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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 16, 2016 2:33am-3:00am EST

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moms can do that. she keeps getting him. >> she may be getting tired. >> happy monday, everyone. hope you caught that buzz word. we'll see you on the next "right this minute." hey, rooster. it's not your fault your owner is an idiot. >> a dog is running loose. >> see how confronting rooster's owner gets it up. >> do you realize having a dog off a leash is not only illegal -- >> two pilots are out flying when one spots something.
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landing. car is -- >> putting people in danger than protecting. >> how ordinary citizens busted a member of the force. >>plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini and a dude who is deep asleep gets a makeover. the moment the old permanent ink makeover sets in. >> i have one question, can't we all just get along? >> these neighbors can't get along because of this. >> hey rooster, it's not your fault your owner is an idiot. >> rooster is rambunctious and doesn'ttpend much time on its leash. >> no. >> if you own a dog, you can't let it roam the neighborhood.
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who knows if there's a kid running around and the kid wants to take a nip at the kid. >> all points that the person filming this video has made and he's f up with it. >> do you realize your dog knocked over an elderly woman the other day? >> this is common ground t t the property. >> this is where you take your dog to go running. >> if it's not a fenced in area or dog park, it's a gray issue. >> good points. this happened in north carolina where there are leash laws. >>o you realize having a dog off a leash in a crowded community is not only illegal -- >> no, she didn't. >> she's unleashing on him. >> pretty much. >> she's doing it with smile. >> what's one to do when they're being recorded. >> whip out their own film. >> now you're going to film me filming you. yu're on the board of our condo place, isn't that amazing?
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this entire tuation. again, this is not a new occurrence. it's gone on for quite some time. >> i'm on private property. >> you're notn private property. >> as he continues to let her know why she's wrong, she pulls out the leash again. >> she says she canan speak english when she's walking it. do you remember whenou claim you couldn't speak english. >> she got him. >> amazing how adults can act like children. >> what is your diagnosis? >> i don't know. you're the one that just went freaking crazy. >> one of my favorite songs is called "tree top flyer."" that's what these guys are doing. one is in a small experimental craft and the other in a vintage piper cup. low level flying looks like a
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they are talking back and forth. watch out for the ducks and birds. be carefufu don't worry. no bird strikes here to report. all in all, a pretty safe flight. however, when you're flying this low, you don have much room if something goes wrong. >> i may have to put it down in a field. >> not good. >> that's a oblem. >> i'm clearing you for landing. >> remember that lack of elevation. there he goes. immediately the engine begins to overheat. he starts to go down and look 0for a place to land. lots of wide open space. however, it's muddy and marshy. >> come on. come on. >> nice move. watch the bump. oh! >> looks like a textbook landing right there.
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he splashes through a deeper part of the water and safely puts it down.( the problem now is -- >> they have to get that thing out of there. good luck. >> four hours later and seven to eight guys pulled this plane a quarter of a mile through the muck before they could get it in any kind of roadad called a buddy with a truck. now they're towing this plane back to the hangar three miles away. look at the condition the plane and guys are in. here's what the plane looks like. great story. >> thankfully these guys knew what they were doing and managed to land safely. >> well, my cararr in fashion started in hong kong. i think another group o people's career in fashion may be ruined courtesa of hong kong or because of this.
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it can change to any body type in eight seconds. so if it's a heavier set or skinny or someone with a larger chest, smaller chest, roomier hips, specifically cater to certain ethnicities as`well. so the sector of fashion industry i'm talking about are fit models. women and men that get paid to try clothes on to see if they fit a certain mographic. now it's not needed. >> a robotic mannequin is what we have for dress designers. they don't need a room full of mannequins or people. >> exactly. you can find it and ilor it to yourself. think about in the future. you go to your f forite store. you find your shirt tha you send measurements in and they'll make sure it will fit perfectly. everyone will be able to do this. > that would be perfect buying stuff online.
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i love that boobies get bigger and smaller, too. >> me, too. >> what would i look like if i was a double-d. >> that can be arranged. >> we'll continue to look into the future of robotics with this next video. they printed this robot. what it's doing is sensing the color behind it and prorocting it onto the other side. what they say here is this is a future of adaptive camouflage. think about it. you can put this on your body. put this o military vehicles and they will be able to hide themselves in the back. >> even soldiers when they're out there they can apply this to their uniforms. >> are days over for camouflage? >> in the future, maybe. >> they'll fit really well. >> get cited. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need monday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old and be a legal u.s.
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the buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> >> standby for the ipad mini giveaway. >> this police officer in argentina is out on the road more putting people in danger than protecting. >> he's out all over the road. >> swerving. >> going over double line and heading toward oncoming 4raffic. you see the vehicle right in front of him. notice how erratic he's driving. they move out of the way but not before the cop gets super close to the other vehicles around. the people behind this police officer are purposely following and on the phone with police telling them what they're seeing, the car number andheir exact location so that other police patrol car c come and put the situation under control. >> do we know for sure it's a police officer behind the wheel? >> the driver is a police mechanic. >> according to reports, he may have been drinking which would explain his erratic iving. he was eventually detained, his
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his earnings were taken away as a fine. he didn't hit anybody? >> no injuries because of this incident fortunateli. >> he's lucky. >> you know who isn't going to call in this incident? this guy in ireland. just got to his car. a boot on it. instead of calling to figure out what's goingng on, he just sawed that boot off his tire. >> i do have to say he was parked on pavement over double yellow lines. he was asking for it. >> i've seen this on social media but not to this degree. >> it's great. >> satisfying for the moment. you know police have all of your information if your car is properly registered. anything. >> it may not be police. companies. he may be able to get away with it. >> you see the sparks flying all over t t place. this guy is cracking up and eventually you see the guy grab
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sinuses? allergies? for all of them... there's allegra-d . a maximum strength decongestant for 24 hour relief. try allegra-d . >> you might think that yamaha looks dirty but it's quite clean compared to what it will look like in a few seconds. >> gooeally fast. really, really fast. >> he's doggy paddling with his feet but the bike sinks. this guy is not giving up. he'll fight that mud. his buddies walk over and they'll try to help wrestle that bike out. in this situation, the easiest way is to jusus tip it over and kind of drag it out of the water. they wrestleddith it longer. i think it's a man pride thing. >> of course. >> they give up eventually just tip it over like i said and just drag it out onto drier, higher ground and that way they can ride out. >> they look like they're doing
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a big one on the hook. a giant catfish. >> don't you have to be careful when you say a big one? >> it's a scooter. >> scooter fell into that hole. reports say the ro was flooded. the rider did not see the open hole. he was complaining that it wasn't clearly marked. >> look at the hole he fell in. that should have been marked. >> a giant hole swallowed up his scooter. he had scrapes on. he was okay. once the four guys wrestled the scooter out of the hole, he was able to retrieve his personal belongings stored in the scooter. >> coming soon to a crib near you. >> the video approved by all audience business an emotional mom and dad.
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asthma mama walks the two babies down a path. >> thatt is so cute. >> i love it. >> i have it. my sister has it. >> everybody in the family has the force. the force is strong with these two children. oh wait. ththe's more. >> you have the power, too. >> this summer in our world, one man, one woman will get no sleep. tar wars" the baby awakens. >> created magic. >> here's the story behind this. william said his wife said let's
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saw the trailer for "star wars: the eorce awakens" and this is what they came up with. only took one way to shoot it. a week to edit because they got help from fat head media. >> it'scute. >> it's real or fake starting with the worst electrician ever. >> is he trying to fix the lamp? >> a fruity alternative t t charge your phone. is it an illusion or trickery? watch and decide. plus, stata off your week the right way and enter youou chance to win an ipad mini. the buzz word is coming yr way.the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury eme eggs. while others may keep trying,
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gold bond. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me >> it's real or fake? >> let's get really fake videos. roll the clip, please. >> why? >> is he trying to fit his hand in to fix the lamp? >> they claim his l lp was stuck here while doing electrical work. is it really stuck or putting this on for the camera? >> i think maybe it's stuck. >> this is definitely stuck. >> the other side of the argument is he using his head to hold the wire so the speaker doesn't fall down while it's connected up there. he let's the wire go.
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stuck. ceiling fan. >> real or fake? >> real. >> he's really got it stuck? >> real. >> i'm going with he's just a bit weird. i don't think he's stuck. >> i'm with you guys. i say this is real. >> okay. number two from viral video u.k. >> they'll claim they'll charge a phone straight from a lelen. video is from the u.k. the charger is different. they have different sockets over there. >> i've seen videos w wre they say you can charge it from a potato and different fruits. >> i remember making something like that in grade school with the potato. i don't know it's enough just by plugging it in. needs to be more of a chemical reaction. >> i'll calalfake on this one. >> me, too. >> lemons do produce electricity but only 7/10th of a volt.
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based on the reality that lemons do produce electricity. >> a lot of questions about the snowball illusion. >> an illusion he did with his hands and we're not seeing what happened or something kind of video trickery. >> one, two. >> that's pretty cool. >> it's not video trickery. i'm calling it the snowball illusion. >> you can seem like one and trickery. >> if it was video trickery, it would have been made a bit clearer. >> i don't know enough. i'll say a real illusion. >> i went in and zoomed in and i saw a peculiar thing happen here. keep your eyes glued to his pocket here.
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you see it moves to the side. it's a real illusion. >> that was clever. >> the falcons are the fastest bird on the planet going up to 240 miles per hour. this vidid slows it way down. you can get a view of how beautiful and majestic this is posted by the internanaonal fund for animal welfare sent their cameras to a rescue center where they rescued more than 4,200 birds of prey. >> just gorgeous. >> also winning at flying, this is the world's largest owl. it's an eagle owl. >> so cool. he needs two tles. >> kind of, yeah. >> they have a four to six-foot wing span. pretty wide. >> that thing is enormous. look at that. >> that's the shot you're looking for. slow mo of this thing coming down. >> silentflight. if you're a mouse, you don't
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only thing you hear is crunching as you're underneath its claws. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. you'll need the buzz word, be 18 years old and be a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to >> let's reveal today'ss buzz word. it's justice. >> getver to and click on win ipad button and enter monday's buzz word, justice. you u n enter a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. >> unwritten male rule -- >> you get drunk and set yourself up for all kinds of
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>> see >> i do not accept this. i reject this. the guys over at pop sugar posted this video to get this guy school you on how to do it. don't do it. >> first, start by brushing your long locks as if y y're running your fingers through my little pony's beautiful mane. >> everyone has a right to
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>> cross the right section over the middle section. then just cross that left section over the middle section. just keep weaving that hair until you've created a long, tight braid. >> now i'm curious to see how this guy's hair oks. >> not that bad. >> who is that special someone in your life? they're going to appreciate this. repeat on the other side. voila. >> so fresh and so clean. >> permanent makeup. it's a thing. for a while ladies all over the place were doing this. >> never looked good. i will say that. >> ben phillips posted this to
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friend, elliott, little makeover. >> it's an unwritten male rule that if you do get drunk and pass out in a public area, then we are allowed to do things to you. >> really? >> it's true. >> it's why i have a hard time sleeping. [ laughter ] >> he does look really pretty. he is trying to wash it off. >> brother, that's not coming off. >t's not coming off. >> it's going to look fabulous. >> honestly it's an improvement. >> it doesn't look that bad. >> he should work with it. >> there's more. he apparently has a date. >> i have a date tonight. >> it's starting to come off but not enough. >> have a great monday. try to win that ipad and we'll
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minute." this morning on "world news now," dangerous storms across 7 states. >> i from tornadoes across the south to heavy snow and ice. from the midwest to the northeast, the powerful storm system is taking a new turn today. fighting wordrd donald trump takes aim at ted cruz and jeb bush. and his powerful political family. how former president george w. bush is fighting back. >> canine competition. the new breeds competing for atntion att the westminster dog show. we'll go behind the scenes. >> and the big winners at last night's grammy awards. the surprising moments and the color full tribute to david bowie.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is s orld news now." >> good rning, everybody. on a tuesday morning here, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. big grammy night. >> big night. it was a fun show. it was a long show. almost oscar length but there were a lot of headlines coming out of the big grammys there, big performance by lady gaga and a controversial one by adele. we're going to dig into all of it. >> great. >> but of course, we're going to start on a serious note with those severe storms in the eastern half of the country. for example, in alexandria louisiana, a tornado ripped the roof off of a car wash and threw it into a nearby pizza hut. some of it landed on a car with a woman inside. she wasn't injured. just shaken . >> then another tornado struck along the florida alabama state


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