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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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questioned by police ladies and gentlemen person of interest. local10 news reporter neki mohan is live in miami with all the breaking details. neki. >> neki: laurie and calvin, family here at the hospital reacting with some sort of relief that someone has been taken into custody, the young man serious but stable condition here at jackson memorial hospital. let's show you video of the person. he is 4 4year-old simeon boykins. he is being cared person of interest. he and his family contacted miami-dade police, basically saying that he was the person involved in the hit-and-run accidedt. he was taken into custody at his home in miami today. and right now is being questioned by police. they say charges arey pending. of course, this is the hit-and-run crash that happened yesterday oh 79th treat and 22nd avenue. the victim, this is his picture, 15-year-old javier valdes be a young student at slam academy in
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school with his brother at 6:30 when the crash happened. we'll show you video of that scene yesterday morning. the two boys were crossing did street. witnesses say it was a green lightly, so the driver had the right-of-way. they were trying to catch a city bus to get to school when 15-year-old javier was hit. but that person in the silver merces took off and left him there on the scene. the family members of the person being questioned say that he is truly, truly very sorry, and he ran because he was scared. >> our nephew made a critical mistake in judgment. instead of staying there, he fled the scene, and wee really feel bad for the young kid that was hurt. >> i hope me feels better. that's definitely a relief. some is there. but my nephew is all that matters. he's the number one thinking on my mind.
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>> neki: that is the austin javier valley des. he is still recovering here. he was head injuries, a collapsed lung and multiple bruises all over his entire body. as for simeon boykins with again he's being questioned by police. he is considered a person of interest because he left the scene, but again witnesses on the scene told police that he had the@ green light and possibly the right-of-way at the time, so charges are pending depending on what happens after that interview, but again someone has been taken into custody and is being questioned in the hit-and-run crash that injured this 15-year-old boy that is still recovering here at jackson. we will have more on local10 news at 5:00. live in miami, neki mohan, local10. >> calvin: neki, thanks a lot. >> laurie: also right now, a poatrist is on trial accused of offering a babysitter money for a sex act. the victim was just 15 years old at the time, and today she took the stand. >> calvin: local10 news reporter amy viteri live now in fort lauderdale with exactly what happened in court today. amy. >> amy: well, calvin and laurie
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molestation. today she%is 19 years old and she spent all of today on the stand, testifying here in this courthouse behind me regarding the events on that day. now, we have a camera inside the courtroom where proceedings a a back underway just within the last 15 minutes on so after a one of had hour break. the victim is the state's first witness and she cried a one point as she told her story in frt of the man she's accusing week dr. august bean bollo. she told investigators in 20 ii 12 bow hoe molested her inside his home at the time babysitting his kids. he is with a well-known foot and ankle specialist in broward county, and investigator say the girl told them he paid her $300 not to tell her family about what happened. to-do today we heardrd from her for the first time as the stata had her walk them through what happened that day. >> was he making any movements with his hands? >> >> [ not audible ] >> how long do you think that
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>> like a minute. >> amy: and bollo, of course, is facing a charge of lewd and lascivious molestation. that young woman still on t t stand right now where we're told testimony should be rapping up in the next hour. we will tell you the latest details on what happened at that courtroom at 6:00. live outside t courthouse. >> calvin: fierce flames in lauder lauderhill. a massive fire and sky 10 was overhead. this is this is infrafrom a drone used to survey the fire after that devastating fire. now some neighbors who lived there are left without a place to stay. local10's erik rake oh shows us the fierce flames. >> the stateoyer marshal is still looking into how this fewer stted but at this point investigators do not believe it was low, nick look that. the they do believe it was started on accident. there was one man inside the apartment where the fire broke out. they say he ran out, started
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no one endnd up injured. the flames incredible. shooting through the roof of an apartment building in lauderhill. >> everybody screaming, fire, fire, fire. >> you woke up on that. >> yeah. >> residents ek would up to knocks on the door. they were evacuated. outside thick smoke and fire trucks. >> my mom told me that we had to get out the house but i was a little bit scared. i didn't know what happened. if anybody was hurt. >> reporter: some were getting ready for school, others already at work returning home to finin this chaos. >> you know, i never been in a fire befor, and the thought of losing all my stuff to go to work and my memories. >> reporter: firefighters worked for hours to get the flames total out, even using a drone to help them survey how bad the damage was, these pictures from that. nobody was hurt but at least 15 people now without a place to liveve >> my kids was outside. they okay with me.
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what i'm going to be doing with em. >> reporter: and that new drone that the lauderhill fire department ownsctually helped them a lot because while firefighters were the in building, the roof collapsed which can be one of the most dangerous situatis for these men and women trying to put these fires out. at the were able to put the drone over the building and take a look at where the damage was before they went back in. the red cross now helping the people affected by this. from lauderhill, erika rakow, locaca0 news. >> calvin: and late this afternoon investigator confirming that the fireas accidental it. pierce a hot iron was left on attended. >> laurie: a 13-year-old is facing which, after police say he was shot trying to carjack someone in north miami beach. the young teen underwent surgery after a passenger inside that car shot him during the attempted carjacking. three other men were seen running away from that scene. if you have any information please give a call to police. >> calvin: two people are recovering after a shooing in miami's overtown neighborhood. sky 10 was above the scene early this mornini as police investigated the shooting. this is near northwest 2nd
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both victims were taken to ryder trauma center and were we're workin to find out their names at this hour. president obama is trying to keep a campaign pledge today, sending a plan to congress to shut down the detention center in guantanamo bay, cuba. >> laurie: and right now the president says terrorists around the world use the detention facility as a recruiting tool. our senior political reporter michael putntn is in the newsroom. >> michael: the president has tried now for seven years to shut down the detention center at git mow. today he rolled out his plan to do it. the president made a strong case for closing the prison for suspected terrorists. >> for many years it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it. this is not just my opinion. this is the opinion of experts,
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our's counterproductive to our fight against terrorize. >> m!chael: the president's plan calls for transferring about 35 detainees not considered dangerous to their home countries or other countries. the rest would be transferred to 13 potential sites inside the u.s., although bringing them to the u.s. now is illegal.. gop congressman from miami immediately slammed the president's plan. ileana ros-lehtinen warne it will shortchange our security and is in contravention of u.s. law. the gitmo detention facility, open since 2002, is expensive to run. it costs $445 million to run last year. now it holds just 91 detainees, 35 are awaiting transfer to third countries, 46 will not be transferred. they are wartime detainees.
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crile trial right now or soon lob. the president's plan is pretty much dead on arrival in congress. the republicans there say it won't work and that jihaddists should not be brought to american sl. in the newsroom, michael putney, local10 news. >> calvin: and just a reminder, we have life coverage for you from cuba for the president's historic visit that'll happen next month. now to vote 2016. the democrats caucused in never have nevada saturday. now it's the republicans' turn. >> laurie: the gop race is down on on to five gains after former florida governor jeb bush dropped pout donald trump is coming up back-to-back victories in new hampshire and south carolina. pulling in nevava has been sparse but the few that well released head to trump in the lead. delegates will be award proportionally to any candidate who receives 3.3% of the vote so trump won't able to repeat his
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donald rebound i don't finished second in south carolina but barely beat out cruz for third. rubio is trying to build on that second place finish, hoping to expand his support now that bush is no longer in the race. hillary clinton andernie sanders for theiral part will hold a town hall tonight ahead of south carolina's primary. cnn will host hat town hall. look for it to art ever start at 8:00 p.m. local10's glenna milberg will be in south carolina covering the demomoatic primary. >> calvin: breaking news. two workers were rescued after their scaffold stalled outside a high-rise e ilding in new york. the workers got stuck outthe 62nd floor while replacing glass panels. crews had to rove a pain of glass in order the -- pane of glass in order to bring them inside the building. i washington state t t people are now dead. debris could be seen scattered all across the ground. emergency crews responded to the scene this morning. no word on what exactly caused that explosion. >> laurie: a shooter is dead after killing four of his family members say the home in phoenix
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police responding to calls of a person we goo being shot. when they got there, the house was ooh fire. police say shooter was firing at rescue crews a they tried to pout the fire p among the dead is a child between the ages of eight and 12. >> calvin: let's talk numbers now. the dow is down 188 points after a big rally yesterday closing auto 16,431. the nasdaq down 67 pints 4503 and the s&p 500 down today 24 points, closing below the two thousand marks. >> laurie: just ahead at 4:30, a community coming together to remember a little boy killed in a drive-by shooting, this as the search for the gunman continues. >> calvin: ask a crashing caught on cameras a driver slams intoo a home. the video you really do have to see. >> laue: cameras also rolling as a crane collapses. what cause this had to down. >> calvin: and all new at the top of the hour. many people use apple fore their music libraries but thousands of customers are complaining of flaws in their expensive collections.
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christina," and is all new at 5:00. >> betty: hi, everyone. eye chief meteorologist betty davis. severe storms on the move tonight along the gulf coast. i'll let you know when some of those storms could reach our neighborhoods. the forecast is next. >> announcer: and tonight,low-income housing is meant to help those in need, and the want it list iss long. >> been homeless about a year. >> announcer: so why are some residents making over 100 you how to dollars?
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professionally installed. call now and slomin's will include your choice of an indoor camera, thermostat or door lock. shield your home, the slon's shield! how do you stay on top of your health? ahh..., ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control o oyour health at cigna dot com slash take control. l we are just five days away from hollywood's biggest night. oscars are this sunday, and y y can only watch it right here on local10. the preparations are already underway, as you can imagine, for this star study night. crews are getting did building ready by sprayainting the statue. and these elaborate stages.
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ris rock always good for great laughs. you can only watch it right here on local10. the red carpet kicks off the accepting p.m., and look for calvin and me right here after the show on the late news. >> calvin: and speaking of hollywood, let's go to hollywood, the city of hollywood right there. >> laurie: a little different looking. >> calvin: and the oscar does not to go mother nature today. >> laurie: yesterday was amazing, but, betty, you're going blow this craziness right out of here today, right? >> betty: we will eventually get back to some better weather but first we got to go thereon a few ings before wee get there, and right now it's all about the clouds and a briri wind we look out through the lens of our mount sinai medical centery tower camera, miami anything but bright this aftftnoon. in fact, some ofou may be a little document there. we'll track a few showers on the radar in just a second. first we'll show you how breezy it is, winds from southeast sustained miles an hour. that is a warm breeze so even with all the clouds it is warm out, homestead at 79, miami 77 degrees, and pembroke pines,
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there tod. it's currently 75. marathon at 81. between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight temperatures will tends to hold in 70s, mid-70s at that, mostly cloudy skies and, yes, the potential, the stance for a fewwhowers. this is what the doppler radar looks like right now. bark may be a little bit worse than its bite for what we're seeing in rest broward but right oaf our east coast metros there's a spotty shower north fort lauderdale, tracking that one, and then here is some rain shower action moving in and near miami, all of this bically listening up toward the northeast and looking just south of the keys. here's another area of rainfall as this, too, moves in from t`e southwest, and lifts up toward the northeast. silty measures we could dampen thing up in the lower keys. so there is that chance for a passing shower throughout the night but the main event, the big event is out over toward the panhandle toward the lower mississippi river valley. this is where a storm system is
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this system is going to continue to track east tomorrow, and it looks like we could be in line for pay few showers if not gusty or strong thunderstorms it. looks like the best chance for severe weather will be north of us. we're talking places lie tampa to jacksonville, damaging winds with tornadoes, haiai but we're not going to completely rule out a strong storm moving through here. i'll show you this forecast model zoe we can get an ea on timing. this model showing tomorrow getting off to ale mainly quiet start but also mainly dry, and then say tomorrow around invention evening maybe u're just getting home from work. it shows a broken line of showers, gusty storms perhaps moving through so. between 7:00 and 8:00 we could have some strong to severe storms, we'll say. we don't want to rule out that chance for avera weather. just keep it stupid here. if there are changes in forecast i'll let you know. just know late tomorrow afternoon, evening we may have a little rough weather moving
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thursday into friday we cool out and i am out of time. let's get you ready foror traffics. >> jenise: it wasn't exactly a pretty day and our roadways aren't looking for much better better but it does see i-95 accident has just cleared up at northwest 125th street. so that accident did clear upbut we are still seeing residual delays as a result that of i-95 northbound northwest 125th street, speeds at 36 miles per hour. buas you pass that exit, speeds start to pick up a little bit there at 39 miles per hour. want to take you to this major don't turnpike, though, this is southbound right as you're approaching red road. we are seeing some heavy delays here. this is as your heading south turnpike with speeds at 9 miles per hour. there's a a right lane blocked and we're seeing those delays start at university. also want to take you to this accident on i-95 southbound. this is as you're traveling southbound on i-95 trying to ramp onto 595 westbound with speeds there at 5 miles per hour. there's also a left lane blocked.
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i-95 northbound as well. speeds at 16 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: jenise, thanks a lot. trouble on the tarmac after smoke forces a pilot to abort take op in japan. this happened during snowy conditions. our victor oquendo is in the the video port with what happened on the runway. >> victor: smoke entered the cabin after this engine fire and crews had to work quickly to get everybody out safely. t's get back to that video. look at that storm, more than 160 passengers and crew had to slide down the emergency commutes all that swirling snow. the engine fire sparked eye japan airlines domestic flight right before take-off and at least four passengers were injured during the evacuation and they had to be taken to the hospital. the we're told the engine stalled after it sucked in floe and there was also an explosive sound when the pilot tried to restart it. that plane was headed from northern to southern japan at the time. all that in that snow, laurie and calvin. >> calvin: coming up at 4:30
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the gunman who killed a young boy. this as a community remembers the victim lost to senseless violence. >> laurie: a crane collapse caught on camera. what caused it to go down? at this crux site. >> will: basebalalis back. i'm will manso live in jupiter where the marlins are back to work, and we'll certainly talk about the rososr they have put together, but it is the coaching staff they have put together of somemef the all-time great that's the that's getting the attention. we'll hearr from new skipper don
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of workouts next in sports. i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. ash money the biggestsdiscount and understand... the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. savin' you five hundred i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah.
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>> will: great the weather for baseball here at jupiter, huh? take a look. it's been pouring for about the last hour. luckil err was under this tent,
4:25 pm
were able to take the field as a full squad for the first time here on their practice squad in jupiter when it was still beautiful field. they got on the field led by their new manager don mattingly to open up the 2016 campaign as a a full squad. mattingly, hittingh coach bare bonds, but the focus needs to be on these players. afr another unsuccessful non-playoff season. dee gordon had a nice batting season. indigents jie is one ofmattingly knows every team in baseball is eeling they can contend but he feels this team's got a chance. >> every year i it's the anticipation of where is it going, you know, you don't compowhere this is going, and what it could be, the excitement of opportunity. every team in baseball's got the
4:26 pm
they all want to go to the world series. nobody has lost any games yet. i don't know hasas gone 0 for 4. i haven't made any terrible decisions yet. everything is good right now. >> will: that's the beauty of the spring and the by the for the full squad to come together. the expectations not very high for this team from the national perspepeive, and that's okay with a lot of the players. coming up at 5:00 we'll hear from a couple of those guys including christian yell itch. why they believe talk is cheap and it's time to forget about the past and look forward to the future. that's live in jupiter, report go live from a rainy jupiter,, i'm will manso. >> laurie: raining down here, too, will. >> calvin: hope the rain can bring them s se luck. >> laurie: that'll do it for autos 4:00. >> calvin: let's economic in with victor and janine with what's happening 4:30. >> janine: here's what's all new at the bottom oft you are hour. >> victor: the searchhore a shooter continues after a six-year-old boy was killed, this as a community comes together to remember the young many very. >> janine: and it's a silent killer affecting men andnd women
4:27 pm
coming up, our medical spialist kristi krueger places a select group under cardiac arrest to help them prolong their lives. >> victor: and wild video of a drer slamming right into a home. dashboard cameras cturing the crash.
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coming up on local10 news at at >> janine: right now on local10 news at 4:30, the search for a gunman continues after a six-year-old boy was killed while playing outside. a community also coming together to remember that young victim. >> victor: king carter w w killed during a drive-by shooting and local10 news reporter terre forney is live in northwest miami-dade now the the with the latest on the investigation. terrell. >> terrell: yeah, well, within the past five minutes more than a dozen police officers from miami-dade polic of showed up here to the apartment cplex where the six-year-old boy was shot and killed just a few days ago. you can see there are marked and unmarked cars here. we're told they're using this time to canvas the area for more
4:31 pm
talk to people who live here to gather some more information. with that said, we do know that tips are now pouring in to crimestoppers thanks to reward money that was grown over the past 24 hours. we know that it stands a $26,000, andnd that has urged more people to pick up the phone and call in some crucial tips. it's been 72 hours since little king carter was killed, a vibrant first-grader wise beyond his years. >> king! >> terrell: but was the tragic loss of the six-year-old boy continues to anger the community, attention is being drawn to the state capital where lawmakers of stalled the witness protection bill. >> if senator everest don't put senate bill@13, 14 back on the bill, we will never resolve a lot of these violent crimes that's occurring throughout. >> i'm taking steps to revive it. >> terrell: miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez says he is working behind the scenes to pump new life into the measure
4:32 pm
the names of twonesses major crimes such as murder remained sealed from the public. >>t will be another tool in the toolbox. it's not the solutio but, you know, citizens are afraid to talk bause they have this fear of retaliation. this will add a little layer of protection to them. >> terrell: and hopefully that will end the no snitch mentality in these communities across south florida. again, police still making headway in this investigation that we know, but they still have not received that crucial tip. so any information, even the slightest bit of clues they are willing to pick up the phone and receive that information, so give miami-dade crimestoppers a call. that number 305-471-tips. and remember, you can remain anonymous. we are live in northwest miami-dade, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> janine: a man is facing charges after police say he stole from a car in miami beach. police say 25-year-old johan amador was spotted near third
4:33 pm
advertisements out of the trunk a maroon ford explorer. the officer then approached amador after he said amador placed those items study inside of another car. he is facing battery and grand theft. police say the items were value add $3,000. >> victor: right now a young girl is et in the custody el aretives after she was home nide is in the a burning apartment. >> janine: liane morejon has more. >> liane: that little girl just six years old in the custody of they are grandmother. they are mother is now behind bars facing serious charges of child neglect with bodily harm. at this point the grandmother says that the reason the mother acted in this way is because she is suffering from depression, postpartum depression for several years, has taken medication for some time but doesn't like the way they're feeling and has been trying to medicate with herbs and other natural remedies.
4:34 pm
questions as of late as to where her mother is. a sweet little girl with the pink shirt and teddy bear is now in the custody her grandmother. her mother, erik a rossello is still kikiey behind cars tonight charged with child neglect with bodily injury. the grandmother is blaming her zarre actions on depression. >> shing pa i can. she didn't a normal reaction and she panicked thinking her daughter was dead. >> liane: rosel oh allegeded left her six-year-old gator daughter alone inside the apartment as i burned. officers say a neighbor discovered rossello in the building hallway with smoke pouring from the front door. when the neighbor asked if there was a fire,0s el's denied anything wrong but she did add in it to knowing that her daughter was inside. that neighbor then pulled the fire alarm and called for help. >> i could tell she was unconscious.
4:35 pm
turning around and taking her out the window. >> liane: tavio thankful that her appreciate granddaughter did note loseer life. >> this is really difficult for us. but they saved her. i want to thank the firefighters that helped survive my daughter. >> liane: and a no contact order is now inlace so erika rossello is not allowed to have any contata with her six-year-old daughter. the court also ordered t tt the the six-year-old undergo therapy and that the grandndther and other family members attend so they can best learn how to cope with this situation. >> victor: now to an update on the charges one man is facing after a police-involved shooting yesterday in coral springs. police arrived at the homee at 84th drive and 14th court after family mememrs called worried about richard euler's state of mind. of a three-hour standoff police say 72-year-old euler began
4:36 pm
officers, and he was e entually shot in the arm. he is now recovering. you'll sellers facing six charges of attempted murder as well as a charge of aggravated sought. >> janine: a strange seen in lauderhill ended with a car flipped upside down in the street. lauderhill police say they spotted a woman waving frantically in the car as back seat. that car took off, flipped over near northwest 25th court and 14th avenue when it took a corner too quickly. police say two men were in the car with t woman, and the woman says she didn't know those men. police say they are investigating that woman's story. >> victor: a naked woman who kicked out the windows of a police car is now face p charges. miami-dade police arresd this woman on disorderly conduct chars of reports of a naked woman yelling in a pking lot. police say she kicked the car's window out on the palmetto expressway, and sky 10 was above that scene as she was moved to another car on her way to vale jail. >> janine: a woman using a credit card that was stolen from
4:37 pm
a wallet was stolen from a oakland park location. surveillance cameras at a target in hollywood you can see later captured a woman wearing a white shirt racking up $400 in charges using one of the stolen cards. if you have any information, call police. >> victor: now to news out of boca raton where a jewish school was placed on lockdown 10 boca police police s y shay cam barrage backpack loaded with ammunition was locked around the hallel day school. authorities say this was no threat to the school. it's not clear who left that ammunition behind. and right now it's 4. 37. rush shower. >> to bet underway. >> janine: jenise fernandez is here with how the roads are looking. >> jenise: i'm going to take you tohis big don't turnpike southbound right as you're approaching redroad. a right lane blocked. speeds 10 miles per hour hardly moving at palm if you're watching on us local10 app at work getting ready to hit the road, listen up.
4:38 pm
south get you of at hollywood boevard because wons your stuck in the red you're going to be stuck there quite a while. i also want to take to you this crash on on i-95 southbound trying a ramp onto 595 westbound. speedshereat 7 miles per hour. queary also seeing some delays as you're trying to ramp onto i-95 northbound with speeds there at 34 miles per hour. and as we cruise on to dade county we do have an accident on i-95 northbound. this is right as you're apprching the golden glades. speeds right now are clocking in at 25 miles per ho. >> janine: a three-yeaeaold boy is set to be the first cuban child to have heart surgery the in united states since fidel castro took power. manuel hernandez suffers from a a condition that does not allow enough plud and oxyg]n in his heart. this can becly it had complicated to treat in cuba so a grouporked to bring with an manuel to the united states for surgery.
4:39 pm
children's, and the gift of life we've pieced this together. >> less surgery, less complications. in cuba more surgeries probably lead to complications. >> janine: manuel is set to have the surgery in tennessee children's hospital on thursday. >> victor: a fire cause add crane to collapse in melbourne, australia. the crane toppled right to the ground as the fire burned up top. luck will you nobody was injured. officials believe that this fire was caused by an electrical fire that started in this the cranes motor. >> janine: some sad news to report. that teenage passenger who was onboard a helicopter that crashed last week in hawaii has died. the 16-year-old was one of five people on the tourist chopper when it went down thursday near the uss arizona memorial. two of his family members remain the in hospital. it's not clear why thatt helicopter crashed into the water, coming up, dramatic video showing the motels a drive slams nigh home. >> kristi: and coming up in our
4:40 pm
affecting both men and women. i recently put some people under what we call cardiac arrest to perhaps save their lives. >> victor: plus a recently constructed home blasts into pieces. >> janine: all newewt a 5:00 music is a big part of our lives, and many people used apple for their musician libraries, but thousands of customers now complaining of flaws in their expensive collections. it's today's desk "call christina." it's all new at that time fight of. >> victor: and also at 5:00 with students on their feet at a south florida middle school. the benefits these standing desks are providing. >> announcer: and tonight. low-income housing is meant to help those in need, and the waiting list is long. >> been homeless about a year. >> announcer: so why are some residents making over $100,000? locaca0's jeff exposes a housing dilemma and
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tonight at 11:00. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it cocos to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social l curity strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> reporter: caught on camera, dramatic dash cam video shows the moment a dump truck slammed ght into a north carolina home. it was driving down a stree when another car ran a stop sign and hit it. that truck lost control and slammed into that house. thankfully was empty at theeime and nobody was hurt; and no injuries were reported in this one after a massive warehouse fire near loangeles. dozens of fire johns from brought in to fight the blaze. you can see most of that roof cade in as this firi continued to burn inside. firefighters were eventually able to contain it. >> victor: an oklahoma man is lucky to be alive. he stepped into a recently constructed home but quickly moved back when he smelled gas. >> janine: and moments later that house exploded. >> laurie: the home in oklahoma city exploded to this all@ because someone got in and stole the brand new stove. >> as soon as i opened the door, it just hit me like a ton of bricks, just the smell of just gas.
4:45 pm
from inside this home. thomas, knowing it was gas, immediately stepped back. >> starting t walk back down the driveway, and that's when i heard the boom and thin was just on my face in the driveway. >> laurie: when he got back up, this ishat he saw. >> i just remember looking up and really being confused. >> laurie: investigator say a gas stove had been stolen from the home. >> they left the gas on, didn't shut off the, or simply just ripped the hose out of the wall. >> laurie: this home was just completed. in fact, thomas had been here the day before sandwich the locks. >> i even showed that house the evening before. >> laurie: he locked everything up, but according to police reports there was evidence someone had pride a back door open, taking the stove and leaving the gas line open, slowly filling the home. >> it's just a bomb inside there once the gas is ignited. that's simply what it is. >> laurie: thomas walked away with a few foo scrapes and bruises. he considers himself lockage it threw nee down and the debris overnight me instead of on me. >> laurie: thomas they had this is the first problem in this
4:46 pm
>> we have two police officers living on that killed sack so someone was guts tow try to dosomething like that. >> laurie: and we certainly see construction theft aroundd our neighborhood as well, around this area, but in this case the company says before this incident they already had close to $10,000 worth of construction materials stolen just this year in twoonths' time. it's a big problem for a lot of communities. janine and victor. >> victor: two young boys are facing charges after they smashed around 70 different cars. surveillance video captured the boys as ags they washing around the car lot slamming several different cars, damaging the -- the cars that they damaged included several classics with original touches that can't b b replaced. authorities say the boys' motive still unclear. >> janine: strong surf caused big problems for hawaii drivers as water splashed right onto a nearby road. officials were forced close a 12-mile stretch highw duty giant waves. beach officials say this is the
4:47 pm
decade. >> victor: a sea turtle safe and found after it was spotted in jacksonvil struck in a crab trap. they jacksonville authorities say a rope was around the neck and a buoy attached to the trap and it would tighten every time that turtle would try to dive. however, the deputies were able to work on it, they freed that turtle before sending it back out into the water. >> janine: that's good to see. >> victor: happy birthday ending. right now a live look out of our miami tower cam. that looks ominous. it looks like there's some sun trying to peek in. maybe. i can't really tell. we should ask the professional. >> janine: we really should. chief rtified meteorologist betty davis can tell us more about this ugly weather and if it's going to@ start looking a little better. >> betty: we have rain right around miami right now. that is why the clouds are looking that way. we're looking at hollywood beach, a lot of sway in the palms but no, the rain is spotty at this poinl and the weather is not going to be all roses and sunshine owe the next 24 hours
4:48 pm
of the week things will get a lot better. the sand. temperatures nice and warm, that palms. the winds will stay up tonight from the south about 10 to 15 miles an hour. it's a w wm flow, so for the evening the temperatures will be in the mid-70s, and occasionally on that breeze you get a little shower working in which is exactly what we have seen. we did have a little shower going around pompano beach. that one has fizzled out and moved on. miami, here we are looking at a little downpour, nice one sort of sandwiched between the bay and extending toward miami beach. that is a bit of rainfall on the radar. then we're keeping an eye on what we see down over the straits as that lifts up from the southwest it. looks like the lower keys will be in line for a few passing fours showers, too. so there i i a chance for wet weather in the forecast tonight but it's not strong weather, not yet. the rough weather at this point is stretched out along the gulf coast from louisiana to the
4:49 pm
we see a tornado -- of florida. we see a tornado watch because there's a vigorous low pressure system w wh a trailing cold front working over this area, and all of thisction is going to be tracking toward the east tonight,t, and youe probably-under wok what does it mean fours. it means as that cold front nears we're going see our rain chance increasing a bit and we're not gng to rule the the possibility for strong storages. i've been looking at the forecast -- strong storms. i've been trying to get an idea of when we might potentially get severe weather. the best chance may come around 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow. at least by 6:00 it look like the showers and storms will start to march across south floridi. the question is will they be very, very strong. it looks like the greater chance for severe weather is going to be morth@ north of us because i don't want to rule out because you know how the i how this goes happen here. between 60 and 7:00 if there are strong storms we'll be tracking them for you.
4:50 pm
showing whatever line is moving out of here, drier air starts to move in for thursday and temperatures won't be as warm because instead of a southwest breeze, well get into a west of northwest flow by thursday. small craft examiner skies caution the on water tomorrow. perhaps strong storms late. at the very lease last a few showers moving through. then we'll focus on cooler and drier as we're wrapping up. week. guys. >> victor: when it comes to heart disease, what you don't know can kill you. for instance, how is your blood pressure? what about your alcohol? >> janine: and did you know that women and men have very different symptoms and thin people who you assume super healthy, they can have heart attacks, too, our medical specialist kristi krueger wantsyou to be "heart smart." >> victor: that's why she put some folks under cardiac arrest and what they learn about their health may help you, too. >> k ksti: heart disease is the number one killer in america, so before you end up here -- hi, flo. you're under cardiac arrest. you're coming with us.
4:51 pm
"heart smart" like floree joseph. in all i put six people under what we called cardiac arrest. >> ultrasounds and maybe blood tests on some of the people to see how their heart looks. >> kristi: it all began with a random health screening as the hollywood city hall. doctors say thousands of us are walking warn a silent killer, high blood pressure. and many of us ignore the warning signs. too busy working and caring for everyone else. >> it should be a little bit of a change in philosophy were we can't take care of our loved ones unless we take cares of ourselves first, and it eso we took our six participants to the total heart center at memorial hospital where they were all put through a battery of tests. blood was drawn. there were ekg ands ultrasounds. if you have a family history of heart disease like alesandro, these tests can be lifesavers. >> wy grandmother passed away from a heart attack, grandfather
4:52 pm
young children a home and a wife. they all depend on me. so i'd look like to stay around. >> kristi: it was a wake-up call. james learned that both his triglyceride level and his blood pressure are way too high. >> now i is an eye-opening experience, and i know i need to pay attention more of my health, much better than i am doing now. >> kristi: but heart disease isn't just for t t guys. janet has diabetes. that's a risk factor. d heart palpitations. doctors say it's important for women like janet to know their symptoms may be very different than a man's. >> usualliy they complain of fatigue, nausea and indigestion, and they're often labed as having a gallbladder attack until they basically come in and ve a heart attack. >> kristi: that point h!tting home for two of our women. th both have dangerous thickening of their heart muscles. >> t mulls gets thicker, it
4:53 pm
to congestive heart failure. >> kristi: faced with that frightening future both women have to make drastic lifestyle changes cigarette their blood pressure under control. >> well, t kind of scared me because i don't take my medication as regularly as a should. there are times when i do forget. >> i'm going to try to handle this the best way that i can. >> and get else. yes. >> get heart healthy. >> yes. very important. i want to live longer. >> kristi: and thanks, to that cardiac arrest, floors how has the informationono do just that. and exercise is one of the most important lifestyle changes t tt most of our participants now realize they need a a lot more of. so walking just 30 minutes three times a week, that alone can dramatically improve your hearthealth. victor. >> victor: kristi, thank you billion all new at at 6:00 the womama convicted of trying to have her husband killed takes the stand. what she had to say in her retrial. >> janine: plucoming up after the break an ape in space? how the astronauts at the
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
having a little fun. >> janine: astronauts aboard the international space station raiment had a little bit of a surprise visits are. it's not an alien. you see astronaut scott kelly dresses up in a gorilla suit and bursts out of a box and races after a crew member. they say his brother mark sent him the care package in order to lighten up the mood. scott will hoed the world with 520 days in space according to nasa. >> victor: that's a lot of tie in space. i think you need a gorilla suit, don't you? i was wondering how they got that on therere food, water. >> janine: gorilla suit. thers always room for one. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30.
4:58 pm
calvin back about what's next at 5:00. >> calvin: place make an arrest in a hit-and-run that severely injured him. >> laurie: and a fire in lauderhill. we now hnow what sparked this inferno infern. and middle-schoolers are excited taking this to the next level with their new stand-up classroom. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: off the top at 5:00 we're getting our first look at the man arrested for a hit-and-run that put a high-schooler in the hospital. the victim was on his way to school with his younger brother when he was hit. >> laurie: and today we're heararg from the father and the uncle of the man just arrested for the crash. local10's neki mohan is live with the details to our top story. neki. >> neki: so much has happened today in this story. first off, this 33-year-old man turning himself in, saying he is the one responsible for hitting this young man and putting him here in the hospital at jmh. simeon boyns has been taken in
4:59 pm
police in the hirsch crash that injured 15-year-old javier valdes. valdes was hit as he was running for a bus monday morning. boykins hundred dollars turned himself in on the advice of his family? unfortunately, our nephew made a critical mistake in judgment. instead of saying staying there, he fled the scene. and we really feel bad for the young kid what is hurt. >> dide say why he ran? >> i think because his license is suspended knowledge of boy canes father is wron heardman, boykin's cousin city commissioner. >> we believe in doing the right thing, and the right thing was to end sewer that simeon turned himself in to the police. >> neki: heardman expressed his sympathy to the valdes helm. valdes a basketball applicator
5:00 pm
>> he had to have a tube inserted into his lung because his lung collapsed, but he's doing mumu better. they're still looking for the bleeding in the brain but it seems like he's stable and the way that the doctor see it is if it doesn't get any worse, it is good news. >> neki: the family appreciates the concerns but they want justice. >> is he going to be treated differently because he's related to a commissioner? is he going to pay the consequences of his actions? >> nekek now, we just had this picture sent in to us. this is a prior boeing ed photo of simeon boykins. he had had trouble with the law in the past. yesterday the i. police said he had the riot but today w wre hearing from the family his license may have been possibly suspended and that's why he could have run. also they haven't told us whose vehicle e was driving. again, police are still questioning this person in the hit-and-run crash that injured 15-year-old javier valdes to continue t t recover here at jackson memorial hospital. we'll stay on topopf this.


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