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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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all. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. welcome to your wednesday. i hope you guys are feeling good. we're going to help you out right now not only with your top stories but a look at the weather. julie durda is here right now. we'r dry, seeing mostly clear skies. it's breezy and that southeast breeze is& going to keep us warm and humid. temperature of 7 in miami. 75 in ft. lauderdale. 76 in ney west. look at these winds anywhere between 9 ahd 20 miles per hour. wind gusts even stronger. here's t break group of your forecast this wednesday. wel stay breezy. it's going to feel nice along the coast. but with that said we have that elevated risk of rip currents. highs today will rapidly warm up to the lower 80s. average high 77 degrees.
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it's going to look beautiful. rain does rununo the forecast by the end of the week. i'll have those details coming up. good morning, south florida.a. we're accident-free in both counties at this point at 5:0 in the morning. we have construction crews out, especially on i-75. ongoing construction,n, southbound lanes affected at sheridan street. about twoo three lanes of traffic blocked. obviously some delays for our southbound drivers today. all right. let's going to i-95, some other construction concerns here. if you a a traveling on the i southbound at griffin road, reports of two lanes blocked there. a develop story, this one out of southwest miami-dade. >> two men recovering in the hospital after a violent carjacking about 9:00 last night. police say the victims drove to the location in a rental car to meet three men at an abandoned home in the area. one of the victims was shot, the other was
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police say both victims are expected to survive. >> we do know they did flee in the victim's vehicle which is a rental car and we are still looking for that vehicle. >>reporter: the armed cabbinger did get away in the victim's car. call police if you know anything about what happened. pembroke pines police need your help finding a missing teen and her two-year-old daughter. police say rose rodriguez ran away it her home on saturday. police say rodriguez is bipolar, depressed and may be off of her medication. if you have any information, please call police. a dramatic rescue just yards offshore after a plane takes a plunge right off haulover beach. the plane pulled from the water in pieces just last night. >> now investigators will try to determine what caused that plane to go down. erica rakow is live from haulover beach with all of the details.
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erica. >>reporter: it is. it took them hours to pull that wreckage we're talking about from the beach to the haulover marina. it was a team effort. it took about seven hours for crews to get all of this done, pulled from the water and then loaded on to a truck to be taken from the marina last night. you can see what little was left of that plane. one of the wings broken off. the engine now showing. the f.a.a. and ntsb will examine this wreckage to determine why the plane went down. it was just before noon yesterday the two student pilots from ecuador and chile told rescuers they experienced some type of mechanical proem, and, before they knew it, they were in the water. people on the beach recorded their cell phones once it hit the water they say the two people on board climbed out and the plane started synching i a matter of seconds.
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from marathon. miraculously this morning they are both okay. neither were takeen to the hospital. live in sunny isles beach this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. now to a story you'll see on the one and only. investigators say puppies were found in deplorable conditions in miami-dade. almond you see right here the only puppy to survive after her mother joy gave birth to@ ten puppies. authorities say 61-year-old janet christianson really did not do enough to care for these animals. >> malnourished, not well kept, and you could tell she was not getting engh nutrition to take care of the huge litter she had. >> 18 dogs were ken from her home. she faces multiple accounts of animal cruelty. a woman is dead after she was struck and killed by a driver in lauderdale lakes. witnesses say the woman appeared to be heading towards a bus stop when
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a car on state road seven. we are less than a week away before the next round of voting. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are hoping for a big boost following those results in iowa. clinton's campaign is admitting a win would be tough. on the republican side donald trump says skipping that last presidential debate may have hurt him but he likes his chances in new hampshire. >> there were 17 people of we started. now you have 11. you coee in second. i'm not humiliated. >> six weeks ago donald trump was saying every day that he was his friend, that he loved me, that i was terrific and nice. >> cruzlso had strong words for senator marco rubio who responded by saying cruz will say anything to get a vote. >> glenna millberg will be live in new hampshire to cover it all for you.
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for the results. traces of dan from marinesilled in a helicopter crash last month were found ding a rescue operation. 12 hawaii-based marines were killed when two helicopters crashed during nighttime training. the cause of the crash under investigation. the seventh grader called her alleged kill jen herrera boyfriend. that neighbor says she t him on the date app. eisenhower now charged with kidnapping and murder. his alleged accomplice is being charged with an accessory of the fact. a twister touched down lifetime night. landing on the wer in hawaii. what made this plane come dogn and how the pilot is doing today.
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attorney gloria allred says the criminal case shou proceed. >> there's still sufficient evidence for the prosecutor to proceed. if he is permitted to admit evidence of what is called prior bad acts. >> that evidence of prior bad acts would include testimony from other cosby accers. a seattle man lost in a snowstorm is found and is home safe this morning. he hunkered down in a snow cave overnight. he called for help on a snowstorm and called for weapon. >> it was good. i had been walking for five hours before that, so it was nice to see some friendly faces. >> that's a big difference right there compared to another big search at water falls in the nearby. caught on camera take a look at thihi a funnel forming in the
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can see finally making a touchdown. more video for you. take a look.k. it happened about two hours out of birmingham. trees, utility polls on thee ground. some homes in the area, they were damaged. this i i new video showing that damage. residents left cleaning up what is left this morning, some people without power. a federal corrections institute also damaged. those tornadoes didn't just stay in one state. mississippi left with damage and debris. trees uprooted, homes and buildings ripped apart. power lines left there on the street. despite the damage emergency crews say no one was seriously injured. unfortunately those showers and storms and severe weath will continue towards the panhandle and the southeast today and eventually that system will be headed our way. we're kping our fingers crossed. the dynamics will basically diminish and stay far to the north of us. with that said we are
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storms though starting as early as thursday night and friday. so oou know what that means, it's wednesday, it's halfway through the workweek, it's dry and you need to enjoy today. temperatures running 13 degrees above where we should be right now with 74 in miami. 75 in ft. lauderdale. 76 key west. look at the breeze moving in anywhere between nine and 20 miles per hour. the winds moving in from the southeast as that warm air direction and that's going to continue to keep it humid out there. 73 in kendall. 75 pompano beach. so the winds right now anywhere between nine, 10 and even 20 miles per hour. wind gusts even stronger. this morning seeing wind gusts in t t 20s down by the keys. we are expecting that elelated risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. ii know today would be an ideal day to head to the beach. we are in a surplus in hialeah, the wettest on record in jan. we saw a s splus of over five inches in hialeah. very impressive rain
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redland over seven inch which made it the third wettest on record. those el nino impacts we talked about. whyave we been seeing such an awkward winter seas? because of el nino. the wettest january since 1932. we had three storm systems. out of the three sparked tornado we had right here on local 10 news keeping you posted. i'm happy to tell you that's not our threat today. some high-level clouds are moving in from the southwest. the storm threat stays well to the north of us today and that storm system will be heading our way today. could see severe weather due to the clash of the air masses. look how warm it is. we've got the 30s behind this storm system. here's the setup. severe weather threat over the panhandle into the south east and in towards central florida today. for us we'll see high pressure continue to provide for breezy to june right windy conditions keeping the worst of the weather to the north of us until tomorrow.
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the clouds will build by thursday night into friday. we could see some aggressive storms as well. here's a breakdown of the forecast fbeautiful day today, hot, humid, highs in the low 80s. rain returns thursday night into friday. that's the first front, the first of three. the second front comes in saturday. will be stormy sunday. look at our morning lows. you're going to need those sweater and jaets. don't put them away quite yet, constance jones. >> i won't. i have a few sweater dresses i want to wear. good morning, everyone. i'm laughing because, guess what, we're accident-free. we have a few moments to play around just a little bit or you have a few moments to spend in your closet today. we have construction concerns but they are no longer closed. i was showing you how it
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road and the express lanes down south. here are the openings to the northbound i-95 lanes opening up. the construction crews are picking up the cones and that's why we're seeing those delays right there at the i where it meets at 35. not a whole lot to worry about this morning. quickly some drive times. if you're on the dolphin expressway starting at the turnpike traveling east to i-95, at thisis point it's going to take you ten minutes. as the m mning progresses, thing will start to change. a whole lot of volume on the roadways. it's going toake you between 21 to 22 minutes to get over to the i. >> constance, thanks for that. south florida get ready. we've got your tickets totone of the biggest events of the year. >> i'm excited. i want to go right now. eat, drink and be@ merry. local 10 giving away a
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south florida food and wine festival. head to our facebook page, look for the contest tab and look for your chance to win. >> starving now. a bumpy landing for a pilot as they land right in the water. see the video. hear how t t pilot is doing after this really close call. okay. looking pretty good out there at 5:16 this morning, 74 degrees. don't go anywhere. all have you to do is keep it on channel 10 all morning long. we have weather, traffic
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to know. 5:19 the time right now. a pilot flying a small plane over honolulu forced to make an emergency lananng. it was all caught on camera. here's the video. you see the plane's front propellors not moving at all after experiencing problems with the landing gear. the 68-year-old pilot the only person on board. he was not hurt. crews rescued the pilot as soon as he landed in the water. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes, amazon coming to a mall near you. the retail giant opened its first brick and mortar store last year. >> amazon is looking to open as many as 400 storor. no word from amazon itself about any such plan. the popular instant messaging app has announced that it currently has one billion active users.
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messages, 1.6 billion photos and 250 videos a day. >> i'm tired. >> yes, and finally facebook's android app is being blamed for eating up more than just your time. >> some of us tught it was your case. tests showing uninstalling the app speeds up your hand set's overall performance. >> good tip indeed. >> those are your tech bytes. a new member of the family, a baby giraffe. look at the little munchkin. now that baby has not been named yet. for those whohoant to help peck out a name, they can donate to the zoo and donate their name choice. >> baby animals trying to walk is one of the best things to watch.
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he's got to get used to those tall legs he now has. our exclusive cuba coast to coast has helped many reconnect to an island they once lived on. an officer steps in. the sweet story behind the surveillance video. >> u.s.-1 and southwest 40th street is accident-free.e. constance watching the rest of your roads this morning.
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on local 10. together again, two friends separated nearly 60 years brought together again by hatzel vela. >> can you believe that? this story, their reunion began back in cuba decades ago. we met f fher jose while filming our access coast to coast special. that's when we realized he knew the faithf one of our producers. freddy said his friend hasn't changed too much except for maybe a lack of a little hair. >> 60 years, like riding a bike. messing with you buddy. a rambunctious, energetic toddler that couldn'd sit still during a dad's trip to traffic court. >> you know how that is?
5:20 am
little bit but watch as the little girl moves all around the room. look a a her go. back and forth, back and forth and her father was having some trouble calming her down. that's when officer norris pulled out his phone to let her watch car afternoons and pictures. >> we're not just officers who are out there to arrest people. we're out there to make our community a better plple. >> look at him. he's pseudo dad for the day. the video has been viewedded two million times since it was posted to the f febook page. >> it's a good reminder. maybe they should make a penalty for a traffic ticket. you have to bring a toddler to traffic court with you. >> good point, eric. >> good point. we'llll say that. now to our top stories on this wednesday morning.
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aville carjacking took place in southwest miami-dade. one was shot and another pistol whipped. the man then allegedly took the victim's rental car and took off. two pilots rescued from their plane after it crashed. the f.a.a. and ntsb now investigating this crash. a woman is fing charges after nine puppies died in her car. policeay the dogs were living uer deplorable conditions. she's now facing animal abuse charges. we are just getting going here on your wednesday. >> it's still nice and early. we will have a check on your forecast and your traffic as soon as we come back. helping you plan your dayay meteorologist julie durda only on local 10 news. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yrs. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry.
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do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. blix. where shopping is a pleasure. right nowt, at 5:30,
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pistol whipped after a carjacking. this morning police on the hunt for three men. the investigation into the cause of that crash. the zika fears grgring in south florida. six new cases found here in the state. what's being done to the action the mayor is now takingg as the epa works to get the city's water clean. wednesday, you got this. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it feels good by the time you get to wednesday. >> we can handle all the drama from here. >> we need to know what the weather is doing and we've got d dmatic changes in the last couple of weeks. let's talk to julie right now and get our weather forecast for wednesday. >> that's right and the changes will continue to enjoy today and tomorrow because a little bit of a roller-coaster with temperature and rain chances.
5:25 am
out there. all thank fought wind, very breezy this morning. our wind direction out of the east southeast pumping in the heat and humidity. it is 13 degrees above where we should be with our temperatures in miami at 74. 75 ft. lauderdale. 76 in key west. overall the bus stop forecast looks like this, iwill be warm and breezy. we're expecting lots of sunshine today with above-average temperatures all day long. so enjoy pause rain does return to the forecast by thursday night and into friday. right now you can see on the radar and satellite, a little cloud cover coming from the southwest. i'll have more coming up i-95 northbound we've got some flashing lights here. not quite sure if it's a broken down car or construction crews but this is on the i well off to the shoulder not affecting any of our traffic. in fact, our traffic data shows us we're allowing good.
5:26 am
you see the i. green indicices folks are traveling at posted speeds. a little bit of a slsldown here at u.s.-1. likely a traffic lig slowing folks down on the turnpike. accusing on down south, 595 without any issues. again, the glades, south of the glades is where we saw those flashing lights. again, likely construction crews and at the turnpike, that's where we're seeing some issues. this is right at the don schula expressway. looks like if you're traveling south from the don schula trying to take the exit ramp, those speeds at about 18 miles per hour. pembroke pines police need your help finding a msing teen and her two-year-old daughter. explains rose rodriguez ran away if her home on saturday. police say rodrigmez is bye polar, depressed and has been off her medication. the two may be living on the streets in either pembroke pines or ft. lauderdale. if you have any information, please call police. a hunt for a stolen car and three armed carjackers.
5:27 am
recovering after a really violent encounter >> those three men taking off in the victim's rental car. >> ben kennedy is live from kendall regional hospital where the victims were taken. there's so many questions about this, ben, why were they meeting to begin with. >>reporter: lots of questions this morning. they know exactly what led up to that armed carjacking. the two that got hurt are in stable condition. in fac we're told one man was shot in the shoulder. he is being treated right here behind me at kendall regional medical center. let's take yououo the scene off of 135th court and southwest 254th street where two men drove to an abandoned home to meet with someone. once they pulled up, the pair were attacked by three men who stole their rental car they were driving. one victim was shot in the shoulder, the other wa pistol whipped.
5:28 am
hospital where theyre recovering at this hour. >> it's still early in the investigation. our main goal is making sure the victims get the medical treatment they need and once they receivehe medical treatment they need, our detectives will be speaking with them. >>reporter: police say look out for a dark blue 2014 chrysler sebring. also as jacey and eric were talking about, it's not clear why they were meeting at this one particular house or possssly they knew their attackers. that's what officers arenow trying to find out. reporting live in kendal ben kennedy, local 10 news. now to a scare in the air for two pilots as their plane takes a plunge. >> this morning the investigation into how exactly that plane crashed will begin. local 10 news reporter erica rakow is live forus in haulover beach. watching that video
5:29 am
trance fixed. you can't look away. what happened. >>reporter: i know. it)was even more miraculous that it only took minutes to pull those two people out of the water. to rescue the plane, the wreckage, that took several hours for crew to see pull it out of the ocean here and haul it off in a a truck to the marina. it's unclear where those two had flown to. the ntsb is now investigating. night fell and it's seven hours after a plane crashed intohe ocean. you can see what little is left of the plane. one wing broken off and the engine now exposed. >> slowly but surely we got it in safe, pretty much in tact the way i found it in the waters. >>reporter: it crashed into the waters just before noon tuesday.
5:30 am
altitude within the last 100 feet and it just kind of landed on the water. the captata was out on the water when he saw the plane go down. >> a plane just went down outside baker's haulover. >> i saw them bobbing out of the wreckage. >>reporter: within a matter of seconds the plane started sinking. the two student pilots struggled in the rough surf. >> actually i saw the guys coming out of the plane, jump in the water. first guy he said i hp my partner because he doesn't swim very well. i give the board to one guy, secure the other guy. >> and there were a lot of people on this beach yesterday when this happened. a day they surely will not forget. the two p pots they are from ecuador and chile. they were fine this morning. this couldake a few
5:31 am
comes back with the report. live in haulover beach is morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. the search for shooters is on this morning after three women were a ambushed. surveillance video shows the women ordering food at the drive-thru when two men just opened fire. the mother and daughter were sit seral times. >> i just remember falling to my knees like everything was going out. that's my mom. that's my sister. >> i don't forgive y'all. she forgave y'all. y'all will be caught. y'all will be dealt with. >>reporter: the daughter don isha gant and her motr are in the hospital expected to recover. an update on the zika virus. one south florida doctor said the virus itself may begin originating right here in south florida.
5:32 am
south florida are probably at some point will have at some pointn zika here, not just imported but from here. i think it's probably only a matter of time. should people be alarmed by that. the vast majority of people, they are not going to have issues with this. >> we do have six new cases in the county. the others are in hillsboro, lee and santa rosa counties. none of them involve any pregnant women. caught on camera a thief stealing bicycles. it sws the man walng into the coppedo gar and and cutting the loc off the bike. if you think you know who this person is, give police a call. epa is now on the ground in flint
5:33 am
they are preparing another shipmento the chicago headquarters for testing. its a pain-stake it go process but it is the epa's top priority right now. the city's mayor right now is taking action against the water crisis. mayor karen weaver announced a new push to replace all of the city's lead pipes. >> i am morally obgated to use every bit of the power and authority my office has to make flint's water safe. >> the mayor says they are just getting started. she spoke aboutew teams made up with experts and advocates to get flint bacack on its feet. >> an explosion on a somer thompson flight killed one person. now they are trying to figure out what caused that crash. >> video from inside the plane as it makes its descent. a young girl jumps from a burning building.
5:34 am
jumped several stories. >> the miami heat are on e road again after suffering a devastating loss to the houston rockets. now they are on the road again.
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>>good morning. 5:41 the time right now. a mid-air explosion on a plane from somalia left one person dead and another in the hospital. the pilot was able to land that plane. investigators thougug did find a body later they do believe was a passenger who o s blown out of a hole on the side of the plane. no word yet on if this blast is terror relate. look a this. a pilot bringing down a plane safely despite an engine that failed. thth is in the bahamas. o people were taken away by ambulance.
5:37 am
ones reported. and now a contversial official is stepping down after detroit teachers say he ignored repeated complaints about health hazards. he also served as emergencyy manager of flint at the time the city switched its water source. that city is in a state of emergency because of lead levels in their water. trucdrivers in kansas hitting the roads again this morning after snow and strong wind in their commute. emergency crews said they had never seenanything like that before. >> it's the safest thing to do, y just stop. if you continue you're going to put yourself at risk and so many others on the road. >> at least we get a little break from the bad weather today. >> we have two good days before we're going to be seeing showers and storms moving into our forecast all because of the culit of that storm system that brought blizzard conditions.
5:38 am
degrees above where we should be at 74 in miami, 75 ft. lauderdale, 76 key west. heck which out the wind moving in from the south east anywhere between hour. 75 pembroke pines. 7373n kendall. 75 for you in marathon. with the wind moving in off the ocean, we will humid with temperatures staying above average because of the warm air connection we have over the western atlantic and wind gusts reported in the 20s down by the keys. because of how breezy it's going to be today we do have that elevated risk of rip curres for you beach-goers. no surprise it was upright wet covering storm after storm week after week. some of the stotos strong and severe. the wettest on record with or seven inches. a surplus of over five inches. the second wettest on record.
5:39 am
wettest on record. we also dealt with the strong storms and severe storms. we had six strong storms impacted in south florida. we had it all live here on local 10 news.we will continue as we good into the month of february as things are looking like we could see some strong storms going into the late week and the weekend. currently though no worries for storms. nothing but mostly cloudy skies over the keys. i think we'll wake up to some clo cover and then we'll see plenty of sunshine this afternoon ahead of a storm system, the same system that brought severe weather over the nation's miection. clash of the two air masses, look at the temperature behind the front, in the teens, 20s and 30s. e severe wther threat will continue over northern florida, the southeast and mainly over central florida today and tomorrow. for us we'll be warm, we'll be humid. we'll have those breezy conditioio continue. our threat for severe weather is minimal as
5:40 am
closer to us but that could change by thursday night and into friday. taking a look at the seven-day forecast, enjoy today. tomorrow rain returns friday. another front moves in sunday keeping us stormy and then cooler and drier. we're talking lows in the upper 40s and 50s by monday morning. we're still accident-free in bothcounties, you guys. but we have reports of our broken down car effecting our southbound lanes. you see the headlights towards us. back here in the distance i'm seeing flashing lights right there in the express lanes. i'm assuming that's where the broken down car is this morning but kind of hard to see. the congestion is beginning to build on the i. quickly let's get to this drive times. ststting in broward county traveling southbound start at hollywood boulevard heading towards the golden glades, as you can see this little white car here is in the green. that means folks traveling at posted speeds, about six minutes to get to the glades.
5:41 am
glades heading into downtown miami, maybe heading towards macarthur causeway, your total drive time went from eight to nine minutes. >>reporter: good wednesday morning. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. let's start with the heat and rockets in houston. hassan whiteside out yet again for the heat with the hip injury. how about dwayne wade, a little spin cycle actcon right there. he goes for 16 points in this one. how about this pass to justice wins ohio. 11 point for the rookie in his home coming to houston. tempers flaring a little bit here. beverly actually goesat him a l ltle bit. wade just kind of gives him a little smile, a little smirk. heat fell behind in the urth quarter but heat make a run. that wou put cut the lead to four at this point.
5:42 am
including this three, the dagger right there. rockets winning this one 115-102. >> talk about it before the game. if we have a lot of turnoffs, it's going to be very tough to win and given up 11 points, that'sot our style, that was their style and we're not going to win like that on the road. >> where's a team like this that kind of feeds off that. you have to be very sharp and tight with the ball and you can't be lose with it. >> that's the badad news. on the ice how about some great news, the panthers taking on the best team but it's the cats doing it right. an early lead right there and he's not done. once again giving the cats a 4-0 lead they would not give up. they go on to win it by a final score of 5-2 i'm clay ferraro and
5:43 am
morning sports wrap. the team says ryan murphy was sent home after he was requested during a prostitution stipulating on tuesday. the practice squad safety was released after questioning from the police but his brother and suspected prostitute, they were sighted and sent him home. they just said they are moving on preparing for the super bowl without this guy. >> what a shame. a live look outside with our ft. lauderdale tower camera. looking pretty nice out there.
5:44 am
5:48, 74 degrees. the group of ra^chers now asking his followers to go home. bundy releasing a stage saying the remaining protestors should leave before my lives are lost. bundy and 11 other people were arrested last w@ek during a traffic stop with the fbi. one person was shot and killed. tracked by smoke and flames. a nine-year-old girl had no other choice but to jump from this third floor balcony of her new jersey coppedo. little sophia is now doing just fine. she was home alone just yet afternoon when a kitchen fire started. flames blocked her from get to the front door and stairs so she leapt from t window in the arms of officers there. >> i didn't know what to do and just listened to them. i just jumped because it was no chance. she was the most
5:45 am
kid i ever met. she put complete faith in us. >> you love that, she said i just jumped. >> little sophia and her family lost almost everything they own in that fire but they say they are grateful they have each other. fire investigators say the homeowner pulled out of the gar and when -- garage. punxsutawney phil predicted an early spring but what does that little groundhog think of the super bowl? >> the critter has predicted a winner. who will it be? we'll tell you next. police on the hunt for a stolen car an three carjackers. a live look at i-95 and 25th street. there's a broken down car slowing cars down a
5:46 am
constance has her eyes
5:47 am
south florida. dogs in south korea are getting a new chance at life thanks to one woman. more than 200 dogs in danger of being sold for dog meat are saved. in her countnt some see her love of them aodd. love her. love her. learned a lot about how our pets are looked at differently in oth countries. >> very interesting. groundhog day brought some di -- disappointment in north carolina. >> this is the groundhog' secondear predicting the super bowl. last year's prediction
5:48 am
his cousin punxsutawney phil who can't get the weather r rht -- >> that's why. he's not the officia groundhog. he's a knock-off groundhog. >> good reminder, ground hogs don't know what they are talking about. >> it's like somebody putn facebook yesterday, it's a rodent making a prediction. >> but this is the week ofhales and turtles and dolphins. >> love it. we do continue to work on our top story this morning. two membership sent to the hospital. aville encounter with three other armed carjackers. we're hearing from police p what happened and what car they are now looking for. a small plane take a plan. off of haulover beach. >> plus we have more on
5:49 am
on board that aircraft. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works thereecomes over a asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone wowod find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right t en, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
5:50 am
developing right now, carjacked and attacked, two men are hospitalized. a plane just went down haulover. >> a plane went down in the ocean and now we're learning about the student inside.
5:51 am
cruelty the owners are facing. the mess the big storms left been hind. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we're taking a live look right here from our miami tower camera on this wednesday morning. looking good. it's nice to not betalking about symptoms or any kind of ray weather patterns. we had our own tornado for days. >> j5lie durda has all the details and what you need to know midweek. >> this morning we're waking up to dry conditions.. the breeze will tonight continue. overall a nice quiet weather pattern in place, warm one where temperatures are 13 degrees above where we should be with a temperature of 74 up miami. we should be wake up to 61. 75 in ft.auderdale. 76 in key west. the east southeast breeze anywhere between 10 and 16 miles per hour. above-average temperatures greeting us this morning. we'll continue to stay
5:52 am
will warm up to the low
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