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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and he was even more amazing than i even thought, just to see how he wrote as a first-grader. >> terrell: the killing of six-year-old boy is the final straw for this group of community leaders which includes pastors, rabbis and activists personally dropping off cash to reward money. >> i brought $1,000 from my church today. >> and it's tough on us to try to come up with solutions, but if money is the solution, that's going to be a part of our "endeavour" this point. >> terrell: an urgent need for crucial information as the memorialrows where the young boy lost his life. >> he greeted his principal every single day. greeted his teacher with a questiwn, why are you happening smiling? why do you wear a jacket? it's hot outside. do you have a boyfrie? king won't be asking those questions anymore. >> terrell: and the crimestoppers reward money for what happened here is now at about $26,000.
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all they have to do is just pick up the phone and give police the judicial information to point them in the right direction of who puld the trigger. we are live in northwest mild west ne terrell forney. >> calvin: a judge is upmolding a life sentence for michael h`rnandez who was convicted for fatally stabbing his friend in middle schl. the judge ruled that he has no reason to think that hernandez has changed and still poses a threat too society. hernandez, who is now 26 years ailed d rst received a mandatory life sentence for the 2004 stabbing death of jaime gough in a bathroom at southwood middle schoolf new hering was mandated after a u.s. preme court ruling. our andrew perez will have much ore coming up at 6:00. >> laurie: there are now questions today about whether anything could have been cun to print of deadly wrong-way wreck on the turnpike sunday night. the driver who was killed had left disturbing post on social media. ououamy viteri has more with what role those posts are playing in the investigation.
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investigating what led to this deadly crash but they are in fact reviewing somof the posts that drive made on social media, and this afternoon we spoke with a rabbi here in miami beach who says he tried to help that driver, and we also gots a look at a police report where detects of or police officers were called here to the dem temporal the weekend after several members of the congregation reportededisturbing behavior from that driver. posts about d dression and mental health cover 26-year-old facebook page. a recently post has the attention investigatorsfter they say ferryentz drove his honda north in the southbound lanes of the turnpike early monday morning. this is all that's left hisar after he, crashed head on into a semi-lruck mere griffen road. ferentz guide in the crash. >> very 68 impact. the tractor-trailer jackknifed into the guardrail. >> amy: ferents talked about
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earlier in the week. but at the last.a prayer led him to pull over in tears. >> i have lost sleep many countless nights thinking of him and how to help him. >> amy: rabbi marc phillipe stead sed for a year he tried to counsel ferents who he said survived several suicide attempts. on friday surveillance, coloring to the report he caused several disturbances at the temple. the rabbi said several congress gays m%mbers complained to him. >> ha was the issue, several people flattened. >> amy: he said no jew should be banned and should always be women welcome to pray. he said the he was not banned and the entire community is now mourning him. >> it's horrible tragedy. >> amy: and ferentz lived here in miami beach. en, fhp saying the cause of what led to this crash is still under investigation but they are in taking those online comments
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live in miami beach, amy viteri. >> calvin: we continufollowing this breaking news near los angeles where a small plane made a crash landing right in the streets. take a look there. something you do not severe day. this is in pa chemo with you abthat's north -- pacoima. the plane lost a wing while making that crash landing. there were two people onboard that plane, and so far there has been no the word of any injuries. remarkab and miraculous. several vehicles, though, on the road there were also danged. >> laurie: two crimes caught on camera in browar county. a man trying to steal cash from a car dealer in west park. you can see the man walking through an unlocked deter benji auto sales long state road 7 on january 27th. he starts searching every office. he gets interrupted by an employee and says he is, quote, here for work. well, that employee then escorts >> calvin: thanks a lot. the uber dver accused in a deadly shooting am ra page in michigan over the weekend face a judge.
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story, a 45-year-old man jason dalton charged with counts murder and two counts of attempted murder and we're still waiting to hear what may have sparkeke this violent rampage. let's go now to janine with more on this one for us. >> janine: today's arraignment lasted less than ten m@nutes. we learned from prosecutors that suspect is cooperating but he is not remorseful. investigators won't say what set this guy off but we are hearing from the passengers that he picked up between shootings. jason dalton, a 45-year-old man with no previous criminal record, now charged with six murders. >> are you jason brian dalton? >> yes. >> janine: the objector driver turned accused killer appeared before a judge key viah video. >> anything you wish to tell the court at this time? >> i would prefer just to remain silent. >> janine: for if victims' families condolences from president obama. >> you've got families who are shattered today. >> janine: uber confirming dalton passed dollar passed a
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what set him off? police don't know. in all, dalton stands a aused of shooting eight people at three different locations in i in michigan. killing six and injurg two, dalton recordly picking unpassengers in between the shooting. >> driving through medians, driving through this lawn, speeding along, and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> janine: matt mellon said he called 911 hereafter that frightening ride with dalton. that was about an hour before the first shooting, and this man who asked that we don't identify him says he was one of dalton's customers ring the rampage. >> i halfheartedly joked at him and said "you're not the shooter, are you? j." and he said, "no." i said, "are you sure?" he said, "no, i'm just really tired." >> janine: dalton's family released a statement saying they are sorry. talt meanwhile police are
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cannest victim, a 14-year-old girl initially believed to be brain dead but now shes fighting for her life, actually giving doctors two thumbs up when asked if she could hear them. laurie. >> laurie: there's some hope there. thank you. let's take you now to vote 201616 donald trump and hillary clinton now in command as thelear leaders in the fight for their party's presidential nomation. that certainly doesn't mean the other candidates are giving up. the party's frontrunners are celebrating their weekend victories. >> the fight goes on. the future that we want is within our grasp! >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> laurie: while the returns-up work to catch. you. after marco rubio barely edged outed ted cruz for second place in south carolina, men are vying to be viewed as the intern e. alternative to donald trump. >> instead of coaliesing around the frontrunner, the establishment is trying to coalesce against the frontrunner frontrunner.
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a article that mistakenly showed this video criticizing the bible. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> i don't know. >> laurie: donald trump refusing to apologize for his retweet that suggests rubio isn't eligible for president because both his parents a cuban. >> i'm not sure. let people make their own deteination. >> laurie: on the democratic side bernie sanders on the trial in south carolina with actor danny glover. >> our next president, bernie sanders! >> laurie: trying to chip weight hillary clinton's steep vag with african-american voters. dvantage with african-american voters. >> thinking outside of the box. don't step is the status quo. >> laurie: do know the latest polls right now show@ the frontrunners clinton and trump both heading into their next contests in south carolina in nevada with doublbl digits leads. >> calvin: another musician has
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taylor swift h h now offered keisha $250,000 to help pay her legal fees. keisha studio sued gift her recording contract with sony after she accused the gottwalled of raping and sexually assaulting helper. areva martin and abc news legal expert planes what happens next. >> that civil lawsuit for damages goes forward. the focus is going to turn o underlook like action in those serious allegations. >> calvin: gottwalled said he denies the accusations doesn't need to be involved in future albums. no criminals charges have been filed. several stars have given their support. >> laurie: we will get a check on the roadways for to you on nine dollars. traffic porter jenise fernandez is right here. >> jenise: here is the view of i-95 southbound a commercial boulevard. there's no accident here. that accident at at griffin road but here commercial boulevard
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starting to see the delays. as you can imagine, this is causing quite a backup. you're you looking at heavy delays. this is i-95outhbound, the accident right around griffin road with two lanes blocked. speeds rigig now only 10 miles per hour. zooming out like i mentioned, those delays are starting at commercial boulevard, and it looklike they're going to extend for about eight miles. so again call up your friends, your family, tell them to take us-1 or 441 as an alternate instead. also in dade county at the palmetto x-ray expressway heading west at n 27th avenue. speeds there clocking in at 28 miles per hour. >> calvin: zika fears are growing radios kroos the state where there are two new cases of zi report. one of those in miami-dade county, the other in orange county that makes for a total of 28 seekera patients in the state and all of those cases of zika travel related. >> laurie: we have new information about a man a e. arrested for allegedly attackinghis roommate the two met through
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the victim he'seen in a coma since vineland. what we learned about the suspect a all new at at 6:00. >> calvin: and coming up at 5:30 we have details on the search for a hit-and-run driver who slammed nigh a teenager on his way to school this morning. >> laurie: but first, the fbi director is defending the agency's push to have apple break open the phones of the san bernardino terrorists. the latest on this privacy fight and the implications for all of us, next. >> announcer: today at 6:00, a virtual neighborhood watch. >> more and more people are using the internet, smart phones. >> announcer: now local police are taking social netwtrking to a whole different level. >> they connect directly with the beam that they serve in other communities. >> announcer: janine stanwood on
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"home safe home," today at 6:00.tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x tt2wat s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- tt4watu# s4 " iztq #dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq 148 tt4watu# s4 " lzt& )yd >> calvin: all of his employees last night to tank them for their support in the company's privacy fight with the fbi. agents want apple to help them break into the encrypted phones of the san bernardrdo terrorists but cook says that move would put everyone's digital privacy at risk. a new plea in the iphone battle pitting security against privacy. fbi ainst apple. the fbi, correct l. director writes "we don't want to break anyone's encryption ore set had a master key loose on the land.
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understand that." he said they want apple to help them open the iphone belonging to syed farook. the shooter who along with his wife killed 14 people in san bernardino. they say the cell phone mayavecritical clues regarding the investigation. we can't look the survivors in e eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead writes comey in a new blog release. he working to rally public opinion, taking to the airwaves. >> there's n n limit to what the government could require apple to do. if it succeeds this way. >> calvin: attorney ted olison a faux senior official adjust who is wife died on one of the planes used in the 9/11 attacks is helping apple fight a court order to unlock farooq's phone. he said itould put the security of all apple's customers at risk. >> this is a pandora's box.
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liberties and give the terrorists victory. >> reporter: an interesting fight. some of the victims of the san bernardqno attacks plan to support the fbi in this legal fight. their attorney says they will soon file a legal brief with the courts. >> laurie: we are able to grill outside or grab your gan and head to the beach, grab a picnic table, tonight's the night. >> calvin: that's wishful thinking on your part. i wish we could do that now. >> laurie: but everyone else can. >> trent: about 6:30 we should be done. here's what we're talking about. it's spectacular across south florida this evening, clear cites east coast here of dade and broward. a little more cloud cover down to the florida keys. weise look at the hollywood broadwalk a lot of meme enjoying the evening and you can see that cloudeck extended dnover sun skeet. this is the aquarium in key west where right now temperatures are a little bit cooler than they are in dade and broward. if you you see on the radar the green that is not real rain. you will not to have worry about a significant rain chance
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afternoon we'll see a 30, 40 percent of showers around. satellite view showinghat deck of clouds impacting the mid to lower keys and the clear cites east coast of dade and broward. we're all seeing the win come in out of the east-southeast totay 14 miles per hour fort lauderdale with 7 marathon, 13 in key west, and our current readin close to that 80-degree mark still in hialeah, a pair of 7s for pompano beach all the way through kendall. key west you're sitting at 74. we're watching the storm system starting toain strength across the southeast, and we'll watch a series of low pressure areasas develop along this frontal system. it will be the second one thateventually brace us a cold front, so a chance of storms and aooldown as we go later not week. right now heavy rain between jackson, mississippi, all the way over towards birmingham and montgomery, atlanta getting in on the action as well, and in time those thunderstorms will start to impact florida in the next day or so. tomorrow wind shift more out of the south. it will give as a few showers, 'em keeping things warm and humid pushing our temperatures
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we'll be even wmer on wednesday ahead of next cold front that's on schedule to gis a bring us a chance of some thunderstorms here wednesday evening and the overnight hours on thursday. the earlier this front gets here, the timing is off just a little bit, you put that front in with some afternoon heating, we could see stronger, if not severe storms possible, so hopepelly this will come in after sunset here. we'll watch the i'm of that over the next couple of days, but behind it a cool blast of air will come in and dramatically change hour forecast later on in& the week. if you're heading out to the beach tomorrow, almost like toda a a little breezy, a warm south wind 15 to 2020iles per hour, and as you look at the next three days, showers possible tomorrow, more significant thunderstorms possible on wednesday. then there comes that nice stretch of weather, breads and cool weise wrap up the -- breezy and cool as we wrap up the work ek. >> laurie: y there's six days left until the oscars this sunday right here on local10. if you haven't seen anof the films nominated for best picture
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red carpet coverage since 7:00 p.m. this sunday february 28th with chris rock. hehe is always hysteriril. and calvin and i will be here for the news at 11:00. >> calvin: should be fun. always a long lye night. they always run over. normly after 11:00, 11:15. >> laurie: i should say it will be after 11:00. we're going to put our picks online so we can see how wrong here. >> calvin: even though we haven't seen any of thehe movies. still to come, a young man convicted of murder offffg his friend in middle school years wag ago was back in court and the judge upheld the lifee sentence that was first handed down to michael hernandez. we'll have more in had live report at 6:00. >> laurie: and you may look or feel fine but inside there could be dangers changes putting your health in victory. our health specialist is putting patients under a eye-opening. >> will: eye-opening is a good way to describe the performance
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the heat host the pacers tonight, and once again hassan whiteside will have to take on a a different role that he's not accustomed to. what does hassan say about
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sports >> will: there are very few players in the nba who can get 20 points@in 20 rebounds in the same game. the heat have one of the in hassan whiteside, their center.
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he'll look to do it again as difficult as this is gleans the paris here at home. the amazing part about whaha hassan did this the other night is the fact that he did it off the the bench. that's right. hassan did not even start. erik erika going with hassan trying to get that energ and did he provide in it that win p hassan a iscology off a suspension for throwing an elbow against the spurs in the all-star break. he had 23 point, 23 rebounds. you just don't see much in the nba. hassan to his credit saying all the right things t ts morning at shootaround about potentially getting his starting job back. >> it don't matter, you know, i'm just out there to just try to produce and just play the way i play, you know, coming off the bench to try to add value to the team. >> will: he's right about that. i think the heat are trying to teach hassan a lesson.
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minutes as a starter are or off the bench you have to be productive. right now it's not broken. playing good basketball. they'll look to keep it tonight against the pace perps tip time at 7:30. much more from the arena at 6:00. i'm will manso, local10 news. >> calvin: will, thanks a lot from the aaa. >> laurie: police are searching for a hit-and-run dreyer after a student was struck on the way to school thihi morning. >> calvin: victor and janine with a look a w wt's happening at 5:30. >> victor: the victim was with his younger brother. police say the teen was in the crosswalk when he was hit, and that driver just took off. we'll tell you what type of car officers are searching for. >> janine: and kites some of the wildest video you will ever see. we are taking you inside the action-packed world of drone racing, and show you what it takes to beat the best. >> victor: and you'll new at 6:00 we're hearing from family members of a woman who police say was brutally attacked by her roommate that she met on craigslist.
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after this. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. terally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for persononized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna.
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>> janine: right now at 5:30, police now know if type of car they're searching searching for after a teenager was struck in the street this morning in northwest miami-dade. that victim was on his way to school with his younger brother when he was hit. >> victor: and those boys had just gotten off one bus, trying to catch another about the victim was hit. local10's neki mohan joins you live now with more. >> neki: victor and janine, i'll show a picture of that car in just a moment, that young brother still by his brother's side waiting to hear the latest on his condition. he has head injuries and other bruises. this family really hoping he will pull through this, and they're also hoping the public will them catch who did this. 15-year-old javier deal vest has severe head trauma about other injuries after being hit trying to cross northwest 22nd avenue near ninth street in miami this morning with his 14-year-old brother. >> 15-year-old male and his brother 14-year-old male were
5:30 pm
the bus. they had now gotten off another with us bugs on their way to scol when they got struck by the vehicle in the intersection. >> neki: police have the mercedes insignia and a picture of the vehicle leaving the seen off of surveillance video. they say the silver mercedes will have front end damage and possible windshield damage from the impact of the crash. the two brothers wereeaded to school in little havana where they attend the slam academy. javier plays on the jv babaetball team. witnesses told police they were crossing on a green light, and the driver of the car had the right-of-way. >> if they would have remained on the scene, they wouou not have been at fault for the crash. they did have the green light, they had the right-of-way, and unfortunately once they leave the scene, it becomes more difficult for them as far as what punishment could be handed to hem. >> neki: had this person only stayed on the scenenethe situation would be a whole lot of different, and that's what distresses this femme family.
5:31 pm
not have known they hit a 15-year-old young man, again, javier valdes rails recovering at jackson memorial hospital with head injuries. we'll stay on top@ of it and bring you the very latest. >> victor: we want teak another look at that car that police are searching for, a newer silver model mercedes c class. if you recognize it call miami-dade crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. >> janine: a memorial is growing for a six-year-olol boy who was shot and killed while playing outside of his home over the weekend. friends and classmates of little king carter remember him at his elementary school today. the school superintendent you can see was also there, again condemning the gun violence that keeps claiming so many young lives. local10's hatzel vela spoke with the assistant director of miami-dade police department and joins us now with what he had to say. >> hatzel: and, glean, the assistant director of depapament here at mild telling us that they have a lot of good leads when it comes to this case and that the community is
5:32 pm
>> a six-year-old! and the community is silent? hanks murder is a murder but this one shocked the consciousness of law enforcement. >> we not only mobilized our homicide bureau, our homicide bureau task force. >> hatzel: feretti ramirez sits with us to talk about the realities ofofhe violence we're seeing and their approach to policing. >> our goal here is to build off of the relationship that we built with this community to help us bring tow justice those individuals that are maliciously andeinously killed a six-year-old boy in our community. >> hatzel: but therere challenges. this unspoken code of silence, people in fear for their@ver their lives so they don't come forward. >> we want to assure them that we have their back. this is a problem that can only be solved together, with the community. >> hatzel: it's that cooperation, he says, that led to a quick arrest in the case of amir castro, another six-year-old killed in december of last year.
5:33 pm
a small g gup of people causing a lot of trouble, what healls hybrid gangs, a couple of guys, no more or les simply going at each other over drugs, girlfriends o a simple bad look. you can catch them, he pays, with help from the community and by changing the negative perception young people have towards police officers. >> we don't want to arrest that. we're not looking for for stats. we're looking for i, and building that connection builds the trust. >> hatzel: another part of the equation here is manpower, which is why they have new officers out on the streets, and they expect another 125 in the fall. for now reporting in doral, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> victor: we have new informationbout a woman arrested after a crash that happened on las olas boulevard in fort lauderdale. linda brousseau is face be ten coun including dui charges calf reportedly hitting five people on the sidewalk earlier this
5:34 pm
two bros from toronto were among the stem cells.. brews o. woos arrested at the out. >> janine: it is deposition day as the wife of bill cosby is in the process of answering questions rae lated to a defamation case against her husband. she argued she had no information to give to thecation. this deposition is taking place in a civil case against bill cosby. several alleged assault victims sued cosby for defamation after he accused of this of lying. word iss camille's deposition is still ongoing. no word on when it's expected to wrap up. >> neki: in today'y'health cast, the importance of being car smart. heaea mart cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of both men and women p about that's were why our kristi krueger teamed up with doctors and nurses for an eye-opening project. kristi has more. >> kristi: it is both eye-opening as well as lifesaving.g you could be a ticking time bomb. i know that sounds dramatic but
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walking around, feeling and looking pretty darn good, while inside dangerous changes are happening in the your arts, veins and your heart. arteries. local10 did team up with memorial health care, and i put them under cardiac arrest. ththnumbers are staggering. this year some 735,000 americans will have a heart attack. heart disse accounts for one out of every four deaths in the u.s. that's why local10, memorial health care, and the city of hollywood teamed up to offer free heart health screenings. understanding your risk is the first step to getting heart smart. >> i was impressed. it seems like everybody is strike to take cares of themselves. it's the beginning of the year. i think the new year's resolutions are coming in full force. >> kristi: it's true most of us know t t importance of a healthy diet, of regular exercise. we understand the dangers of
5:36 pm
but with our busy lives, sometimes we need a little reminder that being heart healthy should be a top priority. >> the health of an employee and their happiness, their overall well-being affects so many things. it affects the work environment we'll be right back affects their family life, it affects their product of while they're liter a work. >> kristi: that's why we spent the date hollywood city hall randomly screeeeng men and women. family history is not? florence joseph's favor. first, her father died from a heart attack. >> first thing my mom with a stroke a year ago, and i see h h it affected her and i don't want that to happen to nee in the fure, and i want to be there for me, my family and stuff like that. i want to sta healthy. >> i'm concerned about my health and i want tfind out more information to make sure i'm ok. having a family with two small kids, i'm also a cancer survivor, so just want to make sure i'm healthy. >> kristi: it's a process proved eye-opening for many. >> while we did find a few with
5:37 pm
wasn't adequately treated and certainly that's also a risk, andsome some of them they had symptoms, some of them had chest pressure or shortness of breath. >> so you all arere under arrest, under cardiac arrest. we're going to take over to morial and get you checked out. >> kristi: in all we putix people under what we called cardiac arrest. >> hi there. we're here to arrest janet clark. hi, through. you're under cardiac arrest. you're coming withs. >> kristi: whisking them away from memorial's total heart center for potentially life-saving testing. all right. so tune in tonight 11:00 for part two of our project. see how our patients did, and i promise it changed their liviv. and what they learned might be a big old wake-up call for you as well. janine. >> janine: we'll be watching. thank you. another in other health news miami children's museum opened had a new permanent e eibit on saturday dedicated to teaching people the tons importance leading a healthy lifestyle and
5:38 pm
the new two thousand square foot interactive baptist children's hospital health and wellness center is made up of more than a dozen exhibit with exercise stations and obstacle course, sports interactivities and more. the gallery will help kids get interested in healthy lifestyles. >> victor: it's 5 have the 38. some time to get a which can on the afternoon rush with our traffic reporter jenise fernandez judges of if you don't want to be stuck in this pest on i-95 southbound listen up. there is an accident. griffin road, we have seen this accident all afternoon long and these delays keep extending. still waiting for this accicint to clare i-95 southbound at griffin road. speeds are at 17 miles per hour. but as we zoom on out, those delays again aretarting at commercial boulevard and extending for about 8miles so again call up your loved ones tell them to take u-441 as an alternate especially if you don't want them stuck that mess. speaking out time of the 95 in dade cnty, two accidents heading north. the northwest 95th street.
5:39 pm
with speeds at 12 miles per hour. and i-95 gowned we've got a crash around northwest 103rd street. this isest right now speeds are clocking in at 33 miles per hour, but as you pass that things start to pick up with speeds at 74 miles an hour. >> janine: still ahead, we have a view of sun life stadium like you have never seen it before help. hold onto youreats week we're going to take you flying through the stands of. more on thoses drone dare devils coming up. >> victor: and have you seen this senior -- >> janine: and first some are calling this miraculous. strangers saving a driver from his burning ride, and wait until you see hat survived the inferno on the other side of the break. >> victor: and as we head to a quick break a live look from our mount sinai medical center tower camera. we'll check in with trent aric
5:40 pm
right after this. (phone ringing) you cacat deal with something, by ignoring it.
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)e
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>> victor: here's a story that has people in tennessee talking. a driver loses control and crashes his car, and then it catches on fire, destroying the vehicle, but one object survived, and that has some people saying a higher power helped save the driver. >> once he hit that poll it went up in flames.
5:44 pm
fire right in the middle of a highway. >> i would say we've got to get this man out of this car. >> victor: witnesses say the driver was heading east when he was sideswiped by another car hurricane him coun the down the hill into this pole. moments later fire into the hood. >> i didn't find anything but a gallon of water. win it back to try to wet him so if the fire got inside the car maybe wouldn't burn him as bad or keep him as moist as he could possibly be. >> victor: they tried to find a fire extinguisher but there wasn't anybody more nearby. motels later a man had a jack expiring broke the window. >> i asked somebody to cut the seatbelt. >> he appeared to have been completely trapped in the driver's seat because the steering wheel was fred'sed up against his chest. >> victor: people nearby carried that man to safety and moments later powd popping noises came from the quash a noise theyen is a they won't forget. the driver was sustain taken to
5:45 pm
injuries. a sight that brought tears to many was this bible, the only thing left in the burned-up seat. >> soou do not believe? i don't know what to say. >> victor: wow. and that bible looked like it was in pretty good shape. >> janine: i was going to say considering how badly that car was burned. >> victor: and home so many people nearby. >> janine: maybe a higher power helped out. ke a look at this billboard that is now on display in orlando. it was paid for i by a muslim group concerned about how their the mopped. i shows drawings of virgin mary, a christian nun and a muslim woman side by side also wearing headscarves or hijabs. the leader of the organization said women of different faiths share important values and many of them wear headscarves. >> a lot of things people don't even think about the sim
5:46 pm
the christian nuns or, you know, mother of jesus, but it all comes from the same thing. it's an act of devotion. it's an act of worship. and, you know, it's a part of the faith. >> janine: the billboard will be up until march 7th. take a look at this life size noah's ark replica being built in williamstown, kentucky, more than 500 feet long, 51 feet tall. will it become a cistian team theme park called the ark encounter complete with animals in wooden cages. the team behind the project says there will be 132 hibit bays on the ark including no as you bedroom. other exhibits will feature christian inches teaches. the ark encounter is expected to open on march 7 to go along with genesis -- >> let's head to meteorologist trent aric. can't ask for a better day. >> janine: it is just beautiful. i think a lot of people were out enjoying the day.
5:47 pm
going to stick around. >> trent: we've got ups and downs if you have plans this evening maybe dog outside the and dine outside. all clear skies. down in the florida keys a little more cloud cover is giving way to a fantastic sunnyset. the clouds have waned over the past 40 minutes. as far as the radar is concerned all you're seeing is false return across dade and the keys and that cloud cover is ofof course pushing off to the north moving away from key west and eventuallylyhe middle keys as well, and we still have our clear skies in dade and broward. wind out of south 10 miles per hour in fort lauderdale. 14, rather. 12 in homestead, 7 marathon, 13 in key west with gusts around 20 here this afternoon. wind will pick up and be more out of the south tomorrow. currently our temperatures very mild. we're still flirting with that -degree mark in hialeah. 77. homestead 78. we're watching the storm system
5:48 pm
areas of low pressure will develop along during the next couple of days eventually sending a cold frobt in our direction. so heavy rain right now from new orleans all with a back through atlanta, and over the next day or so a 30to 40 percent chance of a shower tomorrow, stronger thunderstorms expected late in the day wednesday into thursday morning, and then thujsday afternoon we clear out and we dry out for the rest of the wk week, and what we're watching here is a dip in the jet stream. this is happen on wednesday. so warm, moist air out ahead of it, and as that jet stream starts to dip over florida, that'll give us that severe weather possibility here depending upon if exact timing of that front, and that again could happen on wednesday evening or overnight into thursday. we'll continue to monitor the timing of that over the next couple of days, and with that dip in the jet stream, all the cold air stays off to the north. we're looking at the forecast the next few days. you can see charlotte 48 degrees. monday 32 there in cincinnati. only 44 had to tuesday. back here at home, no advisories
5:49 pm
same thing for the fla k ks. where you get beyond the reef three to fife feet. a couple of warm days, again a little more wide spread and stronger storms on wednesday. then the bottom drops o o. we'll see breezy, cool conditions to wrap up the work week. >> janine: some people have different ways doing softball but you've never seen it played like this on's played just like softball with a couple of big differences. fielders have to keep their snowmobiles off like the batter until the ball is hit. the players have to wear a hat and gves which prevent them from picking up the softball one handed. >> no strategy. same as softball. you just run the bases with slats. >> it's awesome. you go tow try it once and you'll get addicted to it. >> it's just a good time for people to get out of who have cabin fever. >> this is amazing. it's super fun to be out there watching the meanout there and the women, great family event
5:50 pm
>> janine: so these people are from wisconsin. >> victor: do what you got to do. get outside and make stuff up, snowmobile snowball. >> janine: and we've they've got skills with snowmobiles. >> victor: i'm not sure i understa the rules but i would try it. probably hurt myself doing it. now to this. >> had a! fantastic. did. >> how are you? it's so nice to see you. >> i'm just so honored. >> want to say hi to michelle. >> yes >> victor: that senior moment at the white house is now going viral. in 106-year-old woman meeting the president and the first lady. she's a little excited. take another look. >> i thought i would n ner be able to get in. i tell you. you are so attractive. >> we are happy to have you. >> victor: and there it is.
5:51 pm
of after meeting the obamama all thanks to to a social media campaign that she launched more than a year r o, and the white house posted the video around 9:00 last night. listen to this. it has wracked up more thann 15 million views so far. >> janine: so the president asked her what's the secret to staying young?she's 106, and she just started dancing. >> victor: i think it's her attitude. >> janine: let's talk about this. canadians are no longer allowed to become contestants to jeopardy excited the faculty that the host is canadian. according to the canada press the game site said the show is currently preclude fred accepting registration information from canadian citizens. jeopardize's producers have been quoted as saying the situation is due to international laws governingow information is shared over the internet. >> victor: trebek can't just make a phone call?& >> janine: he's alex trebek, for ukrainian crewing out loud. canadian or not you can still watch jeopardizey here every
5:52 pm
>> victor: it's been a busy start to the week inhe local10 newsroom. here are some of our top stories at 6:00 today. roommate rampage. we have new information about a man arrested for allegedly attacking his roommate that he met through craigslist. >> janine: michael hernandez is sentenced to life in prison for a second time with no possibility of parole. we will have a live report from court. >> victor: and you may be using a security system to protect your home, but what about yoursocial media? find out how to connect with your neighbors and chemoeveryone safe coming up in today's "home safe home" report >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, a silent killer could be inside your body. >> people are afraid and they want to delay. >> announcer: local10's kristi krueger puts some people under cardiac arrest. >> it's an eye-opening experience for me. >> announcer: the warning signs you need to know.
5:53 pm
tonight at 11:00. life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game nighgh with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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5:56 pm
>> victor: check out these drone dare devils as they race through the air at sun life stadium. it's breathtaking video from the drone's point of view. >> janine: drone ranges has gotten so popular it even hasn't oats league. jenise fernandez shows us. >> jenise: it's like something you'd see out of a video game. this is a new kind of racing, and just looking at this video you can understand why. >> crash by perati. >> jenise: drone racing is quickly gaining popularity. what was once a hobby is becoming a sport wh a prated significant following. this drone lacing league, experienced pilots can race each
5:57 pm
and these drones can reach up to 80 miles per hour. the first race was at miami. sun life stadium was transformed into a three dimensional course. >> lots of complex spaces through the concourses and tunnels. >> jenise: the pilots control the drones almost louk a virtual reality game. there's a camera on the drone and it feeds a video signal tie pair of boggles that the the pilot wears. >> so it's like sit financing in cock pivot drone. >> jenise: the final truck product is awesome. they almost look like mini space ships. >> the thing that we can evoke things that are totally fantasy and computer generated and make it real gets people very excited judges of jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> victor: that looks like a video game. >> janine: i'm a little dizz web but i like it. i didn't know it was a thing but now we know. >> victor: if one of though crashes, kind of costly but still very cool.
5:58 pm
for local10 news that 5:30. >> calvin: victor and janine, thanks a lot. >> laurie: right now 6:00 a judge sealing a teen curl's fate. immanuel hernandez in will never by getting out of prison. >> calvin: who shot little king covert the weekend. a an entire community coming together to catch the six-year-old's killer. the turnpike. what we learned about the man behind the wheel. >> calvin: a woman beaten into a coma by a man she met on craigslist. >> laurie:ops are turning to social media to stop crooks from striking again. it's an exclusive "home safe home" report, and your now at 6:00 starts right now. >> calvin: breaking news off the tonight at 6:00 we're learning about a police-involved shooting. >> laurie: let's get right to janine stanwood working this in the newsroom. >> janine: this police-involved shooting is in the city of coral springs in the area of 84th drive and 14th court. this is actually an area where there was miss act of a little
5:59 pm
what you are looking for looking at. you are looking at police on the scene of a home in a residential area. it was potentially a swat situation that had been reported earlier. we are getting reports that somebody was perhaps barricade inside of that house. now police are saying that they are respond tuning police-involving shooting in this same area. they have not confirmed this connection. but they are on their way out there. a police spokesperson. and they will be addressing the media shortly. we do have a crew on the way, and as soon as we get mow information about this unfolding situation in coral springs, police-involved shooting, calvin, we'll let you know. >> calvin: janine from our breaking news desking also tonight michael hernandez issentenced to life in prison for a second time with no possibility of parole. the judge ruling that michael hernandez is too dangerous and should never be let out of prison. >> laurie: the family of his victim jaime gough talking to local10 about the ruling.
6:00 pm
with the reaction. andrew. >> andrew: the gough families was telling me earlier today this isn't the victory that they wanted. number one, their son is still gone. number two, they said the one thing they really wanted was to just see that michael hernandez was truly sorry for what he did. they don't believe that he was, and a judge saidd his behavior this whole time is proof of that. >> the defendant michael hernandez today is essentially the same kind of person he was in 2004. >> andrew: tough words from the judge toward a now 26-year-old michael hernandez witness his lili sentence upheld, no parole, deemed a dangerous man. >> i had to ask myself how is someone not sickened boy a song about cutting someone's throat and watchinghem die.. >> andrew: the family of jaime gough came to court wishing hazard was truly sorry-for-what he didn't. gow was stabbed to death by hernandez. hernandez was found guilty and sentenceoday lif but new laws


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