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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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fence, two bullets actually struck glass, hurricane proof glass, shattered the glass but did not pen rate the office. i sayegh that we avoided a tragedy ought because inside the office there were professionals who were educators. in addition to that there were about 50 students still on campus parting in extracurricular and athletic activities. >> i saw lucca bunch o kids running. i was standing right there. i was standing right there and gunshots all of a sudden gunfire, boom, boom, boom. a bunch of kids started running. >> i was standing there as always, and then a -- then i just saw like a bunch of kids running cruzes the street, and i heard like eight guns. ruruing across the street. >> andrew:w:ery scary stuff. like you heard the superintendent just now, this could have been so much worse. we're working on finding out who these people were target ever targeting.
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live in miami garden, i'm andrew perez. >> calvin: more breaking news now, that cruiseim sh what is battered by a monster storm making its way back to port right now. >> laurie: what stowers they're going to have to tell. our janine stanwood is there with a look at the anthem of seas since that incident. >> janine: such scary times for those passengers. that giant cruise ship is rushing to port in new jersey. this ship was battered in the atlantic.. the anthem of the seas on the move. it is scheduled to docket a 9:00 tonight in cabe cape liberty in new jersey. u might remembe it departed to the bahamas this past weekend when on suay it sailed into a storm. people were told to stay in their cabins. take a look. you can see chairs and tables just blowing around. that ship reap sustained a lot of damage. passengers, error told they will get a full refund and hal off on a future cruise if they decide to take one. again, lhe anthem of the seas, you are now looking live, is making its way back to cape
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scheduled to dock at 9:00 tonight.calvin. >> calvin: janine, thanks a lot. r other big story at at 5:00 now, this deadly car fire that shut down celebrate 95 that happened early this morning. >> laurie: a road ranger managed to rescue one person from the burning wreck but that many very later died along with another person who was in the dar carar local10's terrell forney is live with the tragic d dails. >> terrell: and those victims, laurie and calvin, the driver and passenger of that car. some pretty wild video that you are about to see as there was a desperate, dramatic attempt to save their lives. did race against time is caught on video along i-95. wild flames pouring out of a crashed car where two people are trapped inside. >> one was from out of town. the other one, apparently everything in the vehicle was burned so we don't have any identification. >> terrell: a local10 photographer captured these images on a cell phone. we know the car was traveling in
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about:30 this morning. but as it approached the 395 overpass, the vehicle lost control and hit a concrete wall at high speed. the impact forced the carack into the lanes of traffic where it became engulfed in flames. a road ranger was first on scene and managed to pull one of the victims out of the burning car. but it was already too late. >> my hat's off to the road ra^gers. this gentleman was very brave to do that and, you know, it's one of the best services that could be provided out here onhese highways. >> terrell: and so the remains of those two victims are now here at the miami-dade medical examiner's office. we do know that they are still trying to identify those victims and also make next of kin notifications. it's unclear, though, what caused this crash and if alcohol was iolved, but we do know, according to those investigators, that speed was certainly a factor. we are live in miami, i'm terrell forney, local10 news.
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the direct centers for disease control and prevention testified before congress today about the efforts to stop the spread of the zika virus. cdc director tom frieden said it's been 50 years since a new virus has been disisvered that causes birth defect. meanwhile there are 56 confirmed cases across 19 states. florida unfortunately is the state with the most confirmed cases at 16.there is concern from athletes preparing for the summer olympics inrazil where zika is spreading rapidly. the u.s. olympics committee said it's monitoring the situation through the cdc butut they do say that by august the mocke population will be decreased significantly by colder temperatures and the summer games are being held during what is wintertime in brazil. >> calvin: now to e latest on the race for the white house. donald trump and bernie sanders toy celebrating big wins in the new hampshire primary yesterday. >> laurie: meanwhile, the republican field of candidates keeps get smaller. our senior political reporter michael putney is in the newsroomlwith the latest. >> michael: laurie, calvin, carly fiorina dropped out of the
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just learned that new jersey governor chris christie has also dropped out. the winnowing process goes on. so does the campaign. following his big win in new hampshire, bernie sanders feeling the love today on "the view." >> the message that we're bringing forth that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness, and we're not seeing that fairness right now. >> michael: sanders stopping in harlem for coffee this morning with al sharpton. hillary clinton was also in new york after reassuring supporters in new hampshire she is just begun to fight. >> we've learned it's not whether you get knocked down that matters, it's whether you get back up. >> michael: for republicans, frontrunnenedonald trump is crediting his huge win to a huge voter turnout. >> we are getting just great signals wherever rally and many, many people would show up, many morehan we ever anticipated.
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already back to the campaign trail, setting their sights on south carolina, and surprise second place winner john kasich promises to stay positive. >> i'm not interested in being out there and just going on the attack against somebody was winner ted cruz sounded defiant day despite finishing third last night. >> one of the most important conclusions coming out of these first two states is that the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> michael: that is what jeb bush says, too, and his campaign has been rejuvenated. marco rubio, after a poor showing last night, the s. partly cloudy to get miss his campaign back on track in south carolina. in the newsroom, michael putney, local10 news. >> laurie: changes by the minute. and south carolina is the next state on the road to the white house so do look for glenna milberg's live coverage from there next week. with the florida primary fast approaching you do not want to must the boat to register. >> calvin: the deadline is next week but gwen don't panic.
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today. neki mohan is live for us in miramar to explain. >> neki: laurie and calvin, we're getting t after work crowd to the miramar city hall excited to register to vote. we've been here allay, and they say, yes we want to be part of this election. we have people who have been passing by all day. many people saying, listen, they just moved here. thanks for reminding me to register. people needed to register a party. 30% of voters in broward county ar registered a independents. you have to register as a democrat or republican to vote on march 15th and he design is february 16th to register for this primary so manpeople were very thankful this they heard it on the news today. here's what you should bring if you're coming down to register is to vote today. you should bring a photo i.d., a passport, a license. and, of course, on election day keep an i.d., it's not required but it's helpful to have it in case there's some precinct issues. again, they will be here this evening until 7:00, and at
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florida. which i know you're going to check in about my bff down you shorory. he registered about 50. i know he's doing well. he's at a college campus so why wouldn't he. >> calvin: you have be been out floor a long time. >> laurie: we need a bell for you to ring. wei my lokes for you to vote righ now. >> calvin: neki's bff todd tongens live on the registration drive. neki did 50. how much did you do, todd? >> todd: my bff trying to diminish my compliments based on my venue. we have done overs, calvin. people we have registered, reregister, a lot of them new voters, obviously, its kids turning 18 and getting to vote for the very first time, also foreign nationals that have gained citizenship for the first time in the nizes. they have come down and say they want to participate in democratic process. we have also seen a lot of meme switching from independent to either republican or democratic
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the primaries coming up on march 16th. really an energized vototg population and a lot of new voters we have seen out here. 400,000 unregistered but igible voters here in south florida, many of them zing single women, and that's who the legal women voters were targeting today. >> it's important for young persons like myself with especially women, to vote considering that a lot of personsp in power are men, and we're not represented well in the government. >> todd: people very passionate about this. they have been coming by, a lot of them that have already registered say, you know, giving us the thumbs up, the high fives, and it's really truly been an inspiring day at fiu. todd tongen, local10 news. >> laurie: love it. keep it up, fopped thank you. let's get a check on the afternoon rush with traffic reporter jenise fernandez. she's keeping a close eye on it all. >> jenene: as you're leaving work, jumping on i-95 to head to
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locations to vote, don't miss the boat. right now weir we arereooking at i-95. you night run into problems because there is an accident at northwest 135th street. can't see from that interview the as we zoom on in we can get a better idea. i-95 northbound in the express lanes northwest 135th s seet. ets speeds at 23 miles per hour. staying on i-95 but this time as you're heading south, this is as you're trying to ram onto the rickenbacker causeway. there is a crash there sequel. really slow moving with speeds just 9 miles p hour. and as we cruise onto broward county we're also watching an accident on i-95 northbound right around sunrise boulevard. looks like as you're approaching that accident, speeds start to pick up at 50 miles per hour. but it looks like as you pass that accident, you could just run into slow speeds at 33 miles per hour. >> laurie: and we are speaking today with a man who was injured boy an attacker with a sword. the video of that uhl brutal attack is hard to watch.
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new at 6:00. >> calvi list, dry cleaning disaster. our p counsumers christina vazquez about loud noises and fumes making them ceases. don't miss her rural flute 5:30. >> laurie: but first another hoverboard fire destroys a family's home. we're hearing from the parents of the teenagers who had to grump second floor to escape the flames >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, drivers beware. >> i thought i really was going to die. >> announcer: a major south florida highway that even some cops are afraid of. >> i think it's unsafe. >> announcer: is a system designed for safety turning i-95 into a highway to hell? local10's jeff weinsier drives for answers, tonight at 11:00. >> calvin: and we're happy to say here that every weekend you can wake up with us even earlier. we're extending our weekend morning news show with neki mohan, todd tongen and jennifer korea, all bffs starting this saturday.
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>> laurie: a family in nashville is so grateful no one was hurt when their children's hoverboard caught fire and burned their house down.n. two of the the kids were trapped upstairs and had to jum for their lives. >> it was a hoverboard that destroyed our house. >> laurie: something that meant to primary2fast joy filled their lives with sadness. >> every indicts hard. >> laurie: snow covers the remains their home destroyed by fire. >> i was king in this doors and
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two of my four hit-and-run children today. >> laurie: the fire department say they believe. >> it's called did turbo hoverboard. what was intended as a toy for a christmas gift has caused total destruction. >> laurie: this is a piece of the hoverboard pulled from the rubble. the blaze started on the first floor of this million dollar home trapping megan and brian fox's two takers upstairs. the teens smashed through windows. the daughter jumped from the second story into her father's arms. >> i was just begging her, 80 her, pleasum why, baby, please jump, and she jumped outs the window without hesitation, and i can't tell you how brave that was. >> laurie: with cuts and broken bones, the family is walking away with each other and i desire to keep this from happening to anyoneels. >> the fact that a toy cause this had kind of destruction to tower lives is just wrong. >> laurie: the fire department previous believes the hoverboard's lithium batteries are the culprit, but this family, no question they'd take this christmas present back if they ... could.
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hoverboard from amazon which is now offering refunds to anye who bought them on its website, but despite the refund offer you should know that amazon still sells hoverboards. >> calvin: let's check in now with our betty davis and i think layers,ets coats, furst, whatever, boots, the whole thing. i think i have it by now after going through this. >> laurie: the day was nice but i sounds like we're taking the plunge soon. >> betty: we are, not that we warmedp all that much this afternoon. this sunshine was deceptive. throughout the day. 63. that's asarm as we got in fort lauderdale today. the normal for this time of the year, 78 degrees. so we should almost be touching 80 at this point in the season, and we're not, and we're nowhere near 80 as we s stle into the night. right now it's 60 in miami, fort 61. kendall, i hope you're keeping warm out there. 60 degrees where you are and marathon at 63. the forecast for the evening, it's chilly one.
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9:00 tonight there may be some mid-50s popping up on some of those thermometers in your neighborhoods all thanks, to our northwest wind guiding more of that cool air in our direction. the air is chilly, it is dry, but we still have clouds out there, those clouds flowing in in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere. you can see that on the cloud and radar imagery for the sunshine state those starting to break up a bit. we may still have a few out there. either way, with our winds northwest in the morning, we are expecting to drag down more of that chilly air, and up to the north there's plenty to be had. cold enough for florida, at least by our standards, but you get into georg, you see those shades of blue, that's mer where temperatures are in the 30s right now. atlanta showing 38. so to kick o t trsday, a northwest to north wind. it's going to be cold in the morning. yes, we are forecasting lows in the 40s throughout miami-dade and broward counties. then by the afternoon it's going to be mild. high pressure moves on in. we should have a lot of more
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tomorrow, i should say, than what we even had today. friday is going to be a nice day. and it's going to b b warmer. so stick there, the seven-day anner coming up auto in a second. sunshine and a nice climb toward the upper 60s. that's going to feel nic friday morning will feel even nicer to some of you when we start in the mid-50s and then highs in the mid-70s. mornings still a top of the cool side but at least in the afternoons it looks like we'll get back into the 70s. that'll be more like it for some of you you, calvin. >> calvin: still to come today, a hit-and-run leaving a motorcyclist critically injured at the top of the hour here, a dramatic crash on camera. the moment when a motorcyclist was rear-ended by a driver who dried toake hauf. >> laurie: plus we have incredible photography you have to i wait to see. wait until you he see how this skier created this amazing video. >> clay: good evening. i'm clay @errero. hassan whiteside sent home by
5:18 pm
could this be the beginning for him and miami? >> announcer: the pope is heading back to cuba again, and local10 news is there again. east meets west. a historic meeting between the heads of the catholic and russian orthodox churches, and local10 news will be there to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> clay: this how the heat wanted to go into the all-star break. not only did ty lose two in a row at home, hassan whiteside got kicked out of their last loss after throwing a violent elbow against the spurs. now the question is can the heat trust their big man when the things get tough. >> wow. that was a terrible elbow. game. before. hassan whiteside putting the team in a tough spot with classless actions on court. >>e don't condone that kind of
5:22 pm
we've been through this with him before. >> clay: whether it was body slamming alex lent suns last weekend or popping boston's kelly o'linnik with an elbow in the back of the head just a week later, whiteside has gained a reputation for blowing his top. but this time the stage was much bigger, on national tv, and with the increased audieiee comes increased scrutiny. >> this has been a prom for hassan whiteside. you don't know what you're going to get, despite the skill level. >> he's had some dustups before. clinics also comes as the heat prepare to make a tough decision about whiteside. his contract is up after this season, and some have suggested that the team may be better off without the big man. >> he shows up once a week and he's too inconsistent. >> clay: whiteside didn't speak about thth incidents after the game with the heat reportedly sending him home before media availability. for tir part, whiteside's teammates have been supportive
5:23 pm
>> you never turn your back on your teammate, you know, but at the same time you're not always in a position where you can grab somebody by the hand and walk them through every step of t t way. >> you can always help a guy or try to give some advice. you know with people have given me advice over my career, but eventually i have to take that last step forward. >> clay: whiteside is very act of on social media that's gotten him into trouble in the past. however, to this point today he hasn't shed said anything aboutthat latest incident, laurie and calvin. >> calvin: boy, we leal does have to grow you. he has to grow up. >> laurie: it's a game for men, not boys. >> calvin: there's a lot of money at stake here, too, we're talk tens of millions. >> clay: potentially $90 million this off-season. you do not know how much that one elbow will be costing him. >> calvin: that would make me stratten up. >> laurie: after an arrest after a deadly new year's day crash in key bisisyne.
5:24 pm
and janine. >> victor:r:hree teenagers were riding around in in a porsche when the driver lost control and slammed into trees. the girin the back seat died in the crash. >> janine: and we are hearing from a homeowner whose package was swiped right off of his front porch, and available cameras c howard it all. >> victor: and all new at at 6:00 we have an exclusive interview the man who was attacked by another man with a sword.
5:25 pm
baba. >> janine: rant 5:30 police have made an arrest after this deadly crash on key biscayne on new year's day. three teenagers were in the car when that driver lost control and wrecked. only two survived. >> victor: the teen behind the wheel has been arrested but he's already out of jail. liane morejon has more. >> liane: he had his first appearance in juvenile court yesterday.
5:26 pm
that crash happened on harvard drive ririt behind me, a deadly crash that killed the back seat ssenger and injured the two boys, the driver as well as a front seat passenger, and from the arrest warrant we are learning mew details about what led up to the crash and what that driver may have been doing before the tragedy. a teenage driver is now under arrest, 17-year-old isaias emmanuel was arrested on a a warrant tuesday morning and has appeared in juvevile court. it's been more than a month since medina crashed his parents' porsche in key biscayne, injuring himself and his male passengers and killing an 18-year-old girl in the back seat. >> every time that you saw her, like, had a smile f fm ear to ear. >> liane: and january 4th hundreds gathered at st. ago nents church for daniela san miguel's funeral. she was in town for the holidays. >> danny was always a loving
5:27 pm
>> i didn't know her that well. i met her that night. >> liane: this is 17-year-oldmatthew sal dawna. he spoke to investigators while at the hospital. he said he, mean and san miguel had been party hoppipg on a a golf c ct around key biscayneinto the wee hours of the morning on biscayne. he had just met her that night. to impress her the three jumped into the silver porsche convertible for a joy ride. investigigors say medina was going 60 miles per hour down harvard drive when he jumped onto the grass, crashed into trees, and hit a light pole. the speed limit here is oy 30. medina did not speak to investigators. instead he lawyered up. toxicology reports show medial posted toil positive for xanax and t t, the act of ingredient in marijuana. medina also did not have a valid driver's license. he is facing several charges,
5:28 pm
tonight we did reach out to his attorney. he said "no comment." reporting live in key biscayne, liane morejon, local10 news. if. >> janine: we are following a couple of breaker stories right now. vieira in the newsroom with more on both. >> laurie: first let's start in maryland. in afghan don, maryland. we have just learned tragic news that two sheriffs deputies died after a gunman opened fire inside a restaurant in a shopping center. there is a wegmans grocery store right there, and wegmans tweetingng out to let employees know it was not anyone from wegmans involved and giving their con condolences. we don't know anything more about these deputies but we know there was a shooting, the suspect is dead. hard to know if that was self-inflicted or if there was a shootout with these two deputies p this is harford county in maryland, and a very tragic incident there was two sheriffs adapters now dead. as we get any video from that active police scene, we'll turn it right around forrou also we
5:29 pm
right now at northwest 70th street and first avenue. an 18-year-old has been shot, according to miami police. this has no connection that we're wafer to the shooting we've been -- aware of, begun happening outside miami carol city high schools. no one was injured on thatcene and that is quite a distance from this location with again northweststh street and northwest 1st avenue, a shooting in the miami area. it looksike police are still on the hunt for a gunman there. so as we learn any more details or the condition of that 18-year-old shot, we'll get it right to you very many now to we torain to a crime caught on camera in miami, a thief stealing a package from a homeowner east front porch not knowing sheas being videotaped and that delivery contained crucially medical supplies for the victim's son. jink you could definitely call her a brazen thief. watch as the woman walks up to the front porch of a home, grabs
5:30 pm
purse. matt mcclure said he was notified by ups that a package had en dropped off the a at his home tuesday afternoon. when he got home, though, he didn't see a package so he decide review his surveillance video, and that's when he saw the thief snatch his package. tow make matters worse, inside that was medicine for his 14-year-old son. >> dhows it feel toteal medicine from a kid? waits worth it? >> jenise: you schmit wasn't just matt's security camera but his neighbor right next door also has a security system. at camera got a clear view of that woman as well as the car those croo were driving. this neighbors' surveillance slows the minutes before the theft here's the car, a. >> a honda accord backing up and parking in front of mcclue ar home. then ups truck stops and drops off the package. a few seconds goes by before the woman makes her move. police believe e. believe the woman and her male accomplice who stayed in the car were following the truck.
5:31 pm
are astute. they know what they're doing what be they're looking for. >> jenise: mime police sayayhis is a crime that happens all too often and your best protectionis listing a shipping address where you know someone will be home t pick up the package. >> valentines is right around the korb. lots of people have items delivered to their home. this usual happens throughout the year, but we see that happen a bit more often when holidays come around. >> janine: now news of a murr arrest after a man was shot dead last week. deputies ready 33-year-old many with murrell in connection wit the crime. he's facing murder charge after a man was found dead outside of a palm beach county apartment complex. this is northwest 6th street and 27th avenue. pso investigators arrived after fired. victims say th mans was robbed before he was shot. >> victor: imagine hearing a
5:32 pm
home. that's what people who live near a dry cleaner say they have been hearing for years. >> janine: fed up with the noise and fumes, they called local10's investigative reporter christina vazquez. >> ts building is extremely close to the facility over there. >> christina: an industrial size problem just feet away from these north miamipartments and homes. >> this has really flared up to being a big issue for the city. >> christina: resident have been complaining of noise. >> a constant turbine sound. >> we don'tave no peace. >> it's a low level annoyance that is absolutely make you go crazy. >> christina: and fumes. >> it is a chemical smell that smells likeweet corn. >> christina: all coming from a dry cleaner that the city claims in this amended complaint filed on monday has been operating without a certificate of use and for a use not permitted under the c cy zoning code. >> i couldn't believe this. >> christina: fed up with residedes called christina. >> they flaunt the law.
5:33 pm
>> christina: we brought their concerns to the woman shows owns the clearance doing business as spot masters. she slammed the door of her porsche. >> there's nothing you want to talk about? residents complaining of your facility? >> they are not a good neighbor nor have they tried to be a good neighbor. >> christina: this 2008 they secured an conception permit to operate a dry cleaning establishment said the city council. >> at first they were your regular mom and pop dry cleaner. >> christina: and touchdown they asked for industrial designation. that would allow them to create a dry meaning plant, an industrial operation. the city states in this suit that i i denied that rezoning application. but neighbors say president looks of i the company did the take no for an answer. when we entered in the lobby, we spotted bins stacked with lynn ends which appeared toto be bound for hotels. >> over the years they've expanded their business for hotels and other large establishments. >> this is the washing machine
5:34 pm
these are huge machines. to give you perspective, this is pake-up truck. things. >> christina: city records show violations. >> when these violations are noted, are they paying the fines and then complying or do you constantly have to go out there and recyte them? >> we continual have to recite them. >> christina: the city is now seeking an injunction. >> we can't shut them down until a judge has ruled whether or not ey're in violation. >> i agree that you should applaud any success as long as it's within the full compliance of the law. >> calvin: right now it's all up to a judge. meanwhile in a separate case dependency the city the company has argued that the violations are based on, quote, free for allal a gations since in their view there was no independent testing to measure the level of noise basedn the court filings. the owner and the attorney represent can her didn't respond to our repeated requests for a statement. a judge will need to rule on these bigger questions of
5:35 pm
outside the scope of their current zoning and if they are, in fact, too plopped while back in that neighborhood, the hum drones on. we will keep you posted. in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> victor: with the florida primary fast approaching, you don't want to miss the boat, register to vote. >> janine: you are rhyming perfect! the 39 to register is next week but don't worry, we are making it easy four today and here at local10 we have nominated todd tongen and our local10 primary to tell us all about the the election and how to get ready. >> victor: that was for you, todd. >> todd: victor, you're a poet and you just don't know it. t`ank you so much. it's been a great t t a here out at fi u. they're going to stye here still 7:00 accepting registration w., re registrations.a lot of young voters have come up to us and been so passionate about getting a chance to vote in the upcoming election, but if you want to vote in the upcoming
5:36 pm
to vote before february 16th. >> i turned 18 last november. >> how excited are you about this. >> pretty excited. i pol politics. you know, i'm finally contributing. if you do not voice your opinion, how can you be expected to be heard? it's very important to express what you believe. >> todd: sage words of advice from that 19-year-old who is going to vote for the first time coming up in the primaries on march 16th. it's been a barren day.we have over -- a banner day. registration, now voters hor here at fi cpus in southwest miami-dade. todd tongen. >> janine: good to see people doing their civic duty. >> victor: now we want to check inith neki mohan. she's manning one of our registration locations in miramar. >> victor: neki, have you been hearing from a lot of more voters? >> i have the new mature crowds and we have a lot of residents in south florida, people who moved her in their 50s and
5:37 pm
state and didn't get a chance to register. actually with emends recently moved and never changed his address, so a lot of people who want to vote but needed this little oomph to get over the line. here at miramar city hall they've been streaming in all day slow but steady. righghnow we're getting the after-work crowd and they say they're really glad they had this reminder to help them get ready for the election. >> thank you for coming out. >> thank you for announcing on it tv. >> you saw think it morning. >> i did. i saw your earlier broadcast, and i came over immediately. >> it struck a chord with you. why? >> did it because i am moving to florida from texas, and i knew this was something i needed to do, and when you said the deadlin was the 16th february, i hadn't realized it was so close. >> why is it important to you? >> well, because, as you can see, there's a lot of changes going on in the political arena. as we decide to vote for president, and i want to make sure that my vote counts. >> neki: a lot of people getting motivated to register with a
5:38 pm
the primary is a closed primary. you have to be affiliated with a party to vote. 50% are independent. something to think about. today they were also targeting single women, young pem and hispanics. they say those are demographics that are not as engaged as others. so they're big success today, at least 50 people here, about 100 in the county. they say that can sway an electiononbelieve it or not. live in miramar, neki mohan. >> reporter: it's time for us to get a quick check on the afternoon rush wh our traffic reporter jenise fernandez. where are the trouble spots out there? >> jenise: we're halfway through the week. maybe some of you are eager for your loved ones to get home. i-95 southbound there is a crash right at northwest fifth street. looks like it's cleleing up though because speeds are ping up at 37 mil per hour. seeing stop-and-go in the nohbound lanes with speeds at 15 miles per hour. if you're trying to leave miami beach on the julia tuttle you might run into problems on the alton road this.
5:39 pm
speeds ap 15 miles an hour. in broward county two accidents, if first on the turnpnpe heading south around griffin road seeing evident heavy delays as you are approaching that crash. there's a right lane blocked. speeds 14 miles per hour. i-95 southbound trying toamp onto 595. there's a crash there as well with speeds clocking in at 26 miles per hour. janine. >> janine: we are following some breaking news right now, this time in port everglades. >> victor: let's get to laurie. >> laurie: a tragic accident has occurred at port everglades. lets take you to the scene. sky 10 just getting there. it turns out that i tractor-trailer rolled over and aerson was pinned underthe cab. according to reports, the person is confirmed dead on arrival. you see that cab right there. authorities are working this accident, no doubt rigig there from port everglades as well as broward sheriff's office. you're looking live from sky 10.
5:40 pm
road in port everglades, a verybusy area late this evening with trucks coming and going. all we know is that a tractor-trailer rolled over and someone was fatally pinned under that cab. such a grim scene tonight as you see the yellow tarp. as we learn anying more about the identity of this victim, we'll get it right to you. nine and victor. >> janine: we have exclusive new information today after a shocking attack that was caught on camera. we're speaking with that man who was injured by another man who allegedly attack him with a sword. our exclusive interview with this victim all new at 6:00. >> victor: also ahead, shocking cell phone video showing a teenage e rl stomping on another girl's head.
5:41 pm
(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay to it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
5:42 pm
>> janine: caught on camera saving a woman from a burning car in missouri. l of this happened in the town of belton north of kansas city. in that dash cam video you can see the trooper running up to that burning car and pulling that woman out. she was badly burned. spray a driver who ran a red light caused the crash. that other driver was tracked down and arresesd. >> victor: a brutal beat-down wats caught on camera in california. this video is pretty gruesome. a girl stomps another girl's head. the attack happened outside of a hotel. thattacker was even holding a lazer. the her 14-year-old brother had recently been charged on murder
5:43 pm
victim was the one who called police. >> janine: let's bring in our chief certified meteorologist betty davis. it's about an a beautifululay. a little the on the chilly side. >> victor: at any point y y expected the sun to come and warm things. you that didn't happen. >> betty: 56 this horning, miami, and we made it up to 64 this afternoon that is it. if you were lucky, maybe you saw a few rays out tre. no rainfall, though, mid to high level clouds hanging on across our skies, even some out there for tonight butven with those clouds we're on our way tie really chilly night so great-for it. when we take a look at what we've seen so far this month, the one thing we have noticed is that since sundada we've had our highs running below normal. normal for this time of the year upper 70s. it's been day after day after day of highs only getting into the mid to upper 60s. now, as we're looking ahead to tomorrow and the days that follow, the chill still will be on because -- look at this -- we're going to dip down in the 40s by tomorrow morning and our highs climb toward the upper
5:44 pm
evev though we get milder friday and saturday, the temperatures still are going to run below avril. in face you're wondering low 60s. that's the normal for this time of year for our low temperatures. right now miami at 60 degrees. key west at 65. on our way to our really chilly night. by 8:00 tonight some of you will start to make that drop off into the 50s before we hit the 40s tomorrow morning. that dip in the jet stream, the northern branch of the jet stream, you can see it h he, all of that cold air in play over the east, and more of that is going to spill in our direction. meantime for the west it's all about a ridge being carved out and that's where the warm weather is. that e. the 83 we see in phoenix not quite ready to make it toward our direction. between thursday and friday the jet stream is going to be hang can low as we stepp into the weekend but a little moderation in temperatures is in the forecast oncee get beyond tomorrow. now, if you're thinking maybe i
5:45 pm
of sunshine,ore than what we had out there for today, but the air temperatures will still be a bit on chilly side with our highs only forecast to reach the upper 60s. that's a decentt rebound considering we're expecting to start in the 40s. now, let's talk about how much milder we get stepping into the weekend. 50s, mid-50s at that friday morning, highs in the mid-70s, upper 50s saturday morning, highs in the mid-70s. valentine's day maybe 61 to start the day. slightly cool you the about the not necessarily weather where you want to leadership and highs reaching the mid-70s. >> janine: take a look at this incredible video shot by a skier. a palmer he was twirling his iphone on a string as he succeed down the side of a in the in switzerland. this slow motion swirl shot is just amazing, and it's not as eacy as it looks. he said it took him nearly two years of practice to perfect this movev do you know how many
5:46 pm
>> janine: yeah. i mean we have problems just taking pictures here on the set. >> victor: imagine skiing with that. >> janine: which i can't do. these are skills i doot possess. kudos to that guy. we have lig more news coming your way at six. a man whos was attacked by a stranger with a sword is speaking on only to@ local10. what he's saying about the guy who attacked him. >> victor: we're also seeing the -- >> janine: and we continue to follow breakakg news from port everglades where there was been
5:47 pm
tractor-trailer. >> victor: colleges and universities know that they are big targets for hackers. they have lots of personal and financial information as well as valuable research data all floating around in cyberspacee. >> janine: florida international university has one of the highest enrollments in the country, more than 50,000 students, and staff trunks thatwhat recently happened at ucf will not happen to them. local10's eric yutzy has more on today's hacked report. >> eric: eyes on their phones, heads in books, florida international students blissfully unaware of the constant cyber attacks that try to hack every aspect of they ever education. >> this is a journey. there's no finish line. >> eric: and nothing keeps fau president running more than what happpped at central florida. >> reporter: the university south florida said more than 60s how w e social security numbers have hacked, the names
5:48 pm
ucf employees as well as both both current and former student. >> eric: more than 55,000 students, faculty and staff dend on what's protected in this small room at fau. we log in, being told our every move was being watched. despite having backups, a substantial breach of these service could do significant damage to everything the entire fau community needs to operate. >> you have our student system in here. you have our financial system in here. you have our human resources and payroll system here. you have all of our network equipment for all of our campuses here. you also have allf our classroom along. >> eric: a hackers paradise which is why many millions of dollars have been spent building a wall of security that gives gree oh and his group of 200 the constant details of the molina secrets. >> on is a monthly basis we basically block more than 10 million connections that do not come into our network. >> eric: students and staff sometimes frustrated because more than 70% of incoming emails and blockck and students
5:49 pm
because one click from the wrong link means big exposure.>> not only are you trying to do something bad for me but you've beenoing something bad for the last five yearsk they detect that information. and ty know that you shouldn't be on. we block them. >> ec: they're vigilant but not overcost bus they no uc f likely had their own protections in place. what happened in the breach? it isn't known yet, but investigators are share can information after incidents like these to collectively strengthen their defenses. hacked, eye eric yutzy. >> victor: a lot of thing we didn't have to worry about when we were in college. >> janine: no, new challenges now, and fau is handling them head on no doubt. that's going to do it for local10 ws that 5:00 have 5:30. >> victor:ere ar laurie and calvin back for the news at at 6:00. >> calvin: a shootout outside a school. two sides getting into a gunfight. >> laurie: on only on local10,
5:50 pm
the first time. we're hearing from a deputy told sweaters killing a man w wle on duty. >> laurie: crash on camera, the critical clue after a man on a motorcycle sol becomes a victim. >> calvin: interstate inattorney fern one. massive flames after a car crashes and sets on fire. >> laurie: it's getting even colder tonight. how long will it has? >> calvin: and hothead hassan. the heat's big man loses his head on the court yet again. >> laurie: also an emotional tribute to the the k-9s who paid the ultimately price. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> calvin: tonight only on local10 we are hearing from second victim of two random and violent attacks by the same man, both were caught on camera. the victim was savagely attacked a by a man swinging a swordust moments after his attacker beat an 8 8year-old man with a metal pole. >> laurie: local10 news reporter derek shore is live with this exclusive. derek. definitely this guy, this victim says he thought he was goi to
5:51 pm
he says it started as a normal sunday morning here at the swap shop where he works. he's worked there for over a decade. then he saw a man grab a stored off of the display, start to chase him, and and now, after that attack he's concerned he could be permanently disabled you can hear the screams and see the terror, an incredibly vicious attack with a stored caught on camera. >> all he did to me, heant to kill me. >> derek: in our for the tony start is returning first time wear hearing from the victim of that random encounter. his back is bruised but hisrm taking the brunt of beating after he tried to protect his face. >> so you thought you were going to die. >> yes, of course, because when he -- i thought that's it for me. i think he going to kill me. >> derek: singh said he was working at the swap shot as he has for ten years when he saw police identify 21-year-old
5:52 pm
medieval want and start to swing it.
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