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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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between three and ten miles per hour. by the afternoon we will notice a big shift in the wind drengs starting degree. but jefferson all really comfortable out there. attempt in the upper 50s only in some parts there. miami at 62 degrees. 65 in marathon. with the winds moving in from the north this morning, it will be cool, nice and dry with place. by the afternoon the winds will pick up soo we're elevating that risk of rip currents for beach-goers. boaters, we have advisories as well. lots of sunshine. great day to be outside.i'll have more on the forecast coming up. developing this morning the president of@ the united states now going to cuba and we know when. >> the trip is planned for march 21st and 22nd according to abc news. this will be the first titi in more than 60 years a sitting president visits cuba. >> since then we've witnesses embassies
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diplomatic talks and mo recently a deal restoring commercial air traffic. >> republican congress woman late ileana ros-lehtinen. >> i want the relationship between the u.s. and cuba to cnge but it has to be reciprocal. >> the president is going to the only latin america military dictate areship. how does that benefit the united states at all? does it make us any safer to have a cuban embassy in washington? no, it makes us less safe. and doeoe it benefit the people in cuba in any way? not all. >> the last president to visit cuba was calvin cool age more than 90 years ago. the expected dates again the 21st and 22nd of march. that was already a busy week in havana. the rolling stones are set to perform.
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playing a game there as well. local 10 news reporter hatzel vela will cover it a a from cuba in just more than a month. also thisorning women showing up at a south florida synagogue askingquestions and rattling nerves. the scare sericus enough to get the fbi involved. the two are not a threat. despite all of it, the south florida jewish community was on high alert. janine stanwood has this developing story out of north miami beach. >> our goal is to be the eyes and ears. >>reporter: some in the jewish community are on edge after theysay these women approached several air temples, one clutching a quran asking when the congregation meets. >> would i ever walk into a mosque wearing a kippa. to what?
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friday services are? >> usually they don't ask such questions. >>reporter: but north miami beach police tell local 10 they have interviewed the women and do not believe they pose a danger to the community. they are still investigating. the patatl whose work closely with detectives says maybe it's a sigig of the times that people are still uneasy. >> with today's, you know, happenings all& over, you have to be vigilant. >> what's happening in the middle east is very alarming. what's happening in france is very alarming and now, of course, it hits home. >> they if not commit crime by doing that, but it raise aid concern. >>reporter: north miami beach detectives say they are still working on this investigation. they say they will have more information on this later today. we're in north miami beach this morning, i'm janine stanwood, local 10 news. we continue to follow a bizarre s4ory out of north palm beach, a teenager again charged with impersonating a doctor. our abc news affiliate was there as he was
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the 18-year-old addressed the newest allegations last night. >> i just want to say that i am deeply saddened and a little disrespected by some of the things that have come forward. i would ask that you if you could, please, pray for us in this time and everything that's happened that you get a little truth out of it. to vote 2016 while donald trump is expected to cruise to victoryn south carolina, a new poll is showing ted cruz taking a slim lead naturally of two percentage points. marco rubio is winning an endorsement from the popular governor and that had the two of them going at it in last night's cnn town hall. how the candidates are battling for the second place spot in saturday's primary. >> help me welcome the next president of the united states.
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saturday and move that downt marco rubio. >>reporter: not only an endorsement but a rally to the polls saturday, governor nikki haley, a g.o.p. rising star, army veteran spouse, a covetedendorsement. >> she embodies everything i want the movement to be be, everything that i care about. >>reporter: each solo after abusing attacks on each other. >> would president obama ban partial birth abortion? >>reporter: including a cease and desist letter donald trump sent ted cruz to pull his ad from the air wavav. >> his lawyer said saying he's pro choice which we don't say he's pro choice, donald says he's pro choice in every respect. >> tremendous fats in our budget, beyond belief, but the candidates are all controlled by the people
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>>reporter: the latest monmouth poll gives donald trump a solid first place with south carolina voters across the board but for second a statistical tie between cruz and rubio. governor jeb bush is in the single digits and he's been banking on this first primary in the south to break him into the top tier. >> i will be tough. i will be resolute. i will be firm. i will be clear. i will be determined. that's what leaders are. >> governor haleigh's endorsement yesterday was a huge disappointment, especially to jeb bush who had wanted it and actually courted that tndorsement and called it one of the most meaningful in the state. so two days left for the candidates before saturday's primary vote, and today they will be out all over south carolina campaigning trying to get those last votes. i'm glenna millberg in columbia, south carolina, local 10 news. a teen arrested in a deadly new year's day
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how formally charged as an adult. medina arrested las week on multiple charges including vehicular homicide. the last seat passenger killed in the crash last month. detectives say medina was going 60 miles an hour in the family's silver porsche convertible with another friend in the front seat wh he lost control and crashed into the front gate of a home. his blood hadtraces of marijuana and xanax. a car plane made a delicate landing at miami international airport. the 747 was headed to argentina but was forced to turn around because of a blown tire. miami-dade fire units gathered at the airport for the emergency landing of the plane. the pilots were able to touch down safely despite the blown-out tire. a homicide advocates postponing a scheduled commission meeting after a city ordered a soup kitchen to close its doors.
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with supporters during public comment. they criticized commissioners fofo not coming up with a solution after he was forced to move a feeding location on powerline road last fall. the kitchen now falls under a parish house which violates zoning laws. >> you can send the police again to my door. you can send code enforcement every day to harass us. you can do all these things and we will still feed the poor. >> father bob says he plans to feed the homeless daily at organization's original church in oakland park. it's unclear what, if any, action the city will take agast him. the couple stepping forward to accept their portion of the biggest power ball ever. >> the winners explain how they kept it all ry secret and hush, hush. amy viteri traveled all the way to tallahassee for this big reveal. he wants to get a new car.
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>> i really don't know yet.t i want to get a massage. >>reporter: no big plans so far for their share of the historic $8 billion power ball jackpot. they are still coming to grips with winning. >> lost a lot of sleep. i lost a lot of ten pounds. it's a lot of p ping at night. >> the worry, the worry to know what will happen to know we're no longer in a quiet place. >>reporter: the couple has lived in pompano beach since 111. the5-year-old plans to retire all because his wife visited their local publix and bought one power ball ticket. >> $3 investment. >>reporter: that ticket one of only three in the country to match all six numbers, but nobody knew until wednesday. the couple chose`a lump sum of $328 million.
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we wave to her. it's wonderful. >>reporter: surprise from neighbors who spoke to local 10 news but david set not only the kids knew until a week ago. >> that was hard, especially when everybody was saying you're from melbourne beach, do you know who won? no. >>reporter: lottery officials tell us it can take up to two days to get all that money deposited into their account. while the couple has not shared specifics, they do say they plan to spend it taking care of the people they love. amy viteri, local 10 news. >>ife as they know it is offer. >> i don't know how you keep that secret, especially from family. >> you have to. >> still just thinking out it every morning. >> you just know. scrooge mcducking your way into the bank accocot. >> that's the motivation, money. motivation this morning, may be hungry
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you don want to eat. an ocean drive diner shut down. >> that s found inside that could be a danger to your health and what's becng done about it, that's next. and south florida we're taking a cruz across the caribbean. we have temperatures expected to be in the mid to upper 70s for the bahamas.
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punta canoett2wlr=[hk@eo j# dtd tt2wlr=[hk@e!!*n 4t, tt2wlr=[hk@e4!j# bbx tt2wlr=[hk@ex#*&`:el, tt2wlr=[hk@et#j'`:qlh tt2wlr=[hk@et#j)`:z,, tt2wlr=[hk@ep#j*`:m70 tt2wlr=[hk@ep#j,`:,mp tt2wlr=[hk@el#*.`:%d\ ttlr=[hk@el#*0`:>r4 all right.. are you eating breakfast? you may want to hold off for just a second. a popular restaurant ordered shut after something was found dripping on to your food. it wasn't syrup. >> that sounds gross. seseral items ordered to be stopped selling on the m mu because of an environmental contamination issue. jeff weinsler has this edition of dirty dining. >>reporter: it's one of the most popular well-known places on ocean drive. this johnny rockets is
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floor and based on a complaint inspectors recently walked in and found 31 violations. the main problem was coming frommp above, environmental contamination. the inspector observed this ceiling leaking on to a food prep table below. water was leaking above a table to make burgers. water was dripping on to the cook line and leaking water was dripping right over ready to eat lettuce. a stop sale was issued on onions, cheese. there was mold in the ice machine and the manager here refused to talk about the contamination issues or her bad inspection. >> we did the dirty dining stories on local 10. you can't speak? is there anyone that can talk to us about 31 violations. >> not at the moment. >>reporter: in a statement to local 10 news, corporate said this location is a franchise and
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important than t t health and safety of our guests and regret that the restaurant did not pass inspection. the restaurant was closed for a short time to correct the high priority violations. the franchise owner was authorized b b the health inspector to reopen the next morning. yes, this johnny rockets was allowed to reopen but would theyy have made their directions if the inspector hadn't shown up. the good news you now know what was dripping on to the foo below. on south beach, jeff weinslerlocal 10 news. >> remember local 10 has made it easy for you to see any restaurant inspection state-wide right on your part phone. all have you to do is download our inspection app. search restaurants and florora in the app store the pope speaking just across from el paso. he spoke about the migrant crisis across the globe calling forced
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violence and poverty a human training. the pontiff greeting a crowd on tuesday when someone grabbed him, pulling him down c csing the fall on to a child whose in a wheelchair. the pope visibly upset saying don't be self issue. >> the pope took off last night and is expected to land later this morning. good morning, south florida. it is thumplets we like@ to call it our friday eve and all is quiet and beautiful out there. calm conditions and no rain out there. it's just nice. and temperatures have dropped a few degrees. we've e t the upper 50s in ft. lauderdale. low 60s in miami. 65 degrees compared to yesterday with the northwt wind anywhere between three to 10 miles an hour. 54 in kendall. 5 in homestead. 58 in pembroke pines. so, yes, temperatures definite cooler and comfortatae and we are going to notice since high pressure is our fair weather friend so keep things very quiet in the weather p ptern
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i'm happy to tell you that. so plan some outdoor activities if you can. the only difference between yesterdayaynd today is high pressure has pushed a bit more towards the east. we always see a clockwise wind pattern around high pressure that's driving in our winds from the east northeast. boaters, we have a small craft caution by tonight. love to show you this from coast to coast. look at the nation's midsection, the southeast all quiet. we have another system ving in from the pacific northwest up and down the west coast. they areealing with showers and storms. that system will continue to head towards the east. for us here in south florida, just really enjoy the next few days. it's going to be quiet, comfortable and cool. we have the temperatures in the teens and 20s over portions of the midwest. up and down the east coast the 30s. starting over portions of texas and the gulf coast states. for us lotsf sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful day. breezy at heard me mention the elevated risk of rip
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beach-goers. going into friday that high will continue to push eastward. possibly a slight cnce of a shower because of that ocean breeze with a mix of sun and clouds. yesterday we broke in and let you know that the national weather service confirmed three tornadoes due to the storms we had on tuesday. because of what we had on tuesday and injanuary we now from five tornadoes since 2016 started. so we are expecting yet another system to move in by the middle part of the next workweek. could see some possibility of severe to thunderstorms possibly severe weather wednesday. cover girl's making waves in south florida.
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women of the newest "sports illustrated" swim suit issue. a plus size model is gracing the cover.
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>> i would not have been insulted. jenise fernandez was there for the big party. >>reporter: as if miami beach isn't steamy enough, the "sports illustrated" swim suit models are in town giving fanshe ultimate up close and personal expepeence. >> we started this whole thing off in new york. we had a great if you days there. now we're in the warm weather so i thi the girls are super excited to be here. >>rerter: this is the first time the two-day fan fest made a stop in miami. the "sports illustrated" tent was planted right in the sand. walking around it didn't take long to spot some familiar, gorgeous faces >> ana ferguson and ana hetherington, i wanted to see them. >>reporter: fans lined up to get autographs and selfies with the bomb shells.
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favorite. lissette and her friends starting sports saying plus is equal. ashley graham, the first plus-sized model to ever grace thth cover. >> she's just a real figure of women representing and women shouldn't be afraid to be who they are on the outside because they are beautiful on the inside as well. >> it's almost like any young girl looking at this magazine can relate to somebody. >> jenise fernandez reporting. >> i know. thanks for making that clear. i don't think anybody cared who was reporting on that story. >> most of us like alexis, our floor directororit was neither of us which was problematic. you mean sent to go on the shoot? >> right. >> the words were escaping you at the moment. we'll go from "sports illustrated" to actual sports because chris bosh's health still a top concern for
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>> the canes raping >>reporter: good thursday morning. i'm will manso with your lol 10 morning sports wrap. the nba trade dead line is later today at 3:00 p.m. chris bosh's health remains the main concern nor players. we tried to receive a little clarity at practice as the heat releases statement that bosh will not travel with the team tomorrow to atlanta. bosh reportedly back off blood thinners as he deals with a a clot. he was back at practice but he will not play tomorrow night serving that one-game suspension. as the canes took the prtice floor, it was clear bosh has the support of the entire locker room. >> such is the nature of life. you have to deal with certain things. the most important day for all of us.
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as you care about their health. and basketball comes second when it comes to that. >> coach jim has canes hosting virginia tech last night. they come to life after just scoring 21 points. angel rodriguez getting fancy with the layup. canes up by ten. more on the second half in transition. getting fancy with the reverse throw down. i'm will manso and that's your locaca10 morning sports wrap. there's more historic change under way this morning, the president headed to cuba next month. some more leaders and presidential candidates are condemning that move.
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on local 10 n right now at 5:00 an president barack obama communist country for the first time in decades and now he's
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>> who says he should make a supreme court nomination. right now robbers on the run. frightening moment for a clerk as she's held at knife point. punches thrown in a for as a chaotic crime spree is all caught on camera. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. welcome to your thursday. we'll get toll your top stories in just a moment but first we have to talk about this cooler weather, back down again. julie durda is here now. that's right, someareas seeing the 50s. northwest wind in place with temperatures in the low 60s r rht where we should be this time of year a upper 50s in some parts of south florida. 58 in pompano beach. a coolest spot is kendall. it's 56. 58 in pembroke pines. we are expecting our temperatures to warm up to the upper 70s as we should be this time of year with the temperatures. this is how our winter should be, not like how it was on tuesday with
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the good news is we are going to stay under high pressure keeping things cool and comfortable and as we go into the weekend dry. temperatures warming up to the upper 60s by 9:00. 74 degrees by noon with lots of sunshine. great day to be outdoors. >> julie, thank so much. i-95 northbound between miami gardens ive and ives dairy road. we've got about two to three lanes of traffic closed just north of miami gardens drive right there in the distance all the way past hallandale beach boulevard. so you're not going to exit off of hallandale beach this morning. in addition to that construction concern, palmetto expressway ongoing construction here until roughly 5:15 or 5:30 this morning. traveling northbound at the palmetto expressway right at tamiami trail southwest at eighth street. that exit ram season blocked, will be blocked for this entire week. we have i guess one more day left in the week. you'll have to exit


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