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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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days at the polls. good monday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. most of the presidential candidates, you seethem right there, are already in iowa with a big day ahead and a snowstorm that could actually interrupt plans. we'll have much more on that coming up. >> oh, the drama. but first let's get a check on our forecast here at home. weather authority meteorologist julie durda is here. big change as you walk out the door. it's warmer and it's wet. we are seeing temperatures right now in the lower 70s with a southeast breeze, the cold front for the heat that you're going to feel and the humidity in the atmosphere and also the showers tha have been transported in from the gulf of mexico. here's a look at yourp forecast throughout the warm, wet. that chance of showers will linger throughout morning commute so make poncho. make sure you're prepared for the wet temperatures will only ach the mid to upper 70s by the afternoon hours. let's take a look at our local storm track it go
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moderate to heavy rain is focused right over broward, deerfield beach, coral springs. hollywood, aventura, sunny isles, the worst of the weather moving in towards kendall, over portions of u.s.-1. we do have some parts of that area dealing with thundersrsrm activity and our local radar showing a little bit of reflectivity showing heavy rain and gusty winds in that area so please be careful. homestead getting soaked. i'llllet you know how long this weather pattern will last coming up. constance? >> we're singing in the rain. >> it's a monday morning, you guys. it's a hard way to start a monday when the roadways are wet but that's the case. reports of a crash on i-95 southbound blocking parts of our express lanes. i can't see this from our camera angle here. those are our express lanes. also another you can see we've got the integrated traffic data here, rain covering
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you are traveling eastbound here at red road. an earlier crash still affecting traffic speeds here. another one off of milam dairy road. let's get to some drive time here. i-75o u.s.-1. going to take you about 14 minutes. average speed about 470 miles per hour. i pushed 80 to try and catch up with you and we were still eating your dust. i just wanted to mow what's the emergency? >> now back to that video. a lot of people talking today about the woman turning the tables, pulling him over, accusing him of speedi. >> and he stops when the woman flags him down. local 10 news reporter erica rakow live this morning with more of the video and also the deputy's response. >> this is pretty interesting. we don't usually hear it flip flop like this.
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that's that's why this video has caught so much wind since the woman post it had on youtube. since the 29th of she posted it, more than 71,000 people have locked at this. there's three diffent parts on there. she says she was honking her horn and flashing her lights to get this officer to stop and she had her cell phone camera recording. claudia castillo videos the officer who she says was speeding. she wantete to know what the emergency was for. >> i don't know how fast i was going but i can tell you this, i'm on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding. but, like i say, you're entitled to your opinion. i saw just you saw when you pulled over next to me which is why you pull over here. i thought you had some kind of emergency. >> miami-dade police have responded to this
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his immediate command staff investigate the matter once the officer and citizen are identified. the appropriate course of actn will be taken at that point. both the officer and woman stayed polite throughout this entire video and it ends with an apology from the officer. we're live from miami-dade police headquarters this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. inspectors will be back out at a doral business today after a carbon monoxide leak sent 11 people to the hospital. it had at shape lovers. we're told an employee shut off an exhauau fan that was making loud noises and that's what allowed the toxic fumes to build up. >> the worst outcome of any type of carbon monoxide exposure depending on the time and exposure to the carbon monoxide could lead to death. everyone who was sickened is expected to be okay. the building will now be inspected again today to see if it is safe to reenter. the search continues
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killed a man after and apparent fight offer a parkingpace. memorial head saturday night where jackson solis was shot. shooting. >> i parked here instead of over there. arguing. i went inside instead of helping my brother out. >> just wasn't worth for what happened over a parking spapa. solis was taken to jackson memorial hospital. died. police are looking at surveillance videos hoping to get some clue clues. a report released by the miami herald says the couple is at thecenter of a investigation. this is the latest in a string of cases against the taylors. the report claims the couple planned to divert
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repair project back to themselves. the countdown to caucus only hours left. all eyes on iowa today. thats where most of the candidates focusing their attention over the weekend. hillary clinton campaigning late in the night. the latest poll from iowa shows she's in the lead on the democratic side but only has about 3% more of the vote than bernie sande does. st. paul found donald trump only about five points ahead in front of senator ted cruz. even trump surprised at those results. he told abc's george stephanopoulos yesterday he did not expect to be leading so far in the polls ahead of the iowa caucus. there's no causing time like we often see in the polls. glenna millberg is there this morning, filling us in on everything we need to know on a big monday. a small plane
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at a big airport in central florida. the cessna skidded on the grass before it flipped over. only one person on board at the time. that p pot is okay. the cause of the crash is still unknown. > w to a false alarm at miami international airport which forced terminal h to be shut down. the item was cleared and terminal reopened. operations at mia were only briefly affected. leaders will discuss the best wayo control the outbreak of zika virus to spread across the americas. for pregnant women the defects. there are three confirmed faces of zika ininouth florida. meanwhile in brazil soldiers going door to door to warn families about t virus which has about 4,000 reported cases. they are looking for anyplace mosquitoes
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attempt to kill them at the source. deadly discovery, a man is found inside a florida motel room. she is dead but there room. what we're learning about the stage ahead. a student from weston dies in a gainesville apartment complex. now we'e' learning more about this student. concentrated shower and thunderstorm activity being picked up from deerfield beach to boca raton. more rain over portions of hollywood beach in towards sunny isles, also over hallandale and aventura.( more rain expected throughout the morning. i'll have to coming up after the break. also a divine intervention, a man trapped under a tre is saved by a nun. how she helped answer his prayers for i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything juju when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i nener would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that
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make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing lile thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me ppy made my day share your story
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>>reporter: good morning. topping america's money. could wall street predict the presidential election? >> the dow fell 5.5% in january. that slow start could be big for the republicans. since the 1960s, every election year with a negative january and no incumbent running, the white house has changed parties. americans chose to lighten things up at the movies this weekend. kung fu panda three brought in more than three times as much in its opening weekend as >> $41 million compared to just 12 million, star wars was in third. burger king upping thee ante in the burger warsrs >> it's extra long and drenched in buttery butter sauce. >> i'd like it if it came in a veggie burger. >> butter does make everything better.
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drenched in butter? a case of divine intervention. a 75-year-old man trapped under a tree saved by a nun passing by. >> the man was topping wood under his home when he somehow became trapped under a tree severely injuring his legs.. >> they went out and investigated after hearing the call for help and foundndhere he was and they had to come back out to tell somebody. nearby. heemains in the hospital this morning being treated for his leg injuries and hypothermia. we don't have much handicap a prayeq of escaping any rain today. >> it's looking ugly on that radar. >> indeed it is. we have the are of disturbed weather changing everything thatwe had which was beautiful and bright and comfortable over the weekend. here's the change, warmer and wetter. you have 72 degrees in ft. lauderdale, miami. soheast breeze the
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you're feeling. hialeah. 71 in kendall and 72 in pompano beach. these temperatures are anywhere between six and 15 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. the heat andndumidity will stay as we go into the workweek. one thing we'll fally get rid of is t t rain tonight and tomorrow but currently we're dealing with it. the doppler showing heavy rain over deerfield beach, pompano beach, right over portions of u.s.-1. as we continue south storm system moving in towards portions right over 75 hialeah, doral about to get soaked. the worst of the weather right over portions of southern miami-dade. you can see it from portions of the everglades, miccosukee heading over towards kendall, cutler bay. more rain from key largo all the way south in towards key west. unfortunately, that's going to repeat itself throughout the morningng all thanks to the
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atmosphere. we have a surge of in from the gulf of mexico due to the u uer level wind flow. with that said the dry air is just to the northwest of us and eventually it will start to slide to the south. the further south it gets, the better our weather pattern will be. that just won'tappen into tomorrow. our in-house model showing showers andstorms hanging around until 9:00. pockets of rain until about the evening commute and then tonight we will start to dry out and warm up. check out these temperatures for groundhog day. we'll see temperatures in the lower for highs. only a slight chance of a shower. i don't know about you but i'm hoping he does not see his shadow, because, can i tell you, we've had a pretty rough winter so far. i'd like to see spring start a little earlier. temperatures will stay in the lower 80s ahead of another front that moves in bringing us stormy conditions by friday and saturday.
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around. i still have sweater to wear. >> i don't want the storms. >> k . speaking of storms, you guys, it is wet outde. a live look outside where it meets at the macarthur causeway. i'm showing you these live pictures for two reasons, one, it's wet, the other we have an accident. it's blocking the shoulder so it's not showing any delays in our system but obviously you can see with this data a lot of green showing it did rain earlier this morning. the speeds at 59 miles an hour. this is the dolphin expressway west-bound at milam dairy road and finally something brand new in our system, a broken down car affecting our southbound lanes at i-95 near u.s.-441, that's just north of 151st street. i was talking about this earlier and obviously we're seeing those delays at 13 miles per hour. >> all right, constance, thank you. this morning we're
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j.k. rowlings magicking creation. her first fill that mean sheas written directly for the screen stars oscar winner eddie redmayne. don't get too excited. it's n going to be in theaters for eight months. cuba getting connected. >> plan for internet on the island. we have the latest on the steps towards historic change. those details straight ahead. also the college students in custody accused of a death of a 13-year-old girl. what led to her two arrests after the abduction. that's next. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geicooand got more.
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good morning. two charged in the death of a 13-year-old girl. natalie keepers arrested yesterday. now she and david eisenhower will be arraigned lateroday. this girl right here disappeaead on wednesday and her body was found saturday in north carolina near the virginia state linin a dive team searched for evidence in a ponon in blacksburg which is southwest of roanoke.. we're still waiting to hear if authorities have found anything in connection to her death. the deadly biker brawl that left one person dead in colorado over the weekend. a corrections officer was involved in that brawl and actually fired his gun. two biker groups are blaming each other for instigating that violence that killed one and injured seven. and ne^ this morning, minnesota governor mark dayton remains in the hospital
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an event last night. dayton's staff says the 69-year-old felt increased pressure in his low back while he was speaking before fainting. he's reportey undergoing further testing as a precaution. and authorities are searching for the driver who they say deliberately ran over 17 kangaroos in australia. you can see those dark tire tread marks on the side of the road which investigators say shows the driver intentionally swerved off the road to hit the kangaroos while they were speeding. >> that's terrible. >> can you imagine somebody doing that on purpose? it's disgusting. now it's a felony to do things like that. so watch out. >> we'll keep you posted on how that goes. a woman turning the tables on a miami-dade police officer. our top story this morning. >> video of her reprimanding that officer is going viral. first this was actually the droid they were looking for. a stolen painting of r2 d2 has been returned about you a storm trooper.
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you'll see it next. we'd like to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day. it's'st em of pembroke pines. so glad you're waking up with us.
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on. a stolen2 d2 painting is returned to a pizza shop by a man wearing a strtrge but appropriate disguise. >> mikeyey late night slice pizza shop made a plea on social media wanting it back. you can seeee someone showed up here in a storm trooper helmet with a note. >> i saw there was a note. it was from darth vader. we didn't know. he didn't take his mask off. we didn't know whatas going on. sometimes you get a little nervous in that situation.
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the note and hang it up next to the painting. >> i think it's just promotional. let's get to i-95. here's a live look at i-95 heading towards downtown miami. a lot of congestion this morning because we're seeing rain all over the roadways in both miami-dade counties.
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break. breaking news, a tree split in half falling on to a home. local 10 news is bringing you this story live from cooper city. i pushed 80 to try and catch up to you and you were still, you know, eating your dust. right now turning the tables, a woman
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officer to accuse him of speeding. we have his reaction in the video that a lot of people are talking about this morning. developing now a fatal flaw from the university of florida. a student killed after going over the apartment's balcony. how iowa is kicking off this year's electric. new this morning connecting to cuba. the new plan to bring internet to the island. we'll have the latest on the historic change. here you go. a live look at the radar. another stormy start to the week. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. of course we have our weather authority meteorologist julie durda is here. it seems like every week we're having this line of storms move through. >> indeed, it's been consistent. we're not going to see that change. we'll have another round of rain by the end of the week. attempt are warmer, more humid. that southeast breeze helping it fuel for the thunderstorm activity that we're dealing with
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instability. the trigger mechanism moving in from the gulf of mexico. throughout the morning showers and stormwill be possible. you're definitely hearing theumbles of thunder expected throughout the day with some lightning. keep that rain gear handy, make sure the kids are prepared for a wet afternoon and morning. heavy rain over coral springs, deerfield beach buto rain over plantation but yet over pororons of pembroke pines to cooper city, miramar, hollywood, moderate to heavy rain, isolated in this shower and understorm activity. a line of storms, heavy rain developing over portions of the everglades. we're the only ones i. the market that have the doppler radar that shows exactly what's embedded in these showers and storms. hialeah, miccosukee, kendall, cutler bay, homestead all soaked this morning. i'll have a lot more on this coming up, constance? >> all right, julie.
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we have at least two lanes of traffic blocked here on ives dairy road. you see the fire rescue crews on the scene andthis big blob of lights right there to the distance. this accident reported less than five minutes ago. so if you're traveling in the spot expect heavy delays for ournorthbound drivers. another crash to get to, this one on the palmetto expressway. this one affecting our northbound lanes right at 122nd street. those speeds pretty slow at 28 miles per hour. also an earlier crash, i-95 southbound right here at 395, the macarthur causeway right up t o that exit ramp we're seeing those delays as well, 37 miles per hour. again this morning it is wet, do not sleep in. you've got to get going. >> all right, constance, good advice. now to that breaking news this morning. a huge tree fallinglon to a home in cooper city. >> local 10 news reporter ben kennedy is live at that scene. ben, what's happened here? >> good morning, jacey. neighbors say they heard
6:26 am
the second part. we're told some very large debris. the rain is fouling down out of nowhere in cooper city. that's where richard lives. he's joining us live here in the rain. thank you so much. you were already awake arnd 4:47. what did you hear. >> the loud crash of the under clap and the rain was simultaneous. probably the loudest thunder clap i've ever experienced. saw the damage. what did you think? >> it's just reminder of the pour her mother nature and the damage to. >>reporter: you weren't quite surereou had damage to your inspection. >> that's correct.
6:27 am
pieces of the tree were able to fly across the street and go right through my wood fence. >>reporter: what are the odds, you told me your wife is actually retiring today in about >> i don't know if that's a sign o o things to come but we're welcoming her retirement. >>reporter: thank you so much. we're still trying to figurere out what happened here to this very large tree. this is hapapning on lake shore drive. broward deputies are blocking off the road to make sure everyone's safe. we're goingng to go ahead and try to find some cover if this rain. ben kennedy, local 10 news. he's about four cars down. to keep up with him, i had to push the limit and everything. >> have you seen this video? a woman recording herself pulling over a miami-dade police officer who she is accusing of speeding. claudia castillo is driving.
6:28 am
about 80 miles an hour here. >> i don't know how fast i was going but i can tell you this, i'm on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding but, like i say, you're n titled to your opinion. >> the officer apologize to see castillo. as this video ends he assures her he will slow down. the miami-dade police department will have his immediate command staff investigate the matter once the officer and citizen are identified. we continue to follow a developing tore this -- story this morning. police finding the body last night. theygve yet to confirm that man's identify or cause of death. also developing this morning the investigation into a fatal fall thatkilled a university of florida student who grew up in weston. the junior died on sunday at a gainesville hospital after faliing from the student housing building. local 10 news reporter& layron livingston has more from cyprus bay
6:29 am
that's where he graduated from, right, layron? >> indeed. we're starting to see buses and cars in the parking lot here. this is where 20-year-old chance wolf graduated from where he went off to the university of florida to study journalism. this morning the university of florida community reeling with news of chance wolf's death. >> we never witnessed something like this and being like living here, it's definitely creepy and definitely sad. >>reporter: police sayaye fell six stories from an apartment buildingffcampus around 2:00 sunday morning. wolf was found bleeding, unconscious. two officers reportedly performed cpr on him until medics could rush him to t t hospital where doctors pronounced him said. >> it seemed pretty intense and i didn't know what was going to happen from there. >> one of his childhood friends sent a facebook death after the fall.
6:30 am
chance was an an amazing person to be around. he always knew how to make people laugh. wolf grew up right here in south florida. he loved hockey, was number ten on the uf club team. the last game he played in just so happened to be against the university of miami, his home town rival. and back live here in weston, we hoped to speak with some of the school officials. we do know he was a member of a fraternity. many of the members lived in the very building from which he fe early yesterday morning. gapesville police say there is surveillance video showing this young man walking down a facility. they don't believe this involves any sort of foul play but this death investigation is ongoing. reporting live in living to know, local 10 news. now to vote 2016, the countdown to the
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of voters expected to become the first to vote in this years's s election local 10 news reporter glenna millberg live this morning with a report from iowa. >>reporter: good morning. in this state, in this process there are decision made literally during the caucus. that's why all of these candidates spend all weekend right up until last night on the frenzied round robin to get the face time with iowa voters. >> it sounds like you want to make a political choses. >>reporter: young and raucous crowd packed bernie sanders's rally. the same venue where just a few hundred had come to see hillary clinton days ago. >> thank you. >>reporter: clinton made a
6:32 am
bill and daughter chelsea. the once solid democratic front runner here facing an upset, by all accounts, if a tide of new caucus goers turns out monday night. >> just eight months ago the des moines polls put bernie sanders 41 points behind. and now hours before iowans go to caucus he istatistically tied with hillary clinton. republican front runner donald trump brought his famimi too, spending the last hours appealing to iowa's evangelical voters in an increasingly hostile battle with number two ted cruz. with polls showingng almost half republicans and a third of democratic voters still undecided, the field is potentially wide open for other g.o.p. contenders including marco rubio polling third and jeb bush in the single digits. primary votes so low in the ballot box, iowa caucuses a big discussions and debates
6:33 am
right there at the end. >> the opportunity to have a discussion wit people that, you know, they are going to help yo determine which is the direction you want to go. >>reporter: are yo being the swayed or the swayer? >> prorably the swayed. >>reporter: you've been swayed right there at caucus time. >> yeah. >>reporter: it's really incredibleo consider that there are so many undecided voters because this state and these voters have been the target of $77 million worth of campaign ads in the last few weeks. just hours from now rally we will know who leaves iowa with the momentum of the presidential election 2016. i'm glenna millberg in des moines, iowa thiss morning, local 10 news. >> glenna will be in iowa through tonight's caucus uses. don't forget the deadline for you to register to vote, it is approaching fast. february 16th is when you have to sign up for
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cuba planning to launch its first broad band home net service. it will serve as a pilot neighbors. there is no time for the project and prices have not yet been announced. a deadly disiovery hotel. a woman's body found alg with two monkeys. details on a strange investigation still ahead. a new scandal for the flint water crisis. the e-mail that proves the government knew about the water problem public. when will the rain end? i'll have the details next. but first two children killed during a police pursuit. details on the chase
6:35 am
police police officer chasing a black stolen s.u.v. outside of atlanta, then the chase ended up in the city. a witness says the high-speed chase ended when the vehicle crashed. >> coming down thehe street, minding their business and all of a sudden i saw the black car run the stop sign right here and hit them, t-boning them. >> the impact caused the car to go airborne killing the 79-year-old woman and 12-year-old boy inside. a bizarre discovery in sarasota. this all happened in north port which is just north of punta gorda. the woman identified as a 59-year-old woman named linda maria smith. investigators say those monkeys were found inside their carriers inside the hotel room. also in the room a man police say was acting erratically. you have to keep in mind
6:36 am
did s do it on her own hands or did somebody do it for her. >> investigators say there were no signs of trauma on smith' body. they also say they found a note in the room but haven't revealed what it said. a driveve was killed yesterday of a large tree crashed down on to the street. the massive oak tree fell across all four lanes the street in san diego, crushed four cars including a small honda that had the victim inside. a 2 car pileup in northern california. highway patrol said involved in the creek. funerally able toll reopen the lanes aer about three hours. right now to a major traffic alert, i-95 shut down was completely shut down right here. all four lanes due to a a accident scene. i told you about another accident on i-95 northbound at ives dairy blocking our suppress
6:37 am
double-trouble here on the i right at ives dairy road. yikes. taking a closer look at ourraffic data here. we can see from our southbound drivers. our northbound drivers are seeing delays there as well. you see the red and orange indicating those slowdowns all the way down to the golden glades. if you're saying, constance, i'm in a hurry this morning, you live in this location, i would travel west, take 441 do you know to the glades or travel further east to u.s.-1. i've got to get to this rather quickly. palmetto northbound at 122nd street. i-75 northbound-southbound exits. they are completely closed so instead just continue towards the palmetto. hall these traffic incidents because of the rain out there. all the grounds are completely saturated from pompano beach all the way into the keys.
6:38 am
the weather right now from deerfield beach, pompano beach. a line of shower and thunderstorm activity just west of you in coral sprgs is headed your way. a line of shower andthunderstorm activity from cooper city, pembroke pines, headed eastward into i-95, hollywood and towards halen daytona h hallandale. 95 soaked. u.s.-1 soaked. north bay village soaked. we're seeing shower and activity normal. expected to move eastward throughout the morning. we're@ talking at least these showers and storms hanging around until about 9:00. heavy rain over portions of the upper, middle and lower keys again. we're continuing to watch these showers and storms because embedded in these storms are very strong thunder and lightning and also some wind gusts being intelligence reported so please bee careful out there, my friends. i'm warning you. the main culprit i i plenty of moisture in the mid to upper levels
6:39 am
ststaming in from our upper level winds from the gulf of mexico. one thing i'm happy to tell you, it won't last long. eventually this large pocket of dry air will slide to the south. as it does so, that will rain. sunshine. speaking of heat, what's helping to feel for the actual strong storms attempt. right now we have the lower 70s from pompano beach down towards key west. these t tperatures are six and 16 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. we've got the heat established, the humidity in the way of the moisture and trigger mechanism. that's that area of disturbed weather moving in from the gulf. nothing severe but strong stormsxpected over parts of south florida until about 10, 11:00. those strong storms will continue to be isolated til about the evening commute and will start to dry out, i'm happyo tell you, by tuesday. we're only expecting a
6:40 am
rain chances taper off ahead of another front. strong to severe weather going into friday, possibly into saturday morning. have a great day. be safe. >> julie, thank you. the miami heat making a short stop at home lifetime night before making a short stop out to know to the road. looked like dwayne wade would be the next. you can see he's in some pain. he did stay in the game. scored 17 points and ties on the all-time scoring list for the nba. heat win their fourth in a row, moving past the hawks and into first place. th head to houston next it take on the rockets tomorrow night. dolphins playing in the pro bowl last night. then jones get an earful from michael irving. fourth quarter 'phins receiver jarvis landry
6:41 am
a stunning announcement fro detroit lions star wide receiver calvin johnson, th 30-year-old said he's retiring members say he made the decision before ev last season began. turning now to the pitch, the other football, real madrid squaring off. >> the portuguese fee mom dropped jaws with an impressive goal. >> boom. >> wow. >> that ft to the corner. nicely done. he actually scored three goals. >> look at those feet. nice move. >> 29th career hat trick >> coach our team. we haven't scored in a couple weeks. getting better. one day at a time. he wants to adopt
6:42 am
with for years. >> the officer's attempt to see win him back. that's next. >> iowa voters preparing to become the first americans to pick their choice for predent. we're going to fill you in on what you need to know. you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that workrkthere comes over and asks
6:44 am
and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. we've been telling you for weeks now about the flint water crisis but,000 we're learning the state government knew about the contaminated water months before it ever warned resident. wawar had been shipped to workers eight months before they sounded the alarm. on top of that, officials are saying the filters handed out to people may not even be effective enough to keep their water safe. a man arrested in
6:45 am
the white house lawn. the man seen spotting flowing papers over the north fence yesterday afternoon. agents said the papers were swept, declared to be safe. it's up clear what that man was protesting. a police officer in ohio retired this week after 34 years of service but he got some unexpected bad news in the process. >> police canine would be going in with him. officer matthew hickey says he's well to pay for ajax who has lived with him for the past said that's not possible. >> our dog was going to go ahead and physically retire a that moment. i went on the 25th of this month and retired and had the money for the dog and was rea to hand it to the chief of police and the chief of police said he couldn't take it. >> a go fund me page has
6:46 am
officer raise man but it has blown its originalgoal of $0. it's brought in a whooping 57,000. when a go fund me page has raised all that much money, what do you do with the extra? >> you can give the rest to charity. last night's nfl all-star game featured one of the strangest sports sagas you'll ever hear. >> ended up as an inspiration. fans voted john, this guy right here, as the all star game. the nfl trying to fight the nomination asking him to reject the spotin favor of a marquee plpler. he refused and was sent down to the minors.s. fans did rally around him until the league changed its mind. he scored two goals and walked away with mvp honors.
6:47 am
>> he told them. you do not cross the fans. the fans said we want to guy. >> that's theweetest revenge, is it not? >> beautiful, karma, isn't it. >> a lot of rain causing a mess on the radar and the roads already. let's show you that radar. just nasty out there. we have more on has going on with our weather forecast. julie's hear and constance, of course, has the unfortunate traffic delays on the road because o it when we com the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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back to our big traffic story this morning. ives dairy road northbound, southbound and i-95 affected here. you're looking live at that location. we had a vehicle fire re blocking three to four lanes of traffic in out southbound lanes. in our northbound lane we had our express lane blocked due to an accident scene. yikes. a lot of problems for anyone traveling in @his spot thiss morning. northbound and southbound lanes seeing
6:49 am
miles to seven milesn hour. about four mil. of course we try to make it easy for you. you can simply download our free wplg app. we send out the push alert as soon as the accident happened. if you've got the happen app, you can go on-line and know answer we do we have our weather radar for you. the radar picking up strong storms over portions of boca raton, coral springs, sawgrass expressway getting soaked. the worst of the weather moving in. this is the storm direction. it will be head and it looks very strong. we already heard of some cloud to ground lightning meaning the possibility of lightning strikes is possible at the surface. be safe out there. i've got you posted all morning long through "good morning america." now to our top
6:50 am
the bad weather is half. this happened in cooper city. part of it fell on a home overnight after a possible lightning ben kennedy is there we'll bring you updates from hum at the scene all morning long. iowa voters will discuss the candidates rathererhan simply cast ballots as we do. the caucus beginss at 8:00 p.m. with no set end time. glenna millberg, she is in iowa this morning. look for her live reports beginning today at noon. a student from weston died after a falll from an apartment. the screunier graduated from cypress bay high school. miami-dade police are investigating a video that appears to show one of their own officece being pulled over for speeding by a citizen. he has not yet been identified. the news continues right now with "good morning america."we will all be back just before 7:30 with i live local newe update.
6:51 am
>> it's been a busy last few dayay can we get a break, mother nature. >> we don't want anymore winds. these storms have been tremendous, moving from southwest of the united states to us here in the
6:52 am
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