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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 6AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> neki: right now on local 10 news, four puppies saved from flame when an apartment goes on fire. this morning the mother of those puppies left frantically searching for her mig pup. >> todd: and a mother accused of neglect after leavingng her six yee old home alone inside an apartment that caught fire. that mother is expected to face a judge today. >> neki: a big day in the race for the white house. candidates in na vad sand south carolina make their pick as the candidates make last minute attempts to swait votes. >> todd: and a crook with an eye for the the fancier thing in light. he was caught on cram going after a pricey piece of of jewelry. >> live, the one and only local ten news starts right now. >> neki: good saturday morning. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm it todd tongen. thank you for waking up with us. it is 6:00 a.m. bright and early. cark ander dark and early.
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it will be bright today. lots of bright right jennifer. >> jennifer: yes. very bright and 10% today. and look at the cloud cover we're dealing with this morning. you can see that yes t is mostly cloudy and pretty much overcast on this saturday morning based on the satellite buvment eventually those clouds will break part once the sunrises so it will be nice out there. a mix of of sun a and clouds of also high pressure keeps control over the the panhandle thvment will provide for a breezy easterly windsnd seasonable temperature later on this afrnoon. we'll talk about all of. that but this morning those clouds keeping us on t`e mild side in the upper 60s or if not right at the 70 degree ncht fort lauderdale at t degrees still. 69 in miami. wind out of the east at 5 miles per hour in miami. just a a little high thearn that for key west at 10 miles per hour. a we continue on through the day. once that sun prizes, temperatures wrarming up to the 70s. more on your seven day forecast in a couple minutes.
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>> todd: right now tropical cyclone winston is make planned fall in fiji. the most powerful storm it to hit the islsld nation. the storm expected to pass through the country's'swo main islands. and packing wind gusts with more than 220 miles per hour. official say it could even strengthen farthtr before the i've the storm hits. >> neki: eight puppies and a mother dog stuck inside an apartment as it goes up in flames. firefighters race to rescue those dogs while the other fourof them remain miss this morning. >> todd: and we're now hearing from the dog's owner who say the mother of those pup has been frantically searching for the the ones who are still missing. >> neki: of course she s. local 10 news reporter erika rakow is live in miami with more on this story. >> good morning erika. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. now when your dog thinking in smg up and that's exactly what this woman says is going ofnt she was not home when this fire started. they livin that upstairs
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it just filled up with smoke and& if you look at the front door, you can still see smoke damage around it@ and you're rief right. four puppies still unaounted for and at this point presumed dead. >> theuppies here are exhausted. fast asleep. >> their mother wake pacing outside. her owner he is she is still visibly shaken up. the dog'same is march recue savment she had a little of eight but these were the only four rescued when the apartment caught fire yesterday. >> they took the mom to the vet to see if she wa okay because she couldn't breathe. >> neighbors watched and recorded in horrors asmoke poured out o o the apartment long northeast 24th street and seven mg avenue in miami. firefighters knew no people were inyide but when they learned of the dog and her puppies. they rushed in. >> durin the search we were able to find the mother and another puppy that was scouring in an area trying to getaway from the flames.
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>> in this picture you seekfirst responders using special mask to give the puppies ofl ain. their efforts no doubt saving their lives. the owner upset about the other half of the lit lirt but finding comfort in knowing these puppies still have a chance. >> and so one of the puppies, the mom pup were taken to a local veterinarian to be checked out there. o csm so now the dog and four puppiess and women ll all staying with a friend. they can't live here. the apartment completely a total losms just destroys and they lost most of what's inside. friends are hoping out. there a tbier you to help out if you're interesting in doing so. go to local we have all the information for you u ere. live in miami this morning. erika rakow. local 10 news. >> todd: a 6-year-old girl leanledly leaft home lean is recovering after being injured nay attorney and her mom is now under reas. the girl pulled from a home on fire. the neighbor spotted the mother
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coming out her fron door. the neighbor asked if t tre's way fire up side flir home and that's when she said her doubt ware inside. >> the neighbor pulled the fire alarm and firefighters rusheto save that 6-year-old girl inside. >> couldn't get the lad their quick enough soy just told my partner to get on one knee and use him as a prop and he helped me up and a climbed in through the window. >> had we taken let's say another three, four minutes, the out come with would have bn different. >> todd: ro sell o is charged with child neglect rutting in great bodily harm. expected to peer before a judge later today. cps. >> neki: turn nowg to 2016, the republican primary will take place today and the candidates together the last minute. >> todd: the volunteers pulling out all the stops as they court evangelical vote. glen milberg is in south carolina with more.
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i'm begging you to vote for senator cruz. he is an godly man. >> reporter: hours before the poll opens and who is on the other end. it's either a reminder to vote nd. >> just going to vote for him and just do your best t per sway them. >> reporter: with state base wack ted cruyou closes in on done add trump in the most recent south carolina gop poll. >> and our children became the freest and most prosperous american that e er lived. >> reporter: in the final hours rubios pure tok the alternative and at least the top three finish in an increasingly nasty and negative race i do every day because he is not a conservative. >> reporter: for for w mer florida govenor jeb bush, south carolina may soon decide hi shelf life. his campaign im proses voter but will it be enough.>> i think it will be a large turn out.
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say it will be he. >> reporter: the turn out either for him or against him eye look hard at john sai kasich but i just don't think he can win. >> it's time to help our ee con na any. >> it's time to work and stop being cod will oochtd it's interesting to get out and talk to the people who plan to vote later tay. they are consistently mention big issues when looking at the national security and economy. but consistently we're hearing from the same voters. they plan it stroart candidates they like and think wille election table and the person they connect with. stay tune. will be an interesting day today here in sowmg carolina. i'm imlen na mill bempleght local ten news. >> stay with local 10 and live reports from south carolina. glenna will have reports all day and night as voter cast their ballots in the first and south primary. >> todd: also on vote 2016w we stay on topic today as nevada caucuses, a big day for democratic cap dates. hillary clinton and bernie
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with received a crucial endorsementrom a south carolina congressman. >> the sphiewt you've o@ the future of the democratic party and the united states of america will be best served with the experiences and no how of hillary clinton as our 45th 45th president. >> todd: now clinton hope the encourse from the from powerful democrat will give her a push to the to. both candidates rallied in the days leading up to the caucus trying to get the latino vote which say 28% population. >> it look to me like nevada is ready it to lead this country into a political revolution. >> todd: i need you to caucus. >> todd: and the race to nevada or nevada as bernie calls it is too close to cavment closes tonight at 10:00 a.m. >> neki: and a thief with an eye for fancy jewelry. surveillance video shows the man
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flea march cecec once inside he makes a bee line for the ram bo jewelry counter. police say when he then snatched a 14-carat goldhain and ran out. the price tagag on that piece more than six grand. snri information, call police. and a man accused of being a serial robber and allegedly target age 13-year-old has been ordered held outbond. alfredo garcia held in bond court yesterday. he is facing charges ever armed robbery with a deaeay weapon and false imprisonment. some of hey lengthecrime caught on camera including this robbery at a va lar o gas station at marlin park. he also robbed a 13-year-old outside slam academy and sold the s stole the boy's bracelet and gold chain. >> >> todd: and theyaid they would help apple to break into the phone with an mack. >> and the phone was left behind dy one of the san bernardino shooters oof.
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too dpan dangerous to create threatening the privacy of millions of user worldwide. the hearing set for march. >> >> neki: and now to an updatee on zika virus. two case of the virus were found in florida. both of of the people in those cases had traveled overseas. one of the case is in miami-dade. theorld's health organization predicts brazil will hold a fantastic olympics and the threat to zika will be way down in the country by summer. >> todd: south florida business owners say they are being extoward the bit popular crowd source review app. >> neki: that's right local 10 christina craz vasquez gets down to the bottom these claims coming up. >> todd: and the tearing down of after a historic ship in california. the signs of where people say they are seeing them i'm and good morning south florida. out there. 60s. in loud. even tiewtly we'll hit the highs p 70s today. and a warp up on the day.
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and may increaea the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controll, your doctor will decide if you can stop bo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask yo doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. >> todd: welcome back. into the call christina says yem customer manipulated their
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>> neki: and they say there has been a history of allegations cht company fiercely denies. >> todd: and now a new documentary takes aim the at o o line review company. >> neki: they are accused of unethical business practice. >> here christina's record. >> aim a big yell per. read in the very views and see what people wrote about each one. >> reporter: but for years yep yelp has been dogged by claim from bis fles own tbher who say their yem ratings suffer when they refuse to pay for adadrtising. >> when we first opened we had someone from yelp come over a a ask if we wanted to do add versaillesing pt we didn't think anything of it. vera and vad amir are championship dancers. >> and owner of fred astaire dance studio in coral gables. she asked the a a florida arnie general's office for help aftft she said yelp began to filter r reviews. >> we had about 20 review that
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there at all. here's her yem page looking at it you would think there were just eight review. it's when you scroll down you see a silt liep that mentioned there are 26 other review that are not currently recommend. when you look clique on that before you get to those review, yelp has postt add a video that explain we use ah it to madede the software that recommend the review it we think wil be most helpful and advertisers get no special freements. some of the reviews were from students. while they can be viewed on a separate page. > because they are in this sub category. >> with they are not part of of the rating at a. according yem, the federal trade commission closed an investigation of yem without take action. >> how could thousand of business owners be wrong? she sb behind bill yn dollar bully. a documentary explorong claim of review manipulation. >> they could say thing like
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>> reporter: currently in post production. yem stock took a lit of last month on kick starter. >> jennifer: don't think what would have happened had there not been peoe already feeling that way. >> reporter: bicep thefinancial times would report that yelp is in need of a goodreview. >> we felt help rest. >> yem said several rein a review may not be recommended. so called bias r riews cht companies describe as reviews solicited by a busineses owner for friend, family members or favorite customer. youan read their statement in full and read what other florida base business owners have told state regular lay tore@ about yem on the call christina page on local in the news room. local 10 news. >> neki: the texas teen who used an affluenza ee defense nay drunk driring wreck has lost hi legal fight and now will bemoved into the adult court. it means ethan couch could face
6:17 am
hi ten year probatio he was given probation a after killing four people aer hi tar now argued he had been cod will will by his parents and didn't know right from wrong. the teen and his mom took off to mexico after he allegedly violated his probation by violating therobation by cringing at a party. >> todd: and el nino has brought up a historic ship. huge thurchg of the ship have been watching up on the beach north of monterey. the world war i tanker what been there since the late 1920s and park sow fiction shall say they will let it fall part on it's own before turning it into a man mate reef. >> neki: and time now:17. 69 degrees. warmer than the last few weeks. >> todd: we're in for a nice stretch of weather. >> neki: how warm will did get today. i was just looking on my app and it saiinto the 70s jen. >> jennifer: temperature are seasonable except for the loavmentz we should be cooler than this todd and neki.
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seems like we've got used to the cool temperature in the morning hours. but today or at least now, plenty of cloud cover out there keeping us in the upper 60s ana then 70 degrees for almost all of broward, fort lauderde. pompano beach and pembroke pines. all at 70 degrees. winds are relatively light at this hour. out of east from fort lauderdale down into homestead out of northeast marathon and key west. it has picked up a bit for key west. 10 miles per hour breeze at the the moment and eventually by this afternoon wind will be between ten to even up to 20 miles perehour so. we'll get breeze throughout the day. here's a look at radar. no rine on the satellite. plenty of cloud cover. sigh this very faint looking blog thcht say big bank of clouds which is stretching from the lower keys all with the way up into palm beach county as well and over portions of the well. but other than. that high pressure is keeping us lnto a nice and dry for today and even as with we head intoo
6:19 am
rain chances are just down to 10% so. it will be breezy throughout the day as that high remain over the&panhandle. seasonal temperatures which means highs today getting intoo the upper 70s way mix sun and clouds. staying in store ood and through tomorrow as a well so. head out to the beach if you want to eneny it. just be careful out there. high rip occur apt risk remain in effect. all day today most lely through the weekend. two small craft a operators caution. from broward to miami-dade or a rough chop. d small craft advisory is in effect today. and tememratures warming up to 77 degrees by around 2:00 and 3:00. here a look at our seven day forecast. not ch of a change but by tomorrow we'll be feeling warmer especially monday, tuesday, wednesday when temperature are it hg those upper 80's. but at the same time we'll be tracking a new system developing over the south and over texas and pushing eastward.
6:20 am
front and possiblyyhe threat of strong storm wednesday and even thururay. so keep it tuned with your weather authority. we'll be talking abo wet weather midweek and then a nice cool down by the end of the week. todd, dmik. >> todd: all right jen, thank you. >> if you cone have plans this jeengd. >> neki: you better make some. the weather is night. >> todd: we're your social calendar. >> neki: that's right a list of events to keep you occupied on this saturday. >> todd: and a list of of events that could k kp you busy all week jond lofnght the annual concrs d'elegance. >> neki: yes. i'll tell you all about it when we come back. >> neki: but first a look at the winning lottery numbers. that could make your weekend. good luck.
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>> neki: looking for something to do today swraism few eye dies
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head ate cooking contest a at the festival flea market mall in pompano beef. hosting the fooddy feud. and three rounds of of cooking. ee sphrent noon 'til two clofnl free to teafntd if you're looking for a music event of a free one at the history of miami museum you. a concert bit the lee boichtz couldn't certificate begins at 2:00 in the afternoon and if you're a pug lover? and who isn't? head out to the funky briewr ri. hosting the livve long and pugster. help find ban cond pug a new home. the event from 2:00 in the afternoon until five and end at5:00. >> todd: live long and pug fer. >> someone with too much time.e. >> and the annual concourse lla against. >> neki:s that's right a special land b@g honda get jett pie light who else rita case they founded the annual event
6:25 am
kickoff started an impressive assortment of exotic cars, be motorcycle and planes a and tasting from 27 restaurants rick case showing off his pride, not only of of the eventut hi piloting wife. >> me and rita met at honda meeting 40 year ago. we always wanted to be first with honda. when honda came out with a jet they she wanted to be first to be certified honda jecht she just fin anied today. >> todd: oo. >> neki: the main event starts tomorrow at the boca raton row sort and club. from 10:00 'til 4:00. the special guest is jay ren no. tickets start at $75 and raise money for a great cause. the boys and girls club of broward county. >> todd: i wish i still had the ten tack key to take her up there. >> neki: thas right. >> todd: and plenty of news head at 6:30. a teacher under arrest for having tex s- wesm a student in class. >> neki: and police say the alleged fair happened at school.
6:26 am
>> todd: also next a safe tai lert thisorning after the fed officially declare hof vor ver boards unsafe. >> neki: i look lake a geep yows now don't i? >> todd: whatt they are warning consumers about coming up. >> jennifer: aintd love us us want to head taught beaea or water. high rip current a risk and for atlantic water small craft operators exercise wa caution. the ba choppy. seas three it to 4 feet and getting breezy out there. wind out of the east at 15 miles
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the resof the (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) onkey noise)
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>> neki: right now on local ten news, a palmetto high school teacher under arrest accused of having sex way 17-year-old student inside a classroom what the pair repts stage it about this scandal. >> todd: and the safety alert. the federal government officially declaring one of the hottest toiftz season a a dangerous. we'll have a run down of their new ror. >> neki: and the latest on president obama ma's visit to cuba. we'll hear from a local president after he made the trip totohe mountain. >> todd: and a trip down 747. makiki it iron maiden voyage. a rock band start the helm. local 10 was there to watch him land and learn more about the world tour kicking off. >> live, the one and only local 10 n@ws starts right now. >> neki: good morning. >> todd: good good morning. >> >> todd: i don't know.
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saturday, february 20 ng. >> todd: that's rye. a thanks for waking up with us. that's neki mohan. >> neki: and he is todd. >> there's jennifer. take it why. >> jennifer: good morning south florida. happy saturday. happy weekend. it is nice out there however waking up to cloudy skies. and those clouds keeping uss slightly warmer this morning. the clouds not producing rainfall. nice out there. high pressure snaig control from the atlantic to the panhandle. and across the nation, relatively quite. there's snow moving through new england and also snow moved into the rock key. with you other than that relatively quiet for now as far as temperature go across the south though,, ten to 20 degrees after bof average this weekend. a saturday and sunday hilgt the 80 fierce houston tefl as and could you see 80s even into oklahoma and upper 70s also into portion of the south. but back here at home. it is seasonable. but right now mild out there. 70 degrees in fort lauderdale.
6:32 am
more on your forecast coming up. todd. >> todd: jen, thank you. right now tropical storm winston is making landfall in fiji. the most powerful storm to hit that island nation. the eye of the storm expected to pass thriewn the country's two main islands. it is pack with wind gusts of more than 220 miles per hour. listen to thvment it could strengthen farer before the i've the storm hits. >> neki: a disanl rock the halls of the palmetto high school after a teacher is arrested for having sex with a 17-year-old student. >> todd: police say the illicit affair took place inside the classroom. >> neki: and that teach ear peered in court yesterday where we learned more with him. layron livingston live in west miami-dade with the latest. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning neki and todd. i want to show thusm he is a good english teacher. you'll probably b bome. there we go a better writer over the course of the year. and be very prepared for the the
6:33 am
that's what one stew diptd wroatd about jason miers thon great my teacher web site. and now he is listed as an inmate on the miami-dade county prison web site. >> in the courtroom baw long time teacher jason meyer stance accused of having sex in the classroom with a 17-year-old female miami palmetto high school student. >> the students are all talking about it and it must be so hard. >> i think it's just a shock. i thil he really cared about the students writing. >> reporter:r:nd we're learning his wife also teaches at miami palmetto high and is preg napt with that couple's 4-78g child. >> and wean with that information the judge raised the nd to $75,000 for his sexual battery on a minor. o a and he will be open house arrest once that is posted. >> it's scary to think that something like this is going on. >> we learned that the school let parents know about the a reches the allegation are
6:34 am
bell and say meyer will be determine nate ood a person in that position teaching. have you a job to doond your job is not to touch these children snie and we're expecting mie toash released later on this morning and moved into house arrest. it's something that we're monitoring here and we'll keep you posted. for now reporting live, layron livingston. local 10 news. >> todd: a police officer is battling for his back. yesterday james well apedquestions about the ray will shallly charged reason he was taken off the the street. the former fort lauderdale officer was fired after text messages show him using the n word at an arbitration hearing. the use of questions about the word and if it's ever reappropriate. >> if you're referring to a person, we'll call this person a bad buy and even call him a white guy f i reper to him asthat word, i don't think there's a problem with it. >> we don't have any white guys
6:35 am
refer to the the n word, do we? >> in in particular case, no. >> he is going through the arbitration process to get his job wack. we'll tbiend out in about a month. >> and fredrico wilson sweag in on president obama's visit to cuba next movement with one topic she does n n see eye o tie on with the president. >> i will not go to cuba until i am assured that all the human rites that i know, the the violations that are taking placemany cuba, are erased. > neki: congress woman will sop made those comments during my brotherrers keepers community chal epg. the program is meant tone cowr amg community lead ears cross the nation to create positive change for athletes. >> local 10 news will have live coverage of cuba during president obama's historic visit leadly local 10 news anchor calvin hughes.
6:36 am
the holiday gift every one had to v. they say the hover boards are not safe no matter how much you paid. and retailers and manufacturers and report thears hover boards now have to comply to a new self safety standard in order to bebe sold in the united states. hover boards were a hot item this holiday season but many have caught fire. the danger come from the lithium battery scion. just this summer sif a ti commissioner have received are reports from 52 miers fier resulted and that includes the destruction of two homes and a car. >> at this point no of hover boards are being recalled but that could soon change. >> neki: ngw to a a story you saw first here on low ceanl tflt a small plane making an emergency land nothing a crowded neighborhood in the florida ceesms the pilot was trying to land ate small airport in tabaneej when he crashed into someone's front yard. neighbors and first responders helped free the pilot who was
6:37 am
the pilot was the only person on board ads and was not hurt in the crash. >> >> todd: u.s. coast guard investigationn continues in the sinking of el faro. the family members be of those who died signed a pe sition calling for changes on how ships fail sail near bicht the focus on the boiler which owe figure shall say had parts that needed to be replaced. el faro sank last october in the bahamas o after being caught in the winds of of hurricane. >> neki: and the justice antonin scalia's body lies in repose at the supreme court. his cast tell placed in the rotunda draped in the american flag. and h e they paid homage to justice scalia throughout the day. president obama and the first la paid i respects stopping to review the cast cechts the president has received push back
6:38 am
today. vice president joe biden will attend. >> and lock lines extended out of the supreme court at public waited their turn to view the justice a's casket jierks and a car bust into flame on the side of the highway. >> neki: quite the picture. the car's owner in shock since he just bought the car.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> todd tongen and neki mohan on >> sth a new car. how is that supposed to happen? >> todd: a brand new mercedes benz goes up in flames many portland and the owner says he has no idea why. he just bought the vehicle a week before as a certified vehicle and had 13,000-mile on it. >> i'm driving and from the left shoulder the car struggle to change gear from 4th to 5th 5th and n n engine light came open. me aipped friend got out of cars a s sns as we could and just three minute later the car was in flame and exploded. the data waist shows there is a
6:42 am
involved with power steering problem but no mentioned of any fires. >> neki: caught on camera a car doing donuts in the middle of the san francisco open bay bridge. is. >> it involve a muscle car driving wrecklessly and brought traffic to a standstill for several mite. california highway patrol he is but couldn't catch. they now they say the video shepg their investigation. >> if you're going do something that is really dumb and potentially criminal. >> todd: remember every one has a cell phono with with video. >> jennifer: or dashcam. >> neki: exactly. out of dashcam today nothing but nice weather. >> jennifer: yes. >> neki: butaid a little cloud cover. >> jennifer: yes, right now the clouds are still over us. none producing any precipitatn. however it is keep owrg temperature slightly warmer this morning south florida. so ware not too cool out there but you know what, not a bad start.
6:43 am
so we have not dropped at all. 70 degrees in fort lauderdale. stitl 68 in key west. wind though generally out of east anywhere between five to 10 miles per hour. here's a look at theadar so you can see that cloud cover h. is false return here. don't mind for that. no rain on the the ra dampt satellite yes but clouds are there a and they will stay with us at least for the first part of of this morning. high pressure will keep us nice and stable. today's rain chance only 10%. so breezy winds later on today. picking up ten to 15 and even up to 20 miles per hour. especially over the water. also temperatures will be seasonable for the afternoon. it's a hive of 77 dehere. miami. tomorrow of 79. upper 70s is where we should be at during this time of year. if you're heading out to the beach today, keep in mind there is a high rip current risk. that remain in effect for the rest of of today. the surf between one to 2 feeee and let's talk about the next several days.
6:44 am
us in the next three day and on tuesday rain chaps are going up. best chance to see some thunderstorms and they could potentially be strong. we'll be on wednesday and even early thursday morning. verier licht the timing on this could change. it could be delayed a little bit momo but your weather authority will keep you on track with this also very warm temperature warming up to those low 80s o o tuesday, wednesday and then we start to cool down by the end of the week. todd, neki. >> neki: all right. thanks jennifer. no chris bosh. no hasn white side. no ada wane wade. >> todd: no problemem >> neki: really. >> todd: just nine player for the heat gaps the division leading hawks. see whyhyric spoelstra called them nine strong. that's coming up in the sports wrap. >> neki: and maiden voyage to n-s. carrying precious wa rock star cargo. we were there to see it all and we'll show you next. >> and mday morning 67.
6:45 am
i- cloud da lem macht a service that would protect my library. >> is your information in danger of dispeering? i've received literally nothing
6:46 am
6:47 am
6:48 am
>> and good morning everybody. i'm clay ferraro with the local 10 morning sports wrap. the heat were going shorthanded last night. yet chris bosh out with way a blood clot in his leg and what shan bhiet side out for throwing an elbow and then minutes before they start the game against the hawks more bad news. wade out. he missed practice, couldn't tact porks on thursday because of that injury and even though it doesn't seem too serious. the heat held out despite how tough this game with would be. >> i am getting a second opinion. just soarness that i haven't felt in a while. i just wanted to make sure
6:49 am
>> so the heat just nine strong a they try to take on the hawk and cap them at the top of the the division. nine player playing and they have the lead rate. josh mick roberts adding with a tip a a19 points for this one. and later on imor an dra imik and with one. 17 for him in this ball game heat up six at that point and lieu all putting it way. two of his 30 points on the the night heat winning this 115 to 1111 just nine flair this ball game wade loving what he saw from his guys last night. baseball is back. new marlins map ger don matt maddingly on the field leading the team for the first day of spring workout. barry bonds also out there as pitchers and catchers run through their first work jowft spring training. maddingly says he wants one thing above all else from hi guys, hard work. >> i always feel i can tell
6:50 am
as a they work. as throng long as they give you the best effort i'm going to back them all the way. >> i'm sweatinggoy think i'm working hard. > cleek baseball no. 6 hurricanes taking o o rutkers o o on opening night throwing out the first pitch to a rod. alex rodriguez out at the light. and william. make sure we're not tide any more. home run to the hop sit field.canes go on to win this one by a final scofer four to one. i'm clay ferraro that is your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> >> neki: well, nothing spews rock star than owning a custom plane and flying. >> todd: not just any plain plane. a 747. i caught up with rock starve iron maiden and their voyage coming up. and monday at 11:00. a silent killer could be inside your body. >> p pple are frayed and they
6:51 am
local 10 chris te kreuger puts people under an eye opening
6:52 am
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (eleleant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidides. enough talk.
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>> take a look at thisetal master pet piece. called ed he ed ed force one. touched down here in fort lauderdale. >> how de do this lieks this. >> reporter: >> todd: these two up and this one over. >> neki: or is that nanunanu. >> oor. >> and we're talking about the iron made on kickoff. >> todd: waind there at airport to witness it all. on hi maiden flight. oop. make that iron maiden flight. lead singer bruce dickenson of
6:55 am
>> landing across the pond in the 747. ierk and it will carry the set,band equipment as well as crew an member. >> over 12 tons of gear. traveling 35 count treaz and. >> and ion't think there are many penguin maiden fans you know. >> todd: and that is over 55,000-mile. and he earned his commercial lice eps in the 509's but recently certified to fly a 747. he bought aim lay tore for the aviation center he owns in whales and the plane has 211-foot wing span. that is a lot of heavy met a. dickenson said there ways good reason the band wanted to kick off the world tour here in florida. >> it's sun and because well, steve the base player lives i the bahamas. nick could live in bo cra tone.
6:56 am
mascot eddie on the se and dubbed ed force one. >> irony is that a bomber has airforce one but iron planes do. >> todd: still trying to see them. rock on. really a nice guy and very smart and every one i here. >> neki: i can't believe he was a pilot while he was a rock star. >> todd: he wasn't certified on 747. was on 757. which is half the size ch tickets for this thing are sold out in every cy expect fort lauderdale or rather sunrise at bb and tn t center on sunday. a few tickets left. >> neki: a ticket on the flight. you have to admit that would be fun iergs pped yes. >> neki: and we're just getting started here on low ca teknew. >> todd: here's what we're working o on for the next hour on local 10 news. >> neki: a sex scandal at palmetto high school after a teacher is accused of having sex with a student during school hours.
6:57 am
from a student and parents. >> todd: and a ma ma dog saved with four puppies after their home catch flamesment and we're hearing from the owner and the four puppies that have still missing. >> neki: and the first in the south pry mare are taking place. the democrats will caucus in nevada. we have the latest from the campaign trail coming up. >> todd: local 10 news at 7:00 is next. >> neki: another click of the forecast coming up when we come back. taking a look out of our miami toter cam.
6:58 am
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>> right now on the local 10 news at 7:. a firefighters scramblings to save the dogs. >> anchor: a mother behind bars accused of child neglect, after her six-year-old was left home alone and the apartment went up
7:00 am
>> anchor: and a big day for the candidates in both parties in the race for the white house, as the people of nevada and south carolina make their early choices. how the hopefuls are preparing. >> anchor: and in this morning's health class, kristi krueger shows us some sou florida doctor whose are making a difference with share generosity. . >> l live, the one and only local 10 news. >> anchor: we want to thank you for waking up with us. we want to get right over to jennifer correia, to show you how it is shaping up. a lot of cloud cover, will that burn off? >> it should start to burn off. now that the sun is already rising so the clouds should start to break apart as we continue through the morning hours. and good morning, to you, south florida. yes, it is cloudy. but it isn't rning so that's


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