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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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right off the top at 4:00 we have breaking news. a judge uoeding a life sentence for michael hernandez, the now 26-year-old killed@his friend inside a middle school bathroom. that was back in 2004. >> calvin: and today a judge ruled he should remain blocked up for life. local10 news reporter andrew perez live now in miami with why the judge upheld that ruling today. >> andrew: that's right, calvin and laurie. what we heard from the judge so far today was that he has no reason to think that michael hernandez has changed at all after all this time. he says he still poses a threat to society, and doesn't deserve a shorter sentence sentence. >> well, the final justice for my son. >> andrew: for the family of jaime gough has a step closer to closure. >> it took us like two years back and forth, back and forth, and it's just -- i didn't thought it was fair but i am a patient guy and i thought that it was going to be justice, so it is what it is. >> the defendant michael
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the same kind of person he was in 2004 drunk. true a judge upholding a life sentence for michael hernandez who at 14 years old iide a bathroom at southwood middle school stabbed his classes mate and friend to death. he stabbed him more than 40 times. the judge and prosecutors talking about hernandez's lack of remorse, citing 19 weeks worth of jail phone calls where he kept talking about serial killers, murderers, people he admired. >> just horrific crimes that they did and he was joking about it and he joked about it continuously. it was just a call about how it would be the glory to take someone's life. and that's who he is. it's a shame, but that's who he is. >> andrew: hernandez was already sterns today life for the murder but new laws allowed for a new sentencing hearing. the judge however said hernandez still poses a triet and has a hard time believing this now 26-year-old can be
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and now we spoke at length to the gough family. we also spoke to students who were in sthwood middle all this time ago, 2004. you're going to hear from them coming up on local10 news at 6:00. we're live in miami, i'm andrew perez, local10 news. >> calvin: now to more breaking news this afternoon. sky 10 over the scene of a body in coral springs along north university drive, and right now investigators on the scene. no other details have been released. the story we'll continue to follow for you. >> laurie: right now a call for action after a six-year-old boywas shot and killed over the weekend. little king carter was killed in a drive-by shooting in northwest miami-dade. he was just a first-grader graders at van e. blanton elementary, and today community lears are calling for an end to the violence. >> calvin: a substantial reward has also been raised in hopes of finding his killer. local10 news reporter terrell forney live for us in miami-dade with the details for us. the so sad, terrell. >> trent: calvin and laurie, this is the apartment complex where that six-year-old boy w
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we know he was supposed to be in school today, walking down this road each and every day to reachhis elementary school which is the end of this block, bautista of that murder this did not happen, and his classuates are certainly feeling his huge loss. >> i brought $1,000 from my the church today. >> terrell: that check was hand delivered wy a grouper of pastors, rabbis and community activists sick by the shooting death of a six-year-old boy. >> enough is enough there's been totomuch violence, and so we're just at a point now that we're saying put up or shut up. you know, in order to get these issues handldl with these murders, these senseless killings. >> terrell: little king carter was shot and killed during a drive-byaturday afternoon as he played outside of apartment 1 northwest third lane. >> noatter what race you are, religion, no matter where you are, these are our children, these are our people. we stand united. we will find you. >> we started crying. >> terrell: today classmates
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down from shooting scene were met biography counselor to help cope with the tragedy. >> he was a nice kid, and we used to play games together all thee time. >> they kled an innocent child. >> terrell: and that crimestoppers reward money is now at at least $26,000 for any informatn that could help police crack this case. we do know that there is ao a memorial inside of this apartmenttomplex. the superintendent also visited that later. excuse me, after he left the school. we'll have more on that later here on the local10 news at 5:00. and we'll also hear from king carter's relatives who are still reeling from this senseless shooting. we're live in northwest miami-dade, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: it has happened again. a man is dead after a wrong-way wreck onhe turnpike in davie, and the, contract may have been intention am. it appears 26-year-old was drivingd northbound in the
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griffin road when thinks car hit a semi-truck head on. fare entz did not survive. the passengers inside the tractor-trailer were not hurt. >> i'm really shocked that she was driving into the florida turnpike, and they just saw a car coming to them. >> calvin: neighbors have confirmed to local10 news that this is fare ents' footage page where poses of talk about depression and suicide, and in one particular post he talksabout getting kicked out of eye for help. a police report says that fare entz had caused several disturbances at the temple and one complaint it says that rabbi stated congregation members have complained to him about ferents and wanted him tock removed. >> laurie: an atm ambush doesn't go as planned for one suspected robber who end up caught on camera. plantation police say the man pulled a gun on a woman at a drive-through atm a bank of america on sunrise boulevard.
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you get a clear view of that suspect's face. he ordered the woman to hand over $300 so the woman intentionally tried to withdraw $800 knowing that they are card- would be declined. during that time another person drove up and that r@bber ran off. >> calvin: an uber driver accused of going on a deadly rampage over the weekend in cal maseux, michigan on the run. >> laurie: his name jason dalton. hose was arrested over the weekend and janine stanwood in the newsroom with the thal details on that horrible `shooting stree spree. >> janine: jason dalton showed no emotion in court today. police say he fired on people in three separate locations in cal maseux, michigan and right now he is facing ics six rounds of murder. >> the states of michigan versus jason brian dalton. janine: 45-year-old jasein' on dalton appearing for i b. of a judge today two days of going on a shooting free? als zoo, michigan. >> do you understand the charges being made against you, the maximum sentences that i just misstated. >> janine: prosecutors charging
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murder, two donuts with assault intent to ill knut murder and eight firearms counties. police say dalton opened fire at three locations over the course of nearly seven hours saturday night,ing. up uber fares in between shootings. a total of eight people were shot, six killed. >> i said "you're not the shooter, are you?" and he said, "no." i said "are you sure?" and he kind just said, "no, i'm just tired. i've been driving for seven hours." >> janine: his first stop, an apartment complex where a woman was shot multiple times. she remains in critical condition. several hours later, police say dalton opened fire again at a car dealership where he shot and killed a father and son. minutes later, five people were shot in the parking lot of a restaurant. the only survivor there, a 14-year-old girl who remains in critical condition. dalton was arrested two hours later. today a mass was held in honor of the victims. condolences came from president
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governor's conference. >> on saturday another one of our communities was terrorized by gun violence. you've gototamilies who are shattered today. >> janine: we still do not know how the gunman chose his victims. police say it appears to be at random. police right up, calvin, they are still trying to figure out a >> calvin: jan gen in our newsroom. now to vote 2016 no surprise here, several members of the south florida convention am delegation have come out to endorse marco rubio for president who comes after fortunately florida governor jeb bush groped out of the race over the weekend. ilion a ros-lehtinen spoke out today along with carlos cur bowl and the blas diaz. >> thank you, marco for stepping up for the challenge. um bring new voters, you bring new voices to our republican party you can bring independents and democrats together, andthat's why my absentee ballot, my voice and all of the my support will go to marco rubio for president. >> calvin: rubio was in las vegas today campaigning
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caucus in nov. marco rubio is trying to build off his narrow second place finish in the south carolina primary on saturday. democrats will he their turn at the polls in south carolina this coming saturday. hillary clinton currently has a 20-plus point lead in the polls there over bernie sanders. >> laurie: and developing right now, the if woof bill cosby in massachusetts this afternoon finally answering questions related to a sexual assault case against her husband. victor oquendo is in the video port with exactly what happened today. >> victor: camille cost biarrived at a massachusetts marriottttor what was expected to be a tense disposition. now, her attorneys thought that -- fought that deposition arguininshe had no information to contribute to the legal case against her husband p thihi deposition is taking praise in a civil case against bill cosby. several a alleged assault victims sued cosby for defamation after he accused of this of lying. bill cost bills faces a separate criminal case in pennsylvania. world is that camille's deposition is still ongoing here.
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when that's expected on to wr up. >> calvin: and right now rush hour getting started. let's get a check on you're traffic. >> laurie: everyone headed back to work today. jenise fernandez is here. with. >> jenise: if you're at work warnings on your computer getting ready to hit the road want to let you to know about this accident in broward county i-95 southbound. this is the rut from state road 84 where there is an accident right around griffin road with two lanes blocked so we are seeing heavy delays extend for miles a a miles. i-95 southbound at griffin road, two lanan blocked and speeds right now 13 miles per hour. as we zoom on in out we're starting to see those start at sunrise boulevard and though, delays are extending for about five miles. you're looking at a delay of about ten minutes if you are heading in that direction. wa to take to this crash in dade county also i-95 southbound at northwest 125th street. there is a rightane blocked and be speeds there are clocking in at 19 miles per hour. but as you pass thata crash, it looks like speeds start to pick
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calvin -- at 64 myles many-mile-per-hour. >> calvin: lumber chit it's a stock is plunging after stern certain types of the company's laminate flooring have a greater-risk of giving cancer. the people exopod to forming ailed hide in the flooring are three times more likely to get cancer. but lumber liquid ators overestimates any cancer risk from these products and we are encouraged that the cdc is seeking a broader review of their conclusions. a class action lawsuit was filed against lumber liquidators in miami federal court l`st year. the final numbers on wall street the dow up 228 points, what a great way to start the week at 16,220. the nasdaq up 66 points closing out over the 4500 marks and the suspect many s&p 500 up 27 points us. >> below the 2,000 marks.
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the capitol as the eight remaining supreme court adjustments are back to workforce time since is the sudden death of justice antonin scalia. his canary is draped in a black cloth. will it remain that way until next month. the search is on for a hit-and-run driver who left a teenager injured. the exact car the police are lookingor, we'll have it at 4:30. >> and dramatic rescue when a crash sends a truck over a guardrail, trapping the driver inside thatt burning vehicle. >> laurie: scary satisfy moments for a bride and groom when their car catches fire on the way to the wedding. how the didn't let that fire get in the way of their big day. >> announcer: and tonight 11:00. a excellent killel could be inside your body. >> people are afraid and they want to delay. >> announcer: local10's kristi krueger puts some peoe under
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>> calvin:n:et the countdown beginning.
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wheels biggest night, the oscars are this sunday, of course, and, of crse, you can only watch it right here on local10. and all eyes will be on the 88th annual academy awards this sunday for those who are in favor of an oscar's boycott are taking things a step further. april rayne the former managing effort broad has been leading the charge calling for greater diversity in hollywood, and now she's night offing people to join her in wheating instead of paying attention to the oscars. rayne wanted to highlight the diversity in that film. you can only watch the oscars this sunday on local10. red carpet coverage begins a 7:00 with chris rock, hosting hollywood's biggest night. >> laurie: we will be here with you that sunday night, this coming sunday, and everyone wants to be there, right there. you're looking live at hollywood each. how many adjectives can you come up with?
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>> calvin: let's check in with our trent aric in for betty davis today. trent, can we get any more perfect? >> terrell: e. >> trent: help me fill the nexex two minutes with adjectives. it is a spectacular day against dade, broward and the florida keys. let's be honest. we're brang. this is a look at the miami tower cam loooong out toward the coastlinin the hollywood beach cam has been pay popular place today ass it has been packed along the beach, and see that onshore flow coming in out of the southeast. a little bit of cloud cover in mallory square where it should make for an interesting sunset in the conch republic and the the radar is quiet, what you're seeing is false return. no rain across the area as wespeak. theories that bank clouds. it is now from the mid to upper keys, past the seven mile bridge through key west, and you can see east coast areas here quite a bit clearer, and we'll keep the clear skies in the forecast for a majority of evening as that southeast wind is right there near 10 to 15 miles per
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ami, a little bit lighter down in key west and marathon where there's a gust of 17, a gutt of 23 right now in miami. as we go through the evening what we can expect is our temperatures right now which a near the 80-degree mark to fall into the upper 60s. right now the warmest readings on the map, pembroke pines, hialeah at 80, 73 in key west, a cooler spot, and by tomorrow we'll wake up around 70 degrees all across south florida, including marathon and key west. so as we go through the next couple of days, what we're going to see here locally is our winds start toship shift more out of the south tomorrow. that'll bring in had a 30, perhaps 40 percent chance of wet weather tomorrow afternoon, a little more widespread weather comes from theext cold front that is expected to sweep through town wednesday night into thursday morning. the timing on that we're going to have to watch closely here because as that front approaches a little more toward the afternoon we could see the threat of some strong if not severe thunderstorms. so for tomorrow 30 to 40 percent chance of a shower.
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early thursday. then look what happepe behind the front. cool once again. low 50s by the time we wrap up the work week. laurie. >> laurie: i think we can handle that. and i new bride and broome have a wild story to share after their car caught fire on the way to the wedding. victor's in the video port with the head wedding stowre that's ha to match. >> victor: it's all wedding bliss for this couple. this wedding that almost didn't happen. this all happened near wonts boston. they were on their way to their wedding when their car caught fire. bride and groom why in shock but quickly got out of their car and were able to e cape without any injuries. >> i didn't think we would make it. it'sa very scary situation. >> all of a sudden the car caht on fire, and when the car caught on fire, the brakes w%nt, the flames started coming inside of the car. then she reminded me, the rings. where are the rings? they're in the car still, oh! >> victor: it turns out that firefighters were able to save those rings and police gave them
4:20 pm
this couple has actually been together for 30 years. i've got tell you they look pretty good having survived that on their way to their wedding. >> calvin: they can survive anything. caught on camera a man with a young girl using a stolen debit card at a home depot. pair who may be a father and daughter duo walked into the store along west oakland park boulevard november 2nd. the man used a debit card that had been stolen frat state to buy a gift compared rub are mpt if you think you have seen this couple and thisman man, you should call police. coming up at 4:30 now, a woman fighting for her life after police say he was attacked by a roommate she met on craigslist. find out what we're now learning about this accused attacker. >> laurie: caught on camera, a dramatic rest curfew a crash sends a moving truck right over a guardrail. >> will: turning up the pace. i'm will will live at the american airlines arena. the indiana pacers in town but this pace stoto has nothing to do with indy with everything to
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that and a stat ugs update to the health of dwyane wade next in our welcome to the sports shot. >> announcer: today a 6:00 a virtual neighborhood watch. >> more and more people are using the internet, smart phones. >> announcer: poli are taking social networking to a whole other level. janine stanwood on how to connect with your next door
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>> will: the indiana pacers are in town to face off against the miami heat tonight at the mer american. it's a good game if you look at the stand innings the eastern conference, both teams right from the middle of the eastern playoff race. but when you say pacers, you can't say pacers without saying pace, and we begin our local sports shot talking about the pace the heat have been playing the lastum couple of games, and it's been strange to watch because the heat have been
4:25 pm
we are waiting to hear on about c.b.'s health condition. the heat of scored 114 points, 114 points both in victories really pushing the pace without their stars. they look to do it again tonight. they may, though, get wade back. here's your updatat on wade's health. he was at shootaround this morning week practice coach erik spoelstra said he's going to try to give it a go. heal be officially a game-time decision so it all depends on how wade feels right before the game. he's going to give it a shot after missing last two weeks with soreyness behind his knee. we can't forget about the miami hurricanes. the latest ap poll was released. the 'canes drop from 11 to 12th. in country. they've got a huge game tonight on the virginia campus. they will host the virginia cavaliers, so a big acc battle. time at 7:00. tip-time here between the heat and paris at 7:30. coming up at 5:00 we're going to have much more on this match-up including hassan whitede
4:26 pm
big performance the other day. it's something we should get used to seeing hassan doing. we'll see you the that's the story from the arena, i'm will manso, local10 news. >> laurie: and we weren't would i ever the weekend, will, but beep e. happy belated birthday. >> calvin: tha complains all the gray hair. >> will: gray hair and my stomach is upset from all the cake i had. >> calvin: bring some of the leftovers in, by the way. >> laurie: happy birthday. and with that we'll rap wrap it up at 4:00. >> calvin: let's check i with victor and janine with what's happening at the bottom of the hour. >> janine: all new at 4:30. >> victor: a driver hits a 15-year-old and then keeps going. that victim is now in the hospital. we've. >> janine: also ahead in our health cast, a pill that could prevent the spread of hiv. how it works and what you need to know about it. >> victor: and police body cameras capturing an icy rescue after two dogs were trapped in a pond. those stories and muchore coming up on local10 news at 4:30.
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we'll be right back. >> victor: right now on local10 news at 4:30, a 15-year-old struck in the street, and now the search is on for the hit-and-run driver. it all happened in northwest
4:30 pm
to track down the person thinned wheel. >> janine: local10 news reporter neki mohan live in miami with our top story at 4:30. neki. >> neki: that young boy here at jackson memorial hospital, he whose head injuries, severe head injuries. his family by his side. witnesses on this scene this morning say there is no way this driver could not know that they hit this 6'4", 15-year-old boy. again-year-old hav your valdes has head vietnam t tm and other severe injuries trying to cross the street this morning with his 19-year-old brother. >> 15-year-old male and his other 14-year-old male were crossing the roadway to catch another bus. they had got off another bus on their way to school when theygot struck by a vehicle coming through the intersection. >> neki: police have the mer tasedd insignia leftth on scene and a picture of the vehicle leaving thecene off of surveillance video.
4:31 pm
will have front end damage and possible windshield damage from the impact t the crash. the two brothers were headed to school in little haan where they attend the slam academy. javier plays on the jv basketball team. witnesse told police they were crossing who a cabrini light and the driver crossing on a green light. >> if they had raymond on the scene they not have been at fault for the crash. >> neki: of course, that's a differt story that they left the scene of the crash with injuries. this is a look at the car mercedes c-class newer model four door. again they have paint and the insignia from the front of it. it whose front end damage, popsible windshield damages they would like to the public to take a look a it and if they know who this is to call police. i'll have the alito at jackson memorial hospital, neki mohan. >> victor: one more time, take another look at the car that police a looking for. it's a silver newer model rcedes c-class.
4:32 pm
miami-dade crimestoppers 30471-tips. >> janine: two crimes caught on camera in broward, a burglar pretending to be an employee as a well park cart dealershipship during his search for cash. so you can see the man walk taking a look a unlocked deter benji auto sales on january 27th. deputies say he is searching each office. he then gets interrupted by an employee and says that he is here forork. the employee then courts him out. >> victor: also caught on camera two men who allegedly stole a pizza delivery car. the men drove off in the silver four door nissan gxe while the woman was delivering peats at the day's inn in oakland park on new year's day. if you know call embroider crime stopser 954-493-tips. >> janine: also right now a one and only exclusive we are hearing from a group of people who talked to bryon mitty have mitchell just days befororpolice say he attacked his craig list roommate. that woman now fighting for her life. >> local10's michael seiden is live at jackson memorial
4:33 pm
recovering. michaeae. >> michael: one day after that young w wan opened her eyes she is still fighting for her life. in the meantime, we are hearing from friends and complete strangers who met her alleged attacker and they tell us that this guy was very creepy but he was not violent. he didn't even have a criminal record. it was a horrific act of violence.. investigators accusing 35-year-old byron mitchell off nearly killing his roommate, 23-year-olddanielle jones. he met the young woman on craiailist, stayed at her apartment for about a week before defect say he attacked her, attempting to cut off her lipitz and eyelids. >> he is 6'2", 160 pounds and it takes 300 stitches to put her back together. >> michael: tonight we're also hearing from friends of the alleged attackck. in fact, complete strangers are coming forward. everyone we e lked with using the same word to describe him. >> this indy guy kind of creepy. >> oh, my god. he was a creep.
4:34 pm
it was a little -- a little creepy. >> michael: creep expat times extremely weird but never violent. that's how is even newsom remembers hisriend. e two used to grab drinks together while mitchell lived in mississippi. steven told bus the time mitchell made odd comments to women he would make at a bar. >> he would ask tm weird questions, he would macau sexual comment and ask them what they think about it. >> michael: we know two days before the vicious valentine's day attackk in this overtown apartment steven got an inslight to a networking stratten at a yacht in miami beach. here he is chaing and sipping champagne, talking about his supplement company. >> i thought t at was his personality type, but now after everything happened -- putting the pieces together it's a little crazy. >> michael: and we have much more of these exclusive views interviews coming up at 6:00. you're going to hear more from that real estate participating
4:35 pm
to come into her business and she used to hide from him. much more coming up tonight ":00 perfect for now live in miami west nile michael seiden. >> janine: new information about a woman who -- linda brews o. is facing ten counts including dui positive people on a sidewalk earlier this month. two bros from toronto were among the victims hit along southst second street. chris and sebastian stillas suffered injuries injuries to their ribs and broken bones. >> victor: right now rush hour is. >> to get underway. >> janine: jenise fernandez is here. >> jenise: for you broward county county drivers waste not big clays dreiss i-95 southbound. you can see the cars hardly moving at palm there is a accident right around griffinroad, two lanes blocked, and we're seeing these delays extend for miles and miles. again, this is i-95 southbound.
4:36 pm
griffin road. speeds right now 16 miles per hour. but here's the bigger picture here. as we zoom on out these delays are startinin to oakland park boulevard, and it looks like they're going to extendor about six miles so at this point call up your friend, call up your family, telel them to take u-441 or us-1 as an alternate. we're still watching this accident on i-95 southboundd in dade county northwest 125th street. there's a right lane blocked but it looks like that accident is clearing up because speeds are at 37 miles per hour. you may notice auto red in the northbound lane.e. that's your stop-and-go traffic. speeds thehe are clocking in at in at 21 miles per hour. >> victor: a florida teen now being charged with murder after allegedly killing his ten-year-old sister. isabella her city nen was found dead in a field behind her home on sunday. police were called out sunday morning to her home in fountain 30 miles north of panama city when the family said that wheaton missing saturd night. frederick lockridge is facing an open count of burglary.
4:37 pm
caught on camera after a series of crashes sent may moving truck over a guardrail trapping that driver inside the burning car. what started o as a minor collision led to four cars crashing, causing that truckcto fly off the edge of the causeway. the truck landed 36 ffet below, it caught fire. thankfully, though, officials were able to save the unconscious driver and get h out of that burning truck. >> first engine company kept the fire in check. we could see the driver was still alive, and then we had to do the rescue operating to get him out of there. >> janine: officials say the driver was traveling at the speed limit but was unable to see other car snored to stop in time. she suffered a broken leg and burns. four others suffered minor injuries. did you see this? this is making its rounds on the
4:38 pm
an elderly woman proving that you are really never too old to see your dreams come true. you see, she's 106 and just met her heros, the obamas. >> victor: that video was just posted last night. it is going viral. >> i thought i would never live to see -- [ not audible ] i tell you, you are so attractive. >> we are happy to have you. >> victor: how do you not s sle watching this. virginia mclaurin started dancing after after meetiti the obamas. it was all thanks tie social media campaign that shehe launched more than a year ago, the white house posted the video around 9:00ast night and it already has millions of views, and for good reason. come on. that is great. >> janine: love it. >> victor: still ahead, a driver rescued as a car burst into flfles but one thing inside that car came out in one piece.. >> kristi: and just ahead in our health cast, it's a pill that could prevent the spread of hiv, and the world of medicine really wants you to know all about i i how it works, coming up.
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and lower memecal costs. take control of your health
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>> victor: fishing, driving diving,y, is notelinin swimming all the things we get to enjoy here in south florida, but what about your pets getting in on some of the fun? >> janine: animal advocaca jacey birch found out a few dogs who do. check outhese lobster loving lab doors that might put your human skills to shame. >> led load load them up. >> jasey: alex shultz is ready for a day out out water with his
4:43 pm
>> they absolutely love it. we take them out fishing want take them out diving. they're constantly on the boat. as you can see, they're ready to go. >> jenise: while cruising out to the boca inlet it's pretty obvious who is boss on this boat. >> she's j st looking. she's ready to dive. she's looking for any kind of contrast, anything in the water. >> jasey: and that's lila. she is the alpha, a black lab with no water worries. just a dese to dive. as the anchor catches, these pups are panting. >> hey, guys. watch out for me. >> jasey: and itching to do much more than doggy paddle. >> lila, hold. mark. mark. >> jasey: in she goes, diving to a depth of 15 feet to retrieve her tossed toy. wait a second. let's see that again. this time with the doggy cam
4:44 pm
but this is just the warm-up round. playing a little underwater fetch. want to see what this swimming canine can really do? >> i thought the coolest thing e. i couldo is to train them catch a lobster. >> jasey: yep, you're actually seeing a dog dive down deep, grab a floriri spine lobster. >> it took him two years to train them to catch lobsters. the hardest part was to train them to use herr back legs to go down. >> jasey: now these ps are pros ate getting critters. >> she knows to hold her breath, dive down and go to it? then she brings the dinner home to you? >> that's how it goes. >> jasey: as she shakes off a few laps big brother maverick the chocolate lab is right on her tail. >> maverick, heel. hold. hold. mark. >> jasey: a little sibling
4:45 pm
their paws. the labrador breed as a whole is well-known as water dogs, and these six-year-olds are no different. they live to work, whether it's duck hunting or lobster diving. >> hey, you guys are making my dogs look bad, that's for sure. but this isn't all just fun and a great seafood dinner. in fact, these two are mascots for ocean conservation. >> welcome to the nature center. this is our sea tournament rehabilitation facility. >> jasey: alix built a business named devotion wants in devotion to the ocean. and that devotion is saving these sea turtles. >> we donate 20% of our net profits to sea turtle and conservation programs. work with the gumbo nature center as well as the fau marine research lab. >> jasey: thousands upon thousands of protected and endangered sea turtles are rescued, rehabbed and released back the our local waters. >> you guys of done release recently jank while watching
4:46 pm
the impreive pet trick, the next time you take a gave in our ocean, the real treat will be to tch some of these city turtles that lila and may havic help swim their way to survival. i'm jasey birch, animal advocate for local10 news. >> janine: are you interested in training your dog to dive or maybe you want to find out more about the gumbo nature center, we have posted all of those livings for you on our website >> victor: we have breaking news out of california, san fernanao valley a small plane crashed. all thee reports are just coming in but ai it apparently credit card on the wayay toward the airplane, just a few -- toward the airport. that looks like that might to be pilot on the street. >> janine: somebody is being treated right now by fire resolution, and again some rerts say this happened just a few blocks from the approach to the runway. a pilot, we understand, does appear to be uninjured- no other injuries. this is the initial reports that we are getting. t again, we are following this
4:47 pm
offender valley where a small plane went down. it looks like -- the -- the stan offender valley. >> victor: and a the camera pulls out we can see the plane, one wing completely off the plane. the earlier reports are no injuries to the except the pilot. some carsid sustain serious damage when this plane came down blocks away from an airport there. >> janine: we are going to continue following this, and a a we get more information about any possibly injuries, actually right there yoyo can see that. what is that? >> victor: a at cruiser, looks like the windshield is completely blown out and the dhar car in front of it as well, damage to the hood and front windshield. the street has only obviously been cleared out at this point. but again, clicks on looks like everything ended pretty safely when you're looking at this scene which obviously could have been so much worse. >> janine: thank goodness no one in those cars, they were parked
4:48 pm
paur medics are sachs what we think is the pilot p. when we get more information on this small plane down in california we'll let you know. >> victor: a rough rest ite a bit pair of dogs in need of help after falling through to a frozen pond. the dogs spent 15 minutes in the freezing water before help arrived. both had to be rushed to a vet clinic. that's where vets pumped warm fluids through their little bodies f f hours. police body cameras captured it all. >> panic. absolute panic. i thought how does this happen? them. you can ride with us. >> and the good news here, the dogs have fully recovered after they both suffered from hypopoermia. and right now let's take a live look out of our miami tower cam. >> janine: look at that. >> victor: it was tough on get ready for work today. >> janin you almost wanted to call in well for work today. >> victor: trent aric we were happy to see you but earlier
4:49 pm
into janine and her husband at the. the thanks for the invite. next time we'll mutt in a few laps. the bottom line no matter where you were, the beach, getting a little exercise this morning it was and is fantastic outside. location. you see people enjoying the broadwalk. always fall returns showing up right now noror of the miami zoo location radar site. as we go throughout the n nht mostly cloud cover as west coast, mid and rear low keys wet east coast clearer ask a fewew clouds toward weston and grand bahama. peeve a warm onshore flow ten to 15 miles an hour. that win wind will shift to the south tomorrow. 82 requesting 83 degrees tomorrow. right now we're still sitting at 80 in pembroke panes and hialeah. and a little bit bigger view week next storm system gaining strength bringing heavy rain and
4:50 pm
to birmingham, and atlanta so as that storm system develops a few areas of w pressure will develop along that. the second one will bring a trailing cold front through south florida but that won't happen until wednesday night into thursday morning, and that could allow for some storms in our forecast. thth compact timing of that will be key here as being through the next couple of dayay right now the models indicating that the heaviest rain chancee looks to be the late evening hours on wednesday and earar morning hours on thursday. stay tuned. we'll have more on that here in the next couple of days, and then behind this warm weather, 84, 85 degrees on wednesday. weool down once again and next weekend is shaping up to be spectacular. >> janine: looks great. we have an eye-opening health report about a life-saving drug that many people don't know. it's called trevada, a pill thatsome experts believe could end the aids epidemich. local10 news reporter kristi krueger is in with our health cast. >> kristi: miami-dade and
4:51 pm
nation in new cases of hiv infections. so how does this drug work and who really needs it? >> every yeaeain the u.s., some 50,000 people are diagnosed with hiv infection, but this pill could be a game-changer. trevada also known as prep was approved four years ago. taken once a day, prep is 90% effective at preventing hiv infection. still, a cdc survey found many health care providers don't know enough about it. >> you think about if we had a vaccine that worked thdt well, we would be so excited, and we don't have a vaccine, but we do have this medication that when taken as directed can do that, and it's amazing. >> kristi: so amazing, in fact, that some potential users worry it's too good to be true. he is hiv negative and wants to stay that way. he works at the pride from
4:52 pm
the organization raises community awareness onon a number of subjects, including prep. >> my reason for getting on prepwas i wanted to understand more about it. if i'm going implementhis in our community, i wanted to understand how this all worked. >> kristi: prep rk by establishing a presence of the drug the in cellthat hiv targets week stopping the virus right in its tracks. but consistency is key. >> it takes about a week for most men to have levels that are protected have protective after starting the medication and for hem it takes longer, takes about three weeks. >> kristi: the bottom line is trevada is not a date night drug. that's what worse patients. they don't want their patients tank a few pills, going out to party and thinking wrongly that they are protected. >> i think it could increase risky behavior bei able to treat hiv infections today has
4:53 pm
increased promiscuity among populations who are at risk. >> kristi: dr. ratson said the drug is intended for those in a monogamous relationship. >> it is empowering. it's not sexual promiscuous. i'm not a truvada where on or whatever stigmas are out. >> kristi: this season prep went primetime first time on absence's how to get away with murder. back at the pride center, listbron said he is proof that hiv infections cane stopped and propose is one big reasonwhy. >> get fetched know your status. use it as prescrired. please, please use as prescribed. >>risti: now, without insurance, truvada or prep can run $1,500 a month but many insurance plans including medicaid do cover it and the drug's maker does offer assistance for people who canan afford that cost. back do you. >> janine: all new at 5:00 a
4:54 pm
15-year-old boys was shot and killed while playing outside of his house. >> victor: also ahead, adorable video of a pawned taking a tumble after hee got a little excited over snow. >> announc: and tonight at 11:00, a silent killer could be inside your body. >> people are afraid and they want to delay. >> announcer: local10's kristi krueger puts some people under cardiac arrest. >> it's an eye-opening experience for me.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
you need to know >> janine: here is one way to wake up with a face full of fresh snow. the toronto zoo posted this adorable video of a giant panda last week. zoo workers say the panda woke up to see the snow and got kind of excited. the panda gotut of his cave, tumbled down the swy hill. then climbed back up and did it
4:58 pm
we could watch this over and over. >> victor: and we will. >> janine: maybe we will. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> laurie: we love that one. i thanks a lot. >> calvin: and right now on local10 news at 5:00 the reward has been raised in the search for the killer of a 15-year-old boy who was playing outside his home. >> laurie: we're morning b. more about a driver who made a wrong-way work and the disturbing post he made on social media. >> calvin: there a silent killer lurk can inside you? what you can find about the patient under cardiacbrrest. >> laurie: and we're taking you inside the high-flying world of drone racing. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> laurie: miami-dade school superintendent alberto carvalho speaking to children of classmates killed over the weekend. 16-year-old kingarter killed
4:59 pm
saturday. >> calvin: and we are hearing from that little boy's friends who say they are too a raid to go outside to play. local10's rrell live with more on this sad, stad story. >> terrell: it's hard to make sense of this one. this is that apartment complex where that little boy lived and lost his life. his school is only a block away from here, and grief counselors lores were there to help kids cope with this tragedy. calendars at branton e. elementary carried on without one of its star students. >> he was a nice, and i we uped to play games together all the time. >> terrell: little king carter was shot and killed saturday in an apparent drive-by as he played outside of his apartment northwest 103rd lane and 12th avel. his family still in disbelief. >> i went to the school this morning. tried to avoid the media. i went through the back. and just to sit a his desk and
5:00 pm
and he was even more amazing than i even thought, just to see how he wrote as a first-grader. >> terrell: the killing of six-year-old boy is the final straw for this group of community leaders which includes pastors, rabbis and activists personally dropping off cash to reward money. >> i brought $1,000 from my church today. >> and it's tough on us to try to come up with solutions, but if money is the solution, that's going to be a part of our "endeavour" this point. >> terrell: an urgent need for crucial information as the memorialrows where the young boy lost his life. >> he greeted his principal every single day. greeted his teacher with a questiwn, why are you happening smiling? why do you wear a jacket? it's hot outside. do you have a boyfrie? king won't be asking those questions anymore. >> terrell: and the crimestoppers reward money for what happened here is now at about $26,000.


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