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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 9AM  ABC  February 21, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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we're not fancy. >> todd: and here is jen. >> jennifer: good morning fancy people. look how nice it looks out of our miami tower casm you can see the the blue. boy, what a difference ch yesterday was not like this at all. however today with all at sunshine, temperature are heating up fast at 74 de. miami. 73 in fort lauderdada. 72 in key west. winds calm for miami and east southeast breeze. ititas picked up to 10 miles per hour. still relatively light for us. it will be breezier this after a noon. month rain on the radar. a couple of clou out there on the lefns the miami tower cap. hihh pressure in control so. for today we'll see mainly dry conditions. but that is changing as we head into the new week. by the way, heading out to the beach today high rip of risk current rip remain in effect all day long. todd. >> >> todd: thank you jen ch@ a traffic alert to tell you about this morning. a deadly crash causing major
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miami police asking drivers to vietd area of south with west 152 streett between south 132 and 137th avenue. roads are closed after a car travelinin westbound on 152 street lost control and struck a metal sewer pipe cawg the car to splip split in two. we'll have me a the information become veilable. >> what a bad thing. his daddy was standing here before you all fed up. >> >> neki: sick and tiefortd gun violence. a 6-year-old boy gunned down and people expressing their april ger. >> king carter was fatally shot last night while he was playing outside thvment morning his killer is still out there. and local 10 news reporter live at the scene now to tell us what is going on there today. what the family is planning today. good morning sa nel. >>
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as you can imagine outrage over this shooting of this 6-year-old child who is in first grade. and it happened at the apartment complex behind me. pgh he was furious and outraged over this crime. >> he was just six. he was a happy kid. they shot my cousin. >> i'm sick and tired of it. and nobodyp cares. >> reporter: loved wups speak out after a senseless shooting took the life of king car templet the child oafer o only six years old. the first grairtd seen here in church last year was imund down out siez side his northwest miami-dade home sun saturday afternoon. the boy's father is no stranger to gun violence. he lost his 14-year-old brother in 2003 to an accccental shooting and now he lost his son. >hat a real man is that? they are missing their sons and my son hey daddy until you all showed up.
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telling us witnesses reporting seeing a brake sedan with ree men leaving the apartment complex just momts after king was killed. >> a. >learly he was not the target. an innocent bystander outside playing doing what kids doo. >> and a nowption the office will be adding an additional $20,000 to the crime stoppers award in order to get people to talk. >> we need the community's help. we need them to tell us what is happening. then we can get to the bottom of of it quicker but less lives a risk and put the perpetrators behind bars. the child'sen aunt echoing the the same sentiment. if you saw what harntiond please say smoosmght a-year-old. just think about that. it could be your family next. >> reporter: and alberto carvalho showed up to jackson memorial hospital saturday night to stand bit family's side reiterating that something must
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>> over@60 children shot over the past 12 movement over 20 killed. >> reporter: the director accepting out a clear mess amg to those involved. right now we're opportunity hunting for you and if you are involved, don't believe the community will stand idol on. this i think the community will stand tall and happened these individual up to us. >> >> reporter: as you heard right there the family pleading for the public's help. they will be be here around 2:00 this afternoon to hold a vigil for king carter. also, if you know mig about this crime, miami-dade police are urging any one to come forward. do call miami-dade crime stop pempletz the number for them, you seeson your screen three 305-471-tips. reporting live there northwest miami-dade. sanela sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: and now to vote 2016. wig news copping out of south carolina show downs and nevada. donald trump takes the primary
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takes the caucuses out west and former govenor jeb bush is out of race for the white house. bush suspend his 2016 presidential campaign after a dispinting 4th place snowingsouth carolina's primary. let's take a look at the numbers ch here's how they stack up right now. trump winning south carolina with 32.5% of the vote. rubio took a slight edge over ted cruz with 22 percent of the vote and then jeb bush, john kasich and ben carson take a little more than seven% each. >> on the democratic side the clinton campaign dominated in nevada. she beat bernie sanders in the caucus. they are receiving 52.6% of the vote and getting the win she needed after losing in new hampshire. glenna milberg still on the groundnd in columbia south carolina and with a closer look a the results and glenn narks wow, this is certainly shaping up to be a interesting rairs. race. >> reporter: wow is right.
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up and up is down in this race. donald trump p now has won two out of three primaries so far and caucuses to be be exact. and he won the south, the the state south primary, no. 1 which is really significant and as you mentioned former govenor jeb bush ended his quest to be president in a very bitter sweet fashion last night. he had south carolina's numbs all lang even at long odds. >> nothing easy about running for president, i can tell u. it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious.>> it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. >> reporter: donald trump's double dig imit win was so decisive it was called with just three% of precincts reporting. the leg ima si of bush and questions about trul p's con ser va 'tissism.
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long into the night. rubio over k ke the debate de pok bookel of new hampshire by a coalition ofndorse ments and late deciding vote whoars found him the most election ta bell. >> for myp south carolina will awlsz albeit place of of new beginning andresh start. south carolina was ted cruz's to lose counting on 3/4th's of ter of evangelicals. likely a job andnde con na any mi roat over safe ais state issues. >> the screaming you hear now from across the pond is the washington cartel in full terror that the con ser va tifer grass roots are rying up. >> reporter: and as his 4th place nbers remain in single digits. former govenor jeb bush sustained his campaign in a dignified emotional speech with
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>> i firmly believe the american people must entrust this office to someone who understood whoever hold it is servant, not the master. >> reporter: to the first caucus in the west. hillary clinton takes nevada caucus by six points over sander. a decisive victory but sanders momentum has cost her there. >> americans are right to be angry but we're also hub gree for real solutns. >> we are breathing working people and young people into the political process in a way we have not seen for a very long time. >> reporter: and this week come the big swing. the imop heads to nevada and the democrats come here to south carolina for their primary next week. at's certainly not going happen in a vacuum because all of the candidatess have had great big ground gains in sur ro gates
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and those two states already for the last week. >> i'm glenna milbe live this morning inning in columbia south carolina. local 10 news. >> neki: and we're getting a first lookte man who police believed killed six people in a ran come shooting spree spree in kalamazoo michigan. they identified hims jason dolphin. and dolphin opened fire last night. this is one of the scenes outside a creark barrel restaurant where thors authorities say five people were shot. 46 those died. police say minutes before those four people were shot, a father soond were killed at this c dealership. o. >> and at this apartment come plench police say the shooting spree began here. a woman was shot multiple times and taken to the the hospital in serious condition ouch one witness described seeing the dark colored chevy authorities were searching for. >> we were quite a ways behind the vehicle and you know, we
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that close because as soon as they said the type of of vehicle, she said is it a chevy? and i said t totally was. >> neki: investigators say there are no connections between hip, the victim and the location of the shooting. >> >> todd: also developing now. a south florida woman who police say was nearly beaten to death by her roommate she met on craig's list remains in a coma this morning. 35-year-old byron mitchell confessed to the valentine's day attack b b claim it was self defense. he told police that 23-year-old danielle jones came at him with a kni. joan's mother is speak out. >> 11:00 came the 911 call where the ppetrator, the roommate admits to having choked her, banged her heat head again the floor but what they found was an unrecognize able person. >> todd: jones suffered
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unconscious since the attack. several facial and cuts and her family sent up a go fund me page. if she wake u she will neet need extensive medical care. >> neki: and coming this morning a clean up after a powerful cyclone hits fiji. we'll have the damage it caused next. >> todd: and hot rods on dispray in boca raton. >> get your engines running the concours d'elegance and the kid this will help. >> jennifer: and south florida has been a sunny one on this sunday morning. we're expecting a lot of more sunshine and temperature warming up close to the mid 70s.
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suay and new week forecast (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (ephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> neki: this morning a car collectors dream has rolled into boca raton. >> todd: exotic and time list display at the boca raton concours d'elegance. rick case joins us le from the exhibition to tell us about the event. and rick, dharchg thank four joining us this morning >> neki: good morning. >> todd: and let's start with when who this event benefits. that's the driving force for the event is that correct. that correct.
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help the boys and girls club of of broward county. and the county will raise 10 m mlion-dollar for the kids of broward county. it's a gray gre event for people dom out and have a good time. we have over 250 exotic cars an antique car and nor cycle out here. the indicates open at 10:00. tickets available at the gate for 75 do lamplet ch children one and under are free ch. and we have a concourse d gourmet that we call. it the b bt south florida restaurants out here. great food for everybody. all the food youan eat and all the drink you can v. a great day. the weather is perfect opt here. wonderful. >> neki: that's awesomend what a great event and what a great quick off. todd: it's like a weekend event. >> ni: yeah. >> todd: more than a day. >> neki: your wifeelling us
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>> todd: or friday night. >> todd: tell us about it. >> anday leno is out here on the show spheeld today. people should come on out. he love talking to people. almost as much as ofoves car. you can meet him. he like talking to you and have your picture taken with him. it's a great opportunity to meet the ultimate car guy jay leno. >> todd: i thought you were the ultimate car guy rick case. >>eki: thank you for joining us this morning. >> todd: we urge eveveone to head up there to boca raton. it's a great event. thank you rick. well, fiji is finally getting a chance to take breather this morning and clean up after being hit bit strongest storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. tropical storm winston slammed the nation with winds of more than 177 miles per hour. the storm left at least three people dead and collapsed hub of home ch a nationwide curfew is in effect 'tilomorrow this morning. >> here a looking out the window from our fort lauderdale tower
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a gorgeous sunrise and it still look nie nice out there. now, neki and and jen are chopping a at the wit to get out there. >> neki: that's right. >> todd: not that we lot of the show but. >> neki: let's got beach. >> todd: let's go to the reap beech. >> jennifer: yes, there is still a high risk of rip occur abts but sununer than yesterday morning. nice out there. look like the breeze is light for hollywood and temperature are warming up quickly since with we hav more sunshine and little cloud cover. 73 in miami. 72 in kdall. kendall dipped into the low 70s this morning. and here'a look at the current wind speeds. 10 miles per hour with wind speed out of the east southeast for fort lauderdale. calm winds for miami and easterly wind from homestead to march an thoho here's a look at the radar an satellite. so even though is a lot sunnier, the a atmosphere is stable. can't rul out an isolated viz drizel or sprinkle or two. we could still have a few in new rk cutler bay in the next few
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but broward has been nice and quiet. however, northern broward covered with with cloud ch so fort lauderdale, you're seeing a lot more shine compared to just north of you towards lighthouse point and pompano beach. even corral spring with a lot more cloudiness out there. either way as a mention high pressure in control. that will keep us stable for today and then by tomorrow that high starts to break part because ef a cool front that's pushing eastward. thqt cold front will not make it's way dowp into south florida. 's another system that will eventually develop over the south by the middle part of the week. but notice, if you can remember, yesterday's temperatures across the u.s. were pretty mild. but now the cold air is back and eventually that will head towards the northeast as well afafr having a very nice warm up during this weend. our moisture will be going up and so are the temperatures. by wednesday 50% chance for rain and en some storms because that cold front. today's high will be 79 degrees.
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by 3:00 p.m. ch only a 20% chance for an isolated shower or drizzle. tomorrowowain chance at 20% but keep in mind there could be more cloud cover o out there high. so reaching into the low 80s. and tuesday rain chaps go up and that cold front a arrive and that will bring us a chance for a few storm out there. keep it tuned to the weather thompl by the way, check out the temperatures open friday. we're cooling down by the end of the week. todd. >> >> neki: all rigig thank jen. >> todd: just head new marlins coach barary bonds speak out about his hall of fame snub. >> neki: and plus, let him eat caifnlgt onetwo. hp happy birthday will manso. his celebration at t heat game and the heat have a lot to celebrate today after their win over the wiz wizards.
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>> good morning everybody. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap. the good news for the the heat is that wade's mri on his healing knee was negative. he should be fine. bad newswse had to sit out a second straight game against the wizards last night. good knew the team put on a good show once again. and a bill big night for our own will manso getting a birthday surprise from bernie. happy 21 birthday will. that's a lie. andassan white side getting pulled down and gets i n. show us those pie biceps big man. and strong move inside. he goes for 24 p pnts of this one. here's the plaift year. between hi legs to amare stot to meyer ch the heat rolled rolling over the wizards.
9:24 am
and thank to a big night by their big man. >> it just shows how talent owrd team is. a couple of our brothers are down and guys step up for the offense an took their place. you know. >> fo baseball where barry bonds grabtd head line at marlins fes yesterday. the new hitting coach mait met the fed yeah for the first time and he produced homeruns including this one about getting snubbed by hall of fame voters. player. i don't need to get into that in my heart and soul and god knees noaz i'm a hall of famer. >> he will be great for me and the wholee team to pick his brain and learn from what he has gone through.>> i'm glad they are excited. you know, i he they don't know more han me because they don't but. >> on the ice the panther and jets, it's about all jagr.
9:25 am
third on this. and yeah ger take home the spacey in space shirt. >> well, you have to have a great teammate and they did it. and you know, i got 20 goal at age 444because of them. so thank you guys. now to college baseball last night the 6th ranked hurricane hosting rutkers in the 5th until carl change that's. canes top the night two to nothing. >> and in hoops 11 mg ray ranked hurricanes first place in the ac on the line. canes hanging in early. angel rodriguez wl drive inside and get the scoop shot. he goes for 20 points however all dowp hill from there for the the caneshem get blown out by a final score of 96 to 71. i'm clay ferraro. that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> todd: and when we come back, on the w wg of love. >> neki: that's right. we'll te you about this couple
9:26 am
to tie the knot. >> todd: and we're stang on top of a developing storing rivment that the tragic stsry of a 6-year-old boy shot and killed in northwest miami-dade. we'll have the latest on the gunman just head. >> out the door lorks call ten news live streaming right now on it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. bwt only a few commands to master depositing checks chase atms. technology designed for you.
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>> local 10 news starts right now. >> time now 9:27:28 thresm out and about on hollywoododeach.
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maig. 74 degrees. the water on the the shore. sunshine. >> todd: life's a beach. >> neki: yes, sunday fun day south florida style. >> jennifer: looks gorgeous. compared to what we had yesterday. yesterday was too cloudy. you can now head out to the beach early. a high risk of are rip currentnt risk still in effect. looks like not to high but just be careful. go tie beach way lifeguard on diewt tit and temperatures warming up to 74 degrees in miami. lol 70s in key west and fort lauderdale and pembroke pipe. by the way pembroke pines you dropped down to the upper 50s this morning. so been quite a quick warm up for us. as far as on the radar and including the satellite right now you can see there is a bit more cloud cover in northeast broward county and into corral spring asell. even a few light showers cannot be ruled out for ption of miami-dade county. boaters no advise are o reez today.
9:30 am
15 miles per hour ch seas # to 4 feet. occasionally 5 feet base at a moderate chop fl the rest of the forecast coming up in a few mip. neki. >> neki: thank a lot jennifer. now to vote 2016, donald trump wins the primary in the south and hillary clinton takeshe caucus out west and former govenor jeb wush laz suspended his presidential bid. >> todd: now with two wins under eir belt. hillary clinton and dol donald trump are looking head to the next contest with confidee. >> neki: and local 10 glenna milberg is live n south carolina. and she has more on the race. where do we go from here, glenna?>> reporter: well, neki and todd. really primaries is a name delegate numbers but this early in the primary season, it is really about the momentum. and wucht candidates who just did not have that momentum was former glove nor jeb bush who ended his campaign last night in thinks speech. jeb burks now for florida
9:31 am
former govenor but without the rock star persona, which is really what so many people appreciate him about him that he is steady and solid and they call him into the poll sicht they call him a with wonk. but without that show man ship that was youd to take the attention and bush hinted last night when he left the race in what was a dignified emotional speech. >> in this campaign i have stood myround refusing bend to the o political win. we put forward details. innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges we might face because despite what you might have hearksd ideas matte policy matters. >> reporter: you know, bush leaving the race really brings up the question of money in campaign ch here was a candidate who had more than a hundred
9:32 am
the big questio now a among them. le make an endorsement. neki, todd, safe to say it will not be ni donald trump if an endorsement come and what will his relationship be with florida's junior senator marco rubio who is doing well in the primaries right now. what will the relationship he be between thewo of them going forward. >> neki: thing have certainly got a lot more interesting. thawchg gren na. >> todd: and a family in mourning after a a 6-year-old boy is gunned down in front of his home i northwest miami-dade. king carter was his name heas airlifted to the hospital where he laterer died. police now seahing for the people responsible. >> i'm angry. the officers behind me are an greesm the community is angry. hopefully they are angry enough to provide information that will lead to the individuals. >> it happened at an apartment complex on northwest anue and 103 street. the first grader playing outside when someone opened fire.
9:33 am
asking them to put an end to the violence. >> over 60 children shot over the the past 12 months. over 20 killed. too much pain. too many tear and its has to stop. >> todd: witnesses say they saw a black sedananake off from that area moments after king was killed. >> neki: and happening right now six people d dd and a suspected gunman in custody ave shooting rampa in kalamazoo michigan. > todd: and the gunman struck a at random and he is under arrest this morning. and layron livingston ininhe plex to tell us more about this man. good morning layron. >> reporter: good morning todd and eight people total were shot including a 14-year-old girl in three different place as cross the kalamazoo area and the police say the only thing that has in common is the sho whoar is now in custody call a a ma zoo authorities confident 45-year-old jason dalton is their man.
9:34 am
to tie him to these incidents. >> reporter: including a semi automatic hand imund pulledd from the car that they were searching for on saturday evening. >> i i pulled him over and asked the cop, did you catch him? and he said yes, and a said got d bless you for your service. >> that man watched and recorded the ultimate take down after the shooting spree start ood we had people telling us be careful. right downtown there iss killer going around. >> it began at 6:00 saturday epg at a town home community where a woman was shot multiple timeme in the parking lot. her children near by. thankfully they were not hurt and police say mom is expected to survive. hours later police say two mep were shot and killed at a car dealership. minute after, that four women and a 14-year-old girl were shot in the parking lot of a cracker barrel restaurant ch the four women were killed. the teenager now in critical condition.
9:35 am
we have our situation that's allcommunities have. but to have somebody just drive around randomly gunning people down for no parent reason, that's just taks the psyche ch of of of the community and any communit for that mert. >> reporter: police catch up to the shooter after spotting the his car leaving a local bar. he was a arrested without any problem. still no word on a motive. >> reporter: and the authorities say the suspect will likely be a raing rained monday afternoon. for now reporting live. layron livingston. local 10 news. >> neki: and this morning we're hearing the final cars for help moments before it sank killing every one on board. the recordings were flaid court during the coast guard's ongoing investigation a as to why the cargo ship ended up in the path october. >> and the family visibly overcome with emotion as they heard the the captain's plea. >> i have a marine emergency and i would like to speak to the qi.
9:36 am
ait blue oap during the storm. we have with water count in three hole with a heavy licht we lost the main propulsion unit. the engineers cannot not get it going. company speak to a qi please. the coast guard finds any evidence of misconduct they could file criminal charges jierks ierks and hot rods being show caid in boca raton. >> neki: see hor sites in had this yeerg's concours d'elegance. >> todd: and love for lock. see how much this hair went to the highest lek tore. >> neki: and here a look at the winning lottery numbers. good luck. a.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by i ioring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealingwith social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> neki: antique car lover it's your weekend. the dream week has strolled into boca raton. >> todd: mot just antique but com ot ik and timeless displays. apt 10th awn at concours d'elegance. >> neki: elegance. >> todd: it's all for a good cause. we have jamie and john joining us to tell us about this terrific event that's been going ten years strong. >> neki: yeah, good morning guys. tell quhaws this event means to the the boys and girl club. >> and could you want to take it off first? >> this is our ten mg an verse richt we have jay ren no out here. a greatat event. 250 car, nor psycheel. people. a family event. tickets still on sale for 75 dor lax come out t boca raton hotel and resort. the weather is beautiful and
9:41 am
>> todd: >> and it benefits the boys and girls club of bward county. we serve over 1200 kids awn lay and spend over 2.9 million hours in their club each year. >> todd: i have to ask you, give plea an idea, the top three most interesting or exotic or antique cars there that are really getting some attention. >> with wel our mark this year is pack ard but there's unbelievable deensberg out here. old lamborghinis. fer ar reez. maseratis. jaguars. there's in credible cars out heempt it's exciting to seeee because you know, this is stuff of our childhood and herded and threre vintage and car owner brought their car from around the country and they have been restored and it's siding to see them come out. it's exciting. >> todd: did jay leno bring
9:42 am
he is looking to buy anything there. >> well, jay is a big collect tore. part of of what he is is doing for us today is going an interactioning with the car collectors. ce not bring any of his cars to the show this year but again, he is really here to talk with the folks and jay is also a big motorcycle guy. sow is having a lot of fun and we appreciate his support and help for our cause. >> neki: well, good, sounds like a good great event. congratulation on the 10th 10th year. have a great day. we hope a lot of viewers come out and s sport you. >> todd: we support you every year swrevment you on every morning during the event and we hope to continue to do so. >> neki: thank you guys. >> todd: and taking a look at the forecast. jen, they say it's wonderful o o there. >> neki: yes the weather jen. >> jennifer: a perfect day. maybe go to the pool or beach but at beach be careful high rip current risk is still in effect. take a looking at this live view
9:43 am
cam. absolutely gorgeous. with swrai few clouds rolling over the a area in fort lauderdale. mostly sunny and a temperature of 73 degrees. winds out of east southeast at 10 miles per hour. meanwhile tempepetures elsewhere are hitting the low 70s and we'll continue to warm thingng up throughout the late morning and afternoon hours. a calm wind for miami but sewhere a light breeze anywhere between six to@ten miles per hour. now northern broward is seeing a little more sunshine or rather seeing a a little more cloudiness. corral spring and out into deerfield beach. a lot more cloud cover but still nice and definitely sunny skies from fort lauaurdale out into weston and all the way down i io northern miami-dade. but you can't rule out maybe alight drills or two. a sun shower passing wititthose clds. otherwise it will be mainly dry day as high pressure remain in control over north florida eventually that high will pull away toward the a atlantic and break part thvment will begin
9:44 am
a weak cold front pushing through across the southern portions and central portions of the united states. heavy downpours stretching from tennessee out into northern virginia and then a patch of snow digigng across iowa wa at the moment. nice and quite and dry but m mh colder for our folks out in the west and northern plain as well. that cold air will be headed to the east as well. for us as that high breaks part tomorrow. rain chance will gop because moisture is creeping back into south frida since winds will tomorrow. there. doesn't feel humid at all. temperatures are warming up to the upper 70 theassments is seasonable for this time of yeaea with a hive 79 by of that a degrees. then with we're going to start feeling that increasing momoture. it will feel more humid by tuesday, wednesday, a coldront arrives. that could potentially bring us a few storms and then we start cooling off. we'll need our sweaters by the end of the week dropping into the 50s. neki, todd.
9:45 am
this week on our low ca ten community calendar. we have a lot going on. >> you ck start your saturday off on the left or right food. >> todd: take your pit. the city of north miami beach is hosting the third annual health heart walk. a 2.6-mile walk. fol involves trail along the snake creek canal. takes place on february 27 blg at nine ament. for more information call 305- 948-2957. >> joo and a garden hans foundation putting together the walk against rare diseases to help raise funds and wearness for rare disease ch next sunday february 28th take place at hialeah garden high school. walk kickoff at 7:00 a.m. call 305-321- >> 3561. >> todd: that walk actually starts at 9:30 a.m. and if you're interested in become a u.s. citizen, the league of with women voters can
9:46 am
clinicton saturday and sunday february 27th and 28th at the lauderhill mall in loud lawsm the clinic starts at nine a. register on line. >> neki: and if you know of ankle event chapping in south florida, and want to put it on our calendar, send us a a e-mail. community on local >> and coming up the water isn't clear i i clearwater texas and that's what people are concerned about.what city ty leaders planning to do about it next. >> todd: and they don't want to do about it. and new this morning. sold, a losk john lennon's hair
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>> todd: a town in southern texas has black water flowing
9:50 am
it happened after a recent cleaning of the water tower of kristen city north with west of san antonio. people say the water looks like black sludge or oil. they say i it's coming from the said meant lking into distribution lines. it's unknown when that water will be back to normal. >> neki: turn together latest on water crisis in flint mish mir thecht say state and city leaders not doing enough to cop play with the emergency order tiend signed by president barack obama last month. the enviewer mental protection agency says the city does not claim they have enough qualified staff on hand and they have jett yet to develop a plan to treat contaminated water. >> todod and the man behind a burglary inilton manners is now behind bar. they is the clum ti crook. you can see he stack up a bunch of plastic bins to climb through the ceiling into a locked office and fall down. he checked out the regisr
9:51 am
this is 40 yeerld fer ran do randall. he is facing multiple charges including burglary and criminal mischief. >> neki: and you're looking at a lock of john lennon's hair. the 4-inch lock of hair had had been saved for nearly 50 years by a man who cut the fame use musician's hair for a movie role back in 1966. the small piece of hair sold for 35 grand at an auction in texas yesterday. >> todd: you know he wrote imagine and a imagine he couldn'tmagine someone paying $35,000 for a losk his air. >> neki: i have to say, would you buy any one's hair. >> todd: i have to tell you. if i was going to buy any one earks it would be his. main we lost way too early. thief th music he would of create ntd years that have passed. >> neki: but you're not going to bet get that back with the hair. >> todd: no you're not well, love is in the air joo love is in the air.
9:52 am
couple invites guest to thth wedding on an airplane. >> neki: more on ts high flying nuptials when we come back. >> todd: and we're following that deadly shooting rampage nup michigan. police scratch thrirg head on y this suspect they have in custody. why he went oh this ram pain. the investigation just head. >> rememder, local 10 news is
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
tt0w!t.*(=! %4@-,2( tt0w!t.*(=! el@-&5d tt0w!t.*(=! ed@- 7 tt0w!t.*(=% )8h-@i\ tt0w!t.*(=% kzh-]& tt0w!t.*(=% n-h-(o, tt0w!t.*(=% 0ph-6(4 tt0w!t.*(=% s"h-h-t tt0w!t.*(=% ueh-%8$ tt0w!t.*(=% 7hh-9:p todd: you know many brides to be love to hear the sky is the limitment and one interpreted thatace a little too literally. >> neki: yes,he held her wedding on an airplane. i think it's a coostory. the bride, a flight a ten can't was granting three everyones for her movement she wanted to see her flight attendant dauter see where she live in seattle and fly a a board and see her get married. >> it's exciting.
9:56 am
it together. airplane. >> that bride knocked out all 36 her mother's wish in one. saw cher place of work. saw her get married a a on the way to seattle where she then showed her mother where she lived. that mother touched and honored. todd: i wonder if the guest got an in flight meal or they had t to pay for it. >> neki: hopefully they worked it out. maybe they had champagne. >> todd: and they could take their honeymoon once they arrived. pretty school eye. >> todd: a lot more news for haid at 10:00. >> neki: and the jeb bush because out of the race and the winners of the theshowdown in south carolina and nevada. >> todd: and hear the desperate plea from his family next after a 6-year-old boy is shot and killed. >> o a.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> a 6-year-old. just think about your life at six. it could easily be your family next. >> todd: a family pleads for the killer of their 6-year-old loved one to come forward. what whreerning about the incident and the innocent boy o whoost hi life. >> neki: murders in michigan. the shooting free. the gunman now in cuss dix how officers were able to track himdown. >> todd: the results are nment who won the south carolina primary and nevada caucuses and why jeb bush is with boeing out race for the white house. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> todd: good p morning it's sunday. february 21, i'm todd tongen. >> neki: i'm neki mohan. a by si sunday morning and a beautiful one out site. jennifer correa has a full look at the forecast.
10:00 am
>> jennifer: it looks so great neki. happy sunday to you south& florida. still a couple clouds mixing in with the blue skies but so far it's been a beautiful start. temperatures warming up quickly to the upper 70s in pembroke pines after pembroke pines dipped down to the upper 50s. ornlgt spot that dipped down to the upper 50s was kendall and that was lir this morning. now kendall in the mid0s similar all across the board but temperatures are warming up quick. however, we're seeing seasonable for this time of year. winds picking up out of the east a up to 14 miles per hour in fort lauderdale. also northern broward. you're dealing with a bit more cloud cover. but still plenty of sunshine to go around and even all the way down into the keys. more on the forecast in a few minutes. todd. >> thank jep. a traffic a later to tell you about nork aichteadly crash causing major delels in miami-dade. police are now asking drivers to avoid that arar of south with west 152 street between southwest 132 and 137th 137th avenue. they say roads are closed after
10:01 am
south with west 152 lost cop troll and struck a a med metal sewer pipe causing a car to literally split in tw for more information on this crash head to local >> where the the real man at? they are missing their dad degrees. and my son had his dad degrees and he was her still all fed up. >> neki: sick and tiefortd gun vie lafnts the family expressing their anger. look at this picture taken from the first day of school this year. king carter was fatally shot last night as wez playing outside thflt morning his killer is stillut there. local 10 sanela sabovic is covering fatest on this store rism good morning sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki. a community and family members outrage and in mourning today following the senseless shooting death of a 6-year-old child. just moments ago we caught up
10:02 am
in in console able. >> that's m m only nephew i. don't have another one. >> reporter: 6-year-old king carter's unclen feefers after he was brutally shot and killed here yesterday afternoonon a makeshift memorial standing in the place where king was imund down. now the uncle was grief stricken and too shocked to talk to us showing his own brutal wound and telling us he lost hi own brother to gun violence. neighbors here say the violence is simply o out of control. >> i don't think three to four bodies. his life is gone over gunfire. it don't make no sense guys. put down the guns. >> reporter: king was shot and killed while he was playing outside his apartment complex on northwest 12th avenue and 103 street. the shooting sparked a newly appointed police dirtor juan
10:03 am
the the scene telling us witnesses reported seeing a black sedan with with the men leaving the complex just moments after king was killed. miami-dade mayor car let's loss jimenez coming to the scene and raising the a reward to $20,000 hoping it will get people t/ talk. back out live now. members in the community and king's family and friends will be here at 2:00 this afternoon hoping someone has information in regards to the child's senseless kill theesmght will also hold a memorial for him. meantime if you know anything about this crime. call miami-dade crime stopper. you can remain a none nows. you see the number on the screen. 305-471-tips. reporting live in northwest miami-dade. sanela a sabovic. local 10 news. >> todd: now to vote 2016 and big news coming out of showdwdn in south carolina and nevada. donald trump takes the republican primary in the south. hillary clintonnakes the caw
10:04 am
wush is out off race for the white house now. >> bush suspended his 2016 presidential cap pain after a disa poipght 4th place showing in the the south carolina primary oofl let's take a look at theumber ch here's how they stack up. trumpinning in south carolina with 30% of the row. marco rubio took a slight edge over ted cruz with 22% of the vote. jeb bush and kasich and ben carson each getting more than seven% each. on the democratic sidi the clinton campaign dominated in nevada. she received 52.6% of the vote and getting the win she need after losing in new hampshire. glenna milberg is still on the ground in south carolina with a look at the are results and glenn narks good morning to you. reporter: good morning todd, after a really late night for every one and this morning all the candidates are take victory laps for some. not so much for others on l the talk shows on sunday after this southern surprise ch a
10:05 am
first primary and for the others, now there are five. we had south carolina numbers all along even at long odds. >> nothing easy about rubbing for president i can tell you. it's tough. it's nasty. it'sean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. >> reporter: donald trump's double digit win was so decisive it was called with just three% of precincts reporting even after a week of taking on the pope, the legacy of george w bush and questions about trump nservatism. >> the battle for second played long into the night. florida senator marco rubio over came the debate debockel of new hampshire beaud by a rainb coalition of endorsement laiptd deciding vote whoars found him the most election ta bell. >> pe me the state of south carolina will albeit place of
10:06 am
south carolina was senator ted cruz's to lose. he wa fownd counting on the 3/4th of vote whoars identify as evangelical but lost a significant number to trump. likely a job and economy vote over se stais issues. >> the screaming you hear now from a cross the pond is the washinon cartel in full terror that the conservative grass roots are rising up. >> and as his 4th place numbers remain in single digits. former florida of govenor jeb bush suspended his cap pain with a dignified emotional speech with a final shot at trump. >> i firmly believe a that the american people must trust this office to someone who hold it a servant and not a master. >> to the first caucus in the west. hillary clinton take nevada caucus by six points over bernie
10:07 am
a decisive victory but sananrs momentum cost her there. americans are right to be angry but we're also hungry for solutions. and we're breathing working pepele and young people into a political process in a way we haveot seen for a very long time. >> reporter: now the the candidates and parties are switching statements. the democrats come here to south carolina a the gop heads to nevada the most obvious sig here on south carolina is all the add on television. political ads that the people of of south carolina have been seeing over and over again. suddenly at midnight parties switched and now bernie sander and hillary clinton are already on the air already a lot this morning. i'm glenna milberg live in columbia south carolina this morning. local 10 news. >> todd: and as you can
10:08 am
primary and nevada caucuses will be a pme topic later this morning on "this week in southflorida." >> neki: and they will debate the wisdom of president obama going to cuba next month. michael putney joins us now with more on this morning's smoasm good morning michael. lots to talk about. >> do we will g. morning to you and to good morning to you at home. and president o o ma'am wanted to see human rites improve before bre goes there and now what thats hasn't happened, he is going there anyway. and cuban society. but what will mr. obama be able to accomplish with this personal diplomacy? we'll ask congress woman eleana roo ross layton, a critic of the o obama policy and ask if she is out of step with constituents and most cuban americans support better ri laitions with the
10:09 am
and from sosoh carolina, we'll have more from glenna milberg and why jeb bush b bed out. >> and we have more hope you can join us. neki, todd. >> neki: we always do michael. thank you. we're getting a look at the man official say killed six people in a random shooting spree in kalamazoo mish m. and 45-year-old jason dalton. a and dalto opened fire at three different locations in in kalamazoo. the first being a creark barrel. this is one of the scenes where authorities say five people were shot. four died ch just a few mip before those five people were shot. a father and son were killed at this car dealershipnd this apartment complex is where police say the shooting spree art oovmentd a woman was shot multiple time and taken to the hospital in serious condition. police found a weapon in dalton's car and investigators say there are no connections between himmen, the victim and the locations of the shooter. >> protesters are preparing to
10:10 am
cities to lashout at fbi for demanding april tole hack nat i- foafnt san bernardino shooter. the protests are scheduled to happen this tuesday. the gatherings will cm come a week after the fbi went to court to force april tole break into the security build in those phones for the investigation. aprilell argued the special software sought could be tiewdz break into other phones and pioneer john mcafee is of offering to do it himself for freeeeust given three week. i guarantee, you give me the phone and i'll give the ie data using sociall engineer being and hardware and software and it cop out. this is how it work. there are 10,000 hack ners the world couldd who could easily do what i'm suggest mig self.>> todd: no word yet on whether the fbi is considering the offer but mcafee is so confidence that he can crack into t tt phone that he he is if
10:11 am
>> neki: that's confidence. >> todd: car collectors delight. wow, look at thvment antiques and exot iks on display in boca raton this morning. the concours d'elegance. hear more about the classic car and the children that benefit from the show. >> jennifer: and good morning s. it feels knight nice out there. hitting those mid 70's. we'll get to the upper 70s for the daytime think high of this an noovment that's seasonable for this time of year but it will get warmer and then cold
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
seven day forecast when >> jennifer: good morning south florida. happy suny to all. ann absolutely gorgeous out at rt lauderdale. nice blue skies and a little cloudi if you head into northern broward but still a nice day. so far nice and quite on the radar. 62 degrees right mow in fort lauderdale. the rers of the current temperatures are just about the same every where hate hitting
10:15 am
right now. kendall. 75. homestead and hialeah and down into mara a thofnl wind picking up as well becoming breezie and 12 miles per hour in miami. 14 in fort lauderdale. again, winds will remain out of east today. now w 're still dealing with a deck of clouds mainly across palm beach county but even in the this morning esh portions of broward. seeing more shine for areas of lighthouse point and pompano beach as well. then a few puffy clouds trailing across the middle keys as we speak. none of those look like they are producing rainfall. high pressure does remain in control. that will provide for a stable weather set up today and into tomorrow. but aittle bit of a change already starting to return tomorrow with a whatoisture increase. now there is a weak boundry cutting across portions of the tennessee valley and ohio valaly and out into the south. lows developing long this boundry and eventually we'll talk about a low that will be developing by the middle part of week and heading towards the
10:16 am
for south florida. that's why we're going to see higher rain chance through jowtd middle part ofof the week. but right now temperatures have dipped down into the 20s for denver as well as minneapolis. 40 degrees right now in chick. so cold air is returningcross at least for the with west and the northern planes. eventually that will push out eechts for us as a mention moisture will be increasing we tomorrow. we're talk bay southeasterly tbloa flownd by wednesday a 50% chance for scattered showers and even storms do to a cold front that will be sweeping through the area but before then, you can enjoy the sunshine today. and a few clouds out there. if you bu if you're heading o out, still a high rip occur apt risk will remain in effect for boartsz. the bays with a moderate chop. seas two to four feecht occasionally 5 feet. let's talk about the next several day. it's warming up but also you'll need the rain coats and umbrellas by the middle of the
10:17 am
echtd week. thwarting sthurs dropping the temperatures down into the 50s on friday morning. neki, todd. >> neki: thank you jennifer. hey, a beautiful day. head out today to check out some of the most exotic cars in the world. >> todd: really a cool event. 10th annual boca ra tongue concours d'elegance. >> and it features two hurch the finest cars and select ors motorcycle elz from around the country. jay leno. >> n ni: and they also have gourmet foot that i would go for. >> todd: and drink. >> neki: and more than 30 of south florida a's finest restaurants and the event benefits the girls and boys club of broward county. and if you want to hear good knew m mic today. the pines. jazz in the pines concert. head tohe dream park where there will be music, food trucks an fun for the entire familyly the free event starts at 3:00. >> todd: just ahead new marlins hitting coach barely rondz bondz speak out about his
10:18 am
>> neki: and happy birthday to will >> look. that let him eat could you cake. >> todd: they ok like a married couple.
10:19 am
and the (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
10:20 am
ierkts heat were without eir star. wade out of game last night. battling annie injury. the good news is an mri came
10:21 am
he should be fine e th you not right way. the reserves have to step it up and that's what they did last night against washington. >> neki: boy can they ever. >> todd: and the heat way big night and a big night out for will manso. >> neki: happy birthday to will. >> todd: and ger ber any giving him cake awpped can eat it too. and hassan white side being pulled down and muscle it n. flashes the biceps and pumps the crowd up. and goran dra imik take itt in and finished with 24 points for the play of the night. and he under his legs to amare stot to mie eemplet what i play globe troart style. wizards lieu.u. and the heat win with without wade and chris bosh.h. good job hoot heat. >> and now to baseball. barry bond is the ni new guy in towrl he grabbed the headlines yesterday. the new hitting coach.
10:22 am
time this spring and provided great quotes iluding this one about getting should be in by hall of fame vote i kw i'm a hall of fame player. i don't need to get into that in my heart and soul and god knows i'm a hall of famer. >> it will be great for me and the ole team to pick his brain. we all learn from what he has gone through. >> i'm glad they are excited. you know, i hope they don't think they know more than necessity me because they don't but. >> neki: all right. you albert win. >> todd: ice baby. the panthers taking on the jets and it was all about jagr. the 44-year-old man move and scores all time scoring in the nhl. and mr. yeah ger take the space hoody home. >> neki: this week is coming nup less than ten minutes here on local 10. >> jonathan carl now way preview of the show. >> good morning and a big show
10:23 am
south carolina in nevada with two front run any solidify thrirg lead. hillary clinton finds her fire wall out west in nevada and slows bernie sanders momentum and donald trump pulls out a decisive first place finish in south carolina and marco riewk riewb narrowly beating out ted cruz for tekd place. and the three republicans are all here this morning answer the big question. is donald trump unstop able?
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
between fbi and >> >> neki: taking a looking at our top store remorning. a family in mourning after a six queer old boy is gunned down in front of his home along northwest 12th avenue and 103 street. ng carter was airlifted to jacksosomemorial hospitall unfortunately where he died. and police flow searching for oever very smonsable.
10:27 am
jeb bush now out of presidential race thcht after donald trump came away way major victory in the pry rare ri in south carolina and clinton won over bernie sanders. >> jennifer: and for us, oh boy, we're seeg that sunshine. >> neki: we're all win flers. >> jennifer: yesterday was cloudy. that's why i'm so excited get out after thvment temperatures riding to the mid 70s this afternoon. upper 70s and that is seasonable for us so we're right on track. but it gets warmer than that and then by wednesday and then cold again. so we're going to stay. >> neki: i'm staying in the present. i'm focusing on today. >> jenninir: umbrellas and then tank and shorts and then sweaters. >> todd: bottom line, it's gorgeous out there. get out and enjoy it. >> neki: yes. thank you for joining us here o o local 10. by todd.
10:28 am
michael putney every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. wiwi a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need without the high cost. because you can't build the business of tomorrow
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
10:30 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump takes control. the brash billionaire dominates in conservative south carolina. >> when you win, it's beautiful. >> his secon straight win. >> let's put this thing away. >> now, no doubt, the outsider is the republican front-runner. can anyone stop him? >> south carolina has given us another remarkable result. >> the son of bar tender and maid from cuba tonight stands one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states of america. >> trump, rubio, cruz. all here live. and -- hillary squeaks by. >> the fight goes on! >> the democratic race tighter than ever. plus, apple goes to war. inside the tech giant's refusal to help the fbi unlock a terrorist's iphone.


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