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tv   Local 10 News Saturday Morning 7AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> anchor: and a big day for the candidates in both parties in the race for the white house, as the people of nevada and south carolina make their early choices. how the hopefuls are preparing. >> anchor: and in this morning's health class, kristi krueger shows us some sou florida doctor whose are making a difference with share generosity. . >> l live, the one and only local 10 news. >> anchor: we want to thank you for waking up with us. we want to get right over to jennifer correia, to show you how it is shaping up. a lot of cloud cover, will that burn off? >> it should start to burn off. now that the sun is already rising so the clouds should start to break apart as we continue through the morning hours. and good morning, to you, south florida. yes, it is cloudy. but it isn't rning so that's
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our weekend. the temperature though is still at 70 degrees though the clouds have acting as a blanket, keeping u slightly warmer than we have been dealing with the past few mornings. so it is a mild start. and picking up a bit all across the area, here is a look at the satellite and radar. no rain on the radar, but the clouds are still there. temperatures in the upper 60's or right at 70 degrees. the clouds will break apart, we will see more sunshine, and start to warm things up, your minutes, todd? >> anchor: thank you. right now tropical cyclone winston is making land fall and it is the most powerful storm ever to hit that nation. the eye of the storm is expected to pass right through the two main islands. athe cyclone is packing wind gusts of more than 220 gift. and officials say it could strengthen even further. >> anchor: also developing this morning, you may remember
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leaking news story out of libya. where american war planes bombed a training camp. in uh this morning serbia's foreign minister says two serbian employees that were kidnapped last year are believed to have been killed in those air strikes. that strike killed at least 49 people, most of whom were believed t tbe isis militants. here at home, eight puppies and ththr mother, stuck inside an apartment as it goes up in flames. firefighters were able to rescue the mother and four of her pups. the other four remain miss. >> we are hearing from the dog's owner that says the mother of the pup had been frantically searching for the missing ones. >> anchor: t t latest on this one. >> good morning, todd and nikki. any dog owner knows what that woman means. you just can tell when your dog knows something is wrong. it was that poodle and her eight puppiessho were home. there were no people at the time when the fire broke out. i am showing you the front door
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you can tell there was so much smoke, you can see the marks from the smoke just pouringngut. and it happen sod quickly, firefighters rushed in to try to get those dogs out, but they weren't able to get to all of them. >> the puppies here are exhausted. fast asleep. >> their mother alone awake, pacing around ouide. she is still visibly shaken up. she had a litter of eight, but these are the only four rescued when their apament caught fire yesterday. >> they took the mom to the back to see if she was okay, because she couldn't breathe. >> the neighbors watchednd recorded in horror as smoke pours out of the apartment along northeast 24th street. fires knew no people were inside, but when they learned of the dog and her puppies they rushed in. >> during the search we were able to find the mother and another puppy that was scouring in many an area trying to get away from the flames.
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>> in this picture you can see first responders. their efforts n# doubt saving their lives. the owner upset about the other litter, but finding comfort in knowing these puppius still have a chance. >> one of the puppies and their mom went to a local veterinarian, they have been released. they are all staying with a friend, they can mo longer live here, so they are without a home, and they lost most of what she knows. all the information for you this. erica, local 10 news left home recovering after being injured in a fire at her apartment, and her mother now under arrest. that little girl was pulled from a west miami dade apartment complex on flagler and 94th avenue. a neighbor spotted the girl's mother in the hallway, and saw fire coming out of their front
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the neighbor asked 32-year-old whether or not there was a fire inside her home, and she said her daughter was inside. the neighbor pulled the fire alarm and firefighters returned to save the six-year-old. >> to be on one knee, the use them as a prop, and i climbed in from the window had we taken another three or fourn't manies manies the outcome would have been different. >> he is charged with child neglect, resulting in grave bodily harm. she is expected to appear before a judge later today. the child is now in the care of d.c.f. >> turning now to vote 2016, the south carolina republicanprimary will take place today, and the candidates were out in full force campaigning last night. >> you bet they were, with only hours left before the polls open, the g. o.p. hopefuls all made that last minute push to get votes. ted cruz ctinues to close in
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but undecided voters are still deciding on which candidate they willhoose today. i looked hard as john kasich, i just don't think he can win. >> it is time to work and stop being coddled. >> stay with local 10 for more live reports from south carolini our very own glenna milberg, as voters begin to cast their ballots in the first in the south primary. the nevada caucuses ahead of the caucus out west, a significant confidence boost for hillary clinton thanks to a well timed heavy weight endorsement. the future of the partyill be bet served with the experiences
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as our 45th president. clinton hopes the democrat will help give her a push to the top. vote. a group which makes up nearly a third of that state's population. it looks to me like nevada is ready y lead this country into a political revolution. >> i need you to caucus. >> anchor: well, t t public paid their respects to the late justice scalia. his s sket was played in a rotunda and draped in the american flag. fefeow justices and law clerks paid a homage to him throughout the day. president obama and first lady michelle obama also paid their respects stopping by to view the casket. but the president has received some push back for his decision not to attend the funeral today. joe bide listen be reprenting the white house at the funeral. >> . >> many members of the public tektite out.
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to view the late justice's casket. >> anchor: a valentines day thief with a eye for pricy jewelry. once inside, he mak as beeline for the rambo jewelry stand. police say he snatched a 14 karat gold chain and ran out. the price stag on that piece, more than $6,000. if you have any information, you are asked to call mights. >> anchor: a man accused in several robberies and also targeting a 13-year-old boy has been denied bond. alfredo garcia appeared in bond court yesterday. he is facing charged including armed robbery. some of his alleged crimes were caught on camera including this robbery. police say he also robs a 13-year-old boy outside of a school and stole that boy's placaclet and goaled chain. >> anchor: u.s. officials say they would let apple keep any software used to help the fbi hack into the i-phone of terrorist. the company being asked to
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one of the san bernideno shooters. thth software would be too dangerous, threatening that the privacy of millions of apple users worldwide. yesterday donald trump called for a boy cost against apple unless they agree to help the fbi. it is a very sensitive case. >> anchor: and it could go all the way to the supreme court. >> anchor: yep. >> anchor: a los angeles man rereased from prison after more than four decades behind bars. anchor: have the last member of the angola 3 was able to be freed while still maintaining his innocence. >> anchor: local 10 medical specialist shows us some local doctor whose are making miracles with more tn just medicine. >> and here in south florida we are@ waking up to the upper 60's. so it is a mild start. take a look at this map, the only city below freezing is the mile high city. it isn't that bad, all across the u.s. dealing with a warm up especially for the south, i will
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here when we come back. >> you are watching local 10 news.
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mohan. february is heart month, and typically that is meant to raise awareness in taking care of your health kristi krueger highlighting local doctors with prettytyig hearts of their own. >> all-americans are supposed to have access to health insurance, but that doesn't mean that many costly procedures are totally covered. fortunately there are doctors out there that help donate their time and talents in need. >> years ago her then boyfriend shot her in the face and chest during an argument. >> i didn't feel the impact of the bullets in my chest. >> she was rushed to the trauma center, wherere team of doctors work today save her life, but the attack left her terriblydisfigured. >> my tongue separated from my jaw.
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i lost my jaw, my lower jaw. >> gunshot wounds can be very devastating and hers was one of the more severe that we have seen.>> jenae went through five surgeries that saved her life. but it was oral surgeon who saved heifer sense o@ well being. he and other doctors at broward health stepped in when jenae lost her insurance coverage, reconstructing her jaw and replacing her teeth. >> we all did the right thing. >> hair transplant surgeon d d the same thing when he met victor. he lost his arm and suffered severe damage to his scalp during a car accident in cuba three years ago. the doctor performed a hair transplant surgery at no cost. >> it is a blessing to have him do the first step. >> jenae will be forever gratefef to the doctor that made her feel whole again. >> this has been the bgest pick me up of all time. because it's done wonders to
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and rebuilding just me being able to get out just to walk do the street. >>ictor's journey is far from over. he is in the process of raising money to pay for a psthetic arm. one day he helps to be able to use to reach out and shake dr. bowman's hand. >> anchor: that's awesome. >> anchor: it is.these doctors obviously they are so busy in their professionall life, but they take time out to do that is special. >> anchoho yeah. well, folks the longest serving prisoner to be hold in solitary confinement in u.s. history, now free after 43 years behind bars. albert wood fox was part f a group known of the angola three, who are accused of murdering a guard in 1972. he was convicted of the murder twice,ut both times the verdict was overturned. he agreed to a plea bargain instead of pursuing a third trial.
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year we are used toker haing about winter weather, wreaking havoc. >> anchor: that's right. but in minnesota. >> anchor: yeah. >> anchor: the warm temperatures are causing problems. they are like what is going on. forced to shut down because the ice is just too thin. elsewhere a popular ice castle attraction has to close because it was melting. >> anchor: i am melting. >> anchor: you know a few weeks ago they had freezing pant. >> yeah, this weather has been bananas hasn't it. >> yes, it's been very active all across the nation. it's been a roller coaster of temperatures now you can see, warmer temperatures in minneapolis, has a temperature of 35-degrees and all across the nation feeling the warm. from texas up to oklahoma, the temperatures are near r record breaking or could even break records, but back heret home, it is going to be seasonal for this afternoon.
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a live look out of miami, it is cloudy o there. and that has kept our temperatures in thepper 60's, miami, finally dropping from 69 to 6degrees in the past few minutes. still at 70 degrees thoh as well as hialeah, upper 60's all the way down into southwest miami dade, and into key west. 70-degrees in marathon, and here is a look at the radar satellite, don't worry about rain, just worry about the clouds but the good news is that it is not raining. so eventually those clouds will break apart, a stable weather pattern will be in place because of high pressure situated over the atlantic, and also over the florida panhandle. breezy and seasonal. and tomorrow, with a mix of sun and clouds, and for beachgos out there, please be careful. a highh rip current risk will remain today. will it be nice to lay on t e sand, but use that sun screen.
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also small craft operators should exercise with caution. today's high, 77-degrees and we will reach that around 2:00. will it be a mixture of clouds and sunshine today. and tomorrow, similar weather as today is expected. only a high of 79, and then we hit the low 80's, starting early next week, the rain chances going one the chance of thunderstorms by the middle of the week. and then we start to drorothe temperatures down on friday, so there's that roller coaster and active weather again for the last week of february. >> anchor: that's right, throw your hands up, it is a roller coaster ride. we will have a sneak peek into an event that you can go, it is all weekend long. >> anchor: yeah, the annual event kicks off last night. nikki loves to say that. it was a very impressive entrance by one of the founders, we will tell you about it. >> anchor: plus a spaceship surprise from tycoon richard branson, what he unveiled
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for the future of the final frontier. >> anchor: first, a look at your winning lotte numbers, good luck. always watching and tracking meteorologist jennifer correia, on the one and only local 10
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your weather authority. >> anchor: welcome back, if you are looking for something to do today, it is in pompano beach, they are hosting the festival fooddy few. the contest will have three rounds of cooking the event is from noon until 2:00, and it is free. ififou are looking for a musical event, you can attend a great concert. theistory museum.
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and if you are a pug lover head out to the funky buddha brewery. they are hosting theive long and pug per event. it is from 2:00 until 5:00 and it is free. >> anchor: as both of the festivities continue today. >> anchor: it's in beck that raton. yesterday at the hanger party it features a special landing of a honda jet. auto leaders founded the event ten years ago. it featured an impressive assortment of motorcycles and planes along with tastings from 20 restaurants. rick case showing his pride in his event and his piloting life. >> we met matt at a honda meeting and always wanted to be first. when honda came out with a honda jet, she wanted to be the first woman to learn howow to fly one, and to be certified to fly a honda jet. she just finished it today. >> anchor: the main event comes
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and motorcycle exhibition at the boca raton club. with special guests jay leno. tickets are $75 and the money raised goes to the boys and girls club. >> jennifer just brought it up. we have a lot of stories. iron maiden, now we are going to space. taking it up a notch, the future of space travel looking prohibit after a major unveiling yesterday. >> anchor: richard branson virginia almost tick. the he says he wanted virgin to be the world's first and commercial space line. that is the first and company to take ordinary people up into space on a regular basis. >> anchor: this is the vehicle that is going to take many hundreds of regular people into space for the first and time. >> anchor: more than 700 customers have already paid get this, $250,000 for a s st when it starts commercial operation.
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saying what did i do wrong, why can't i ford $250,000 to go to spe. >> anchor: and a lot of people like you are saying not me. >> anchor: i am staying righthere on earth. okay with that, have fun. send a post card. well, still ahead. plenty of news on the local 10 news, in fact, a teacher is behind bars this morning accusus of having sex with a underaged student. >> anchor: this morning he remamas behind bars, they say this alleged affair happened during school hours. much more. >> anchor: and also a safety alert this mlrning after the feds officially declare all hover boards now matter how much you paid for you, unsafe. about. >> and good morning south florida, so we are waking up to a lot of clouds but eventually we will see the sunshine. we will head out to the beach, beach goers be careful the high rip current risk is still inn effect. will it be breezy as well.
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of your forecast when we return. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidenti candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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local 10 news starts right now. a teacher placece under arrest accused of having sex with a 17-year-old. >> anchor: and a safety alert. the federal government officially declares one of the ttest toys of the holiday season a danger. we will have the run down on their new report. >> anchor: and the latest on president obama historic visit
7:30 am
a local representative as the president made his movement. >> anchor: and in this mornings edition of dirty dining, his report shows us a popular miami beaked eatery with less than clean conditions. taking a live look, don't you just want to go oh. >> anchor: you need a choir. >> anchor: i know, we do. better than what i just did. a beautiful day but a big cloud. >> anchor: hopefully it will burn off once that sunshine gegeing working it other, jennifer is tell us good morning, so yes, cloudy skies all acrcss the area, all the way down to key west. waking up to those cloudy conditions as well. the winds aretarting to pick up, now for everywhere else, it is picking up just a tad too. especially ft. lauderdale. nds out of the east, the
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throughout the morning hours. stipat 68 degrees. 68&and still 70 at ft. lauderdale. ft. laudeale also sticking to 70 degrees all morning long. mow the cloud cover is the reason why temperatures haven't dropped that much but the high pressure in control will k kp us dry. but i will also warm things up. checkkt out, temperatures in texas, at least in houston and even san antonio warming up warmer than here. in south florida will have more on our forecast coming up. todd. >> still developing tropica cyclone winston is making land fall, and it is one of the most powerful storms to ever hit that island nation. the eye of the storm is expected to pass between the two countries two main ilans. andd according to the warning center, it is packing winds up to 200 miles an hour. and it could strengthen even fourth per. >> anchor: also developing this morning two rbian embassy employees that were kidnapped
7:32 am
in a u.s. air strike. that is according to serbia's foreign minister. the air strike killed at least 49 people, most of whomomre believed to be isis militants. >> anchor: well, a scandal rocking the halls of miami pal met doe high school. after a teacher was handcuffed and arrests accusing of having sex with a 17-year-old. >> anchor: police are saying the inappropriate affair took place inside the classroom. >> anchor: that teacher appearing in court yesterday where we learn more about him. local 10 news reporter he has the latest. >> anchor: nikki and todd, we saw jason myers name on this website here along with some student reviews, one says honestly, one of the kindest most knowledgeable people i have ever met. an incredible teachers how he is described now we have his name and his face here and the booking inni with miami dade county. >> anchor: in h the courtroom,
7:33 am
myer stands accused of having sex in the classroom. with a 17-year-old female, miami palmetto high school students. >> anchor: the students are all talking about it. >> anchor: i think it is a shock. we are hearing the english teachers wife also teaching at miami palmetto high, and she is pregnant. w the couples fourth child. even with that information, th judge ordered his bond raised for his felony sexual battery on a minor charge. he will be on house arrest once that is posted. >> anchor: its scarry to hear that something like this is going on. the allegations are unacceptable, reprehensible, and say myers will be terminated. >> anchor: for a person in thut position teaching you have a job
7:34 am
touch these children w we are hearing that he has posted that bond, we will let you know if that happens local 10 news. >> anchor: a police officer battng for his badge. yesterday he answered questions about the racially charged reasons he was taken off the streets. two former officer was fired after text messages showed him using the n word. he was questioned about the use of the word and if it is ever appropriate. >> if you are referring to a person, this person is a bad guy, even call him a white guy, if i refer to him as that word, i don't think there's a problem with that. >> woe don't have any white guys as the n word do we? >> in this particular casas no. well is goi through the process to try to get back his job, the former officer wili find out in about a month. >> congresswoman is weighing in on president obama's decision to
7:35 am
it is one topic she does not see on. >> i will not go to cuba until i am assured that all of the human rights that i know the violations that is taking place in cuba, are erased. >> the congresswoman made the comments during the community challenge. it is meant to encourage community leaders t to make positive change for at risk youth. local 10 news will have live coverage for the president's historic visit. now to a safety alert, the fedding cracking down on hover boards. they now say these devices aren't safe at all, the consumer product safety commission just released to retailers manufacturers and importers that hover boards have to comply to a new set of safety standards in order to be sold. they were all the rage this past holiday season, but many have
7:36 am
the danger comes from the lithium ion batteries inside. 52 fires resulted in more than $2 million worth of property damage, and that including destruction of two homes and a car. at this point, no hover boards are being ralled but that could change soon. >> anchor: now to a storyou first saw right here on local 10. a small plane making an emergency landing, the pilot was trying to land at a smart airport when he crashed into someone's front yard. first responders helped free the pilot that was hanging upside wn the pilot was the only person onboard and was not hurt. >> the coast guardrr haings continue many the investigation of the sinking of the cargo ship el faro. the family members of the crew members who died started a petition calling for industry
7:37 am
ships sale with storms nearby. caught on camera, a car doing donuts in the middle of the san francisco oakland bay bridge, and we aren't talking about fast and furious. this is a side show involved a mule car, driving recklessly there. and it brought traffic to a standstill for several minutes the. the highway patrol says they knew about the incident, but couldn't catch the driver, now they say his video is helping their investigation. >> anchor: still to come, the famous windy city living up to it's name this weekend for real. >> anchor: near hurricane forcewinds pummels chicago. >> anchor: yes, hold on to your hat. >> it is causing some pretty serious safety concerned as welt. >> anchor: plus, dirty dining shows us which of your favorite local restaurants aren't exactly keeping thicks up to code.
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break. >> a popular ocean drive restaurant, after something was found dripping on to the food. >> anchor: orders the employees employees to stopp selling several items. >> anchor: right. >> anchor: jeff weinsier has today's dirty dining. >> it is one of the mostopular well known places on ocean drive. this jonny rockets is located on the first floor of 728, and based on a complaint, inspectors recently walk misdemeanor and found 31 violations the main problem was coming from above. food not protected p from environmental conmination. the inspector observed this leaking on to a food prep table below. water was leaking above a table used to make burgers. water was dripping on to the
7:42 am
station, leaeang water was dripping right over ready to eat lettuce. a stop sale was issues on mushrooms and cheese, there was mold in the ice machine, a the manager her refused to talk about the contamination issues or her badn't inspection. >> we do dirty dining stories. >> anchor: i can't speak to you. >> anchor: can't speak, is there someone that can? >> 31 violations. >> we have questions for you about the condition of the place. >> in a statement to local 10 news, corporate says this location is a franchise, and there is nothing important than thhealth and safety of our guests and regret that the restaurant did not pass inspection. it was horsed to reopen the next morning but would they have made those corrections if the
7:43 am
the good news, you now know it was dripping on to to the food below. on south beach, local 10 news. >> anchor: remember local 10 has de it easy for you to see any restaurant inspection statewide. you u n do it on your smart phone. woe have some new images this morning of a semitractor trailer that flipped on it's side because of strong winds. no word on whether anyone was hurt. all across iowa with wind gusts close to 60 miles per hour. a wind advisory and high wind warning are in effect for most of the state. and while the wind may be extreme, let's just say a reason chicago is called the windy city. near hurricane force winds blasted the city yesterday, strong enough to bring down two huge walls in other areas buildings had to be evacuated
7:44 am
well the winds have calmed down for us some. >> anchor: a litqle bit. it was very windy at the beach the other evening. started out as a mice day and then it clouded over and got windy. >> anchor: yeah, it is nice for the weekend. >> yes, will it be. it will be is seasonable. winds are picking up, in hollywood it is around ten miles per hour. check out t high rip current risk still remains in effect. you probably won't head out to the beach just yesterday, so keep watching us and later on today, then you can, pause the cloud cover you can see mow, that will eventually break apart. and we will have partly sunny skies. none of those clouds are producing any rainfall, which is good news and a great way to start off the weekend. 70-degrees in ft. lauderdale as well as in pemoke pines and down in marathon. asar as temperatures go they have stayed the sometime because of the cloud cover, also the winds as i mentioned picking up,
7:45 am
wind speed is at 13 miles per hour. elsewhere between five to nine miles per hour. no rain to worry about but still a lot of cloud cover once we start to have the temperatures rise and more sunshine out there, we will sneak it's way through the cloud cover. anyway, high pressure is in control this is what will provide for the dry conditions throughout today and tomorrow. two rain chances only at 10%, you know you can neverule out a passing shower, but most likely lit stay dry. if you are headed out to the beach, as i mentioned be careful ou there because there's still that high rip current risk and for boaters the bays are choppy, and seas three to five feet, so small craft operate ever toes just exercise with caution, as well as for boaters around the keys our seas are between one to
7:46 am
three to five beyond thata 77 is the high, so it isn't too bad for the rest of the weekend, however, get ready for the warm up, and then get ready for another system to develop over the south, and that's going to bring another cold front. actually it could bring us the chance for strong thunderstorms by the middle part of the week. we could still have leftover showers thursday morning maybe a rumble of thunder hexe and there. and then we start to dry things out, and guess waywe start to cool down too, nikki and todd. >> a ahor: all right, the all star break is over. and the heaea went down to the wire in atlanta last might. >> anchor: and our first look at new marlins manager and some other new faces as spring training kicks off. it is coming up in sports. todd and nikki style. fake local 10 online with you, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter for the latest social media news (donkey sound) (elephant sosod) there's a big difference between making noise,
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and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candndates. enough talk.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could ris welcome pack. time now for sports todd and nikki style. the heat will already be short handed. >> anchor: what? >> anchor: yeah, last night, chris bosh out with a blood clot in his leg. hassan whiteside suspended for
7:50 am
bad news, yep, dwayne wade sitting this one out. >> anchor: who plays in the game? just nine guys. he sat out practice because of the injury, and even though it doesn't seem too serious, they told him not to play despite how big this was. >> anchor: it's not something i am overly concerned about, just some soreful i haven't felt in a while. so the heat only nine strong just nine players able to go against the hawks last night. holding on to a 1 point lead late off the miss. timpfs it in and says mcexcuse me. 19-points and 10 assists. and then later, it is goran. >> anchor: he is here to stay. >> anchoho he fouled on the lay up, count the basket, goes for 17, and them haw about luol dedg. buries fit outside, he leads everyone with 30 points heat take it. despite just nine players on the
7:51 am
>> anchor: who you going to try if it ain't us? baseball is back and plenty of new faces around marlinning camp. starting with the new manager don mattingly. he was out there for the first official work out yesterday. and how about that new hitting coach? looking good, he says heants one thing above all else from his guys. hard work. >> anchor: yeah, i all the feel like i can tell players i have their back, as long as they work and give you their best i will back them all the way. >> anchor: i think i am working hard. >> anchor: we want wins. >> anchor: and it isn't just the pros heading back, throw up a u. in college baseball, the 6th ranks caned on opening night. bottom of the fourth we go, tied at one, doing his best a-rod immaterial presentation smashes that home run, opposite home
7:52 am
to the pitch, my friends. u.s. women's national team, taking on tnt? >> anchor: trinidad with a chance to qualify. fast fofward to the seventy-first minute, u.s. already up 3-0, off the corner kick, and it pinballs pack and forth, before alex morgan knocks it in, and then the beautifif lob, goal! goal! it is morgan again. gets the hat trick, the u.s. wins 5-0. >> anchor: our lada warriors didn't have a chance. >> anchor: and that is sports todd and nikki style. >> anchor: bring it. don't go anywhere, a look at what is comin up on good
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>> anchor: we will be back. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
7:55 am
>> a metal masterpiece touched
7:56 am
iron maiden kicking off it's latest world tour. pated with the bands iconic mascot eddie, and it has been dubbed ed force one. the plane was thrown in by the band's lead singer. who is a licensed commercial pilot. he explains why they chose to kick off their t tr right here. >> anchor: and pause well, the bass player livivms. the bahamas. nico lives in boca raton. >> anchor: iron maiden will kick off, the book of souls world tour at the b.b. &t. center, on wednesday and they are just a few tickets left. every other city on that tour is absolutely sold out. this band has never had a number one hit, but they have a cult like following. >> anchor: good for them. looks like fun. well, folks coming up next, it is a big day for the presidential candidates as millions of americans hit the polls in south carolina and nevada. also, a man who spent 40 years in solitary confinement is now
7:57 am
and officials declaring hover boards as unsafe, not because you can fl and hit your head, but the federal government now cracking down on theanufacture because of fires. detailing coming up next. >> anchor: and they are hover boards not hoover boards. >> anchor: hoover is the vacuum. >>ere in south florida waking up to a lot of cloud cover out there, hey, ft. lauderdale, still looks nice, but it is becoming breezy, wins will be anywhere between ten up to 20 miles per hour, out of the east, later this afternoon. with the high after 77 degrees. be i the way, it's been a mild start, only in the upper 60's. and pretty much seasonable for this afternoon, despite the mild temperatures this morning. and then even m more thank you for joining us this morning weill be back in just 30 minutes with the local 10 news update.
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good morning, america. happening right now -- saturday showdowns. the big battlefor both parties. a pivotal republican primary in south carolina. the candidates confident. >> we have something very special. >> it's in god's hands and the voters' hands. >> however, will it spell the end for some? meanwhile, the crucial democrat caucuses in nevada. the late-night campaigning ahead of the big vote. >> bernie sanders hoping he'll be singing a aictory tune. hoverboard warning. the government's big crackdown. >> it's on fire! >> calling them all unsafe. the question put to the feds in charge. >> would you let one of your own children ride a hoverboard? >> what you should do if you have one. celebrating freedom.


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