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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  February 14, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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>> carlos: the president ordered that flags fly half staff. >> cheyenne: scalia's death was al the topic of the republican debate. a moment of silee was held at the very beginning of the debate before addressing the question@ of picking scalia's replacement. the vacancy has many thinking what will happen next. >> carlos: president obama said he will move forward with the nomination and called on lawmakers to act on his pick. now after naming the top justice, the high supreme court has business befefe them. charles zelden takes a look at what happens withh the current cases. >> there's a lot of coroversial cases dealing with abortion, obamacare, dealing with iigration that will be coming before the court this term, still. and we're looking at a 4-4 split which means that the decision of the lower court will be what stands because they won't have majority. >> carlos: no surpriri here trepublican candidates for president said president obama should not nominate anyone until
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they also called for a delay in confirmations if needed. now we turn to reporter karen who is live in washington, d.c. >> cheyenne: karen has more on what was sd at the debate and how the death of scalia will impact our political landscape, karen. >> karen: t political discussion is already underway but washington is is mourning justice scalia. the flags at the white house and elsewhere throughout the country have been lowered to half staff to honor him tnews came as quite a surprise here in washington and will likely be a hot topic of discussion this election year. shocking and surprising news on saturday.-supreme corporate justice antonin scalia dead at the age of 7while on a hunting trip to texas. he was said to have gone to bed friday night not feeling well. he was found unresponsive saturday afternoon. traveling in california, president obama offered his condolences. >> for almost 30 years, justice
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thth than-life presence on the bench. brilliant legal mind with an energetic style, incisive wit and colorful opinions. >> karen: appointed in 1986 by president reagan, he was the first italian american to be seated on the high court. he was a strong conservative vote and dissenting vote in last year's same sex marriage cases. he was critical about affirmative action. who will appoint his replacement? president obama says he intends to make that nomination in due time. hours after the news broke, the republican presidential candidates took the debate stage hosted by cbs news in greenville, south carolina. >> i think it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody to stop it. it's called delay delay delay. >> there should be a consensus
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there's no doubt in my mind that president obama wl not have a consensus pick e picks that person. >> there is a spirited and contentious political battle with that appointment. scalia is survived by his wife maureen, 9 children and 28 grandchildren. carlos and cheyenne back to you. >> cheyenne: all right, karen. have you heard anythingg from scalia's fellow justices this evening? >> karen. well the death was pretty much confirmed by the court by chief justice john roberts in a statement. and in that statement he praised scalia for his service to his country over the last three decades and also his brilliance as a jurist. the flags here, as i mentioned, lowered in scalia's honor and likely there will be more tributes coming in washington over the next few days. we a ao have heard from president obama and from vice president joe biden and from former president george h. w. bush whoas the vice president under ronald reagan when scali
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he sent his condolences to the scalia family. >> cheyenne: and, karen, one more question before we let you go. what happens to the remaining cases that are before the court this term? >> karen: yeah, y y know this term is pretty much in the middle. we're used to getting thoho high profile decisions in june. here we are in february, and the court sti has a lot of work to be done. but any decisions that scalia had already made that were not public, if the vote was not public, then that becomes void. so anything that had not been yet publicized tvote becomes void. there is a possibility given the splits that we have seen on this court, we have underscored the importance of a swing vote in many of these cases lately, that you will get some courts decisions that come out from the court that will be a 4-4 split from this court. and what happens in that case is that the supreme court will then kick it back to the lower court. that decision will be reaffirmed there in the lower court.
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the court could say "we would like to delay this until we have nine justitis on the bench." and what we've seen tonight litically, it's going to be a while, perhaps before we have nineustices on the supreme court bench once againin >> cheyenne: well voa to wait andd see. all right. karen caf alive from washington d. c. thank you, karen. >> carlos: also triple trouble caught on camera. several stores smashed up by thieves in hialeah. now in each of the cases they were caught on surveillance video. local reporter david shore is live in high an lee, d dek? >> derek: tonight we're talking about four different men hting three different cell phone shops and this is one of those shops. take a look. there is a security camera just at would have the entrance here. but that did@ not stop them from breaking right through the front door. one after another after another, complete with a sledge hammer and a plan before bandits move in quickly at three cell phone stores just blocks apart early this morning.
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and one nearby on 35th street in hialeah. the four men literally smash and grab, hauling away thousands of dollars in cell phones and other equipment, at times even having the guts to turn on the lights to make sure they got it all. this guy with the orange cap on almost comically tugging at the cash drawer of one spot, but he gives up. marcrc rivera owns one of the shops hit. >> we've been here for five years. we never had any kind of problem. but we got a big one now. >> big is right. rivera estimates approximately $20,000 in merchandise gone, including some customer phones that were being repaired. that doesn't include the damage to his property. this woman runs another store hit. she tells us it's hard for them to cope and sayshe robbers just have no respect. >> it's insane. we have alarm and good camera system. even like that, they came in the middle of the night. >> reporter: the hope is this
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and that orange cap may lead to some arrests. >> so if you happen to recognize any of those guys in the video or if you were in the area earlier this morning and could provide better description, call hialeah police. we're live in hialeah, derek shore, local 10 news. >> cheyenne: derek, thank you. the search for a shooter who took aim at a teenager, the victim treated in the hospital. his friend who was there heard about a dozen gunshots. liane morajon is live with the story. liane? >> liane: tonight that teenager is still here at jacks memorial hospital in stable condition. we're told by a friend of this victim that he could be leaving the hospital at any moment. at this point, police are still looking for the person who fired that weapon and the motive tonight is still unclear. a 16-year-old is rushed to the hospital, becoming the latest teen victim of gunun violence on
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>> i just heard 8 shots like right after they left the house. >> reporter: shots were fired about 1:30 saturday morning near southwest tenth avenue and fifth street in little havana. kelly said she was hanging out with her boyfriend, the victim and another friend before the shooting. >> my boyfriend was gonna go get something to eat for me. and he's walking right here around this area. >> liane: they say someone dressed in black came up and opened fire. >> i heard the shots and i saw the people, like all the shots on the walls and stuff. >> bam bam bam bam bam. >> liane: ivan rios said he was cut by broken glass when he ran but his friend was hit in the thigh with a bullet. >> he was limping right here in the middle of the street. i'm really worried about him. i wanted to go in the ambulance and everything, but they didn't let me. >> reporter: the teen was rushed to rider trauma center. at last checkn stable condition. now police are looking for the
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hoping the public can provide the answers they need. >> i thought the neighborhood was good, but then when i move over here, it was like every day was an accident or people shooting. >> sometimes you hear shots somewhere and you don't even know if it's shots or fireworks because it's so much. >> liane: and those witnesses say the gunman was wearing black and got away in some sort of vehicle. if you have any information that you think police can use, you can call miami police directly.& you can also call miami dade crime stoppers with your information. the number is 305-471-tips. remember, you can remain anonymous and there is a $1,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest. we're live t tonight outside jackson memorial hospital, liane morajon, local 10 news. >> cheyenne: a day in court for a suspe@ted gunman. coming up, a gunman faces a judge after a shooting near carol city high school breaks out.
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who is still on the run. >> carlos: a big blaze in miami. cameras rolling as firefighters roll into the time there to put it out. >> across the country, it's time for america's favorite jackpotgame. get ready, everybody. this is powerball. od evening, everyone, i'm lauren johnson. tonight's powerball jackpot is worth an estimated $171 million. so get those tickets out. get ready and let's play. that first number up is 7. followed by the number 15. we're heading to litterdale, iowa where we will meet jeff who is one of many $50,000 powerball congratulations, jeff. the rest of the numbers, 36, 18 rounding it out with the number 19. your powerball number tonight is 20. and your power-play multiplieie is 2. let's take a look at those numbers one last time. and from all of us here at the
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>> cheyenne: a second gunman has been arrested in connection with school. it happened earlier this week. and today that accused shooter, 19-year-old stanley reagan, went befofo a judge. he's facing a slew of charges including possession of a firearm on school property. police say he's a known gang member and got into a shootout with a group of people outside th campus wednesday. another teen, 18-year-old cededc admis, was arrested earlier this week. a thirdrd suspect 18-year-old raymond hagrin is still on thehe run. >> carlos: a big blaze at the abraham foot market on northwest 77th street last night. you could see smoke pouring out of the place as firefighters worked to put out the fire. no one was hurt and it's not clearrhere exactly the fire
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>> carlos: boy, it is cold in this studio. freezing. >> bundled up. [laughter] >> carlos: i feel as it's as cold as it might be outside. 66 degrees. >> yeah, same temperature. ac's been running for a while in here. cool temperatures. another cold front moved through town this evening. what that's going to do is allow our temperatures to fall into the upper 50 as cross much of south florida as we've got another nice night on the way but the winds are going to be shifting here behind that front. tonight more out of the north but tomorrow ntheast. we'll talk about those changes in a moment. you will not need to worry about the radar here overnight. but tomorrow on the satellite view, we can see a few more clouds start to move in as our winds are forecast to shift out of the northeast and when we see that shift happen,n, lot of times we see a stratocumulus
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it pushes off shore. and it can also bring a 10 to 20 percent very fast shower. the wind speeds less than 10 miles per hour. kendall and homestead already in the upper 50s down in s sth tonight temperatures will continue to fall. we'll bottom out about 533n kendall. but you can see the coastlines staying warmer near 59 degrees. so a few clouds for your valentine's tomorrow. a nice day, 73 will be the high. and then the evening if you have dinner pns, in tupper 60s. make sure and take the light jacket. area of high pressure really driving our forecast. clouds move in for your sunday. and as the high pressure moves off the east coast we get even warmer on monday as we're sandwiched in between two cold fronts there. so all in all beach tomorrow, sunny but cool. and looking ahead at the next three days, little windy there for valentine's day. even warmer for president's day. and then looking out the extended forecast, pretty seasonal, little breezy there. thursday and friday the upcoming weekend looks pretty good.
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injury statuu, that's coming up next. epic showdown at the slam dunkcontest. some things we have never seen before. could this be the best ever? i don't know, cheyenne, what do
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that's next. >> chris bosch says despite his calf injury, he is optimistic the injuricy nothing serious. the heat star says he will get the injury re-evaluated after he returns to miami after the all-star break. speaking in toronto today, bosch says i'm always making sure. when we get back to miami, we'll make sure we do everything to get it right. enduote. he pulled out of the all-star game and three point contest. before the show on saturday night, how about this appetizer
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half-court shows. wade going underhand there and then off glass and in. very nice. some more fun moments from practice earlier today. koby bryant his last all-star game. he got greg popavich out there playing defense on him the spurs coach showing some moves. and then pop coming over while kobi was getting interviewed saying come on, we got some work to do, kobi, we got to get you ready. on to all-star saturday night. even if bosch hadn't been able to go in the three point shootout. it would be hard going against thompson. 27 points in the final round to beat his teammate and reigning champ and take it home himself.. and in the main event, the slam dunk con test, aaron gordon of the magic, what a show. spinning on a hover board. how about that? then later on he jumps over the mascot. behind the back dunking with the left. he put on a show. but the defending champ matching with 50 of his own.
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and take home the title.but, guys, aaron gordon is the one we will agrgr. got robbed. rough night for the panthers taking on the predators. just like friday night all-star goaty roberto getting beat early and often. cats lose this one by a final score of 5-0, guys. but everything still going to be buzzing about that slick move. >> headline gordon got got. >> i like it. i like it. >> how can the guy lose when he had the two best dunks of the night?that's what blows my mind. >> yeah. every round they are coming up with a different dunk idea. just keep doing it. >> cheyenne hadad her phone out. look this is my favorite. absolute. but that's the kind of nighthtt was. >> entertaining. >> here'u your sports sunday clip right there. you and will. >> that's right. >> we'll have to do it. >> on a 6-foot goal. >> a little taller, i'll be the muppet.
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