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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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victim and their families. >> todd: in an exclusive interview to the police about starting overment h future and how he managed to get his departmentn >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> >> neki: good saturday morning south florida. it is february 13th. we're here a little earlier today. just a tid bit. >> todd: just a tid bit. >> neki: a tiny imit. >> i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. thank four waking up with us at 5:50. we'll be here each and every morning. is any one watching? if you're watching hit us up on twitter. >> >> neki: >> todd: yeah. >> neki:ennifer is here. dark and early. >> jennifer: even darker and earlier. >> and i will say this, by this afternoon you will not need sweart. the cool days we've had the past coh days has come to an end. right now in the 50s, that's
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the winds arere calm. meanwhile key west way light breeze. no rain open the radar. nice and clear for us all across south florida and even down into the south. there's a very weak cold front that's draping across the northern gulf of mexico and central florida. that will sweep through today. just bring us a shift i the wind a bit and increase the wind speeds later on today. here's a look at head for the rest of vat valentine's day weekend. it looks nice and snugly and comfy. i'll have more details on your seven day coming up. yim neki. >> neki: thanks jen. and we begin with a three car crash investigation that left a young girl dead. dip tee say that crash happened at the tam mull shan ter boulevard andock island road. deputies say the young victim was pronounced dead on the scene. hospital. >> todd: pope francis saving warm welcome in nu mexico last night with music and dancing.
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was in cuba where he met with the leader of the russian orthodox church. for nearly a thousand years the two churches refused to see eye to eye. >> todd: enter pope francis and a spirit of unity in all places cuba. hatzel vela has been in cuba covering this historic meeting. he joins us now with he detail. >> reporter: this is an amazing story. if you think about it, these are two men who have never met and their churches have been at odds for centuries and in just three hours thal has changed. > the key word was brotherhood. >> reporter: brotherhood in what they said and how they acted. a la ter ga call kiss symbolic of the brotherhood that has been ruptured for almost a thousand years. >> two accepting each others as brothers. >> r rorter: pope fran sifs the catholic church and pay tree
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urch exchange more than just reegdz and gissments come together for a three hour meeting here at month say marty international airrt in havana. >> and the pay tree ark says bawfortz conversation they had, he can entour both churches can work together and defend christians from around the world. >> pope francis thinks are biable and can get done. they focused on issues likee defensive life, marriage and the persecution in the middle east. >> after this meeting i think that manymportant initiatives will be possible. cultural. chair aifnlt geological. >> reporter: thing that brought them apart now bring them together. it's what francis and other foap popes have wanted for a long time.
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leave knong he triumphed. and by no means this is the end of this mission for pope francis. we understand now he with wants to eventually visit russia and eventually visit china, a country that the pope has not visited in quite some time. reporting in havana hatzel develop a. local 10 news. >> todd: and after the meeting the pope landed in mexico city to start the five davis it there. they gave him the red carpet. they put on quite show for the pope'sirst visit. >> that show featured a mariachi band and singing and dancing a and massive crowd as they waited the popops arrival. after a meeting between pope francis and several catholic
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the motorcade took him away from the airport a crowds of streets lined as he drove by. and they will meet a and disis tuesday violence and community suffering from of poverty. >eki: americans will soon be able to board a commercial flight from havana cuba to miami. there wille daily flights to havana and ten to other cities on the airlines. u.s. airlines will bid on the routes and need approval from washington and havana. >> todd: and a car jack with a baby insnse. sent police on a wild chase all over south florida and in theback seat, that precious cargo, a 10-month-old baby later found safe and sound. >> neki: and now this morning we're learning more about the teen that police say was behind the wheeln local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic live in fort lauderdale with the latest on this story. good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. we're learning more about the teen involved mt. car jack that
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pairntly he is barely able to drive himself.@ only 16 years old. heaz been in foster care since september. police arrested him yesterday. let's get you now to the video. brian jean as you see there keptt his head low friday afternoon after he was taken into police custody seen here being escort into the er by two fort lauderdale police officers with with a medical evaluation. police say he wa one responsible for a car jack monday afternoon outside the fort lauderdale laundromat located on sunrise boulevard. in the back stheeft car as you mentioned, a baby, a 10-month-old baby was sleeping. en an amber alert and an all search to find low really. and the baby was then found safe in the car at mick neigh b nab road.that teen is facing charges this morning. he is expected to appear from a
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sniem is weekend. we'll keep you posted. reporting live in fort lauderdale. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> neki: a second suspect arrested in connection to the shooting at carol senior high from wednesday. that incident is one of a string of shootings that has miami-dade county under fire. reagan was seen running from carol city high with a gun shortly after wednesday's shooting. leaders are now thank the community saying at rest would not have been possible without their cooperation. >> we're just trying to get the community to start speak up about the violence going on. >> it was using information from the community that decided to break the code of silence that we were able it to make these arrests. >> neki: carol city high school was again placed on lockdown yesterday could to nearby fire. >> todd: the man accused in that sworld wield ago tack made his first court appearance. police arrested 22-year-old walker after he allegedly talked two different victim. now facing several charges
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you might recall thvment how could you forget? walker tacked an innocentel dirly man at a gas station with a pie. he the man left with bruise on hi face and then he walked to the swap shot and grabbed a samurai sword and began strike atn proi ee there. and we're talking about one student and 12 students killed. coming up the mother of one of the infamous shooters breaking her silence after more than two decades. >> todd: and evaluate enties this is this weekend. valentine's day weekend. you mayy be looking for love but be careful the opportunity nifort crooks outv there looking to scam. christina will have more when we come back. >> jennifer: and i'll have the full forecast. but first good morning to you miami. clear skies out there. in the 50s right now in the morning but in the afternoon much warmer temperature expected.
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>> neki: we're hearing for the first time from the mother of columbine kille dylan clee bell. sue clee well gavav her first tv interview toayenne sawyer. she talks about what life would be since her son dylan and school mate harris killed 24 people and injured 24 before killing themselves a at columbine high school. sue says she has lift lifd with the guilt ever since then. >> the one thing i of course want to say is i'm so sorry for what my son did, yet i know that saying i'm sry is such an inadequate response to all this suffering. there never a day that goes by where i don't think of the people that dylan harmed. >>
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thought her son would do anything so horrific. in a book next week she tells her story and help o her parents to o- potential sign of trouble about their children. she will submit the proceeds to charity. >> todd: and main lost his arm maifn who he stolele pair of sneaker ran him over with his car. 17-year-r-d leadged robber getting in the car of a man he meton craig's list. that teen pulled a gun on the seller and then demanded the sneaker. the teen walked out of the car and sudden lit suv drive we and pins him causing the jish. both the teenn and driver were arrested. >> neki: well as valentine's daypproaching. it is tomorrow if you for go. saw the guy on the street corner if you need to buy something for him. >> todd: a teddy bear. >> neki: be careful of scammers targeting lonely hearts on line. >> todd: and christina joins
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dating scwam and introduces you to south florida match mers connecting to you people the old way. >> reporter: while you are searching for your soul mate on on line, watch out for scammers. >> shirley massson says maintried to con her friend out of thousands of dollar with a claim his daughter needed emergency medical treatment. >> now is the time i need your support my love and a hope and believe you had will help us out. >> third e-mail. cruel con artist targeting throne bli amount to thehe highest a. financial losses when it comes to other on line c cmes. >> and we're talking about people out thousand of dollars week. call and ask them both ooflts and that's wre eli say they help people find love the old fashions way. >> with a a modern day match
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and conduct background jafnlings ask for goal and values and dating history. and then we do our magic. we get together to decide who they we think would be a match to this person and we go out and scout as well. >> but they don't share pictures. the pair looking for love see each other for the first time in person. >> because chemistry is something only can imrerns sow have to meet the person and you won't know it's there until you look them in the eye. >> reporter: it's how steve if i, a man who claims a woman on line tried to to con him out of money. >> met his new love. whether you meet someone in person or find someone on line, these love experts say here's what to look for. >> core value the most porchl honesty. someone who is kind. >> when it come to on line dating sites, the fbi internet climb complaint center say scammers will set ape safe profile.
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looks something out of a glam mer magazine and a plea for financial assistance is certainly a red flag well. have much me on a scam and information on background checks on the local in the news room. christina vasquez. local 10 news. >> jew well, it certainly is nice weather outside for anything you want to do. >> todd: oh man, last couple of days is awesome. when we did our don't miss the register to vote. i got a sun burn so started packing mirks my. >> jennifer: sunscreen. >> neki: you should be pack jennifer a. >> jennifer: you should wear right. >> todd: all right all ready. sunblock team here. >> neki: just kidding. south florida. it is a cool start for us. but also temperature are warming.
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warmer temperature as we continue on through the rest of the weekend. beautiful here in south florida in the 50s all across broward and miami-dade. 63 for marathon and key west. a little colder for southwest areas of the peninsula. meanwhile a calm breeze. fort lauderdale and miami. a light wind for homestead out of northwest at six miles per hour. north wind for the keys and march thoofnt it's a bit breezy. a ten miel miles per hour. as far as the wind speeds go. winds will increase gradually ththughout today and especially by tomorrow. on the radar you can see no rain to speak of a and the cloudsre there but very few of them. a mainly clear start for us. hi pressure in control croos the central u.s. it's pushing out towards the east and helping push this cold front you see draped across central florida. it's actually very hard too distinguish. a few clouds associated with that boundry but n n much rain as you can see. very weak front. not going to bring us much of a cool down.
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that nice and dry air. so beautiful condition today. it will be warm. so if you're out there heading to the beach, use that sunscreen. drink your water. breezy conditions as we head into sunday. with wind will start to churn out of east by tomorrow. todafor the beachgoer a northwest wind tone 15 mileser hour. small craft operators should exercise with caution. bays with a moderate chop and seas two to 3 feet. and as a mentioned t will be warmer. highs today 63 degrees. tomorrow just slightly cooler with a hive 74 but you can notice a trend. we're heading back to 80s on tuesday. neki, todd. >> neki: all right. thanks a lot jennifer. main open the one, once a fugitive from georgia moving to florida to start a new life. >> todd: and that man speak exclusively to us about his one p and only journey decades in the making. his story coming up.
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(whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> todd: well, if you're look for something to doith your saturday, we have a few events around souou florida that might peek your interest. the mall is hosting a black history month celebration. hey dig. >> neki: i'm hosting. that. >> todd: okay well, why didn't you read it. >> neki: the panel starts at noon and journey will be there. >> todd: and you can get a glimpse at the art and coconut grove art festival. more than a mile of art schibtsts
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street today through monday. opens at 10:00 a.m. $15 to teafnltd kids ten and under always get in free. >> neki: all a good time. >> todd: and the bt show is another option down the road. miami boat show in a new location. miami marine stadium on virginia key. gates open at 10:00. tickets $25 for dawlts. two day fas available. kids ten and under get in free. get information on parking and uttle elz on our web site. best way to get there water taxi. >>eki: a miami-dade county commissioners and the black archives at theater held a special event to help the fm literacy in the black community. commissioner audrey remembererson welcomed guest at the renovated theater. the film's producer rick man this talked about us about his goals for the film.
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whether teaching people aboutfy nafnlts so the thing we want to do with the fim is take the conversation out of brooks brothers suits. we want to make it fun, make it prak ta clesm make it exciting jiet film sought out real people to speak about their own financial sit you aces and many thing in the black community. a very important topic. >> todd: now tie one and only exclusive a. main who escaped from prin more than 30 year ago was track down in south florid and rearrested last year. >> neki: that fugitive was grant parol after proving he he had turned his life around. he was living under the alias of larry jackson was arrested 34 years after he escaped prince o on n. that timim he started a business, raise famedly and work to become a good person. >> i have a lot of good pevment you just "to give them a chance.
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most of the time the good out weight bad. >> todd: austin's a any worked to prove his inmate had been reformed. after four months in prison he they felt the same way and he was eventually paroled. w he will legally change his name to jair lair jackson. >> neki: we did it. after the first half hour. don't go 234eu wrcht a lot more dom this morning including the test on the race for the white house. >> todd: the first of many more to come. head at 5:00, ray cap as donald trump visits south florida and other candidates weigh there on his use of foul language. follow us on twitter for
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>> neki: right nowt 5:30, a teen behind bars afterring with accused of stealing a car with a baby in the back seat. what we know now about the teenager.
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candidates take the stage for another debate. why some are calling for donald trump top clean up his act. >> neki: a fed ex driver called out by the play or of miami beach. the whole encounter caught on camera. what had mayor laveen saying enough is enough. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good saturday morning every one tsm is february 1-7b8g. i'm nekiohan. >> todd: yes, we've already had our dress rehearsal at 5:00. >> neki: exactly. if you're just joining us now. where have you been? >> todd: we start at 5:00. >> neki: if we have to be here, you have to be here too. jennifer here bright and early. always a rave sunshine and we'll have sunshine today. >> jennifer: yes, nice a a suy out there. beau bought weather for valentine's weekend weather. you're taken or single, will you enjoy it. w if you're leaded to the beach do, it. start offerly.
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temperatures are warming up quick though. school start. low to mid 50s in miami-dade and broward. low 60s. no rain to talk about on the radar. cloud cover way west of of us though ch clear skies to begin with. high pressure starting to take control croos the u.s. but you saw that front that's across centralllorida. very weak and it will sleep through by reenforcing nice and dry air for today. temperatures will warm up into those low 60s across miami-dade and broward by 9:00 a.m. neki and todd. >> todd: thank you jen. we have breaking news this morning out of little havana where we're told a teen airming there has been shot. local 10 news reporter layron livingston is there with the late breaking ge tails. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning weesm been trying to get in contact with miami-dade police. we spoke to one ofhe dispatchers who confirmed a 16-year-old here bruruto the hospital early this morning after this shooting.


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