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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ve a poncho as we're going to see the possibility of an increase in showers today. temperatures much warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. we are seeing temperetures seven degrees above where we should be this time of year. right w the upper 60s in hialeah. that strong breeze will continue throughout the day. wind gusts could be reported anywhere between 15 and 20 miles per hour. mostly cloudy, slight chance of a shower in the forecast. some clouds will be around again. dangerous risk of rip currents as well as rough seas for you boaters. if you do head to the beach, walk and stroll along the broad walk and enjoy. we have breaking news with the traffic so we're going to go to constance. >> traffic alert on the turnpike. something you really need to pay attention to if you live down south. turnpike southbound completely shut downn at 216th street this morning due to a possible officer-involved crash there. it's also affecting our northbound lanes.
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our northbound lanes there, they are also seeing heavy, heavy delays as you see thosespeeds at 11 miles per hour. you're alternate route compared to ting the turnpike southbound. just continue on u.s.-1 and exit at southwest 212th avenue. that's 212th avenue there. you're seeing the green. for our northbound drivers take a look at this. you see the red extending for at least two miles, those are the delays we're seeing. we're hearing this might be some sort of medical emergency. this is off of okeechobee road northbound on the approach to the turn pike. thope speeds clocking in at 13 miles per hour. broward county we're accident-free. >> that cartooning off without him, didn't give a [bleep] about him. >> right now searching for justice, family and friends they are gathering together to pay tribute to a man killed in a hit and run. when this morning police still searching for the driver behind the wheel.
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ft. lauderdale where wean? >>reporter: good morning, eric. it has been five days and no sign of that hit and run driver. this is the spot right here behind me where the killed. family and friends have placed flowers, even lit candles as this memorial continues to grow. god. >>reporter: their faces lit by the glow of candle light as family and friends remembered a man left for dead on a ft. lauderdale street. >> that cartooning off without him. didn't give a [bleep] about him. >> i'm not crying. i'm angry right now. >>reporter: on thursday charylsz blackledge was hit and killed on dixie highway. >> he's a sweet guy. it's heart breaking.
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this surveillance video from the night of the crash. it shows a silver car that officers suspect could be behind the fatal hit and run. >> it was a silver car. that's all we really know. they took off. they barely hit their brakes. >>reporter: and we're told two people did witness this crash which should help police narrow down the search. odds are it does have some front-end damage. police are asking for help from the public. if you've seen that car, please give crimestoppers a call. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, ben kennedydy local 10 news. the body of justice antonin scalia who died in texas is in route to virginia to be laid of rest. he was staying at a texas ranch while on a hunting trip when he died. he was described as animated and delightful the day before the 79-year-old passed. he found him in his bed after scalia didn't show
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>> he was a man who went to sleep and just didn't wake up. >> now officials say hee died of natural causes. there is a political battle now over who will court. some say the position should not be filled until we have a new president in office. israel's prime minister has started his prison sentence for bribery and obstruction of justice. arriving in prison today to begin 19 month sentence. the 70-year-old found guilty in 2014 of accepting bribes. the disney wonder traveling to grand cayman when the group of might dprep was spotted. all of the people are in goodhape and will be turned over to cayman. the crooks targeting three cell phone stores in the same area. you can see the men
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inside, cleaningthe place out. store owners hoping this still video can help police have seized the biggest liquid meth shshment in the country's history. about 700,000 worth of liquid mesesge was found in silicone bra ion supplies. the drugs were being kong. four people have been arrested in connection four people killed in jerusalem after they opened fire of the damascus gate of jerusalem's old city. officials are calling them terrorists. also new overnight, a plane on its way t t new york forced to return to london after a laser was pointed right at it. a virgin airlines spokeswoman said there was a medical issue with one of the pilots whether that happened. michigan governor rick snyder is asking the federal government
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he wants the coverage expanded to those under 21 years old and pregnant women exposed to contaminated water. the governor says aboutut 15,000 flint residents would benefit if this change. a former port st. lucie and vero beach police officer going to prison for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. myron brought pleaded guilty. he will serve three years in prison followed by five years probation. president barack obama and russian prez vladimir putin spoke over the weekendnd the two leaders spoke about standing together against terrorism and the process of peace in syria. both leaders reportedly expressed support for the cease-fire in syria. the call is said to have been initiated by the u.s. coming up at:30 struck on the sidewalk. people recovering after a c c plowed right into them.
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at 6:30. story. what a man had to eat after being stranded in the desert for days. winter weather causing problems for stop there. storm they are bracing for this morning. new pictures into our news room of the crash off the turnpike street completely s st down this morning. we're hearing this is a an officer-involved crash.
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>>reporter: good morning. topping america's money.
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>> a survey last week of financial insiders finds that nearly half think there's a good chance of another recession this year. positive consumer spending report maybe help put those fears to rest. top vw managege reportedly were warned the auto maker could be in trouble over emissions. they were told the u.s. was looking into whether vehicle software was giving false results. and it was a record-setting weekend at the box office. deadpool starring ryan reynolds brought in $135 million. >> that's the biggest r-rated opening ever. kung fu was a distant second and how to be single was@third. >> that's america's money. >> have a great day. good morning. cars and buildings, both frozen in philadelphia yesterday. firefighters had to
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residents there forced to evacuate a nba building. a woman a a young person taken to the hospital. the shop's owner telling reporters his dog died in that fire. police say50 to 60 cars here crashing right into each other. look at the pileup shutting down a highway. police say 30 people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. they do believe snowy conditions likely caused that fire. a man stranded in the desert says he survivededn snow. police say 69-year-old phil sam son was driving back from arizona going home to oregonhen his truck broke down and then he was stranded in this remote area north of reno. he stayed in his truck, rationed that little food he had and drank melted snow in the mimile of the desert. aerial footage showstens of thousands of sharks right off the coast of palm beach county.
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aerials of a black-tipped shark migration. all those gray s specs you see are sharks. l right, good morning, south florida. we've got a few traffic alerts to talk aboutut this morning. let's get to the turnpike dn south. this is video of that accident scene affecting our southbound lanes at southwest 216th street. you're looking there at those pictures. investigating. scene. it's not only affecting our lanes southbound but also northbound. let's switch you over to our traffic maps so i can show you what delays. northbound lanes seeing a lot of heavy delays as well.those speeds at 10 miles per hour. again, this is at 216th street. if you're traveling in this spot this morning, instead continue south on u.s.-1.
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we're seeing delays on those streets. also with this one we're seeing several miles of dedeys with it, at least three miles for our northbound drivers on the turnpike. if you're traveling off of okeechobee road, we've got some pictures we're going to show you in a little bit northbound here on the approach to the turnpike. we're hearing it's some sort of medical emergency. those speeds at 24 miles per hour. it's very busy out therer constance jones. not so busy in the weather department. we are about seven degrees above where we should be with right now temperatures 69 degreeses inn miami. over the weekend we woke up to the 50s so this is a big change. not only are we dealing with the warm weather. it's all due to that east breeze, wind speeds between six and 17 miles per hour. currently a temperature of 70 in ft. lauderdale. 67 in key west. in kendall 66 degrees. that's our cooler spot. 70 pompano beach. more mild conditions as the air is starting to
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moving in from the ocean. winds anywhere between eight and 17 miles per hour. elevating the risk can of rip currents for you beach-goers. dangerous life-threatening rip current risk is in the forecast today so please use caution. we arere going to see that east breeze also bring us some showers. we saw showers throughout the morning over portions of sunny isles. looks as if that rain has diminished. some isolated storms moved through the middle and the lower key a line of heavy rain is located just to the north of us all due to the next cold front. a cold front and warm front soaking the thaness veal and bringing lane, sleet and snow towards the carolinas and up towards the northeast. severe weather threat will stay above the gulf states. heat and humidity basically c,ashing with the cold air behind the front. temperatures in the teens across much of the great lakes. we've got the 20s up and down the east coast. 16 degrees in new york.
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dealt with record cold temperatures, something they haven't deadly with inecades during this time of year. a stray shower can't be ruled out throughout the morning. going into the afternoon we'll keep the chance of dotted showers in the forecast. rain chances don't increase until tomorrow. better chance of shower and thunderstorm activity right here along miami-dade, broward and the keys around 11:00 t.o. today enjoy. tomorrow better chance of storms and then we'll be dry, comfortable through the middle part of the workweek. we're now getting a look at a fiery situation in seattle. a bus carryinhigh school students on a ski trip caught fire and officials say the flames were caused by a mechanical error. the students didn't let the mishap get in the way of t tir plans. the resort replaced all of the geaea lost in the fire and they were able to finish the day on the mountain. troopers. they said we're not letting a fire get in the wayf our plans
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how about a popular social media app now under scrutiny this morning. >> why users say snap chat is encouraging users to speed. we're hearing about the m ments a car slammed into several people spending them to the hospital. wewel tell you how those victims are doing ahead at 6:30. we want to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day. hope you're enjoying the
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holiday. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,, a subaru. oaring are an historic store, nearly 200 year store,
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the group that ownwn the store, they do plan on rebuilding. no one was hurt here but the cause of the fire is stillnknown. one person is dead after a house fire in massachusetts. it happenedjn fall river, south of boston. rescue crews say the cold conditions made it difficult to put out the flames because their tanks kept freezing up. one firefighter was injured when he slipped officials are investigating the cause police tryinin to track down the person who a aached a bomb to a rental car. a mechanic found that explosive when he put the car on a lift yesterday morning. police disabled the device. no one was hurt. now to a ddly car crash in sweden. four members of the indy rock band and their manager died while onn tour. police say their car crashed into a canal south of stockholm. they were scheduled to play in austin, texas next month at theouth
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three girls who died in a fiery car crash are playing an app. the family members say there's a special filter on snap chat which snaps and records speeds. they are planning t t subpoena the final snaps made so they can have closure. a new york teacher in some trouble over what many are calling a good deed. janice graphp removed from the classroom after helping a student cope with the loss of friends. the teacher took the student off campus during school hours. that's a violationon of school rules. >> she needed somebody to talk to. she w w very distraught. i felt she was in crisis. >>y whole life as well as other students have been taught to trust& their teachers and go to them when they need help and that's what i did. >> i'm fine with it. a 15-year-old boy is being called one of the best young boxers in the
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south florida. how he's boxing his way to the top. you'll see it next. the turnpike ishut down. this is the southbound side at southwest 216th street which is at exit 11. constance jones is monitoring this. she will have your
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minutes. as far as raw boxing, fhting ability, he's the best i've ever seen and i think he may be top ten in the world for his age. >> those are the words long time boxing trainer use to see describe emmanuel guerra. but more remarkable than his physical ability is the story of his journey. he spent most of his childhood in cuba but now he's in south
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>> fro a young age guerra would participate in street fights. >> all i think about is this because i know the next 20 years of my life i'm going to be doing this. it's not really work. when i come here i i doing something i it's like i'm in my zone, you know. >> his trainer say he's one of the strong of of the athletes he's ever seen. >> he's trained some of the most amazing boxers in the world. >> so he knows what he's talking about. keep an eye on that young man and when i future here in south florida. our mount sinai camera, as you can see ther is some traffic on this monday. a secondary crash. thls one right off of okeechobee road northbound. that exit to the turnpike. we're hearing this is some kind of medical emergency.
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involved in this crash. we're keeping our eyeson this and also the turnpike southbound. if you're heading to the key y is is president's day weekend. we have details on on
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really slow you down. traffic alert right off the top at 6:30, the turnpike is shut down southbound at 216th street. constance has our alternate routes. a car plowing into several people sending them to the hospital. developing now scalia's seaea creating a political battle before he's even laid to rest. the clinton campaign
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plus the pope is in mexico. the s`ecial performance he received before he prepared for this morning's mass. go monday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we thought we were going to h he a little break on the roads because of the presidents day holiday but constance is dealing with a major traffic alert you need to hear about. first one okeechobee road northbound on the approach to the does appear that all of our northbound lanes here at okeechobee are shut down. we're hearing this is some sort of medical emergency. a few cars involved with this crash as well. take the palmetto expressway. it's kind of odd for me to say take the palmetto but if you're headed north take the palmetto instead of okeechobee road. turnpipi southbound at southwest 216th street. we've g complete closures in place due to this one. we're hearing it's an officer involved crash
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those closures. let me show you what it looks like from our traffic maps here. the turnpike shut down southbound. you see that purple that will shows us complete closures. northbound lanes seeing quitita bit of delays as well. instead head south on u.s. 1 exit off of 212th avenue. once you get past that accident scene you'll be able to head back over to the turnpike to continue your commute south. download our free app. we sent off that push alert as soon as we got it in on the florida turnpike. the app is free and of course you're going to want your updates all day long. >> we have everybody covered on-air and on-line. updates always coming in. right here live you can see 69 degree in miami. 70 in ft. lauderdale. 67 in key west. morning. degrees above where we should be this time of year. breeze. wind speeds betwe 16 and 17 miles per hour in
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lauderdale. currently 66 in kendall. 70 in pompano beach as well as pembroke pines. this east breeze will bring us some showers from time to time throughout the day on this president's day. definitely a warmer day with mostly cloudy skies. we are transitioning into a wetter weather pattern due too a cold front moving in tomorrow. i'll have those details coming up. ght now several people are recovering after being struck on the sidewalk. driver lost control of the car and crashed into the people recallie sunday morning. now we're hearing from the people who witnessed that entire crash scene as we wait to learn more about the driver behin the wheel. erica rakow is live in ft. lauderdale where it all happened. erica, you have to tell us what started and what finished with thecene. >>reporter: the scene's still here. we're on southwestsecond street, right across the street from the tarpin bend. right there on that sidewalk a lot of people sitting outside that pizza place eating pizza.
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same time that a lot of people start coming into the bars and restaurants are still open. a lot of people right there early yesterday morning are lucky to be okay today. >> i was just making pizza and i heard a rumble coming down the sidewalk. >>reporter: that rumbling was a car careening down a busy sidewalk. >> i just saw mayhem outside. >>reporter: this picture of the chaos only shows part of what anthony might low witnessed. >> a lot of commotion. a lot of crying. a lot of screaming. >>reporter: the driver slammed into five people about 3:00 a.m. early sunday before coming to a rest against a tree. >> the worst nightmare. i get a call thursday morning my kids have been hit by a car and in the in the hospital. >>reporter: brothers fromm toronto who just got in town for the week were hit. their d d spent most of the hospital. >> we're just w wking along, having a good time and all of a sudden they get knocked down.
6:32 am
what happened. >> the car was driving pretty fast. the driver seemed very angry. >>reporter: people rushed to help the victims who were taken away by paramedics. this as police focused on the driver of the car. though it's unclear what was in the cup spotted in the middle console. >> thank god for that tree were we might be looking at funerals. >>reporter: and those two brothers got out of the hospital late yesterday evening. they now are spending their vacation recovering with family. the driver of that car we're told by people who were here and s everything happen she was taken away in handcuffs. we're utill waiting to get more information from ft. lauderdale police.erica rakow, local 10 news. >> justice an to -- antonin scalia's death, his vacant seat causing a political battle. >>reporter: justice antonin
6:33 am
the legal giant dying in his sleep. >> he was a man w w went to sleep and just didn't wake up. >>reporterthe political fallout less than peaceful. within an hour of the supremeourt confirming scalia's beth, mitch mcconnell declared this vacancy should not be filled uil we have a new president. president obama made it clear he's ready to move. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> so now the next appointment will be critical foror some important decisions that are coming down the pike. >>reporter: that includes decisions regarding abortion, affirmative aion and immigration and that adds a new dimension this year's presidential race. >> it is outrageous thatrepublicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that
6:34 am
>> republicans backing up mcconnell in saturday night's debate. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >>reporter: senator ted cruz on this week vowing to filibuster, if nececsary. >> we should not allow a lame duck presidential to esssstially capture the supreme court in the waning months of his presidency. >> who might the president nominate? two names being mentioned, both circuit court judges who are confirmed unanimously just three years ago. right now a suspect is behind bars as a man continues to recover from stab wounds. that stabbing happening right here along 58th avenue in lauderhill. police say the victim and the attacker did know each other manned may have gotten into some sort of argument. >> i don't know. he's a good guy. i think he just got sick . >> i think he just had a mental breakdown. >> police did arrest the
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his identity hasot been released. they got him. >> police say he was driving a stolen car. when police tried to stop him, he took off. he was caught and arrested. turns out he was wanted forggravated assault and burglary charges. new images of fidel castro have been released. the meeting came after the russian patriarch met with pope francis in havana. haitian officials are elected the country's senate chief as interim president. after lawmakers met for ten hours, he was sworn in. before the election he
6:36 am
government that would quote microsofter confidence within all sectors of society. that position will o oy last for 120 days. presidential candidate hillary clinton was supposed to make her way to south florida today but she's skipping her campaign stop in palm beach county in order to campaign in las vegas right before the nevada caucus. so her husband, former president bill clinton, will campaign at the& event in her behalf. hillary clinton jned bernie sanders in vegas where both so spoke at the missionary baptist church on sunday. sanders praised president obama before the african-american congress dpaition but also noted the economic struggles that nevada has gone through since the recession. clinton was joined by civil rights icon. >> he will make the point, i i think, i hope, tomorrow that he knows what it takes to be a commander-in-chief and
6:37 am
and he believes i have those kills. >> former president george w. bush and jeb bush is expected to attend a rally tonight. the south carolina imary is this saturday. >> police now investigating allegations made against former new york governor elliot eliot spitzer. a 25-year-old womom toll police spitzer choked her in his motel room. spitzer has not commented on these allegations.. ava maria [ applause ] >> video this morning of a noun cancer patient singing ava maria to the
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hospital in mexico city. the pope expected t hold mass this morning at the sports center. he's also set for a few meetings and a speech. now to the latest on fears over the zika virus. employees whose work requires travel into the affected areas are concerned since much is still very unknown about the virus. many companies are making a safety-first approach allowingheir employees to opt out of traveling to the affected areas. over the weekend even hawaii declared a state of emergency due to the zika virus. eaglesf death metal returning to the stage exactly three months after the paris terror attacks in sweden. they are returning to the stage in sweden. the band kicking off their new album in stockholm over the weekend including the song "i love you all the time." tomorrow the band will return to paris for a concert.t.
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november 13th attacks atthe bataclan theater. coming up peytonon manning is making headlines again. why is he being mentioned in a university lawsuit. >> plus kobe bryant playings his final all-star game. skiers stuck for hours finally reseued. the tram troubled they had next. and this morning we're warme and breezy and the breeze is bringing us some showers moving through portions of deerfield beach. more showers will be expected throughout the afternoon and them a better chance of storms by tomorrow as this cold front is headed our way. lots to talk about. i'll have it. and a big traffic alert for anyone travelelg down south. the turnpike southbound at 216th street still shut down. it's been closed foror over three hours now.
6:40 am
getting around this mess i don't know what i'm m ing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile
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made my day share your story.
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tram trouble in new hampshire left dozens of people stuck. they were 40 feet aofabove the ground. a service brake issue ground. it took crews about three hours to lower each person to the ground using a harness system. the other was closer to the bottom hold something 40 passengers was hurt. live pictures off the turnpike, turnpike southbound at 21 street still completely shut down this morning. we see the tow truck has arrived on the scene but anyone traveling in this location use caution. we also have delays in our northbound lanes as well. again, this is the purposeyke southbound shut down if you're headed to the keys this morning, avoid the turnpike i didn't location. let me break down the story for you in our traffic maps again. southbound shut down this morning. northbound lanes we're also seeing issues.
6:43 am
sling down to see what's going on. instead if you're heading south, exit at 212th avenue inn stead. mood this crash, this one affecting our southbound lanes just past u.s.-1. a hit and run crash at southwest 184th street. all right. don schula expressway, we have a car fire reported northbounun heree at kendall drive slowing down traffic just a bit, 14 miles per hour. alal if you're traveling northbound at okeechobee road, we had all of our northbound lanes shut down at thehe turnpike. you have one lane getting by. here's video we shot just a little while ago. we do have at least one lane slowly getting by. but again whenever we have these major accidents, we make it really easy for you. you can download our free wplg app. we sent out a push alert this morning. thinking it's a holiday, you wouldn't have any issues but obviously that's not exactly what we're expecting.
6:44 am
busy this morning with lots o accidents. make sure you're following constance jones on twitter as well as wplg. the weather looking great still but much warmer than what we saw over the weekend and more clos. we have temperatures seven degrees above where we should be this time of year. it is 70 right now in ft. lauderdale. 67 in key west. culprit that east breeze anywhere between six and 17 miles per hour. currrrtly 66 kendall. 70 palm beach and pembroke pines. the winds moving inff the ocean will continue today and that's elevatededhe risk of rip currents. it has increased our temperatures anywhere between 4 and 14 degrees warmer than what we woke up to yesterday. more cloud cover over portions of ft. lauderdale and that's where we're seeing some showers throughout the morning. we do have lingering showers that moved through portions of hollywood beach as well. not nearly as bright as what we saw over the weekend. with that said we'll continue to keep that slight chance of a
6:45 am
marathon drying out as well after dealing with some showers very early this morning. shower and thunderstorm activity as well as sleet and snow is associated with this cold front. check out has going on. we will seehe possibility hamilton a severe weather threat o@f this system. the worst will be between louisiana and in towards portions of the panhandle. gusty winds, heavy rain as well as the possibility of a tornado. you can see why. the heat and humidity with temperatures much front. the teens, the 20 and the 30s up and down the east coast they dealt with record cold attempt over the weekend. a stray shower would be possible throughout the watch what happens as the leading edge of the front moves in. by tomorrow morning we'll be talking about a wet morning commute. stormy conditions. so far the national ather service has not indicated severe weather but we'll see a b bter chance some stormy
6:46 am
once this front clears, comfortable, dry, beautiful weather for the rest of the week and the weekend. kobe bryant! >> third and final time, taker great kobe bryant attending the all-star game in toronto. before happened a tribute v)deo played. kobe finished the game with ten points, six assists and six rebounds. only one of these t heat all-stars employed in the all-star game lifetime nig. chris bosh had to skip the game because of a calf injury. bosh still introduced though along with his fellow all-stars and he did not get booed by toronto fans. remember he left toronto to come play here in south florida. wade alley-oop and tosses it up to lebron, his old teammate. up top to kevin durant, his thunder teammate. west winds, defensive
6:47 am
serious news now, denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is ntioned in a lawsuit that has been filed against the university of tennessee. that suit filed by six women claims the school violated title nine regulations. although the suit does focus on cases reported between 2013 and 2015, it does mention a case against manningack in 1996. that's when manning was sued by a student trainer for sexual harassment. that case was settled a year later. >> we got you tickets to one of the biggest events of the year. local 10 giving away tickets to the upcomin south beach wine and music festival. just head over to local 10 facebook page. thtt's where you can enter. a lot of you guys sleeping in this& morning, maybe having breakfast in bed. wouldn't you love a chef's dish brought to you. i'll settle for coffee for@ now. but one man is thanking his lucky stars. he had such a close call with a wood chipper.
6:48 am
in the wood chipper, managed to live. >> he should buy a lottery ticket. plus look at this romantic reunion. a veteran making a long journey to once again come face to face with a woman he fell in love with, get this, 70 years ago. it's beautiful.
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when we come a man pulled into a wood chipper in oregon, he is expected to be okay. police say this man got s harness stuck in tree limbs being fed into the chipper. his legs hit the safety bar at the last minute shutting that initial off. the man managed to escape with just a broken leg and head injury. spacex expected to launch a rocket and satellite. it will be the second this year overall. the company expected it try and land that rococt on an ocean platform.
6:51 am
of film and television awards took place in london last night. they are often called the british version of the oscars. the revenant took him three big awards including best actor for leonar dicaprio, best director and best picture. once again diversity though a major topic at the awards show. >> i think it's important to have all people represented in entertainment. entertainment is something that brings us together, and to be a part of that, to see yourself within that and i'm not just talking about the color of skin. i'm talking about sexuality, personality and mentality. >> he won his mega rising star award for his role in star wars glu may remember we brought you this story back in november when the two were able to talk for the first time via skype. they met face to face. they first met in 1944,
6:52 am
world war ii, joyce living in london. they fell in love but had to go their separate ways. they married other people. she said she kept a picture of him and said good morning to each day, something she referenced when she saw each other in person. >> you're still vertical. >> the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >> thomas was able to fly from virginia to australia. that is where morris lives, thanks to a go fund me page. >> are they going to be sweethearts now? >> that's a good question. he asked all these years ago andpparently she was busy. >> she had a career. >> good luck, you guys. >> we'll keep you updated. the story seems to be never-ending. several people are recovering after being struck on the sidewalk over the weekend. >> the clue thaha could
6:53 am
next. and livee pictures. we continue to follow a major traffic alerthis morning. the turnpike shut down at southwest 216th street, also known as exit 11. live pictures of the accident that did involve a police officer. so if you're headed to
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find an alternate rou big tffic story of the morning. turnpike southbound still completely shut down at southwest 216th street due to this officer-involved crash. you see all lanes of traffic blocked there. northbound lanes also seeiei some delays. the good news is it looks like the tow trucks arehere. they have at least one vehicle in the back which is good. our alternate u.s. 1 southbound at southwest 212th avenue for our southbound drivers. also if you're traveling northbound at okeechobee road, we hadad all lanes blocked earlier this morning northbound on the approach to the turn pike. we know one lane is getting by.
6:56 am
this morning, take the palmetto. cloudy andnd warmer conditions greeting you this morning. upper 60s miami, ft. lauderdale. east southeast wind anywhere between nine and 18 miles per hour. you see how rough our seas are in the distance. high risk of rip currents for you boaters. slightly warmer today, slight chance of a shower in the forecast before stormy condions return tomorrow. to our top stories here this morning beginning with a search for justice after a man is struck and killed by a hit and run driver. 46-year-old charles blacklead inning hit and killed. police searching for a silver car spotted near the scene. five people recovering after a car rammed into them on a ft. lauderdale sidewalk. the father of two of the victims says his sons were released from the hospital on sunday thoughter they are still in glain the body of justice antonin scalia is on its way to virginia where he will be laid to rest. officials say he died of
6:57 am
there's much debate over who should chose his replacement. hope you guys are having a great holiday. happy presidents day to you and hope you had a great sweheart's day, valentine's day. >> there it is. >> easy for me to say. hopefully you will continue to enjoy the three-day holiday. kiddies are off from school. lots to do in south florida. >> the news does continue with "good
6:58 am
6:59 am
are back in about 30 good morning, america. a battle brewing over the supreme court. the race to replace justice scalia is on. republicans fighting to keep president obama at bay. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> promising to block any nominee. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the supreme court. the president stands firm. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilititi. >> as we learn new details about justice scalia's f fal hours as millions honor his legacy. storm warning. winter weather moving in.
7:00 am
massive pile yups a dramatic rescue of dozens stuck in a tram in sub zero temperatures. mid-air scare. a new york-bound flight with hundreds onboard forced to turn around. >> we have a medical issue with one of the pilots. >> after a laser beam hit one of the pilots in the eye. and look out below. see those dots in the water, that's not seaweed, those are sharks. why thousands are swarming this holiday weekend, just a stone's throw from the shore. and good morning, america. happy presidents' day to valentine's day weekend for hundreds. this river frozen over as a firefighters battled a six-alarm blaze in philadelphia. the cold and storms are making


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