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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:59pm EST

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>> kristi: right now at noon we continue following breaking news. suspects being questioned after the murder of a 6-year-old little boy. king carter was killed in a drive-by shooting. this happened in northwest miami-dade over the weekend. >> constance: we have team coverage this morning. erica rako is at the miami-dade police headquarters in doral, terrell forney has more on the suspect and ben kennedy is live with reaction from carter's family and friends. let's start with erica. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with police and there
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at the miami-dade police headquarters in doral being questioned. i just got two named confirmed. for in a couple of minutes. this is a case detectives have been working around the clock on followong up or leads and we know they have been here talking with these people questioning since before 4:00 this morning when they served several search warrants. is is pressure from the community that helped bring this investigation to the next levelel we are talking about a 6-year-old little boy. look at his pictures, if you have not seen them yet. 6-year-old king carter. you see that picture, you see his smile. is enough to melt your heart. knowing he was shot and killed while playing outside. 2:40 last saturday afternoon i i front of his own home. it has taken almost four days for anyone to be taken into custody but that justice would you know now one step closer today. along with our police, the community has been relentless on this one. the superintendent, the state attorney, the mayor, king carter's principal at his
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friends, strangers. so many wrapping their arms around king's parents since saturday night. they have held rallies. they've done news conferences. they've marched pleaded with you, the public, to speak up about who didthis. we now know at least two people are being questioned by detectes in the homicide unit. those two peoples names are 17-year-jld from police sources. leonard adams and irwin presley. the superintendent has come out and called this carnage. the police director of the miami-dade police department said it is a code of silence that needs to be broken. the twoill be here within the hour to give us the in's and outs of this investigation. my colleague hatzel vela is here with me and he will be here to cover that for you. we are following this from all angles. hatzel was the first to break this information this morning about these people being taken into custody. hatzel, you have been talking to investigators all day. >> reporter: yeah, and what
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and a since of accomplishment. as you mentioned this is four days in the making. when we talked to freddie ramirez the assistant police chief here miami-dade police he told us that this was about community support, as you mentioned. the community needed to break that code of silence and this was the only way that they were going to be able to nab these thugs and now we understand they may be in custody. he is a tweet that kind of gives you the sense of accomplishment. a tweet from the director here at miami-dade police juan perez. great work so hard. we s sll have long days ahead of us to bring closure but proud of the e eorts by our personnel. when we were having that chat on monday with freddie ramirez, he told us about these kind of hybrid gangs as he calls them. some guys, one or two really causing a lot of trouble. and what we see here is probably
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a lot of folks these two guys causing trouble and bringing this community to its knees and now, hopefully, we have an arrest. hopefully they will be able to come forward and solve this case. >> reporter: these officers ways tell us there is only so much that they can do without e communities help. on this case here we've really seen the community help out and they feared if we didn't, if you guys didn't help police, it wod be another little boy or another little girl's picture that we were showing you next. absolutely. as we mentioned, they are all going to be here. th director, the department, the mayor, the state attorney and more 1:00 right here in front of the headquarters here in doral. we will carry that live for you and bring you the very latest on this investigation. >> kristi: thanks to the both of you erica and hatzel. now we want to continue our team coverage with local 10 news reporter terrell forney. >> constance: he is live in opa-locka on the suspect and what's happening. >> reporter: we know a pair of search warrants was carried out tied to the murder of this
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one of the warrants was here at the two-story apartment milledding in opa-locka off northwest 27th avenue. we had told miami-dade police moved in very early this morning at about 3:00 a.m. and moved unit number 3. this is where they spent at least four hours going through that apartment, eventually carrying out someone in handcuffs who we believe to be 17-year-old irwen presley, jr. who lives in apartment number 3 in this two-story apartment building here in opa-locka. neighbors tell me that those officers blocked the streets. they say police officers even some fell federal agents walking out with bag after bag of possible evidence. at money won't miami-dade fire rescue moved in with rescue truck to hoist some detectives on the roof of the apartment building to search for more possible evidence. so we are still gathering a lot of that information. we are also trying to dig into
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filed for this particular warrant that was carried out in opa-locka. we are still gathering thosedetails and will have the very latest on and later editions of local 10. that's the latest here in opa-locka, terrell forney, local 10 news. >> kristi: we continue team coverage with reaeaion from king carter's family. >> constance: local 10 news reporter ben kennedy is live in northwest miami-dade with the very latest. >> reporter: i spoke to a family friend who is just in tears when talking talking about this 6 years old and today's break in the case. courter's family lives right here behind me on the third floor. that is where his mom and dad wait for any news. >> you can't sleep when a 6-year-old child gets killed. >> reporter: a close family frie sits outside king carter's home nojthwest miami-dade to allow his parents privac after the news broke of an arrest in the son's death. >> screaming and blessed. god is doing his job he was sent here to do. to get these people off the
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>> reporter: brendan gaskins said the teen who was a target of the shooting called king's dad to apologize before turning himself. >> before he walked into the building turning himself in. >> reportete gaskins said he is relelved the ones behind the violence couou be off the streets and the victim's family has closure. >> we're going to get justice. >> reporter: i just spoke to kingking carter's dad no more than five minutes ago and he said he was just shocked to get a phone call from someone involved in this shooting. take a listen. >> he's so sorry. he was crying, yelling to the top of his lungs he's so other. >> reporter: he was tushing mself in. >> all i hear nothing but good about you. you don't do nothing but help the community do thing for other people's kids. i'm sorry it happened to you. it should happen t to anybody but
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>> reporter: the teen being shot at is who gave him a call and turned himself into place. mom and dad are outside as they wait for the upcoming news conference for more details about what happened to their son. reporting live in northwest miami-dade, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> constance: thank you. stay with local 10 for our contininng coverage on the king carter shooting. again, a news conference is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. we will bring it to you live on air and also online at >> kristi: a southwest miami-dade teenager is recovering after being shot in the arm. police say that 16-year-old was simply standing outside and douglas drive with several other people last night when he was approached by three men on bicycle d shot. we are told he was able to run for help and taken to homestead hospital. >> constance: at noon we are geing our first look at the mug shot of a man police say they were forced to fire on outside of the dadeland mall. this is 26-year-old michael
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battery. >> kristi: police say domestic didiute led to fire shots at him. they say guzman was in an argument with his wife at a restaurant last night. he pulled her into a mini van and tried to take off. that woman jumped out of the moving van to escape. police say the man sped away right toward detectives forcing one of them to open fire. >> somebody just totd me something was going on. i'm surprised because i came all the way from, like, doral area to come here to the mall. i didn't think this would happen in this area. >> kristi: no one was hurt by the gunfire and guzman was tak to the hospital for chest pain. >> constance: new video of goveor rick scott touring pensacola after the area was hit hard by strong storms. a possible tornado ripped through the city last night causing widespreaea damage. at least three people were killed and 30 others injured after a severe weather system just ripped through the south. at least 27 tornadoes were
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states yesterday and now residents are picking up the pieces. >> look up, look up. >> reporter: a monster storm system is on the move up the east coast. >> holy cow. >> reporter: along the way leavina path of destruction. this rv park in st. james parish, louisiana obliterated. >> i immediately took off running to help people. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods in pensacola, florida, decimated. all of this the work of 27 reported tornadoes in 24 hours across five states. >> sounded like a train coming through here. >> reporter: people were inside this gold's gym in prairieville, louisiana when a twister ripped the wall right off the side of the building. >> employees and people just working out. they had about eight kids in the daycare. definitely a scary situation. >> repororr: amazingly no one was seriously hurt here. but elsewhere the heavy wind and rain powerful enough to flip this tractor-trailer over proved to be deadly and with dozens injured. the search is continuing for
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in the mangled mess of debris. >> we are hoping to get down into those piles and try to fin people. >> constance: we were just talking el nino might be the cause. >> kristi: seems a little early to have this many severe storms in a row. >> julie: it has been a very acti winter season for us across the southeast, from the southwest to the southeast because of the strong el nino we are under and here are just over two dozen reports of tornadoes from louisiana, mississipip in towards alabama, the panhandle of florida dealing with severe weather threats. this is what occurred over the last 24 hours all because of the same system that right now the area of lolo pressure with this system is headed towards the mid atlantic states. the cold front associated with the system is bringing some ststng to severe weather over portions of the carolinas and over central florida. so that's what we're going to continue to watch because that system will continue to push towards the northeast and east. as it does so, the tail end of
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severe weather threat later today. we do have a tornado watch box in affect for parts of the carolinas until 7:00 p.m. we are expecting strong t severe storms possibly into south florida all because of what's going on right now over the gulf of mexico. we have a squall line of storms right n over the gulf of mexico headed in towards fort myers. this will slowly push towards the east, northeast. nohern broward, northwestern broward will deal with storms first and eventually everyrying will push towards the southeast and we will all have to deal with the shower and thunderstorm activity. currently though what you are seeing over ft. lauderdalal miami and homestead is basically just an echo from the actual radar. the rain itself stiti concentrated over the gulf of mexico so we still have time to prepare for some very strong storms going into the evening commute and the evening hours. as we take a live look outside, everybody enjoying this beautiful beach day. boy, things are going to change in the next few hours. temperatures right now a muggy 85 degrees in hialeah, 84 in ft. lauderdale, 82 in homestead. the winds out of the south
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wind speeds anywhere between 9 and 16 miles per hour. our feels like temperature something we haven't seen in months, it feels like 90 degrees in hialeah and kendall. this is very dangerous a we await for a cold front to move in because what's going to en is the collision of the two air masses with that storm front moving in the leading edge of the front itself could provide for that threat for seveve weather. we will keep you posted all afternoon long. we have our weather authority meteorologist here and i will keep you posted throughout the newscast with more coming up. ladies? >> we weren't expected to win too much and now we are winning, winning, winning the country. [cheers and applause] and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. >> kristi: that, of course, donald trump claiming victory in nevada. it is his third win in a row and new at noon we know marco rubio came in second and presidential candidates are getting ready for march 1 known as super tuesday
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primaries and caucuses. bazi kanini has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: the winner by a large margin donaldrump celebrates hours before the runners up in nevada were declared. >> you know, i get greedy, i be want money, money. now we get greedy for the united states. >> reporter: for the second titi in a row, marco rubio just barely edges out ted cruz for second place. >> we feel good about our show. we picked up some significant number of dell grates there. >> reporter: senatoror rubio is racking up the most endorsements from governors and members of con depress. trump with just two brushes off their importance. >> i would rather be with the people and work with the people and get the kind of numbers that we got yesterday. >> reporter: senator ted cruz hoping to regain momentum in the coming contests. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald@ trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> reporter: trump keeping up his attacksn cruz. >> he is like a little baby.
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another target. >> rubio who, by the way, i have been very nice to. people say why are you so nice? because he hasn't hit me. when he does, he will -- you will see what happens. >> reporter: rubio says he won't attack but won't back down from a policy debate. >> anger alone is not going to solve our problems. you also have to know what you are going to do about it. donald hasn'n' outlined exactly what he will do onn any issue. >> reporter: for the republicans one debate and six days before super tuesday whehe voters in 12 states and one tier to arey head to the polls. bazi kanini, abc news, washington. >> kristi: glenna milberg is following campaignsns on the campaign trail. she is in south carolina. >> constance: in washington republican lawmakers are taking steps to stop president obama from closing the u.s. prison for terrorists at guantanamo bay, cuba. local 10's senior political reporter michael putney is live in the newsroom with all the details this noon.
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speaker paul ryan is saying they have enough votes now to block the president's plan in congress and enough votes to override a veto. the president unrailed his plan yesterday to close the detention center a gitmo. it currently holds 91 detainees. the president wants to bring about 60 of them and hold them in prisons in the u.s. congress has already made that illegal and it looks like they've got the votes to stop the president. >> if the president proceeds with knowingly breakinghe law and asking the military to break the law, he will be met with fierce bipartisan opposition here in congress and we are taking all legal preparations necessaryyo meet with that resistance. he can't do it because the law is really clear. >> reporter: what speaker ryan is referringo is the transfer of these gitmo detainene to the u.s. which as they said is already illegal. the presesent wants it, congress doesn't. it looks like it probably won't happen. now to another breaking
12:18 pm
this morning the white house issued this proclamation which gives the secretary of homeland security power to stop another boat lift. this comes just about a month before the president visits cuba. the proclamation says the unauthorized entry of united states registered vessels into cuban territorial waters is detrimental to the foreign policy of the united states. and it goes on to s we authorize and direct the secretary of homeland security to make an issue such rules and rerulations as the secretary may find appropriate to regulate the anchorage and movement of vessels. the intent of the proclamation is to prevent another mass exodus of cubans on boats to south florida, go to the island pick up relatives and friends come back. the mario boatt lift in 1980 resulted in 125,000 cubans coming to south florida. that's the story from the
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>> constance: thank you so much. the older brother of fidel and raul castro passed away. ramon castro was not interested in politics but took care of crops and livestock. he has two older brothers than fidel but looks like his famous brother. ramon castro was 91 years old. president obama will be the first president to visit cuba in nearly nine decades next month and local 10 new also be there all the way. look for our live coverage of the president's historic visit in cuba led by local 10 news anchor calvin hughes. >> kristi: new at noon, presesent obama has now outlined exactly what he is looking for in a supreme court nominee. in a post pinned today on the blog, obama's calling for someone without an agenda and, quote, understanding of the way the world really works. the president also says that his choice to replace the late justice annin scalia will be made in the weeks ahead.
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the dow is down over 123 points standing at 16,308.31. the no, sir dabbing, unfortunately, is also dawn just over 27 points and s&p 500 is downlmost 14 points. new at noon, a violent robbery at a florida convenience store and this one was caught on camera. >> constance: who was shot during it and what the crook got away with after the break. plus, a head-on accident shutting down traffic in davie. who is now facing charges with this crash. that's ahead. and today at 6:00, apple's taking on the bad. >> apple needs to look ought for their customers. >> is your security on the line? >> this discussion is sew seat versus criminals. >> eric yutzy takes you inside
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>> kristi: caught on camera a violent robbery right near orlandoment take a look at this. four masked men storming a convenience store pointing a gun right at the clerk behind the counter. they fired one shot into the ceiling before shooting anototr worker who had taken out the trash and was just trying to get back into the store. the crooks got away with some cell phones and some money. the worker who was shot was taken on to the hospital with an injury too the leg. >> constance: we have a couple of accidents to talk about this afternoon. a crash in davie putting one
12:24 pm
sky 10 was over that scene along oaks road near u.s. 441. police say one car was traveling eastbound almost hit another car head-on while making a turn. that driver who was hit in the car was charged with dui. the other driver and passengers were not hurt. in pompano beach a crash on over. down. that crash happened in the northbound lanes at i-95 near morning. luckily no one was seriously hurt. and in miami lakes, lanes are now back open after a crash on the palmetto expressway. three lanes were blocked causing major traffic delays on the northbound lanes at northwest 154th street this morning. krisies>> kristi: we are getting the first look at a new mug shot of a man with hit-and-run. his name simion boykins. he was booked in jail after his arrest yesterday. that driver making his first court appearance since the crash
12:25 pm
15-year-old boy in northwest miami-dade local 10 news liane morejon was in court with the suspect for that hearing today. she joins us now live. liane? >> reporter: kristi, good afternoon from a very breezy miami. we are talking about simion boykins. we are told that he was driving another person's car when he hit this 15-year-old and kept on going. to make matters worse, boykins's wouldn't have been at fault for this crash but since he left the scene, he is now facing serious charges. in a red jail uniform simion boykins stood before a judge a day after police turned himself into police. he is facing charges for a hit-and-run crash that left a teen in the hospital. >> 5nfortunately, our nephew made a mistake in judgment.
12:26 pm
fled the scene. we really feel bad for the young kid that was hurt. >> reporter: police say boykins hit 15-year-old xavieer valdez monday morning as the teen was running to catch a bus along the 79000 block of northwest 22nd avenue. >> reporter: do you know why he ran? >> i think because his license suspended. >> reporter: boykins's father is ron h hardmonday. the crash appeared to have weighed heavily on boykins's mind. after an hour he posted on crash book damn, i really blanked up. in court boykins revealed he suffers from depression andbipolar disorder and is held on $15,000 bond and not allowed to drive a car.
12:27 pm
>> good luck to you. >> reporter: boykins is a habitual traffic offenders. valdez continues to recover at jackson memorial hospital from various injuries including severe head trauma. liane morejon, local 10 news. >> kristi: well, a woman accused of mutilating a man's penis with injections last yr appeared in bond court on new charges. mary gonzales carvel is being charged for allegedly injecting a woman's rear-end with substances that left her injured surgery. this woman was put on a $15,000 bond. investigators say that the 55-year-old disfigured a man's penis after injectingillers into it to make it look larger back in august. she was later arrested and put on a $100,000 bond on that. sheenieses several charges including practices medicine without a license.
12:28 pm
happening for a plantation man accused of trying to leave the country after his son disappeared. a judge making a decision today about his bond. local 10 news reporter cheyenne malone is live with the latest just into our newsroom. >> reporter: after spending nearly the last four weeks behind bars, that bond now being reduced from $1 million down to $5,000. bruce jorgenson is set to be released today. this is video of hick in bond court this morning. he was arrested on january 26. because of the $1 million bond he has been in j jail ever since. he is accused of deserting his child after boarding a one-way fright to new zealand. his attorney s sd he had a return flight ticket arguing he was traveling for work and had plans to come back home. on december 27, his son disappeared. his father never reported it to police. the 16-year-old ran off after an argument with dad, something his
12:29 pm
>> he is a good little boy. he just likes to run away and hide. even when i would go walking with him he would run away and hide. i don't k kw why. >> we have people looking for him. i think when dad gets out, he will be able to help us with that. obviously, his son still loves him. >> reporter: detectives hope that jorgensns's release will help bring auggie back home. there is no foul play in this case. cheyenne malone, local 10 news. >> constance: it has been a nice warm morning. severereeather on the way. >> kristi: looks are deceiving. pretty now butut getting worse. >> julie: we will see the development of strong storms lalar this afternoon own though this picture just looks perfect out there. oneehing you will notice more than anything is all the sunshine. as you walk out theoor, you are feeling the heat, my friends. relative humidity has incncased to 71% due to that south wind at 13 miles p p hour. the actual air temperature is 82 degrees but you factor in the relative humidity to the air
12:30 pm
muggy 87 in miami. what about florida? similar situation. 61% humidity, 84 degrees, south wind, breezy at 22 miles per hour. it feels like 88 degrees. in the keys, oh, just so beautiful. again, this picture is going to change as we get into the evening hours. teeratures in the upper 70s, relative humidity 88%.i know you notice a difference as you walk out the door this morning as our lows were in the mid 70s. it felt much warmer as that south wind continues to pump in the heat and humidity that's going to fuel for those afternoon storms we are expecting. take a look at what's going on across the southeast. we have a windchill factor of temperatures feeling like the 30s in alabama. ahead of this front which the front itself is lingering over parts of the panhandle. temperatures are in the 70s. remember the clash of the two air masses allow for the lift in the atmosphere%and provide the possibility of some severe weather. now, again, we are not currently seeing rain over miami-dade, broward or the keys, but the shower and thunderstorm activity associated with the system
12:31 pm
watch box in effect, warning south of tampa and we have another tornado warning in effect right over portions of the southwestern half of florida just north of fort myers, south of sarasota and xhat's embedded into a severe thunderstorm warning. so remember when we talk about severe thunderstorm warnings it is because there is that potential thah embedded in the severe thunderstorms there is the possibility of some tornadic activity. so make sure you are paying attention later today as chief certified meteorologist betty davis will be talking about these storms moving into broward and miami-dade. they're still pretty much well to the west, northwest of us. the leading edge of this front just northwest and right now moving to parts of the carolinas and that's where they are dealing with a tornado watch box until 7:00 p.m. so lots going on in the destabilize the atmosphere is the heat and humidity and this front moving in will help trigger afternoon storms. the severe weather threat for us is mararnal. with that said we are not taking any chances with the past week that we had over parts of south florida and last month we had to
12:32 pm
the possibility for us would be dadaging winds. can't rule out a chance of an isolated tornado and hail becauseef the updraft in the severe thunderstorms that could develop. there is a lot of pocket of cool air in place and that cool air will allow for the possibility of hail. lots we need to look for today as we go into the afternoon. currently you can see in-house model one of many show the storms starting to move into northern broward just before 7:00 and moving into miami-dade around 8:00, 9:00. by midnight tonight into tomorrow morning all of this should be pushed offshore and we will start clearing and drying trends. wait until you see the cool down. look at these temperatures. this morning we woke up to the 70s. tomorrow we are talking lows in the 60s. friday we arealking lows in the 50s and possibility of some areas by saturday morning waking up to the upper 40s and low 50s. so it is definitely going to be a bit of a roller coaster. those boots that you had put away for about a week you need them again going into the weekend. through the day we will see the late-day storms starting to
12:33 pm
ruled out tomorrow morning and that north breeze takes place. that will bring us cooler, drier, refreshing weather going into friday and chilly conditions for the weekendnd betty davis will be back at 4:00 with more tracking storms and other meteorologists in store. if anything comes up, we will be breaking into programming. >> kristi: thank you, julie. a somber anniversary. >> constance: 20 years since the shoot down of the brothers of the rescue planes. >> reporter: 20 years after the four men were shot down over international waters, family members and activists gathered to not only remember them but to remind the public that justice has not been served and no one has ever been punished for their deaths. >> today is a day first and foremost to remember.
12:34 pm
human beings. >> reporter: itas an enormous news story with international and diplomatic repercussions. a cuban mig-29 fighter jet shooting down two brothers to the rescue planes flying ohen a humanitarian mission to the small gatheringf family and friends it seems like yesterday even though it happened back in 1996. they say raul castro gave the order to fire on the plane and for president obama to visit that country and shake hands with the man who they say has blood on his hands is represent rehenceible. >> i believe next month is offense to us especially to the four young men a slap in the face of every one of them in heaven where they are right now. >> reporter: they laid flowers at the memorial constructed at the airport they flew from in
12:35 pm
what overtures are made by both governments their deaths are a tragedy and disgrace. >> and as we remember them today, we must not forget that 20 years later this crime remains and it is still unpunished. >> reporter: family members and activists continue to beat the drum and say that they will not forget and they will not forgive. they a ao went on to say that they feel like they have been stabbed in the back by the obama administration as he is set to go a visit cuba and shake hands with raul castro. in opa-locka, todd tongen, local 10 news. kristi: new at new, johnson & johnson being ordered to pay up big. >> constance: why the company will have to shell out millions of dollars over one of its products after the break. and tonight at 11:00, hot or not? >> this has no side effects. >> hot or not? >> most people don't know what they are getting.
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>> kristi: johnson & johnson has been ordered to pay $72 million in damages after losing a lawsuit over talcum powder. that lawsuit brought on by the family of a woman named jackie fox claimed fox died by ovarian cancer broughtn by the product. they say johnson & johnson was aware of neglected dangers of the talcum powder. ruling. >> constance: in dr. oz moment spot the signs. heells us what to watch out for when it comes to diabetes. >> i'm dr.z. over 8 million americans with diabetes don't even know they have it. here is wt to watch for. dry, itchy skin results from poor circulalion. this can increase your risk for infections. blurred sion can be a sign your blood sugar is too high and tingli or numbness in your
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from diabete >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday afternoon at 3:00 right here on local 10 news. we are following breaking news. several arrests in the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy in northwest miami-dade. a news conference is scheduled for this afternoon. of course, we will bring it to
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12:43 pm >> kristi: search planes have now found the wreckage of a missing plane in nepal. initials say it crashed moments after takeoff killing all 23 people on board. it appears the plane flew in a mountain d%ring bad weather. rest cures found the smolders wreckage near a small village. the p plane was flying from a small town and lost contact entirely at one time. >> constance: new video shows what the suspected gunman in the kalamazoo killing was doing before the rampage.
12:44 pm
he reportedly bought a tactical jacket which is designed to buy a gun but the story's owner said any weapons. three dours later he began the shooting spree kling six people and injuring two others. >> kristi: a brawl broke out out a child's birthday party. >> constance: it is going on at chuck e. cheese and caught on camera. the security measures being taken off t lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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>> constance: apple is expected to tell a federal judge in papershat the fight with the fbi over accessing a locked iphone should be kicked to congress. they say the lawmakers should decide not the courts. this is according to a lead attorney for apple. the company is refusing to
12:48 pm
bernardino shooters for the fbi. >> kristi: caught on camera a child' birthday brawl turning violent when a brawl broke out at a chuck e. cheese restaurant. about 15 adults were involved in this nasty fight( look. two young children even were hurt. they had minor injuries by the time police responded. the people involved in the fight had just taken off. chuck e. cheese the company says it will have a security guard on the scene from now on. right now a reminder we are following breaking news. several arrests in the shooting death of a 6-year-old that happened over the weekend. here is a live look where the news conference will take place. it is scheduled t start in a little over ten minutes.
12:49 pm
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>> constance: preparing for the oscars, hollywood's biggest night is s few days away, four days. the process of determining who wins an academy award is not an easy task. a lot goes io counting those votes. for 82 years price waterhouse cooper counted b ballots. when they comeack they are kept in a special system with no internet access. a small team counts all 24
12:52 pm
>> it is up to us to consolidate everything, make sure we are going through piles counting that and recounting that. we will stuff the envelope, close it, seal with the red. >> constance: those 24 winning envelopes and a duplicate set has been loaded into two separate brief cases and locked up into a safe until oscar sunday. then they are taken -- there is the safe there, they are taken out off the safe and travel to a different route until they get to the oscars and the red carpet. they are escorted by la in. d. make sure you head over to d check out the entertainment section for our take on the oscar challenge and check out snubs and more on the diversity debate and don't forget to tune in this sunday at 7:00 for our red carpet coverage. >> kristi: do you remember this video of a gainesville police officer playing hoops with a group of kids? thth video went viral and got the attention of shaq and buckets
12:53 pm
that court was built by local businesses in one of the children's backyard. blakes played a game with the kids and gave them a little life advice. >> you have to pay it forward. you have to remember all the little things in life no matter how successful you become. >> kristi: that is good advice, pay it forward. the video went viral after the officer decided to play a game th the kids. a neighborhood complained about the noise and he said to heck th that, let's all play. i think that's a good idea. >> constance: i love that story. keeps getting better and better. the weather looks good now but julie says severeeather is on the way.
12:54 pm
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for just $9.99. online only. at have you jew good afternoon south florida. it is a warm one out this. 80s in miami, ft. lauderdale, key west 79. we will have shower and thunderstorm activity as a cold front is expected to move in possibly bringing strong to severe storms, winds out of the south. with the winds so strong we will see the possibility of some strong to severe storms. chief certified meteorologist betty davispwill be back at 4:00 with more on this. our weather authwrity meteorologist will be tracking the storms all day long into the evening hours. ladies? >> kristi: thank you. we want to remind you several people have been taken in for questioning in t t shooting death of a little 6-year-old that happened over the weekend in northwest miami-dade. >> constance: you are looking live at a news conference scheduled to start in a few
12:57 pm
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