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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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with the reaction. andrew. >> andrew: the gough families was telling me earlier today this isn't the victory that they wanted. number one, their son is still gone. number two, they said the one thing they really wanted was to just see that michael hernandez was truly sorry for what he did. they don't believe that he was, and a judge saidd his behavior this whole time is proof of that. >> the defendant michael hernandez today is essentially the same kind of person he was in 2004. >> andrew: tough words from the judge toward a now 26-year-old michael hernandez witness his lili sentence upheld, no parole, deemed a dangerous man. >> i had to ask myself how is someone not sickened boy a song about cutting someone's throat and watchinghem die.. >> andrew: the family of jaime gough came to court wishing hazard was truly sorry-for-what he didn't. gow was stabbed to death by hernandez. hernandez was found guilty and sentenceoday lif but new laws
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hearing since hernandez was only a minor at the time. >> it took us like two years back and forth, back and forth, and i didn't thought it was fair but i am a patient guy a i thought that it was going to be juste, so it is what it is. >> andrew: the judge and prosecutor talked a l about hernandez's lack of remorse, citing 19 weeksorth of jail phone calls where he talks about admiring serial killers, murderers, violent music and movies. gough's family now looking to move forward fro this as hernandez's relatives insist thei son can still change. now, a lot of those phone calls that were recorded were between hernandez and a pen pal turned girlfriend that he was talking about these really graphic incidents movies and music with. other classmates from south wool middle school, they were in court today including one teen who prosecutors argue that hernandez was also planning to kill. he, of course, says he's very relieved he can put this behind pim. we're live in miami, i'm andrew perez, local10 news.
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been raised in the lunt for the killers of a six-year-old little boy. young kin-1/4 was playing outside his apartment when he was shot and killed. local10 news reporter terrell forney is live with more on this increased reward. >> terrell: it's been 48 thundershowers since this little boy was -- it's been 4848 hours since his little boy was killed at his apartment complex. this community is now pooling together resources to put an end to it all. >> i brought 1 how toed from my church today. >> terrell: that check hand-delivered today by this group of pastors, ribes and community activists sickened over the shooting death of a six-year-old boy. >> we're at a point now where we're saying put up or shut up in order to get these issues handled with these murders, these senseless killings. >> no matter what religion, no matter what race you are, no matter where you are, these are our children 1 these are our people, we stand united, we will find you. >> terrell: little king carter was shot and killed saturday in an apparent drive-by as he
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at northwest 103rd lane and 12th avenue, his family still in disbelief. >> we're still d dastated. it will be a while before we turn back to some sense normalcy. everyone is still around. nobody went to work. >> terrell: today classmates hat king's school just a block d dn from the shooting scene were met by grief counselors to help cope with the tragedy. >> he was as a nice which i had, and we used to play g ges together all the time. >> they need to come forward. they killed an innococt child, a beautiful, innocent child. >> this is solvable but it will not be solved if we do not have the courage to admit and recognize the crisis and then do all that we can to address it. french and all it takes is just one tip to solve this trime, to give detectives the lead that they need. we know that the reward money is no atm least $26,000.
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you can pick up the phone and call crimestoppers at any time and never leave your name, but cash in on that reward to help police break this case. we are live in northwest miami-dade, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: an atm ambush not goin as planned for one robber who was cook county. plan taspopoce say the man wold a gun eye woman at a bank f america drive-through in december. he order offed the victim to hand over $300 but she deliberately tried to withdraw $800 knowing her card would be declined, and during that time another person drove up and the robber ran off. >> laurie: a driver was killed in a horrific wreck on the turnpike in dave, that driver headed the wrong way when the car was hit buy a tractor-trailer. tonight an investigation is underway into whether that driver did it all on purpose. local10 news investigator amy viteri is live now with new information about this man. >> amy: laurie, florida highway patrol says they are now
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by that driver, steve ferents iny which he talks about suicidal thoughts. spoke with a rabbi at this temple who described him a deeply spiritual but yet deep his troubled. monday friends and family grieved outside his miami beach home. overnight investigators say ferentz drove the wrong wite turnpike and crashed head on into a semi-truck. the impact destroyed his car and took his life. the driver of the trucknd a passenger survived. >> it is a horrible tragedy. i still have trouble breathing. >> amy: rab ephillipe said for the pass year he has tried to hepfer descendants who he said battled depression and tried to take his life in the past. on friday a facebook post he said he tried -- i started driving north on 95 with plans to get onto the florida turnpike, drive the wrong way, and crash head on into a truck and kill myself. over in tears.
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i am still shaking and still crying. >> amy: saturday security at the temple called police onn ferentz. if report said he caused several disturbancesy at the temple the rabbi said congregatio members complained to him with ferents. >> that was the proem. some people felt threatened. >> ferentz sai a jew should always be welcome to pray. the rabbi said he was not permanently banned and his death is a devastating loss. >> i have losw sleep many countless nights thinking of him and how to help him. >> amy: again, this crash is officially still under investigation but fhp telling me ferentz's posts and they are consideration. live in miami beach, amy viteri, local10 news. >> calvin: a woman sent to the hospital following a savage@ attack by a roommate she found on craigslist is showing progre today in her miraculous recovery. local10 news reporter michael seiden has much more about the
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michael. >> michael: calvin, it's really interesting because his friends describe him as creepy, but let's talk about the victim and her family. as you mentioned, she is still in icu here but her family, you got to give them a lot of credit because theyre statang strong and they told me they are nfident she will survive. tonight 23-year-old danielle jones fighting to stay alive. she opened her eyes sunday, but 24 hours later she's still unable to speak. >> she's cold to the touch. she still does not wake up. >> michael: danielle was working for a catering company living in an apartment in miami's overtown neighborhood when she decide look for a roommate on craigslist. bryon mitchell saw the ad and gave her a call. family members believe the 35-year-old lived with her for about a week, even sipped wine with her on her birthday, but the following morning on valentine's day he w wt on the attack, beating and stabbing the young woman, trying to cut you
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although he's claiming self-defense, he's now facing a charge of actually the murder. >> he'ss 6'2", 160 pounds and it takes 300 0 itches to put her back together. it's the most horrific crime. >> michael: a crime that's stunning to friends who described him as creepy but certainly not violent. so were there warning signs? two days before danielle was assaulted, mitchell was attending a networking straraen in miami beach. here he is chatting with other gueses. >> he wasn't all there, and the way he would look at you was a little creepy. my heart goes out to them, and i just hope that they can move on from this. danielle can recover back to where she was and even better. >> michael: today we learned that byron did serve in the air force but we also looked into his criminal record. no record in the past. as far as danielle, her family and friends have come together. they have started a gofundme page to pay for her medical
6:09 pm for now we are live in miami, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> calvin: mother behind bars after allegedly league of her six-year-old girl home alone while her miami apartment went up in flames. police arrested 32-year-old ericaries el oh friday and yesterday her bond was set at $7,500. reports say he was in the hallway of their versaille gardens apartment complex when pay neighbor saw smoke coming out of her front door. the child was rescued and is going to be okay. >> laurie: it's nine minutes after 6:00. better check on the evening rush for you. see if you can dodgeny trouble spots. jenise fernandez is right here. >> jenise: hopefully you've been watching us on your local10 app or you follow on us twitter so you knew to avoid this backup ooh i-95 southbound. that decent griffin road is starting to clare but we're still seeing those delays if you are heading in that direction. as we zoom zoom closer you can see red and orange on our maps,
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that accident is off to the shoulder but speeds right now ap 18 miles per hour and on i-95 northbound also griffin road we're getting reports of a broken-down car there. doesn't look like this is really impacting your commute too much, speeds there are at 44 miles per hour. as we cruise ton dade county we do have this donon mcarthur causeway heading west trying to ramp onto-95 northbound. speeds there are clocking in at just 9 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. now to vote 2016, and as expected south florida's congressionana delegation is now backing florida senator marco rubio the in race for the white house after former governor jeb bush dropped out. illegal ileana ros-lehtinen speaking earlier today alongside fellow republican carlos curbelo and the diaz bilalard brothers. >> thank you with marco, for stepping up to the change. you wilbring new voters. you will bring new voices tour republican party you can bring togeer. and that's why my absentee ballot, my voice and all of my
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for president. >> laurie: marco rubio was in las vegas today preparing for the republican caucus in nevada. he's aiming to build off his narrow second place finish in south carolina. and democrats will have their turn at the polls in south carolina this coming saturday, and look for local10's glenna milberg to be right there to bring you live reports. >> calvin: cuba's dissidents are hoping president obama's upcoming visit to the communist island had help shed new light on the plight. the president does plan to meet with dissidents during his brief i have trup next month. human rights humane society a pot hotbed topic but this past ekend nearly 200 dissidents were recordly arrested including members of the ladies in white. and as a possible sign of goodwill before president obama's visit, cuba is allowing several members of the 75 cubans arrested during the country's black spring back in 2003 to travel abroad. one of them martha bee a entries whom local10 interviewed last year in havana is a member of the group being allowed to leave the island for travel.
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cosby's wife is now caught up in the actor's legal troubles. >> laurie: plus an uber driver in michigan is charged withh six counts of murder. what he told a judge today, all ahead for you to worlt news tonight at 6:30. >> trent: check this out. what a view down in key west. the big question is can we keep this beautiful weather problem we've got that answer coming up here after the break. >> calvin: first, a social networking site aimed at keeping your home and neighborhood safe. it's this week's "home safe me" report, and janine will have that for you coming up right after the break. >> laurie: and checking the scene of that breaking news out of coral springs, police working this scene, the call came in as a barricaded suspect and now we're told one person, a gunshot victim has been transported to broward health north. the area to avoid, 84th drive and 14th court, an act of police scene looks to be a police-involved shooting.
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you as they come in. >> calvin: people rely more and more on social media to connect with each other. >> laurie: so now local police departments are doing it,
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particular to keep why are neighbor safe. janine stanwood talks with the miami-dade police department about next door. >> janine: it's a popular social media site where people post about missing dogs, local businesss, and report break-ins. >> it is helpful because, you know, there have been concerns. >> it does mauk you feel a little better that your neighbors are watching out for you. >> janine: it's called next door. it's been around for a couple of years, but unlike other social network it's made up of private groups based on location so you can connect with hur your neighbors, and now south florida police departments are getting in on it. >> more and more people are using the internet, smart phones. >> janine: miami-dade police launched its own next door account for officers in different dict post will missing people and, of course, crime. >> the and neighborhood resource officers have their own accounts and they connect directly to the people they serve in other communities, crime watch groups and things like that. >> janine: so i joined next door moves to see what it was all
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miami-dade county not only do i see posts for m little neighborhood butted i also see posts from mild police, and a lot of peoplere connecting. >> i see the dialogue back and forth, and i think it's a really positive tool because any time we can communicate better with our community,p that's good. >> this was earlier today, 20 minutes ago. >> janine: constance lives in wilt op manors and says when there is a rash of burglaries if her neighborhood, next door kept her in the loop. >> the neighbor really banded together. >> they used next door as a tool to lethis police know what was going on and to alert neighbors. there's no way to really know if you stopped something it. >> it doesn't hurt. >> doesn't hurt. >> janine: so next door is private, so while you can see what polole are posting, they cannot see what you are posting unless y y're replying or engaging with them directly. the major we spoke to said he thinks that's good for people who feel they can talk freely among their neighbors. a lot of people are using this.
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thank you, janine, for the tip. >> laurie: that's a smart idea, and that weather is just smart, spectacular, stunning. >> meteorologist: keep it coming. >> laurie: it's a contest. >> meteorologist: what do they za say? a picture paints a thousand words. hollywood beach cam, you think this is pretty, you think it's gorgeous, and it is but i want to take you down to one of my favorite places, key west. it's a spectacular sunset. you can see behind me as we watch all kind of sailboats and sun set cruises pass thrhrgh tonight, and right now in key west tememratures are 74 degrees, east-southeast wind at 13. as we go throughout night a lot ofreens and yellows showing up on the prepared it's all false return. so rain chance is low tonight and it will come up a little bit tomorrow but most of the cloudcover today has been on the west coast and down in the florida keys the east coast along dade and broward's coastline we have enjoyed quite a bit of sunshine. this onshore flow around 10 miles per hour will continue
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76 at pompano beach, hialeah 77, marinated at 76. we'll wake up around 68, 69 degrees for tomorrow morning. it's this next storm system we're watching, a couple of areas of low pressure will develop along this old frontal boundary. right now rain from jackson all wi a back to the carolinas, and with the jet stream starting to dig across the southeasty the next couple of days we'll see a southerly wind warm and moist tomorrow, temperatures up to 82, 83 degrees, and that is a jet stream addition on the seaboard as the froro passes through wednesday night. it will bring cold air up to the north the nexexcouple of days, coal unfortunate tsu filtering through atlantnt through thursday and friday with temperatures flirting with that freezing mark, and you can see over towards washington 29 on friday, so the cold weather once again stays up north. we're going to see a nice clly change here as we wrap up the work week into the weekend. as far as the beach tomorrow, water temperature at 70 degrees.
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as that wind comes in out of the south that'll push our temperatures up to 84 on wednesday where we'll see a little more widespread chance of some strong thunderstorms. then look what happens behind that front. breezy and cool, just a fantastic way to wrap up the week. >> will: will manso live at the american airlines arena where the heat are getting ready to host the paris. as a step out you see longtime veteran udonis haslem warming up. will dwyane wade return to the line-up? i'll have the latest from dwyaya
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sports. from the palm of your hand, you can arm your alarm system, lock yououdoors, control the temperature of your home, turn on your lights, and get notified of all events. the slomin's shield is world d ass security. get a free slomin's shield security system professionally installed. call now and slomimis will include your choice of an indoor camera, ermostat or door lock. shield your home,
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tt2watu# s4 bt@qop< tt2watu# s4 "a@q_\x tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- tt4watu# s4 " iztq #dx tt4watu# s4 " jntq 148 tt4watu# s4 " lzt& )yd >> will: lots going on tonight at the`american airlines arena. first things first. a basketball game between the heat and the indiana i pacs. a good showdown in the eastern conference, the pacers as you see to my left on the court. a glum number of their players working out. tip advertisement 7:30. it looks like, looks like the pacers will have to face dwyane wade. id d-wade a short time ago here on the court at the american airlines arena gettingng pre-game work in. erik spoelstra says that wade was warming up wit the intention to play, so it looks like he's coming back after missing two games due to soreyness in the back of his left nee. soreyness. now, his return makes you wonder how it's going to wonder the pace he's been playing. the heat have been 114 points and 115 minutes in back-to-back wins. you wonder how you wor in wade and how the this team gets it done. coach erik erika doesn't seem too concerned about that.
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but we want to get everybody contributing to be a positive, and get out of the all these labels and get out of expectations from outside. >> that's the root of the sport. you never know the team is going to some injuries or some guys are missing, and you know it's always nice to see some other guys stepping in. >> will: the big basketball game in town tonight. that's over at coral gables. the aiami hurricanes newly ranked 12th if in t. newest ap poll will face off against third-ranked virginia. coming off you of north carolina. this one will be tough. tip-time at 7:00 as the 'canes are playing another pistol game in the acc. pivotal game in the eastern conference no doubt tonight. we expect to see the return d-wade. will we see the continuance of this pace that mime has been playing? at's the story from the arena,
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>> laurie: happy birthday old man will. >> calvin: that's ght. tonight at 11:00, you've got to
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st text1 italics cc1 test message breaking news tonight in the
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the major resignation. also, donald trump, is he now unstoppable? rubio and cruz, battling to be the alternative. but with botl of them in, does it help trump? >> you're going to say, please, please mr. president. we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. >> and tonight, has hillary clinton turned a corner? inside the seven hours of terror. the alleged uber gunman in court. six dead. and youou will hear from the passengers who got into his uber car before and after the shootings. what he said to them. the storm system tonight, in the south, possible tornadoes, hail and about to move right up the east coast. major snow right behind it. the consumer alert tonight. the cdc now pointing to a popular home improvement item, saying there are possible cancer risks. the alarming new numbers. and forever young. he's 1she's 106, and she's


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