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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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40s right now in pompano beach, ft. lauderdale. 47 kendall and homestead. we even have this chill as far south as the keys. they are waking up to the upper 50s. 50 degrees now in miami. i won't be shocked as that temperature goes down to sunrise.these temperatures are seven to 12 degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. you factor in the wind and we feel much cooler to the skin. we have feels-like temperatures in the upper 40s. that's two degrees lower than what we saw the air temperature in ft. lauderdale. the coolest spot is pompano beach. it feels like 43 degree. the forecast calls for highs to stay in the morning. we'll finally see highs in the upper 60s. lots to talk about as another front moves in this weekend. >> thanks so much. no accidents to talk about this mororng but
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for a aone on i-75 southbound. at this point i'm not seeing constructioncrews which is great. they are scheduled to be out of there at 5:00 a.m. hey, in broward county with you have slowdowns reported right off o sunrise boulevard and northwest 31st street. we're not sure this is road debris, construction concerns. for anyone who travels west-bound on sunrise expect some minor delays and finally let's goat to the dolphin with some drive times. going to take you about 11 minutes this morning. if you're at lejeune road headed to the same spot, i-95, only four minutes. >> constance, thank you. take a good look at this photo. police say 19-year-old stanley reagan was involved in a shoot-out outside of carol city senior high school. bullets from the gunfire hit that school. shattered windows sent
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one child was hurt in the rush. erica rakow is live in ami gardens to tell us more about the man police are lking for. >>reporter: armed and dangerous. stanley reagan is a known gang member in this area and there a a warrants out for his arrest for other crimes he's accused of committing. let's get right to that picture again so you can take a good, long look at the 19-year-old. police say he was seen running from the school with a gun after the shooting happened yesterday. people who were in this area say it felt like a war zone, bullets just flying everywhere, hitting the fence, going through windows of that school. school had already let out but there were still students and staff members. thankfully no one got shot. police say it was someone driving down northwest 183rd street who opened fire on another person who was walkinggn front of the school. it turned into a gun
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superintendent of miami-dade public schools alberto carvalho rushed to the hospital, assuring that no one was seririsly hurt. one student was injured after running down the hallways after hearing gunshots. pure panic in the school. this is the picture of 19-year-old stanley reagan police put out. policeay he has a violent past. we're told this entire thing was caught on camera so police are of course reviewing that viveo for some more clues. for now they do need your help. if you know where he is, if you know anything more about what haened down here yesterday afternoon, call crimestoppers this always you can remain anonymous. that number is 305-471-tips. we're live in carol city, senior high this morning, erica rakow, local 10 news. activists holed up in a federal wildlife refuge in oregon say
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themselves in today it. the fact of the matter of occupation leader has been booked into thejail after flying into the portland airport. jail records show no charges listed but bundy was at the center of a standoff in nevada over use of public lands. and we are now seeing the path of a hit and run crash that left a motorcyclist in a coma. this is video from sunday in miami's little havana neighborhood. 11 year old jonathan was stop at red light when a van slammed right into him. he suffered serious injuries and remains in a medically-induced coma at jackson mont -- memorial hospital. >> every night before i go to sleep, i cry my eyes out. it's so horrie but i cry every night. >>reporter: police say two good samaritans were able to track
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after it sped off. he's out of jail this morning because he posted bond. mcbeanarrying an unloaded air rifle at the time he was shot. the deputy says mcbean ignored orders to drop the weapon and that's when he says he was forced to shoot. >> there was no construction going on, there was nothing in his ears to show that he couldn't have heard anything you said? >> no. >> despite his statement that nothing prevented mcbean's from hearing those commands, mcbean points to ear buds in a photo taken right after the shooting. the deputy is being charged with manslaughter, has pleaded not guilty. a man behind bars this morning after deputies say he shot and killed another man last week in pompano beach,
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moral was charged with murder. bso investigators arrived and found donald foster lying on the ground. witnesses told deputies he was being robbed right before he was shot. for the first time in nearly 60 years, sailors race from miami to havana. sky 10 above the start of the race on wednesday. organizers are able to make this race happen anks to new diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. haiti's michel martelly's five-year term came to an end. an unofficial list of the nearly 30 candidates is out. only one will be selected with two-thirds majority vote. that person will be the interim president until the election. the ceremony will be held for director juan perez this morning at port miami. perez was appointed to
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he joined the miami-dade police department in 1990 and takes over for former director jd paterson. the miami international boat show opens this morning. >> ahead at 5:30 who to expect at this year's boat show. how this eight-year-old came to her brother's rescue. after getting stuck in a storm. passengers in a cruise ship are back. what they had to say when they walked out on chilly change as temperatures are in the 40s rigig now pompano beach, ft. lauderdale, pembroke pines, kendall and homestead. i'll have a lot more on the f fecast coming up after the break. we are happy to announce every weekend you can wake up with us even earlier, expanding our weekend morning news show with nickie, todd and jennifer.
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mornings at 5:00 a.m. welcome back. it's 5:11. check this out, the 4,000 passenger cruise ship that was out at sea is now back in new
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through that monster storm. anthem of the seas got back at about 9:00 last night. the ship was sailing from the bahamas to port canaveral when it encountered a storm. passengersndured 40 foot seas for hours. >> it was like a roller-coaster you can't get off of and you wewen't strapped in. >> it was scary but the crew and captain were great. >> don't even want to talk about it. >> i don't blame him. all the passengers will be refunded their cruise fare. just in case they want to go again, 50% off their next cruise. >> the ntsb is trying launching an investigation and trying to figure out why the ship launched to begin with. good morning, south florida. its our friday we've. temperatures in the 40s this morning. you're going to need those sweaters and jackets, that
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cooler weather started to move in yesterday afternoon and we'll continue to keep the cool because o the northwest wind. it feels much cooler to the skin due to our wind chill factor. 5 in key west. even the keys tapping into some cool winter-like forecasts for us here in south florida. 48 pembroke pines. 47 in homestead and in marathon we have 55 degrees. so with that northwest wind anywhere between six to nine and even 12 miles per hour, it feels much cooler to the skin and temperatures have dropped between 7 and 12 degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. you factor in the wind chill and it feels like 47 degrees in ft. lauderdale. that's three degrees more than actually what the air temperature is and to the north we have feels-like temperatures in the 20s and 30s, even the teens across the carolinas. we're not the only ones feeling like winter this morning. the one other thing you'll notice, not only
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finally going to see all of that stubborn cloud cover break apart provide for beautiful, bright sunny day all thanks to high pressure just to the north of u us that will provide for that north wind ahead of another front ininfluencing our weather pattern on saturday, bringing snow not just towards the great lakes but the northeast and canada and that's whaha we'll watch going into next week. temperatures right now in the 40s and low 50s. a cold start to the day, but by the afternoon it will be nice and comfortable. highs will be in the upper 60s. that's ten degrees below where we should be this time of year. enjoy because we tomorrow. boaters no advisories. the good news is we'll stay dry. it's been a nice, dry, tranquil weather pattern we've had. it will be probably dry
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and then we'll increase the chance of showers as the next front moves in as we go to early next week. still accident-free in both counties. that's fantastic. if you're traveling off the turnpike northbound right at i-75, i showed you some live pictures earlier. we have reports of two lanes of traffic blocked there but we're not seeing delays, not at all. those speeds at 63 miles per hour. traveling in the area down south at the turnpike, another construction crew out there. northbound-southbound lanes. periodic road closures at 216th street. at this point a lot of green on the map that shows us folksre traveling at posted speeds. still trying to work out the details with this at lauderhill right off of sun rise west-bound at northwest 43rd avenue we have major delays here. we have lanes blocked and those speeds at 27 miles per hour. this is ambulance dispatcher, can i help
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>> my brother's about to die. he condition breathe or nothing. >> that call from an eight-year-old inside the home in new york saved her baby brother's life. theecond grader, this little girl, made the call for her frantic parents who don't speak english. they credit t child's calm, cool, collected phone call with saving his life. >> he's one years old. is he breathe at all? >> no. >> is your mom there? >> yes. >> is his chest going up and down? >> no, but he's purple. >> a florida man apologizing for throwing an alligator into a wendy's drive-thru. remember this. we first told you about joshua james on tuesday. he said he and his friends were out fishing when they found the three foot reptile. what happened next was meant to be a joke.
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a prank on our buddy who worked at wendy's and threw it at him through the drive-thru window. i mean i'm sorry for what i did. being stupid, not thinking. obviously, i found out what the consequences were. >> yeah. it happened back in october but james was not arrested until this week. he was charged with assault and unlawful transportation of an alligator. a judge ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation. all right. do you know the make, modell and year of the car you're driving this morning? you probably need to. pop quiz. more than a million cars affected in a recall, all different makes and models.
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check your ride next. good morning. volkswagen, audi and bmw recalling more than 1.7 million cars with those takata air bags. the models range from 2006 to 2014. takata inflated problems have causedt least 11 deaths and 139 injuries world-wide. we have a full list of the vehicles impacted on our website under top stories on >>porter: in today's tech bytes, tough times for twitter. >> it's having trouble attracting new users but it's rolling out new features including a new time line that shows you the most popular tweets first, and if you don't like it, youan turn it off. the federal government has taken another step towar the
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it says the computer will be considered the driver. >> good news for comoanies like google who are currently developing such technology. >> and most of us never read software terms and conditions and here's why you should. >> the folks at amazon snuck in a causese that would allow their lumberyard program to be used in any event o a zombie apocalye but don't worry, it was just a little bit of fun by the lawyers who are fans of "the walking d dead." >> those are your tech bites. >> have a good day. the eighth installment of the harry potter series and it will hit shelves this summer. it's actually the script for the play harry potter and the first child which opens july 30th in london. the publisher says staged scripts turned hardback will be released the next day. >> you hear that?
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ringing again for j.k. rowling. >> you get a big check. >> harry potter, yup, deposisi that. >> she needs a new series i think. >> i don't know. you ride that. the south beach wine and food festival, let's go. >> you got it, if you want to go, listen up, we're giving away free tickets to this year's event. celebrity chefs you know and love will be there. head on over to all local 10 facebook page. that's where you can enter. good luck to you. got to tell you about a pair of officers lending a helping hand to a shoplifter. >> coming up next why they are helping a woman caught stealing instead of charging her. >>reporter: and i'm ben kennedy reporting live here at the international boat show which has a new location this year. coming up i'll tell you how to get herend some
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gadgets. 5:24 right now. and a shoifter in washington was cauaht red-handed. >> but it was why she was stealing. the mother explained she had stolen some children's gloves and hats to keep her family warm. she told them she was a recent victim of domestic violence and was homeles >> she had a friend to stay with that night but they had no one to stay with during the day and they didn't know about shelters to go to. >> the officers say they returned the stolen items, then bought the children warm clothes. the ther will not face any shoplifting charges. >> beautiful story there. now we have to get to our top stories. the search is on to find 19-year-oldtanley ragin. officials also say he does have aville history
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armed and dangerous. call police if you know his whereabouts. the new interview tapes obtained in the deadly deputy s shooting. he told investigators he didn't see anything that could have stopped mcbean from d dpping his weapon. s family says the photo proves he was wearing ear buds listeneng to music. last night the fbi tried to negotiate with them to end the standoff that started more than a nth ago. meanwhile the father of the group's leader was arrested. we have more for you here on a chilly thursday morning. >> that's right. julie is going to tell us all about the temperatures that may be
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right now at 5:30, shoot-out, suspect search.
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speaking out about being attacked. the man struck with a sword tells the moments he thought would be his last. a woman caught on camera stealing packages from a neighbor'sp porch. what was insidethat package makes this video very important for you to see. your weather authority knows how long we'll keep bundling up for. how much colder can it get means we're anticipating it. good morning, southflorida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it is cold. we'r talking about 40s and 50s. if you're pulling those covers up and staying warm -- >> lucky you. >> we get it. >> we are going to see temperatures drop a few more degrees as we approach sunrise. temperature in the 40s in ft. lauderdale as well as pompano beach and pembroke pines. 47 chilly degrees in kendall and homestead. that cold air has made it as far south as the
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58 in key west, 55 in marathon and 50 still holding in miami but with that northwest wind it feels much cooler to the skin. that has been able to bring all that cool a a down here to south florida. these temperatures between eight and 12 degrees cooler than when we w we up to yesrday. you factor in the wind and air temperature, it feels much cooler to the skin. a chilly 45 in pembroro pines and kendall. 47 in ft. lauderdale. we still have 500n miami and down by the keys. you're going to need thosos sweaters and jackets especially for the kids as you drop them off. temperatures expected to be in the upper 40s at sunrise. when you're picking them up it will be sunny and drdr highs only in the upper 60s. i'll have a lot moren your forecast coming up. >> julie, thank you so much. i-95 looking good. we're still accident-free in both countieshis morning but i have to talk about the construction cones an those crews still out there. this is i-95 on griffin, but if you continue
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hit some crews right a 595. we had reports of two lanes blocked. it's really early. if you're heading towards the airport this morning, you're going to see some of those construction crews. those speeds not bad at all, between 65 and 61 miles per hour. at the palmetto expressway all week long into next week we're going to have some closures in place so just a friendly reminder for our northbound drivers at tamiami trail. it will be shut down. you'll have to exit earlier and travel east or west toook it back around the dolphin expressway. it has since reopened this morni but this is all a part of an ongoing construction project. right now the search on to find this man you're looking at. 19-year-old stanley ragin. and dangerous. police say he was involved in a gun battle outside carol senior high school, sending students into a panic. erica rakow is live in miami gardens to tell us
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police are looking for. >>reporter: miami-dade schools police say stanley ragin is a known gang member. there were warrants out for his arrest for other crimes committed and they say he is the one who was seen running away from the school yesterday afternoon. take a look at this. police release this picture hoping you can help them track down stanley raginin he's a 19-year-old with a violent history. police say he was seen running away from miami carol city senior high school after a shoot-outyesterday. >> a gunshot, boom, boom, boom, and kids start running. >> they said it was a real alert andnd students must go inside and stay there. >>reporter: students outside and people who live in the area say tt felt like a war zone. bullets hit the fence and pierced windows on the school. school had already let out but with 50 kids
5:26 am
activities, school was put on lockdown. >> there were professionals that were educator in addition to that, there were about 50 udents still on campus participating in extracurricular activities. >>reporter: someone driving here on northwest 183rd street started shooting at someone walking in front of the school. >> it's shameful that the sanctity of a school has been violated again. >>reporter: anan so there are surveillance cameras here and we're told that it captured everything. so of course police are reviewing that v veo, looking for some more clues, but in the meantime they are looking to your help. if you know stanley ragin, you know where he could be, you know ything that could help police put this to rest, they want to hear from you, you can call crimestoppers, refamous anonymous, of course.
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news. just jumping from the sword. >> first on 10 a man struck by a sword-swinging suspect. we shared the story first here on local 10. he says he was on the job at the swap shop on sund when this guy walks in, identified as javon walker, he charged at him, repeatedly striking him with t sword. he says he tried to run away but was slammed to the ground. >> you thought you were going to die. >> yes, of course. i think he going to kill me. >> he had to have surgery to repair nerve damage to his arm. he says he still canan feel two of his fingers. >> that attack alsoo caught on camera. he told us he had to get18 stitches after being hit with a pole at a
5:28 am
police are hoping you'll recognize the woman you're about to seen this video. she walks up to the home, grabs theackage and stuffs it inside her purse. that package contained medication for the hohoowners's 14-year-old son and that medication does cost about $100. an arrest has been made after a deadly crash involving a porsche on new year's day in key biscayne. 17-year-old medina was arrested. police say he was behind the wheel of a porsche when he lost control and last killing an 18-year-old woman who was a passenger in@ the back seat. another passenger was so injured. the state expected to prosecute medina as an adult. two sheriff's deputies are dead following a shooting at a maryland shopping center. those deputies called out to a panera bread on wednesday. that's where david brian evans was seated. investigators were able
5:29 am
with two warrants out for his arrest including one right here in florida. the u.s. justice department has filed a civil rights lawsuit in the city of ferguson. the suit accuses the city of violating resident's rights and misusing law enforcement in order to get revenue. we are following the very latest on an historic sit-down. pope francis will meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. he left moscow today saying a few words befofo leaving for the island nation. local 10's hatzel vela will be live in cuba covering this historic meeting. look for his reports p.m. now to the latest on the zika virus. the u.s. olympic
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puts minds at ease on this. the committee has hired two specialist to advise athletes. hope solo told sports illustrated if the olympics were held now, she would not go. >> two contenders for the nomination for president are dropping out. both chris christie and carly fiorina have decided to leave the race after disappointing finishes in iowa and new hampshire. those@ candidates are gearing up for the next primary held in south carolina on february 20th. and now there's a battle brewing between john kasich and jeb bush. bush has already started an attack on kasich in south carolina by mentioning that the ohio governor accepted federal dollars to expand medicaid under the affordable care act. marco rubio's campaign is hoping the
5:31 am
recover if his fifth placee finish in new hampshire. his manager says it could extend the nomination fight to may, maybe even the republican national convention. that's in july. meantime democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders will meet again& tonight in wisconsin, this time for a pbs debate. according to the latest poll, hilary rodham clinton and trump are heading into south carolina as front-runners with double-digit lead. you watched our campaign yesterday to get people to register to vote. the dead line is february the 16th. head to to find out how to register. the miami boat show kicks off today. >> it's movivi to an iconic site in virginia key and that's where we find hold 10 news reporter ben kennedy who loves this event every single year. >> yeah.
5:32 am
be my fifth or sixth year covering thievent so a lot of history here at the miami international boat show. what a tough assignment. we are live here for the first time ever at miami marine stadium. first we are live on the mako 33 4. this is a 33 foot long boat. it can hold 336 gallons of fuel. a very cool water craft. it uses joy stick technology to move up and down in the water. in fact, in the captain's chair i have kathy, the boat show director. this is her 21st year. >> me. >>reporter: what can this site offer that the convention center did not? >> we're obviously really, really excited to present the 75th edition of the boat show. what this location offers really is the opportunity for us to put everything in one location so we've
5:33 am
convention center of exhibits so all of the boats are here in one place. connecting all sites through free water taxi and shuttle bus. >>reporter: despite the cold you're expecting a pretty big turn-out. >> we'll have over 100,000 people coming from all 50 states over 80 countries and they are all here to buy. this is a serious buying opportunity. >> today is the premier. a ticket will run you about $35. the rest of the time the entry is 20 bucks. the boat show is at 3501 rickenbacker causeway on virginia key. the event will run until monday. guys, one of the big concerns with this new location was parking and traffic,ood news this year, they are offering a water taxi service that will take you to and from downtown miami.
5:34 am
to find out which one is closest to you. reporting live in virginia key, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> only seems appropriate you take a water taxi to go to the boat show. >> i heard people like that, it's one of the coolest things to do in south florida. it's all rolled up into one. we'll check in with you later, ben. have a if one. details ming up in the sports wrap. plus a scare on live tv, a man caught on camera waving a gun. now policere looking to find him. every weekend you canake up with us starting at 5:00, expanding our local news here on local 0.
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5:00 a.m.. this saturday. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and papainto it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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now. wednesday's event honored fallen canines from as far back as 176. decades later each of the stories were told by officers who were the canines' partners. >> what these canineses do, the way they sacrifice themselvess without thinking twice not just for the police officer but really f all of us. listening to these animals who have done all of these things to keep us safe is really kind of moving. >> it touched on how canine deaths are a
5:37 am
rest of the country. good thursday morning, south florida. it is a chilly one out there. you're going to need those sweaters and jackets as temperatures have dropped down to the 40s. 49 degrees in ft. lauderdale. 50 miami. 58, that cool air is as far south as the keys. it feels much cooler to the skin and i wouldn't be surprised as we approach sun rise at 7:00 if miami does drop down to the upper 40s. currently a temperature of 48 degrees in pembroke pines. 47 pompano beach as well as kendall and homestead. 55 degrees in marathon. winds out of the northwest anywhere between seven and even nine miles per hour. these temperatures are seven and even 12 degrees cooler. we're not the only ones dealing with the wind chill factor. notice the all air temperature was 49 in ft. lauderdale but you factor in the northwest wind and it was like 47. it feels like t 20s
5:38 am
carolinas. we do have mid and high level clouds jt lingering. we're going to see a lot more sunshine today in the forast all thanks to high pressure just to the north is providing for that northwest wind, our cool air connection ead of another front that's going to be moving and going into saturday. ok at this lake-effect snow continuing to effect parts of the northeast and into the great lakes. behind this front we havenother one starting to develop over the dakotas. that will affect us early next week. we talked about the ridge of high pressure to the west providing for record heat up and down theest coast, but the dip in the jet stream, that trough has allowed for the cold arctic air to spill as far south as south florida. it will be a cold start, a mild afternoon as highs will be in the upper 60s but still below average. average high this time of year, 78 degrees.
5:39 am
that by tomorrow. bring us cooler air going to the weekend as well. boaters, we do have a small craft caution. look how the temperatures rebound. warm as we go into thursday and as friday and saturday that is and then sunday we wait for that next front to move in increasing rain chances monday and tuesday and then we'll be cool again by wednesday. it's a roller-coaster, constance. >> making me crazy. >> i know. good morning, everyone. want to start thing off at the macarthur causeway. things are looking great if you're head to the beach. eastboundanes closer to me. obviously that's miami beach in the distance. those folks heading into miami thi morning. all of our major bridges looking good. the only area where we are seeing some slowdowns this morning is u.s. 1 happening just south of the turnpike. it looks like actually our southbound lanes on u.s. 1 experiencing some
5:40 am
right in this location. this is u.s. 1 southbound south of the turn pike h he and those speeds at about 15 miles per hour likely just some stop and go traffic. all right. let's get to the palmeteo expressway. if you're traveling eastbound starting at ludlam road, 67th avenue heading towards the glades, at this point nothing to slow you down, no construction crews, no accidents. going to take you five minutes. obviously as the morning progresses, it'ss going to change in your travel speedsdsnd it's going to take you roughly ten minutes to get to t t golden glades. >>reporter: good thursday morning. i'm will manso with your cal 10 morning sports wrap. hassan whiteside could be hearing from the spurs office. not pretty. whiteside was ejected. team sent him home before talking to reporters. kobe and lebron showing respect for each other last night in cleeld.
5:41 am
thth city in his nba career. hit hard by lebron on the pass there, obviously unintentional but still heent down hard. kobe knocking down three before he gets fouled. kobe left the gameto a big ovation. gets the hug from lebron. cleveland crowd honoring one of the all-time greats. kobe and lebron will meet one more time in l.a. return home tomorrow ght and host the blues. six different players scored goals including jajamir jagr as the cats beat the sabers-4. mexico is taking on senating l last night. 72nd minute was scoreless until jesus buenas buries the header. mexico wins 2-nil.
5:42 am
there on the field. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. right now police are looking for a man who was waving a gun on live tv. >> he was smiling about it but police say this is no laughing matter. we have the video for you next. >>let's talk a live look outside our ft. lauderdale tower camera. here's what you can't see, it's cold. some temps alreadydyn the 40s across south florida. get ready. that is what your
5:43 am
look like. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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5:52 right now. three people recovering after a crash on pompano beach. thee crash happening around 6:00 shutting down part of that highway. landing inhe southbound lanes, that roadway has since reopened.
5:45 am
72-year-old man beaten at a gas station in california. this here is surveillance video. it shows the man reach into his truck bed, grab what looks like a pipe. the victim has several broken bones in his face and body. the suspect is on the run and considered armed and dangerous. a loaded gun and ski mask was found on the bus. another student said they found a student stash the gun. police say it's up clear what his intentions were or how he got the wpon to begin with. and a man appeared to wave a handgun behind a television news reporter during a live broadcast in new york city. now police are looking for him. it all happened as a reporter spoke about the trial of a man shooting and killing a man in a brooklyn apartment complex. >> that's scary stuff. >> could you imagine if
5:46 am
scene and that happened? >> no. it certainly happened to our colleagues last year. beyonce continues to ke headlines with this new song. >> coming up next why people are trying to boycott the queen bey. they say he's armed and dangerous. still ahead how you can
5:47 am
the streets. eyonce fans are going to go ahead and protest her later this month. calls to boycott beyonce are ghering serious steam after the super bowl half time show. plenty of people were upset she sang the song "formation" protesting the black lives movement. that has sparked calls for beyonce supporters who hold a downer protest.t. members of the rock group mana have a star
5:48 am
they sold more than 40 million records. a homeowner in california paying tribute to his late father in the home he grew up inn through photographs big enough to cover an entire house. the home is falling apart so he sold taxi the latest art exhibit will stay up until it's torn down in march. decorations are usually something you do for christmas or halloween. >> look at it. it's filled with flashing four foot hehets and sweet valentines wishes. the family says they invite the entire community to share kiss. >> you can't make this stuff up. i don't know what their family name is? they are the lovings. reminder, guys, this weekend. >> get it together. you have until sunday. our top story this morning, the search is on to find a shoot-out suspect. >> police consider him
5:49 am
say he's a known gang member. ahead at 6:00 what you need to know and the
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brought into county. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a a baru. developing right now, search for a shooter. teen wanted after shots are fired outside a high school.
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a car slams into a miami motorcyclist. caught on camera, a woman steals the medicine from a child outside herome. the coolest temperatures we've seen this winter. this is wh i do during the commercial break. >> hopefully you still have the opportunity this morning to wrap yourselves up in a blanket. you need it. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> jacey birch. we're freezing. inside, outside, it esn't matter. the temperatures are cold out there. >> it's nice as we are seeing those winds moving in from the northwest providing for a chill in the air. it's been a very refreshing week for us here in south florida. a lot of you haven't been using your ac you're going toeed sweaters and jacket, scarfs, blanks, whatever to keep you warm. pompano beach, pembroke
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