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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  February 21, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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>> a busy night of news. a 6-year-old shot and killed tonight. police searching for the shooter that left a south florida family heartbroken. >> but first breaking news in vote 2016. donald trump has cemented his fronon runner status with a decisive win in south carolina. trump celebrated with supporters telling them, quote, when you win, it's beautiful. >> also breaking, jeb bush calls it quits after tonight's results in souou carolina, the former florida governor is suspending his campaigig here's a look at the south carolina results. trump wins at 32.5 percent of the vote. rubio in at second. cruz in at third. case ig won a little more than 7 percent. >> on the democratic campaign, clinton is breathing a sigh of relief.
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beats sanders in the nevada with 62 percent of the vote. >> big night for the white hoe. >> as trump talks about putting it away, jeb bush's candidacy. live in south carolina with more on tonight's big results. glenna? >> one florida candidate left, a huge i itt for donald trump in what some might have called at one tiue an alternate universe. here is this millionaire, develope reality star from manhattan who has just one big south carolina's first southern imary and then you have the two senators, rubio and cruz, still at this time of night fighting for second place, both calling themselves w winners. [cheers and applause] he had south carolina's numbers all along even at long odds. >> nothing easy about running for president, i can tell you. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean.
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it's beautiful. [laughter] when you win, it's beautiful. >> donald trump's's double digit win was so decisive, it was called with just 3 perernt of precincts reporting, even after a week taking on the pope, the legacy of george w. bush and questions ababt trump's conservatism. the battle for second played long into the night. florida senator m mco rubio overcame the debate debacle of new hampshire, buoyed by a rainbow coalition of state endorsements and late-deciding voters who found him the m mt electable. >> for me, the state of south carolina will always be the place of new beginnings and fresh starts. >> south carolina was senator ted crus to lose. he was counting on the 3/4 of voters here who identify as evangelicals b lost a significant number to trump, likely a jobs and economy vote over faith-based issues.
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you hear now from across the patomac is the washington cartel in full terror that the conservative grassroots are rising up. [cheers and applause] >> and as his fourth place numbers remained in single digits, former florida governor jeb bush suspended his campaign in a dignified, emotional speech with a final shot at trump. >> i firmly believe the american people must entrust this office to someone who understands that whoever holds it is a servant, not the master. >> reporter: to the first caucus in the west, hillary clinton takes nevada democratic caucus by 6 points over bernie sanders, a decisive victory. but senator sanders' momentum had cost her there. >> americans are right to be angry. but we're also hungry for real solutions. >> we are bringing working people and young people into the political process in a way we
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[cheers and applause] >> the democrats come here next week for their primary. the gop heads to nevada, switching places. think about this, about south carolina. in the gop race, this state primary has picked the eventual nominee every year, every one. donald trump's campaign tonight knows that very well. i'm glenna millburg in columbia, south carolina tonight, local 10 news. >> now to a developing story out of northwest miami dadad where the outcry grows louder by the hour after a child was shot dead while playing outside. tonight miami dade's police director has a warning to the killers. >> we have live team coverage. amy has reaction from the child's grieving family. >> we begin witherek shore. he's live at the scene with more on what happened. derek? >> derek: well tonight t community and community leaders really talking about their
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learning of this little boy's death. as you can see, miami dade police are still on the scene here investigating. so many hours after the gunshots rang out. tonight, police are searching for three men who were seen taking off from this area. >> it's heartbreaking. i can't even imagine. >> reporter: heartbreaking but reality. a six-year-old boy gunned down in front of his own home here off of northwest 12th avenue and 103rd street.that little boy, a second grader named king carter. >> clearly hs not the target. he happened be an innocent bystander outside playing doing what kid do. >> juan perez responding to the scene himself. he tells us witnesses reported seeing a black sedan with three black males fleeing the apartment complex just moments after little king was killed. >> i'm angry. our officers are angry. the community behind me's angry. so hopefully they're angry enough that they could provide some information that will lead
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>> reporter: and in order to encourage someone to talk, miami dade mayor carlos jiminez who also came to the scene announced his office will be adding an additional $20,000 to the c cme stoppers reward. he says it's too often people don't step forward. >> we need the community's help. we need them to tell us what's happening. then we can get to the bottom of it quicker, put less lives at risk and put the perpetrators behind bars. >> as neighbors are l lt in disbelief. >> people don't care. they don't care. i don't eveve know what kind of world we're living in right now. >> reporter: the police dirirtor sending this message to those who took king's life. >> right now we'rere hunting for you. and if you're involved, you may as well turn yourself in because i don't believe the community's going to stata idle on this. i think the community is going to stand tall and we'lland these individuals up to us. >> and back out here live, you can see crime scene investigators have lit up this section of the parking lot. that is believeto be the spot
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and killed. the miami dade police director telling us that he's actually moving resources from other parts of the county into this area to follow up on leads. if you have any information, calliami dade crime stoppers. that number 3-471-tips. live in northwest miami dade, derek shore, local 10 news. team coverage to amy who's live at jackson memorial hospital where she talked with the child family. amy? >> amy: well, carlos, dozens of family members and friends rushed here to the hospital in the afternoon,ut they stayed here late into the evening, grieving and angby. and late this evening, they spoke with us and said they are sick and tired of violence affecting little kids in our communitie and they're pleading for information. >> he was just joyful. he was a happy kid. >> they took my cousin. >> i'm sick and tired of it. and nobody cares. >> pain and anger over the loss of a six-year-old boy who loved football and cartoons.
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in church last yearn his family says he was playing outside his northwest miami dade home saturday afternoon when someone nearby opened fire and hit carter. we saw air transport leaving. his family members rushed to the hospital. a short time later tworst possible news. (screams). >> we can't have anyone right here to play? and every time something happens, nobody knows anything? >> carter was a first grader in elementary school. his aunt is a teacher for the school disisict. >> over 60 children shot over theast 12 months. over 20 killed. >> the district superintendent is fed up. once again alberto carvalo stood beside a grieving mother. the mother still too grieved to speak. >> too much pain and it has to stop. >> the gun violence in neighborhoods is out of control. >> it's so easy to get a gun now. it's cowards. >> he lost his 14-year-old brother in 2003 to an accidental shooting. now he's lost a son. >> what a real man?
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my son had a daddy. and hisaddy is standing before y'all fed up. >> if you saw what happened, please say something. a six-year-old. just think about your life at six. it can easily be your family next. >> reporter: and that plea from the family tonight for someone to come forward, they say whether that is to police, their church or even on social media, they say that this is going to continue happening in these neighborhoods until somebody speaks opt about this problem. we're live at jackson memorial hospit. amy, local 10 news. >> we're just getting started toght. a river rescue caught on camera. coming up, the efforts to save a woman from the icy waters up north. >> plus new details on the missing cargo ship el faro. tonight we're hearing about the calls for help that were mad before the ship sank. >> across the country, it's america's favorite jackpot game. get ready, everybody. this is powerball. good evening, america, i'm sam.
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ha >> a risky rescue caught on camera in new hampshire. rushing to save a woman who somehow ended up in an icy rive she was wearing dark clothes making it hard to see her in t water at night.
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were able to pull her onto a boat and carry her to safety. she was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia. >> tonight we're hearing el faro's final calls before it sank and killed everyone in court. the recordings were played in court for a hearing for the coast guard's ongoing investigation about why their ship ended up in the path of hurricane joaquin. the crew members that died at sea, their families were visibly overcome. >> i have a marine emergency and i would like to speak to a qi. had a hull breach, a scuttle blew open during a storm. we have water down in 3 holes with a heavy lift. we've lost the main propulsion unit. the engineer cannot get it going.g. can i speak with a qi, please? >> the investigation could result in criminal charges if the coast guard finds any evidence of misconduct or negligence. all right. one d d down here in the weekend, one to go.
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we've got >> carlos: all right. 11:25 and trent expwroins us up here now. >> it w w a p pasant day temperature-wise. i felt good outside. trent trent warmer tomorrow. i hope we can see sunshine. today was gloomy around south florida. as we goo the next couple days we will hit 80s. that should happen as early as monday. here's a live look through the miami tower cam where temperatures are currently sitting at 71 degrees. as we go throughout the night, things are going to be rather mild. and we might pick up a very quick fast moving shower. on thehe radar right now you have to zoom in here towards areas of downtown miami. and loop the radar over the past ththe hours and watat the little specs of green move very, very
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florida turnpike and essentially out towards i-75 miramar here and the grat any. and these are very light showers. very fast movers coming up on the cloud bank. goes toward vim iny and the bahamas. we'll kp clear skies tonight. for that rean east wind. 9 key west. and 10 in marathon. the temperatures everyone in the 70s except kendall where they're sitting at 67 degrees. key west 70. pompano beach 71. by tomorrow morning we should wake up in the mid 60ts everywhere. some of the cooler spots, keall homestead will be around 6 had degrees. little larger picture. light rain moving around the indianapolis and the ohio rer valley. light band of showers, georgia, mis miss where they have been clouded in today as well. east wind will keep some clouds around. it will bump our temperatures up even more tomorrow. sitting in the upper 70s.
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system start to gain some strength here across the south east. it'll take a few days for that cold front to move through south florida. so by monday, even warmer, good mix of sun and clouds as the winds turn a little more out of the southeast and by wednesday/thursday, that cold front will come through and brinin some big changes with it. if you're heading to the beach tomorrow, mososy cloudy skies, some sunshine mixed in, surf 1 to 2 feet but watch out for those rip currents. that threat is high. so make sure you swim near a lifeguard stand and uv index high tomorrow, as well. seas 2 to 4 feet. bay waters a light chop and down on the florida keys, inside you're looking 1 to 3. beyond 2 to 4. winds east about 10 to 15 miles per hour. so planning out here for the rest of the weekend and early next workweek we warm up each day even overnight. 69, 70 degrees. by tuesday and then the long-range forecast shows that cold front moving through wednesday and thursday. and the timing of this still not real solid yet. we'll watch here in the days to come. but right now it looks like the
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night into thursday. then we get breezy and cool behind that front. eyenne. >> cheyenne: all right. little havana kicking off carnival season. the organization hosted its 35th annual miss carnival miami pageant tonight. dozens pacd the auditorium at miami senior high to watch more than 20 contestants vie for this year's crown. the winner will not only receive a scholarship but will also be entered to compete in the miss florida pageant. >> all right, cheyenne. what a show by the miami heat tonight. without two of their all stars once again pushing it into overdrive, include something
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with the florida resident 4-day disney select ticket. >> now, the good news s r the heat is that dwyane wade's mri on his ailing knee i i negative. he should be fine. the bad news, he had to sit out a seconddtraight game tonight with the wizards because of it. the great news?the all-star supporting cast put on a show once again. he with another big game tonight and big night for our will manso getting a birthday surprise from bernie. happ birthday, will. happy 21st. this is great. hey, he didn't mean that. wow. that wasa harsh. white side flexing. 25 pois. 23 rebounds. he can do that when you do stuff like tt. inside and then how about this pass? between the lems to amari. that is the play of the night. got to see it in slow mo.
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without wade and chris bosch. thanks in part to a big night from their big man. >> it just shows how talented our team is. a couple of our brothers are down. guys just stepped up for the offense and just took their place, you know. >> baseball where barry b bds grabbed the headlines at marlins fan fest today tnew hitting coach met the media for the first and only time this spring. ananf he produced quotes like he ed to produce home runs about this time getting snubbed by hall of fame voters. >> i know that i'm a hall of fame player. i don't reall need to get into that. in my heart and soul and god knows i'm a hall of famer. >> he's definitely going to be great for me and the whole team to pick his brain, learn from what he's gone through. >> and i'm glad they're excited. you know, i hope they don't think they know more than me because they don't, but -- (lauauing). >> oh, on the ice tonight the
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this one all about jaeger, the 44-year-old scoring two goals to go on third in the all time nhl. and he t tes the spacey in space shirt. >> well, you know, you got too have great teammates to pass you the puck. and they d d it. i got 20 goals at age 44 because of them. so thank you, guys. >> in college hoops, no. 11, miami visiting no. 5 north carolina for first place in the acc. canes hanging in there early. rodriguez taking it inside for 2. all downhill from there, though. canes getting blown out. >> coach ip doing that. >> miss america wave right there.
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