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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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60s. in the long-term we will currently it's mfortable out there. 64 degree in miami as well as ft. lauderdale. we have 68 in key west. the s sft in wind direction has played a big part in temperatures warming up. wind speeds where anywhere between 7 and 15 miles an hour. they ever expected to hour. we do have advisories for beach-goers and boaters. currently a comfortable 65 in pembroke pines. homestead. 64 in pompano beach. these temperatures anywhere between 122 and 18 degrees warmer than what we woke up too yesterday. here's your forecast on this tuesday. as t kids head to the cool. we are going to expect more cloud cover today but it's still going to b@ a beautiful day. only a slight chance of a shower. good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. good morning, south construction concerns are the name of the game
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here's a live look at i-95 northwest of 75th street. northbound lanes were where we were seeing some delays this morning. south of the glades on i-95 specifically i-95 northbound. we saw about two to three lanes of traffic blocked and that red obviously indicating just a little bit of aslowdown reported there. if you're traraling there it, 125th street, see those speeds at about 10 miles an hour. nod to that more construction concerns traveling west-bound at the dolphin expressway right by the airport at lejeune road. reports of two lanes oftraffic blocked there. the palmetto expressway northbound at kendall drive, another two lanes of traffic blocked there. right at the exit ramp, an hour. at least four people dead after two trains bavaria. about 150 people injured in that accident.
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to be stuck inside still. 'll keep following this for you as we get details again. a happy ending this morning for a mom who now has her baby back at home but the story is not over yet. the man who took the woman's car with the by girl still inside on the run. >> the man had her for hours. erica rakow live in ft. lauderdale this morning with the latest. >>reporter: right, eric. so that amazing news we have to report this morning is that baby girl is back with her mom, home safe and sound, but this guy who didn't waste any time jumping into her mom's car, taking it with her mom still inside. 10 month old girl back in the arms of her loved ones, reunited with her family. her mother beyond relief. this was at the police department after she had been found. this all happened at a
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sunrise boulevard in sunrise. the baby girl was sleeping when her mother stopped to pick up some clothes, n n wanting to wake her up. she left her in the car with the car running. here are a couple images from the surveillance cameras inside the laundromat of who police say did this. police say he abandoned the car near west mcnab road and powerline road, so this car found about eight miles away. amber alert had been issued. if you were in the ft. lauderdalerea, south florida area last night, you probably heard a ring tone go off on your phone. this is obviously now been canceled but police could still use your help. again they are still looking for the guy who took this car and baby. if you know absolutely anything, call crimestoppers this morning. their number in broward county is 954-493-tips.
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now to vote 2016. the fst set of votes are in for the in the meantime primary. dixville notch giving bernie sanders and bill cash -- kasich a boost. glenna millberg sin new hampshire for today's primary. you can see a report if her at 5:30 from man chapter. a hit and run in little havana. jonathan on his way to his girlfriend's house when his motorcycle wasrear-ended by a supposed drunk driving. he's now in a medically-induced coma. >> he broke his fibula and continue -- tibula. >> sanchez being charged with leaving the scene
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resisting arrest. police spoke with the driver of this suspected hit and run driver. the white s.u.u. just slamming into the parked car right outside a liberty city liquor store. the owner maintained his silence as he voluntarily met with detectives along with his attorney. he was not arrested. this all happened early saturday morning as the passengers were getting into their car along northwest 17th avenue. two of the five victims are in the hospital this morning. a mentally ill man shot and killed a year ago expressing their outrage years ago.& hall was having aville episode when his mother called 911 hoping he could help. >> i'm feeling hurt and i don't believe none of the accusation that's they said, no, i don't. look what it caused my
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>> at the time of the shooting the family's lawyer went so far as to characterize the shooting as murder. prosecutors disagreed. a man found dead in the water after a boat fire. police say when they arrived at the scene on north h ean driveve the boat was engulfed in flames. the body taken to the broward county medical examiner's offici to determine a cause this death. right now rescues in taiwan still scrambling this morning to find anyone buried in the rubble after that devastating earthquake. at least four people were arrested yesterday i'i' including an eight-year-old girl. so far rescues pulled 70 people from the debris. ahead at 5:30 the details surrounding thiy murder mystery in miami beach. and the people of michigan banning together to oust their mayor. find out what steps are taken to get him out of office. a man sneaks into
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is a aer is what was so disturbing. we d d have that small craft advisory in effect because of how breezy it will be. we are meeting the iteria with winds reaching 20 plus 30 miles per hour at times. possibly ten to 12 feet. not onl do we have a small craft advisory but we have a high risis of
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beach-goers. aacksonville dentist accused of abusing childrennd
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howard schneider entered a not guilty plea on monday to fra charges and is out on bond but he is accused of billing medicaid for hundreds of procedures he never performed. patients claim schneider deliberately abused them. dozens gathered in virginia to honor a 13 yearly girl who was murdered. last month nicole lovel was allegedly abducted and killed by a virginia tech student. people wore blue ribbons and the town was decorated in blue lights. that was lovel's favorite color. two students have been arrested and charged in her stabbing death. people in michigan banding together to try toremove the governor of flint from office. this centers on an executive action snyder took to reform the state's schools. >> this blatant lack of concern and slow attempt to reverse an act of
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negligence displayed by our governor is unacceptable and disrespectful. >> people in flint have been trying for vehicles, they were repeatedly rejected. the petition has 60 day to see get00,000 signatures in order to move forward. and a scarying is for a sorority in oklahoma. a man allegedly breaking into their house stealing a girl's panties. the girl woke up in the middle of the night and found randall scott ashton sitting at the edge of her bed. casey anthony is out of hidingg nearly five years after being found not guilty of killing her daughter. anthony has launched her own photography business called case photography, llc. she was acquit had caylee. strong winds knocking this tree over
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fofounately it did not land on many homes or cars. it did barely miss this mini cooper. the person who bought it glad they bought a mini. >> they are seeing snow. wait until you see the satellite and radar of the united states. it's amazing how far south snow is falling. for us here in south florida we're warming up. all thanks to a shift in the wind direction. we have our temperatures more mild this morning. it feels comfortable out there. 64 degrees in miami in ft. lauderdale. 68 key west. west southwest wind picking up between 7 and 14 miles per hour. that w wd direction is warming us up and the strong winds giving us the threat o rip currents. temperatures comfortable65. pembroke pines. 64 in pompano beach. 63 in kendall. notice the 40s are a ththg of the past. don't put the sweaters
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yet until you see the seven-day forecast. we're expecting a change coming up soon. that's going to be the big changn as you walk out the door. it's definitely windy to june right breezy today. that wind flow did bring us some isolated showers near the middle and lower keys earlier this morning. we do have midand high level clouds that will continue to stream in from the gulf of mexico ahead of another front that's going to bring us another cooldown by thursday. look at the snowfall associated with this system we're watching right over portions of the tennessee valley, ohio valley. snow from st. louis, missouri. even northern portions of mississippi, the carolinas all dealing with snow. look at t e temperatures. it's june right freezing over parts of chicago, detroit, kansas city, memphis, asar south as atlanta. so we have a dip in the jet stream, a ridge over the west and a dip in the jet strtrm. a trough over here in
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allowing for t t cold air to spill in from canada. here comes that nex front. it will bring us a chilly change by thursday morning. highs struggling to get out of the 60s at least for the next few days, then we'll gradually warm up for valentine's day. good morning, everyone. we are still accident-free in both counties this morning. looking great out there. i wanted to show you how things are looking in broward county. this is i-95 at griffin road. at this point everyone's out of there. the only area where we are seeing some slowdowns is righthtt the turnpike this morning where it meets at the don schula expressway. this ishe turnpike. looks like right there at theh exit ramp northbound is where we're see something issues.if you're traveling in the spot, no major concern. those speeds at 29 miles
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quickly let's talk about the palmetto expressway, ongoing construction locations. if you're traveling northbound we've got construction crews at flagle street, southwest 88th street. i mentioned that earlier off of kendall drive. eastbound exit ramps closed but we know they have since reopened. >> thank you, constance. a holiday celebration leading to chaos in hong kong. why protestors clashed with police in what was supposed to be a new year's celebration. 5:15. 64 degrees. get ready for your tuesday.
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10. you're looking at one of two rare green anacondas turned overo fish and wildlife in brevard county. this one was captured in melbourne not far from when the first one was found in november. we reported about that one. anacondas are illegal to own. it's believed they are bebeg illegally bred. last year there was a total of 98 attacks. more than half were here in the u.s. and 30 were here in florida. attack are expected to increase as the human population grows and sharks continue to recover. this is overnight inn hong kong disrupting chinese new year and the celeleations that come
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they had been lenient in the past towards unlicensed food talls. police using pepper spray, firing warning shots to disappearance those crowds. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes, a highly requested new feature comes to instagram. >> users of the photo-sharing app will now easily be able to switch upto five accounts. the new feature is part of the latest update to the instagram app. amazon has announced three new partnerships for its popular echo smart speaker. >> users will be able to request cars from uber, orders pizzas from dominos. a wearable shoes showed her she was pregnant before she knew. >> her husbandnd thought
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t. to rdit too explain. another user p inted out pregnant women have higher resting heart rates. >> who knew. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. coming up a california exhibit that goes behind the scenes of film fashion. also coming up at 5:30, swinging punches and an alarmingg attk but that's not all he used. the reason ty gave for the violence. smooth sailing. not too many cars out there. it's 520, 64 degrees.
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moving up in the future. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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the south beach wineand food festival is right around the corner. >> local 10 viewers you could win ticketo the event. all you have to do is head to facebook. we're giving away six pairs of tickets. the contest open now, remains open until tuesday, february 23rd. just head to our facebook page. that's where you log on and you can win. the fun part of the oscarsrbut today in los
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glimpse of the costumes the stars wore in the movies that got them nominated. >> a lot of people when they think of costumes, they think maria antionette. they don't think of jeans and sweatshirts and straight outta compton raiders hooties. >> the danish girl, carol, mad max fury roadad a ten month old baby safe and sound after being taken. the car later found with the baby. the man still on the ru and a 21-year-old motorcyclist is in a coma this morning after being rear-ended by a hit and run driver in little havana. he's in a medically-induced coma as police arrested luis
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right now at 5:30 baby found safe and sound but the search continues for the man who took off with the mother car. a mother found dead inside a condo. herhildren alerting policeceo the scene. pumping gashen suddenly the roof collapses. all caught on camera. and assault with an alligator. a manan accused of hurling a live gator into a reststrant. now his parents say
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misunderstananng. all right. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. whether there's an alligator involved, you're going to hear the story. >> weather authority meteorologist julie durda has got your forecast. as you can see, about ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. >> warmer. >> you mean warmer. ten degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday. >> do you see what i have to deal with, julie? >> i think i've been talk forecast forn hour and obviously he doesn't listen to me. >> playing the world's smallest violin. >> let me rephrase what eric said. 10 degrees warmer. 18 degrees warmer. 64 degree i miami as well as ft. lauderdale. 6 in key west. the 40s and the 50s are a thing of the past at least for the next two mornings and them
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change where it will be cooler by thursday morning. currently the southwest wind is pumping in thehe heat and humidity. check it out. we've got 60s all across the board. it's a comfortable 63 degrees in kendall. 65 in pembroke pines. mild 64n pompano beach. these temperatures between seven and 18 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. no need to layer up. the kinds are going to be just fine. temperatures may dip down to the upper 50s. it will be nice. 60s. windy conditions is going to provide for thth threat of rip currents for constance, what do you think about the forecast this morning? >> i think it's warmer, right? did i get it rig? hey, you guys, it's good on the roadways as well. not a lot to talk about. we're still accident-free in both counties.
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lanes right here to the distance, southbound lanes heading towards you at northwewe 54th street. not a lot to talk about this morning. taking a look at our traffic graphics here, we can see real-time if there are any reports of delays. when it's green on the roadways, it means folks are traveling at posted speeds. cruising on down through broward county, ft. lauderdale, 595 the turnpike. 441 also looking good through the gladesll the way down into miami. the only area where we are seeing a slight slowdown this morning was right there by the turnpike. if you are traveling this morning eastbound, starting athe turnpike, heading over to i-95, at this point inhe morning going to take you about ten minutes. if you're at lejeune road heading to the same spot traveling on the dolphin expressway about three minutes total drive time. breaking news out of germany at least eight people are dead after two lanes craraed in bavaria.
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it is believed at least one of the trains derailed during the crash and several people are believed to be still stuck inside that wreckage. speaking of that, we can take to you live pictures from bavaria right now. this is have the search and rescue continues. plenty of crews on the scene still searching and trying to rescue anyone still left inside. we'll keep you updated if those numbers change. children telling security their mother's in trouble in a miami beach condominium but when police arrived there, it was too late. the t young children say the woman was assaulted on bay road and 15th street. those two kids called downstairs saying their mother had been hurt. by the time police arriveddhere at the scene, she was already dead. >> security advised t t small children told them that their mother had been assaultednside of the apartment. when officers arrived, they made entry into that apartment and discovered a deceased
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>> police sayhey are following up several leads this morning. they have yet to confirm a cause of death or identify any suspects. police searched for the little girl for hours after a carjacker took her mother's car with the baby still inside. >> thankfully the baby's okay. the carjack surgeon still out there on the run. erica rakow live in ft. lauderdale with the latest. >>reporter: jf you were in the south florida area last night around 6:30, a lou tone likely came across your smart phone and th would have been this, an amber alert. thankfully that little girl is hope safe and sound but police could still use your help. they are still looking for the guy they say stole a car with that little girl inside. she's bright-eyed yet tired. the 10 month old gl is finally home with her family, her mother is so relieved back safe in her mom's
5:29 am
the baby inside h mom's car, abandoned near west mcnab road and powerline road. the find made hours after a frantic search by air, on the ground all hands on deck. it all started at 4:0:0 in the afternoon at this laundromat on west sunrise boulevard. the mother says she stopped to pick up clothes, left the car running with the baby sleeping inside f just a minute. >> it didn't even seem like a crime that was going on. police say that man jumped at the chance to comm a crime. he was apparently hanging out inside of the laundromat. he apparently walked out and the car was gone.she says she never thought that would happen and she doesn't want to wake her daughter up. and so after those surveillance images were aired and that amber alerwas sent, police tracked that car down about eight miles if
5:30 am
they are still looking for that guy though. the car found, the baby found, the man gone. if iou know anything about him, call police this morning. you can even call crimestoppers, remain anonyms. that number is 54-493-tips. erica rakow, local 10 news. people in new hampmpire are casting their first ballots. aser tradition the first votes happening at midnight. the town of dixville notch officially starting off the process. >> o the democratic side -- on the republican side kasich bested trump 3-2. local 10 news reporter glenna millberg is in new hampshire with a preview before the polls open at 7:00 a.m. and she's going to break it down. >>reportererthere is a new final poll just out as people are starting to votee today, but there are other polls that show really fluctuating numbers and
5:31 am
guess at this point. but the big story of the first primary of the season is that so many people are coming out to vote who had never voted before, so engaged in this particular election snow burying manchester rearranged some campaigning but inside its convention center, an interruption. g.o.p. front runner donald trump hijacked the revolution theme for hi rally inside a jammed arena. democratic front runner bernie sanders kept his going at a concert in durham. an almost two to one lead over hillary clinton. bernie sanders may have a revolution. hillary clinton has a
5:32 am
incredible ground game. >> this is now crunch time >> trump heads into tuesday with a substantial lead over marco rubio and iowa winner ted cruz. governors kasich and bush a fighting chance to move up here. most of the poll was done before saturday night's debate debacle. >> trump is doing pretty well across all segments of the party. he has the broadest support of any of the republican candidatetein the state. >>reporter: will those people come to the polls and to whom will new hampshire's historically engaged, informed and open-minded voters finally commit. >> i'm not sure what to do. >> i don't tnk i'm going to know until i walk with the polls. >>reporter: it's all about getting out the vote now today. the snow let up overnight and the weather is not expected to be too much of a problem for voter turnout and the very first vote were actually
5:33 am
of midnight. the residents of dixville notch, popolation about 12 in the north part of the state. it is tradition for those voters to go at midnight and be the very firs voters in the first primary of this election. i'm glenna millberg in manchester, new hampshire, local 10 news. >> local 10's glenna millberg in new hampshire for today's primary. she is there. her reports today right here on local 10 starting at noon. a pair of attacks caught on camera, a man ambushshg two people in louder hills, two of them witit a sword. he attack an 81-year-old man with a pipe, then his fist. unbelievable here. minutes later he went after a store clerk at anearby swap shop with a sword. police say this man right here, 22-year-old javon walker is the one responsible. they say they found him later in a stolen car and they say he didn't give a reason for all
5:34 am
made statements about quote seeing poltergeist and wanting to kill all those that are evil, end quote. haiti's president michel martelly stepping down after a five-year term. the polarizing president met with applause from his staff members. >> i would leave office tending straight because i never have to bend. i was never afraid. i was never scared, of course. >> the next@ day martelly was surrounded by hundreds of supporters in the streets of port-au-prince. he did not support a successor. a major league baseball free agent is now w der arrest for allegedly attacking a valet attendant in south florida. police say he threatened a v vet at this time viceroy. the worker said he couldn't let him in
5:35 am
he most recently played for thealtimore orioles if you're familiar with his name. police say he was naked and slurring his speech. young said he had no memory of anything like that happening so he is now charged with battery. got to tell you about a vacation taking a scary turn for passengers. >> we'll tell you whose demanding an investigation after the cruise ship gets damaged. a woman caught on camera shooting atat car. more of this video that could help investigators catch the person responsible. and a man facing legal problems after a surprise gator toss into a fas food restaurant. you have to hear what
5:36 am
the whole thing. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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a priceless piece of art has been stolen from
5:38 am
daily nope for his colorful glass art, investigators hope surveillance images will help identify the thief. a woman caught on camera shooting a car at a pompano beach resort. you'll see surveillance video right here. the woman approaches the r and shoots at the trunk and the driver's side. the opener told investigators he doesn't know who would want to hurt him. if you have any information call broward crimestoppers. a cruiseship forced to turn around after a storm caused a rough ride for passengers. look at these stunning waves stirred up by the bad weather. anthem of the seas left from port canaveral before heading right in the storm. check out the video. winds senting chairs across the floors. some passengers describing the ordeal horrendous. forecaster reported hurricane force winds at more than 100 miles per
5:39 am
several vases and denning rations also broken and knocked over. royal caribbeanays guests will get a full refun and 50% off a future cruise. the ntsb is investigating why that ship sailed into the storm in the first place. >> the worst of the weather is finally starting to push offshore but there's another system that's going to bring them more snow across the southeast. we've t choppy seas all because of a west southwest wind. we'll see the wind bring us that threat of rip currents and that small craft advisory. check out these temperatures. the 40s and 50s are a thing of the past. east coast. the winds out of the west southwest anywith betweeee 7 and 15 miles per hour. a mild 63 for you in kendall. 64 in pompano beach. with the wind out of the west that will provide for the warmth today stararng to settle into south florida.
5:40 am
all across the area not just this morning but as we get in the afternoon as well. these temperatures are 12 to 18 degreesarmer than what we woke up to yesterday. an area of disturbed weather is just to the nort of us but the big factor is the next cold front that will bring us and basically give us a reinforcing shot of cooler conditions next thursday morning. look at all of the snow over portis of the ohio valley. very impressive and then as far east as washington, d.c. and new york. so they are going to have to deal with a bit of a chill. definitely winter weather. look at the temperature. the teens right now in chicago. the 30s as far south as atlanta all because of a ridge of high pressure in the west which will provivi for record heat up and down the west coast and then we have a dipipn the jet stream. that's a trough that's bringing that cold arctic air from canada and letting it slide
5:41 am
once that front moves into south florida. we'll be feeling the taste of winter again. cool, comfortable, breezy. we'll warm upnd then here comes that front. chilly start will provide for temperatures to drop down to the 40s. highs only reaching the mid 60s tonight into tomorrow you'll notice the warmup and them the thursday. friday and another warm wreup gng into the weekend. good morning, everyone. palmetto expressway morning. here's a live look at the palmetto. cameras towards the golden glades right at red road. that accidents to report. in fact we're accident-free in both counties this morning. you know what i call this kind of morning, a big breakfast morning. make some grits and eggs and biscuits. that's what i look in the morning. 595 your commute looking really good. if you're starting at i-75 cruising east all the way to u.s.-1 going
5:42 am
minutes which is average morning. no accidents, no construction crew to see slow you down. again, remember make sure you're following us 10. as soon as there's a new accident, i'm updating it all day long. >>reporter: good tuesday moing. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. the heat host the san antonio spurs tonight. the last game between the all-star break. hassan whiteside sat out practice on monday, rested a sore ankle. whiteside rolled that angle. he felt like he couldcome back in the game but coach eric spoelstra decided not to use him the fourth quarter. >> i don't know what our relationship is. >> with spoelstra? >> we fought. detroit second
5:43 am
could -- barkov, he was hit in the head. scary moments. red wins would add two more goals and win 3-16789 the panthers have lost two straight games. jackson high school named the new head football coach, the first female football coach in state history. she was alrdy a phys. ed. teacher there in the school. coach said she is ready for the challenge. >> i would be lying if i said i wasn't. there's a lot of people that probably applied for this position and look who's here. i'm ready for whatever comes my way. i'm ready to fight. i'm ready to get these guys prepared and trod win. i'm not a loser and i like to win. anybody who have doubt -- >> i don't doubt you, coach.
5:44 am
show "south beach tow." shown known as bernice on the show. that will be quite a duo trying to bring jackson back. i'm will manso and that's your local l morning sports wrap. two gas station employoys gotttuck in a dangerous situation. >> the whole thing caught on camera. a live look jew side with our ft. lauderdale tower camera.
5:45 am
tuesday. the roof at a gas station is caught on camera collapsing. this tk place in southern california. it happened at a chevron outsidedlos angeles. that station had to be shut down and cleaned up as crews worked to clear all the debris. the two workers say they noticeed some cracks on the roof right before it collapsed. a naked man was shot and killed by a belief in austin, texas. that officer had responded to reports of a man acting erratically and shot him when he charged at the officer and would not listen to demands. the 18-year-old was taken to thehe hospital where he later died from the injuries. the officer is on administrative leave pending the investigation. health officials worked to raise awareness, trying to stop the spread of the
5:46 am
the total now is 16 cases in the state. two cases in broward, miami-dade has six cases, all of them travel related. the virus is expected to cause serious birth defects. and a a bill that people against discrimination still alive this morning after was first brought up yesterday. a tie normally means the bill is dead but a special procedural move was used to keep that bill alive. a drive-thru gets an unusual delivery. >> up next an alligator tossed right into a fast food joint. the man who did it facing charges. his parents said notot that big a dea >> oh, boy. let's get to a private landing for papparazzi. whose on board here? we'll tell you next. a live it can at the palmetto on red road.
5:47 am
it's a big breakfast day. whether or not that sticks around, we'll
5:48 am
right here. go behind the scenes of extreme powerboat racing with the miss ico racing team. presented by geico and coming to a boat show near you. meet the drivers, see the boat, play games and win prizes as you explore extreme offshore powerboat racing. for more information
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a florida man throwing an alligator through a drive-thru window. it happened in october at wendy's in jupiter. florida fish and wildlife was able to track down josh jamesfrom a credit card receipt. his mother linda s ss he was only playing a prank
5:50 am
>> they said will he cooperere? i said absolutely. he's not a bad kid. he did a stupid prank. >> it's until illegal. >> he faces charges of aggravated assault,unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator. >> that's not a gong. whose on board? >> look how cute. >> the sloth is going to serve as ambassador for rain forest species there. it will make i i big debut on friday. >> i want to squish its little face. i never held a sloth. >> i'm surprised. today is national pizza day. whether you're into deep dib, thin crust, meat lovers, eventuallyie lovers, today is your day to celebrate. about three billion
5:51 am
u.s. each and every year. my household pout one last night. i'm sure we'll be buying anotheone tonight. >> time to celebrate. if you're in the other type of carbs, today is national bagel day. you can celebrate that hoday with a free bagel from einstein. that's not far from the staying. you can cebrate, if you want to get fancy, with a pizza bagel. >> by associationoday is cheat on your diet day. got a busy morning for you. several developing stories on the horizon this morning. >> a mother is found dead inside her condo
5:52 am
police for help. right now at 6:00 a baby waking up safe and sound. the search on to find the carjacker. people in new hampshire casting ballots of primary day. the first ballots cast at midnight and we're only an hour away. how long will you need jackets for. your weather authority meteorologist has the answer. plus alarming attacks caught on camera. why a man used a pole
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