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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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emergency for the zika virus. they sound off tonight. >> and a moment of impact and the violent crash caught on camera. the young driver who allegedly caused it under arrest. nand the stunning sight after this car ends up in a precarious position. >> and thinning the herd. two more contenders dropping out days ahead of the new hampshire primary. good evening.
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>> still developing tonight, new questions surrounding a traffic accident on the streets of miami after a police cruiser strikes a little boy as he rode his scooter. that young victim just 6 years old. >> and tonight while he recovers in the hospital family members say it never should have happened. carlos suarez is live with the top story. caos? >> reporter: calvin and laurie,
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tensions were running high when seen banging on the police officer's car. the miami police department said none will face any charges. as for the 6-year-old he remains here at jmh with several broken bones. >> that's my little grandson but he's stable and we're praying for him and he'll come out good. >> his scooter feeler cost him s life -- nearly cost him hihi life. the child seen hit by a car on 58th street wednesday afternoon. >> he was on his scooter, riding his scooter between two trucks and obviously a child is shorter than the trucks so it's difficult to see him if he darts into the street. the child insists he was in the street when hit and if the officer had not been speeding he could have avoided crashing into the child. >> he was speeding in the neighborhood in a vehicle where kids were riding bikes. >> he was ride his bike and how
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block all the way to the middle of the block and not seen him in the street. >> and the officer who was behind wheel was not on the e emergency call but was helping out another officer with paperwork. >> we have traffic investigators here on the scene and they're looking at things like that factor and the computer and the car to see if there was speed but at this point it doesn't appear that speed was a factor. >> now the child suffer a broken leg and pelvis and then he is expected to remain here at the hospital for the next couple of days. as for the officer that was behind the wheel we're told he could face charges and even beside it but that's until the investigation is complete. we're live tonight in miami. i'm carlos suarez, local 10 news. >> we hope he recovers quickly. carlos, thank you. >> florida's governor declaring a tate of emergency after at least 9 cases of the zika virus are detected in florida.
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victor joins us live from the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the governor wants to get out in front of this. it allows the agriculture department to use mosquito spray in more areas and directs the florida department of health to make its own decisions about its needs from the cdc.@ >> reporter: zika is yet another reason to avoid mosquitos in the first place. >> reporter: after warnings from experts and a spike in cases from florida, governor rick scott declar a state of emergency in 4 counties where patients were diagnosed with the zika virus. it reads though 9 were travel related, we have to be sure florida is prepared and stays ahead of the zika virus in our state. we know we must be prepared for the worst even as we hope for the best. in miami-dade officials confirm 4 4 ople have come down with the illness. >> the conditions of south florida are probably at some point, i think, will have zeka here. not just imported but from here. >> the virus transmitted by a type of mosquito commonly found
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it's yet to be found locally the mosquito control hasn't found from the best including spraying neighborhoods. instead they focus on treating areas where the standing water has been an issue with the recent rafall. >> and find this mosquito anywhere in miami-dade county >> reporter: the governor's 3-page executive order doesn't put in place a specific plan to deal with zika which can cause birth defects in paralysis and adults but experts say most of us in the united states are not at risk. >> there's no treatment for r zika. most people the body mounts an immune response and they get rid of it. >> reporter: tomorrow the surgeon general will update us on the florida preparedness efforts relating to ththzika virus. victor akimba accident local 10 news. >> laurie: we'll stay on a wild reck on the miami beach
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wheel drunk say police and the story doesn't end there. derrek shore is live there on miami derrek? >> you guys, takeka look. the speed limit sign is knocked down when that impact happened and you can see this is the spot where that taxi was waiting for a fair when that alleged drunk driver came flying down coins, slamming into the back of him and it was all caught on tape. this is what it looked like after and this is what it looked like as it was happening. a violent crash caught on the nearby surveillance camera and an suv slamming into e back of a taxi, flipping the volkswagen onto its roof here at 38th street and colins avenue in miami beach. bystanders could be seen rushing to the driver's aid, pulling her out of the wreckage. miami beach police say it was the same driver who caused the ash. 23-year-old odessa, a french citizen apparently working in
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containers could be seen on the street and appear to be tossed from her suv. that is once they got it up. according to the police report e boozed up baby sitter said she didn't know what happened. one second she was driving and the next she was upside down. officers say she had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and small sobriety test. we stopped by. meanwhile the driver of the smashed up taxi she plowed into, the sfa-year-old joseph was rushed to a hospital expected to make a full recovery. tonight remains locked up and is charged with dui. local 10 news.
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spree. the teens werererequested before walking out of the hialeah police department. the 4 are charges wi breaking into the yards of private homes and making off with the pigeons kept as pets like the one in the picture. 17-year-old jo rodriguez with the 14 and 15-year-old are all a,cused of stealing 39 birds and then trying to sell them at the hialeah pet store. all the birds are being returned to their owners. >> a lot of water returned in bay water islands and the e truck slid in the water as she tried to return her boat. it was plucked from the water to dry ground. the driver made it out safely. now police say they gave her a field sobriety test which she passed but was arrested on an unrelated charge. >> laurie: and a civilian pulled over one of hisofficers.
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officially orn in tuesday. perez sitting down with local 10 today on the first day on the job. he said he can't comment on the investigation into the complaint from claudia castillo and she alleges she saw the officer speeding b b perez did address the safety concerns with how the woman got that video. >> we would not encourage anyone in the community to follow an officer, chase him down or anything like that. the best practice is if you get an i.d. number, car number, any identifiable ing about the officer, stop there and just make the complaint. >> reporter: director perez said the department is still looking into the allegations. >> calvin: a wild crasasout west you have to see to believe. find out how the car landed%on the roof top coming up. >> laurie: more bad news for embattled comedian bill cosby after ththjudge paves the way for the sexual abuse case to continue.. >> reporter: temperatures
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i'll let you know when the warm snap becomes a cold snap.forecasts coming up. >> calvin: and things are heating up on the campaign trail as the list of gop candidates thins out less than a week away from the new hampshire vote. we'll take you there on the other side of the break. johnson and get those tickets out and let's get ready to play! the first number up is 26 followed by the number 60. we're heading to sandy point idaho and mailed in his ticket to find out he's a 1 million dollar powerball ticket. 61, 37, rounding it out with 28.
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is 23 and the power play multltlier is 3. let's look at those numbers one last time after all of us i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not goininto work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helplpl i know it's such a little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> laurie: ndidates are heading to new hampshire. >> calvin: and the next vote is less than a week away. today donald trump once again on the attack tweeting ted cruz didn't win iowa. he stole it. this after the cruz campaign sent out the e-mail to his suppters falsely suggesting dr. ben carson was leaving the race. trump p telling boston herald radio he plans to file an official complaint. it's total voter fraud when you think of it and he picked up a lot of those votes and that is why the polls were so low. >> reporter: cruz responding today.
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everything is to throw a fit. to engage in insults and i understand that donald finds it very hard to lose. >> calvin: also tweeting bernie is contesting io results. maybe donald should go back to iowa and join the democrats. a reference to bernie sanders not conceding in iowa after coming in just .2 of a point behind hillary clinton. the vermont senator with the double digit lead in the polls in new hampshire. >> secretary clinton won hehe in 2008 so we are taking nothing for granted. >> as clinton says, she's pushing forward despite the challenge she ces here. >> you're in your opponent's backyard. i just could not ever skip w hampshire. i cannot eacimagine not being here. >> so interesting and now the republican field is getting even thinner with rand paul suspending his campaign and
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the race and endorsing marco rubio. all eyes now on new hampshire, of course, anour own reporter will be there live to cover it all. look for her reports beginning on saturday. >> laurie: the criminal case will continue against comedian bill cosby as the judge rejected arguments it should be dismissed. is all over the promise of immunity that the former prosecutor gave the now deceased lawyer. cosby is being charged in that case. his attorneys say that promise is the only reason cosby agreed to testify in a civil trial years ago where he admitted to giving women quaaludes. the judge rejected that reasoning and saying it will continue despite that promise. >> and a terrifying tornado swept through eastern mississippi and now people are ft dealing with the damage. video of that tornado is simply stunning and was captured by a nearby church. several buildings were damaged
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no reports of any injuries. >> laurie: thank goodness! and change is coming. >> calvin: the sweaters will haveveto make a comeback. betty? >> reporter: it is back to snuggling weather and that drop is not happening tonight and temperatures in the 70s staying on your side of the bed and the ac there tonight nice and dry. and the radar not showing a single drdr of rain from miami-i-dade, broward or the keys. there is rainfall in the northern parts of florida and more like the panhandle.e this is where we're tracking the cold front and that frt to chchange things up for us and see showers across the big bend. the front a northerly flow into pensacola and that's where temperatures are cooling off. right now pensacola at 58 and definitely needing a blanket t on the bed there while we sit in the mid70s. we'll start tomorrow on e
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the lower 70s and in general we are anticipating a warm afternoon as ahead of the cold front the winds flow in from the southeast. notice on thursday around 3 in the afternooootracking some of the showers and maybe gusting showers at that moving into central florida and by thursday night in the wee hours of friday morning the leading edge of the cold front gets closer to us and likely to have showers cruising in our direction. at this point we're not expecting severe weather with this front as it moves through and behind it that cooler air spilling in on the wind. notice the difference in the temperatures on friday for sure as we're wrapping in the week. that's not the coldt we'll see over the next several days. late on the 7 day planner it's coming up. heading into the beaches tomorrow water temperature around 73 and winds southeast
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moderara chop on the bays. lf you take the boats out exercise caution. as mentioned temperatures in the morning the lower 70s and we're expecting to make that climb to the lower 80s. rain chance at 20% tomorrrr and overnight into early friday when we see the showers passing and the tetemperatures turn cooler on friday and notice our high forecasting at 71 and ahead of the next front milder and once the next front passes sunday night the temperatures crash and look at our ulose. we're forecasting the 40s. so that is when the real snuggle weather gets back in here. your weather authority is always watching and tracking meteorologist julie durda. she's on track in the morning. she has a big secret so tune in 4:30 to 9 a.m. >> that'right! and we're not telling. not until tomorrow. >> calvin: suspense!@ still to come, stunning photos from zoo miami of their african
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this rm winter weather. >> laurie: take a look as peggy is having a blast in her pool! she's splashing around ring her bath. she's a 40 year old elephant but looks spry, doesn't she? she's just loving the sunny weather. she e was born in bots wanna and is one of two african elephants we are so happy to have at zoo miami. >> calvin: we know that feeling of splashing around in the water. >> laurie: we do? >> lvin: just cooling off. >> laurie: if you're at the beach today. where everybody should have been! >> calvin: still to come, he's accused of stalking women in the pembroke pines neighborhood and now back in court hoping to get out of jail, find out what this alleged peeper must do before a judge will grant him. >> and jimmy kimmel promises some laughs. let's check in. jimmy? >> a preview of tonight's show. please turn off the cold. >> ttyl!
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south florida. broward drivers, listen up. if you're traveling off of a1a ocean drive northbound, some periodic road closures expected between oakland park boulevard and flamingo avenue. don't forget you can get your
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news >> calvin: something you dont see every day. an out of control car came to a stop on top of a home in california. it slammed into another car before flying off the road onto the roof top. damage. the driver of the crash was
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described as non-critical. >> laurie: and tonight's follow-up file because the 3-day resentencing hearing continues tomorrow for mike an hernandez, the man accused of killing his best friend in the middle school bathroom. today marks 12 years since the killing of goff. hernandez first received a mandatory life sentence but a new hearing was mandated 4 years ago after the u.s. supreme court agreed that juveniles condition be automatically sentenced to life without a chance of parole. the father facing off in court. >> it doesn't concern you that your son is fascinated, continues to be fascinated with serial murderers and music that scooms out for hitler -- screams out for hitler? >> i don't see that he's fascinated with killers and one song doesn't make a man. >> laurie: he could receive a new sentence but be eligible for parole after 25 years.
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was granted bond today in court. the bond is $80,000 and before going free for now he must surrender his passport in order to get out of jail. sirilia is accused of looking through women's bedroom windows and now faces several charges including burglary and aggravated ststking. he has been in jail since december. >> hello, assan! the heat get their big man back tonight in dallas. wait until you see what he did against the mavericks and his return. >> all right and plan here with
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good luck. >> the heat made themselves
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because we're the e familiar-sounding american airlines center but miami won 4 straight games in dallas heading into the match up. making it 5 straight and the return of hassan whiteside and what a return it was on off feed and got it. the mavs have one last chance to tie this up and send it into overtime but raymond could not win this one. and miami with the defeat to dallas. and then making all 4 of the three-pointers including that one right there.
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and canes win this one 79-70. national signing day today and features 2 hurricanes and it is going to the top 50 players in the state of florida this year and and then it's going to usc and putting on the trojan colors right there. his high school teammate with solomon playing college ball in tampa. meanwhile a busy signing day in flanigan with the ac state title this year and the coach kevin senior and won the super bowl in the national champiship and coached his kids as they were announcing commitments today. cool moment out there. in st. thomas talk another great moment. michael irvin jr. following in dad's footsteps and rereiver sam bruce out there signing at the u and then throwing up the
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very cool day all the way around. this is what the classes look like tonight and then it's going to michigan in the top 5 and there are the gators at 13 and the canes coming in at 21. not bad for mark rick coming in late and having to keep some of the guys committed and go after r a few of you guys. >> and some good ones. >> and check in now with betty davis. >> and then going to cool down and get rain in here early friday and planning on the mainly dry thursday and warm. >> all right, thank you, betty. thank you for watching. >> laurie: julie's secret in the morning! goodnight. captioning provided by: u.s. captioning company, depere, wi >> >> your right to know is under attack in tallahassee. lawmakers are trying to shut down an important pa of florida's sunshine law that
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in the open. right now when a citizen wants an open record the sunshine laws he or she gets it, d when they don't, the government has to pay legal fees. but legislators are trying to change that law. legislation under congratulation allowsa judge to decide if those fees should be paid instead of under current law. why would supporters want to do anything to make it harder for you and me to get our hands on public records. the local 10 urges to leave the sunshine law alale and urge you to call or e-mail your representatives in tallahsee to give them the same message. our government works best when it operates in the open and those in government are held accountable. hands off the sunshine law and of course ts is just the beginning of the conversation. let's continue it on local captioning provided by:
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deperewi i don'n know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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