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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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their rights and they are retires being violated, their 6th amendment rights. they're not being allowed the see their counsel. >> todd: earlier she lost herjob at the office of criminal conduct for misconduct in the performance of her duties but it's not clear if that's related to another incident with her client while he was in t miami jail. >> there was an a aeged incident. >>n miami-dade. >> false accusation. we believe there are you wilil fearior motives by the deputies in the broward sheriff's office at this time. >> but how would that relate to miami-dade county then? >> miami-dade as well. >> you believe there's collusion between these two corrections officers? >> absolutely. >> really? >> there would be would be yes. >> todod she used to work for the public defenders' office. he said he had no complaints but is concerned about the allegations. >> i think they're going to start to look whether not any con tra band may have been introduced into the facility.
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>> todd: thus far mi shalle is not facing any criminal charges but the matter has been referred to the florida bar. e could be reprimanded or eve@n disbarred if it turns out to be true. meanwhile, bso just released a statement saying that granda is not being deniedccess to his legal counsel. he can speak to her, correspond with her. however, due to the alleged misconduct, physical contact has been restricted. at the broward county jail, todd tongen, local10 news. >> calvin: police say an 18-year-old was shot and killed today leading to a lockdown of two northwest miami-dade schools. the boy was shot dead in the middle of the street near northwest 26th salve and 52nd strtrt. both brownsville mil and earlington heights elementary schools were base placed on dem temporary lockdown. police say the victim was an adult education student. >> janine: safety alert for parents out there hereafter a 13-year-old boy is harassed and robbed by ab armed man right outside of a charter school in miami.
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the slam charter school, they are were rolling as the gunman ranks hauf that teen's chain and then demands more. local10 news reporter liane morejon joins us live with more of that video police want you to see. liane. >> liane: one of the most unnerving things about this entire crime is this happened right outside of the victim's own school. he's just 13 years old. this is the slam academy charter school off of northwest 12th avenue and 6th street it. happened just around this time on wednesday evening. the entire crime, as you can see, was caught on surveillance cameras mounted right outside the school. a 13-year-old is targeted by an armed robber, and tonight we hear from his two friends who saw it all >> just luck. i guess it wasn't me. >> liane: the three teens red cross northwest 6th street on wednesday una aware they're being followed. >> he was standing at the corner. i think he watched us when we walked to 7-e-even, and when we were walking back, he ran across the street.
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the other side, the man lunges, pulling at the victim's neck and pulling at his gol chain. >> for a second i thought he was a family mber ire friend. >> liane: but this was no friend. the man demands the vicicm give up his gold bracelet, too, and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't apply. >> he apparently blurted out racial slurs and profanity at this young boy. the guyaid, if you don't give me your bracelet i'm going to shoot you. shy he showed a gun he was hiding in his pants. >> liane: the victim struggles with the clasp makinghis robber impatient. he rips it off. >> i told h'm to go outside because he's getting robbed. once he went outside he started running and he was gone. >> liane:
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13-year-old victim was not hurt but obviously wasvery freaked out about the whole thing. meanwhile, this bad guy,ou saw hum on the video. he was wearing a white heed, jeans. police believe he's about 5'10", 200 pounds with brown eyes. if you have any information about his whereabouts, who this person might be, go ahead and call miami-dade place or miami crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. live tonight in little havana, liane morej, local10 news. >> calvin: new developments in investigation into hillary clinton's private home email server. ththstate department says 22 emails with sensitive closely gardy government information were found on her server and clinton ha insisted she never sent or received secret orclassified government information on her private email account, but the associated press is reporting tonight that seven email chains found on server will not be released because they contain, quote, top secret information. a clinton campaign spokesman says all 22 emails should be
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no wrongdoing. the news may only serve at it as you speed bump for clinton and her campaign. she held an event that i iowa, the day after the gop event minus donald trump. glenna milberg is joiningng us now with more from iowa. glenna. >> glenna: calvin, hillary clinton is on her way to davenport, actually, right now, and the event she held today in des moines was before the revelations about those emails wereade public. she and every other candidate is beginning this weekend, this multi-city grueling kind of schedule leading up to monday's cauc because right now it's all about getting people to get out and caucus for them. >> i need to you come caucus monday night. >> glenna: it's all about gettingut the caucus support, and today and this week that means all the candidates are
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last-ditit case-making effort. hillary clinton in des moines found a small but dedicated crowd. >> hillary's got a lono less si of politics here in america, and people are more used to that. >> and that's favorable to you? >> to me it is, absololely. >> because for many people that's a liability. >> to me it's experience and it's earned experience. >> but if you were watching last night, you heard the same old same old, you know, repeal the affordable care act, defund planned parenthood, trickle down economic it just is a never-ending litany of what is wrong with the republican candidates' ideas about the future. >> glenna: secretary clinton spent a lot of time hammering on her gop opponents, not so much time hammering on bernie sanders who is her more maryland opponentn monday. >> having fun in. >> yes. >> glenna: the vermont senator is narrowly behind but
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iowa and riding a young and populist wave. >> i think she's going to have to offer something with college or people like me who in college or who have college loans are not going to wan to. >> glenna: the gop candidates each made multi-cy appearances. frontrunner donald trump,resh from debate boycotting headlines, put out a plea today for supporters to show up monday, especially for party frontrunners, the caucus count is key.. and we can give you a first look tonight at what is the iowa caucus' media center and counting center. this place will be full up with people on monday night. right now not so much. we have seen press and mia from around the world here for the iowa caucuses. this weekend, as you see, the candidates go from city to city, you will also see the so-called surrogat, big names coming in to also make the case around all
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behalf of all the candites. it is countdown to showtime. i'm glenna milberg live in des moines, iowa tonight, local10 news. >> calvin: and you're front and center. glenna, thanks a lot. glenna will continue to bring us live coverage from iowa ahead of monday's caucus, and more live reports stay with local10 and worldnous tonight coming up at a 6:30. janine: time now for our daily check on the evening rush. local10 traffic reporter jenise fernandez has more. >enise: if you know someone who takes i-95 northbound,-under wondering why they're lappet coming home, it could be because they're stuck at northwest 125th street@ but we are seeing pretty big backups. again i-95 northbound northwest 125th street with speeds right now clocking in at 11 miles per hour. anit's pretty much the same story for the palmetto pressway, some heavy delays here as well heading north on northwest 5th street. two lanes are blocked. speeds there are clocking in at
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hey, your southbound les, that's your stop-and-go traffic. it's slow-moving there as well, 11 miles per hour. and as we cruise on up to broward coun we are watching this accident on i-95 sohbound. this is right around 595, some pretty heavy delays here e well. there is a center lane blocked and speeds are at 23 milil per hour. calvin. >> calvin: jenise, thanks a lot. with the stole just a week away now, south florida's super bowl organizersre determined to bring back the big game to souwh florida. >> janine: plenty of work is going into revamping it after being snubbed for its old school feel. local1news reporter hatzel vela joins us live from sun life >> hatzel: forget the old school. this is the new stadium which you canan see is still under construction, but it is these renovations that they're hoping will help them in that bid for super bowl. a changing sun life stadium, now a major component to a super bowl bid you're looking at one of the four sapphires that will hold
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hold that roof. >> this is going to be a global entertrtnment destination. >> hatzel: the highlight, a roof canopy. seats closer to the field. new exclusive high-end suites. everything expected to be done by 20 strengthen. >> it's really going to look and feel like a brand new stadium. >> this is what's really propelled us to now actively pursue additional super bowls for south florida. >> hatzel: but the competition fierce: new orleans, tampa and on the other hand are also bidding for the 2019 and 2020 game, and they're willing to spend millions to get it. also part of the pitch to the nfl, what they're calling super bowl park in downtown miami between bayfront and museum park. >> it is an area where all the fans can come down and meet. >> hatzel: the business of landing a super bowl is not what it used to be. >> today it is much, much more complicated. >> hatzel: the bid committee showing us how extensive proposals have to be compared to
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2010 was the last time we hosted. they say they're ready to do it again. a yes would mean an influx of $400illion into the south florida economy. and again, the stadium, this stadium will be key in the process. by the way, they're going to submit the bid in april, and get an answer just a month later in may. for now reporting live at sun life stadium, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> janine: thank you. cuban leader raul castro is headed for france tomorrow in the first-ever state visit a cuban president there. both countries hope to bst investments and come monday when castro meets with french pratt hollande they will be less in inept p. francis has griffin $8 billion. >> calvin: still to come, a dangerous escaped inmate is back in custody tonight. >> janine: and now officers in
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lead them to two other escapees. more on this coming up on "world news tonight." >> betet: it is 61 degrees in miami. it will be a chilly night. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. we'll check out t t forecast coming up. >> calvin: but first, a dog dumped and abandoned in a miami neighborhood, and people are now pitching in to find it a brand
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>> calvin: and right now an abandoned dog has found a place to call home, for now, at an animal hospital in miami beach after being found abandoned in a miami neighborhood in joey has been set up with a cardboard box. >> janine: but after a few miami cold nights the miami recovery mission stepped in. here's reporter layer. >> reporter: the neighborhood has dubbed him joey and he's living it up at the and he willl likely never forget the cardboard dog house of sorts from when he camam
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cameras, nothing a bag of treats can't cure. we met joey at hits new addition inside alton road animal hospital. his old addition,hough, looked like this. did i goes, abandon five days go on ago eye street corner in miami's spring gardens neighborhood. >> i think that was the cruelest thing especially on the cosed day. everyone found hum the next day shivering, scared. he was a mess. >> reporter: it did not take long for the neighborhood blog to fill with posts about its new canine neighbor and -- >> never this neighborhood are dog lovers, and little by little i started to see a box, a tarp, food, water. >> he was very toasty and warm in his hut until it g wet, of course. >> reporter: those neighbors also contacted the animal reserve mission, a rescue group which was able to get joey to the vet last night. >> this is one of the reasons i love spring gardens. it's one of these little communities that we all stick together. >> that includes the humans and
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also set up for joey asking for 500 dollars to help 2 his medical bills. so far people have tripled that amount. >> we just want to get hum into a loving home and an opportunity to be cared for. >> he's going to be make somebody very happy and bring a lot of love into a new house. >> reporter: last night joey was treated to antibiotics and flea and tick meds and the vets tells he's he's supposed to go undndgo a full medical examination by day's ent. that will put him closer to adoption. for now reporting in miami beach, layron livingston, local10 news. >> janine: if you would like to recover to his recovery we have a living to his gofundme page on >> caln: let's check in now with our betty davis. we need a good weekend. this has been a very tough week for so many. >> janine: i know. and tonight is a little chilly. betty likes to call this date night, don't you, betty, friday night? >> betty: and a few other things, too. fridays are great. chilly, though.
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so many of your neighborhoods actually running 10 degrees below average as far as our highs go. the normal high for this time of the year 77 in miami and fort lauderdale, 75 in key west. this is our miami tonight. we like it, right? we can see the sun is going down on us. we did not exactly have brilliant sunshinehroughout the day but either way at least it was dry. miami 61 currently. pembroke pines 60. kendall has already fallen off to 58 degrees, so we are our way to a really chilly night even with those clouds around, that light northwest wind some of you are seeing will allow more cool air to spill down. winds out at mia have gone calm. grab a sweater if you're heading out around 10:00. the temperature in miami will be near 57 degrees. then tomorrow morning if you're up around 6:00 getting the kids ready to head out for maybe a sporting event eye going to be chilly. 53 in the morning, high lee starting 52 and 51 in pembroke pines.
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marathon and 61 in key west early tomorrow. light northwest winds out there just setting the stage for a chilly night even though we have those mid to high level clouds still moving in on us tonight. so those coming in overhead will tend to do so from time to time even tomorrow. that southwesterly no aloft,that's something in the forecast we're not ready to erase just yet, but at the surface drier air has definitely moved onin so that means our chances for rain pretty low. so a chilly start to saturday. pleasant in the afternoon as our winds start to become easterly, and with that easterly flow that leads to us a warmer sunday when temperatures will be a bit moreseasonable. so here's the bottom line for tomorrow. lower 50s to start the day. highs in the lower 70s. if you have a yard sale going on tomorrow, maybe you're getting married outside tomorrow, the weather's going to hold. it's just going to be a ill blut on the cool side, especially as the day gets started. sunday morning the lowers a lot milder.
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60s, highs in the upper 70s. by monday get the rain gear ready. we have a round of rain making a
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>> clay: the big story for the heat the last few weeks has been the injuries, and who isn't playing tonight that's hassan whiteside who is again out with a hip injury but the burg story is who wilil play. goran dragic is expected back in the heat line-up for the first time in eight games. also hee doralich and also josh mcroberts.
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line-up tonight. dwyane we there be l. there, of course, and he got to spend a little time at his old stomping grounds. here's wade amar debt where he played college paul. heat president pat riley had high praise for wade last night and the year that he's having. >> i'm so proud of him. every now and then i'll send him a text and in the sub line we keep texting back "i'm so proud." i am so proud of dwayne and the way that he's led and the way he's playing every night. >> clay: after being ords an american icon by did joe dimaggio foundation. he also spoke highly of chris bosh. let's just say it's a good thing bosh was named an all-star as well. >> i would have broken a few locker room doors if he had not gotten named. he's the best big man in the eastern conference. i think he's had the best season, the most efficient, versatile, you know, dependable, durable big in the east.
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too, but i think he has been that and i think he's deserving. >> clay: it is nhl all-star weekend on the ice. e of the biggest stories panther star jag jar. es at 44 he is thest star. this the league but today at media day he shed he's not slowing down at all. >> i think it's funny everybody saying i slow down. i don't think i slow down but everybody else get quirk and faster. it's in my opinion. it's went i was 20 years ago but, else they're a lot, lot, lot better. >> clay: i think we can all relate as we get older, everybody else gets a little faster. >> calvin: that's my excuse on the weekends. theseuys beat me on the basketball court, absolutely. >> janine: i love it. sweater, sweater and boots time? >> betty: you know it. chilly out there. our lows are heading down into the 50s so when you we up in the morning a little snap in the air. snuggle time.
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we were all freezing and now we're hardier. we c handle it. >> calvin: a snap in the air,
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