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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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blast in the car. we havav to talk about that. julie, what's going on. we had a cold front move through the area. we're expxcting a series of fronts this week. so it's not out normal week of winter weather where we have a cooldown and warm up right away. those sweaters and jackets will be getting a work-out all week long. currently we have a temperature of 49 degrgrs in miami. i won't be shocked if 50s. could get even cooler. as of now we do have a temperature of 47 in pembroke pines and kendall and homestead. 49 in hialeah. 46 our coolest spot in palmetto. that cool air sinking as far south as marathon. these temperatures anywhere between five and eight degrees colder than what we woke up to yesterday. make sure theids have the sweaters, jacketsts and scarf. that brisk, chilly air
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enjoy the below average mperatures. i'll have more on this chilly change coming up. >> good morning, everyone. a few accidents already. reports of a hit and run crash in i-95 and sterling road. here's a live look from this location. i don't see the accident scene. just because we don't see it from the camera doesn't mean it's not out there. if you're traveling out southbound this morning at sterling road, likely police on the scene well off to the shoulder though. those speeds at 71 miles per hour. another serious crash. this one off of miami gardens eastbound at northeast fourth avenue. we're hearing this is related to police activity as well. so if you normally travel eastbound at miami gardens drive, there will be a police presence out here. northwest 62nd street, a crash there but reallyy not affecting speeds this morning at all. those speeds at 66 miles per hour. right now at 5:00 shocking crash caught on camera.
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sparked car, several people were injured. >> that cash sent four to the hospital, some with very serious >> sanela sabovic live in miami. good morning, sanela. and eric. four people hurt in this who are i meanic hit and run accident.those victims speaking out following this very traumatic ordeal. now video has surfaced showing the moments right after the crash. we warn you, it might be a little difficult to watch. that crash happened early saturday morning. the terrifying moments all caught on camera. you can see the group of four friends were trying to get inside their car when an s.u.v. traveling automatic a high ratee of speed crashed right into them. the impact so v vlent it sent some of the victims flyig. four out of five of the people were hurt in that crash. one of the victims sharing these painful
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and speaking out if her hospital bed. take a listen. >> that's when a car hit him from behind..i have bruises all over my face. i have my toes broke on my right feet. >>reporter: you can see all of the damage on the fnt end right there. police say the driver has been identified as 30-year-old jose calzadia. he's expected to turn himself in at some point today. we'll kp you posted. sanela sabovic, local 10 news. a family without a home this morning after a town house fire inhialeah. look at this. it happened along northwest 62nd avenue and 170th terrace. we're told the house was deemed unsafe. nobody was injured but it's unclear what caused those flames. an investigation is
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mall in little havana caughthon fire on monday. firefighters were called to the scene. crews say the fire appears to have started inside a costume shop and spread to the building. family, friends and loved ones gathering yesterday to remember that couple found dead, submerged in their car. a vigil held in miamamdade for the two. the two disappearing more than a week ago after going to cadillac ranch in kendall. police say a cell phone signal led them to the area where that car was found. now to a one and only exclusive, protestors pouring into the streets of south florida, outraged with the way former haitian president michel martelly left office. angry demonstrators took turns stomping on a t-shirt with a picture of his face. interim administration
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until april, a move that has many fear it go corruption in the government >> is there now and i hope they do it right because the haitian people seem not to want to take anything >> that interim government will hold power for 120 days. an election to chose martelly's replacement is set for april. calvin hughes will have more on what martelly had to say. this quake brought down in apartment building in taiwan. people. rescue crews were able to pull out a wan and eight-year-old girl but more than 100 people are bedieved to still be buried. two bouts are found in the water after california after a midair collision. three people believed to be killed in that crash that happened on friday. later on the search for
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and the other victim will continue. denver broncos super bowl champs. the league's top quarterbacksitted against each other. many believe the final game for peyton manning. >> this has been a very emotional week, an emotional night and i got a couple of priorities. i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids. i wanto go celebrate with my family and teammates and i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight. >> cam newton understandably less excited about the outcome of last night's susur bowl, even walking off the stage after. >> we drdrped balls, we
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gave up sacks, threw errant passes. >> it was the defense that shined brightest. broncos linebacker miller earning mvp honors. he was responsible for sacks and two fumbles. now we're talking about the commercials. you're seeing the number two commercial, an ad made by a miami ad agency. remember we told you this. it's a heinz commercial called wiener stampede showing wiener dogs dressed up as hot dogs running towards a group of people dressed up as condiments. . >> this is my favorite. the hyundai ad called first date.
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his new hyundai so he can track them. >> this ad featured alec baldwin trying to throw the perfect party turning to the computer assistant for advice. pepton manning may have been the main man on the field in last night's game but it's his brother getting the attention. >> what is going on there? >> also coming up always present. a group of men whosefootball fanned em has taken them to every single super bowl. can you believe that? an unwantedsurprise. >> make sure kids are bundled up. >> temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. i'll let you know w long this cool weather
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after the break. two people dead, several others injured after a nightclub shooting in orlando. one person died inside the club and another at the hospital. ten others were injured. a florida home burglarized while the people were out of town. squatters took over her home and they took everything of value. a neighbor told her the burglars claim s s moved out and they were going to live there now. one person was arrested
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was more than just one person. good morning, south florida. it is a chill change out there. we have temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s in miami. i wouldn't be surprised if miami talks attempt in the upper 40s as we get closer to 7:00 which is sunrise. we're expectina about 49 degrees to be our average low for this morning even though we're expecting to normally see temperatures this te of year in the low 60s. where we're seeing the low 60s is key west. that's keeping that cool air connection down here to south florida and boy, can you feel it. a chilly 46 degrees in pompano beach. 47 in pembroke pines aswell as kendall and homestead. 55 degrees as far south as marathon. now with the winds moving in from the nortrtest. this is a refreshing change. i know you all felt i i yesterday. these temperatures are six and eight degrees colder than what we woke up to yesterday. in theheid to upper levels of the atmosphere. some cloud cover streaming in from the
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the atmosphere is dry. it's refreshing. it's going to feel really nice by the afternoon. with that said temperatures only rising to the upper 60s. we can thank high pressure in the wake of a cold front that still has an area of low pressure soak parts of the northeast. then we'll watch wt happens behind this high pressure. today leading into tomorrow afteron. thanks to high pressure things will be cool and comfortable. the secondary front you see behind it moving in the tennessee valley will be the next shot of reinforcing air. bringing a lot of snow from mapping as far south of mississippi wiwi bring us another refreshing change going into the end of thehe week. if you like winter, it's going to be around for the rest of the week. check out the temperatures from coast to coaoa. that cold air spilling as far south as us here in south florida, and it's not going to be a one-day thing. so cool breeze this morning, sunny skieses below average temperatures.
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to the beach though. boaters we have advisories as well. it will be bright and sunny. temperatures only warming up to the upper 60s. a little bit warmer and next front moves in by tuesday into wednesday, dropping our temperatures again with overnight lows. that next front keeps us cool for the weekend. i-95 southbound at hallandale beach boulevard, a new crash is reported three minutes ago seriously. i don't really have a camera off of hallandale beach that can show us much of anything, but these are our southbound drivers here to the distance likely heading just past that accident scene. let's zoooo on into our maps if there are any delays with this one again. it is early at 5:15 in the morning.. obviously not affecting travel flow at this point. not a a t of cars out there. those speeds at 74 mileses an hour. a hit andun crash on i-95 southbound at
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finallll a police presence here off of miami gardens drive eastbound at 4th avenue. >> constance, thank you. wenow it who took home the big prize at super bowl 50 but who was the most popular person or team of the night? te'll tell you who got the most action on twitter. a live%look jew side at our miami tower cam. isn't that pretty. a little bit of everything out there at 5:15. but here's the shocking part.
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good morning. now. chipolte causing all locations for a food safety meeting. it follows an e.coli outbreak. >>reporter: hey there. today's tech bytes, the top twitter mentions during the super bowl. >> beyonce took the top spot receiving 2.5 million mentions. >> followed by e-sure ens and the broncos with 1 million. iphoneixes have stopped working. apple says it's a
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phones were repaired by someone otherer than apple. if you get the message contact apple support. has facebook officially put an end to the concept of six degrees of separation? >> according to the social media site there's an average of 3.57 degrees of separatiti between them. >> how many degrees separation of kevin bacon still? , those are your tech bytes. >> have a grgrt day, everyone. for the first time a bill that would protect the lgbt group against discrimination. today it will come to a vote for the very first time. gay rates activists have praised the move and hopes it ends a message worldwide. big changes for family laws, specifically for couples divorcing. it would overhaul legislation for alimony payments and child custody. opponents say changes
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who gave up careers to be stay at home mothers. this year marks the 50th super bowl game ever hosted and among the crowd there are three men who have seen every one of them. of course we're stauing on top of our top story this morning. an alleged hit and run driver is expected to turn himself in tay after shocking video showing the moment he slammed his s.u.v. into a parked car. i-95t northeast 215th street. looks like pretty empty out there. a lot of people sleeping in because it's cold outside.
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nearly 70,000 peoplecrammed into levi stadium last night for super bowl 50. >> just a few of them can sayay they've been to every single super bowl played. larry jacobson said he took a date to the first super bowl in 1957 and hasn't misisd one since. >> this is number 50. this wouou be a good number to just wrap it up, say, i'm done. the nfl's treating us so well for super bowl 50, i'm now aiming for 100. >> despite having a house that is filled with 50 years of super bowl memorabilia, jacobson admits he's not that big of a football fan. he says he's a has a knack for getting tickets. average price about ,600. >> average? >> super bowl 1, 12 bucks. >> h could probably have a second home if he
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>> yeah, but he's got all those memories. >> that's exciteing. let's get to our top stories on this monday morning beginning with this, a horrible hit and run crash. an alleged hit and run driver expected to turn himself in after that miami liberty city neighborhood. newly-released surveillance video shows the moment an s.u.v. slama into a store. former haiti president michel martelly left office without a successor. many worry about haiti's polilical future. and speaking of super bowl, a new top football team crowned last night. the denver broncos beat ing the carolina panthers. bee i don't know shea has announced a world tour. >> many would argue it
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mars who stole the show. >> i like how bruno dances. he's got moves. >> we have much more
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don't go anywhere. right now at 5:30. shock surveillance footage of a hit and run. feeling thed heat. senator marco rubio on the defensive. why he's trying to dismyss something a day before the primary. denver wins the super bowl but there's a whole other win people are talking about involving another manning. sibling rivalry is a biautiful thing. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy.
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that what it was? >> i don't know. it certainly is cause for conversation this morning. >> i don't know what's going on with those brothers, but julie knows what's going on with this weaer. it's freezing out there. >> it's pretty chilly for us, south floridians. shocked, yay, yay. you never know. it was a very pleasant game but we are going to see pretty impressive temperatures this morning. you're going to feel it. 49 degree in ft. lauderdale. 50 degrees in miami. you might be giving me that look. again, this is south florida standards. it's chilly for us as we got that north wind in place anywhere between three and seven miles per hour keeping that cool air temperature. our coolest spot is pompano beach at 46. 47 kendall and homestead. even the keys seeing temperatures in the 50s. these temperatures are anywhere between six and eight degrees cooler than what happen we saw yesterday. so a cheat start. i won't be shocked if these temperatures drop
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before sunrise. well below average for our lows as well as our highs. constance did you like the chilly change. >> i think we're all like i like it a little cold but golly. good morning, everyone. it is a cold morning out there and we're pretty-on the roadways. reports of a hit and run crash. obviously you see the flashing lights right next to me. looks like the tow trucks have just arrived along with police. i-95 in broward county it is well off to the shoulder which is always the good news. it's not going to be affecting our regularar travel lanes at all. those speeds at 59 to 56 miles per hour. gauze there not affecting traffic. still have this police presence right here off of miami gardens drive eastbound at fourth avenue. this iselated to some sort of police activity so anyone traveling eastbound heading towards the beach this morning, maybe you're taking the kiddos to school, finally we still have construction crews
5:27 am
off the dolphinexpressway west-bound right next to the airport at lejeune road. we have reports of about two lanes still blocked. now t t our top story this morning, a hit and run is caught on camera. >> the alleged driver taking off with t t car police say was involved. they did find that yesterday. >> sanela sabovic is live in miami. reporter: good morning, jacey and eric. victims of that hit and run crash speaking out following that terrifying ordeal. one of them en talking to us from her hospitalbed. meantime surveillance video of that crash has surfaced. we wn you, it may be a bit hard to wash. an who are i meanic moment caught on camera. a group of friends trying to get into their car when the s.u.v. slams right into them. the iact so violent it sends some of the victims flying. >> i had jt put my seat in and that's when a car hit her f om
5:28 am
>>reporter: 25-year-old chiquita frank speak out from her hospital bed. >> i have bruises out over my back. i have my toes broke on my feet. >>reporter: right after she and a group of four friends were returning to their car from a liqu store in miami's liberty city neighborhood. police say a white mercedes s.u.v. came speeding down the street before slamming into the group. the man police say they have identified got out of his car after the crash to see what happened right before taking off. >> he's an animal. he's an animal. he has no heart. >>reporter: perisha is seen running from the sash. the couple considering
5:29 am
>> i'm kind of shocked. like it happened so fast >>reporter: another victim is recovering from home while fran brown is being monitor bid doctors at the hospital. >>reporter: her mother telling us that her daughter is expected to be at jackson memorial hospital for the next several days. meantime the driver behind that hit and run crash has hired an attorney and is expected to turn himself into the miami police department at some point today. reporting live in miami, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. new this morning we now have a look at the four people arrested in connection to an armed robbery in miami beach. police say four men approached a woman, held a stun gun to her neck and stole her purse. it happened along harding avenue and 73rd street yesterday morning and then that pursuit went into miami.
5:30 am
say they took off again before finally caught in hialeah. no officers were hurt. a new father is dead after his car is hit by a train in hollywood. the crara at south dixie highway. police say the 30-year-old tried to beat the train when his car was hit. he recently moved from michigan and had just become a new father. >> it's tragic. they just had a kidid he's nine months old. excuse me. >> the man had to be cut out of his car and died on the scene. the family a mentally ill mananhot and killed by a miami gardens police officer will be holding a news conference this afternoon. this after it was excited the man who shot and killed l lall hall will not be charged. hall was haven't a a violent episode when she called 911. she was hoping police could help. when police arrived, hall was carrying a brook stick, tried to attack them. one day left before the new hampshire
5:31 am
will be campaigning hard today at several differen events. bernie sanders attend an event in new hampshire while hillary clinton was taking on the contaminated water issues in flint, michigan. candidate chris christie put him on blast after repeating the same line about president barack obama three times. >> i am going to say this every chance that i get, barack obama is trying to change america. >> the latest polls out of new hampshire show sanders with a small lead over clinton and g.o.p. front runner donald trump with a do u double-digit lead. glenna millberg will have live reports later this afternoon. the denver broncos super bowl champions. they were all after cam newton last night. they beat the panthers
5:32 am
panthers fans undstand plea really frustrated after losing b) two touchdowns. those fans clearly upset as they left the stadium last night. many had no interest in talking to reporters heads down in frustration. in this moment peyton's brother eli up in the box with the rest of the manning family. everyone celebrates. this is after the go ahead or the touchdown that put them up by two scores but the giants quarterback remaining stone-faced there. many speculating eli upset that peyton won his super bowl which of course brings the brothers to a tie. what eli was really thinking remains to be seen this morning. here's peyton all smiles as he walked into the locker room. many people do believe last night's super bowl victory could be peyton's last. >> he knows the cameras are on him so he could have faked it with a smile. but social media is
5:33 am
a lot of you are talking about the musical performance of the super bowl starting with lady gaga's rousing rendition of the national anthem. >> she sounded great, didn't she. the grammy award winning and oscar nominated singer brought the house down with the star spangled banner. and then half time headliners cold play rocked out with some of their hits before being joined by bruno mars who brought some uptown funk and a show stopping performs by queen b herself and then announcing her upcoming tour. the 40 day tour will kick off in late april and tickets go on sale next week. >> artists definitely want their invitation because it allows them
5:34 am
>> and she's kicking it off in miami. a scare in the air for passengers this morning. >> what passengers saw on board that forced the plane to land. that driver trying to escape. we'll tell you what coming up. >> and guess what. we have more sports to talk about coming up in our morning sports wrap. the heat with a tough loss on super sound with the clippers. one of the top players was injured during the game. you may need the cup of hot coffee or tea or hot chocolate this afternoon. 55 degrees in mathon. how long will this chilly change last?
5:35 am
the forecast. japanese government says it's getting ready to step up sanctions against north korea after a missile launch. the country says it was launched for scientific purposes. smoke filling up a flight to make an emergency landing. you're looking at cell phone video showing emergency crews responding after united airlines flight 6517 landing. the flight had taken off from tucson and had to turn around. >> the person thought the gentleman in front of me was smoking a realized it was coming if the plane. >> everybody started
5:36 am
there's fire, there's fire. >> a representative says there's no smoke but there was fire coming from the cockpit. passengers were b bked on alternative flights in order to head to l.a. seat warmers, you get to press that button with joy. >> we were complaining we didn't see much of a winter in south florida but this is shocking. >> yeah, indeed. it just start aid little late because december we had above average temperatures. since january things have been a roller-coaster, baby. we need the sweaters and jacketet one day and we warm the next. pay attention to the forecast. you can prepare for this week the wardrobes that you can wear. we have boots, sweaters, jackets, this is the time of year to pull it out especially for the kids. 49 degrees in ft. lauderdale. 50 miami. i won't be shocked as we do see 49 as we get closer to miami. north west wind anywhere
5:37 am
miles per hour. key west definitely the warmest spot at 61. the cool air stretching as far south as marathon. 47 in pembroke pines. a chilly 46 in pompano beach. 49 in hialeah. the northwest wind is our cool air connection keeping us very chilly this morning and refreshing. this morning it's all about the seat warmers and u#ing that warm weather. we are going to not really see until probably the weekend so get ready for it. these temperatures are anywhere between five and eight degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. mid and high levels around. it feels comfortable with that said, it is chilly. you're going to need toes sweaters and jackets thanks to the high pressure from the north. just to the east of u u we have that cold front and that area of low pressure providing for more rain and snow over portions of t t north east. a series of fronts
5:38 am
intotoouth florida every other day from thehe week keeping us chilly. it feels like winter from the pacific northwest to the east coast. and we can even say it here in south florida. it's very rare we get to talk about that. hihi pressure providing for that cool breeze. below average temperatures today. we elevated the risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. highs today will only reach the upper 60s. not a great day to head to the beach because it will be chilly out there. you'll need those sunglasses. tomorrow temperatures a bit warr for the morning time. overnight lows in t e upper 40s and low 50s. don't forget this weend, valentine's day is sunday. >> that's going to be a little warmer for valentine's day. >> yes. >> it's supposed to be a little cooler so you can cuddle up with our valentine. we have this hit and run crashp here. you see the flashing lights. again, the good news with all of this. we do see police on the
5:39 am
to the shoulder. it does appear all of our travel lanes are open or main travel lanes. checking to see if there's any delays here, i don't think so. not at all. no issues for us. that's good. we still have some police activity here, an earlrlr crash eastbound at miami gardens drive at fourth avenue. it's not affecting our travel speeds with this. about 32 miles per hour expect ford that traffic and that location. quicicy let's goat to 595 and our drive time here. heading over to u.s.-1. maybe you're heading to the airport. maybe you want to go to the beach. only going to take you eight minutes to get there. average speed about 56 miles per hour. >>reporter: good mop morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. super wl 50 all about the quarterbacks going in with peyton manning winning that second ring, with cam newton
5:40 am
turns out neither qb scored a touchdown. steph curry was there cheering on carolina. crushes cam newton, forces the fumble. 10-0 denver. then in the fourth, vaughn miller again forces another fumble. two major disruptive plays that led to touchdowns. anderson gets to the end zone for a score. made it 2 210. the broncos win by that score. theyey take super bowl 50. for peyton, his second super bowow win. now the question everyone wants to know, will he call it quitsts >> i'll take some time to reflect. i have a couple priorities first. i want to go kiss my wife and kids. family. i'm going to drink a lot
5:41 am
promise you that. i'm going to take care of those things first. definitely going to say little prayer and thank the man upstairs for that opportunity. i'm grateful. >> super bowl sunday appetizer against the clippers. that spin move. rolls his ankle. big slam. heat lose 100-93. after ward talked about shaking it off. >> nothing i can do
5:42 am
>> i'm not talking to coach about it. we talked aboutt so many times. ain't no reason to keep all right. the 17th ranked hurricanes visiting georgia tech. tight game second half. newton, shot clock winding down, oh, just like he planned it or maybe not. canes win 75-68. up next at home on tuesday, and then it's a visit to fsu on valentine's day. >> happy birthday on sunday. so panthers all-star live. canes tweeted this picture of the cake. he's a youou man. too bad big birthday came after sunday's tough loss. they look to continue it when they play in detroit tonight.
5:43 am
that's the local 10 morning sports wrap. the driver caught on camera slamming a van into a woman. we'll tell you what he was trying to escape from next. a live look outside from our ft. lauderdale tower camera. we are zoomed in. it's 5:48 and it's 50 degrees outside. >> looked cold, doesn't it?
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baltimore woman hits awoman with his van as he tries to get away from the fight. he does whatever he can to get away even driving up on a sidewalk. that's when police say he struck the woman. word quickly got out the blast was made in hollywood. take a look right here. one of the iconic double-decker buses burst into flames. it waso realistic people automatically feared it was a terrorist attack but it was a stunt for a jackie chan movie it all happened on the state's coastline. the two men died at the scene and four others were taken to the hospital. police are investigating and say no arrests. twin brothers died
5:47 am
olympic bob sledding track in canada. they were with aroup of friends on this closed olympic track. theirrled hit a gate used to separatee the luge and bob sled trtrks. police are on the lookout for a pair of young women accused of scamming senior citizens. they claim to be from a nearby high school collecting money for a band trip. so far theyave stolen hundreds of dollars. a video of a father and son hitting the ramp is maying the round on-line. >> putting smiles on faces all across the country. we're still following a developing story this morning.. a hit and run driver expected to turn himself in after a crash over the weekend. let' take a look right now. i-95 southbound at griffin road. police are investititing a hit and run crash. as you can see not slowing the commute much.
5:48 am
happening on your roads
5:49 am
right here on local 10. their.taking a look at the weekend box office. it was a famiar face at the very top animated kung fu panda three. the comedy hail cesar came in second.the remmen enter finishing third over the weekend. an eight-year-old boy in california has ne viral this morning thanks to his need for speed. >> the young man overcoming his limitations and mom and
5:50 am
>> that was fantastic. >> eight year old atticus has cerebral palsy. spenejng time at the skate park helping him make strides. >> it's actually a form of therapy forim with cerebral palsy because the nerves don't communicate with his muscles the way other people's do. he feels that input. >> his parents say he's a true daredevil. other skaters say they see him as and inspiration. >> so cute. i love it. >> and i hope not only does it inspire young aters to overcome limitations but other parents too. dads and moms, push them. >> out of that comfort zone and do what they ed. that's great. what's not great is this story,ur top story of the morning, four people sent to the
5:51 am
after being struck by a hit and run driver. > so ahead at 6:00 survivors resesed from the rubble after a powerful earthquake cause aid building to collapse in taiwan.
5:52 am
the search and rescue caught on camera. a driver plows right into people and takes off. how the victims are
5:53 am
when that suspect is expected to surrender. why protestors are taking to the streets. rescued from the rubble. how long two people were trapped beneath a collapsed high rise. the broncos, they are the champions of super bowl 50. besides them, we'll tell you who else is being declared a winner. good morning, south florida. taking a look right now from our miami tower cam. there's a chill in the air to start off your workweek. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. i'm a big wimp. i like the weather but i had the heat on in the car. >> i hail shaft soft, aren't you? >> i had my jacket on, my boots on. cold. >> julie durda will tell you why. >> seat warmers will be used as temperatures are in the upper 40s right now in ft. lauderdale.
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i won't be surprised if
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