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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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jaime, and i'm sorry for what i did to him. >> liane: 26-year-old michael hernandez talks about his former friend him gough, the 13-year-old he stabbed 42 times in a middle bathroom 12 years ago. >> i learned over the yeaea how wrong it was, what i did, and how much pain i causedou. i'm sorry. >> liane: prosecutor gale lien trying to show the court his testimony is all an a. >> how did you muster up those tears? >> i feel horrible about what i did. >> did you do you see in you tears coming down his face? because you haven't seen you wipe a nose or wipe an eye. >> liane: hernandez was sentenced to life without parole in 2008 but in 2012 the supreme court ruled juveniles could not face such life sentences. help he is hoping this will face a new life out of prison. >> once i feel stable and secure, i'd, of course, seek out
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get married, i want to have kids one day. >> liane: but today the state push hernandez to the brink, even forcing him to address his own sister in open court w wm hernandez had once included as a person on his hit list. >> i love you. and i absolutely know that i would never do anything to you. i was mad one day. that's all it was. >> liane: and so this hearing has adjourned for the day. tomorrow the court is expected to hear from jaime gough's mother as well as his sister. the hearing resumes tomorrow. it is likely to be the lastt day, and we will be there. live in miami tonight, liane rejon, local10 news. >> laurie: and now a traffic alert. we've away. warnin about a highway ramp shut down after a bad wreck. this was capper cars when it went around a curve, the cars got loose and fell off. the cleanup continues routine.
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ramp on the turnpike southbound to get onto i-595 right in the davie area.& no one was injured but this is causing a rush hour nightmare and traffic reporter jenise fernandez is right here with ideas about how to get around this. yes that ramp has been closed for hours and at this point we don't know when that ramp is going to open, so if you have errands to run later this evening avoid the southbound on-ramp if you need to get on onto i 595. you can see those delays are still extending for miles and miles. lock at that, drains right nowat seven miles. so really a big backup here. go ahead and get off at sun royce boulevard or take i-95 as an alternate. laurie, calvin. >> calvin: thanks a lot. developing right now in southwest miami-dade, the car of that ming couple last seen in kendall has been pulled from a lake.what we still don't know if the two bodies that were found inside is that of the the missing 21-year-olds. local10 news reporter y viteri
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beb a emotional day for the family and friends of those victims. >> amy: police did confirm that that was the car that the couple was driring in, and family members say there was a man and a woman insnse, but it is up to the medical examiner to make the official identification of those bodies. the maybe-time, if you take a look at behind me you can see that is the guardrail that that car went through before ending up tragically in the quart, and family members and friends say they're devastated. friends in tears placed flowers into the water in memory of 21-year-old ali p pon and brandon arana. early thursday plus found the car in which the couple was last seenubmerged in water of a southwest 268th street and 112th avenue, not far from arana's home. >> i canno imagine being a parent, you got two kids, and i don't ish this on anybody. this is a really, really sad situation. >> they're devastated.
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they're devastated. >> amy: frieies and family reasoning to news the red toyota corolla pupued from the water is the same one picon was driving early sunday morning. miami-dade police will wait on the memorabilia examiner before identifying the people insidi. earlier thursday we talked to friends of the couple who were posting flyers near picon's p job at the town & country stopping center hoping for clues about what happened. >> there are two families that are out there losing sleep. afl us are losing salim looking for our friend. >> amy: picon was meeting arana for drink saturday and the pair never made it home. miami-dade police said a clue led investigators to this area. >> they were abl to obtain late last night a cell phone hutt on one of the phones in the car. >> amy: loved ones now paying entry bout to the young couple who friendsay had so much ahead of them. >> that's really devastating because she's alwayseen a really good person. >> it's every parent's nightmare. teenagers and investigator say they will be prosing that car
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it is not clear how it ended up there in the water, but several neighbors have come up to us and told us ere are no lights in this area, making it very dark and potential dangerous. we're live in southwest miami-dade, amy viteri, local10 news. >> laurie: now to the latest on the zika virus, and worry that there is a new case in miami-dadede county and the first case in broward. medical spialist kristi krueger is on top of this story to bring you the latest. >> kristi: the cases were revealed today, laurie, during a news conference with governor rick scott and the state's surgeon general. all across florida and it and local health officials are taking steps to protect the public from the seek. there are now 12 cases of the mosquito-borne virususn florida so far all travel related. five cases in miami-dade and for the very first time there is this reported case in brord, forcing the governor to extend the health emergency to broward county as well. and today governor scott asked the centers for disease control and prevention to help florida
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zika antibody test kits. and the cdc will conduct a conference call within the next two weeks to help train florida hospital workers and ob/gyns about the zika virus a a how it is spread. >> we will continue e be in constant communication with localospitals with county helds costs of the cdc to ensure we're repadre to prevent spread of the zika virus in florida. >> kristi: late this afternoon florida senator bill nelso wrote a letter to barack obama calling for a zika czar, nelson saying a point person really is needed to immediately curb the spread of the virus. and if you with an to learn a little bit more, read more about the seek and the warnings head ovov to we've got you covered. >> laurie: and today the centers for deas control and prevention did add two more countries t a growing list of travel alerts because of zika virus. we want you to know that jamaica and tonga are now also considered high-risk fears contracting zika.
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samoa, costa reek, a cur saw and energy were put on that travel -- inaugural were on that list. >> calvin: a six-year-old boy is recovering from his injuries after being hit about a police cruiser after the accident yesterday on northwest 58th street. an early investigation said the boy appeared from between two parked trucks on his scootet making equipment possible for the officer to have seen him. little antowain lawson was taken to jackson ryder trauma center with a few broken bones. a family friend gave localal this update. >> he's talking, like trying to talk. he's moving. he's, inc. doing really good. he a strong baby. >> calvin: he's a strong baby. witnesses say speed was a factor but police dispute that claim. >> laurie: lay woman caught on camera stuffing hundreds of dollars worth of electronics under her dress at a radio shack in weston, and this ist the first time. surveillance video from january 20th shows the woman enter the store on weston roadway man, picks up
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starts stuffing them under her black dress. the same couple is believed tohave stolen more than $1,000 worth of computer merchandise from the same store. it was february of last year. so if you think you recognize this coue, if you know anything about them, please call@ broward crime item stoppers, 954-493-tips. and police really want you to take a good look a this s n. you can see his face clearly. police say he fraudulently withdrew $4,300 from the chase bankn rest west sunrise boulevard in december. they say he did the same thinking last summer.. if you recognize him, please call police. and u.s. cows customs and border patrol seizing 90 pounds international airport. all of this was uncovered in international mail parcels over the last two months. most of the drugs were similar to bath salts. >> calvin: new tonight 11:00 on local10 news hidden camera exposing what's really going onn in some shopping center and each some office buildings, and it
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in the skin care bususess. >> laurie: and while there's plenty of skin their business practices are illegal. local10 invtigator jeff weinsier life in the video port with what is he's he's been working on. >> jeff: you can hook up with a prostitute faster than you can get's pizza delivered. at that's least what had a former police officer recently told us. so we spent the last month undercover, and this is some of the video we obtained. it's absolutely true, these women never asking us if well were police officers and didn't seem nervous about getting caught. in one place was a proving door of men coming in and out. and you might be surprised how modern technology has changed the world's oldest profession. >> a simple text. they text you right back with the address, the price. they'll come to you or you can go to them. >> i wanted to talk to somebody about what goes on in here. >> no. >> my main concern are those em before legal age, are they doing
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>> jeff: we will tech you inside several ththe places, also try to talk to police about what they are doing. tonight 11:00. >> calvin: strom, the campaign trail is heating up in new hampshirehead of the first presidential primary. >> laurie: donald trump prepares for his first face off with ted cruz hins iowa. >> betty: 81 degrees today but not tomorrow. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. some changes you will want to know about. the forecast after the break. >> will: it's cold here as always at the bb&t center but the florida panthers red hot. gates just opening for another big game for the cats tonight. they hosted the detroit wed red wings. >> calvi first a story you'll see on one and only the one and only off thrift store find but the value much larger than expected.
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after the break. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it madadme smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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visit for more scrumptious recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. >> calvin: a thrift shore find turning out to have much more value for one woman than she could have ever expected. it is a story you'll see right here on local10, and it all started when a deerfield beach woman bought a filing cabinet at
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>> laurie: but it led back tie ip in time. local10 news reporter hatzel vela with the exclusive.>> i thought maybe someone was trying to stash a piece of evididce. >> hatzel: pistes maybe used in a crime, found in a filing cabinet, bought from a thrift store. >> this one's an johnson 38 short. >> hatzel: one so old, the manufacturing company has no records. >> this is a smith & weston. >> hatzel: two firearms, "roward sheriffs deputies started looking at closely when they saw a name. >> whose his name engraved on it over here, over here, under there. >> hatzel: captain john was the owner. >> we did some history checking and we found out that captain stravinsky was indeed a captain with the akron, ohio police department. >> hatzel: akron miss confirmed it, called the captain a legend who movedo fort lauderdale in the 1950s, but he and his wife
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but deputies found his granddaughter. >> i had heard the story of the guns my whole entire life. >> hatzel: michelle ballan had been looking for the guns after both her parents dd last year and she gave away their belongings. >> my grandfather was a big hero for me. >> hatzel: the pistols mean a lot. >> big personality. very big personality. >> hatzel: a reminder of a well-strength man. >> 1954. >> hatzel: she still holds on the newspaper c cppings featuring his life, his accomplishments. >> it's really a wonderful thing to be reunited with the guns. >> coming from a family of law enforcement, is extremely valuable to the family to be able to have some sort of memorabilia from his time in law enforcement. hedge sally mclaughlin found the guns.we were were there the first time the two met. they live in the same neighborhood two blocks apart.
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says, really her grandfather workrkg from above. >> i am so happy that i got back to you. >> i'm glad that you actually like turned them in long a $15 filing cabinet but its contents worth so much. >> i knew that they were historically valuable. >> exactly, historically valuable. in deerfield beach, hatzel vela. >> calvin: the second wave of cuban migrants stuck in legal limbo in cooker will make their waive north -- in costa rica. more than 7,000 are waiting`for passage. today 180 migrants will include mostly minors and their parents. they will board a flight to san salvador and get bus today mechanic where they will seek passage north. you may recall local10 chronicled their struggles in costa rica cooker and well w we there last month when they crossed in la raid oh, texas with many seeking their final kes destination to south
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two flights are scheduled. the next is seduled for february 9th. >> laurie: its friday eve, and we've g super bowl weekend. we have to plan. absolutely. but the weath has to cooperate, betty. >> betty: tonight we're going to end our love affair with the lower 80s. this is it. it is time to kiss goodbye. 81 in miami this afternoon above our normal high of 77. miami looking good tonight, so on the short term if you have plans to head out, all is well. we do have the clouds out there but no rainfall just yet. 76 the current temperature in miami. hialeah happy friday eve, 78 for you. kendall l . homestead may be heading to the grocery store after the newscast to pick up those super bowl snacks. it will be dry out t tre, at least as i said on the short term. here's the forecast for the evening. mainly dry between now and 8:00. 10:00 tonight some clouds in the mix but not yet looking at rainfall in our area. broward, miami-dade, the keys nice and dry, even over on the
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whole lot of action. just offshore, though, on the west side ove the effects this is where we are tracking a line of rain and storms stretching into taupa and jacksonville. this is associated with a cold front. the cold front that's going to move on@in and bring the changes for tomorrow, so we can say goodbye to the lower 80s. the front will also bring a few showers to the area, too. so what to expect. this evening increasing the clouds. it appears it's going to be overnight when we get the showers moving in, and then in the morning the showers should be exiting and we'll get ready for a cool breeze to set up and really change up our temperatures.this forecast model indicating that by 5:00 a.m. friday, so really early, maybe you're just turning on the tv to wah local10 news with julie and constance with the&t rest of the crew, the cold front, the leading edge of it will start to move awa_ from us and we'll get into that northerly wind, the showers should be ending, too. here's a look a what happens friday evening, our winds becoming northeasterly but overall the flow will be a
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we will get a little milder on saturday with our winds coming in off the ocean, and this model suggesting we're going to have me showers around, too, as our next stronger cold front approaches, and then once that one moves through, now it looks like saturday night temperatures are really going to take a tumbling. but for tomorrow we'll start in the lower 60s, so t t kids will probably want a eject at the bus stop in the morning. theyey- a jacket. they may want those legislator sleeves all day w wh our highs barely getting up to 70 degrees. showers early, cool breree. that's the theme for tomorrow. on saturday we may make it u to vive have 75. we'll have showers in the area but once that next front pushes through we'll start to dry off and really watch our temperatures chill out on sunday with super bowl sunday. more than lows 51 for miami, a high of only 67. so definitely some chill in the air, and the chill is gog to want to stick next week. calvin and laurie. >> calvin: we can deal with that.
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oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> will manso: when in rome or in this case when in sunrise you got to wear what the panther goes are bearing and this is the spacey in spapa t-shirt. the panthers having would four straight. they'll look to make it five straight after their first game home. they host the red wings. i'll get more on this hoody, sweater thirty in just a moment. let's talk about the red hot play of this team. they continue to be in first place, came out of brere and
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in washington. it doesn't matter who's in there, this team just keeps on winning, but the players, including montoya, continue to give credit as well to the coaching. >> yeah, i guess for me you ask any other goalie it's staying sharpn practice. you mentioned the goalie coach. that's fantastic in the sense that he doesn't overwork starts with the coach. we get what we need and work on the specifics. >> will: montoya was wearing that spacey in space hoody. i'll have more who that a moment about the but let's get to this. how hot are the panthers? canadian tv station previewing super bowl l mistakenly used the carolina panthers logo instead of. et cetera. let's moof on to the heat. they're playing well, won fife of six games and the good news is they got hassan whiteside
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he had ten points about nine rebounds, five blocks. heat captain chris bosh said if he thought hassan's return would go this smoothly. >> no, did i not. usually it takes time to get your rhythm and everything, but he didn't miss a beat. he's still got the job done. >> will: they got the job done. the panthers keep getting the job done. the puck drops a 7:30. now, i'm wearing this shirt, i know we have had the third many story before. the players, the best will get specifically one the one they've got. the players will not explain the meaning behind ketch spay in space but when you're winning it's fine. they sell these i the team store for a good cause, the panthers towns and kevin space's foundation as well. they are selling like hotcakes.
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betty is mad auto for not getting her one. >> will: we all need one for tomorrow. showers overnight and cooler tomorrow.
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together, all the way. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. t(is woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so ppy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day
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