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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  January 31, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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spot outside a miami nightclub. two men get into an argument, one pulls out a gun. it happened early this morning. >> new tonight we're getting the first look at the victim as those who knew him begin to cope with the loss. liane more an hor honl is live with little havana with the story. >> liane: carlos, cheyenne, a heartbreaking vigil wrapped up just moments ago. you can see a candle lit tribute right there in the middle of the very spot where 33-year-old jackson solis was gunned down. at this point, this family is in disbelief. they can't believe somethinglike this would happen to a father, a husband, a good man who was just out on a friday night to have a good time. (praying in spanish). >> with heavy hearts, they recite the lord's prayer. family and friends gathered at the very spot where 33-year-old jackson solis was shot and killed for the most trivial of
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>> it was a quarrel over a parking spot. >> it lked like it was over a parking space. >> he wasas killed over a parking space over by el secreto nightclub, a spot solis's family said he was familiar with. >> around 2:30 a.m. saturday morning, witnesses say he got into an are argument with another man over a parking spaceb >> parked here instead of over there. coming here i see them arguing. >> shots were fired and solis was hit. >> i went inside instead of helping my brother out. he got shot. >> 5, 6, 7 or more shots. >> reporter: solis was rushed to the trauma center but died at the hospital. >> very tragic. >> reporter: police were still at the scene later in the morning towing cars and in the evening searching for new evidence and video surveillance. tonight a gunman remains at large as this family grieves for jackson solis.
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happened over a parking space. >> liane: : d so tonight the investigation continues. police still looking for that gunman. it's still unclear if maybe someone else helped that gunman get way. they say they are looking for a dark colored older model pickup truck, possibly an f-150. if you know anything about this crime,ou're urged to call ami police or miami dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. we are live tonight in little havana liane morajon local 10 news. >> cheyenne:e: search is on for three men police say are responsible for a deadly h he invasion. they stormed in on five people and in the end, one person would be killed. local 10 news reporter derek shore is live in northwest miami dade with the story. derek? >> derek: well tonight neighbors are really freaked out. a lot of them didn't want to talk to me on camera. they're scared. they're scared those three men may come b back here to the monterrey community. they say they're already
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as a friend of the victim tells me he wawa shot and killed because he was defending his home. >> gates in place. a guard on duty. but not enough to keep three home invaders out of the monterrey community in northwest miami dade. >> three males approached the house. >> reporter: the home invasion happened inside a house. you can see from sky 10, three women and twow men were inside, police say. some of the victims reportedly tried to fight back, but one of the suspects would pull out a gun and shoot a 26-year-old man inside, killingim. >> we are still waiting to get a better description. all we know is three men with hoodies that fled. unknown what the motive is. appears to robbery at this point. we don't know until we do an inventory the residence exactly what was taken. >> beyond the man that was killed, two women were also injured. >> these people were dangerous. they came into a house that had a family in there.
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>> a friend of the victim, who didn't want to appear on camera, told us s was shot trying to intervene. now hoping the three culpritit are caught. >> he died defending his family, defending his mom. they were amazing people. and they really don't deserve, yoyo know, ghat happened. i'm just like begging whoever knows anything to please just speak up and do the right t thing. >> derek: that is the hope for everyone. miami dade police say they will be reviewing surveillance video at the gate here to see if they caugug those suspects coming or going. if you have any information, caca miami crime stoppers. that number 305-471-tips. we're live in northwest miami dade. derek shore, local 10 news. and now to vote 2016. we're just days away from the iowa caucus and tonight a new poll out shows a tight race with plenty of voters on both sides still undecided. nearly half the republicans still haven made up their mind
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sold on aandidate just yet. glen millburg is live in iowa with more. glenna. >> carlos, this is a stunning number of undecided when you considered the amount of money these candidates have spent on advertising, on the air, on television, on billboards, on the ground games, the operations they have all over@ iowa and all the trips they have been making over the past month. thats exactly the reason for all of this frenzied crisscrossing of all of 99 counties in the state. these candidates this weekend are trying to get as much facetime withoters as they can. >> we're feeeeng great. like we're going to win in. >> all this is jibber jabber if we don't win, right? >> bernie sanders. jeb bush. >> i'm here to ask you to caucus for me on monday. >> this was marco rubio's fourth of five stops. >> a couple of the pundits in south florida say you are going for third place in iowa, is that true?
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people to vote for m as possible, in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, eventually in florida. >> reporter: the same singular mission has every presidential hopeful tr both parties traveling from city to city this weekend. several of them to aims, iowa, saturday. >> hillary clinton can turn this country around. >> ted cruise royaled a standing room only crowd of conservatives, a key base that has been courtg hard. >> how important is it to get out the vote monday? >>t is all about turnout. we are encouraging courageous conservatives all around monday bring your friends, family, ighbors. this election in ia is going to be won friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor. >> hillary clinton supporters discounted scrutiny over the 22 government emails on her home server found to be top classified.
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to hillary know that this is all balancedder dash. >> i just think that if the republicans want to use this for political purposes, that's their decision. >> reporter: former arizona congresswoman gaib gifford who survived a gunshot to t head in 2011, she was among big names turning out support for their candidate. >> tells themne thing tells iowans another. >> they have been bombarded by commercials. >> they have to be in touchith us and close or there. >> we want to show the rest of the world that we're thoughtful about our process and we put a lot of effort into i it. >> reporter: iowa's certainly one of the smaller states to vote but one of the most important, being first. this is where the momentum starts or possibly ends.
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i'm glenna millburg reporting live in des moines iowa tonight. local 10 news. >> carlos: still develeling tonight, one person is dead and several others hurt after a shooting and stabbing at the denver coliseum. it happened at a motorcycleexpo. at least 7 people were hurt and taken to the hospital. it appears rival bikerer gangs may be to blame. no arrests were made and three of the people that were hurt are listed in critical condition at a hospital. >> cheyenne: a manhunt for the three escaped inmates in california are over. two of the men were taken into francisco. police were tipped off about their location after a woman spotted aarked van that looked similar to the one the group had stolen. the third fugitive surrendered to police in santa and an. the group had been on the run for one week.k. >> a scare in the air over brazil when an amereran airlines flight to miami was forced to make an emergency landing. a passenger and three flight attendants felt lightheaded after taking off from brazil. it was the second time in a week
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was forced to land over fears of contaminated air in the cabin. a flight from london to los angeles had to turn back to ath row after 15 people fell ill. a million dollars victory for a former walmart employee. coming up, how she says her former employer went after her and the price that walmart has been ordered to pay. >> what a gorgeous start to the weekend.d. tonight, temperatures are falling again, but not quite as colds last night. there are a couple areas in the upper 50s. we'll let you know what to expect as you start your sunday coming up here after the break. >> across the country, it's america's favorite jackpot game. get ready, everybody. this is powerball. good evening, america, i'm sam arlan. tonit we have an estimated $97.9 milln jackpot for you. get those tickets out. good luck. 's time to see how you did. first number is on its way down w. wewe've -- and right after that we have the number 5. monty from oregon, he won
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i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. >> carlos: we're all smiles here. >> cheyenne: we are. >> carlos: because it's a lovely 6 degrees out. >> cheyenne: it is so nice today. i hear tomorrow's going to be -- >> smiling, the forecast for tomorrow i kind of gave it away earlier. but yeah it's going to be fantastic. check out this shot here from fort lauderdale as the lights are on there in broward count same thing in miami dade. if we flip over to our graphics, you see the magic city coming to light. the cruise ships were lined up earlier today. it is just fantastic out there. low humidity.
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right now you could see on the radar it is quiet. sweeping all around south water from key west twest coast all the way over towards dade, broward theahamas. not a drop in sight. there has been some cloud cover here today. most are high level clouds filtering across south florida and we'll keep those in the tomorrow. we made up to 73 today, four shy of our normal 77. key west you were at 70. 75 degrees. and right now we've got a pretty good temperature spread. we got marathon and pompano beach just shy of 70. elsewhere boy boy it's a lot cooler. kendall and homestead in the upper 50s here. most of us will settle down in the low 60s with some of the outliers being kendall and homestead there they'll be back in the 50s once again. the winds very light. as a matter of fact it's calm in homestead, they have some coolertemperatures. easterly on shore flow will keep temperatures quite a bit more mild.
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the 60s in the majority of florida. we'll be up in the upper 70s, a degree or 2 above our normal. you'll start to feel the humidity creep back in thehe forecast, as well. overnight sunday and monday, rain chances goingo go way up. in the meantime, that area of high presssse really keeping things quiet. if you're watching the x games here on local 10, we'll do that again tomorrow, big snowstorm beginning to take shape here across colorado. adding some fresh powder there for the games tomorrow taking place in aspen. we'll watch the storm system that will eventually bring some heavy rain and possibly blizzardconditions here for parts of the midwest in the week to come. for us locally, big, big changes. and dramatically ing to happen overnight sunday into monday as the rain begins to push back fromhe south, we'll see a 60 percent chance there on monday. the good news is it looks like just one wet day before we dry ings back out tuesday and wednesday. and right now it doesn't look like those storms will be that severe compared to the ones we saw for two rounds there earlier this week.
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forecast for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. those high level cloudsixed in. surf 1 to 2 feet and your rip current chance slight. so here's your seven-day forecast. we'll start with the first three days. there's the big increase in chance of rain. groundhog's day onon tuesday. notice we stay for the low 80s. >> thank you. >> a shocking sickness overseas. >> this story. >> why one man's hands and feet
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tree >> an ex-pharmacist at walmart has won a multi-million dollars lawsuit against a company after they fired her. it all started when she told management about safety concerns she had at a particular location.
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pharmacy key. she said walmart let her go. she accused the comny from discriminating against her because she was a woman. >> they came back with a verdict that really means an awful lot me and i believe it's going to help others in the future, i rely do. >> walmart says they plan to ask the judge to either throw the verdict out or apparently reduce the amount of money that w awarded to her. >> chenne: this next story. doctors in bangladesh are trying to help cure a man suffering from a rare disease known as the tree man disease. the mother of the 25-year-old patient says the disease started off as a mole below his knee but turned more serious with his handsnd legs projecting tree-like growth as you can see in the video. doctors say there are two other cases of the disease, one in indonesia and the other in romania. >> carlos: how do we follow that? >> will man so, the mercedes bans sports report. all stars having a blast
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we'll show you yager himself
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all-star skills competition. >> will: time out for a mercedes benz sports report. plea players representing the week at all-star week in nashville. competition. moment of the night leaved to yager sort of belged to him. the montreal comens, he dressedup as yaeger complete with the that's funny. got the most votes and won the event. he loved all of that. he took off his jersey. now had the famous space hoody. he did not win, though. and then during the shootout challenge roberto made every single stop. did not allow a single goal. helped the eastt win and with that victory, they got decide the right to play first in the new all-star game format tomorrow. yaeger explained the decisions.
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so i'm sorry, nashville, but i'm honest. i neeee a rest. >> you know when you're 44, you're thinking ofest. that's okay. four members of the miami dolphins are ready to kick o at the pro bowl in hawaii. that is tomorrow night. look at that. they look likik they're having fun. here's a message by safety ra shawed jones. >> ra shawed jones here. last day of practice, having fun here in hawaii. fans up. >> who wouldn't have fun in hawaii? we hope to have fun tomorrow. battle against the hawks at home. dwyane wade just like he has most of the season came to the rescue last night in milwaukee the go-ahead basket. but the number 3 did aggravate the shoulder injury that's bothering him a bit. not serious. he's not on the injury list for the game. two others are euestionable. spurs possible preview seen here on local 10. hosting a block party. cond quarter lebron flies into block tony parker. third quarter lebron turns it over.
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you know what's coming here. the block party you will get on block. 29 points. cavs handle the spurs 117-103. jim in the nc state. newton will do thaly hoop action here. mcclellan led the canes with 18 points unfortunately couldn't lead them on the scoreboard. angel rodriguez going to drive for the layup. he gets it to drop. down 5 at the half and they go on to lose this game 85-69 the final. th was your mercedes-benz sports report. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better.
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