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tv   Local 10 News Sunday 6PM  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live, the one and only local 10 news start right now. >> off the top of physical, a story and actually change across self order. he is a live look at the beach cam with the temperature drops. it is a gorgeous, gorgeous day. >> i like it. it feels good. you know, we are in the weather center with an answer. we hope this may be going away so, and get some more their way? >> lesson, we actually have a cool stretch of weather through data, at least in the middle part of the week. but we've had a little bit of everything this weekend. warm temperatures yesterday, and today, all clear skies for this is a live look outside to e tower?r? this is a look at the miami targeting, looking out at the beach. is a fantastic night other, not a clouds tat. temperatures right now are sitting at the low 60s, and tonight we will fall in t t low
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it is a quiet day in the keys, and we picked up a half inch of rain. behindndhe call for that moved through, windsor out of the northwest at 15 and 20 miles per hour, gusting right now and 22 in pompano beach. we've had them as high as 28 and d0 miles per hour at times here, across south florida today. so currently, 48 in kendall, this is one of the cooler readings. tonight, temperatures will drop down to the mid-40s. we will tell what you can expect for the money forecast coming up in just a human is pretty. >> also at six, caught on camera, surveillance cameras showing the hit-and-run that left sever people hurt. the video, we have to warn you is at times difficult to watch. more. mimiael? >> reporter: well, carlos, this is a fast-moving story with new developments. we have just confirmed that the 30-year-old hit-and-run driver, police he had a conversation
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he has hired an attorney and is planning on surrendering to play sunday monday. got a chance to speak with one of the victims remains in the terminator. she is in bad shape, but she tells me she will make a full recovery. a terrifying momomt caught on camera. this video appears to show a group of young adults getting into a car at 3:30 saturday when an suv slams into the back of the vehicle, but let's go flying, but the driver showed no remorse he got out of the car and said what the hell was that and that he got back in the car, and he probably total to the front. and he took off. >> take a closer look. you can see the headlights and diance, but the four victims who just left the liquor store in miami's liberty city neighborhood have no ideas what is about to hit them. the violent impact leaving some of the passengers with serious injuries, , including this one,
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brown. saturday. >> woman: she has lacerations, and she has bruises all over her body. her chest is sore, you know. >> in broken bones rethink? >> yes. i think she had internet. >> late saturday, police were recovering the mercedes suv, the damage consistent with w wt happened. so, ththman behind the wheel is on the run. family members are upset hoping someone will come forward.( >> turn yourself in. do the right thing and turn h yourself in. it is only right, because you have family members also. >> and again, we just learned this right before we went home. a 30-year-old driviv who was on the wheel of the suv has hired an attorney. he has contacted police, letting him know he will surrender sometime on monday. i am michael seiden, local10 is.
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local10 is. only local 10 news. hughes's and hours with port-au-prince five in his last hours in office. in some and self order are protesting that. and our reporter, andrew perez, is there with the store. andrew? >> andrew: to say people are frustrated is a little bit of an understatement. this is a t-shirt with the face of cuba's now former president. his face is dirty because everyone traveled in. even though his face is gone, they still fear corruption. stomping on a t-shirt with the face of haiti's now former president. >> man: [indiscernable] >> one by one, or st took their turn expressing outrage over the way they left things. >> man: i am a bit upset because it needs to be choosing by somebody, [indiscernable]
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>> protesters in miami's little haiti neighborhood to to the streets shortly after michael martelly sat down after a controversial five year presidency in haiti. he struck a deal with key members of parliament for his leaving to set up anannterim government for 120 days, selected by top officials. some people do not want that though. >> man: the reason he is there now, and i hope that they do the right, because thehhaitian people seem not to want to take anything anymore. >> our own calvin hughes was in haiti with a what i wantnt historic sit down with martelly, there for the final moments of a controversial presidency, taking personal belongings, taking pictures, fighting back tears, before a grateful staff. tensions are high in haiti though. ahead of another election set for april, after allegations of
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already, many are fighting to make sure the people really choose the next leader.- >> reporter: now, this is perfect timing because of take a look at out here live, the protesters have been marking for more than one hour now, and they're just getting back to the site right off northwest 54th street. is he ever they say they will continue a rally. we're live in miami's s ttle haiti neighborhood. andrew perez, local 10 news. >> back in haiti, the t-shirts look a little different there with a show of some part for wplg effect for the prime minister canceled today's carnival celebration because of concern about the possibility of dangerous protest in the area. most businesses are also close, and artist who were scheduled to perform do they have left. our own calvin hughes will be having much more with what port-au-prince had to say. look for his reports tomorrow on local 10 news at five. >> now, to vote 2016. it was a frigid debate on the republican candidates for
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their 20 oh princes to go around. chris christie went after marco rubio, jeb bush squared up with don. they were eacactrying to spin their performances before tried to head on the trip. we are live for the presence south florida is having a head of tuesday. >> reporter: and lots of spinrs, carlos, or people from hours of those. a lot of people appear from self order, a lot of people your recocoizer names, some, maybe not. friends, colleagues, elected officials from self order, they are all here. do you think it is called there? really is here in manchester. right now, i think there is some football game going on or something, is there are some parties there are going to. hard today to get out there words ababt their candidates. >> woman: i am still undecided. i like the more modern guys in a tired of the decisiveness. >> she could be a convert. a hillary clinton supporter, a
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of the three or five. >> man: that man has an incredible inrance plan. >> the businessman a commissioner are significant countless who left schedules and cuban coffee behind to make a mark for their candidate in the nation's first primary. >> man: people are actually impressed and surprised we came here on her own nickel and tie. we are volunteers of this campaign, and we tell the story of the governor we know, and the human quality of this mama i think it resonates with what they see on tv. >> this is a targeted effort. they have list of addresses, but other candidate surrogates from so flo are in diners and streets. this one tweetefrom a diner, and hundreds turned out for the town hall meeting. hours after a blistering attack from governor christie during saturday night's debate. >> man: to return self order as soon as possible. >> a hillary clinton diver the two s. michigan, miami beach is
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>> man: even though she is challenging new hampshire, she's here to fight, she is working every day and going to every camper that's who she is. >> about four in 10 here have no party affiliation, and i like in florida or other state primaries, independents may vote in either party primary. >> man: they can switch back and forth. they have the freedom to do that, which makes new hampshire a frequent, asked at the delay. it is very tough to pull, because there are so many independents, jose calderon, unenrolled folders, who make up their minds at the last minutes. >> man: there are polls that show in either party, donald trump and bernie sanders of the front-runner. but, we have samples with numbers all over the place. he is right, there is really no way to tell what will happen on tuesday here for the nation's first primary. the polls to show that about half of gop voters, and fo in 10 democratic voters, still right now are not committed fully@to vote for one particular candidate.
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i'm glenna milberg, live in new hampshire totonight. local 10 news. >> glenna, thank you. an investigation is underway after a strip mall in the havana catches fire today. the fighters were caed to the thing on southwest eighth street and 11th avenue this morning. crews say the fire appear to have started inside of a cell phone store and quickly spread to the building. about four businesses suffer damage. no one was hurt. >> family, friend, and loved ones gathered to remember and loved one who was founded in the car. for the victs, herbal 21. they were missing after going for a drink last night for the car they were in a sign that make now at southwest georgia and 68th street and 107th avenue. police s s a cell phone signal let them to the area where the car was struck. >> and new father is dead after his car was hit by a train in hollywood. it happened at monroe street and south dixie highway at 1:00 this morning.
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try to go around the crossing arms when he and his car was it. the man recently relocated here from michigan and just had a baby with his wife. >> man: he was a great kid and he was tragic. >> man: he just had a kid, nine months old. excuse me. >> sat there. tht man had to be cut out of his car, and he died on the scene. >> we are just getting started tonight. a brutal game caught on camera. coming up, 18 is seen punching a elderly man, apparently for fun. teams? >> and, a sinking situation when a frozen over like cannot pport all the cars parked on a. >> and tonight at 11:00, so lows a light. >> man: the results less over two years. >> anddvice promises to
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violent attack in new jersey i can december has turned himself in to police. in the video, a 16-year-old encourages another team to punch in elderly men. the assault was later posted on social media, and he was charged with aggravaved assault. soaking for the 17-year-old attacker you see there. more than one dozen cars run through a frozen lake in wisconsin. it happened during lake geneva's annual winterfest with thousands of town for the festival. in the u.s. national snow sculpting contest. >> man: i was not concerned because i saw all the people out there in the cars out there, so my thought was, if there are multiple cars, i can do my car. >> the divers have said that most of them are resting on the ice they are on top of, \o the weight of the vehicle is pushing it down a certain
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>> the tow co all right. so. but, it was cold this morning, i feel like is not that cold. it's 62 degrees. >> it is a little chilly, especially compared to yesterday. what a warm southeast breeze, temperatures up to 80, but today, we get a little chaste ofelf order.
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targeting, it is just a gorgeous day out there. all clear skies here across self order, and our temperatures right now are 62 degrees but they will fall into the 40s tonight, and let's switch to the ft. lauderdale camera. you can see to the east, not a cloud in sight. let's skip down to me lowery square were right now he west, we are on the way to the fantastic since it. temperatures in key west at 61 degrees. at 14 miles per hour. so, the cloud cover, not much to talk about today. her crystal clear out there, the radar swooping around here. this morning. the sense then, is taken time for the clouds to clear out. once they did the, we were l lt with sunny skies. and northwest wind from the colder air across self order. the winds right now are anywhere from 14 in key west, 15 in marathon, single digits here in miami. overnight, the northwest wind will continue with gust. we are still at 35 to 40 miles per hour, so a blustery day at
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58 already in kindle, and as the sunsets here tonight, our temperatures will fall and fall quickly. by the time you wake up to work, you will be at 44 degrees in kikindle, 54 in pembroke pines, 54 in miami, and down into keys, we will be in the upper 50s here as we are on the way to a very clear night threat so for the prison what donate? the showers moves through, an area of low pressure developed of the goes on, and pulled off the coast of the carolinas. on this front, we have a northwest wind that will be with us for a few days. it is keeping our skies clear, so as we had through the day from monday, we will see sunny skies, a chilly day, and right on through tuesday, staying cool with plenty of sunshine, as we expected temperatures to stay at 70 degrees or lower all the way through the midweek. the water temperatures are 72 warmer than the air temperature. the surface 5 to 6 feet, and there is a small craft adviviry in place of the broward coastline and also down in the
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the seas look at 3 to 5 feet, and inside the reef is 2 to 4. insider workweek, it is cold again, sunny, breezy, and cool, all the way through wednesday. the coldest morning will be tomorrow at 45 degrees. we will get another little reinforcing shot of cool air on thursday, and is looking ahead to the weekend, it looks fantastic here across self order. will?
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and now, local10 sports with will been so. >> they are about ready to turn out the lights at the american airlines arena is the
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of the clippers 193. for mamie, the lights were turned off the chris paul earlier in the game. we will see what happened with the stars out in this one. one way to was one of the stars. a second corner of the bench, there was a slam. the heat for about six, and the covers for hitting some shots by the third quarter. paul is one of the best in the game, and dwayne wade though was still trying to keep mamie in it. a nice spin move, and one, and the heat for ford by eight. it stayed that way for much of e fourth quarter until light. a big three-pointer, and brought miami within three. you thght they had a chance, but then they say forget about the chest. they throw down another big slow, and the clippers go up into double digits eventually, and the and appointed is 100 tonight three for the final. there are soundbite had a double double off the bench. he did not play in the fourth quarter though, and we will
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>> man: it was surprising, but nothing i can do about it. >> how the ankle? >> man: i am fine. tough. i am good. i had two opossessions, and i came out fine. i am not talking to the coach about it. i'm not talking about it. we have talked about it so many times, i'm tired. i do not want to talk to him about it. >> the thoughts are when you lose, you get a little frustrated. but let's play well with a triple-double, had a double double today. nnot plan the fourth is not the reason they lost the game. the reason is offensively, they cannot get g gng l week long. and that they cannot stop chris paul. the heat return home overtime on tuesday night to host the break. by the way, carlos and carlos susuez, isn't there another sporting event going on. >> that's right, something personal. super bowl.
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you're wondering, but it is undedeay. >> the pizza is here folks! >> that is right. we have been battling all day, but we got pepperoni. >> all i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and a`ks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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exext1 italics cc1 test message welcome to "world news tonight". just two days till the new hampshire primary, a the fiery republican debate. tonight, the aftershock. can rubio rebound following that bruising night?
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>> and trump trying to silence jeb. >> let me talk. quiet. >> who will survive this critical primary? all out. the democrats on the move. hillary clinton in flint. bernie sanders, live in new york. terror scare. the double-decker bus. and the explosion on a london bridge. who didn't get the warning about this movie moment? senior scam? the hunt tonight for two young women targeting retirement homes, claiming to be raising funds for a school trip, and getting away with stacks of cash. and, on thin ice. the lakeside parking lot that was actually the lake. the hazardous scene that drivers came back to, when their cars broke through the ice. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. tonight, a critical moment in
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