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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 9AM  ABC  February 7, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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notice still cloud cover in browmrd and miami-dade. south with west miami-dade, homestead, still very cloudy. still this deck of cloud cover out up into central and with west could florida. that will be pushing through and the clearininwill actually occur not ml later this afternoon from north to south. also associated with that low is really poundin the east coast from south carolina to north carolina with heavy downpours. even with wintery mix a little inland in north carolina. now, temperatures right now warming up to 60 in marathon. still brisk and chilly for the rest of our sunday. i'll have more on the seven day forecast coming up. >> todd. >> todd: a respectful round of applause as haitian president michelle martelly officially stepped count last night. local 10 the only south florida station there to capture hisfy 23458 moments many office. martelly's depepture pun tiew
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ee accusations of of election fraud. >> neki: local 10 calvin hughes is in port-au-prince. he joins us live right now. calvin, every with one wonders what is next for haiti and what is next for martelly? >> >> reporter: that is a big question for this country. they are entering new political with water here. unchartered waters for this country is that is more than 200 years old and the so called mountain which is what haiti stand for and what it it means is cli age new political mountain today. let's talk about the deal thatwas struck yesterday and also let's talk about what happened last night. in fact there was more protest and demonstration that's happened inhe city of arkaye35 miles north of pore faprince. we have picture show you. we were told at least one police officer shot when protesters who were wearing dark cloth stormed patrol car.
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part of that city, a money transfer center was vandalizedas well. today at 11:00, michelle martha lir will address par la mefnt fothe time. a ceremonial transitional of power for michelle martelly and the interim government in place. last night and going into saturday in the wee hours of the morning. martelly struck a deal and let's take a look at how this deal will breakdown for this countryand try to get this country back on track after having twoo presidential elections postponed. first a provisional or interim government will take place. in fact it will takeover for the next 120 days and then the haitian parliament. the deputies and senators will select a new president. possibly a new prime minister and the only job for this new president will be to make sure that the presidential run off happen on april 24th and the imine racing takes place on may 14th. here is what the president what the former president now
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abt that rate raft flight.>> the response is there now and a hope that it is right because the haitian people seem not to want it to take anything any more. they want their election to happen and based on how those will lead function, we'll go in a directions or another. >> reporter: well, yesterday as we talked about neki andnd todd, the one and only had historic)access to president martelly's final o hours in office and final minute. i will 'til it was very emotional. every one cried on the growrchedz the national palace. let sme me show you. let's take a look back the final moments of a five year
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taking personal belongings from the office of the presidential palace. and martelly marking hi final moments in office taking picture. walking the halls. to say goodbye to even a seseetary. >> then it's down the stairs for the final time. walking out tie grateful staff. martelly fighting back the tears. imu this is a president who live in the moment and that makes him no match for ee moachghts unconventional 'til the very end. >> dancing with security guard with big guns on their backs. martelly told me he one final act as president. >> when you offer them this. turning over a social program he start ford people who used to live on the streets to drive vans to earn a living. haiti's cons ta tiewtion says martelly must be out of office
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saturday night michelle martelly leaving the growfntdz palace for one final time as president of his country. >> it's democracy a at work but sometime democracy can be messy, powerful and pain full. >>nd while president michelle martelly was on p the inside of the national palace there saying goodbye to many of hi staff members, t ts was taking place on the the outside. protesters once again burning tires. demonstrqring outside outside the national palace there in downtown port-au-prince. still angry about the run offer election. still angry that the elections have not taken place and still angry that martelly had his government backed candidate maurice come out on top. many believe that is what happened and they are claiming
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opposition says as martelly left office they will stop protesting and stop demonstrations as of sign of. that with we'll see what happens in the days coming forward here andfy naly here carnival is supposed to take place today. happening in some parts port-au-prince but so far two cancellations from bans that were supposed form today and in the coming days. neki and todd, back to you. >> neki: very uncertain times. calvin hughes thank you for that live report. we'll talk to you again later in the show ooft. >> right now folks an investigation underway here a at home in hollywood after a train and car collide this morning ch theorce of that crash killing the driver. local 10 es layron livingston is live at the scene with the developingetails. layron. >> reporter: yeah, the only indication that anything happened here that now that the sun is up is this ce wree still here o o the side of these railroad tracks that came as a result of this accident. you can see the intersection
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cash cameie rest early this morning. we're hearing the cropping arms were down. we have video of this that we shot earlier this morning and the lights were flashing and the chimes were going when this crash happened and police say that, what a witness reported seeing and reporting to them. this is another driver sitting at a stoplight on south dixie highway and that witness was there and he said he saw this cargo across the tracks and around the bar caidz and crossing case when this accident happen. a policeman here also on seen and says it takes anywhere from 1000 to 1800 feet to stop these trains and the brake were applied of course and we're talking 12,000 feet. almost 2 miles of train loaded wn and police say they had to cut this man out of this car after this train hit this car here on the tracks. back live here police say they e still working to notify next of kin. we hope to oarn who this person was and pass that information
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for now reporting live, layron livingston. local 10 n ns. >> todd: new this morning police say an escaped work inmate from virginia has beenn& captured many florida. three days after he removed the gps monitoring device and left that state. here's the mug shot. 54-year-old james booth found yesterday hiding in a shed in palm coast. they learned of boooo's whereabouts after a crash on i-95 in deb booth pled guilty to manufacturing drugs in zest. >> neki: and we have video that north korea claim they successfully launched into orbit. thiss believed to be a cover for like raij range missel test. the u.s. and south korea condemning the launch. and this come onon month after north korea claims to again bomb. >> todd: we're just two day way from the new hampshire primary and the gop contenders
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their final pitch eshz in the debate. one face was notably mission from the stage. local 10 gloan glenn na mill berk is live in new hampshire to tell bus the controversy and big moments from that debate. good mororng glenna. >> reporter: todd, good morning. a lot of surprises. st to address your questions, carlie fiorina was not included last night. the debate organizer, the network, abc decided to have certain perimeters and she did not make. she does not poll in the top six and did not place in the top three in the iowaaucus. so they wid eld the debate stage count. seven men. a lot of surprise. the biggest of which every one is sunday morning quarter backing. a pro po since it's super bowl sunday. govenor kasich and govenor bush are the ones that shiefnltd they commanded attention and took the stage.
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rising in the numbers with would be the target of every up with. surprisingly it it was govenor christy who made him the biggest target. you'll see all of that. but first debt bait started with a lit bit of the you drama left over from iowa. >> ben, i'm sorry. >> no debate and ted cruz a poll gierdz making voters back in iowa think ben carson is leaving the race. >> it give us a very good example of certain types of washington ethics. >> reporter: it was the most attention carson has got in a week but most went to rubio expect frtd the front runners but a carpet tbromg new expwhrer si ghofer chris christie. >> marco, the the things is this. when you're a the president of the united states or govenor of a united states. the assumer rised 30 second speech at end doesn't solve one problem snie and it was john kasich with the first wordd on immigration this time. >> guest woark and not citizen
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triple the board patrol. increase and actually since donald enjoyed that i will simply say i've got somebody in mind to build it. >> whos hat leadership skills to lead and i'm proud of the faict have 12 honor recipients. over 30 admirals that believe i would be a steady hand in believe. >> and he kept it positive. redirecting taks to front runner donald trump. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to take the the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not public service. that is down right wrong. >> reporter: on this beautiful cold clear crispy manchester new hampshire morning, the candidates and their sur ro gaga as they are called are already town.
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not stopping really hot caaigning going ofnt neki and todd as you mentioned, two more days 'til this primary. this is such a critical time with face time with with new hampshire voters here. a third of whoam whom have yet to decide who they will vote for on tuesday. >> todd: and it'sold. >> neki: glenna braving the cold. >> todd:ing the cold.>> neki: i won't be mad if the next cut your in the diner. >> reporter: i have the the coffee but we're not moving. >> neki: thanks. >> still to come folks a rescue fromhe rubble. >> todd: new information about the lives saved of that deadly earthquake in taiwan and how many people are still trapp under the rej wreckage. >> neki: and one pricey pie buttzou won't have to pay for. it we'll tell who you is giving away gold plated pizza randomly just in time for the super bowl. >> todd: >> jennifer: and yes t is chilly on this sunday morning
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temperatures in the 50s but also very brisk out there. check out the wind speeds. 50 miles per hour winds in fort lauderdale. meanwhile key west. 23 miles per hour. it will stay windy for the rest of our sunday. >> and tonight at 11:00 ch, so long cellulite@ the result last over two years. >> a new process to smooth wait dimple in one treatment. >> it gets right in there. flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six keyeyinflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance,
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>> todd: this toddler is one of nearly # hundred people rescued saturday from the rubble of a high-rise in southerertie with want. a 6.4 earthquake top peltd apartment building on friday. rescuers say there are more than 120 people still trapped at the bottom the wreckage and so far at least 24 pple have been confirmed dead in the aftermath of that quake. >> neki: we're waking up to a cool morning here for us. >> jennifer: chilly. >> neki: jennifer is keeping studio. >> jennifer: yes, way seing up my graphic there on the side chilly. you walk out the door and you'll feel the 50s for shiewmple also, remember guys, it was really cloudy this morning. we did have a round of showers over night the shower activity has ended. clclds are starting to break
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a a ttle bit of sunshine of live look at our hollywood bch casm aa absolutely gorgeous out there. now, still very windy and let's first talk about the temperatures though because i know you want to see the actual cp right now. current temperature. 53 in pompano beach. 55 pembroke pines down to hialeah ax ceb dal at 54. marathon at 60 but you did reach down to the upper 50s earlier this morning. 59 in key west. now, even though it't'60 degrees in marathon, it's so windy out there and still cloudy. now i mentioned how we've been seeing more sunshine,@ that live look out at hollywood beach. you can see along the coa from broward to miami-dade. most of it a lot of sunshine there. but check out these clouds that are rolling from west to to east, these will be covering once again the areas that are seeiei the sun now. so it will become cloudy. will not last all day. at 3:00 we'll see more sunshine but with that said, doctor will struggle to warm up.
9:18 am
wind speeds rit now at 23 miles per hour in key west. it is definitely wrist can out there out of northwest. northwest flow every where across our area and 15 miles per hour winds in fort lauderdale. but with that said, wind gusts reported at 23. soso you get that wind gusts a and it feels cold, 36 miles per hour wind gusts in k west. by the way, boaters, small craft advisory will remain in effect at least 'til tomorrow. not very safe for the the small craft operator to head out. keep in mind the seas are between eight to 11 feet from broward all wait down to the keys. so brisk and chilly. the next few hours will struggle to warm up a as a mentioned before. and eventually we'll hit the high in the low to mid 60s today as the rain chances diminish by tomorrow morning waking up in the 40s. by the way, we're keeping it cool all week long across south florida. neki. >> neki: thank a lot jennifer.
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super bowl's 50th anniversary. the first 50 customersho order the gold notice will get a pie topped with god. it has $100 worth of ed cable 24-carat gold and you have a chance to win o without making an order, e-mailing a request to pr at pizza >> >> todd: i don't think i wouou want to eat that. >> neki: i want one though. >> todd: they thought you were clowning around. >> neki: that's what i do. i would freak out. >> todd: >> todd: i didn't order a cold pizza or garlic nuts. >> neki: i noaflt i want to eat regular pizza. >> t`dd: can't wait for the game. game without the super bowl ads. we're going to show you the cgmmercials expected to be a big hit with viewers next. >> todd: and later, the search for a driver who took off from a crash that injured several eem
9:20 am
we'll van update just head.>> and monday,. >> he praiz on people at their lowest point. >> a notorious man. he told me i would light me on fire if i didn't leave the case with bso.
9:21 am
the streets? i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not gog to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go outf their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> neki: the big day is here. super bowl 50 is tonight and that mean people all over the country will be be gathering around the tv to watch the panthers plate broncos but like me they'll be watching the commercials. >> todd: the graim is notthe only attraction out there. for the super bowl fans they just want it steet commercials and it's major break for the ood ver tiesers as well. here's what you may see. >> making a an appearance at
9:23 am
and christopher wa continue. and an icon of tv show's past, scott bay o. >> and those are just a few of the celebrities appearing during the game selling everything from candy bars to car. bud wires enlisd star power. >> hello, i'm helen mare en. >> and in a push to prevent drunk driving. you are a utterly useless oxygen weation human form of pollution. >> todd: has george. >> reporter: >> todd: taco bell is using a different attack to use mysteries to add something new. >> the ads star a green brick and ava ca dose of mexico have aliens touring a museum of earthly culture. and it caused the civil war. >> gma behind the scenes for the making gettink a 2k3w4reu78s of the pressure.
9:24 am
you look at the super bowl spot and with wait for ten second to see what twitter says. ohoh gosh, we're good. >> todd: and in super bowl do larkz just the minute or so ad nip snibbits you watched about # million to them. >> >>eki: and we gave them to you for free. >> todd: that's on me. >> and during the game it will cost four and a half million dollars for 30 seconds. >> neki: i'm excited to see lady georgia sing the national anthem. >> todd: yes, she has piepped and wee beyonce and cold play. a world cold come would. >> neki: i'll be asleep after halftime. >> todd: yes, still sto come an amazing rescue. >> neki: a dog reunited it's owners after spending three days in a sinkhole. we'll tell y y how he was brought to safe still. >> todd: and we're stage on top of a developing story. a man killed after a train and car collide. what we're learning about the victim next. >> and monday at 6:00.
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>> lal 10 news starts right now. >> neki: time now 9:29. a whole lot of shake going on with our miami tower cam. 56 degrees. >> todd: shake it shake your booty.
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>> we're singing it super bowl sunday morning. >> todd: and you may want to thaikkhaik it out there because it's super bowl sundy and cold out there. >> neki: we aitd too much on the break. >> jennifer: i need to go outside and run before the super bowl party. >> neki: aftft the weather hits we'll do push up. >> jennifer: and plank again. >> neki: yes. >>ennifer: good morning towsmght happy super bowl sunday. temperatures dropping into the 50s early this morning. it was feeling. actually it's still chilly. only,56 out there but it will be feeling chilly all day today. by the way m)ami you're winds out at the west northwest at 14 miles per hour. still breezy enough to make it feel a little cooler because it's a cold one. cloud cover. we have seen a little more sunshine. the past hour or so. but now we're starting to see a little more cloud cover on this siet side of the front pushing in from the northwest down to the southeast. so it will still be enough cloud cover through the rest of the morning to make it mostly cloudy but then moreunshine by the middle part of afternoon.
9:29 am
temperature all across at area. degrees in march thooivelt now, as far as temperatures for every one else. yes, we'll get into the 60's. forecasted high today is only 65 degrees if we even get there. also brisk winds out of northwest. wel stay in store. 20, 25 miles per hour later this afternoon a. todd. >> todd: thank you jen, miami fire rescue is, wog a strip mall fire at southwe 8th street between 11th and 12th avenue. this is video just into the news room of that fire. a and you can see that crews, plep tiff crews are still open thth scene trying to douse the the fire out. you see the smoke in thehe background. that peers to be one of the windows and one of the arcrc way doors and we'll of course keep you on top of this developing ststy all morning long. >> neki: a driver on the the run after a car crash in miami liberty sit it ti neighborhood in total five people hurt.
9:30 am
responsible showed no remorse.this after this white mercedes suv slammed nay parked car in front of a licker store onn northwest 17th avenue. the mother of one of the victims told local 10 her daughter could be hospitalized for days. >> she h lacerations and she has bruise all over her body. her chest store sor, you know. >> any broke ep bones or anything. >> yes, i think her leg. >> that mercedes slammed into a parked car is now in police custody but thth driver behind the wheel is still on the run. if you know anything about this crime, please call police. >> todd: three people are dead following a police chase in san francisco thatatnded nup a fiery crash. police say they chased the car after they spotted doing do nussments they say they called off the chase before the crash but sought car slam into a taxi before then burstingnto flames. the three people inside the car drief died. the taism driver taken to the hospital with minor injuries. much new this morning gun
9:31 am
check points are on the rise and if the numbers stay high, the a airport could be moongt top three in the nation for firearm seizure. last year they found 49 guns on passengers or in their carry on luggage and since jarntion tenn firearms have turned up in the security line. >> neki: now to vote 2016 with just two day in the new hampshire pry mare prayer prir mair rivment they pulled all punches on the stage. >> todd: and no they didn't. and they took a blow from rival chris christie. and glenna milberg is live in new hampshire with the chilly detail. good morning glenna. >> reporter: we're way passed chilly todd tsm is so cold. 20 degrees but beautiful. no wind. manchester new hampshire sphild filled with really nice people. really cold weather and iefer one is so engaged in this primary in two days. last night's gop ce bay.
9:32 am
we knew marco@wiewb rubio was going to be a target. we knew that because of his rising numbers. coint think n- many people expected he would be targeted splik and challenge sod mard by new jersey govenor chris christie. and what chris tee did at beginning of the debate is challenge rubio on his experience. a theme his challengers have been harming on. senator rubio, what have you done in what are your experiences and o accomplish ments? chris christie took that last night and challenged on him on his s peated talking points. take a listen to this strong cheaj almost at top of the debate. >> that's what washington dc does. the drive by shot at beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25 second speech. he simply does not have the experience to be president of the the united states. >> i think the experience is not just what y did, but how it
9:33 am
>> reporter: govenor cis teerks govenor kasich and jeb bush surprised. the govenor free offer the candidates came on strong last night. one of the other really strong exchanges was between govenor jeb bush and donald trump. donald trump comes way no. 2 in iowa still polling as the front runner here. we knew he would be a target as with well and this is what happened between them last night. >> how tough is it to take -- >> a lot of time. >> let me talk. quiet. >>. a lot of times, that's all of his could nors and special interest out there. >> so -- >> reporter: you heard a lot of booze in the audience thaflt was directed towards donald trump. it did sound like govever bush had a lot of support in that audience. this is a state we have polling almost to the first time in a lo time in the double digits.
9:34 am
seen as do or die so to speak for govenor bush's canada six the president. he seem to have a big ground swell of support here as does the other gop candidates which weave not seen rise in the povmentz and for insnce john kasich. this weekend will be so critical for all the gop contender to get out and sway a 3rd voters here who were still undecided to vote for them on primary. let's talk about the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are actually not here in this state today. govenor, senator sanders is in new york city and if you watch late night tv you know why, he a was secured on saturday night live on that other network last night and heas there for that show for second hillary clinton is headed to flint michigan. and they are about the lead in the water crisis that that city is going through.
9:35 am
pretty important campaigning time here todd and neki but they have two daysment both will be back it for the press and rally. and a two of them have a huge number of sur ro gats out doing that retail campaignini for them today. >> todd: it will be interesting with that sta gerring statistic. a 3rd of of the people there still not having made up their mind. glenna le for us in new sham shimplet thank you glenna. >> ni: and this public official. his rating is going up after this one. most kids ask for super heros orr cartoon characters the their party right. >> todd: yeah, like spider man. >> >> neki: and one asked for a different hero. >> todd: and he got him ooflt the the 6-year-old asked for a scrits @rtd police chief. and they got chief edward hugh dak at his party. >> in today's day and age if a bunch of 6-year-old want a role
9:36 am
seflt and others how can we not say yes? >> todd: at the party gabe reale was sporn sworn in a an hon marry chief for the day and given a model police cruiser and swat vest and that stylish chief's hat looked good on gabriel. >> neki: i bet no fight in the bounce house. >> kept them in line with with the chief there. >> todd: yes. >> neki: and a four leg erd on safe ground after a tough go. >> todd: he had a tough go. find out howong he was trapped nay sinkhole. >> neki: and a whrook at what cost thehe florida panthers that game against the penguins thasms coululng nup sports. >> todd: but first here's a look at the winning lottery numberer
9:37 am
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do i amazing right? i never would have expected would hane thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> >> todd: several cars fell through cracked ice in wisconsin. it happened in lake geneva southeast of milwaukee. the cars were parked outside the festival when 24e were submerged. rescuers had to use a tow truck to remove seven cars from the water. no one innhe cars at the time thankfully. >> neki: thank happen out north that we will never understand. >> todd: parking on the ice. >> neki: parking o othe lake. >> todd: unless you're doing that. >> neki: that's rye. >> todd: and will we get that colder. >> neki: a minnesota summer. >> jennifer: and it is so chilly out there. by the wait t-, here say lovely. i think this is a a beautiful photo from our local 10 viewer bart. thank you so much for the
9:41 am
those clouds look like wave clouds. april pa rat tuesday clouds with you they are str tuesday cumulous and they have that look there. we they are remnant of showers that rolled through this morning. here's a live look out of our mallory square cavment you can tell it's cloudy over key west but main story, those with winds. it is so brisk. check out the palm trees swaying against that and if you look at water, you can tell, it is moving quick. bays are rough by the way boaters through the keys and miamdade and broward as well. small craft advisory will remain in effect o all day today. cloudy right now. five # drees in key west. down into the 50e678s it took a little bit of time bu@ once those showers went through earlier this morning. it is definilely started to cool down quick. now 54 degrees in kendall styll. 54 in fort lauderdale. 53 up in pompano beach. elsewhere mid 50s. 60 degrees in marathon.
9:42 am
right now we're seeing wind speeds up to 15 miles per hour in fort lauderdale. with wind gusts high thearn. that i'll get to that in a minute but check out the with wind speed out there in key west. 23 miles per hour. it is blowing and brisk and it does, you will need the jackets no. doubt about. it all right wind gusts for fort lalaerdale, miami and homestead. anywhere between 20 to 24 miles per hour. check out the wind gusts though down through the the keys. at least at 30 miles per hour. so wind withdy day here in south florida. along w wh that cold air sweeping through. it will be a wintery day on this february, sunday and super bowl sunday. we'll remain cold lieuout tonight. now, a lot of cloud cover still in store. a little bit of light descrilzz em wedded with. that not a big deal but the cloud cover will definitely bring us at least a the temperature for the meantime will keep cool. but by the later afternoon. we expect more sunshine and by the way, another cold front will be coming our twhaivment is croos the cenenal u.s.
9:43 am
plus the seven day coming up. todd. all right jen, thank u. auger man shephard recovering after spend three days nay sink home. his name is maf ver rifnlgt you can see them there. he a rough go. he was on a bathroom break whether he slid head first 5 feet down and then another 5 feet sideways into a sink whoavment ownersound them they called rescue crews to get him. firefighters managed to get him out and rushed him to the veterinarian. >>nd imagine having arthritis and being in the certain position for three days. that would be terrible pavement mav is getting much neeess and will likely immediate physical therapy after being s@uck for so long but he is expected to recover. >> neki: and the heat's white side looking to proif himself for today's ge. what is fueling this new a grengs gretion on the court. >> todd:and panthers feeling prievmentd showing off a cab or
9:44 am
>> neki: they should. good for them. >> todd: well, be maybe they should wait 'til after the game details in sports. and monday, bear parents say it'sill thrirg kids. i all knew we die from this. but here in florida it's perfectly legal. they'll tell you oh it's natural, it's an herb, it's a leaf.
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9:47 am
>> good super bowl sunday morning. i'm will manso with the local 10 morning sports wrap. let's talk with hockey. the panther steam rolling many of the best team in the nhl during a five game winning streefnlgt a much different game against the penguins last night. started well for the panthers fan cliewgz spicy in spaisms the phenomenon catching on. scored first and then yoko scores in the power play plaivment same score in the third.
9:48 am
two do nothing. game over right? >> nong wrong. two do one is the score now and penguins poll the glol goally d sidney ties the game. and then crosby to cis for the power play goal. cross wit help per on both those two guys burning the cats. panthers win three to two in ot snapping the five game win streak. and hassan chiet side playing angry. i tell you. what the big fella with a performance off the bencht hopes to have another one today against the clipper. hassan came off that bench on friday and made history with exactly ten points. ten rebound and ten blocks. he says he has a lot to prove. >> i know i'm coming out here way chip on my shoulder since the all-star game i feel like i should of been in it. but i'lllay with that
9:49 am
>> will he do it? can he lead the heat to anotr win? start super bowl sunday at 1:00 p.m. and the game and post game we have the pre, the game, the post game a all here on local 10. college hoops gators john with kentuc. rough run for florida as na jamal murry lifted up for 45 points. second half murry gets the high pass and triple goes n. his mom and dad throfg. gators not smuch. they get blown out 80 to 61506789 and wake for sest. first half we have to put bacon in the first highlights because we love him because his name is bacon. come up with every nig we can. and booker, the ally. fsu win. >> and miami will be well flepped super bowl 50 tononht. video of tight end olson soaking in the scene at the stadium. yesterday the big game against the broncos. a and dorothy is the qb coach. by the way set former canes qb we next meanwhile did you see this?
9:50 am
panthers team photo on saturday and check it out in typical panthers fashion. they dafnlt that move made famous by knew tofnlt and his daughter tweeted out the picture and got attention coach did as well. he won coacht year last night. cam newton won mvp. they can dab all they want if they win tonight in super bowl 50678 i'm will manso. that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> neki: what a great season. are you readydy for football? super bowl 50 again just hour way. but you know, we have a preview
9:51 am
i don't know what i'm doing. i can'n'find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazininright? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that dodohat. go out of their way for me. right then, right there i i uldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
9:52 am
>> todd: well, the count down o is on. 50. neki: as you get ready to host your friends for the game. here's what you can expect from the halftime show to security and much more. here. >> go broncos.
9:53 am
forth ultimate showdown between the denver broncos and carolina panthers. at 39 peyton manng is one of the best quarter waks of all time. the super bowl cham uncertain if tonights game will be his last eye catch myself being more emotional at times. >> >> neki: manning and the tough broncos defense take on the panthers lead by 26-year-old cam newton eye plan on this being the marquee win we need as a franchise. >> all eyes on the massive security presence on the ground and in the the air the fbi is underwear of any significant credible threat specifically targeting super bowl 50. >> neki: and with 189 million americans expected to tune in. >> ir spend all my years believing in you. >> the tamous super bowl ads are competing for attention. >> and are you looking for me. >> neki: along with cold play and special guest beyonce head lining the halftime show.
9:54 am
privilege and so they put their life and sole into it. >> neki: thaha same feeling felt bit players on the field tonight hoping to win super bowl i 50. >> if you can't be in the staid up, you may be one of the 70 million f fs to and hing it a super bowl party. consuming 1.3 billion chicken wings according natioiol chicken council. >> we already got a head start. >> todd: that's right. you're wings were good. >> neki: chicken wing. >> todd: and bruno mars is performing as well. one of of thehe guest no one knew with until he started tweeting. >> neki:i: look forward to it. fight night in new hampshire. >> neki: and find out why marco rubio took a few big hits before the last debate before the new hampshire primary. >> t td: and the final moments for haitian pred president michelle marthaly. what is next
9:55 am
the cou >> todd: right now on the one and only, the final moments in office pore haitian president michelle march it tally. he officially stepped down and talked to local 10 fl the next steps for him and the country that is in turmoil. >> neki: a killer crash. what investigators say happened moments before a c`r and train collided in hollywood. >> todd: launch condemned. what lead frer the biggest nation are planning today after north korea's serious lift off. >> neki: and fight night after the republican debate in new hampshire. find out who was excluded from the cage and marco rubio ended up in the hot seat. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> todd: good morning. da da da da. super bowl sunday. and i'm todd tongen. >> neki: i'm neki mohan. you would think we're at the game. i was already in the hot see.
9:56 am
>> neki: cool morning here jennifer. >> jennifer: that's right. temperatures still in the 50s. a live look out of miami to you cer cer w- we are cam. getting sunshine back now. starting to see high level clouds. making us cloudy for this morning and in through the late morning as well. 56 degrees in mile. 55 fort lauderdale. 62 now in key west. winds rowft west northwest but key west winds are out off north at 20 miles per hour. so even though it's 62 now, it is still a chilly wind out there and very windy for the rest of today. look at all this cloud cover across south florida. again, pushing from west toeast. eventually we'll clear out by later this of afternoon. all associated with this low that's impacting the coastal southeast at the moment. by the way, we snroarnlg cold front on the way. more details on that and the seven day coming up. >> neki: thank you jenfer. this morning we're tracking breaking news out of miami. >> todd: crews at the scene of
9:57 am
havana. local 10 news reporr sanela sabovic at that scene now. good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning dmik and todd. fire rescue just confirming moments ago that the fire inside the strip mall take a look hay been contained. it is still an active scene here u. can see dozen of firefighters here working over here with the clean up effort.let's get to you video. we're a long southwest eight mg street and 11th aven. miami fire rescue has been on the scene since about 8:30 morning. they say that the fire began inside of a cell phone store a and traveled through the roof to the neighboring business as one company. now, they were also able it to confirm to me that no one was injured or transported back out live it appears that these businesses were closed at the time of the fire. we are waiting to get briefed by a public information officer from the city of miami. breaking detail. we'll bring to you. but again, no one was injured or trans porltsed.
9:58 am
mall has since been contained in miami's little havana neighborhoodod reporting live in miami. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: a respectful round of applause as haitian president michelle martelly officially steps dowp echt did it last night and local 10 wa the only south floriri station there to capture his final moments in office. martelly's ce par tour pun tiew indicates months of election limb go and accusations of election fraud.>> neki: we told but the violent protest that fold. local 10 calvin hughes is in port-au-prince right now. calvin, the questson on every one's mind, what is next for haiti and martelly? >> >> reporter: well, neki and todd ghorntion. unchartered political waters for this country that is more than 200 years old. we're talking a very new chapter. no clear constitutional path way for this country going forward. essentially haiti say country
9:59 am
when the former president martelly literally walked out of office for the final time yesterday, the one and only was right there. we had historic and unprecedented access to when the secretary for the security guards with huge rusty rifle on their back, they were all in tears. >> it's the final moment of a a five year presidency. taking personal belongings frts office of the national palace. haitian president michellll martelly maik marking his final taking picture. walking ts halls.and to say goodbye to even a secretary. >> then it's down the stair for the final time walk out to a grateful staff. tears. t this is a president who lives in the moment and that makes him no match for emotion. unconventional until the very end.
10:00 am
>> reporter: dancing with security guards with big imubz on their back. martelly told me he had one final act as president. >> when you offer them a bus like this. >> turning over a social program he start ford people o used to live on the streets to drive vans to earn a living haiti's cons ta tiewtion says martelly must be out of office one minute after midnight saturday night. michelle martelly leaving the growfntdz palace for one final time as president of his country. it's democracy at work but sosotime democracy can be messy, powerful and painful. and white now formeme president michelle martelly was inside the remnants of national palace that was nearly destroyed by the wake
10:01 am
port-au-prince. once again protesters bushing tires demonstrating against the fact that this country has not had presidential elections. we're talking two time they he been delayed or postponed. 35 miles north here in the city of arkaia wi we were told a police officer was shot with men wearing dark clothing and stormed a police station and burned it to the ground and a money transfer center was vandalized by law rest disem on stray towards in that city. march 25ly will speak to the hey shans parliament today. the democrat deputies and senators who again will have the task of trying to set up an interim government as we understand right now. that interim government is in place as of today. let's show you how it it looks right now. we understand this deal was struck late saturday night,, first, they are will try to set up a ann interim government or provisional government for the
10:02 am
haitian particular meant will try to elect a new president and possibly a prime minister and then can they agree? and if so when will threa gree? and lastly a new election day set up for april 14th? , the inaugurataon set for may 14th. march it tally seemed veryrelieved to know this deal was finally done. here is his reaction for the deal that was struck late saturday morning. >> and what is there now and i hope they do it right because the haitian people seem not to want to pick anything any more. they want their electiono happen and based on how those who will lead function, we'll go in a directions or in another. >>
10:03 am
haitian parliamt today. in fact it will take place at 11:00, less than an hour from now. his final act as the president of this country and supposed to participate in carnival but we're getting breaking news that understand the prime minister has canceled all carnival activities in the capital city here today. and quuns again, carnival has been canceled here today in capital city. it will go on monday, tuesday and wednesday of nextp week. back to you. >> neki: very unstable times. calvin, before martelly was a politician e. was a singer and a understand he put out a very controversial song. >> reporter:, yeah, he released a very controversial song last week or two weeks ago you might want to consider the timing of that song considering this country was in a crisis hitting the streets every sith day. lots of people getting hurt. it went after his critics and as
10:04 am
carnival is b. it's about making fun of your cid critics and political sa tiemplet we had a chance to talk about that last night and here what he had to say. because it's a song. are you telling me i should have killed? are you telling me that killing is better? i'm sorry for you. whoever you are. >> keep on criticizing my song. >> reporter: so that was his reaction. he was very emotional as i asked him that question because he wassweet mickey before he came president martelly. his songs are just his way of expressing himself. i believe the washington post and new york times really went after him for putting out those songs. you might want to question the timing of it. but haiti has a history of going after people who have criticized the governmentt in years past and they have lost their life as a result of of cticizing the government here decades ago a.
10:05 am
as opposed to killing. that's where the comment comes from. neki and todd. >> neki: thank you so much live in port-au-prince. >> todd: well, we are just # days way now from the new hampshire mie primary and the gop contenders in the race for president made their final pitches in a primetime debate last night but with one face was notably maition from that stage. and local 10 glenna milberg is live in new sham hampshire to tell bus that controversy as well as the debate. >> good morning glenna.>> reporter: good morning todd. i tell you carlie fiorina's absence, her noninvite snot being talked about too much at least not like the surprise of the debate last night. carlie fiorina for those who don't know, she was exclude frtd debate last night. she didn't meet the criteria they set for the debate. she did not come in in the the
10:06 am
following in the top six in new shm shimplet that was the cut off. that's why shes was not invited to the debate. the debate includes revenge of the govenors. the three govenor on stage what took the lime line es special specially in their exchanges with the front runners. govenor bush took on trum and chris tee took on marco rubio. you'll hear about all. that butut first the quhoal debate started with a little bit of left ove drama from iowa last week. >> bed ben i'm sorry. >> no debate until ted cruz apologized for telling voters ben carson was leaving the race. >> it give us avery good example of certain types of washington ethics. >> reporter: it wa the most attention dr. carson has got all week. but most went to rubio. expected from the front runners but a carpet bombing from new jersey govenor chris christie. >> mark o the thing is, this when you're president of the united states, when you're govenor of state.
10:07 am
where you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one probe be lem for one person. >> and john kasich with immigration a this te. finish the boarder. pay a pine and a path to legal disaition and not citizen shivment build a wall. triple the boarder 35 troll. and actuall since donald enjoy that. i will simply say i have someone in mind to build it. >> whoa has the leadership skills to lead? i'm proud of the fact i have 12 honor resip yafnlts over 30 admirals that believe i would be a steady hand a as commander in chief. jeb bush polling in the positive double digits here. and donald trump what. eminent domain to take the properer of an elderly woman on the strip in the lane tick cy. what is not right. that is down right wrong.
10:08 am
issuing a huge dheaj to trum. and eminent domain is say process where the the government pays for but kind of of takes public property for what is supposed to be a project for public use like bridges or infrastructure. very rarely for a private developer. so that was a very big deal and by all cl accounts a big store for jeb bush last night. big score is key from that debate last niecht the last real debate before the primaries on tuesday. the new hampshire primaries will tell you first in the nation, they are very proud of that. almost as if eye o o wa doesn't exist when it dom pry mare re. a 3rd people who are going the polls are undecided. a hundred% are very engaged in this process. even debating what went on last night in hotel lob bees and diners thorng and the candidates are already out today at various rallies for that last minute face time. so please do join us throughout
10:09 am
and of course on primary night too and coming up on "this week in south florida," we'll go into more on what the election tore rit is like here in the glan granite state, live flee or die. that's what they say. i'm glenna milberg live in manchester new hampshire nork. local 10 news. >> neki: all right glenn navment we'll see you in a few minutes on "thiweek in south florida." >> todd: and a game against
10:10 am
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so when you want to support your immune system, take airborne, and enjoy living well. > neki: good sunday morning s. it's a a chilly wawn out there. >> jennifer: you'll need the jackets. upper 50s in fort lauderdale. low 60s at the moment down through the keys. winds out of northwest. it's within breezy out there. so far broward and miami-dade. winds between ten to up to 13 miles per hour. 20 miles per hour winds though in key west. you factor in the wind gusts and it feels cooler out there. check it out. the wind gusts at 30 miles per hour in key west. and reporting at 21 out of fort lauderdale.
10:13 am
still dealing with cloud cover. these are high clouds. it will clean leer o clear out from north to south. lots more sunshine later on in the afternoon. not enough to warm thing up. we have to think about had next cold front. that will bring every enforcing shot of cool air. before then today a high of 65 degrees. chilly an windy tonight. theinds start to die out a little bit. it will be clear and cold way loaf 46. so wear the wreat sweater tomorrow morning and even during the day. a hive six p for monday. a bit milder on tuesday. then we start to cool thing down through the rest of week. we might be talking about our next cool down on friday. so a chilly one. all across south florida. have your winter clothes handy and we'll be back right after
10:14 am
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hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green ertilizer, at lowe's. >> todd: the@ florida panthers lose in over tight to the penguins ave score less period he scored in the power play n. the third period sergai all alone for that move and the shorthanded goal. the leaea is two to one when the the penguins pull the goally and sidney crosby ties the game to force it into over time and@in ot. crosby to la tang with the power play goal. no, panthers liewdz lose three to two in ot ending their five game winning streak. mean thyme while heat center what shan white side has a lot to prove. he came off the bench friday and made nba history with the first ever ten points.
10:16 am
we'll see if he can put up another triple double today at home against the clippers. up next the heat get a home game awngd watch it iet here on local ten. start your super bowl party early with with us at 1:00 p.m. followed bit clippers and post game show and then the local 10 news.
10:17 am
>> neki: takingg a look at our top stories this morning. one person is dead after a car and train collided in hollywood. police say around 1:00 there morning a witness sought driver of a nissan sedan try to go around the cooing arm to beat the train. he died on the scene. last check police still trying to notify his family. >> todd: a driver on the run after a car rash in liberty city neighborhood a whihi suv slammed into a parked car in the liquor store. in total five people humplet n- witnesses the the driver showed no remorse.
10:18 am
police it intru any information. >> neki: and president martelly stepped down raft night and we captured the final moments in office. martelly's departure pun tiew aits months of election limb boond accususions of election frawvmentd we told but run off put on hold and the violent pro estes. calvin hughes is is live on the island. >> jennifer: and a priks and chilly sunday for us in the keys. we're in the low 60s there but a lot of cloud cover and eventually that will push through and weel we're going to see more sunshine this afternoon. highs in the mid 60's. >> >> todd: sound good. a quick shout yowvment one of the viewers yesterday when i talked about my son's eagle project, tom deal and he saved my bacon baw he brought liz charged up crivment you brought a drill thatasn't charged and tie letters eagle project. >> neki: this is normally the last time you'll see us for the morning but today we'll on "this week in south florida" with with
10:19 am
and glenna milberg in new hampshire. >> todd: thank you for joining us this morning for the weekend news. >> neki: that's right and then this week is next and then "this week in south florida." >> todd: and you can catch us on the web. >> neki: i thought we were out of of time. >> todd: i thought you were pausing for effect. >> neki: and down load our app. have a great super bowl sunday every one. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning companan >> >> this is a a local 10 editorial with wplg president burt medina. >> your right to know is under tack in tallahassee. law makers trying to shut down an important part of florida's sunshine law that requires government to operate in the open. right now when a citizen wants a government rorksd the shihi law says he or she gets it and when they don't, the the government has to pait legal fees. but leg lace tours are trying change that law. legislation under vtion allows a
10:20 am
should be paid. instead of the mandatory payment under current law. why would supporter of bill want to do anything that make it harder for you and me to get our hand on publicecords? >> local 10 urges law make towards least sunshine law alone and we urge to you call or e-mail your representatives in tallahassee to give them the sainl mej message. our government works best when it operates in the open and those in government are held account able. hands offer the shine law. of course this is just the beginning of the cononrsation. let's continue it on local >> this has been a local 10 editorial. guys, when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? hello? we get it after the super bowl. oh... i'll come back. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza
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without the high cost. because you can't build the business of tomorrow on the network of yesterday. starting right now on a special edition of "this week" with george stephanopoulos. debate night face-off.
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