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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 6AM  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and get over to weather authority trent aric. >> neki: last day of january. where did it go? >> trent: i don't next but it flew buy and we hope we can start your january better than it has beent times. our rainfall total over 6-inches above for this month in miami and right now the miami medical ceer town we are cam or mt. sinai medical cow to you with we e cam, thing are rye et and the radar quite fret key west to from miami-dade to broward counties. occur enreadings. several month lo moore locations here. and right before sunrise that happens at 7:06 this morning. key west 66 in marathon and 66 and winds are cam. this is also helping those temderature fall a degree or two more. as we go throughout day we'll watch the temperatures climb and be up around 76 at noon time. should see air high around 78. todd. >> todd: all right trend, trafng u. a night out ending in
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witnesses saying a fight over a park spot turned deadly. >> neki: family and friends gathered to remember the victim as they continue to search for answers. >> todd: layron livington is live in miami with more on thvment good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning, the victim's name is jackson so lease and police throok find the man you said was shot allegedly over an argument over a parking spait. we were there last night as family members and friends gathered for aville vigil a in so lease's mem or rivment they tell us he hung out at nightclub on north 7th street off ter ten to have a good time. that all changed around 2:30 in the morning wheg was rushed to the hospital. he was later pronounced dead and witnesses recall heari him argue with another man over the park spot croots street from the club. moments later several gun shots went off and he he was hit. >> just not worth it over a parking space. >> reporter: and a think
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thing here that people can't g g over is this was so trivial over a parking space. we spoke with with one witness saying he heard multiple gunshots. it came from an automatic weapon. we were there as police worked the scene. we know they got their hands on rveillance video from a nearby business and hopefully it will lead it to something, a break in this case. we'll keep you posted. reporting live layron livingston. local 10 news. >> todd: and now to vote 2016, canidates from both parties are traveling from city to city throughout the state thvment weekend is the last chance at winning over voters beforehe the first round of votes begins tomorrow. imop candidates zon ald trum can, tread riewz cruz and marco rubio all busy with rubio making five stops. trump leads with rubio trailing in third. >> i'm tryin get as many people
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iowa and new hampshire and eventually florida. >> we're urging pem the people of iowa to come out and bring your friend and neighbor. this one in election will be won friend to friend and neighbor to neighbor. >> todd: and meanwhile they revealed 22 highly class fietd e-mails were found on hillary clinton's home service. but news of the report haven't veered those way from voting for her t t people now this is all ball der dash. >> the republicans usese this for political purposes, that's their decision. >> todd: people in iowa with will be the foirs weigh in on the presidential ee lesmghtstune in to catch catch glenna milberg a ashe goes live at 9:00 this morning in iowa. >> neki: and the search for the three men who escaped is over. two taken into custody in sanfrancisco. police were tipped off about
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spietd van that looked similar to the one stolen. the third fugitive surrendered on friday. the group had b bn on the run for a week ierkts world health organization set to hold a meeting in ja geneva tomorrow to discuss the zika virus. they will discuss how to control out break that is spreading across the americas. the key is it to get rid of the type of mosquito spreading the virus. the zika vie vus russia fects pregnant woman and can c cls damage to the unborn child. in the meantime jamaicaca officials are doing what they can to raise wearness about the virus by releasing a musical song about the virus. >> all the people >> todd: gentleman jamaica had been free of the virus until yesterday when the country confirmed the first case in a 4-year-old child. the child recently returned from
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unclear where he actually contacted the virus. >> neki: breaking over night the former president of el salvador flores has died. flores suffered ir reverse able brain damage after suffering a stoke last week. he served as president from 1999 to 2004 and under house arrest for corruption charges ch he was 56 years old. >> todd: a frustrated driver decides to take the law in her own hands and turns the tables a miami-dade police officer. >> neki: coming up we're going to show you why this driver decided she would be the one to pull over the officer. >> todd: and dangers ofhe grass fires. more video of of the flames just head. >> trent: and this morning radar is quite. we're waking up to upper 50s in some locations but near 61 in miami but the radar will start lighting up here in the next 24 hours. we'll talk about the timeline copping up in the forecast. >> you're watchihi local ten
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mohan. >> the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation because i saw you since miller drive when you were first driving on the palmetto and you were pushing 90 miles per hour. >> okay. and a miami motorist turning the table on a police officer pulling him over after she says he was speeding. the driver claim the cop had to pass 100 miles per hour r with one point is so she called pulled him over. the entire incident caught on her camera in oo in the video that crave ver says she started following the officer on palmetto a struggled to keep up with him after flashing her lights and honking at him for a white. he finally pulled over and here's what the police officer had to say. >> a i don't know how fast i was going, but i can tell you, this
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>> uh-huh i don't believe i was speeding but you're entitled to your opinion. i just saw you when you pulled over next to me. pgh i thought you had an mfnlgt everything fine? >> well, you heard the officer say that he was heading into work. later in the video he did apologize and promised to slow it down. >> that lady has a pair on her. >> she certainly does. the problem with the video that i have is she never catches him speeding on the camera so you have take her word for it that he was speeding. >> and thaz i thought the officer was polite and listened to what she had to say and then told her he would slow down. so you know. >> neki: alls well ends well. iiike the picture with let's have a conversation. >> neki: yep, that's always a good thing. >> now to a developing story outp of california. the search continues this morning for two a alleged car thief. one of whom took off if nay a stolen police car. >> police say this started when
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people of trying steal cars. those suspects made a break for. it two of the three got away but 26-year-old got into a police cruiser and lead police on a highghpeed chase for losing them. hernandez then managed to escape on foot. the with us wun suspect captured was anthony ray as. sow now facing charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, burglary and salt on a police officer. >> todd: w whave a developing story out of colorado. one person dead and several others injured ave shooting at the column o he see umm. it happened at the expocht at least seven people hurt and taken to theospital. three remain in critical condition this morning. to blame. no reases have been made. >> neki: the faa is now inveveigating a plane crash in georgia that left three people dead. in hald happened in albany outside atlanta. the small plane crashed into a ditch and caught fire about a minute after take off.
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>> todd: a red flag warning in he effects in oklahoma following a a massive pra imras fire. that fire now contained and no jirdz injuries reported but that fire came close tie home forcing evacuations. and in amarillo texas, a fire has burned through 1500 acres there. they now have the fire 45% contained. no word yet on what started thi fire. >> neki: time now 6:12. alrerey 62 deal. a warmer start to the day than yesterday.>> todd: gentleman, we can slowly seat temperature criep as the day continues h- right trent. >> trent: and we'll feel the temperatures creep up and the humidity come back. you'll feel that late in the day. a nice start to the weekend. high clouds t there. the sun is expected going to 7:06s the sunrise here this morning. but as we look that the satellite view, here come the clouds across the west coast. they will continue to move through miami-dade and broward on and off throughout afternoon. and here are the current readings some.
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58 degrees here including pembroke pines andialeah. 57 in kendall and homestead. add ten to that and that's where you you're at in key west. wiwis are light at 10 miles per hour in all locations. as we go throughout the day, our with winds will be east southeast. that will break in a little more moisture and what's happening here. area of high pressure continues to pull off the atlantic as we're watching the storm system gain strength here through the mid section of the country. bring us cold rain through northern iowa and through minnesota h. is dumping snow in the rockies and for all exgame fans are wearing that here on low will dean tonight. fresh powder in the aspen area over might night. and eventually this snow storm will bring heavy snow including areas up around iowa in time for the caucuses. we'll have to watch this over the next couple of days but what we're looking agent here locally isis nice weather pattern for one more day and then it begegs to change. p you're steppingut the door today thinking about going out to the beach, water temperature
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rip current chance low. that will increase as dwe go through th early p pts of the week. today good, uv index high. mixture of sun and clouds. o today rather on the water ifyou're take the boat out winds east at 10 miles per hour. reported north northeast n- at one to 2 feet. and down in the keys, two to four. inside one to two. as that rain chance begins to increase here across south florida, it will do so over might tonight mainly after sunset. today looks pretty gcht that's why we have a 10% chance of rain. over night it starts to jump up and the morning commute could be tricky tomorrow. a 60 % chance of showers and thunderstorm fors monday as with we get more wet weather here across south florida. already 6 inches above for the month of january. ground hog's day happen on tuesday. te'll let that guy forecast here for a while and then look headingowards the rest of the the week. 30% chance of are rain on friday as we stay warm here in town. neki and todd.
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bob norman dig nothing a legal battle over mental health records in the the case ave broward deputy charged with manslaughter for shooting and killing a man holding a bebe gun. >> the lawyer suspended pore arguing with peter de ra da germane mick dean who pa radz a shot and killed while on duty. and no one wants this information to come out. attorney eric schwartz right will reveal mc bean was unstable and possibly suicidal while he opened fire on mcbean whwhe holding an air rifle in his hand in the oakland apartment complex. and the state nair's office fightivg to keep those records from the defense a and ch the pub rick. the family. their argument at end of the day that this deputy hey license to shoot a a kill mcbean because
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that is offensive to the 50 million people around the world who suffer buy po lamplet he was hospitalized days before the shooting aft he he exhib work. >> they believe it is part of case that. >> has what we believe. his mental state was he wanted to die. classic suicide by cop. >> and mcbean never pointed the gun at any one. >> very distint suicidey cop. it's a a catch phrase now. gives them an easy out. >> now the judge has set a new hearing to hash out what will be done with those medical records is set for february 11th. at the courthouse, bob norman. cal 10 news. >> todd: and bob tells us that mcbean's family tends to fight relieves those r rord not only from the public but from the judge's view. >>eki: coming up after the break more on the zika out break. we'll tell what you is being con to stop the out break.
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at thehsag awards. the academy wards later this month. >> todd: but first here's a look at the winning lottery number. good luck.
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>> neki: what are you going to do today? we have ideas for you. if you enjoy classical music miami community orchestra iss performing tonight. at the coral gables congregation nal church thvment he event is
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and today is the river walk chilly cook off. every one haze chile cook off now. taking place at es pa naid park in fort lauderdale. the event will have music and activities for every one. starts at noon and goes 'til 4:00 in the the afternoon. free to attend. and if your in to country music, the annual c chillily cook off. and it is a cold out event. starts at 10:00 in the morning. tickets are $52. >> todd: i can hear the whole thing from my house. >> neki: i'm coming to your house. >> todd: and in the health report 4 million new cases of the zika virus. our health 13erb8 list kristi kreuger says researchers are working ways to stop an out break on that virus for years. >> reporter: for years scary bug born diseases like chicken
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traveling around but an increase in travel has these quickly and dangerously moving northward. >> we have to be leamplet we can't afer say any more, o oanl oh that only happens theren whatever happens there will happen here in the u.s. >> the last ten or 15 years. >> and according researcherst the university of miami south florida needs to be ready now. that's why they've been studying climate change and it's effect on mosquitoes for year. if the climate remains moderate and the minimum manies go up and the maximums not so much as has been the trend ovevea number of years, that meeb a worse situation for people because the mosquitoes will likely spread. >> but the change in teuperature is not our only problem. the same mosquitoes that spread icken gun a a yeah, den yeah and zeee qua in the americans we have here.
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out break here. >> sprague in effect it tiff. so they aring looking at ways to bait theness nesting areas where mosquitoes breej breed and sleep. >> and how i it it is affect the expectant moacialgz and what can be done to protect women and their unborn babies. >> when it in fects a freg pregnant mother in the first trimester, it looks like those mothers are having children that have very tiny brain, essentially micro brain. >> todd: that was kristi kreuger reporting with the health cash, the cdc is warning pregnant woman or women thinking of getting pregnant not to travel to countries where the virus is found. no treatment for it. most of us it would cost a rash or fever but for pregnant woman inhe the first trimester, the results can be deadly.
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screen actors guild wards include to be exclusive. british actor ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse tv. >> and the results certainly reflected that sentiment. queen latifah was honored for her movie bessie andel vin himself won an ward for hismovie and generally born and ali she see vick ender won for playing the lives of a trara woman in dell enger and best drama and orange is the new black won for best comedy series. viola davis won for best tv a actor and cech vin spacey took home the male ward for his role in house of cards. >> todd: you know, it's interesting, we're talking about television shows and at least two or 369inners on what list are not on a television network.they are on netflix. >> neki: yes, it totally
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>> todd: exact lirks people binge watch t vrchghts never heard of years ago. >> neki: it's amazing. >> todd: it's awesome. >> todd: i know and we're now hearing an emotional plea from theriend of a man killed nay deadly home invasion. >> neki: the l lest on this police investigation we've been following for you coming up. >> trent: and now will francis and claire stayogetetr or not? if you're stick inside to binge watch tv? don't. get outside. will be fantastic. we'll have the forecast coming up here in a few minutes. >> take us on line with you wherever you're headed. like us on pace book and follow us on twitter for the latest at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life.
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>> local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: time now 6:28. taking a live look out of our mt. sinai medical cam wroo we're seeing very lit little because it's dark and early. >> todd: dark and early as we
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trent is in forejen and here to talk about the warm up. good morning trent. >> trent: good morning. sunrise here in miami today. radar is quiet and that will be the key. we'll see a dry sunday before rain moves back in our forecast and that will happen after sunset tonight over night into monday where our rain chance will go up to 60 %. currently outside warm down in key west. 67 degrees. pembroke pine at 58. miami at fort lauderdale both a at 62 degrees. and you can see the winds are calm now. hialeah people broke pines all the way through pompano beach and farther south, very light readings in miami and homestead. for ood we're at 62 now. we'll warm thing up. rain chance stays low and we'll make it up to oorn 79 degrees later on this afternoon. so that's the forecast high. this morning most locations wake up at low six 50e67s pretty much on track for the average. you can see the records on this date. 86 imoz going back to 1991 before you look at thvment there's that bump up in rain chance.
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the full forecast in a few minute. todd o. >> todd: at right trend, what a was supposed to be@ a fun night out on the fun indz in death. a dispute over a parking spot. >> neki: family and friends gathered last night to remember the victim and now they need your help. >> todd: local ten news reporter layron livingston is live in miami with the topstory. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning and this morning as far as we know police have not made any a arrests which means the shooter is still somewhere out there. family and friends in tears. >> >> it's just very tragic. and killed. the reason income preshens able. space. >> those who knew so lice gathered at the spot he was gunned down off northwest 7th 7th street croos the street
6:25 am
the family says he hung out here often eye parked there instead of over here and i come out and see them argue oog over a rking space around 2:30 sunday morning gunshots started firing a. lease one hitting so lice. >> i went inside instead of helping my brother a out and he got shot is. >> five or seven more shots. >> reporter: he was rushed to ryder trauma center but later pronounced dead at the hospital. we were there as police hauled cars from the shooting scene and searched for whatever evidence they could. the the family and friend deal way devastating loss. >> and we know miami police were able t/ get a look at surveillance joyed pray nearby business that was in the area. hopefully it will help them in ththr investigation and hopefully it will lead to some sort of suspect identification. we'll keep tabs on and let now what happens as the case moves forward. for now reporting live in miami
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>> neki: police still on the huntnt this morning for three men who ambushed a northwest miami-dade family killing one the hospital. >> todd: now one of the victim friends is giving an emotional plea asking for the public's help in finding the people responsible be. >> neki: sanela sabovic is live in doral with the latest on this one. good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. that family friend very emotional s. she did not want to talk on camera but she says that family did not deserve what happened to. they they were simply trying to defend the house. mean while thyme police here at the department are revawing surveillance video at the complex to see if the three home intruder were caught on camera ee died defending his family, defending his movement they were mazing people. what happened. >> reporter: a family friend coming forward too distraught to show her face on camera
6:27 am
following a home invasion the attack happeped friday afternoon at the monterey housing community locatat off northwest 52 path. three i iruders had their sites set on a home occupied by five adults. police say they forced themselves? the victim tried to to fightht back but it would prove to be deadly. one of the suspects alledgedly pulled out a gun and shot a 26-year-old man to death. >> we're waiting for a better description. all we flow is three male in hoodies thth fled. it appear to be robbery as motive but we don't know until we do an inventor rif the residents exactly what was take even how the men go gaind entran it to the the security area is still a mystery. >> these people are dangerous. they came into a house that had a family in there. there was even a baby inse the house. i'm just begging whoever knows anytytng to please just speak up
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>> reporter: now i naib neighbors at that complex are scared that those three m might return back. sphru any information that can help please give miami-dade crime stoppers a call. you can remain anonymous. the number on the screen 305-471-tips. reporting live in doral. sanela sa bo vifnlgt local 10news. >> todd: a scare in the air over brazil when american airlines flight bound for miami was force to make an emergency landing. the airline said a passenger and three flight attendants felt light headed after taking off from rio de gentleman nair yo. the flight land n- later. this is the second time in a week that an american flight was forced to landover fears of contaminated air inse the cabin. >> neki: police in jacksonville are investigating what they call a drang gang involved shooting that took alive of a man. and. >> police say he was shot multiple times on friday while sitting in the car with his mother and grandmother. and a was the only one him.
6:29 am
this family is in our prayers. >> i is senseless and especially when i heard that it maybe gang related. >> and i'm sure that is activities that go on with gangs. we can't get, we'll get your ma marks we'll get your sister, we'll get your child. >> police believe someone who lives on the the block was the intended target. >> todd: now tie story, a virginia tech freshman has been charged in connection with murder of a 13-year-old girl. iensz hour was arrested yesterday and charged with at abduction of 13-year-old nicole love vo whros wa mission yesterdada and charged with the murder after her body was found last night. >> a heavy heart that i have to announce we located the remains of 13-year-old nicole madison leaf volume. >> leaf vel volume had been missing for three day. she pushed the dresser in front of the bedroom door and climb canned out a window tuesday
6:30 am
her remains have been scammed and they will determine ain official cause of death in the coming days. >> neki: and more than 21 families could lose government food stamps if they male a failto meet the require meant. the rule change trig board by improving economy and falling on unfloivment is raising concerns among socialervice providers including pantry worrs who fearen influx of those in need. >> todd: now too the latest in the flint water crisis in mish. a bombshell e-mail has embattled rick snyder on the defenve. newly exposed e-mails show the bottled water to the workers in flint for eight months before are residence were told it was unsafe. on top of that the filters handed out to the people may not be effective enough to keep their water safe. >> the state has continuously told the residents of flint for a long period of time that their water was safe to drink and at the same time they were providing clean water for the
6:31 am
>> todd: the state defends their decision saying they only provide water temporarily until that chemical threat was over. dangerous levels of@ flint water found in 200 kids so far hav tested positive for lead poisising jiet u.s. department ee fence says they will not take action against a retired general who shared classified information to his bio yeah femplet petraeus was at risk from being ce moated from a four star general to a three scamplet if those actions were taken it could of affected his @etire meant salary. he is still he r riable foir those activities while he was on duty. >> todd: and a discovery. >> neki: coming up we'll teal whatou tourist and scientist were going at. >> todd: and i it's a peaeaful one. a recap of the festival and the
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>> todd tongen and neki mohan on >> todd: welcome back. human bones believed to be centuries old uncovered in the middle of downtown st. aws august guess teen. the smarl graves are believed to-be can belonged to a church from 1602 to 1702. the second bone discovery rer i have in the city this month alone.>> neki: and an ancient discovery south of oregon. the university uncouldcovered prehistoric fos elz they believe belong toy a mammoth. fos eld believe to be 10,000 years old. and they quownd r found bones that belong tie camel and bison. hundred firefighters word over night to get a massive fire in lexington ntucky under control. the flames shot up 17 feet in the air at a local stock yard yesterday afternoon. more than 8 !cres destroyed by what firefighters are calling the massive fire thief seen in
6:33 am
red cross is helping those those impacted by the fire. >> neki: and tampa police reporting a low number of arrest at at the gasparillll festival vavment and they say extra secu is the reason. right now police report. two felony arrrrts and 21 minute misde mean nors. all thank to more than a thousand officers who kept a close wat on revelers. now hall is left behind is the& clean up for later today. >> well, they had good weather for it there iech. >> todd: they did and tour rift rism are thrilled with the fik p pik tour trent is showing.actually that's miami. >> trent: it is gorgeous here. there's the miami and fort lauderdale tower cam. >> todd: there it is. >> trent: to. >> there you go. >> todd: see what i'm talking about trent. >> trent: i have two minute to do weather. should i just leave that up with music. that's the shot looking off to
6:34 am
the sun is coming up. guy light here. and 4:06 this morning and as we spij to the views now the fort lauderdale tower cam look off to the east here. cloud line off in the distance but it will be a very, very nice day. radar rig now sweeping around quiet. we're dry here croos south florida. if you're heading out there to the beach, enjoy. light wind coming in out of. >> east today at it 10 miles per hour. we'll push our temperature in the upper 70s. we'll have high level cloud on and off throughout date but temperatures right now you can see the rage from 62347 key west. 61 pompano b bch areas out wed west dmeerlt upper 50s but ontd shoreline here right around 62 degrees. as we go throught the day, the wind will start to ping and it will not be a big issue. it will be around 10 miles per hour giving ace nice warm flow. you'll start to feel the humidity increase 24 afternoon as well. and all thank to an area of high pressure that willontinue to lieu that wind to go southeast later on today and seat high
6:35 am
the gulf and t tn this storm system bringing snowfall. areas around aspen, if you're watching the x games later on today, you'll see them use that fresh powder and off to the west more moisture moving in from san francisco and all the way up toward pornt land and seattle. a as far what's we're concerned with here on and off clouds in the abternoon. notice we stay dry. it won't be 'til tomorrow morning. we see surges of moisture move through south florida. right now this computer model not impressed a as fares as coverage. but we'll go with a 50 to 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms here for your monday as we'll see a wet start to the work week. and that beach forecast today, you saw the gorgeous shot there. the hollywood beach cam. this is what the forecast numbers r. water, 70 deechtz winds east southeast, rip current chance low. no excuse to get out there toond enjoy the beach. so over the next three day. more storm for your monday. with we dump the rain chance count foreground hog's day and
6:36 am
thursday with an increase of rain by friday. neki and todd. >> neki: thank you trent. will the all-stars having a blast last night. certainly r. we'll show you how jagr, a joke on him had him laughing at the all-star competition.
6:37 am
>> good sunday morning. i'm will manso with with your local 10 sports wravment three florida panthers playersrepresented the all-star weekend in nashville for the the team. guys having gun fun at tonights all-star game this during the nhl skills competition of the night moment. the night belonged to jagr. and sort of. and canadian dressed up as jagr complete with the jersey and mullet and salute. and he got the most poits points or vote and won the event. jagr loved every moment of of it competition. he took off his jersey to reveal the e ace sir and space hoody. he did not win, still he fun. >> and during the shootout challenge low ber to luanne go did not stop and with that trick vik tory they got the right to play first in the all-star game format tonight.
6:38 am
well, if wee win we get more and if we lose, i fly home right way. i'm honest. i need an arrest he is 44 and wants to rechts he and the miami dolphin don't need a rest ch they need fun tonight at pro bowl. here's a mess saj safety rashard jones post lasted night. what is good? rashard jones here are having fun at practice in hawaii. fins up. >> we'll be rootininfor the the gang tonight. the heat will be rooting for them as the hawks la play in first place night at the a renacht dywane wade just like all season. come together are rescue on friday morning. go head basket. de ago ra gait investigator seemed to with the shoulder bothering him. the good news he is not listed on the report for the home game. johnson are both questionable. >> and spurs last night a final preview.
6:39 am
that block party for lebron jame. flying for the big block on to ni parker. third quarter lebron turn it over but then says you know, what i'm still going to hustle and get the block. good tough there from the cifnlgt at cav hand eld the spurs 117 to 103. 15 ranked canes coach lara nay ga tougher than expected game at nc state. the big alley iew oop to sheldon. lead to the canes with 18 points but canes could not catch up. angel rodriguez going in for the the drive of late up. coach perplexed as the canes down five at the break. too much of anthony cat bur barber for the wolf pack. he scored 30. >> gator/getting a scuffle with no. nine west virginia during the challenge evening on disacht first half. uf in control. smith will drive base line. check it out. throw it down. 24 points. gator powt upset.
6:40 am
hoovment dwayne baton con was cook for the the sem navmentz 21 points fl fsu woins 76 to 65. i'll win will manso. that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> todd: this just in from the nd down ever. nova djokovic has captured his 6th title defeating murry a short time ago. djokovic has never lost in the final there. and this is the 5th for murry. >> neki: murry fran fans are saying cranky. >> and a partner is put up for auction. >> todd: just head we'll tell
6:41 am
k >> neki: a police officer in
6:42 am
years of service but got unexpected bad news in the process. >> todd: he assumed his police k9 would be going into retirement with him but city says it's not possible be thible. officer hicky says he is willing to pay for the job whose maim is is a jack and been a at his side for four years but he was turned way. >> soy went on the 25th of this month and retired and had th money for the dog and was ready to hand it to the chief of policecend the chief of police said he couldn't take it. >> todd: local laws say arks ajax is property of the city and he has to go to auction. donors from around the county have contributed thousands of dollars for a go fund me page to help him bitid on his partner in crime. >> neki: hope he gets him. >> todd: he should and the dog is not property. he is an officer. >> neki: that's right and they
6:43 am
mur yot ta. >> here's what we're working on for the next hour. >> neki: a night out turning deadly for a man in miami. he died at the hospital after allegedly being shot over a parking spot. we have the latest. >> todd: and we're hearing an emotional plea for at family member for a member killed nay violent home invasion. >> neki: and we're down to just being hours way from the iowa caucuses owmplet own glenna milbereris there with the latest on the campaign trail. >> todd: local 10 news at 7:00 coming up next. >> neki: and another check of the forecascoming up next. a live look out of our hollywood beach cam.
6:44 am
trent is next with cc1 test message >> neki: right now on local 10 news, aaight over a park spot turning fa tax the family left in mourning and turning to the ot public in hopes of finding
6:45 am
>> todd: and police on the hunt for three men who stormed a miami-dade home and killed a man. >> neki: and as the clock counts down, the race heaea awp. >> and we have more. >> todd: >> and a finally was able to pull him over. i asked limb to police pull over to have a conversation. >> neki: the most ba scar story. >> todd: a sphrus straighted driver saying enough is enough and turn the tables on a police officer after he put drivers in danger. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good sunday morning every one. i'm neki mohan. >> tod i'm todd tongen. thank four wake up with us oh this last sunday of january. >> neki: we want a repeat trent. >> todd: yeah. >> neki:i: yeah, so far so good. >> todd: people don't know what carbon copies are. >> neki: cc on an e-mail.
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