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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the white house. our political team with results and analysis. >> anchor: and the one and only exclusive. speaking for the first time. >> anchor: messages of hate, scrawled all over this south florida school. >> anchor: murder, mystery a corrections officer found dead in his pembroke pines home. >> anchor: and big gamble, the seminole hard rock is spending big pucks on a major makeover. >> anchor: good evening. >> anchor: local 10 news is one minute away. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure?
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race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings. more adventures. >> anchor: live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> anchor: off the top, the iowa caucuses are over, and there's already a shake up. >> anchor: candidates dropping out from both parties and both tar byes are runnings a very tight race. let's guess down to des moines iowa with more. >> calvin, lori, actually, this will not be the first time the polls into the iowa caucus have been wrong, and they were. and tonight, is senator ted
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winner, which means donald trump is not a winner tonight. let's go right to the numbers and take a look. not all the precincts are many, just yet, but enough to call this race. ted cruz, 28% of the vote. donald trump, 24%, and senator marco rubio of florida has come in third, with 23% of the vote. this was a hard fought lace. neck and neck in the polls tonight. let's go to the democratic numbers as well. and this race is too close to call right now. both hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders has 50% of the vote, still beingounted this is something that we might not even know theesults of tonight. bub these are the results as we stand right now. cedar rapids, to des moines is a is on. he is not in des moines yet, but
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trump came out to give a speech. i want to let you listen to what they had to say. >> this is the moment they said would never happen. >> for months they told us we had mo chance. for months they told us because we offer too much opiumism in a time of anger, for months they told us because we didn't have the right endorsements or the right political connections we had no chance. they told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn. that i needed to wait nahun. [applause] but tonight, tonight, here in iowa, the people of this great state have sent a very clear message, after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting
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back. i was told by everybody, do not go to iowa. you could never finish even in p the top 10. and i said but i have friends in iowa, i know a lot of people, i think they will really like me, let's give ate shot. they said don't do it, said i have to do it. and we finished second. and i want to tell you something, i am just honored. i am really honoreded >> that was donald trump trying to manage expectations now that he is number two, it makes new hampshire actually very important to him, senator rubio has said all along to people close to him, he wanted a third place finish at lea here, he is is -- that is what he achieved. we are just finding out that ted cruz's plane landed and should be speaking in 30 minutes, i
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this unique process, that occurred tonight, the iowa caucus is nothing like we mow, and how these caming to. >> we have an a orbrb last name. we are seeing a lot of people coming up, excited about getting involve sod it is good news. >> some already registering right there for the first time. jim was right there, switching parties. >> we caucuses republican because we had an incumbent, and like. >> the g.o.p. voters on one side. >> here. the meeting is called together,
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the debate and convincing between neighbors began this is ing on all over the state, in church's, schools, therepublican process is paper and pencil, secret, sort of. 12 for marco rubio. >> she knows the drill, she understands the issues, she will -- >> the democrats physically stand with their candidate crowd, and become surrogates urging neighbors to their sides.
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the race, the first casualty, way. they can join the bernie sanders supporterred or the hillary clinton such pores it and will be intererting to see if the supporters no uh will sway the race on the democratic side as i said we may not know that result today the eh okay caucus has whittled down the field. mike huckabee has ended his bid for the presidency. but ted cruz is the big winner tonight. and he is on a plane, we should hear from him, in about now 25 minutes, lori, calvin, it has been an incredible night here in iowa, the first weighing in in the presidential election. >> setting the tone for the res of the race, all right, on the front lines there, mike huckabee she talks about, marco o'malley dropping out, and also there's a candidate. >>&ben carson going home. >> coming back to florida.
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>> no wonder i couldn't think of it. >> headlinesertainly, south florida's own marco rubio, and you called it you said he would come in a strong third. >> i thought it would b b strong, i didn't think it would be 1% point behind donald trump. ted cruz met expectations and marco rubio exceeded them, i think he is perceived as the big winner it looks to me like rubio did it by taking votes away from trump. he now becomes the establishment candidate, the g.o.p. will coalesce behind rubio. i thought it was a barn burner of a speech. he is as good a speakner this kind of situation i t tnk a barack obama, but they have more than a few things in common. first term senators, big
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records in the u.s. senate but rubio, is good looking, good looking family, exceptional speaker. now here is the board with the final tally for the way the republicans plac font i want you to look down there, and number six is jeb bush with 3%, and this is really a pitiful showing for jeb bush. he never expected to do exceptionally well in iowa but this is readily pitiful, he is already in new hampshire, hopes to save the campaign there. >> between new hampshire and florida. right, if that doesn't pull through for him. >> well, he has to get to florida first, march 15th and we have to got through new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada, texas, all those primaries before we get to our primary, march 15th. >> anchor: you know, and glenna brought something i think is interesting do you think the
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have waited until tomorrow, that they would not be in such a close race? that's one of those thing who knows. but, in fact, 50/50, this is just so exciting and who are going to find out here, i manage who won, but of course bernie sanders will give a speech shortly, and say i won, who and who knows if he did. >> the young people turning out for him, and we will hear from them all right. >> don't forget the deadline for you to register to vote is fast approaching. in other news a one and only exclusive, a lawyer accused of having sex with her client, was in court today, along with that client. the ban on her access to broward
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with limitations. andrew. >> that's right. her client is facing a number of charged including attempted murder, and she came out, you know what i need to be with him, i need to get him ready for trial, a judge agreed but said we have to set new ground rules. >> in a broward county courtroom, at an emergency hearing she is reunited with her client, israel grand. >> i am here to fight for my client's rights like i do for all my clients. that's why he hired me. that's why he chooses to keep me. >> grande even telling a judge he doesn't want to lose her. >> that's what i want, there's no conflicts. >> this after she was ban from visiting him. her picture posted they caught the attorney having sex with her client during a visit in a interview room.
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trial, this is a convenient time for this is to be all over the media. >> her attorney even saying it is an attempt to smear h name. >> we believe there's an ulterior motive. >> the report stating a guard caught michelle bent over atathe waste with her scoot raised while grande's body was pressed firmly against her buttocks. still, a judge ruled she can meet with the clients but throroh a window, so no physical contact, she argued she can't defend properly like that. >> what do you want to say about the allegations? >> absolutely nothing. >> absbsutely nothing. now she says she isoing to try to see how it goes she says she will share paperwork, recordings and it is hard to do with a window in the way. involving the same kind it is
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were we know the florida bar is reviewing vandals struck in a high school today spreading messages of hate. they contained guy slurs. surveillance video showed two masked vandals spray pnting inside the school. students told us it may have been an act of revenge for a recent basketball game now a from tragic story, a aversity florida student dead after he fell from an apartment building. 20-year-old chchce wolf fell from the floor just off campus. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. mr. is have not said if that fall was an accident a murder mystery today it appear as correction officer was killed. local 10 news reporter live now in miami, with the latest for us. >> carlos. >> calvin, police are keeping
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happened in the seconds and minutes before the 40-year-old was found dead. a call to his family ended with fiing his body inside his home. it ishere one said with a heavy heart i can't express the pain felt. another read i truly don't understand, can't believe this, rest in paradise. >> to not know what happened to him, and to know this happened to him, he lost his life in this manner, there's really puzzling and confusing, and it's not a feeling that i wish on anybody. >> rickie k kw hall extremely ll. they had a deep friendship that included a period together on the front page of a newspaper. >> anyone that came acrosss him,
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>> police haven't said much about the case.they spent a good part of the weekend near flamingo and pembroke pines. they have seen n o other deaths in the past five months including a man that was s st dead by a resident. >> i want justice. >> the corrections department has reachch out to the family, he was well respected and loved by his colleagues if you have any information that can h hp out, you are urgededo call i am carlos swarez local 10 news. >> goment accused of robbing an advance auto part store. pulling a gun at the clerk and running out with cash. this happened at the store along northeast 214th street. it was january 4th, they were last seen leaving in a dark colored hyundai sonata.
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to see, also caught on camera this suspect tried to break into the office of a laundromat by climbing through the ceiling. this happened at bubbles laundry, you saw his face there, he falls on his first attempt, and specifically he disease make it into the office, and then police say he left with nothing of real value. there uh yo can see his face, he fell again getting caught up in wires if you have any information, please call police. >> still to come, good news what the c.d.c. has to say about the e. coli outbreak that hit several of the trains restaurants. >> anchor: and it's been a gloom my start, we will let you what to expect for your tuesday coming up. >> >> anchor: a big expansion, what is being planned and how many jobs is expected to bring to south flora. is fresh florida shrimp and clams, served over rice! it's simple to create a seafood delight.
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news, you can see there, ted cruz, declared the winner in iowa, he flew in just moments ago, and now he is about to speak. >> the republican caucus winner iowa by a 5,000 vote lead, over donald trump, taking 28% of the vote. there in iowa, he is a happy man tonight. >> we are covering it all for you, live report ms. the morning. >> big and bold plans nor the hard rock hotel, more space, more restaurants and more fun, all on the way. that expansion is projected to cost $1.8 billion. that's with a b. >> yeah, big money, and is expected to bring thousands of jobs live in hollywood with what the plan entails. >> this giant guitar right here, might be getting some company soon, the seminole tribe says they are ready to break ground, they just need the stamp of
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>> with want do do something that's iconic for many decades to come. >> the new design of the revamped seminole harar rock hotel is loud weelieve that design alone will creation additional tourism. >> the edition would be shaped like a guitar. >> once againinthe tribe is trying to create something that's iconini that creators tourism. >> there wouldld be 800 rooms jam packed with new amenities in the $1.8 billion expansionon florida is about the beaches and the'ses speed limit in swim out hotel rooms are planneded that say they are ready to break ground on as soon as the florida legislature approved the newompacta 20 year deal that promise pod pay $3 billion over seven years. we negotiate a compact that is fair, and good for the citizen this is our state.
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make their decision. what we have. >> jamam billy asking the legislature to continue funding th3500 jobs currently held by tribe employees and approve the deal before they can anine planned construction. >> we have designed something that we think is an internatnal destination, and a resort that isn't just about gambling. >> and this expansion include as similar resort in tampa the florida legislature has until march 12th to approve the new compact. local 10 news. >> thank you. >> that guitar looks so cool. >> absolutely will it be nice for that area, and of course we will have to go and check it out. >> absolutely. a little bitof trouble for one of the super bowl teams in california. >> the bus gets into an
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>> hey if you are traveling on, i 95 northbound, right at hallen deal beach, two to three lanes will be closed until 5:00 a.m.,
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>> the chipolte outbreak scandal appears to be over. after it was unable to determine a food or ingredient responsible for the contamination. they plan to close all o@f the u.s. stores to hold a meeting with employees across the country. >> also inalifornia at least three of the team buss crashes this afternoon you can see the
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after a driver cut the motorcade off causes the puss to slide a motorcycyc officer did have to be taken to the hospital with minor injury. >> take a look at youou lottery numbers now, your cash three, play four, fantasy five, we hope
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moment. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not gogog to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go oututf their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he waso helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. mple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story..
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welcome back. iowa stop caucus finisher, holding court speaking with his supporters. >> winning with 28% of the vote, saying that demonstrates the strength of conservatives. >> tonight is a victory for every american who has watched
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in washingtonn both parties refuse to sten in too often fail to keep their commitments to the people. >> tonight is a victory for every american who understands that after we survived eight long years of the obama presidenen, that no one personality can right the wrongs done by washington. >> all right, we'll keep you updated there, and of course tomorrow morning we want to get you a quick checkout the forecast. the radar sweeping around, these little showers have been sticking around for a while, let's check out broward county, and you request see a few of those moving onshore. this now dissipated same thing for miami dade, very light showers around downtown, as we go through the overnight hours with the light wind, our conditions will turn partly cloudy, and mostly dry for your tuesday and woe finally get time
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cold front, right mow the cool spot is kindle, some of the warmer sports ft. lauderdale 74. by tomororw we will wake up here in the mid to upper 60's. passing showers throughout the night. for your tuesday, and then we start to watch a cold front that will spark a severe weather outbreak, and that will stall to our north, so by wednesday, warm and breezy conditions will continue, and in time this same cold front will bring us a better chance of r`in thursday into friday. tonight big snow storm gaining. that will bring up foot of snow, in areas around nebraska and eventually through iowa let's walk you through the seven-day forecast. notice behind the rain, the temperatures come up. through thursday, our average high, around 77-degrees and then here comes the next code front that will happen on friday, and
11:32 pm
of showers or storms here that will linger around,d, back to you. >> all right, thank you. and don't forget to wake up to local 10 news starting at 4:30 in the morning. >> and remember, our website is always on, updating all might and day, with the very latest headlines. >> let's listen in now to llary clinton as she addressing fans at drake university on a night when she is tied with bernie sanders in iowa. >> have a good night. >> when it is all said and done, we have to be united. against a republican vision and candidates who would drive us apart and divide us. thatats not who we are, my friends. i followed their campaign very closely. i understand what they arere appealing to, and i intend to
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