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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 12, 2016 2:33am-3:00am EST

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>> he throws his phone. [ siren ] >> whoa whoa whoa. don't text and drive, bro. >> okay, my bad, n. >> he's like, you got me, you got me. all right, it's cool. busted. >> distracted drivers should pay >> you're in the way, the light's red, pay attention. [ car horn ] >> the light's red. >show's over, so go enter that buzz word and get ready to watcus on the next "right this minute"! it's a disturbing attack on two women with children nearby and something else.
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>> a story that landed a mom and grandmother in hot water. there's not only a pithen in those plants. >> there's a clutch of eggs there. >> how snake handlers got a bunch of babies where they belong. a truck on a slippery road heads for a guy on a scooter. >> somehow the rider was able to grab onto the truck? >he way to survive when push comes to shove. plus the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini.. and look who is hanging with the supercross stars. >> who are making it look easy. >> what ittakes for this dude to finally pull the wheelie of his dreams. >> yeah! this video is a little disturbing to watch. >> these three women are approaching this family. it's a grandmother, a mom and her children. sitting down on a blanket. >> what the heck just happened? >> the mom was breastfeeding her baby.
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>> she took the baby and hits the mom repeatedly. you see the children starting to scatter. now they turn to the grandmother and they start telling her off, too. >> oh, my gosh. >> now they're beating up the grandmother? that's got to be over more than just breastfeeding. >> i'm suspicious, too. >> watch as the camera pans around. you'll see why these folks are so upset. >> there it is. >> that's a vodka bottle, y'all. the mom and the grandmother apparently drink often with the kids around like that. they're drunk. and the breastfeeding mother was so drunk she couldn't even stand up. so these other women walk up and see this happening again and they just let loose on these two women. >> hold on a second that is wrong. clearly you should not be doing that. but don't attack someone else like that. just go over, take the kids away. they're not going to fight you back,,hey're drunk, anyway. >> but look at t t pile of drinks. >> this is not a one-time deal this is a recurring situation and they did take the children awayay
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and guess what, once they got to the hospital, there was alcohol found in those babies' systems. authorities did get involved. checked out the house, the living situation seemed okay but the breastfeeding mom was fined for dare election of duties. >> i'm happy that there was some sort of intervention and hopefully the alcohol abuse of kids stops there. but this is just the wrong way to go about it. you could have really hurt any one of those people and then what? >> they need help. they didn't need a beating, they need serious medical help. >> well i don't condone the violence, especially in front of the children, a piece of me complete understands, hopefully everybody involved gets the help that they need. our good buddies at the sunshine coast snake catchers are at it again. this time instead of one snake they need to relocate. that's clutch of eggs there, 14 d it's a python. >> a good breakfast.
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thing he does is relocate mom. then, he's like just relocate the python. >> she's not venomous, once he gets her in the bag, he lass to get the babies, and be very, very careful. >> the key with thehe guys they can't be tossed or turned or flipped or anything like that. up. straight in. eggs. >> theyyere altogether. that a was really cool. >>e incubated them for six weeks a then it's time to release them. what's really interesting is how small they are. they look like worms. but they're ready for the world. >> oh, my gosh. >> big worms. >> very big worms. >> holy smokes, that's gnarly. >> think about it he's investing in his business's future. 17 more of them out there. you guys soon. >> but he relocates them to the wild, not to the suburbs. now this snake -- a little
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>> there one is 17 feet long. this is in northern queensland. some people said they went behind their trailer one morn and found this - >> looking a bit roomy in the middle there. >> has anyone seen the family dog? >> it's australia. you know, it's just part of the circle of life. just glad it wasn't my foot. this driver driving down the ad and you can see right about here starts losing control as he's pulli up to that bridge right here. you can see the rails. you see that? that's the bridge, he's going there and he's going quick. >> okay, ay, okay. guardrails, do your thing. keep me on the road -- yes! >> can you imagine if you're feeling like this?
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he hits the guardrdrl fortunately, yes, it does its job, it continues spinning a little bit. but stops right at the end. >> that's why it's so dangerous on those conditions, you can be 0en a dead straight road and even then you can get so out of shape like that. >> and luck maybe comes into play. i don't know if in this one. but definitely n this next video, check out this guy on the scooter. there's a truck coming straight at him. seemingly out of control. and watch this. >> overtaking maneuvers. why -- oh! >> somehow the rider was able to grab on to thee truck. not get launched under the wheels of the truck. as it pushes the scooter and the man all the way over to the side over here. and the guy is able to just -- climb out. >> i think in this case it's the icy conditions that save you. >> you're exactly right. instead of getting caught up on the pavement and getting run over because of the friction.
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way. >> everything happens in a way where this guy just survives. >> what do you do with the rest of your day now? >> everything! it's time to give away another ipad mini. to enter you'll need thursday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s resident. >> the rtm buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by for the ipad give away. crime videos from the four corners of the world all caught on cctv. starting in malaysia at a late-night dining area. you see this bike turn up with two people on. the guy on the back gets off, still wearing his helmet. you see just there, the light catch as huge machete. he walks off camera. about 50 people just come tearing out of this restaurant. terrified as to what's going on. >> what is going on? >> the guy with the machete
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look at this, guys. oh no! >> this guy almost gets him, almost looks like he catch as bit of the chair and they run off camera towards the kitchen. it continues, the guy bng chased slips on the floor. hi attacker goes for him he ends up on his back. the guy stays on his floor blocking the machete with his arm before running through his back. the guy ever so casually walking back outside jumping on the back of that motor bike andnd heading off. >> this is vicious. >> the first video, violence. i think you guys will likik the second one from russia. this like loose like he's testing out this cub board. can you see what he's rlly doing is peeking over his shoulder at this lady. he's one of the employees, he's waiting until she's not looking. and then -- >> he makes a grab for this box, so he goes to the left. and then wait here comes the employee. >> the terminator grabs him.
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jumps on top and even puts him in a double arm lock. one of her assistants comes in and tries to grab the phone, almost grabs the stapler instead. as the other lady, miss terminator puts the guyuy in full down lock before the cops get there. >> you go, girl. >> he was looking for an easy steal. he ends up eating floor. do you suffer from texting frustration? if so, there's -- >> a brand new app to solve all of these texting problems. >> why this app may help release irritation. and rock climbing on another level. >> is it twe climbing? see what the thrusting is all about. >> the harder you pole, the more stuck it's goingngo get. choose 3 of 10 favavites to enjoy on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create.
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>> announcnc: closed captioning provided by --kind of like this look. i'i'calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. or the auto correct, that's annoy annoying. not to mention, texting is distractg. >> what if i told you there was an easier way to get in touch with someone. >> oh, okay. >> yeah, there are big problems with texting in today's society.
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>> i have a solution, a brand new app to solve all these texting problems. >> introducing phone. >> guess what, your phone has the app already. >> what is that thing? how does it work? >> just launch the app. select your contact. and be connected within seconds. >> 911 what's the nature of your emergency. >> i think i'm dying. >> it's that easy. >> now, now, flacksh back to when texting first became a thing. at first you would just go pint, question mark. five minutes you could just go straight to it. >> time-saving. >> but it kills our communicatio >> that's the other side of the coin where i'm going to go maybe we should sort of talk more. >> especially as a single person. one more brother texts me, i'm going to put my head through the
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>> available now on your phone. >> there's balance. just call your friends every once in a while. i do call my friends. but then i text them a lot. >> because we can't slackline, i have this video of people that do it recently well. >> as these guys in hawaii, stepp out on to this slackline and make it look super easy. and beautiful. >> i don't knoww that i have any real desire to do this. but i wish i could, anyway. >> you don't want to snd the time to learn. it would be cool to go wee. >> that's a great place to go and do it. it gives you an idea of what they have to do to get it set up. >> they show you everything that it takes, the little details that make slacklining over some of these gorgeous locations possible. but not just that. i do love that they show us some fails. because ofofntimes we only see the successful walks across the line. in this one we see some of the guys falling right over the line. >> it's still super cool it took them a long time to actually make this happen.
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were able to capture this super-cool video. >> now fromslacklining to rock climbing, this guy's got some moves. >> this is twerk climbing? what's going on here? >> just trying to shake some rocks loose? >> no, his gear is stuck so he's trying to pull the gear out of the wall. >> well, that's exactly what he's designed to do. >> that's why you have this. you put it in, it doesn't come out. so i guess you would say well, it's working. >> doi its job. >> it is funny. everyone else thinks so, including the climber stuck up there. they keep on laughing. duck hunters come across a buck. >> i find it so bizarre that it's not moving. >> it's in total statue mode. you know what the buzz is all about, so don't miss the buzz word for your shot to win
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considerations provided by -- healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist recommended. garlique. itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizers plus aextra strength itch fighter. gold bond . relief starts now. this bucks not what some georgia deer hunters were looking for. but their experience and interaction with him are noting what you're going to expect. there's the buck, it knows some humans are there and i want you to notice something, its ant letters are only one size. the buck stands still while the guy slowly approaches and pets it on the neck. i find it so bizarre that it's not moving. it's not evenooking at this guy. maybe it's got a kink in its neck. so it can't move it backck >> or this buck has already been
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that's just -- >> it does eventually just mosey away. it is interesesng that they have that interaction with a buck. i mean that's a buck. they don't nororlly stick around so you can pet it this is an elk, and this elk is a gentle giant this is in montreal, the family is on one of those driving safas. and this man hands this little girl a carrot. >> aw, you're right, they're super gentle. >> the best part is when she does the jump after hetakes it but then it's like, hey, you got any more? >> give it some crackers. >> they didn't give it any more, but as dad slowly drives away. it walks off, like oh, the carrots dried up here.
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supercross? yes! the monster energy supercross is racing its way across the country. this past weekend they came through phoenix, arizona. and i was lucky enough to get down to thehe stadium and check it out. now if you remember last year, i got a little bit of training from cooper webb. cooper went on to win the championship. so the kind folks at the supercross invited me back because obviously i had something to do with cooper's win. >> of course. i'm sure it was all your advice. >> totally. >> good luck. >> so i just would like to say you're welcome now. for absorbing somom of my ju-ju. skill. >> this timee they put me with two other guys, mitchell harrison and alex martin. two racers in the 250 class. >> i love that they're l lking at you like you're crazy. >> they know what's in froth of them. >> we went racing around the infield here. the guys showboating a little bibi off the bat. >> you guys are doing a great job!
2:53 am
>> i love your coaching skills. >> you guys are fast learners. >> i want do learn how to do a wheelie. >> let's do some wheelies. >> mitchell harrison giving me a little bit of instruction here. >> making it look easy. then it's my turn. >> this could go very, very wrong. >> you almost had it. you got some front wheel up. >> i got a lot riding on me. a lot of media guys come through here, making fools. >>dy it! let's try it again. >> yeah! [ chcers and applause ] >> so proud of you. >> no more fooling, they were so impressed with my ability that they invited me back the next night to do this. >> gentlemen, start your engines! >> ha! i was the official grand marshal kicking off the race in phoenix.
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have been beaming. >> i loved every second of it. i loved that these guys invited me back. the monster energy supercross is so much fun to watch. they have racesvery weekend. weekend. they race through may. get out and check them out. i think these are some of the best athletes in professional sports. >> so cool. it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need the buzz word, be at least8 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head on over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. you can use each every day.y. >> let's reveal thursday's buzz word is halo. >> so get on over to and click on the win ipad button. and enter thursday's buzz word. h-a-l-o, halo. >> today we're also going to be having a bonus give away where one lucky person can win a flat-screen tv.
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he's working his magic with the ladies. look at the face of the girl on the left-hand side. >> she could not be less intetested in what's going on. >> but see what happens when the enchantment begins. weeding is normally a a drag. but when you've got a wombat, it can be fun.
2:56 am
they take innjured animals, so they can rehab them and get them back into the bush. millions of people have fallen in love with sandi. >> i'm not seeing any weeding, i'm just seeing fun. >> kind of hard to get things done wn sandi, the wombat is running around, smiling, looking for back rubs. >> i would volunteer for this job any day. >> good news this is a volunteer sanctuy, they're always looking for volunteer help. if you think weeding is difficult withandi around, how about filming the irrigationon that's just as tough. >>&it's like having your dog around. because your dogs always want tention. you're trying to get stuff done and your dog is like hey, hey. >> i never knew that wombats were so cute and friendly. i imagined them to be a bit more aggressive. >> they're definitely cute, but not very helpful. >> pups love the swing.
2:57 am
>> he doesn't like the swing. >> oh, pretty serious. e's serious! >> magic, i love magic, i'm feeling magic, i've got some "right this minute" pliaying cards, pick a card, take it remember it, put it back in the pack. great, and with magic, there's your card -- >> no! >> of course not! >> this is from the magic fergie channel is goini to show a simple trick. in fact he's going to wear a go pro. you can see it from his perspective as women. it's all about rabbits. >> every good magician has a rabbit. if you're a really good magician, you probably gotp two of them. look at the face of the girl on the left-hand side. she could not be less interested in what's going on. but then -- the magic begins. >> how do you choose one, momma or@ poppa? >> she asks for the momma. he puts one in her hand, puts
2:58 am
>> all you have to do is say poppa come to momma. >> check this out, did you feel anything? >> no. >> check it out. >> suddenly she's got two in her hand. the first magic trick was he got her to crack a smile. >> i can't enjoy it i've constantly sitting here thinking how did he do it. >> he grabs the two, puts them back in her hand and realizes i've made a mistake. >> did i give you both? >> no. that means they're alone in there. open them up. oh boy! >> this is why i love this. this is the purest form of magic, it's just close up, sleight of hand and still a little more at the end. >> we'll use this little one right here. we'll get you to just blow on it. that will make it disappear. but they always come back right under the arm. ta-da! >> it shows the beauty of it l. >> i like the little kid.
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next time on "right this minute"! -- captions by vitac -- t ts morning on "world news now," democratic face to face. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders and their first debate since the new hampshire primary. the tense back and forth over issues from foreign affairs to feminism. our politital team has it covered. prison scandal. it's not inmates in handcuffs. it's prison guards. dozens of them. the investigation into drugs, money, and corruption. tax man in troublbl
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was he granning favors to a marijuana dispensary? >> and later defying gravity. okay, look for maximum impact with a new music video. are these special effects? it's friday, february 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. >> i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'meena ninan. we're going to begin with the democratic showdown. hilly clinton and bernie sanders clashing in debate number six. >> the two candidates faced off in milwaukee last night. tangling over health care, immigration and big money donors, and they each made a pitch for the crucial minority vote. >> it's your voice, your vote. our coverage begins with abc's bazi kani. >> reporter: still smarting from her double digit defeat in new hampshire, hillary clinton


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