zee wahle of bayfront mark parge. this wreck bay front management
5:29 pm
they will be dedicated to cleaning up the trash tucked away into the kev countryists that scenic wall. >> we had lake to thank "call christina" as for pointing outthe issue at bayfront park with the cleanup. i brought the issue to the board of trustees of bayfront park and they unanimously approved additional non-taxpayer funding in order for to us start an immediate intense cleanup. nessunding that bayfront park trust earns, a we will apply it to making sure that even in between the rocks on our sea wall will look beautiful. >> the city of miami was able to get together and put a plan to clean up the rock area, and it was all to y y guys for b bnging awareness. once again, thank you very much for your help. >> christina: the intensive cleaning plan is already underway. in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> janine: good work. if you drive a nissan altima you
5:30 pm
nissan is recalling thousands of altimas for the third time to fixed a latch problem that could let that hood fly open while the cars are moving p. this latest recall covers 846,000 cars from model years 2013 to 2015. in two previous recalls, dealers adjusted latches and they applied lubricant but if that lubricant wasn't put oh evenly the problem could still per sus so nissan will notify owners and replace the latch for free next month. 4>> a fiery scene in san diego yet preferred a truck went off a freeway yore pass. it crashed onto another freeway below and burst into flames just after time p.m. just as rush hour got under underway. two people in the truck were automobile to thankfully climb cout without serious injuries. >> calvin: dramatic dash cam video shows a police chief in kansas rushing to save a man from a car on fire. that chief was the first to respond to the fire and found the vehicle engulfed into flames
5:31 pm
as you can see he ran to the man and dragged him away from the burning vehicle. firefighters say ammunition inside the cars exploding. victim was treated for smoke inhalation, and authorities think he was trying to commit suicide and deliberately set that fire. an after-school coach in new york has been fired after this video surfaced of twowell-year-old boys fighting as he stood by and did nothing. the father of one of the boys involved in the fight sai he found out about it when his son came home from the after sool program complaining of pain. then he saw the video posted to facebook by another boy and was furious. the coach was fired, and the incident is now under investigation. >> janine: new york city taxi drivers took to the streets to protest after uber announced it was making its fareses even cheaper. the ride sharing service announced price cuts dururg the winter months. those cuts are now hitting the big apple where passengers expected to pay up to 1 less. taxi drivers are worried they won't be able to compete those cuts. taxi drivers, they're not able
5:32 pm
they are determined by government commission. and a gruesome scene eye beach in mumbai,ndia. a 50-foot long whale washed ashore last night. the carcass is bloated, and that thanes ha that that huge whale was probably dead before it washed up on the beach. a big crowd came to look that the dead whale. workers are now trying to remove and it bury it some distance away from the beach. a a acapulco, mexico, fire ripped through a high-rise condominium thursday night shooting flames up to 14 stories. fighters say the gas leak i go nudity the palm leaf roof at the building's entrance. >> calvin: five:37 right now. let's get%a check on the afternoon rush with local10 traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: traffic starting to move again on i-95 have 75 neighbourhood. a crash at broward boulevard has been cleared up but you might see delays along the way. let's check this o o, the crash that cleared up i-95 northbound
5:33 pm
looks like speeds are still pretty sleet 26 miles per hour so i i you're expecting a loved oneeor dinner they may bely a little late tonight. on the palmettoxpressway, this is palmetto expressway northbound right around northwest 25th street. seeing the red our maps with speeds right now hardly moving at all, 7 miles per hour. i-95 southbound, this is right around ives dairy road we have an accident this as well, seeing some red as you're approaching that crash with speeds at 16 miles per hour. janine, calvin. >> janine: there's a big story at the broward county jail after an attory is accused of some inappropriate behavior. the guard claims tt he caught her having sex with an inmate. find out what her lawyer is now saying with the incident coming up at 6:00. >> calvin: and we have the@ dramatic surveillance video of a bank manager stopping a robbery refusing to let go of the front door. >> janine: plus, we are hearing from a brave young woman who is not letting a horrific brain
5:34 pm
even stoper from helping others. >> calvin: let's head out and take a look at our mount sinai tower cam. what a gorgeous postcard view that is. that's a look a miami beach where you may be headed tonight, but find out about the forecast before you go out the door with
5:35 pm
don't go away. >> reporter: we're following some breaking news right now from southwest miami-dade where a car has apparently crashed and ended up upside down in a canal. you can see they're off to the side of the road, this is all happening at southwest 112th avenue and southwest 268th street. we the don't see anyny emergency vehicles on standby or even near this scene so this could be a good sign but as we know no one has been hurt. of course, this is a story we're following. once again white car you see there upside noun to a canal off to the side of the road at twist 112th avenue and 268th street. once again, we do not see any emergency vehicles nearby so that could be a good sign, but there are people surrounding that other vehicle that may have been involved in some sort of crcrh. one person you see there covered with a blanket. not q qte sure if that person was involved in the accident. but we're following in story, and as soon as we get any new information, of course, we'll bring g to you. >> janine: a california woman continues to recover from a severe brain injury after he was attack in a park, but despite her physical challenges she's
5:36 pm
donating here car. >> overwhelmed with gratitude. >> janine: jackie pickett she is living life. she's now walking on her own. sheens been out of the hospital for a week and she's already trying to help others. >> there's no other way to look than up. >> janine: she's decided to donate her car to someone else in need. because of her brain injury she won't be able to drive for at least six months. it was january 4th that jackie was walking her dog in the park and attacked with a baseball bat. she was left for dead. >> i don't even remember the entire day. but i knew that the first step is forgiveness. >> janine: after brain surgery, seven tititium plates and 31 staples, jackie is back at home, happy to be alive. >> the power of positivity will bring so much greatness and pleasure and happiness into your life. >> janine: jackie will need timee to rebuild her strength but she plans to go back to school to
5:37 pm
human movement. >> the power of attention lets you live a life that you want to live and nothing but. >> janine: her mom says she has a long road ahead. >> i'm thankful every single day. >> janine: but this young woman's attitude,@ love and determination will take her far. >> i can. i will i'm like end oftory. that's it. >> calvin: i love that. >> janine: i do, too. her attitude is going to help that recovery. >> calvin: let's go to some dramatic video here. caught on camera in north carolina, a quick-thinking bank manager stops a robbery by simply not letting go. that manager happened to be standing in the lot of bank yesterday looking out into the parking lot when he saw a man dressed dressed in all black with his face covered running towards the door. stow manager grab ahold of that door and could would not let financing would-be thief pulled out a gun and struck the window with it but gave up and ran back ofof empty handed.
5:38 pm
so far there have been no arrests. a man whos was stopped any saudi arabia after allegedly trying to smuggle liquor insjde the country. this story has been all over snod. the man was returning from bahrain when he was stopped at a at customs and inspectors found 14 liquor bottles strapped to his body. alcohol is banned, of course, in saudi arabi the penalty for being caught with alcohol includes a prison term and possible flogging. >> janine: let's talk weather right now. it's getting a little chilly. >> calvin: betty said the weekend is going to be looking good. betty, we deserve it after this week. >> betty: high five. i'm seeing a lot of long sleeves on the hollywood broadwalk as we're staring out. we know why. temperatures didn't even crack 70 today, didn't even hit 70. 63 in fort lauderdale. miami at 62. and key west 66 degrees. winds from the north-northwest 5 to 10 miles an hour.
5:39 pm
it's going to add up to a chilly night. by 10:00 the numbers will start to dropff into the 50s along miami miami beach, maybe 57 by that hour. a little sting in the air but no rainfall falling from those skies. doppler radar, it's nice, it's quiet. i know you cannot help but notice some of the mid to high level clouds across our skies. those have just been so persist throughout the day, and will continue to be so through the night. even though we have the drier air coming in at the surface, in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere that southwesterly flow allowing some of the higher clouds to come on through, and we know that because we're looking at this moisture profile, if you want to call it that, or water vapor imagery, and where we see those streaks of white, that's clouds, and where we see the areas of red, that's dry air, so there's some red over north florida right now. crystal clear skies over jackson industrial. not so much here. but no rain inhe forecast for us really on saturday. our rain chance is really,
5:40 pm
it's all about the temperatures. when you wake p in the morning, it will be chilly. so if your daughter has thatt photo shoot near the beach in the morning, it's going to be chilly out there. we're going to start the innate lower 50s. north florida, , me 40s. 44, in fact, around jacksonville. then during the afternoon we'll have some sunshine along with a few clouds still around and highs will try to keep up toward 73 degrees in miami. we will get a shift in ind with direction tomorrow, and that should allow for the temperatures to get a little milder toward sunday, especially sund, and you'll see that in the seven-day planner. if you are heading to the beaches the rip current rusk is low for tomorrow. no advisories on the waters if you're taking bots boats out. light chief operating officer ys. recapping we'll start the day saturday in the lower 50s. highs climbing toward the lower 70s. rain chance slim to none foror tomorrow, and then on sunday just a 20% chance for a shower. overall a decent day.
5:41 pm
morning low sunday won't be nearly as chilly as tomorrow morning so we'll start out in the 60s sunday m mning. by monday the rain wants to return to the's, but by tuesday, wednesday the rain chance is lower. tuesday is groundhog day, by the way, and thursday will be trackingur next cold front headed for the area. >> calvin: the two found can members of kiss were on hand to help open their you latest restaurant in oklahoma city. frontman autumnal paul stanley and basis gene sims on have a chain of kiss themed restaurants called p. this. sim on said they side ode to open another restaurant in oklahoma city for a reason. >> heartland is where it's at. they call it heartland because without the heart you ain't going nowhere. >> calvin: at yesterday's grand opening simmons presented a local veterans group with a check for $20,000. >> janine: classic rock fans are mourning the loss of one of the
5:42 pm
airplane. guitarist paul can't inner died of organ fail secure septic shock at a san francisco hospital. he had recovered from a heart attack last year. he and grace slick had a daughter in 1971. they called her china. can'tner helped write some of the jefferson airplane's biggest hits. >> calvin: we now know some of the performance who will be presenting at this year's oscars. they include kevin hart, funnyman benees area,io del toro and whoopie goldberg. other presenters include farrell williams, and brian gosling and tina fey. the line-up of presenters will be closecly jute united states after all of the acting nominations going only to only white performers. lady gaga, the weekend and sam smith will perform their oscar nominated songs. lady gaga is nominated for
5:43 pm
you" with diane warren from the movie the hunting. the weekend, earned it from 50 shades of gray. and smith cowrote wright on the wall from the new bond film "specter." you can only watch the academy awards here on subject sunday, february 28th. our red carpet coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. >> janine: while political pundits are speculating who will twin the iowa caucuses we have found a much morey pungent way to predict a winner. she these rodeo bulls? they are casting the votes on their own by going t the bathroom on pictures of the candidates. judge can by the bs, the bulls like hillary clinton on the democratic side and donald trump on the republican side. that's kind of gross. we're going to have wait and see if the predictions come true on monday night. >> calvin: i have never heard of that. i've never seen that. >> janine: but does it surprise you? no! >> calvin: not at all. >> janine: politics.
5:44 pm
>> calvin: politics can stink, obviously. another busy friday in the local10 newsroom. here are some of today's top stories. a attorney banned from the broward county lock-up after she is la accused of having seconds with an inmate. >> janine: we are hearing from neighbors to helped a dog who was dumped in miami beach. find out how this poor pooch will soon have a new loving home. >> calvin: plus, a young boy targeted for his gold explain praise let and it was all caught on camera.
5:45 pm
the robber, coming up. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just d/wnload our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna.
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>> janine: want to see something cute in friday? this adorable tiger cub just made its b debate zoo miami today. little guy is an endangered sumatran tiger. >> calvin: local10's jenise fernandez got up and close was satu. >> jenise: meet satu, the newest addition to the tiger family at zoo miami. he's adorable. >> to have this tiger come out here, it reinspires us with renews our faith in what we're doing. >> jenise: but he's part of a truly endangered species. 's a sumatran tiger, the smallest of the tiger family. there are less than 400 in the world and saturdayu is only the second sumatran tiger important in the u.s. it was quite a challenge raising pim help usually sumatran tigers don't survive in the wild, and since she was the only cub born, mama tiger didn't have enough milk so staff had to bottle feed
5:47 pm
>> it's so important that the mother raises her cub so he lelens how to be a tiger. >> jenise: the zoo debut grew a crowd of eager students who weren't expectingo see a tiger cub on their field trip today. satu is 17 pounds but he's gaining two pouous every week. eventually he's going to be just as big as his dad who is about 300 pounds. although the two of them will never be interest integrated. >> it was really especially becausus they're usually usually coached and this one is, you know, it made and it i really happy. >> i'm like, wow, there's only 400 of these, andnd have seen one. i was really happy. >> jenise: he was only out for about 20 minutes as his caretakers allow him to get familiar with the environment he willal ever soo call home. >> everything is starting to kind of blend together. it's something so when he finally does come out with his mom he's familiar with this area. >> jenise: jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: again, he is cute but you've got look at his dad.
5:48 pm
if you feed them, they will grow to be large. >> janine: two pounds a week? he is growing. and right now at 6:00 a local attorney in trouble accused of having sex with an inmate. what she had to say about the allegations. >> calvin: and breaking news about those clinton emails. our own glenna milberg is liv in iowa where hillary clinton just wrapped up an event there. and dog dumped. who is coming to the aid of this abandoned animal after it was found on a street corner in miami. >> janine: and sun life stadium unveiling some pricey plans forte stadium upgrade to help lure another super bowl to miami. the news at 6:00 starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: off the top at 6:00 a defense attorney has been banned from all broward county jails. >> janine: she stands accused of having sex with an inmate at the main jail and was reportedly caught in the a. local10 news reporter todd tongen joins us live with our
5:49 pm
>> todd: boy, this is the big buzz in broward legal circles, everyone talking about this case. i spoke with an attorney who has been prange for over 40 years. he says he has never heard of a case like this. attorney jessica mashaly has been banned from all broward jails. her picture is posted at security checkpoints. a bso incident says the 35-year-old married lawyer was caught having sex on an interview table inside the jail had her client ysreal granda who is in jail for attempted murder. today through her attorney and his colleague, she is fighting back. >> she was there seeing her client, as she does and how she is entntled to do as an attorney, but as far as the allegations go, they're completely false. >> todd: she wouldn't spe during our interview but her attorney said this has been em ep bares and go it's hurting her career. >> her faceaul over thehe news. she's a private attorney. she meade's to see her cents.
5:50 pm
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