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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> kristi: i'm kristi krueger. pushreal-time closedaptioningprovided by u.s.captioning push >> kristi: off the top this noon, presiden obama unveiling his plan to shut down the u.s. prison for terrorists at guantanamo bay, cuba. saw it here live on local 10. local 10 news reporter michael putney is live in our newsroom now with the details on that plan. >> reporter: kristi, the president has been trying to close to prison for the suspected terrorists for the past seven years and this morng he gave it another try. the prison has held hundreds of suspected terrorists over the year, many of whom have been convicted whihi military tribunals, some have been
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but it is a painfully slow and expensive process that@ has yielded uneven results. the president says the prison undermines american values, hurts our standings with aies and has been a flash point for jihaddists. also very expensive. it costs $445 million to run that facility in 2015. currently there are only 91 suspectedyjihaddists being held at gitmo. 46 are war-time detainees who will not be transferred. the president wants to bring them to the u.s. for military trials and incarceration. >> for many years it has been clear that the detention facility is the guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it. moreover, keeping that facility is open is contrary to our values.
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it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. >> reporter: the president this morning called on congress totoccept his plan to close the prison filth at gitmo. that, however, is highly unlikeke. in fact, this morning miami congressman issued a statement opposing the closure and saying he is afraidd it is the first step in returning the entire tmo naval base to cuba. there are no plans to do that according to the white house. we are in the newsroom this afternoon, michael putney, local10 news. >> kristi: thanknk you. local 10 news will have live coverage from cuba for the president's historic visit there next month led by local 10 anch calvin hughes in march. >> constance: now at noon a massive firereaking out at a town home complex in lauderhill. sky 10 capturing flames and smoke as it is coming from the building. we are live with more informion about how the firefighters tried to put it out.
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>> rorter: good afternoon, constance. well, at this point investigatorare still trying to figure out what started the fire. they do not believe it was electrical in nature though. they do believe it was started tn accident. they say there is one person who was in the unit when it caught fire and thate went out and tried to knock on all his neighbor's doors and get them out safely. nobody ended up injured. the flames incredible shooting through the roof of an apartment building in lauderhill. >> and everybody is screaming fire, fire, fire. so. >> reporter: you woke up to that? >> yeah. >> reporter: residents woke up to knocks on the door. they qere evacuated. outside thick smoke and fire trucks. >> my mom told me that we had to get out of the housu, but i was a little bit scared. i didn't know what happened. if anybody was hurt. >> reporter: some were getting ready for school, oers already at work returning home to find this chaos. >> i never been in a fire before, and the thought of losing all my stuff to go to
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>> reporter: firefighters worked for hours to get the flames totally out, even using a drone to help them survey how bad the damage was. these pictures from that. nobody was hurt but at least 15 people now without a place to live. >> i'm outside okay with me. i don't know what i'm going to be doioi with them. >> reporter: that new drone that the lauderhill fire department owns was actually really helpful for them. the roof collapsed while firefighters were still in this building. one of the most dangerous things for firefighters when they are trying to get these fires out. no firefighters were injured but the drone was able to show them what areas to avoid and how to handle this before going b bk in that building. the red cross was hereelping out. those 15 people living in three units, six are destroyed and they are trying to get a hold of people living in those. they were already at school or work. live in lauderhill, local 10 news news. >> constancece now to breaking
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lockdown. lockdown. boca raton police say camouflaged backpack loaded with ammunition was fnd behind holiday school and the kids, obviously, were evacuated as a precaution. while police investigated we are told t lockdown has been lifted. >> kristi: also new at noon, a 13-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after he was shot in north miami beach. police say this happened when he tried to carjack someone. local 10 news reperter michael seiden is live with the latest on this one. michael, so young. >> reporter: yeah, kristi and constance really stunning. we just got our hands on this report and it is unbelievable to think a 13-year-old boy that police are accusing now of an attempted carjacking. i want to take you back to that scene last night. take a look at this video. this is what it looked like just after midnight in north miami beach. police responding to the scene. you can see that bloody towel, the gun on the ground and what
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this all happened just aer midnight near neither 16th avenue and 159th street. police tell us a couple in their 20s were in a honda civic stopped at a red light when four males including the teenager started walking towards the car. that's when the teen pulled the gun. fearing for their lives the boyfriend said he was protecting s girlfriend, pulled out his gun opening fire and hitting that teen. there were three other males who took off from the scene and just walking around the neighborhood, obviously, neighbors surprised by what happened. we talked to one guy who walked outside and actually saw that teen on the ground. flashing light in the window and it went out and i saw six, seven police cars and a guy lying in the street. >> reporter: again that teenager taken to a hospital, underwent surgery, expected to make a fulll recovery. he is going to be in court. now he is a minor which i why
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he will have charged filed against him. as far as the other three males who ran from the scene, really not getting a good description. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. now live in north miami beach, michael seiden, local 10 news. >> kristi: thank you, michael. two people were hospitalized after a shooting in miami's overtown neighborhood. y 10 before that scene this morning. police investigating the shooting near southwest second court and 20th street. miami fire resese said the victims were taken to ryder trauma center. the victims have notot been identified and we don't know exactly what led up to that shooting either. >> constance: parts of texas getting hit hard wit severe weather. this is video of strong winds and large hail overnight south of san antonio. high winds were reported in south texas and more severe weather later today.
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you get pelted by those hail balls. >> constance: julie says we may have our own severe weather. >> julie: indeed. that system thoke pictures are you seeing could be in our backyard as early as wnesday afternoon into wednesday evening. let's highlight and show you what's been going on. i have been showing you this system all morning long. there@have been a series of fronts stalled out over the soheast. there are skill scattered showers and storms in a front by the carolinas up to the northeast. the one you brought the severe weather you just saw over portions of texas i will highlight it for you. it is a l lge system. it is a low attached with a cold front. so we are seeing showers and heavy rain and gusty winds all along the leading edge of this low moving in towards eastern texas, louisiana and on the backside of this system there is very cold arctic air providing for the snowfall for parts of texas, eastern new mexico and northern western texas. as we zoom in in south florida, we are expecting some spotty showers today as we are headed with the system winds from the
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no severe weather threat for us today. just some spotty storms because of the wind direction, but a line of heavy rain and some thunderstorms starting to move into homestead and upper keys. i will continue to track this through the lunchtime. you definitely need your umbrellas. it your travels take you over homestead near portions of the upper keys will you have wet conditions. that low and cold front will slowly push to the east. the severe weather threat is along the gulf coast states but you see the tail end of the front will be affecting us in south florida as early as tomorrow afternoon. we are talking 4:00 into the evening hours. so as we break it down for you the severe weaeaer threat tornadoes cannot be ruled out, damaging winds you just saw severe thunderstorms this morning and shower a a thunderstorm activity will be focused from texas to the panhandle. tomorrow it shifts toward the east highlighting south floridaespecially across the east coast over the carolina coastline as well. so we areoing to continue to see the possibility, marginal threat for sere thunderstorms, damaging wind and tornadoes for us here in south frida as the
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does move in by tomorrow afternoon. i'll have a lot more on today's forecast we are seeing showers on the radar coming up. >> constance: to vote 2016. caucus day for republicans in nevada. frontfront run you are donaldfrontrunner donald trump is hoping for a third week one week before super tuesday. democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take the stage for a town hall meeting tonight. >> we'rergoing to make america great again and we're going to keep winning, winning, winning. walking out smiling, laughing. like to punch him in the face. >> reporter: new video from donald trump's latest outburst making rous today. overnight the g.o.p. frontrunner rallied his biggest crowd yet in las vegas and it looks like trump is in the lead again at about 39% of the vote. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i have dea with. >> reporter: ted cruz fired
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spreading a false rumor that marco rubio disparaged the bible. >> we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. >> reporter: rubio is focused on trump. he has the republican rubio.o. >> donald has a base of support a majority of our party doesn't want him. >> many women left their kitchens to go door-to-door and put yard signs up. >> i will come to support you but not out of the kitchen. >> i got you. >> reporter: john kasich underfire about remarks of women helping his campaign. he tried to defend himself saying it was an off-the-cufff comment. on the democratic side the candidates will be battling out this sunday. in massachusetts, bernie sanders again hit hillary clinton on her wall street connection. >> we don't want their money. >> reporter: he picked up new support. director spike lee will be featured on radio spots which
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>> constance: clinton has comfortable lead against sanders in south carolina as she looks to sewer the black vote off morgan free man's voice is used in her television ads. local 10's glenna milberg will be in south carolina covering the democratic primary. look for her live reports later this week. two people are missing after a home exploded in washington state. you can see debris scattered all over the ground there. emergency crews responded to the scene earlierhis morning. the blast reportedly blew out the wdows of the school about a thousand feet away. vo word yet what caused that explosion. >> kristi: police say a suspect is dead afdfr killing four of his family members at a home in phoenix, arizona. police say they responded to calls of a person being shot and when the got there, that home was on fire. police say the suspect was shooting at rescue crews as well as they tried to put out the fire. among the died a child between the ages of 8 and 12. >> constance: before you eat the next piece of candy listen up.
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several items affecting 55 countries around the world. mars said plastic was found inside a product that could create a choking hazard. the recall started in europe. no wore word yet if the u.s. is among the 55 countries affected. mars says milky way and snickers are among the products covered in the recall. let's check the stock market. dow down 178 points to 16,442. nasdaq down 55 points to 4,514. s&p 500 down 20 points. >> kristi: the search is on for a gunman that shot a 6-year-old little boy in a drive-by shooting in northwest miami-dade. >> constance: howowhe community is coming together to honor the child as they demand the end a violence. plus the south florida middle school receiving stands desks for their classroom and the benefits behind it. you're watching local 10
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constance jones. >> constance: a stage scene in lauderhill ended with a car flipped upside down on the street. lauderhill police say an officer spotted a woman waving frantically in the car's backseat. the officer said the car took off and flipped over near northwest 15th court and 29th avenue they when took the corner way too fast. police say two men were inside the car with the women and the women says she doesn't know
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police say they are now investigating that woman's story. now to anoth one. a naked woman who kicked out the wiwiow of a police car. she is now facing charges. miami-dade police arrested the woman on disorderly conduct charges after reports of this naked woman actually just out there yelling in a parking lot. police say she kicked out the car's window on the palmetto expressway. sky 10 was over that scene as she was moved to another car and [chanting] >> kristi: loved ones and community members all chanting the name of that 6-year-old little boy shot and killed outside of his northwest weekend. dozens of people in the community marched together in honor of little king carter who shooting. his killer is still out there somewhere on the loose. local 10 news reporter terrell forney is live in miami with the very latest on this investigation. terrell? >> reporter: kristi, we can
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pouring into crime stoppers thanks in part to a growing pot of reward money. that pot is now at $26,000 for any information that could lead to the arrest of the person who pulled the tgger, but i can tell you that a lot of people in the community and even city and county leaders are now anticipating what would be the next step and that would be a possible arrest. it has been 72 hours since little king carter was killed. a vibrant first grader wise beyond his years. protesters wrapped up another march just last night in king's honor. a boy who was shot outside of his own home in northwest miami-dade during a drive-by over the weekend. >> saturday night, i'm hurt. i miss my grandchild. i miss him. >> reporter: as the tragic loss of the 6-year-old little boy angers the community, attention is being drawn to the
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stalled a witness protection bill. >> if senator everst don't put senate bill 1314 on the bill we will never resolve the violent crimes occurring throughout our commununy. i just can't understand how can a person not support such a bill? >> i'm takakg steps to revive it. >> reporter: miami-dade mayor may carlos gimenez says he is working on this. >> it will be another tool in the tool box. it is not the solution. but, you know, citizens are afraid to talk because they have this fear o retaliation. this will add a little layer of protection to them. >> reporter: and here is some information we just got into our local 10 newsroom. viewing and memorial information for little king carter. we know that the viewing and
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friday at friendship mission say i baptist church led by r reverend smith from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and that's the viewing andle and the memorial from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. satutuay february 17 new birth cathedral of faith bishop victor curry is the pastor. that service is set for 2:00 p.m. also we can tell you that the crime stoppers reward as i mentioned is $26,000 but police still trying tg make an arrest in this case. they're still looking for tips. even though that phone is still ringing at crime stoppers headquarters they are still looking for any information on this case. if you have that crucial lead, certainly pick up the phone and give mia-dade crime stoppers a call. that number 305-471-tips.
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10 news. >> kristi: thank you, terrell. police now know the type of car they are looking for after a teenager was struck in the street in northwest miami-dade. investigators releasing surveillance video of the car hitting theeenager. that video showing a figure running across the street when he was struck by a silver mercedes sending him into the air. now 15-year-old xavier valdez was on his way to school with hi younger brother when he was hit. witnesses say the driver had the green light but left the scene before police could get there. >> if they would have remained on the scene, they would not have been at fault for the crash. theyad the green light. they had the right-of-way. unfortunately, once they leave the scene, it becomes, you know, more difficult for them as far as, you know, what punishment that could happen to them. >> kristi: police say the teenager suffered some head injuries in the crash. he was taken to jackson memorial hospital in critical but stable condition. >> constance: investigators are trying to figure out what caused a man to hold a
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it ended with shots being fired. this all happening at a home in coralprings. now police say they were forced to fire at a 71-year-old man after he waved a gun near a window. richard mueller's family members were worried about his state of mind and contacted police. when officers showed up he refused to talk by led to that standoff. >> after few hours of negotiations, he started firing off rounds at our officers within the house. r officers continued too negotiate, and at some point he went to a window and brandished a firearm. >> constance: he was taken to the hos_ital and is expected to recover. he is facing several charges including aat thtimed murder of a law enforcement officer.. that's pretty cool. those big waves caused a 12-mile stretch of highway close to honolulu to just go right over
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rocks withhhem making it a hazard for drivers. officials there arereaying this is the biggest swell they have seen there in aa decade. >> kristi: it is not just the highways sees damage. the water's waves are also wrecking people's homes. look at the beach front house. it was damaged when the waves smashed through a protective barrier wall. thankfully that homeowner got out and nobody was hurt. what a mess and clean up underway. >> constance: the price you pay for living on the water. >> kristi: they are right on the water. well >> julie: indeed. we are seeing them pop up on the radar. some of you may need umbrellas if you are headed out the door for lunchtime to grab lunch and come back to work or pick up the kids f fm school. later on today we keep the chons of showers in the forecast. this m mning already a change. two things, one it is definitely re breezy and, two, it is more humid. that's because the winds are moving from the southeast
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and humididy and three, cloudy precipitation to fall. 79 rightow in miami. we were at 80 degrees with the relative humidity of 69%, it feels like 81 muggy degrees with a southeast breeze strong at 21 miles per hour. ft. lauderdale a bit more cloud cover, 78 but it feels like 80 o`ce you factor in the relative humidity of 68%. down by the keys we woke up to showers and storms. i'm happy to tell you you are finally seeg a break from the rain and the cloud cover with lots of sunshine, a temperature of 78, relative humidity 81%. it feels like 80 degrees to the skin with a southeast breeze at 10 miles per hour. so we did see some showers move through hollywood beach but thatt didn't stop beach goers. everybody is still out enjoying the beach day today. cloudy skies and rough surf in place it is going to provide for risk of rip crents for beach goers. be safe and at guarded beaches. let's zoom in and show you showers off the southeast brze. moderate to heavy rain about to
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showers by portions of the upper keys and over nth lauderdale, 441, north university drive mod raid to heavy rain, anoer by davie, miramar parkway and pembroke pines, miramar and pines boulevard seeing some showers, cooper city all the way down towards u.s. 27. further south we have more widespread showers and storms over the everglades headed tour miccoskee in towards doral and okeechobee r rd. heavy rain from homestead, u.s. 18-mile stretch through portions of key largo. showers will lift toward the north and not ruling out a chance of showers in the afternoon. keep the umbrella handy and the poncho around. now we d have a tornado watch box in effect. this started after i left the newscast at the beginning of the newscast for our friends in louisiana. you canee this will go until 5:00 because of this storm system we are watching that's been severe weather all morning long for parts of texas. now moving in towards louisiana. this is the area we need to watch. it will be headed toward the
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the tail end of the front spark the possibility of strong storms for us by tomorrow. you can see why. lolo at this. temperatures ahead of the front in the 60s, behind it in the 30s. the clash of thehe air masses allow for lift in the atmosphere and help trigger severe thunderstorms. embedded in those storms we'll continue to see the possibility of tornadoes for friends from louisiana all the way into the panhdle today. tomorrow that threat pushes eastward including us here in south florida all the way up the east coast towards the carolinas. thmain threat is the severe thunderstorms, damaging winds and tornado possibly embedded in those storms. let's break it down for you. we are going into tomorrow. this is tomorrow's forecast. this is just one of our many in-house models. again, this could change as we get closer to tomorrow afternoon but we are expecting s se strong storms, some gusty winds going to be a big threat. anywhere between 40 and 60 mile per hour winds could be possible and some smama sized haiai as we go through the afternoon we get you posted and keep you right hereren local 10 news because our weather authority will be with you all day long. so againe have that moderate
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boaters a small craft caution. we will keep that chance of showers in the forecast today. better chance of storms by the later half of your wednesday and then early storms could be possible until this front clears by thursday afternoon and once it ds, oh, it is going to be beautiful. great weather threat to end the workweek. a bit chilly though. friday morning ladies, temperatures in the 50s. you know who will have more on this, chief certified meteorologist betty davis will be back at 4:00. >> constance: thank you. guess what? it will be standing room only at one middle school in hialeah gardens. >> kristi: they are receiving standing desks as a matttt of fact for students today and local 10 news reporter jenise fernandez is live in hialeah gardens there. these desks keep you more active and awake and alert. >> reporter: that's exactly righ kristi and constance. i think after you see the stands desks you will want some inside the local 10 newsroom. the students absolutely love them all to promote a healthy lifestyle and making sure students stay focused inside the classroom.
12:29 pm
to seeing in a classroom, standing desks that can also move around. >> i prefer standing because i'm also an athlete. i think that standing is a good way to get exexeise. >> reporter: it is all to promote a healthy lifestyle at hialeah gardens middle school. sitting for too long oftenakes students sluggish anonymity. now students have the option to verb their legs. they can aust legs when they want to sit or stand up. not only can you move the desks either up or down really to adjust to your height but check this out. you may notice there are wheels on these desks and that's cause these desks are mobile. students can role out desks and go out to the school's farm part of their agri science class. >> they can continue from the classroom directly out here into our farm with no actual change, no closing notebook or put this away and set it up out here all er again. >> reporter: these learn fit
12:30 pm
donated by ego-it. ron. hialeah the only middle school in broward and dade counties to have heat. not only are students burning more calories standing throughout the day but studies have shown students are more engaged. >> between students being more on task and focused between the teacher being able to orchestrate a classroom with breakouts it is classroom efficiency. >> reporter: so a total of 40 desks were donated here to hialeah gardens middle school. this is a pilot program so they're going to see how these desks work, see if they like them. i have to say so far the students are really happy with the new desks. reporting live in hialeah gardens, jenise fernandez, local 10 news. >> kristi: makes going to school kind of fun. working it out. the marlins are back to work. >> constance: we are live in jupiter for the first full squad workout. today we are making everybody faster, bettete and cheaper.
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we have a delicious makeover
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with gloria >> kristi: it is back to baseball for the miami marlins. >> constance: today is the ifers full day of workout f f the team. they are in jupiter to start things off and that's where we find our local 10 news sports recorder this midday. >> r%porter: there is no denying it. it is that time of year. typically spring doesn't start for a month. the tell tale sipes are here, fresh cut grass, fans in the gate and in about an h hr the fir crack of the bat. first official day of springtraining. spring is typically marked with the signs of life fighting to break outut of a dormant landscape and that is certainly true of this ball club. all around roger deem stadium reas to hope the marlins will
12:35 pm
have not seen since 2003. there is the cares ace and the manager known as donnie baseball and the batting coach does not subscribe thosos who cannot do teach mantra barry bds. this may be one of the most hopeful openings to a season in recent years and it is not lost on fans or tse inside right now getting ready inside that clubhouse. >> it is the start of it all. you know, for me a n place, new opportunity, just excited to be here with this club and really just looking forward to seseng what we can become. >> reporter: at 1:30 this cease ohen's additionen's edition of the miami marlins will take to the field.
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starting at 4:00. live in jupiter, andrea brody. >> kristi: bill gates is weighing in on the fight between apple and the fbi. >> constance: what he has to say about apple refusing to unlike the iphones with at&t the choice is yours. only pay for the servicesqpyou need to make
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>> constance: he is accused of offering his children's baby-sitter money for sex acts. local 10 news reporter ben kennedy was inside the courtroom today and joins usive from ft. lauderdale with more. >> reporter: good afternoon, constance. that trial is going on. the victim is on the stand. she was 15 at the time and now 19. she cried when talking about the night baby-sitting four years ago. in fang, let's take you inside the courtroom were the doctor faced a judge and jury for allegedly molesting his baby-sitter in 2015 then offering to pay her to keep her quiet. it happened in his westin home where she was highered part-time
12:40 pm
bolin practiced@ in broward more than a decade. deputies say he admitted to the accusations and offering the baby-sitter $300 to not tell her parents. here she is telling her side ofthe story. >> where did he sit in relation to you? on your lef on your right? >> on my left. >> what happened after mr. bolin was on the couch? >> reporter: the victim is still on the stand as i speak. if convicted, bolo could face up to 15 years in prison. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> constance: thanks for that update. we are learning more about the uber driver accused of going on a shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan killing six people. authorities say jason dalton has admitted to carrying out the attacksut his motive is unclear. he was in court yesterday. he was arraied on six murder charges. police say he was giving rides in between those alleged killings. uber confirmed several riders
12:41 pm
during the night of those attacks. now dalton allegedly killed six peopop at three different locations. those six victims were identified at dorothy brown, barbara hawthorne, mary joe nigh, marly how nye, richard smith and tyler smith. >> she is alive and she is fighting for her life. i want everybody to understand that. abigail is strong and she is a vibrant, beautiful young lady and did not deserve this. >> constance: that first shiiteing the woman was talking about an apartment complex. that woman is in critical condition. she did survive. dalton allegedly shot at a father and son at a car dealership. they both passed away. the last shooting was at a cracker barrel where he allegedly killed four women, critically injuring a 14-year-old girl. >> kristi: microsoft co-founder bill gates is weighing in on the ongoing
12:42 pm
aping pushed back on an ordering them to crack the phone of the san bernardino shooter but gates said the p and discuss this issue. >> it is a good debate to be having. i'm hopeful that government safeguards varieie country-to-country will be enough that people feel like this can work, and so we have a greatublic debate about that. >> kristi: gates also says that he believes the public wants the government to protect all of us as long as proper safeguards remain in place. just a really sad story to tell but this midday. a dog waiting for weeks for its owner to come home. >> constance: what happeneddo
12:43 pm
care of that loyal dog comingup. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next p2esident needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> constance: a sea turtle is safe and sound after spotted in jacksonville trapped inside of a
12:46 pm
look at that little guy. jacksonville sheriff's deputy spotted the animal. a floaty on the trap prevented the furthering from being able to dive but deputies saved the day. they freed the turtle before sending it back out into the water. >> kristi: we have new video passengers flying down a personal chuteemergency chute in japan after a flight had to abort its takeoff as smoke entered the cabin. more than 160 passengersere on board the plane headed to southern japan. one woman did get a minor hip injury but no one else was seriously hurt. that looks cold. >> constance: look at this. large fire breaking out at a building in southern california. this is rancho dimiguez south of l.a. firefighters say a small explosion was heard in the commercial building but itt is unclear what caused the fire. no one was hurt.we're still trying to figure out what caused this crane to catch on fire and collapse. this all happening at a
12:47 pm
workers believe an electrical failure triggered the flames which caused that crane to topple and the arm to falling to the ground. this one no one was hurt. heartbreaking sight in texas at an apartment complex. a dog waiting for weeks for its owner to come back home. >> kristi: the german shepherd wandered around this parking lot waiting for his owner's car to pull up. he walked around this parking lot for two weeks and no one knew his owner had been killed at a gas station robbery on february 7. >> he would follow the cars and then when he would realize that maybe it is not his owner's car, he would just stand there and look helpless. >> kristi: how sad. a neighbor was finally able to gain the dog's trust and take him in. the victim's brother will now soon be taking over the dog's care. that's loyalty. >> constance: a loyal pup. >> kristi: man's best friend. a lot of doubles in one family. >> constance: we're not talking about julie durda and her belly.
12:48 pm
we will introduce you to twin sisters who is giving birth to twins twice. >> kristi: but first a look at your winning lottery numbers. local 10 news will be right back. today, you can click in walk in, or call in to world class care. because cleveland clinic florida is here for you. anytime, anywhere.
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>> ksti: the miami heat celebrating a big win in the 5-4 position in the eastern conference. not only did they beat the pacers but they did it in overnight. in the third d. wade and whiteside off the bench. wade alley-oop. six seconds left the heat are down by one. wade gets foule and makes both free throws. they soar into overtime and won 101-93. the heat are now preparing for a big challenge tomorrow night. the golden start warriors are coming to town. it was a tight game down in
12:52 pm
this was a good one to watchch the hurricanes reed led the huhuicanes with 21 points. theame came down, virginia was down by three and this basket would have tied it up, it is coming down, but, it's no good. so sorry. the 12th ranched hurricanesdefeat cavaliers 64-61. >> constance: we are just five days away from hollywood's biggest night. we're talking about the oscars. they are this sunday and preparation are underway. crews are getting the red carpet ready for the a-list stars by spray painting statues and buildings for the stage. the oscars is this sunday night hotted by chris rock. you can only watch it on local 10. the red carpet coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. >> kristi: a new portrait featuring kevin spacey in his role as president frank underwood in "house of cards" is
12:53 pm
it is a popular nflix drama dealing with the dark side of politics in the washington, d. c.. the image of spacey as president will hang in the gallery through october. it is a good show. >> constance: let's go outside with a live look from the miami tower cam. a few clouds in the distance, still a pretty day. 79 degrees out the. julie w wh a final look at your
12:54 pm
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>> constance: t tn sisters in utah are parents to multiple sets of twins. >> kristi: identical twin moms carrie and kelly were having trouble getting pregnant and underwent ivf. what happened was they gave birth to sets of twins but before the brand new bundles of joy came into the world they both had twins. >> she has four children five and under and i have five children four and under. i had a boy/girl first and she it two girls and we flip flopped and she did boy/girl and i did boy/boy. we have our bases covered. >> kristi: they have a basketball team. almost a football team. carrie and kelly are calling the in pregnancies divine intervention. you&only have one baby in there, little boy. >> julie: indeed. my tree is very little, me, dave and baby and scolie came from somebody else. all right. temperatures are upper 70 ft. lauderdale, miami, 77 degrees in key west. that cloud cover is going to
12:57 pm
florida with the chance of showers. betty davis will have more on today's weather and severe weather threat tomorrow night, kristi. >> kristi: we will be ready. that does it for right now. we thank you for watching. "the chew" is next. >> constance: s you back
12:58 pm
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