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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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you the reaction in south florida as haiti's president is out of office. will manso breaks down last night's big game. good monday morning, south florida: i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. you guys are probably rubbing your eyes if you stayed up late watching the game. one thing that will shock you, the temperatures. >> my wife said please turn on the heat before you leave. >> nooke, eric. you guys are definitely going to need it because these temperatures aren't going to warm up that much for the rest tf the week, my friend. we'll have a couplereinforcing shots of cold air moving south florida. temperatures are in the 40s leaving ft. lauderdale. 61 in key west. a strong normal north west wind. that wind direction is providing for the cool air connection. the closer we get to sunrise, these
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50s all the way down in the keys. 47 in pompanobeach. these payments are four and ten degrees cooler than what we woke up top yesterday. across the state we're waking up to the 0z and 40s and you can here in south florida the 50s. as t t kids head to the bus stop, make sure theyare layered up. plenty of sunshine. cool, brisk breeze and plenty of average temperatures. we do begin this morning with disturbing video of a hit and run in miami. several people hurt getting into the car when an s.u.v. you can see slams into that moment of impact. so hard to watch. >> local 10 news reporter michael seiden has all the details. >>repopoer: a new look at a terrifying moment, the impact so violent some of the victims went flying. >> i h just put my feet in and that's when
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>>reporter: 25-year-old chiquita frank speaking with us from t hospital bed, sharing some of the painful photos from her legs. some of the injuries she suffered in saturday's hit and run crash involving this mercedes s.u.v. >> i got bruises all over my face. i got my toes broke on my right feet. >>report: she says it was supposed to be a night of fun, a birthday celebration but the evening took a tragic turn when she and four of her friends were victims as they stopped at this liquor store in miami's liberty city neighborhood. >> they are putting their legs in. the car just smashes from the back. i couldn't believe it happened. >>reporter: : e's seen here running from the car before making the call for help. her boyfriend mark suffered minor injuries, still shaken by what happened. are you surprised you're standing here?
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it happened so fast. >>reporter: the driver, samuel sweeting, jr., is now recovering at home and 21-year-old fran brown is being monitored by doctors. her mother says she could be hospitalized for more than a week. she flew up in the air and she came back down. >>reporter: late surday police recovered the mercedes s.u.v., the damage consistent with what happened. the man behind the wheel is working with an attorney preparing to surrender on monday. >> he's an animal. he's an animal. he has no heart. >>reporter: again this suspect has hired an attorney and he's preparing to surrender tl authorities in the next couple of hours. we can tell you two of the victims still remain here in the hospital and they tell me they expect to be here more at least another week. michael seiden, local 10 news. the race to the white house heating up in frigid new hampshire. the candidates winning over voters in tuesday's primary, some with south
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glenna millberg has more from manchester. >>reporter: the jeb bush unloaded at murphy's for a super bowl party. >> you go a long way to educate yourself. >>reporter: they heard rubio here as he headed this town hall earlier dig in against what people are callingn governor chris christie's debate nht smack down. >> we always stay at the event and shake everyone's hands. >>reporter: candidates are getting in last-minute campaigning to a relatively small but fiercely engaged electorate who take their civic duty very seriously. >> do we have the courage to take on a billionaire class? >> i gav my e-mail address out to people. >> restore safe water as soon as possible.
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i` like the more moderate guys and tired of the divisiveness. >>reporter: knocking on the door are jeb bush's c cleagues and countless who left schedules and lives behind to make a mark for their candidate in the nation's first primary. >> people really are impressed, surprised we come here on our own nickel, our own time. >> we tell the story of the governor they know that it resonates with what t ty see on tv. >>reporter: the weather later today is expected to get even colder, some snow. will that affect complaining? who knowsut every one of the candidates has busy schedules going rom city to city continue new hampshire today for that last-minute campaigning. not a difficult thing. new hampshire is not a big state but, boy, doeoe it have signififint seriousness in the campaign.
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10 news. local 10 news was with departing haitian president michelle martelly as he left office for the last time. andrew perez has the details. >>reporter: stomping on a teacher with the face of haiti's now form.. >> the same as he wasas doing. >>reporter: protestors in miami's little haiti neighborhood took to the streets stepped down. he has no successor because of suspicions of vote rigging and corruption during the last election, so martelly sparked a deal to set up an interim
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critics fear corruption. >> it's there now, and i hope they do it right. >>reporter: our own calvin hues was in haiti. there for his final moments, taking pictures and belongings, fighting back tears. >>reporter: leaving the grounds of the palace for o o final time as president of his country. >>reporter: martellyeaving his post ahead of the election now set for april. tensions are high and many say they are fightingtooth and nail for fair elections. now some people have been going out throughout port-au-prince in
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they also had to cancel carnaval. you can also catch a lot more of that intntview right now on our website i'm andrew perez, local 10 news. a family without a home this morning after a town house fire in hialeah. this happened at 170th terrace. we're told that house had expense e extensive damage no word on what caused four people behind bars in connection to an armed robbery in miami beach. police say the crooks led officers on a short chase right after the robbery but they were captured after crashing. two men and women were taken into custody. another person w w taken to the hospital. none of the officers were hurt. an investigation is under wayfter a strip mall caught fire. it happened yesterday morning. crews say the fire appears to have started inside a costume shop and then spread to the rest of the building. nobody was hurt.
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half time show, the marquee matchup all behind us. the super bowl 50 is now in the books. >>reporter: super bowl 50 turnene out to be a defensive battle with both teams turning the ball over multiple times but it was denver's d dense that really came to play. first quarter here's the biggest play of the game, sets the tone for denver. miller strips away the ball from cam newton. it's 10-0 denver with the league. broncos have not lost this season when scoring a defensive touched. it's fourth it's vaughn miller again tormenting newton, forcing the fumble, recovered by denver, led to a broncos rushing td. peon manning did not throw a touchdown pass but he didn't have to. captures that elusive second super bowl. now the question becomes will peyton retire.
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i got a couple priorities first. i want to go kiss my wife and my kiss. i want to go hug my family. i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, tracy, i promise you that. definitely going to say a little prayer and thank the man upstairs. >> make sure you get the plug in there for the beer. >>reporter: mvp honors, he fan issued with two and a half sacks as the denver broncos your win hers ental 50. you know, budweiser didn't pay him to do that. >> they say they did not but peyton has budweiser distribution centers in his portfolio. >> stocks, a little something. still to come it can be unsightly and just really difficult to get rid of. >> we're talking about cellulite. this morning there's a treatment for it. kristi krueger has the details. temperatures in the upper 40s across parts of south florida as we approach sunrise,
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we do see that temperatures in the 40s as well.
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good morning. studies show people deal with conditions this cannot be corrected, cellulite. >> local 10 medical specialist kristi krueger has that in her special health reporor >>reporter: she's been named one of the sexiest women alive. but evevescarlett johansson struggles with cellulite. >> it's more normal to have cellulite than not have cellulite. >>reporter: a place surgeon in boca raton is working with a treatment. >> this sounds awesome to me, so i'm excited. reporter: the procedure uses this device that can treat the primary cellulite cause. >> cellulile is fiber spans underneath our skin that are pulling the skin down. that's what cause it's.
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are new new marked and numbed and then he puts it to work. >> it's a device that predictablynd reliably can take the bands and cut them at a precise depth. >>reporter: needles are guided through the cup to cut the fine rouse bands. >> wheheyou look at the procedure, it makes perfect sense. it's not topple. it gets right in there. >>reporter: results are immediate. jody goldberg was awake and comfortable throughout the entire process and happily sharing her experience. >> i embrace plastic surgeon, when needed. >>reporter: it only works on that dimpleie kind of sell y late, the kind on your buttocks and upper thighs. 90% of patients saw some imovement and actually thought the results got better with time. i'm kristi krueger, local 10 news. >> while it may be once
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at a pce depending on the areas treated. the procedure can cost around $5,000. good monday morning, south florida. you're going to need those sweaters and jackets, maybe even scarfs. temperatures could drop down to the mid to lower 40s once we get close to sunrise. temperature right now 4 in ft. lauderdale. 51 in miami. that's pumping in that cool air. i hope you enjoyed your sunday. it was very chilly across south florida. barely reaching highs in the mid 60s with that strong breeze. 47 in homestead, 57 degrees as far south as mart. so that cool air ttling as far south as the keys. winds anywith where between 10 to 15 miles per hour. currently temperatures are anywheree between three and ten degrees cooler than what we woke
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we do have some mid and high level clouds by the keys in the gulf of mexico. our atmosphere is very dry thanks to high pressure just to the north of us. behind that high pressure is a series of fronts we're going to continue to watch. yet anothth front bringing snow over portions of the midwest into the green bay packers. that's going to keep us under a very cool atmospheric change for@ us here in south florida. if you wanted it to feel like winter for more than a day, this is the week for you because you're going to need those sweaters and jackets for some time. 15 degrees in minneapolis. much of the nation waking up to winter temperatures anywhere between the 20s, 30s and 40s from the northern portions of the united states, as far south as us here in south florida. cool breeze in place. sunny skies today, below average temperatures. our average high is 72 degrees. we're not going to be anywhere near that.
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upper 40s to low 50s. we do have a moderate risk of rip currents for our beach-goers. check out the seven-day forecast. we will see that reinforcing shot of that cold front that will move through the tennessee valley by tomorrow night. that third front moves in by the end of the week, keeping ourows in the 30s and 50s with highstruggling to reach the mid 70s by the weekend. a woman run ove by a van in baltimore and that chaotic crash isall caught on camera. >> the chaotic moments
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wreck. president barack obama gaveis annual super bowl sunday interview and the president and first lady both discussed their super bowl plans but they say one improvement needs to be made to the
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he said the white house is full of dd zones and he hopes the whole out before the next president takes offife. several men come and start pounding on the van as the driver does whatever he can to get ay from them. police say he struck a woman with his v v. >> very fortunate that there weren't more rious injuries but we have a 27-year-old woman who is suffering from some really serious injuries and just remarkably they are non-life-threatening. >> the driver identified as 28-year-old orlando red, he was arrested on several c crges including assault. police say all he he did appear to be the victim of assault, it doesn't excuse his action. > if chipolte is your usual lunch spot, you'll need a plan b today. chipolte will close all
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four hours. all chipolte restaurants will be closed from around 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. >> change your lunch plans. peyton manning and the broos. they came out on top of super bowl 50 but las night was is the last rodeo for the man c cled e sheriff? the heat hosting the high-powered clippers. could they hold off chris bosh and company? (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignorinit. buthat's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing wit( social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keeeeit strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>>reporter: good monday morning, i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. peyton manning ripping the second ring. cam newton's second mvp. turn out neither
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steph curry cheered on carolina. if you were cheering on carolina that night, you wouldn't have had much to cheer about. forces the fumble. jackson falls on it with the touchdown. vaughn miller forces another touchdown again. cj anderson gets to the end zone for the two-yard score. peyton manning did not get the touchdown but he did get this two-point conversion. they take super bowl 50. for peyton his second super bobo win. he won his first here in miami and the question everybody wants to know, will he call it quits? >> i'll take some time to reflect. i got a couple of priorities first. i want to go kiss my wife and my kids. i want to go hug my family. i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, tracy, i promise you that. i'm going to take care of those things first.
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say a little prayer and thank the man upstairs for the opportunity. >> second quarter hassan whiteside, that spin move throw down. by the third quarter, rolls his ankle. he sat out the fourth quarter but said after the game he could have played. later in the third check out the spin and scoop by d-wade. nice move there and won one. heat were down by eight. at it. big slam. heat lose 1 100-93. afterwards shaking o o that ankle injury. >> nothing i can do about it. how's the ank? >> i'm good. >> i'm not talking to coach about it.
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many times. all right. the 17th ranked hurricanes visiting georgia tech. the first bucket of the game led the way with 22 points. newton though, shot clock winding down or maybe not. canes win 75-6. up next home on tuesday, then it's a visit to fsu on valentine's day. panthers all-star captured this picture with him with the shape of a cake in the number 20. he's a young man. too bad the big b rthday came after saturday's tough loss to the penguins. they love to continue it when they play detroit tonight.i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> all right. thank you, will. ahead this morning at 5:00. fun night out ends in chaos. a hit and run slamming right into a parkedd car.
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surveillance video that captured the who thing
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due to right now at 5:00 shocking surveillance video showing the vy moment an s.u.v. slams into a parked car. the alleged driver getting ready to turn himself into police. besides them we'll tell you whoho else is being declared a winner. plus time to bundleup. the temperatures taking a dip but how long will that chilly weather stick around. good morningsouth florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> what are you laughing about? >> every time at this hear dip i think. >> it is. it is a little shocking
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blast in the car.
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