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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the way, facing serious charges, involving a student. >> saved from the flames, these puppies all doing much better after a close call and the burning apartment. >> and in columbia, south carolina it is the final primary push, before voters go to the polls. and t(e candidates, are on the move. and on messagage. >> i'm chief meteorologist betty das, a stormy start to the week, about you now the week is shaping up to the perfect picture. >> and now, the popular hover
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>> anchor: local >> live, the one and only, l local ten news, starts right now. >> anchor: off the top totonight, a high schoolteacher with three children and a pregnant wifet home, under arrest for allegedly having sex with a student.t. what is more, the teen victim says that it all happened right in alassroom after school. >> but tonight that teacher is
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local ten reporters now live i i west miami dade with the top story tonight. >> reporter: well that teacher and father of four, remains behind bars, tonight, accused of having, sexual contact, not once, but twice, with atudent in a classroom. >> long time teacher, jason meyers trading the classroom for a courtroom. accused of taking advantage and having sex with one of his 17-year-old female students, twice. in a classroom. here at miami palm me dow high school. >> it is just a shock and he really cared about the student's writing. >> it and gets worse, the 40-year-old english teacher's wife is a teacher athe same high school, they are expecting a fourth child. >> his wife o is pregnant and he has three minor children at home. and he has no prierz. and he has lived in miami dade county sin he was seven. >> and each with that argument, the judge decided to raise the bond tos 75,000 and to require him to be on house arrest if he
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>> the students are all talking about it. and it must be so hard. well. aftet the school called to notify them of the arrest. >> i mean, it is scarey, just to think that something like this is going on. >> a person that is in that potion, that is teaching, you have a job to do. and your job is not tol touch these children. >> the school officials calling the allegations unacceptable, and rep prehenceable and says that meyers will be fired. >> anchor:nd according to the jail staff, meyerhas posted bond but he is in the process of being transitioned and will not transitioned intoouse arrest, until tomorrow, the judge has said that he is not allowed to have any contact with that alleged victim. we are live at tgk in miam clol ten news >> anchor: a fast, moving fire, engulfing a mmi apartment and inside of that unit, eight, helpless puppies. >> managing to rescue four of the puppies along with the
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from miami, how the surviving pups are doing tonight. >> reporter: lori, and they are getting much needed rest right now after being trapped inside of this apartment, it was filling up with smoke and the firefighters they busted in and did what were they do. >> these puppies are exhausted fast asleep in a milk crate. >> their mother paces around outside, still visibly shaken, according to her owner. >> shead a litter of eight, but these are the four who were rescued when their apartment caught fire. >> and they took their mom to the back to see that she was okay. and that she could not breathe. >> and the neighbors watched in horror as the smoke poured out of the unit, andth avenue in miami, the crews learned no people were in the apartment, but siner and the pups were trapped and so the firefighters moved in, and they found, three of the puppy and brought them out and the firefighters then hearing more were still inside. >> during the search we were able to find the mother and
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area, trying to get away from the flames and they were able to bring them out. >> and then this touching moment, and medics using special masks to give these pups oxygen, their efforts no doubt, saved their lives and while several are unaccounted for, the dog's owner taking comfort knowing these puppies have a chance. >> so no word right now, what started this fire, but the apartment was destroyed along with a lot of things in there, this woman saying that she is thankful that some of these puppies made it out but she was also saying that the mother of these puppies seems depressed and steemz that she is going around searching for the other four dogs, if you like to help the dogs out, or her, shehe lost a lot. head to the website, local we are live in miami, >> anchor: thanks lot. a 6-year-old girl left home after being injured in a fire and her mother is now behind baba and under arrest, the young girl was pulled from a wells miami dade apartment complex, on
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a neighbor spotted the girl's mother in the hallway, along with a fire coming out of the front door. with the neighbor asked 32-year-old, erika roselo if there was a fire inside and she allegedly denied it. but did admit that her daughter was inside of the unit and so the neighbor pulled theire alarm, and the firefighters arrived on the scene and rushed save the 6-year-old who was inside. >> couldn't get there and the ladder there quicknough and so i just told my partner to be on one knee and use them. as a prop to help me up and i climbed in through the window. had we taken, let's say another three or fouou minutes, the out come would have been different. roselo is charged with child neglect, and great bodily harm, the e ild is now in the care of dcf. >> in 2016, it is the eve, of the south carolina republican primary and the cab dates are out in force.
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they poured the evangelical vote. and live now in columbia, south carolili with more for us. >> glena. > courting every single vote they possibly can, calvin and laurie,,olls on what is the first, presidential vote in the south on the republilin side and the candidates, as she said, they are workingt to the very last minute and they know that a lot is riding on this, for them and for voters. >> my name is john -- and the campaign, and i am begging you to vote for senator cruz. and he is a bodily plan. >> hours before the polls open and depend og who opens the other end, it is either reminder to vote or a mission to change mind. >> christians out there that are still, just -- and you just got to do your best to swaythem. >> with faith based backing, ted cruz cruz, closes in on donald trump, in the most recen south carolina gop poll.
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freest and the most prosperous americans that ever lived. >> in the final hours, marco rubio is pushing to be that alteative and at least the top three, finish here in an increasing nasty and negative race. >> i do every day, because he is not a conservative. >> for the former florida, governor, jebbush, south carolina may well decide, the campaign's shelf fe, and his town hall performances impressed voters, but will it be enough? >> i think that we are going to have a huge, turn out, all of the south carolinaans that i am talking to are saying that turn out is going to be huge. in eno doubt that trump is the & candidate, driving the turn out either for him or against him. >> i looked hard at johns kasich and i don't think that he can win. >> someone that i going to help the economy. >> it is time to work and it is time to stop peing >> a neck and neck in thenevada caucus, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting for the first solid hispanic voto of
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with the highest ranking endorsement in congress, sanders with the momentum. >> it is so interesting, day by day to go out and talk to the voters and the different dem graphics in south carolini and right here in the capitol, and you can hear people, consistently talking about the big issues and the economy and the national security, but you also hear them talk about how they plan to vote with the candidate that they like. that they find electable and that they can connect with the most. it will be interesting, to see, in their minds, which candidates those are and we will see you right back here tomorrow to find out. i'm glena live in columbia, south carolina tonight. local ten news >> anchor: busy day for you tomorrow, more live reports from south carolina. and glena will be back, beginning tomorrow morning with reports all day and all night, just for you. >> we have to tell you about the feds are cracking down on the hit of the holiday season, have you been on one yet? the hover boards, the two-wheeled balancing scooters,
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federal saty, standards, live in the newsroom with the information that you need to know. >> and most of us saw it as long as it does not have a chief cheap battery, that can explode, they are mostly safe, if you can keep your balance. they say that the devices are not safe. just released a letter to retailers and manufacturers and importers that hover boards have to comply to a new set of standards in order to be sold. hoveroards were really a hot item this past, holiday season, but many have caught, fire. and the danger comes from the lith um ion batteries that are inside, since december, the safety commission has received reports from consumers in 24 states, of 52, fires, resulting in more than 2 million dollars, in property damage. >> and that include the destruction of two cars, two homes, actually and a car. and at this point, though, no hover boards are being recalled
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>> okay, jeanine, thank you, and opening the follow up file, a police officer is battling for his badge and tonight, james wells, answered questions, he was taken off the streets, the former officer was fired, after the messages showed him using thth-word, wells was questioned about the use of the word or if it is ever appropriate? >> you are referring to a person. we will talk of and we will talk this person, a bad guy. and when you have been calling him a white guy. and if i refer to him as that word, he has a problem with it. >> we don't have any white guys in this particular case that you referred as the n-word do we? >> in this case, no. >> anchor: the attorney is giving the questions therer wells is going through the arbitration process, to try and get his job back, the former cop will find out, in 30 days. >> the public, paying their respects to the late, justice antonin scalia, and as his body lies in repose, at the u.s.
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and scalia's casket was placed in the rotunda and draped in the american flag, they paid homage to h h throughout the day, the president obama and the first lady paid their reports and stopping to view the casket. >> and the president has received the bush back for the decision not to attend the funeral tomorrow. joe biden will be representing the white houseset the funeral. >> many members of the public, took the time to honor justice scalia, long lines out of the supreme court as the public waited their turn to view the late justice's casket. >> still to come, a legal battle lost for the so-called, affluenza teen, leading to aadult court. >> a mama flying his own heavy metal, and with maiden flight. >> it is a refreshing wrap to the workweek. we will talk about what is on
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>> and it is a pill that could prevent the spread of hihi and the world of medicine wants you to know about it and how it
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>> anchor: we have anye opening report, about a life saving drug that many people don't seem to know about. >> anchor: it is called truvad it is a prevention pill that the experts believe could end the aids epidemic, that is important in florida, because made and broward county, leads the nation, >> anchor: takes a closer look at this ground-breaking drug. >> every year, in the u.s., some 50,000 people are diagnosed with hiv infection. and but this pill could be a game changer. travad, also known as prep was approved four years ago. taken once a day, prep is 90 percent effective at preventing hiv infection, still a cdc
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healthcare providers don't know ough about it. >> think about if we had a vaccine thaha worked that well, we would be so excited. and we don't have a vaccine, but we do have this medication, when taken as directed can do that. and it is amazing. >> so amazing, in fact that some users worry t tt it is too good to be true. >> and he is hiv negative and wants to stay that way. he works at the pride center in wilton manners, the organization, raises community, awareness on a number of subjects including prep. >> my reason for getting on prep is that i wanted to understand more about it, and if i was going to implement this in the community i wanted to understand how it works. >> and it workeke by establishing the presence of the drug in the cells that hiv targets stopping the virus right in its tracks. but consistency is key. >> it takes about a weekor
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protective after starting the medication and for woman it take longer, it take three weeks. >> anchor: the bottom line is prep is not a date night drug. and that is what worries doctors they don want the patients taking a few pills and going out partying and thinking wrongly that they are protected. >> dr. radson says that the drug is intended for those in an monogomous relationship. he agrees. >> it isempowering, and whatever is stigma tieing terms tha are out. >> and eliminating that stigma continues, this year, it went primetime for the first time on abc how to get away with murder. >> i am on prep, back at the ide center, he says that he is proof that hiv infections can be stopped. and prep is one big reason why. >> get tested, and know your status, and use it as prescribed, please, please, use it as prescribed. >>nchor: local ten news.
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chrissy says that prep can run about $1500 a month, many insurance plans, including medicaid do cover it. and the drug's maker, does also offer assistance for people who simply can't afford it. >> anchor: the texas teenager who used the affluenza defense, has lost his legal fight and will be moved to an adult, court. it means that the 18-year-old, eathan couch, could face, 120 years in yalejail and finish the ten year probation, he was given probation for killing four people, after his attorney argued that he e d been coddled by his parents and he suffered from affluenza, the teenager and the mother took off to mexico, after he violated his probation, by appearing onn video at a party. >> anchor: if you stepped outside tonight that breeze is still out there and it makes itit a little chilly. but we are going to have a warm weekend and i have something to do tomorrow morning, betty and it has to be a good forecast, i have a ten-year-old, waiting for
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>> a lot of people are counting on the weather, cooperating this weekend, i am sure if you got to town tonight, you are going to be here through the weekend and you picked a good e. and we are looking at the doppler radar right now, and it is nice and quiet o o there, and those are false returns that you see in key west, and there is no actual, rain fall falling and so it ia dry night, and over the overseas highway, and 67, the current temperature in fort lauderdale and pem brook pines and you can notice that miami at 70, and with that breeze it feels as though you need that sweater and you don't want to sleep with the windows open tonight. by tomorrow, the forecast shows that most of the neighborhoods are in the 60s these models taking the neighborhoods too low in the 60s like that 63 in kein. dalll and the winds are in the north eaea, sustained to ten miles an hour and so that will help to keephe temperatures up too and we will also have the clouds out there in some areas
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dominating feature a it is in control of the south east, and keeping the weathered, nice and quiet, close wise slow around the high, means an eas and north east breeze for us tonight and that breeze is going to carry us into tomorrow and so the breeze coming off of the atlantic ocean on saturday and the temperatures women be seasonable and kind of like today and we made it into the mid 70s, and 79 and that is the norm for this time of of year for the high temperature for miami, and so it will be close sunday. sunshine. >> and if you are heading to the beach's tomorrow,, the relationship, current risk is going to be high through tomorrow and the water temperature, around 71 degrees, and if you are taking the boats out, the small craft advisories and those have been dropped, but the small craft should exercise some caution, tomorrow with the winds over the atlantic to the east, and 15 to o 20 miles an hour andoderate chop, on the bays and the seas running about three to five et. in the morning, the temperatures in the 60s and the highs stepping up to the70s and we will have the breezes blowing in from the east and n nth east,
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rain by the way, saturday and sunday and that is pretty low and so your outdoor plans will not have too many issues and rain fall and monetet chance for in fall, by tuesday, and wednesday and we are tracking the cold front and that brings in the chance for rain and storms, for wednesday and your weather, authority watching and tracking meteorologist jennifer, and nikki and todd, they get started at 5:00 a.m., guys? >> anchor: that is the new hour, 00. >> anchor: they are up early. >> and we are up watching, not. >> anchor: still to come, it is an annual display of everything, exotic on wheels and with wings vment >> and the tenth annual, kicks off with the display of the need
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, i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anynying just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't bieve it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing
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made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> anchor: a aerfect touchdown to kick off the annual of the aligon and in boca raton. >> and a special, landing of a hond jet, pie loited by case,
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ten years ago, and tonight's kick off party featured an impressive assortment of cars and motorcycles and planes along with tastings fro 20, south florida restataants and rick case, showing the pde of his piloting wife. >> me and rita left at a honda meeting, and we always want to be first with hoa, when they came out with the honda jet, she wanted to be the first woman to learn to fly one and certificated to fly a honda jet. she just finished. >> that is great, the main, event comes this s sday with the automobile, and at the boca raton resort, and club, with the special guest, jay leno and the tickets at $75, >> anchor: a metal master piece, touched down in fort lauderdale today, take a look at that beauty, it is kicking off the latest, world tours and you might say in the big way, the
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with the mascot, eddie and has been dubbed air force one, and the plane was flown in by the band's lead singer, who was a licensed pie locality, he explained why they chose to kick off the tour right here in south florida. >> it is sunny, andbecause, well, he lives in the bahamas and nick lives in boca raton. >> and iron, ma deny will kick off the book of souls, at the bbcenter and sunrise on wednesday, rock on, clay. >> i love it, and n n chris bosh, and no whiteside and no dwan wade, no problem, just 9 players, and see why eric,dubed them, 9 strong, next. first tonight's winning catc three, and played for the fantasy five and we have your
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>> and now, local ten sports. >> anchor: and now the heat were already going to be shorthanded against the division, leading hawks, chris bosh outith a blood clot in his leg, and you had whiteside suspended for a game and before tip off tonight, re bad news, dwan wade going to sit this one out because of theoreness in the back of his knee, he missedractice on thursday, and even though it does not seem too serious, the heat hold him out, despite how big this game was going to be. >> i just want to go back and get a second opinion and it is nothing like i am overly concerned about, it is just some sortness that i have not felt in a while so i wanted to make sure that everything is good. >> and so the heat and 9 strong just 9 players able to go against the haukz and they have a lead late in the game and this one, look at josh mcroberts and tipping it in, 19 points, and ten assists for h h tonight, and
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gets it to go and the foul and goes to 17, ande goes for a lead, at that point, and whit man, and knocks it dn from outside and he goes for 30, to lead everybody, he takes this one, and 115-111 and you know that dwane wade. and the baseball is officially back, and you have mar marlin, and barry bonds doing the work in a fish uniform for the first time today, and we will hear from him. coming up tomorrow, and guys, he says that he wants his guys, to work hard. and there is a buzz, these guys, love being around barry bonds, he has a presence and really interested to see what he can do. >> i love watching him, and i love it. >> absolutely. >> histime. >> and yeah it will be cool. >> looking good, tomorrow, and breezy, and just a slightest chance for a shower on the breeze and, most of the neighborhoods dry and the temperatures are getting into
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>> okay, thank yost text1 italics cc1 test message >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bill maher. from "the danish girl," oscar nominee alicia vikander. jakeyrd at a donald trump rally. and music from nothing but thieves. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it,


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