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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 530AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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temperatures are warming up quick though. school start. low to mid 50s in miami-dade and broward. low 60s. no rain to talk about on the radar. cloud cover way west of of us though ch clear skies to begin with. high pressure starting to take control croos the u.s. but you saw that front that's across centralllorida. very weak and it will sleep through by reenforcing nice and dry air for today. temperatures will warm up into those low 60s across miami-dade and broward by 9:00 a.m. neki and todd. >> todd: thank you jen. we have breaking news this morning out of little havana where we're told a teen airming there has been shot. local 10 news reporter layron livingston is there with the late breaking ge tails. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning weesm been trying to get in contact with miami-dade police. we spoke to one ofhe dispatchers who confirmed a 16-year-old here bruruto the hospital early this morning after this shooting.
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10th avenue and southwest 5th street. we're hearing his father called there in around quun 15:00 this morning after he wases shot in the leg. we're not ectly sure or how he is doing n. that's information we're working to get surrounding the shooting c as soon as we have the information weecialtion bring to you here on local 10 and local 10 tot k078. but as you said a 16-year-old boy shot in the legal in little what snran and brought here to the hospital as soon as we have more information we'll bring to live to you. >> for now reporting at jackson hole layron livington. local 10 news. >> neki: and police were sent on a wil chase fran fik in south florida because in the back seat that car was this 10-month-old baby. she was late foirnd safe and sound. todd: and now this morning we're learning more about the teen police says was behind it all. >> neki: and now tsanela sa sa o bo virk live in miami beach sphwhoomplet good morning neki
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that teen wake up behind bars this morning. police say he was the one that car jacked a vehicle earlier this week with a sleeping baby inside thvment morning he is facing serious felony charges. >> brian jean kept his head low friday afternoon following haze rest. the 16-year-old is seen here being escorted we police to broward hedge medical center for an evaluatio after he was taken into custody police say he was the one responsible for a carjacking monday afternoon outside a fort lauderdale laundromat n. back stheeft car, a sleeping 10-month-old baby. an amber a whrert was issued and alan all out search to find a really va cas las could. > >> reporter: local ten was there when this mother was reunited her child. the baby foundafe hours way after the car jack a few mile way from that laundromat.
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morning that baby is okay as far as the suspect. police were ail to find jean as the suspect because his fingerprints were left inside that stolen car. he is expected to face a juvenile bond court judge at 134-point this weekend. reporting live in fort lauderdale. sa nel sa do bo vick. local 10 news. >> todd: a fast moving fire tearing through an auto body shopesterday afternoon. the flames struck the collision center on 6th avenue. this is exclusive cell phone video sent to us by a local 10 viewer. cars inside the shop at time of the fire. it wasn't just flames that firefighters had to contend. with the auto shop had sever flam able chemical inside as well threatening a explosion. it it took hours to get that firender control i and one man hurt in his leg while putting out the fire. no one else was hurt in the fire. it is believed the cars are a
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investigators a a still investigating what caused the fire jie. >> now to vote 2016, the campaign trail heads to south carolina. >> neki: trump and others ralliedn south carolina last night. trump has decided to pull all his negative ads in south carolina but still taca ted cruz on twitter. trump said quote if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative add i will stand to sue him for noting with a natural born citizen. entd quote. >> trump has also vowed to clean up his language on the campaign trail. i would bom the bleep out of them. and i she said say bleep. that's ter able. >> is any one here worried about the front running can indicate shouting out obscenities in front of children?
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>> neki: thas former govenor jeb bush taking trum top task for his lan gasmg meanwhile jeb's brother the former president george w bush will hit the campaign trail on n- south carolina on his behalf starting monday. >> todd: school grades are out. florida releasing school grade based on test give ain year alg. overall miami-dade school received a b grade. 167 received an a grade. 20 received f grades. broward county getting a b overall but of the 294 school. 84a's and 29f's.find out what the grade of your school was on local >> neki: police searching for a thief who was caught o camera breaking into a restaurant for bolt of wine. watch this man throws a cinder block into the l`s vegas cuban restaurant on sterling ad in hollywood. then he claims inside.
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bodeel of wine and an empty cash rig isster. getting away in a dark blu car way sun room. if you know this guy or recognize him, call crime stoppers. >> todd: also a miami beach mayor confronts a fed ex dririr who illegally parked on the street e. saw the fed ex truck parked on alton road and blocking a lane and posted his encoupe ter on you tube. >> let me ask you a question, what's the reason yu have the fed ex truck parked in the middle of the street. >> i don't have to wait for parking. >> explain that again. >> i don't have to wait for park. >> reporter: the video he capted the license plate number and the police later issued that driver a sigh citation. >> part of a statement of the the fed ex saying the video is not consistent with the professional limple dem o on straights in safely delivering packages to it's customers every day. >> neki: new this morning
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interim presms the winner will be sworn in on sunday. 13 candidates applied for that position. it will last 120 days. a applicants asked to pay an 8080-dollar fee. this comes a week after former presididt michelle martelly stepped down. >> todd: a teacherern arizona lost her yoarpg sister in a suspececd murder suicide at the high school where she works. the school on lockdown yesterday. two, 15-year-old girl died in the incident. she says she had no idea one of the victim was her sister but then one of the students heard. >> the students on the the phone there. friends with her and one of the students said it was may and her friend and that's when i called up to attendance and asked, company get my sister's schedule. i need to know where she was at for first period. they put me on hold for ten minutes and that's when i knew something was wrong. >> todd: investigators believe one of the girl shot the other
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the victims may have been in a relationship. >> neki: two california teens facici charges after police found knives inside their cars. >> todd: coming up why students say the arrests are unjustified. >> neki: and a bizarre accident investigation underway in boston ave woman was killed while driving her car on the highway. that story is next.
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>> neki: two california teen suspended from school for having knife in their cars will not face expulings. it happened in es con detorks northeast of san diego. both students suspended after they found pocket knives in the caca one said he bought it for protection and the other said the knives were from a family fishing trip. >> todd: and a car accident killing a woman in boston. it happened on the highway when an elementary school teacher was on her way twoncht the 200-pound met a all cover appeared dom loose and flip nothing the air window. >> neki: organizers making more demands following the death ave 2424ear old. the group twin cities coalition for just till 'tis for lamar rallied in minneapolis friday. this comes days after the biewr row of criminal apprehension finished it's investigation into the death.
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involved in clark's death to be charged with second degree rder orman slaughter. and they want those charges to come directly to the county attorney. >> by not pro ciews cuting those cops where a dozen of my neighbors saw commit a crime. they he iss sending a message they are boost law. >> we just want justice. no grand jmplet we want this to be a public thing. >> neki: legal experts say the trial that the protesters are demanding likely wouldn't happen. charge wahot by police in december. he was handcuffs when it happened but police contend he was not. >> todd: a kentucky lawmakers wants to make a point with her new bill about vie a gravment requiring women to see viagra before they can have an abortion. dm democrat marylou ro san say they would have to be married. see a dr. twice and have a written approval from doctors to
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statement saying they w wl only have sex with with their spouse. >> neki: on that note, valentine's day tomorrow. >> todd: yes, it is indeed. >> neki: yeses it s it will be a beautiful one, jen. >> jennifer: very beautiful todd and neki. right now temperature are cool right now but warming up quickly to the 70s now as far as the dry air that is stage with with us which is nice. we've had beautiful days so far in the baft week. temperature starting off in the the 50s across broward and miami-dade. 55 degrees in fort lauderdale. meanwhile 54 in ami. head count to down to the keys and it's in the the low six 50e6789s nice day to start off our saturday and the way the winds are cam. as you head south the winds pick up a little bit. six to 10 miles per hour winds out of the the north and northwest. homestead and keyest. >> today's winds will remain out of north. eventually an east wind returning by tomorrow. as far a a radar goes and satellite. nice and quite. i love to see thvment especially during the weekend no.
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even all day today. an ads far a the cloud cover ver goes, maybe one or two cloudsor the rest of the day. store. now w that said there is eye boundjy right here. there is a cold front. dry as you can see. no rain associated with thvment just some light cloud cover and high pressure taking over across the central u.s. so after this cool start it will be a warm afternoon. lots of sunshine. winds turn out of northeast later today and out of east by tomorrow. the with wind will ping a and making it a nice and breezy day for valentine's day on sunday. if you're heading out to the beach, use the sun screens, uv index is high. northwest winds 10 miles per hour. maybe gust hieger than that. surf one to 3 feet. slight rib rip current risk. small boaters craf exercise with caution. and seas two to 3 feet. here a day at seven day forecast. valentine day and president's day. a lot off us will be off on mornlg monday and weather should
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but by monday more cloud cover wiwi return and temperature will be warming back up to the upper e6789s even the over night lows will also warm up and it it looks like we'll stay like that for the rest of the week so. those cold temperatures we had this past week have come to an end. by the way, rain expect ond tuesday. neki, todd. >> neki: thank a lot jennifer.r. want to try some of thehe most tbawkd food and desserts of the year. >> todd: yes. >> all the south beach festival. >> todd: yes. >> do we wan to do that now. >> todd: yes. >> neki: y can go to the event. >> todd: local 10 is giving away tickets for the viewer. head over to the wplg facebook page and enter the contest. >> neki: it snot cheap. that would be a valentine's gift that would gover like a winner. >> todd: oh yeah. >> neki: i'm thyme type of gift. and cong up in sports. chris bosh pull out of the all-star game he explains why next.
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pack in the a de vision. how that information coming up in your sports wrap. >> and allegation ever bid tampering. >> you did have an in flew eans. >> a soon as this report ca out, you resigned. corruption at city hall? local 10's bob norman getting answer ooze why were new business with the city engineer. >> tuesday on local 10 news. "scorsese finally wins." "could you double check the envelope?" "best actress, 1984." "and i can't deny the fact that you like me." "life is lika box of chocolates." "you never know what you're gonna get." "we're gonna need a bigger boat." "xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice.
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>> good dismoorng everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. chris bosh will not p py in the in front of first nba home crowd at the all-star game afterr. he pulled out of game bawf a cafl injury. he was set to play in the the the game and compete in tonights the-point shootout but will now watch from the side linin. he missed last year because of thelood clots on his lug and that injury began way cafl injury similil to this one in 2014. but right now there is no indication this th that this new information is related to that or the the clot. and i'm honored toe selected to participate in the all-star festivities and will still be here to support my fellow a all-stars. but i will use this time to heel and focus on the second half of ofhe heat heat season. >> the other all-star wade made a a peesh ansnsr with hi a tire and talked about how he is take
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is playing up to an all-star level eye always tell people i would love to be 21 and 22 my whole career. a and love to be flashy whole career. that's humanly impossible in this game tofnlt around, stick around, have you to find a way to change your game depending on the team, the stiecialtion thetime and efg. and your body as well. >> another big sorry att all-star game big man shaquille o'neal making the cus cut for the basketball hall of fame.we all remember shaq wa a ter able three-point shooter. something mother another hall of famer who tried to to help him with. >> first of all i want to thank all you guys on the stage except for rifnlgt he tried too to get me to throw free those uer hard. woi rather do. it too cool for that. >> on the ice, the panther
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standing last night. derek mackenzie making it one to nothing panther but then all-staroally low ber to surrender, not one, mot two but three goal in the first period alone. the cats fall on this 15 to three. they will try to bowbs back against nashville coming up later to night. and the dolphins have made a couple moves to free up salary cap space. quarterback chris mccain and defensive end. i'm clay ferraro. that your local 10 sports wrap. >> todd: pell well, for the first time after a adopting new punishment for steroid use they have band one for life. and he tested positive for performance enhapsing drugs for the the trd time. earning that ban the 26-year-old is the first to receiv a permanent ban but could apply r reinstatement in a year. >> neki: a michigan man looking for love after orr at
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>> todd: and when we come back we'll tell you about their
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gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strude >> neki: six veterans who fought along side i france in world war ii were recognized bit council of france. todd: the ceremony held at university for veterans who fiewt for our nation on the shores oforman day.
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and the leigh honor which is the highest you can get in france. >> it's a a very small to ken of our appreciation for what they did when they were young, they went to the shores of france. from that day many young soldiers died there. >> i'm very glad to see that the students are interested and will remember what happened and the men that sacrificed their lives. >> neki: much deserved this morning. >> for many years france has given the legion of hon for to a veteran who fought alongside them. >> todd: fan of dona trump show their support for him in different ways. sign, hats, buttons and shirts are quite come mofnlt now take a look at this man's costume a at the the rally yesterday. he is dressed as the trump wall. >> neki: well, a michigan man is getting a lot of love, a lot of help in the love department. a lot of love for his co worker first them recentlylsurprised him by putting hi face and information on a bill board.
5:56 am
surprised by the gesture but hey, he is makhe the most of it. mant says he has taken dozen of calls, text and e-mails from potent shall candidates and he is reqdy to find someone to settle down. >> todd: i'm not sure he appreciates it. nothing scream desperate than a billboard. >> neki: and he is attractive. he is handy around the house. that qs on the top of many lady's list. >> todd: okay there you go. >> neki: take the number off the billboard. neki: you never know. i have to keep my options open. >>odd: and we're just getting started for the next hour of local 10 knew. >> neki: here's what we're working on in the next hour. following breaking news in havana a and following more on this car jack ago rest. this young man arrested after ke a car with a baby in the back seat. he is expected to be in court later today. >> todd: meanwhile the race for the white house coming to florida right before a
5:57 am
why are some asking donald trowm clean up his act. >> neki: and another check of the forecast when we come back. still dark and early. we'll be right back. >> >> todd: sure is.
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>> we'll be right back. >> neki: right now on local 10 fliewz at 6:00 a.m.
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the leader -6r9 catholic church and the leader of the russian orthodox church meeting for the first time in a thousand years. >> todd: and a suspect caught after car jack a car way baby asleep the back seat. what we're learning about the suspect. >> neki: and a mother of one of the columbine shooters break her silence. two decade after the tack ch what she had to say to the victims and families. >> todd: and a man speaking to the one and only about start oaferg. his plans for the future and how he managed to get hi pardon. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: good saturday morning every one. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. feels like groundhog day. haven't we done this before. >> neki: we have. >> todd: wee start at 5:00 a.m. now. hope you join us now. if not join us at 5:30, 6:00. 7:00,. >> neki: 7:00, ten,. >> todd: all day. >> neki: we're here all morning right jennifer.


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